TinyxMachinegun PV

There’s another new game between Rejet (Tokyo Yamanote Boys, Renai Banchou, etc) with Ninomiya Ai (Are You Alice?, Teiden Shoujo to Hanemushi no Orchestra), TinyxMachinegun. The site have its PV and here is the one I’ve uploaded (because it’s too big to open it in that site. I also download it with a program so it’s much comfortable).


Here is the video:


The official site is: http://rejetweb.jp/txm/



~ by twentyninenights on November 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “TinyxMachinegun PV”

  1. THIS GAME. I loved it from the moment I saw the website XD; I sometimes never quite know what to expect from Rejet’s games, but this one just looks so much fun. Plus I love the background music on the website XD

    • Uhm, actually, we have the same thoughts. I don’t really like Rejet’s games (Gekka, Renai Bancho, etc), but this one may go to my playlist. Let’s put the weird guy aside and hope for Rigand or what McDaniel that has the same name as heroine? Also, the author is Ninomiya Ai so I’ll make a high expectation on this.

      • I know! Rejet’s games are…….different. XD; I don’t always like them. But this one looks interesting. Though it reminds me of Scared Rider Xechs somehow, but I did like that game as well.

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