Winter’s Gift

This end of month in year 2011, I could just finish Senjou no Valkyria 3 Extra Edition’s storyline and Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~ Director’s Cut. I’ll post about VC3’s picture later after completing character’s story. Now, ZMG comes first. That title I made is really fit for this season, but I also think it from If Scenario.

First thing, I would like to describe about this game again. Henrietta Grimm, the heroine, lived with her 3 non-related-by-blood brothers (Jacob Grimm, Willhelm Grimm, and Ludwig Grimm).  One time, she met a Dream Demon, Muma, who made her sleep  for years. When she woke up, she found that she and Ludwig already alone in her village. The two nonrelated blood siblings commited their goal to find their brothers, while taking on journey and search for seven keys. The rest is, you can find my older post about each character’s plot.


Harem Route

In this route, Henrietta and her friends finds Willhelm on the way. Then, the road is open to where Jacob is, at the Captain Skull’s ship (that he claims is his subordinate now). At a sudden chance, Jacob takes The Grimm brothers and Henrietta to his mansion (or castle) in a lone island, while he also reveals there’s demon in his body, Vodan (I prefer the Japanese spelling). Also, Vodan make Ludwig’s body turn adult (YAY for adult Ludwig!). Arriving at his castle, Vodan promised to make them out of the island if one of them can take the maiden’s (Henrietta) heart. It is a gamble between each of the guys there to make Henrietta falling over them.


Jacob Grimm (CV: Narita Ken)

There’s nothing interesting other than he hold a dance party for the demons. Henrietta choose to stay with Jacob for the party. But when she is alone, one of Vodan’s subordinate tries to kill Henrietta because he hates human (also, hate if his master, Vodan, care for a human). Unfortunately, Jacob comes first to rescue her, continues with Willhelm and Ludwig. While trying to punish the demon, Henrietta and Jacob reveals their feelings for each other and Vodan approved their hearts. Vodan ask Captain Skull to bring his ship and let them go to their village. But Jacob takes time to dance a while with Henrietta and they’re kissing. I’m happy Jacob have this story…


Willhelm Grimm (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

It’s funny to see his reaction while blushing. Because Henrietta breaks his glasses, Willhelm can’t see his way and he ask Henrietta to show him the path. That leads to a scene where he takes shower and when he ask Henrietta to leave, she is making a hard thinking if it’s okay to see Willhelm while changing clothes. But other way, she doesn’t have a chance. Of course that way, she feels her heart beat faster while looking at Willhelm. When she and Willhelm tries to reveal their feelings at beach, Ludwig throws rock to him. They ran away to the castle, but Jacob ask the Witch, Here, to intefere with their moments. Being mad at his brothers, Willhelm took a sudden action and kissed Henrietta in front of many people (Witch Here is already surrender, crying out her youthful).


Ludwig Grimm (CV: Mizushima Takahiro)

While I was having fun at Willhelm’s story, in this, I was laughing so much to see Ludwig’s reaction.

Ludwig is the youngest of Grimm Brothers and always fighting mouth with Henrietta because of their age’s closeness. After Vodan declares the game, he is practicing to confess alone. But Henrietta heard all of his confession to take her on date under moonlight. Henrietta teases him a bit, but Ludwig denies that confession.  They came to the beach and playing (splashing) water to each other. First, because Ludwig realizes he is in adult form, he doesn’t want to play. But he can’t keep hearing Henrietta teases him and makes action. After that, they can feel the romantic vibes. Before going to bed, Henrietta choose to call Ludwig and say her feelings to be with him. But Ludwig finds a presence and is asking her to run away. It’s true. Jacob and Willhelm are searching for their younger siblings, but Ludwig is faster than them. At sudden chance, Henrietta confessing her feelings and kissing him (quick), make Ludwig blushing all the way. But he sense danger nearing, then brings her to a safe place. He kissed Henrietta behind the bushes and under the fireworks. They’re laughing and kissing again.


If Scenario

This scenario is like a different dimension of usual storyline and just have Henrietta, Ludwig, and Hameln as the characters. Though their names here is changed to Orie, Ryuusuke, and Hameln (uh, he doesn’t change his name..). It’s like an ancient story in Japan, but I can’t remember the title.

Orie and Ryuusuke are two poor human lives in a mountain. It’s winter now and they came to wood. They found a strange person similar to a black stork’s (or goose? Sorry, I really forgot about the legend). He is hurted so Henrietta tries to clean the wound.

The weather becomes worsen and comes a snowstorm. A person knocking their door to find shelter. These kind human let him in and stay until calm. That person tells his name as Hameln, a traveler, who always changing places. To return Orie and Ryuusuke’s kindness, he used the looms in their house as a memento from Ryuusuke’s brothers, who had left the village. He stayed at the room without eating or going out for 3 days, making Orie worried. But when he done with it, Hameln made a beautiful cloth to sell for them.

On another day, Hameln ask Orie to promised not to open the door again. But it have been a week and Orie really is worried. She and Ryuusuke open the door and see Hameln sewing cloth with his true appearance, similar to the one they found at wood. They knew he wasn’t human, so Hameln must go quickly from their eyes. He doesn’t angry because he knows Orie is that kind of person. But at another time, Orie and Ryuusuke found a gift from Hameln, gloves for them to stay warm during winter.



That’s it for its extras. Although there are also many other extras in it, I don’t think I can write anymore because of my split minds. I must think of my thesis too. It’s really troublesome, but it’s needed.

I really suggest to play (or, again) the PC version because of many new stories, CGs, new musics, and there’s character’s songs at each of their showing scene. I’m very satisfied re-playing this title again. Bad ending have CG now, different with PSP version. The only thing annoyed me is.. There’s CAGE VERSION STORYLINE in HERE!!! In Vodan’s story, he took Henrietta in cage forever, killing all of her friends, calling her as Brunhilde. The weird thing is, Henrietta is fine with that.. Oh, come on, where did your spirit to save the world and Jacob go from all this time? I really hate cage story after Amnesia. I don’t think I will like that kind of torture. At least in Grimm, it didn’t happen in main characters’ route….

Okay, last but not least, after Muma, I want HIM & HIM’s ROUTE!!! (Earl Demon for his coolest attitude & Hansel for his cooking skill, that won’t happen)

Two Sides of a Coin, no?





Link for CG:


  1. Thanks a lot! *_* this game is rarely beautiful. We are glad that they released the game for PC. Now we can look at the larger CGs! thank you sooo much, dear!! Ah, Prince Frog *_* We love you!

    • Yes, this game’s art is beautiful. This is the one that made me bought my PSP almost 2 years ago. I’m glad they added many things in the port for PC. Frog Prince is really handsome, but as a frog, me and my sister always called it really ugly. Poor him.. Because we never met any frog in stuffs (anime, manga, or games with frog as one of main hero), uglier than him.

  2. I must thank you for those CGs! Even if I have the game in my possession I wouldn’t have the courage to do it(especially for Jacob…/me didn’t do Vodan’s end because um yeah, do not want.) so thanks! really! x3

    And I was a little bit disappointed that Muma didn’t have moar Earl Demon moments, he’s so hot in this form, lol. However, I was fully satisfied with Rui’s True End! I fell for him by the moment he first appeared on the game(don’t know why but god made me like that xD) and that Tsundere side of his made me melt! |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ I fangirl-ed(?) a lot over him about 1 week, hehehe. (In fact Rui is the one that made me love tsundere chara’ now -only boys! Tsundere girls in japanimation make me rage XD) *w*

    Yeah, on his frog form Frosch ouji is certainly not really attractive but even though he was this “ugly”, Henrietta loved him(although she was sometimes quite annoying on his route) and I think it is a really beautiful thing T^T (I don’t think I’d be able to do such a thing).

    Anyway Rui and Frosch ouji were my two favorites, the first for his tsundere-ness (and also for his beautiful hair, eyes, face– Okay okay I’ll stop fangirling right now but… I mean… Rui is… so faithful and… *dies*) and well Frosch because he’s so… princely *w* (in a meantime he’s a prince so HE must be princely, hai hai xD) Oh, and there’s also Dorn, you know, I like ドS characters pretty much(ドM too, Lol) and… I think I’ll stop here ’cause I just realized that I wrote quite a long comment and I don’t really want to bother.

    So my point is…. Rui for the way! He’s so awesome, so cute! Hum in any case a big thanks to you again for the CGs and the OP/ED of this wonderful game! I’ll keep an eye on your blog from now on, nyuhuhuhuhu.

    Hey, did I ever mentioned that I was a Rui fan? x)
    I think I’m fangirling too much :F But I mean… Rui is so cute! (*´ω`*) Give me an IRL Rui already orz. *replays Rui’s normal ED*
    “Kelpelung Fea!”
    Kyaaaaa~ (*´д`*) *dies again*

    • Oh, you’re welcome. Yes, I like the Earl Demon’s form too. And that’s too bad he doesn’t appear much. Vodan’s ed… Urgh.. It gives me bad in the last story I played this. But anyway, it’s Vodan, so let’s not think hard about it. Cage thing is not to my liking.

      I know. Rui “Ludwig” adult form makes my heart go ドキドキ too much. The first time I played This on PSP, I didn’t look at the OP scene where he first appeared, hugging Henrietta. When he’s finally appeared in screen (in front of my eyes), I burst out my fangirl-ing side over his adult form! His tsundere side is so funny. I like his and Henrietta’s coupling when they’re always fight over nothing. Rui’s true ed. It made me sad looking at Henrietta while she’s staring at her brothers’ grave. I thought Rui is dead too, but he appeared in the end, hugging her from behind. That scene is so relaxing.

      Actually, I like every characters in Grimm. They built up fun and interesting chara real well (maybe that’s why it’s long, because every chara have their own well built story), so I almost can’t choose any. Well, talking about ドM, I’m quietly like that (also like ドS chara). Overall, I really like the PC ver. It made all my fangirl-ing side happier than the last ver. because of many new scenes and CGs. Dorn also had many new CGs and he appeared much more in his own route.

      *the spell when they’re using magic, it’s all very cool!*

      • Erm I don’t know why but a -long- part of my comment was erased… why, wp? xD

        His adult form. Gosh. Me too, my heart’s going ドキドキ すぎる! >.<- play otome games so I'm getting all excited when I meet people like me XD)

        • Yeah, that’s the way I do my otoge’s life. Talking with people who have same interest and begin speculating or fangirl-ing. And yeah, I think Rui’s adult form is really cool with that long-white robe hanging around. Not to mention, he’s blonde!

  3. Sorry for the spam it was not really intentional… please delete my two last replies please xD /me is not really good with things like that >.<
    *go hide somewhere far away and dies from too much embarassment*

  4. I wrote quite a long post but it got cut in the middle, dunno what happened xD

    I’ll retry to write something, then. Hope it will work this time.
    Actually talking with you (and other otome gamers) is really fun because of the reasons you pointed just now(speculating and fangirl-ing) and, at least someone understands you. In my country there are a few people who know and play those kinds of games -dreams are good, from time to time- ; I haven’t met someone as otaku as me yet (on this country) and it kinda brings me down cause I can’t speak of it with others, I’m so ronery heeere~ lol.

    Ok emo time’s now over. Let’s get back to our main topic.

    Rui in adult form = Epic win-hawt. His long-white robe makes him really look like a prince (as Henrietta said it on the Harem route when Vodan made him look older to spice things), he’s blonde and he’s still our cute tsundere (*´д`*)
    Rui in his normal form = Pure win-cute. (what you see no difference? hum… I do XD)
    Rui’s spell in his adult form is priceless.
    And yes, Karin trolled us when Henrietta was in front of her brother’s grave, I was like “RUI! NAOOO! (ಥ_ಥ)” and right after he’s hugging her from behind. I was so relieved! At the very end too, when he made that field of flowers it was so sweet! >w< – In his true end, dat kiss behind the bush with the fireworks. (*´∀`)

    I also love every character (except Jacob, it made me feel weird to do his route, I felt the same way as Hinano when doing his route; it was as if I was going for a 40yrs old man so I had a hard time doing it. His voice + Some of his stand pic' made me think of him as pedobeaw (ಠ_ಠ) . Yeah. /me was scared ) And am I the only one who thought that Jacob's spell was funny? "Fuu… Fuu…Fuuu..!" So yes. Fuu.

    • Nah, I have the same problem. All of my real life friends are mostly KPop fans, so I just can blabbering here or twitter.

      Yes, Rui in normal is really cute. He always blushing while going tsundere at one time. And, what about his onsen CG? It’s really a troll too when he’s just speaking with cat (but we got that cute CG). The true ed CG when he gave Henrietta a ring, it’s so romantic. When they held hands, they looked so happy together. What a cute ending!

      I also like the fireworks ed in new route. It’s funny to see him practicing his confession, but Henrietta heard it. It seems like it’s his shocking and embarassing moment for all of his life. Then, he tried to be an adult as not playing in water with her, but finally couldn’t bear the urge to make revenge. Funny!

      Uhm, I know. Jacob is too old for Henrietta. Maybe that’s why in PSP ed, he got nothing and became a sad ending instead. And maybe it’s because Narita Ken’s voice is really low, so he looks much older. But I’m quite confuse with Narita. His voice in KamiKimi is not as low as Jacob and I really like it (‘coz, Yuzuru is a tsundere too, and me like it).

      • Oh really? I think I’ll get tired with K-pop one day or another because of them xq
        You too? Come here マイ フレンド! *leaves* haha

        His onsen CG was cute, indeed! I’m a cat lover too so this CG was cute; I laughed really hard when Rui found out that Henrietta was peeping, said her to stop and then she answered: “Yes, that’s right. No matter how much sexy Ludwig is, I guess I musn’t look. Sorry… then!” Hahaha this scene was so much fun xD

        That part. When he tried to pratice his confession was also hilarious when he saw her and said: “…終わった!” … “My life’s over!” Or in the “DokiDoki ★ Love Romance Entertainment Show” when they had to call “Darling” and “Honey~” each other! This moment when Henrietta splashed water on him too! Aaah~ it was so entertaining xD

        I liked the face he made on the CG where he invoked Cerberus to make Henrietta surrender in his normal route *A* “Hyung Fea Viluk Shtark!” Gosh he’s too sexy. <w<
        Anyway, Rui's Endings clearly satisfied me. (*´∀`*)

        Yup, at first Narita Ken's looow voice creeped me out(and Jacob's stand pic didn't arranged things) so I skipped some of the moments when Jacob spoke lolol. KamiKimi's on my backlog because I must buy a PSP first to play it! XD

        • I like KPop, but not to the extent of fangirl. I watched its drama, but only the one I’m interested to. Haha.. We’re same? マイフレンド。。

          Cat is cute! But they can’t win against Rui’s red face. Yeah, Grimm (or must I say, Karin Entertainment?) mostly have naked CG. Usually I couldn’t look at them too long too. Even though I’m like this (otoge’s fangirl), I’m not used to see a guy being naked. Urgh, I can still remember another bath CG in Grimm.

          That setting by skull… It’s so much fun to see they’re trying to pretend to be a couple but also fighting. Love the new scene so much! I’m satisfied with all they’ve added in PC ver.(except Vodan, of course, I would prefer Earl Demon).

          The CG with Cerberus, oh right. He used right hand to cast it. Really cool! Also with his robe flying and one eye closed by his hair. Uwaa! スキデス。〜(^∇^〜)

          Make sure you’ll try KamiKimi if you already have PSP. It might seem boring to some people, but for me, it really refreshing and heart-warming. Like, being in those villages in Japan at summer in a drama. Calm and mysterious at the same time. SKipped Jacob’s dialogues? That’s what I wanna do when playing it because he’s talking really slow (and too deep).

          • Me too, there was a (very liiittle) time where I was fangirling over Taemin from the SHINee because in the clip Lucifer he looked like Belphegor’s older brother in Reborn! そう だよ, マイフレンド。。さあ! /shot

            Of course, Rui’s blushing face > cat it goes without saying… ehehe. Oh, I didn’t know it, thanks for the information! I’m not really used to see naked men too so I understand your pov and I’m almost doing the same xD
            Speaking of which… I’m really looking forward to Danzai no Maria’s DC (haven’t played the original game but oh well…) and the blonde guy really attracts me…(all blonde guys, let’s be frank. x) ) he kinda looks like Rui and this smirk on his face… Hyaaa I already know I’ll love him |萌|・´∀`・)
            Did you play it? x)

            Vodan can go die on a fire, I’d rather have an Earl Demon route or a siscon harem end with Gretel & co. than his route, ったく. But it don’t really matter as I have no intention on playing his route… or maybe yes? Hmm… (ಠ_ಠ) *thinks*

            Yes. This pose, his hair, his face, his clothes… 溶けちゃうよ, カッコイイ すぎる, 彼奴.

            I’ll definitely play it! Tsundere (kichiku?)megane Yuzuru, Osananajimi Narumi and Ghost-Rei are waiting for meh after all! (*´д`*)

          • There’s time I was interested in Kim Joon Hyung (SS501) from playing Playful Kiss, but then lately, I’ve yet watch new Korean drama because of my busy schedule.

            No, I haven’t play Danzai no Maria but I will put the PSP remake in my playlist. And the blonde guy there, I thought the same. He’s similar to Rui in any way possibilities. That’s common as the chara design is same, right? My preference is not connected with hair, so I don’t know if I have haircolor fetish…?

            And you mentioned it. Hansel & Gretel!! I would prefer Hansel, yeah, than Vodan. Too bad if we compare him and Vodan’s connection to the real story, Hansel would never win to be chosen as playable chara. And that’s why I always amazed by Noise. It made someone not important to be playable and had his happy end story too.

  5. Hey Kim Joon Hyung is not bad! Really! xD Although I watched some dramas, I’m not really into it, I’m letting K-Pop and all that stuff to them while I’m fangirling over some bishounens from animes, manga or otoges!

    I’m also aiming for the PSP version of Danzai no Maria (but the DC is my priority number one). Yes the chara design is the same so it must be one of the reasons why he caught my attention. And his personnality… from what he says on his sample: “I’m a being who was born to kill you but… we’re fighting together, it’s strange isn’t it? It’s okay, don’t be afraid. I just want to save you. I have the feeling that we’re alike. Let’s fight together, let’s die together. And then surely… We’ll be able to go to the paradise” OMG he looks like my type of chara! I guess I’ll have to wait for its release… I’m looking forward to your review/impressions on this game if you’re doing one! ^.^
    My preferences are most based on the personnality(and from the looks too, I won’t hide it xD) but I think I do like blond haired guys /me is a big fan of Oz and Jack in Pandora Hearts.

    Yes, that’s true. Even if a Hansel/Gretel route was ever made, it would be rather difficult to connect it to the main story… Still Dream Earl Demon. I want to see that route -it’s a good thing to dream…-

    I’m planning to play this game(Noise) too! x3

    Anyway Zettai Meikyuu Grimm was a really good game and I really enjoyed it (*´ω`*) -Too bad there wasn’t a music section! >.<

    • Whoaa, so the bonde guy in Danzai no Maria had that line? Sorry, I mostly didn’t hear voice sample because it needed time (my internet connection is bad). “I’m a being who was born to kill you”? That line is surely interesting. I like that kind of story where the guy was heroine’s enemy before, but then they fought together. It’ll be so romantic when the two of them finally have their lovey-dovey moment.

      Pandora Hearts? I’m surely love Jack’s appearance (whenever he appeared). He looks sad (those eyes!) but well, even though I haven’t read until the latest chapter, I know his story will change every perception I have earlier. But Glen Baskerville is also very cool!

      I hope you’ll come to like Noise if you already play it. All of its story is well-written too, so I don’t think it’ll lack something. Uhm, the music section you mentioned, is it about the menu to play all BGM? If it’s like that, then yeah. It just lack that menu. I also want every game to have it so if I can’t find the OST, I can still listen to its music.

  6. No problem, my internet connection is also kinda bad so I can undertand.
    Yes, he like, totally said it. His route smells something like “forbidden love” (I even read somewhere that he… whips himself lol). It made me curious so I looked at some CGs of him on the net and… wow. He looks so tormented on those that … wait. *looks at his ED on youtube* Wat is dat? NAOOO! プッ(※థэథ) I heard this game was “cruel” and “sad” but… where are my good endings?! (I think that’s why they ported it to PSP haha) It kinda makes me happy that Maria is voiced by Rapunzel’s VA since I loved her performance! ^.^

    When you have some free time you should read the scans you haven’t read yet because some things about Jack, Glen & Lacie are revealed… Yes, Jack’s backgroung is somewhat sad too… >.< Glen is not really bad too but I still prefer Jack and Oz! (Oz x Alice ftw! (#゚ω゚ ) )

    I think I'll come to like it if you say so! ^^
    Yes, I was speaking of the BGM gallery, it's a pity they didn't make one but we got to play to this wonderful game so I won't complain anymore. Me too. I'd like to have this gallery for every game for the same reasons as you.

    I actually liked the chara songs, even if some of them sounded childish I appreciated them a lot~

    • Ah, I’ve found the PC ver. CG too, but I didn’t look at it carefully and couldn’t remember those part. As I can remember the CG’s color, Danzai no Maria is surely darker than Grimm. I’m amazed at how good the coloring is, both for Danzai no Maria and Grimm. Well, I also wait for Karin’s new game, Eikoku Tantei Mysteria. THe blonde and white hair guy interested me. And the heroine is also cute. Rapunzel’s VA, yeah… I don’t know why I like almost girl’s VA in otoge (ex: Tiana in Akazukin, Henrietta in Grimm, Sayo in Shinigami to Shoujo, or Aki in KamiKimi).

      Haha, I want to read the scans, but my country have released it (although just until vol.15 so far). If I read the scans, I won’t buy it. . I also the combination of Oz x Alice. They’re so cute! Though these days, their story isn’t as much told as the beginning of the manga.

      Speaking of chara song, I like Wilhelm’s song. It’s a magical tone. Also, Muma.

      • Yes, the coloring really fits this atmosphere and it is really far darker than Grimm. You almost never got a good end and when you do… well it is something really sad or it’s just for one-two characters xq Yes she’s cute and kinda “badass” too! And I love it when they are badass! Which makes me thinks that most of japanese otome gamers prefer doormat/dense heroines like Tsukiko from Starry Sky than this kind of cool girl I don’t know why… (  ̄д ̄;) KamiKimi’s heroine is voiced too? OMG. I’m gonna really love this game, then! xD
        I think I’m going to play the PC ver. , I can’t wait now…
        The only female VA that pierced my ears was Ashe’s one in Under the Moon u_u”
        Speaking about Eikoku Tantei Mysteria, I’m aiming for that white hair dude too (he kinda looks like L don’t you think?), he seems kinda “crazy” and his look… a killer. (*´Д`)ハァハァ and for Sherlock too, he’s my type. Watson looks somewhat energic so he’s not in my list but who knows… maybe I’ll come to like him.

        Btw at some moments it was really hard for me to go for someone else’s route in Grimm because I was thinking of Rui and it was as if I betrayed him, you see what I mean? >.< (he was at the end of my list so I could bear it somehow haha)

        It is indeed logic! x3
        Yup, I love to see them together and from what's happening the last scans, I have a feeling that Mochizuki-sensei will show us more moments of them being together *-* (Or is it just a fangirl's desillusions?)

        Yes, Wilhelm's song makes me thrills (*゚∀゚*) I love it when Hirakawa Daisuke's making that kind of voice ♡ ! (Rui's song may sound childish but I like his too! In the end when he says he can't return with her and gives her the erika's flower in order to remember him… awww (※థэథ) )
        I liked all of their songs but I prefered: Wilhelm's, Rui's, Frosch's, Ibara ouji & hime's and Rapunzel's which makes… a little more than half of the cast lol.

        • I don’t like doormat heroine, and of course I don’t like StaSky that much (well, just know it is okay). I really just played it out of curiosity why people fangirl-ing about it so much. Really, I mostly wanna sleep while playing that, especially Spring. No, Aki is not the heroine. That’s just explaining I like every girls VA in otoge, but not always heroine’s voices. Ahaha, sorry it’s ambiguous…

          Do you wanna play the PC one? Don’t forget to tell me if it’s really good or common. But I can expect something from Karin.

          Uhm, you guessed just right. Looking at it carefully again, the white haired guy seems similar to L? And those black eyes! Haha, does he can’t sleep enough because of the case? Yeah, Sherlock is quite interesting. Maybe he will be a quiet type looking at his design…? Watson isn’t in my list too (sorry, Wats!).

          Oh, I can feel that. It’s exactly what I’ve felt over playing otoge in the past days. While I’ve completed (just say, Takuma in HnK), I began feeling guilty to be in someone else’s route. But nowadays, it’s becoming common for me (except for Takato in CZ). Ahh, I really want to read the scans, but.. I don’t want to ruin my collection. Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji are the only long mangas I’ve collected since first to the last volume. I will mostly bored of them if it’s too long, but that 2 are different.

          I mostly don’t prefer Hirakawa’s voice (well, he sounds too sleepy), but as Wilhelm, I can’t stop hearing his soft voice. To be truth, I also like Rui’s voice. Sadly, just a small bunch of characters that person had voicing. And Ibara Ouji! Yeah, I forgot to mention I like his song too..

          • Oh I get it now, I think I was hoping too much for the heroine to be voiced in KamiKimi… well it doesn’t really matter because I’ll love it anyway! (Narumi keum heeeere! ( ・´∀`・) ) Hum It’s all thanks to Starry Sky that I’m playing otome games now but I haven’t played it myself, haha. I read some reviews on it and I realized that there were others otome games more interesting than SS so I gave up and played others… Too bad they screwed my Suzu-chan’s route In Spring! T-T <.< I don't think the new versions of DnM will deceive us because… it's Karin you see! *-* /shot Ahem anyway.
            Uwaaah that's one of the reasons he interests me! Those L features… my eyes can not be mistaken! Or maybe he can't sleep because of the crazy amount of sweets he's eating! hahaha xD Hum I think Sherlock's personnality will be something like that, or maybe the caring type? At least we know he'll be serious. Watson seems to be the genki(maybe ore-sama too?) type and the blonde guy next to Sherlock looks kind of the playful man(and his hairstyle reminds me Riku from Kingdom Hearts…(ಠ_ಠ) I must be seeing things, lol.) As for L(let's call this white hair dude like that, since we don't know his name yet) He's got this "don't come near me" aura don't you think? xD

            Yep, perhaps it is because you're getting used to it… I'm not… yet! (for the most of the otoges I'm playing I'm only doing the routes of the guys that picks my interest and I leave it at that hehe. Except some few exceptions) As for the mangas… I understand it. I don't have any money for it so I'm following them online but I swore to myself that one day, I'd certainly buy Brave10(only 8 tomes long) and Gintama. I'll be old when I'll get this chance though, haha!

            I like his soft voice so Wilhelm is included! And Ibara ouji's voice… it was pure sexiness. (*゚∀゚*) (In some CGs I thought of Break when I saw him… *w*) Rui's voice was so (*´∀`) -I've got no words to describe this feeling so here's an emo for you xD- And yeah, it's such a pity that his seiyuu didn't play that much roles… /me want to listen to him more

            I'm playing Diary right now, the Bad End was so wonderful, I could feel all the yandere vibes *-* (I must be sick; I mean I loved his speech when he stabbed her. (ಠ_ಠ) So yeah something must be wrong with me.)
            And I'm stalking DnM -La Campanella- and OZMAFIA!!'s site too(Mygah Kyrie! イ–(*゚∀゚*)–ン!. I can't wait for Ozmafia too, and I'm happy they made it for PC. I mean all of those fairy tales/stories with a Mafia plot… isn't it somehow わくわく? xD

          • Hehe. Yeah, StaSky won’t satisfy my needs of seeing tragic, sad, wonderful, and confusing story (I like that kind of story where we can speculate things, searching the true answer, or make it ourselves. It means, the developer tries hard to make puzzled story).

            Ah, did you mean the one similar to Riku is the L one, or the blonde guy? I thought Riku’s hairstyle is similar to the white haired one. And the blonde guy, I wonder if his hairstyle is more similar to Roxas than Riku?

            It’s okay. I played the one I like too in the beginning of my career (uhm, I mean, hobby) to play otoge. Many game on DS was left over like that (ex: Kaikan Phrase, ). And Brave10! I like the anime so much even though it’s still in first eps. Funny, funny, and full of bishies! Haha… Guess I was interested in Sarutobi Sasuke there. Even if he lacks talking, he can make fun of the story. Haven’t read the manga yet though.

            I really want to try Diary as my friend already have. It’s quite short too. And I don’t think I hate yandere as long as it doesn’t involve cage, prison, etc! The art was cute too. Want to try being killed by someone we like?? So am I, waiting for OZMAFIA.. Maybe I’m more to Caesar. And, did you mentioned Break? Kyrie is similar to him too, right?

  7. Same here, SS is not for meh.

    Oh yeah! I switched names, sowwy! I meant Roxas for the blonde haired guy, yes. And Riku’s hairstyle would fit our L guy too, what a coincidence xD

    It’s alright, you can call it a career too, it’s fun to put your hobby like that so let’s consider it as a career, okay? *-*
    Yes! Exactly! The first episode got me really interested, I couldn’t bear the wait that I began to read it on the net. (but there’s not the end on it so I guess I’ll just buy it ^.^)
    WOAAAH YOU TOO? Truth is, Sasuke is my favorite character in this serie, hehehe
    He’s so cool so what can we do about it, eeeh? (plus Kakihara Tetsuya in bonus…) (*´Д`)ハァハァフンフンソウソウ) I’ve only read the first 3 tomes so far and I think you’ll like it so I can just advise it to you!

    Those cage/prisons ending must be creepy for sure! I’ve never got one and I don’t want to either… haha. Yes the art is simple and hum… shoujo. In fact I…I… I really liked being killed by him! XD

    Yes, I think Kyrie looks like Break in a way and this word, in his description: “サディスト”. Dat. ドキュ―(*゚д゚*)―ン So YEA. Kyrie ftw! Aaargh I can’t wait I wanna play his route so badly now! xD (The second in my list would be Scarlet… what about you?)

    • Uhm, it’s just a joke. Let’s put it blogger. Hahaha..
      I’ll consider to read Brave10 manga after my work end. This time, I can’t concentrate even to play otoge. Yeah, Sasuke.. Plus Kakihara! Uwaah, he has cool voice and I can’t keep seeing this as Shin in Amnesia (because he uses the same tone). And my sister would compare him with Jin in BlazBlue.

      I will put Diary in my playlist for sure now. After Peter Pan or Atelier Elkrone (I don’t think I can end Peter Pan until Elkrone come because it’s really long!). You must be friend with alyyn. She sure is loving yandere (of course, Diary too), and maybe, being killed by them…

      In OZMAFIA, I’d like to do Caesar, Caramia, Axel, Kyrie… Wait, who wants to know about Robin Hood? I wonder if he will turn really cool?

  8. Of course, your real life first! hehe. Hum… I’m on my -erm how do you say it…- summer holiday(?) I think you understood me on that one anyway; that’s why I have a lot of free time now.
    /me can’t stop fangirling over Sasuke… shoot xq The first time I heard Kakihara was on Fairy Tail (oya oya I’ve got some Natsu flashbacks now… xD). The 1st time I heard Akazukin I was like: “Oi, his voice sounds exactly like Natsu! (ಠ_ಠ)” and then one day after: “But it was him! It’s Kakihara Tetsuya!”
    I felt so stupid at that time haha. Jin… Jin’s sexy too! Haven’t played Amnesia so I can’t tell but if Shin is an osananajimi… Uhuhu (*´д`*)ハァハァ

    I’ve also got Peter Pan’s waiting for me to get a PSP along with Omochabako no Kuni no Alice(.< I'm going to try Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi now, I heard there was some Yanderes in there so why not?
    Humm actually I just read her first impressions on Diary, that's all. Because you're this is the first time I'm posting on an otome game blog you see! ( ^ ω ^ )

    Who wants to know about Robin Hood? Me! You know, these "hidden" charas… it actually picks my interest… I'm sure he's a bishounen so why not?! Too bad Aelling is not a capturable character… I want my ugly duckling to turn into a キラキラ Ouji-sama! Even if I do think he's not that ugly right now, in the contrary he's kinda attractive imo… (Hope Robin Hood'll turn this way. No… Robin Hood has to be a bishounen.(ಠ_ಠ) )

    • I really want a holiday! No, I need that.. I haven’t had any holiday since this semester.

      Kakihara? The first time I heard his voice was for RPG game, uhm, Atelier Iris. I forgot what series did he had, maybe the first. It’s because my sister played it. When I heard Akazukin’s voice, I was surprised. He didn’t have similar voice with the person in Atelier (same with you). Uh-huh. I mostly wouldn’t prefer osanannajimi type. It’s a boring relationships.

      I also have Kuro to Kin but it’s really in my backlog too. At least I wanna know about the yandere in there. It seems scarier than Diary, I think..

      Yeah, I was hoping Robin Hood will be a bishounen. He’s very close (urgh, I mean, close, for all of his appearance). Aeling? He seems like a shy chara for me. Dunno though..

      • Cheer up! o/ Since I know you’re working hard you’ll surely get those holidays!

        Oh-hoh~ you don’t like osananajimi-types? Interesting, interesting… x) Osananajimis fascinate me you see(Why didn’t I have an osananajimi like Narumi, god? XD), being able to maintain a relationship like that for a looooong time is something that picks my interest(I’ve got myself two osananajimi…. 女. I love them but I’d like to know how it “feels” to have an 男 osananajimi -I’m saying weird things for sure. (ಠ_ಠ)- )
        But then again my liking for osananajimis is unstable because in a game, their personnalities are determinant.

        Yeah, KurotoKin. I was in a good mood before I began to play and when I heard the creepy pervert x’s barber voice I lost the control of myself. His VA is… Rui’s VA. So when I heard him I thought of Rui, and thinking of a review on his route I was kind of… disgusted? I’m fangirling over Rui too much to accept it so I’ll just do Ikuto’s routes and then quit this game. Just for the sake of Ikuto. Yeah. I was raging so much yesterday night to the oint that I was acting like a weirdo (well, usually I am but this time it was stronger than the normal lol. I was chatting with a friend and I wrote her a whole paragraph which consisted of 4 simple words: “This is not Rui This is not Rui This is not Rui…” etc I was thinking of rage-quitting this game but when I’ll be engaged in Ikuto’s route I won’t see/hear this creepy character anymore, happily.
        Scarier? I read domshiki’s review and apparently the characters go yandere… over nothing, lol.

        Robin Hood has to be a bishounen! Or else… or else… I’ll just rage all alone. ‘-‘ -that’s kinda sad- but that’s all I can do… haha.
        Yes, from what I read Aelling is a shy and introverted character and he easily gets scared…. Don’t worry Aelling, I’ll protect you! (*´ω`*)
        Kyrie… Kyrie… I think I’ll start a cult for him and I need to start one for Rui too–
        O…. Oi! Why did you call the cops? NAO I’M NOT CRAZY! LET GO OF MEEH! WAT, HANDCUFFS? NAOOO! /leaves

        • Thank you, I will and must get those holiday. I hope tomorrow everythings will be done.

          Right, I don’t like osananajimi type, but Narumi is different. When I found out his real story, I couldn’t stop liking him. Ah, why is he must get that sad fate, although it’ll end, at last. But usually, I don’t prefer osananajimi because, usually, they will overly care for the heroine. It’s the effect of why I like tsundere type. They’re usually isn’t heroine’s friend at first. And why I like if they’ll fight at first time, then become lovey-dovey at the end.

          What the? That barber guy have Rui’s VA (check it again and that’s true)? Kill me! If I ever play his route, kill me! Oh, it will ruin Rui’s innocent type! But I’m happy to hear his voice again. Ah, really want to play it… All those games in my backlog, including Kago no Naka no Alicis, Diary, and KurotoKin, eh, Shiei no Sonanyl is still hanging too.

          Now, I’m gonna choose Kyrie more because talking with you, I’m more to see him like Break…

  9. So, how did it go? ^.^

    I didn’t want to spoil his route to myself so I haven’t read the reviews of his route, I want to enjoy it fully! Narumiii NGHHH (*´ω`*) Their caring side… that’s exactly what I like about them! (If they go yandere I’m loving it but I haven’t see it on any otoge yet…) I like it when they’re jealous too! xD What if… the osananajimi is tsundere? x)
    And yeah, I really love tsundere because of it too! They’re too cute in their state of denial! xD

    Yes! Let’s kill us each other! (I won’t EVAR play his route, damn me if I do it…) I exactly had the same thought when I heard him, Lil’ cheese, do you want to ruin forever the image of Rui? Do you want to destroy a fangirl’s dream?
    Shiei no Sona-nyl’s OP is very catchy, I love it… I’d like to play it >.<

    Oh yeaah! Come to the dark, no to Kyrie's side! o/
    I'm also thinking of Break the more I see him… And it does not displease me, on the contraryyyy! Kyrieeee! Haaaaan~ 萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ

    • Not yet. But at least I just need their signature, already done with the repair. Maybe tomorrow.

      Yeah, at least before doing Narumi’s route, it’s best to have Rei, yakumo, and Yuzuru first. I don’t want to spoil it to you too. But his route makes me cried. Although just once (Compared to Mikoto, when I cried twice. That’s exactly the first time I cried more than 1 in one route). Osananajimi tsundere? I think it’ll good, but it mostly just in manga. Usually, otoge doesn’t have it and mostly osananajimi there are just a caring type. It’s not bad, just, it makes me bored if there isn’t anything funny between them.

      I like all of Liar-soft theme song when they used Rita. Sekien no Inganock, Hikari no Valcia, Shiei no Sonanyl, and maybe there’re more, but I just know that 3 the best.

      All of Break’s memories in me are when he almost die… Gah, it’s sad to look at his eyes. Pitying eyes, and then he can’t see anymore.

      • Okay, I’m crossing my fingers for you hoping everything will run smoothly! >..< I guess the normal osananajimi type will satisfy me for the moment… Oh, I see! It's not a bad argument at all and sometimes I feel the same.

        Rita's got a wonderful voice, although I only know her by the songs "Rosa Morada"(Shiei no Sona-nyl's OP) and "Little Busters!"(umm.. Little Busters OP too xD)

        This moment was so heartbreaking T-T Naooo Break! I think I'm having the reverse effect; you're loving Kyrie because of Break and I'm loving Break because of Kyrie…. I know Kyrie's background will be sad too, I mean, just look at him, he's a Break²! (They found my weak point. (*´ω`*) ) I love sadists.(Only in games, though xD) and I already said it so it was obvious that Kyrie would be an instant-win character for me xD (Dunno why but Caesar interests me less than Kyrie… maybe because he's too sexy? lol) Sorry Caesar but in my heart you're no match for him XD

        • Thank you. I hope it’ll end ‘coz I’m really tired to come there everyday with so much thinking in mind.

          Ah, don’t forget Rita has sing for Wand of Fortune too, although the one I like is from Liar-soft games. Hmm, I wonder where else I’ve found her voice too… Actually, she has singing many songs for bishoujo games. But I don’t know many of it.

          Hehe… Maybe it’s the reverse effect, yeah. But our point are the same. They look like sad and sadist person altogether! Break is often teasing Oz too or Gilbert. Too sexy, so you lost interest in Caesar? I’ve never heard of it, but that’s quite a reason! Too bad for him..

          • Yup! It must be really tiring, がんばって ね!! >.<

            I've read some reviews on Wand of Fortune but I haven't see the OP yet, I'll watch it later ^.^ Yes, I knew she was singing a lot of songs for many galges but I only know it, my knowledge doesn't go further. I wish I had a voice like her as mine is somewhat low, I can't sing too high xq

            That's it! Sad background/story + Sadist personnality + Bishie = Win for meh lol
            I also appreciate this playful attitude of them (Break/Kyrie) because I know they're hiding something behind most oh their "fake" smile. Hum yeah, maybe he's too sexy for me or it is something else but I can't tell what it is… I'll try to remember this reason and then I'll tell you… Yes, too bad for him but he's still in my top 5 despite being faaaar away behind Kyrie, Imo xD

          • That goes the same for me. I can’t sing in high pitch. Well, I’m not singing that often.

            Let’s look forward to OZMAFIA. The characters are quite interesting, but too bad up til now, there isn’t any gallery or movie in the site. At least give us some PV to understand more of it (like Otomate usually did, so I can dreaming what kind it’ll be like). I think that site is too slow to update? But as you’ve said, most of sad story+sadist+bishie = win for me too. uhm, okay, it’ll depend of what kind of sadist too. Again, don’t like ‘cage’ sadist thing. For me, if it’s killing, then the hero/heroine won’t suffer much from their life. If it’s cage, then it’s like, “please kill me slowly”.. It’ll be much of a hurt than just dying quick.

  10. I’m often singing and I like it… too bad half of my playlist might consist of high-pitched songs, Eww Good Grief.
    In this moment I’m listening to “Tori no Uta”, sung by Lia and it serves as the Opening of Air… I’m also loving “Last Regrets” from Ayane (cf. Kanon), and at least, I can sing it! xD

    About OZMAFIA… Yes, they seem interesting, and I think the art is beautiful, especially the coloring *-*
    Scarlet seems to be the righteous and “don’t get close to me”/”lemme work” type, what a brave little ぼうや we have here ! (*゚д゚*) Alfani might surprise me, I’ve got my eyes on this mister ドM with a ドS facade when needed… the fact that he’s a prostitute is somehow attracting me, lolwut? I’m surprising myself everyday lol. -I just hope Alfani and Manboy(lol the name) are capturable…. T-T (They’re actually on the “Questionable Characters category” >.<)
    So is not my type so he does not interest me at all (well maybe he'll turn in some big badass? xD – Still my hopes are low on his route)
    And why isn't Aelling capturable instead of So? *sobsob*

    I'd put it on the yandere category,-the cage thing and stuff.- but you can consider it as a kind of sadism too, I guess. But all the "I'll kill you so you'll be mine foreva, my luv" etc. is definitely yandere. If yandere things are implied then I'm in. But again, like you, being confined is horrible. Either the one who keeps you in is a sadist, either he's a yandere head over heels for you who just loves you and doesn't think whether you're happy or not; and is selfish/just keeps thinking about his own hapiness(and in this case, it's not love, it's torture haha). Yeah, they're long on updating the site, although making a game might take a long period of time and must involves a lot of work… The date of release of this game hasn't been announced yet too. But as long as they release this game this year and as long as it is for PC I'm going to play it, even if It means that I'll continue to stalk their site/wait.
    For Kyrie's sake, I can wait! x)

    • Late in my school’s day, I like to sing. But lately after going in university, I can’t do that anymore. Uwaa, so same! I also like Tori no Uta and almost all of Lia’s songs. VOCALOID IA also has her voice. Love her song for Key’s game/anime. And also Kokoro ni Todoku Uta for Shining Hearts. Last Regrets is also remains in my mind. It’s a touching song.

      Manboy… He has weird name, but funny, okay. Feminine isn’t my type, sadly. For more translation, my friend mentioned this lj that translated everything in its site: *ttp://

      Uh-huh, I know cage is goes in yandere, but I don’t really like the torture. So, I can’t play any games that use its idea. Amnesia is enough for me. And I hope Amnesia Later won’t be like that, because I’m just interested in Waka’s story.

      • Hum… I might become like you, who knows! x3
        Lia’s also a good singer, I agree! Some of the Openings of Bishoujo games are not really bad too! x)) Wow, I just listened to Kokoro ni Todoku Uta and… you can really feel those “freedom” vibes! I love it! 0.0 (In which Shining Heart is Houmei in? x) )

        Yes, I wonder how they came up with his name, in any case I wouldn’t like to be called Womangirl, if you see what I’m trying to say! But they’re in a game so it doesn’t really matter I guess… Ow, too bad…I like traps!(are they too feminine for you?) XD Yup thanks! I was looking at this site! Did you read the 4-komas? Kyrie is so(sadist) fun haha!

        I don’t like this kind of torture too, even if I’m… … somewhat … … … … M (XD). I don’t think they’ll use this idea again in the fandisk, il would be repetitive and thus, boring, so be relieved! ^^

        • Yes, yes! I like Lia since Key’s anime been airing. My sister tries to play Shining Hearts now though her japanese is really low (ah, same as me, although she’s more below).

          Of course. 4 komas are funny. And I know, Kyrie is really scary with his unknowing smile. Really similar to Break. Manboy-Womangirl? That’s a perfect match (I mean, with the playing words)…!! Creatively made common word to name? That’s exactly fun!

          Yeah, I think it’ll be boring if they use cage again. Relaxing now..

          • Speaking about Key… I’m gonna play to Little Busters tomorrow! o/ And their games are really sad! >.< (they're famous for this fact so… xD). Oh, I see! Mine is not perfect too but I'm studying it at school so it should be fine! o/

            Yes, his smiles are priceless! I like how he makes fun of all the others characters! xD
            I wonder… if there was a Womangirl I wonder if she'd be a receptionnist at a brothel too? haha!

            Nice, relax, it's a good thing to do from time to time~!
            Hum… I finished Ikuto's normal route in KurotoKin and… I'll never touch it again! (except maybe if I'm reaaa~lly bored and don't have anything else to do…) I don't want to tarnish Rui's image more than this… *goes replay Rui's scenes*

          • My wish is to play Clannad, but it seems disappearing now. And Rewrite… I though I can, but, from what expectation I had, it’ll be long. Since I haven’t finish Shiei no Sonanyl, I won’t bother myself to add more bishoujo games backlog (Mother Goose BLUE LABEL!! ARRGHH!).

            Really? You had nightmare with Rui’s voice in KurotoKin?? Urgh, should I play it or not? Hmm, that would be a hard choice. I want to try, uh, maybe, trying the prologue first?

  11. I tried to play to Clannad but unfortunately, it doesn’t work on my computer(well it does not surprise me since mine is old). I just started to play to Little Busters during 6hours and man, I’m so tired and sleepy now… =w= though it was nanka entertaining(?) ! x)
    I haven’t heard a lot of things about Rewrite, but it indeed looks nice, I’ll maybe try this one, someday.

    I also started Shiei no Sona-nyl yesterday and there are some complicated words and all so I don”t get it all but I understand it overall so it’s fine, I guess…
    I’ve heard that Mother Goose was kinda meh, and all so I won’t bother with this one nor with other galges too(..I think.)

    Yeah, it’s up to you! I don’t have a good opinion of this game but who knows, you might like it… (even if I bet you most likely won’t! xD) Rui…. Gimme bak mai innocence! D: – XD

    • Oh, so it does have problem with the sync. Hmm, I wonder if I should just use PSP ver of Clannad. Argh, but I really don’t have enough time to play bishoujo games since I haven’t finish any games lately and it’s just make my backlog full of it! Uh, but.. Shiei no Sonanyl’s words are beautiful. Even though it’s weird, but I like how they used poem/song-like description.

      Mother Goose, I played that just to get its CG. Most of its goose’s CG were amazed me, very beautiful or cute. The rest is, I don’t even remember too much of its story (I mean, the story per each characters). Just fulfilling free time. I don’t even know if there’s guy who’s playing Blue Label out there. QR might have enough free time to make that kind of game?

      • Well, some patchs for this problem must’ve been released so you’ll be able to play it normally. -when you will have the time to do this, of course! ^.^- Yes, Shiei no Sona-nyl is beautiful, I like how the character’s thinkings are voiced since I never experienced it before! It’s new for me and it makes it easier or it is supposed to –I’m weak with kanji… xD– because some of the words they’re using (especially when Elysia(?) is speaking in the real world- at New York…). I really like how much A is devoted to Lily, but I haven’t played a long time so I don’t know his motives.

        I saw some of Mother Goose’s CGs that were Fabulous max and english rhymes makes me curious… I’ll maybe get this game one day… one day… or not.

        Oh, I saw that someone stalked you? Are you okay? >.<
        I thought this was happening only in manga/animes/games etc. but seems I'm wrong here. Wow, just wow I'm getting nervous by just thinking how it would feel to be in your place… just wat? I'm not a "strong girl" so It would bother me, I would think of it everytime and I'd be scared of going to school/outside again. *thinking of the worst case-scenario* (I'm quite pessimistic too, it doesn't help!) I'm praying for your safety from there! o/
        Shoot. I don't want to have a stalker(especially if they're creepy– What am I saying, all of them are creepy u_u").
        Ganbatte ne! o/
        P.S: Oh and Happy Chinese Year! ^-^

        • Uh, I’m ashame of myself. I haven’t meet A in Shiei no Sonanyl. But I’m eager to finish this game as long as I have time. And maybe, I’m near the end of Peter’s route. Not really helping though, ‘coz there are much more. I really really want to play Sonanyl and I’m not planning to drop it.

          To finish Mother Goose, I just need about a week. It’s really short, so I think it won’t take much of your time. And it’s pretty easy once you are common with the system (the only problem is the kanji).

          I’ve ignored him and he didn’t message me again for two days. I thought I’m free now, and hope that’s true. I don’t want to be bothered by him again in near future. Thank you for your concern. Be careful if someone ask your phone number, that might be just a scheme. I wish stalker would be gone from this world, but that wouldn’t easily happen.. And Happy Chinese New Year too.. ^^

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