New Polling for CG Collections

Please vote for my new polling. It will determine on the continuation of uploading my CG collection. If the voter is below 50, than I can’t make a good decision and will not upload anymore new CG until March 31st . I’ve come to that conclusion because despite I have put many CG collections, there’s just small bunch of people who appreciate it. At least, say thanks for it, because I collected it all with hard work too. If you know that PC games CG need to take its screenshot one by one carefully so the windows won’t appear in the CG. And taking screenshot for PSP often makes it freeze and then I must make it back to Home, installing CFW again.

I put it without any password, so for people who found it on Google, won’t have any problem downloading it. I hate using password and I won’t put it in all of my uploaded  stuffs. Maybe, I will consider to give it to anyone who make a request for the future games I’ve done. But if the result of my polling is better than 50 voters who choose ‘no‘, I’ll consider putting it as usual, in my last post. Thank you for you who consider to take a vote.

It’s not a matter if I don’t know you. But it will be good if we are slowly knowing each other than nothing. And I want to say thanks for visitors who ask me, commented on my post, or been saying thanks or hi even though it’s just once.


~ by twentyninenights on December 20, 2011.

24 Responses to “New Polling for CG Collections”

  1. I really love your CG collection, so I vote for ‘no’. But yeah I know it is hard and take a lot of time to collecting a CG and screenshooting it.

    I forgot to say before but thank you so much for ur CG colelction and some music ^^

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for being my blog visitor too. And from that, I can know we have many same interests. Well, if the result is bad, you can still ask for the link, and I’ll give it through email

  2. I voted “no” (though I’m not sure if it’s counted since my net is acting up again orz). I haven’t downloaded anything yet but I plan to in the future. ^^ Uhm, if you do not want to put passwords, how about making it private so only those who know the link can dl? That’s only a suggestion though. ^^;;

    PS I see that you’re playing Peter Pan *squeals*. Will wait for your review. 😀

    • Thank you for voting ^^.

      I’m still thinking about the way though, email is just one of my thoughts. I hope there will be 50 of them who voted ‘no’. And yes, I want to play Peter Pan. But I’m still stuck at my thesis ’til around January, so it’s just putting banner there..? But in leisure time, I’ll try it slowly.

  3. I vote “no” because i do not have psp or otome game but i love to collect cg in my computer (I cannot play because I cannot read Japanese T_T but i love it!). I admire you to collect cg from game one by one (Its must spent a long time) but I vote no.

    Thank you very much for beautiful CG game ^^

  4. Umm…I’m new here(eventhough I’ve visited your blog many times) but want to join the poll 🙂
    I don’t quite understand it (my english is bad xD ) if I vote for ‘no’ it means that I want you to put cg as usual right? If yes I vote for ‘no’
    Sorry for bothering you
    Anyway thank you very much for uploading those beautiful cg for us!!

  5. hi, nice to meet you. i’ve voted ‘no’ for the poll since i found that your CG’s link is very helpful to me who wanted to play the game but can not. Thank you for the CG’s link. I found your blog for the first time when i was searching for Noise – Voice of Snow. Hope we can be a good friend and i’ll wait for your next review ^^

  6. hi, even though I barely commented I really appreciate your effort, I played otome game before but because of my really bad japanese I can’t really understand the story most of the time and taking CG screenshot require a lots of work, so thank you very much and I hope you continue to upload CG, btw I voted “no”

  7. Hello! I’ve also visited your blog many times and I love reading your reviews! I voted “no” on the poll.
    I also apologize for not commenting before, even though I have downloaded some of the CG collections. Thank you so much for taking the effort to screenshot them and put them up! I really appreciate it, especially since I can’t play Japanese otome games (since I don’t understand a lot of vocabulary and kanji).
    Thank you so much!

    Your CGs helped me update my lJ entry ;A; Please cancel your intent to never upload those CGs. D:
    I really really appreciate your effort and I know, uploading the CGs and change it from BMP to JPG is pain in the neck but please I REALLY APPRECIATE IT ;A;

    • I will still upload it, maybe with password. Thanks for your vote! The thing is, I don’t know why some people voted “yes” but without leaving any comment. Everyday, it added more and more, but they didn’t write the reason.

  9. I think, yes you should upload it along with the password. People download it without leaving any appreciation comment so if I was you, I feel quite trouble with it too :l but if you put the password, I guess people would say thank you along with the “password please” lol xDD

    It’s not a bad idea ^^ and there’s no TAKE AND LEAVE people 🙂

  10. I voted “no” because you’re doing a good work by uploading these and well… I’m downloading some of them and I don’t want it to stop x3

  11. “No” ^^
    Thanks for all hard work

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