2011 Poll Result

Based upon the poll I’ve made these few months (preferable company that make otome games), the winner for this period company which is preferred mostly by my blog’s visitors is Otomate, with 53 votes (56.99%) of the respondents. The second place is taken by Quinrose with 11 votes (11.83%). And the third place is for Rejet with 5 votes (5.38%) of total 93 votes. Thank you for all of you who have voted on it.

Congratulations, Otomate!!

Such a huge gap between the first and second place means, almost everyone still prefers Otomate as a company which makes good otome games. As for me, this year, I would choose Otomate too because it gave us different kind and genres for its products. Not to mention, collaboration with many artists, other companies (Rejet, Sanctuary, 5pb, etc.), making many games for a year, and have innovation of selling its products by making an application for smart phone. I mean, not many company did that, having thoughts on it. But we’ll see next year. If it sells good, maybe other company will try making one too for their games. And not to mention their other stuffs, figures, etc.

The result this year is much thinkable and guessable. Otomate have made many games, too many that I can’t think any other otome game company will have that same ammount of their otome games to be compare with it. Not to mention, it is a branch from Idea Factory, which have been making games since old times ago. They have money and all preparations to continues going on this business.

Well, we’ll see what will be the new innovation from other company next year to compete with the biggest otoge company which we all have prefers. And I think Rejet is slowly taking turn to make more games than it is now (although it have collaboration with Otomate too). But to tell the truth, I have only eye-ing TYB and Tiny x Machinegun for their games. I will prefer Takuyo, Quinrose, or Karin Entertainment to do more than Rejet. But I can’t predict what future will be, so we just can see the improvement or degradation for next year.

Anyway, the poll is closed by now and I’ll try to make another interesting poll next. And sorry for the long analysis for the winner this year (Ehem! I mean, I must do this to improve my analysis power of companies). I’m sorry if you think the other way, but it is my thoughts based on what I know.


~ by twentyninenights on December 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “2011 Poll Result”

  1. We voted for Otomate, since we play their games the most. Nearly 90% of the games we play are made by Otomate ^_^

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