NOISE -tone of mind-

I have it since two days ago but I was able to post it in here today. This is NOISE -voice of snow- OST which contains SNOW NOTE full version (AYUTRICA), lullaby (Makino Hideki), struggle, Gofer, and requiem are all by Takanashi Mako (other than SNOW NOTE, they are in the same lenght from the original game).

Type: mp3, .rar (320kbps)

Size: 127.5 mb

Release date: Nov 15, 2011

Price: ¥2500

Download link: mediafire

I don’t mind if anyone want to use the song here (well, I won’t care too much of it as long as there is credit). Instead, I will be very happy if someone make a fanmade of it ‘coz this is a good game and I want it to be well-known.

As usual, there’s lyric of it, but I don’t have scanner, so bear with just photos. Well, I think the picture is almost good enough to read (of course I use my digicam to it, not my phone camera).

And here are the pictures (most of it are lyrics, save it or click to enlarge the picture):

Almost forgot. In Operetta web magazine, there are (about 2-3) BGMs that didn’t contain in this OST. Just download it. So far, I’m too lazy to write the lyric. So please, anyone want to translate it to romaji or english?


  1. Oh wow, that is great! Thank you for sharing! :3
    Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be buying this, since shipping is more expensive than the products these days V_V;

    Oh well, I actually don’t have time for this, but let’s translate! I actually don’t like Lullaby, and Snow Note is long. *Maybe* I’ll do Snow Note later, but I think really have to go work now! Enjoy singing along, guys.

    窓辺に揺れる 雪の華
    静かに解けて 一滴
    あなたと出会い 不意に知る 生の意味を
    雲は晴れ 広がる青空
    溢れ出す 愛しい心
    手を重ね 拓く未来

    Madobe ni yureru yuki no hana
    Shizuka ni tokete, hitoshizuku
    Anata to deai, fui ni shiru sei no imi wo
    kumo ha hare hirogaru ao
    (Gofer-go ※ zougo)
    afuredasu itoshii kokoro
    te wo kasane hiraku mirai

    By a window, a petal of snow sways.
    melting away silently, a single drop.
    When I met you I suddenly knew the meaning of life.
    The clouds dispersed, revealing the blue sky
    (Gofer’s language ※ Coined words)
    Overflowing feelings of love
    Hand on hand, to the clear path of our future

    ((The lyrics don’t make sense. It sounds good, at least))

    永遠(永久)なる安息、 祈る声よ
    受難の宵闇 照らす光明(ひかり)
    今、 楽土(ゴフェル)の扉開く
    赦しの恩寵、 祈る歌よ
    真白に満ちゆく、 果てぬ光明(ひかり)

    Too (Eien) naru ansoku, inoru koe yo
    junan no yoiyami, terasu hikari (koumyou)
    aa, sukui no ote wo motomete
    ima, Gofer (rakudo) no tobira hiraku
    yurushi no onchou, inoru uta yo
    mashiro ni michiyuku, hatenu hikari (koumyou)

    Oh, eternal rest, the voice of prayer
    The dusk of suffering, and shining light (hope)
    Ah, seeking that hand of salvation
    Now, the door of Gofer (heaven) opens
    Oh, the grace of forgiveness, the song of prayer
    Painted in white, the end of the light (hope)

    命連なる ゴフェルの水辺
    流るる時は ヒト視る 未来(明日)の夢
    希望求め駆けゆく この心は
    赤き矢となり貫き 永久の式を織り成す
    白き雪染めゆく闘争 身にまとう
    時の音この手で奏でる 己が誇り(生)
    抗い運命定めて 彼の道を
    扉の其の先 見つめて
    天つ風よ 我が愛しき者を護り 闘え
    この身果てる 「零」の時まで

    inochi turanaru Gofer no mizube
    nagaruru toki ha hito miru asu (mirai) no yume
    homura no naka de watashi ha utau
    zetsubou taenu kurayami hiraku koe
    kibou motome kakeyuku kono kokoro ha
    akaki ya to nari turanuki towa no shiki wo orinasu
    shiroki yuki someyuku tousou mi ni matou
    toki no ne kono te de kanaderu onore ga sei (hokori)
    aragai unmei sadamete ka no michi wo
    tobira no so no saki mitsumete
    amatsu kaze yo waga itoshiki mono wo mamori tatakae
    kono mi hateru “zero” no toki made

    The stretched out life, next to Gofer’s waters
    The time flows by as men watch, dreaming of tomorrow (the future)
    (Gofer’s language ※ Coined words)
    Inside of the flames, I sing
    Cutting off despair, the voice opens away the darkness
    Riding on the heart that wishes for hope
    Turning into a red arrow that pierces through, interweaving the endless ceremony
    The strife clad in white snow
    Playing the time’s notes with these hands, my life (pride)
    His path is a fate of certain war,
    Gazing beyond the door
    Heavenly wind, please protect my beloved, fight
    Until this body of mine turns to “Zero”.

    • Oh, actually I have those kind of problem too. Shipping is much expensive than the product price. It’s because the world’s global economic becoming worsen nowadays, that makes the cost risen out of our mind! I push myself to buy this since I want the full version of SNOW NOTE (and secretly hoping they would make the other songs to long ver. though I have read the official site that there wouldn’t be full ver. of other songs).

      Anyway, thank you so much for the lyric translation. I don’t have time to sing it now (I’ll be busy until New Year and after), but I hope many people will enjoy it.

  2. Fine, Lullaby grew on me as I listened to it a bit more :T Besides, it’s my favorite bad end. The only one that really made me cry.
    But I’m not doing the main theme

    瞳(め)を閉じて 歌紡いで
    皆全て 愛し子等
    声運ぶ 礎の階
    天(空)に羽ばたく 優しい歌声
    腕包まれ お眠りなさい

    me (hitomi) wo tojite uta tsumuide
    mina subete itoshi kora
    koe hakobu so no kizahashi
    yurushi motomu inori
    sora (ten) ni habataku yasashii utagoe
    kaina tsutsumare onemurinasai
    kaze ni sazameku
    Gofer no mamori gi
    yurari yurameku
    kin no yurikago

    Close your eyes and weave your songs
    For all the beloved children
    The cornerstone of the stairs will carry your voice
    A prayer for forgiveness
    A tender singing voice, flying to the sky (heaven)
    Wrapped up in these arms, go to sleep.
    With the noisy wind
    Gofer (heaven)’s protecting tree
    Sway away relaxingly
    In the golden cradle

  3. Ah, I am glad to see information on this CD. I am meaning to buy it next month.
    I got the game as soon as it was released. AYUTRICA just so happens to be one of my favourite artists, and I did the short version of the song as soon an the promo video came out.
    I’ll definately translate all of SNOW NOTE.
    If people want to check up on when I’ll be done, I can be found on or

    • Glad to found AYUTRICA’s fans too. It’s rare to meet someone who like doujin songs because it’s rare. Thank you for the translation and hope you’ll like the album too as me.

  4. can you please tell me where to find the noise tone of mind ost?i had downloaded in the past but lost it and now cant find it anywhere ;(

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