What Can a God Do?-Amatsukunihoshi en no Mikoto

Amatsukunihoshi en no Mikoto (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)

Finally!! Mikoto is the last..

After telling her new job as a God, Mikoto wanted Sakuya to do a time slip and go to the future. It’s his wish, so Sakuya think she will grant it. The next day at the fated tree where they first met, Mikoto gave her explanation that he just wanted her to go just slightly bit of the future, when the Hoshi Matsuri taking place on. He wanted to know if he can grant the wish by then, but it’s a secret of what the wish is for now. He just say to not meet or talk with the person (except himself or Yorihito) at that time and be back after 2 hours to avoid problem such as can’t return back.

Sakuya came at night when the festival was being held. She search for Mikoto, but finally hear someone’s voice. A voice from a woman who’s been calling Mikoto’s name continuously while crying. And that woman is her, in the future. When she tried to ask, Yorihito warned her to not meet with her future self because that’s the rule.

So, she returned to the sacred tree and found the future Mikoto there. He say, finally his beloved God can grant his wish. But he will erase her unneeded memories with a kiss on her forehead. Before that, Sakuya ask if she can meet him again at Hoshi Matsuri, but Mikoto is saying farewell to the person who have saved him. She doesn’t know of what is the meaning now.

When she awakes and finds out Mikoto is beside her, Sakuya just can remember that the future is sad. But Mikoto just saying it’s common to not remember about that thing. Differs from other route, this time, Narumi and Yorihito are just the one who investigate about the school’s ghost. They found Ninokami Yuzuru, the ayakashi, and Mizuniwa Rei, a ghost. After talking for a bit, Mikoto excuses himself but it seems like a lie. Then, the story after it is about the stalker to new God thing, when Yorihito put the letter but he is searching one himself as Komainu Koma-.

One night, she walk to the tree and find out Mikoto is there, thinking about something but he hide it. When Sakuya ask him why the future her is crying, Mikoto is very surprise to know Sakuya haven’t forget about that. He say to rest assure because it’s in the past. Still, that memories are bugging her because it seems like she’s crying of something important, so she decides to find out the truth.

Another time, when Sakuya goes to the shrine without thinking, Mikoto suddenly surprising her to talk near her ear. That time, Sakuya used it to ask about why he choose her to be a God. He made ‘American Joke’ something, that it’s because Sakuya wouldn’t ignore his request and so that he can go to onsen. Of course it makes her angry, but she must go to school quickly or else, this God will be late.

She ask Narumi at school about what kind of person Mikoto is. Because Narumi has lives with Mikoto since long ago, he knows that even though Mikoto sometimes looks nonsense but he won’t do anything that won’t have any meaning. Too bad, that just makes Sakuya comes to a conclusion that Mikoto is a NEET!! After school, she meet Mikoto with Yorihito together (While Mikoto say they’re just taking a walk, Yorihito give the true answer that they’re patrolling. But for Mikoto, it’s the same as take a walk…) then making a conversation even if the true question still have yet to be answered.

Again, when Sakuya is taking a walk at night, she comes to the tree where Mikoto is. She doesn’t want to annoy Mikoto but as she prepare to live, Mikoto comes to greet her. That time brings back Mikoto’s memories, when he lives longer than human, but still seeing their sadness. To escape from it, at least, they’re praying. And that feelings created God. Also, maybe the meaning of God’s presence is the symbol of human’s sadness in the world. But for her, it’s not something sad like that. So, Sakuya make a promise that she will do the God’s job to see if she will be able to erase people’s sadness. Mikoto agrees with it, saying it may open her future. But will she also open the sad future? Anyway, Mikoto will teach her tomorrow and make another hard schedule for Sakuya (That Narumi think it’s her lie to skip class).

The job is to help Yorihito’s problem. He hides it for first, but Mikoto already knows about Yorihito Nise. And Mikoto also tells them the little dog may come from the past because of time slip. So that’s why, the job is to give proper farewell fate to Nise. Of course Yorihito still teach Nise to do the weird pose. While they did it, Sakuya feel sad to make them separate. But for Mikoto, if there is meeting, than it’s common to have separation. Because the meaning of meeting is a memories to parting. And the parting will also take someone to more step than now. The conversation was interfered by Yorihito who wanted them to see his excellent child.

That night, Sakuya is talking with Nise. Actually, he feels the same as Yorihito, not want to separate from his father now. To make him feeling better, Sakuya explain that Nise already tried his best and now is similar to the real Komainu. Finally, the day to part is arrive and Yorihito can see his last time with Nise.

The night after that, Sakuya goes to meet Mikoto again. It’s a right time since Mikoto want Sakuya to meet another soul, which is the 御神木=Goshinboku=Sacred Tree, where the Hoshi Matsuri begun. With holding her hands, Mikoto is showing the way to connect with the soul. But it’s just makes Sakuya’s heart beats so fast because it’s the first time she touches a guy’s hand like that. The sacred tree is actually his sin (urgh, is it about Taiyou?). He said it like that and seemed to running away from it.

Another problem is occurring and Sakuya must go to Fu-san who can explain it all. It seems there’s ayakashi in the wood. To find out about it, she and Mikoto are going there. As the previous one, the ayakashi is actually Sanshin who scared people who comes there. It’s to prevent people messing up their master’s place. And the reason already makes sense for Sakuya to help them. Still, one night, Tama say Mikoto isn’t a good God for them because despite knowing their problem, Mikoto won’t do anything. Genpei just calming it down and say God can’t grant everyone’s wishes.

At the battle day with human, Tama-chan’s voice suddenly changed (Similar to when she have Kushinada-hime’s story-see Narumi’s post). The problem ends well involving Fu-san (let’s think the previous matter, so it’s about the same). After that, Sakuya ask Mikoto if he hate human because of their wish. But the problem is not whether he hates human or not (because he think there’s no such things as God nor human, just different beings and so, he think he’s the same as human, having some he like or he hate). The real problem is because of his sin, to not being able to grant people’s wish, letting them die without helping. Well, Sakuya isn’t think like it’s his sin, and that’s helping Mikoto a lot, to be cheerful.

Another event occurred when Aki is laughing scarily on the rooftop. The second time is when she is stalking someone in shopping district, that she says she won’t let it go now. And that ‘someone’ is seems to be Mikoto (it makes Sakuya thinks it’s like a suspense dorama). Another weird thing is, Mikoto also in a work of stalking another little boy! Of course to prevent anything bad happen, Sakuya stop the two stalker, but apparently, they are not stalking with evil intention. It’s to search information about ayakashi.

Something came up in Sakuya’s mind, so she found the ayakashi (the one similar with Yuri, the penguin) in high school, with Mikoto and Aki altogether. The ayakashi tells its name as Kunugi, and also think Aki is similar to Yuki (see the previous post again, about Yakumo?). The story is almost similar, just adding when Aki is telling story about their date in the flower park the day before. They saw a beautiful flower but Kunugi said Aki is more beautiful. It seems she’s in love with the penguin, but must separate after the problem is solved. Thus, Aki was glad that Kunugi was her first love, despite she knew they wouldn’t be able to live together. Because they’re different and there’s a story about ayakashi and miko as the lover and it turns out to be a sad story (It’s about Taiyou).

As if she doesn’t want to leave Mikoto, again, Sakuya chase him to the sacred tree. There, she asks if Mikoto has someone he love. First, he say yes and that will be Sakuya herself, but then again he also mention Narumi, Yorihito, and many other things. It’s because a God’s love must be an equal one.  That answer just makes Sakuya more curious about him and wants to know more about Mikoto.

One day, Sakuya goes to Susanoo and finds Rei is talking with Mikoto. It’s connected with his pride, so he won’t tell it to Sakuya. Later, some girls in her class are talking about the ghost in old building. It’s a coincidence that she must go there, but find Mikoto, Rei, and Fu-san there, investigating about the scary event. They found a room inside the locker and Fu-san realized it’s about his friend, Kawashina Yuuya. After they’ve arrive at Susanoo, Fu-san is saying his feelings to Sakuya, that he is blaming himself for letting his friend died but he’s still alive. And so, he wants to say his thanks to Sakuya for hearing all of his mind.

While thinking on the school’s rooftop at night, Mikoto goes near Sakuya to explain that if she won’t help Fu-san, he might not be able to release his sin. Fu-san will always keeps blaming himself and all. After all, humans can’t live without sadness, and when there’s sad, they will go to God. But it’s not all about sad because living also can be a nice one with happy moments. And after that, everything ends well with Fu-san and his friend.

It’s nearly Hoshi Matsuri, so, Mikoto asked Sakuya to come and help him at the shrine. Actually, Mikoto is asking her for a date, no, for fishing. At first, Sakuya is always talking big that she, Narumi, and Yakumo are always fishing since childhood. Mikoto knows that and that’s why he brings her there. Too bad after do fishing for an hour, she is like…, meeting a bad destiny (hasn’t catch any). But Mikoto already catch so many of it because he has special angler? After trying for a while, she can do it now.

At that time, Sakuya is asking him if she have become a great God because she can’t do anything much for everyone’s problems. For Mikoto, she already done many for her strong willed and her cheerfulness. His only wish is to see her as a God. And when they have come back to the shrine, Sakuya ask Mikoto to take a walk with her at festival day to say farewell.

Sakuya is coming to the shrine again that day when she heard someone calling her. It’s the scared tree, and it is asking someone to save Mikoto. He appeared suddenly, and because Sakuya begged him to say his problem, he revealed himself as… a WOMAN!! Oh well, what a bad joke, but Sakuya almost took it seriously.

Well, he explained the truth after all. 1000 years ago, there’s a fearful ayakashi who took form as a fox. This ayakashi crushed everything in the country, and called Taiyou. But when this ayakashi fought a man named Mikado, he injured himself badly. Taiyou came to Mikagurayama, fainted in front of Sakaki’s house. The daughter of Sakaki found him and took care of his wound. Feeling warmth from the girl’s kindness, Taiyou is afraid if his power will go back, because he might kill the girl. And so, he ran away. But God and humans would haunt him, to kill this monster. And the girl saved him, even if she’s already injured badly. This girl began to love Taiyou and wanted to run away with him.

But God wouldn’t allow that. They placed two choices for the girl, to kill her beloved, or to take the curse. Of course the girl would choose to take the curse, ‘Tsuki no Ishi-Moon Stone”, a moon’s pieces fell down from Mikoto’s power that will purify anything. It will take Taiyou’s hatred power. And so they lived together for now, but the girl is taking the effect of the stone, which makes her body getting weaker. Finally, Taiyou realized he had been loved by someone, his only wish is to see her beloved alive. For that, Taiyou had two wishes to Mikoto before he sacrifice himself. The first one is to let the girl live. And the last is to erase her memories. When finally the day has come for Taiyou to bring the girl to the shrine, the girl is wishing to let her die instead. But Mikoto still took the girl’s memories. In the end, people killed Taiyou and buried him under the tree. The secret stone is called Sesshouseki, once named the killing tool of evil Taiyou (or so, forgive me if I was wrong). And then, Hoshi Matsuri is the day to calm down Taiyou.

Mikoto seems to blaming himself for all of that. If it’s true that Taiyou tells Sakuya to save him, then it’s better for her to not do that. Because he isn’t the one who can be save.

It’s a sudden dream Sakuya had. It’s when Mikoto say it’s too late to heal her wound, but he say he will keep their promise, 1000 years later. But it seems it isn’t the feeling of sadness, rather a happy one. It’ll become more suspicious after she heard Yorihito is asking Mikoto if everything’s alright. But he won’t tell it. And in her dreams he feels it’s not just the girl in her dream that feeling sad. It’s about her and that girl, both. She suddenly have been sleeping so much later.

She tells it to Yakumo when he realizes in her sleeping, Sakuya flows out her tears. He ask if the strange dream isn’t about monster.. Maybe that’s the dream about Taiyou. Quickly, Yakumo will go to Yuzuru because it might be a curse. In student council room, Yuzuru use his power to see what’s inside her body and he finally understand about Hoshikuni too but he won’t tell it to Sakuya.

In her next dream, she comes to the sacred tree when she speak with Taiyou. He said that her dream is his memories. All this time, Taiyou’s soul is in her heart and finally awaken after 10 years. He claims himself with no name as Taiyou, but the power that holds the journey of sadness. Taiyou told that Sakuya had a fate to die. Because that man had made promise 1000 years ago that she will be a substitute (really, I don’t think I understand this part). But Mikoto won’t place that curse and because of that, he will disappear. Too bad the dream time will be over soon. But Taiyou promised to tell her everything and awaken her memories if she come to him.

To leave all the worries, Sakuya decides to go to the sacred tree again, bringing her charm. A scene appeared in her mind, when Mikoto hugged her, saying he will keep his promise and for her, he will die. Mikoto also gave her a charm, that will protect her at sad or painful times. But after that, she wakes up again at the shrine, already at dawn. And Mikoto already saw her, decided to tell her everything.

Actually, their first meeting was 10 years ago, at autumn, when Hoshi Matsuri being held. He saw Sakuya come to the shrine when he protect Taiyou’s grave. 1000 years ago, Mikoto had made promise with Taiyou, that he will take the curse from Sakuya and then vanish from this world. But the truth is, Mikoto also afraid of being disappear. He then crying but gets cheered by Taiyou’s light saying the one which will disappear is his memories. And at a mere coincidence, Sakuya’s form can be seen through the light. She told him that her mother had teach her to not leave anyone who’s crying, while smiling. Without realizing, he already hug Sakuya, because Taiyou’s curse is now within her too (maybe from that light?).

He keeps feeling guilty that with his God’s body, he is alright with the curse, but not with Sakuya, as a human. Mikoto also remembered his promise in the past, that he will save Sakuya. That’s why, all this 10 years Mikoto always think about the way to save Sakuya. He made her God who will grant many people’s wish. So then with her own power, Sakuya can save herself and change Mikoto. He also have lied that he will go to Heaven again. With it, Sakuya doesn’t want that kind of fate, but for now, she will think about it again.

Later, Sakuya ask Rei if there’s a way to be ghost after death. But he say he doesn’t know anything. He also say there’s no ‘eternity’ as a ghost, they will eventually reborn again as a new person, without the past memories. After going back from school, she meets Yorihito and he already knows all of it. Yorihito just saying to take care for Mikoto’s feelings too, knowing Sakuya doesn’t want to live with sacrificing someone’s life for her but also is afraid to die.

Because of thinking too much, Sakuya catch a cold. After she is back to school, Yuzuru and Yakumo are greeting her in the morning despite they already knows about the curse. In her class, the classmates also saying they’re glad Sakuya have comes back because there’s one person who always worried thinking about his dying beloved person (Narumi). And after lunch break, Aki and Tama are also come to the rooftop and suddenly, Tama(san) say it’s a love’s curse (urgh, this Tama-san turns to be like Yuri, calling Sakuya and Aki as Cherry Girl). Another joke is DOH (Dame, Otoko Aikou, House=Ie/ダメ、男愛好、家). But then, Tama also realizes Sakuya is in love with someone and Aki suggests the most candidate is Rei. And the same question also been asked by the guys after parting from Susanoo.

It’s finally Hoshi Matsuri day. In daylight, Sakuya meet Yorihito just to ask a way to give her power back to Mikoto. Yorihito explains that she may give it back from mouth (kiss?). Despite knowing the curse will take effect after she give God’s power back, Sakuya still searching for Mikoto. She find him at the river.

As Sakuya has requested, Mikoto spend his time with Sakuya, brings her to the Sanshin’s master resting place, telling about the Hoshi Matsuri. This festival also open the door that connected to God’s world and many will come. At nightfall, they see a beautiful colorful stars, but no, it’s the Gods. Mikoto said they’re all saying thanks to Sakuya because she have help many people.

After taking her to look at ‘God’s starry sky’, Mikoto takes her to see ‘Human’s starry sky’. It means, to see the village’s light from the hill. It’s the view he always seen for a long time. As the conversation continues on, Mikoto say he is a God born to grant people’s wish, but as time goes by, he can’t do it (about Taiyou?). He can’t change human’s fate. Mikoto knows he is weak, also has big sin, but if he can say it, he loves that land. He always wants someone to take all his thoughts, and be there to that person.

Well, she’s asleep after that and wakes up near Narumi, an hour before fireworks. In a rush, Sakuya must find Mikoto to save him. She come to the river, where she also see her past presence there. But that vision had made her realize where Mikoto is. He is at the sacred tree, and prepare to go. But one last time, Sakuya beg him to hear what’s on her mind. Too bad, Mikoto already knew what she wanted to do from Yorihito. To make her understand, it is what he must do, the promise he made 1000 years ago. Still, Sakuya won’t accept that. She grab the charm from Mikoto, saying she will save the two of them. With a kiss to Mikoto’s lips, Sakuya prays for their future. It’s alright if she will die, as long as long as she have tell her feelings. She say she loves Mikoto.

3 months later, Mikoto visits the girl, Sakuya, in her last breath. She is glad to be able to see him at her final moments. For the last seconds, Sakuya told him to not blaming himself. But still, after her soul has disappeared, Mikoto tells his feelings, that he can’t do anything in the end. It is a story about a girl, who is the cause of crying sound from a God in the winter sky. And that is the end of the story of a girl who becomes God.

And that is one year after Sakuya’s life end. Mikoto is meeting Narumi, when Narumi feels weird in his Hoshi Matsuri time without Sakuya. Then, the guys are all gathering in the shrine (Yakumo, Narumi, Yuzuru, Sanshin, Fu-san, Yorihito, Rei…Wait? Rei, haven’t you go to your place=Reborn?). That night, they’re all talking about Sakuya’s last moments. Rei is saying that Yuzuru is flowing tears at that day, and everyone also agreeing with it. When night came, Mikoto remembered about Sakuya. Taiyou’s curse is now all gone. But Mikoto is blaming himself, because as a God, he can’t grant even his own wish. Suddenly, the charm that Sakuya always holding is shining. He almost blaming himself again, but stop right away.

Another day, Mikoto comes again to the tree. He say will retrieve Sakuya back. He then calls Sakuya’s friends, saying he will make Sakuya live again. Of course it’s weird since they can’t return dead person back. So Mikoto explains his true intention, not to bring back dead person, but change the future with the charm and the wishes from people at Hoshi Matsuri’s power. With that, he will make Sakuya alive again, and will keep his promise 1000 years ago. He also wants them to forgive him, because from now on, he will be a monster called fate.

Everyone almost agree despite it will be bad for Mikoto. But Yakumo won’t let Mikoto do it like that, because Sakuya is the person who will be sad of other people sacrificing himself for her. Knowing it, Mikoto say she won’t remember about him. But that words just makes Yakumo even mad at him, because what he want to tell is the strength of Sakuya. Yakumo also won’t let Mikoto die for that and to fight with the fate. It’s the first time Mikoto make an angry voice, that he know what he have done. He can’t save any person, so he will do what he must now (and it’s the first time hearing Sakurai makes that kind of voice… Goosebumps here..!). Yakumo just telling him to think again about it.

It’s the last time for Mikoto to see Yorihito. He change himself to his human form (but sadly, just can see his back). They drank sake together while watching the village. It’s to say farewell to each other. After the parting, Mikoto is truly do his work and gone.

He’s back to 11 years ago when he first met Sakuya. He meets her and telling her to go back before dawn. Suddenly, Sakuya ask why he is making a sad face. Mikoto said it’s because he met the precious person for the last time. But Sakuya suggesting him pray in the shrine when he is sad. Too bad Mikoto say the real thing, that God can’t grant people’s wish. He also warned her to not come there when fireworks begin.

The fireworks has been launched. Mikoto goes to the tree, where its the day to release the curse. But the fate still continues, when Sakuya goes there herself. She saw the crying God, saying she wouldn’t leave a crying person alone as her mother told her. Even thought Mikoto doesn’t want that to repeating again, he doesn’t have choice rather than giving her the charm again as their farewell before the next meeting. He ask her to listen to his wish this time, when they meet again.

10 years later, everything is the same usual day for Sakuya and Narumi. They go to Susanoo after school then at the shrine, Sakuya heard someone calling her. There’s a God, Mikoto, who already wait for her to keep his promise. Now, the story of God and her (Sakuya) will begin, the story where there’s no disappearance (もう消えてしまった過去の、神なる君との物語おーー).

Well, I admit I cried two times in his route. The first one is when Sakuya died. The second is when Mikoto see the same fate at the scared tree. This story fills up much sadness. I guess I’ll turn to Mikoto’s story now rather than Narumi (forgive me, Narumi). Mikoto’s story is like a repeating cycle of fate that I don’t know when it can end. A story of painful destiny I guess, I mostly prefer sad story like this.

What’s more? I know first time playing it, people will get bored with the calm atmosphere here. But then, after Sanshin (preferably, Yuri) comes, I am happy! Tama and Yuri are all cute and weird and funny. They’re the one who makes me laugh. Plus, there’s a stupid Yakumo and the screaming Fu-san. I like this game’s story. I like everything in it, the sad story, the happy moments, the cute animal Gods, the fate they bear, the music, ED song (I said it, I prefer ending song more), the jokes, the CG environment gallery…  I wonder if I can let it in at no.4 ranking of my favorite otome game? But it must! Maybe I must make my favorite ranking for this year (hopefully, this December)? Funny thing is, the first time I saw Narumi’s face, I thought he will die. It’s true, right? It’s just that, he is saved before it happens.

I know playing Yakumo and Rei’s route won’t give much impression because their story are so-so and common to me (plus, the 10 years waiting scene gives me crap!). But you must play it for this 3 last characters (Yuzuru, Narumi, and Mikoto)! Also, see the cool bonus picture!!!! Oh, how I love Nagaoka’s art… Please everyone, play it (I hope there are more people out there to talk about this good game). I definitely recommend this. And, maybe after this, I’ll go to Zettai Meikyuu Grimm Director’s Cut for a moment (sorry, Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan!). It mostly because I have played it on PSP, and just wanted to play their added routes. I hope it won’t take long.

Bonus completed CG

Link for CG:



  1. Wait, so he went back to the past? Is it never-ending cycle? Sorry his story is kinda confusing and sad….

    Btw may I ask? How long it take you to learn Japanese to actually know the story in the game? I already took a lesson for 2 years but only know 1 or 2 words lol :))

    • Yes, it’s really sad. It’s the first time I wanted to cry twice at one route.

      Actually, I never have chance to study Japanese properly, never took a lesson at all. It’s the matter of time when I always watching anime since childhood and then studied the meaning of it. Then, autodidactly, I learn how to read text. So far, I’ve made mistake too.

      • It is seriously sad, I demand a FD lol.

        Ha2 actually I know most of the vocab through anime but now days I rarely watch it, I can read Hira and Kana but Kanji…. totally blank lol.

        Wow you never took a lesson, thats great…. I dunno if I can do it he2.

        • Looking from what Otomate have done to their other games, I think they’ll make FD for it (I hope so too). And that’s the same as me, though after playing many otoge, I remembered a common kanji. I’ve never took a lesson because I’m too lazy to go to another class after being back home.. Though I really want it.

  2. thank you very much, dear! All you reviews were very interesting and exciting *_* Domo arigato for the CG pack and the screenshots of the backgrounds. The game is very beautiful and has that unique atmosphere that makes you want to play it *_* THe last time we felt the same thing about a game was when we played The Musketeers. There were lots of non-standart characters like we have in this game too. *_*

    • I hope you’ll be able to like it ‘coz many people surrender because of too calm atmosphere. Me, myself, think it’s really good. How the rural environment, the sound of cicadas, or the night sound effect is being played reminds me of Japanese villages I have seen in many TV programs (ex: Japan Hour, I’m still watching it sometimes).

      • Yeah, we like this artist. She makes a wonderful and fairy atmosphere in the games. We like to watch Japanese programs to along with Korean TV. Asia has a very beautiful nature and nice people. *_*

        • Well, I myself, really like to watch Europe traveling programs too. It’s special and has beautiful arts and architectures. It happen that the team who made KamiKimi was really skillful to do the atmosphere..

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