What Can a God Do?-Sakaki Narumi

Sakaki Narumi (CV: Hoshi Soichirou)

Sakuya tells her feelings that she is grateful to be a God, now that she meet many new things, such as ghost, ayakashi, or Yorihito. Narumi too, he is happy to always supporting her.

Suddenly, in her mind, Sakuya think to help Yorihito’s problem. He say he doesn’t have any, but it seems suspicious. She also ask it to Narumi in school. He say, Yorihito often sighing after Sakuya became God. But it’s just his intuition. At least he is worried about Yorihito too, so he’ll help Sakuya to take care of Yorihito’s problem.

She and Narumi are stalking Mikoto and Yorihito when they’re playing catch ball together. But then, they lost track of Yorihito. So, Mikoto knows about it and he tells the problem is because there must be two Komainu. Alone, Yorihito feels lonely and wants somebody to play together. Sakuya ask if she can make another one because now she’s a God. Mikoto say it’s fine if she just stay at him for now because it will make all of his loneliness disappear. Narumi might agree with that conclusion too.

So then, at the night, Narumi say his faithfulness to the new God, Sakuya. He say the thing that consider his sadness because they are different from childhood friend. But Sakuya still thinks that their heart is the same, that she is she and Narumi is Narumi himself. Narumi also want to think like that, the day from their usual days will be forever unchange.

First wish is to help selling takoyaki from a grandpa’s store because he has backache. This time, the helper are Narumi, Yakumo, and Yuzuru. Too bad they can’t do it. So, Fu-san came at a right time then offering help to them. Finally, Sakuya can make a delicious one and give it to Narumi. He say it’s delicious but also the other half are frustrated. He want to try making one too but it’s a failure. Yorihito also come to the workplace. First, Yorihito doesn’t know if he will like the taste of junkfood, but when he give it a try, he becomes addicted to it. And everything goes well. Before going home, Narumi want to make delicious takoyaki once again, but Sakuya say they must go back soon. Because of it, he promise to make delicious takoyaki if they ever have time again.

Look at his serious face!

It’s holiday and Sakuya decides to study together with Narumi in his house. Unfortunately, instead of studying, Sakuya prefer to reading manga. To make it worse, she ask Narumi to go to Susanoo together. Fu-san, looking at their closeness, asking if they really are going on a date. Sakuya is agreeing with it while Narumi has his blushing face. They walking home while holding hands.

When Sakuya and Narumi are studying together, Yorihito goes outside the room and shouting at himself. It sure is strange and Narumi think Yorihito’s head will get bald if he’s like that even more. So to make a plan, Sakuya gathered the other members including Mikoto and decided to help that Komainu. Still, he doesn’t want to tell his worry then running away.

After the event, Sakuya and Narumi are walking to Susanoo with talking about Narumi’s kindness since he’s still a child. He just say that he is forget about that.  Arriving at the place, they gathered to talk about Yorihito’s searching strategy. But the subject is coming on his own self to Susanoo. Of course everyone are ready to catch him (Yakumo even make it like a battle). But Yakumo lost so Sakuya and Yuzuru finally can catch him at the shrine.

Want it or not, Yorihito must tell his problem. Suddenly, a voice from little dog saying to not hurt his father (shock! Is it true he has secret child?). The truth is, he has signed pledge to be parent-child with the little dog, Yorihito Nise (the second). He picked up that little dog and say Yorihito Nise will be another Komainu after 100 years or so? And his reason to hide it is because the shrine is a poor one. Because the little dog is cute, Sakuya agree to keep it. Still, Aki felt she had known the dog before somewhere… The next day, Yorihito and Nise are practicing pose for the better Komainu and to look like real parent-son (That’s a weird pose!). After that, is the story about Yuzuru in student council room.

The wish now is to participate in Mikagurayama quiz, Hayaoshi or what. That’s just full of question about people in the village, their problem and all. One at a time, Mikoto, as the judge, ask about someone’s love life. Sakuya already push the button (with alarm voice to answer), but she doesn’t want to guess someone’s life. In the end, they can’t win at all but still, Narumi say she already put her best effort.

When looking for part time job, Sakuya decides to be a love pro (this is a weird job). Aki is helping her for this job saying it’s a job to put two Gods together. The person who make wish now is a God, Kushinada-hime. Actually, Tama, the cat, have Kushinada-hime’s soul in it and she needs Sakuya’s suggestion in love relationship. And for that, Kushinada-hime in Tama’s body summoning Yakumo and Rei altogether then ordered Sakuya to choose who will be her love partner in the fake movie. Uh, I mean, after Sakuya choose Yakumo, there’s a drama movie in which she tell her feelings but Yakumo say he can’t be with her because he must go soon. After watching that drama, Yakumo just want her to see it as a dream. But Sakuya think she won’t fall in love soon because it’s too complicated.

This time, Sakuya will play 缶蹴り=kankeri with Yorihito and Nise and of course the guys. Yuzuru is chosen to be the first oni in it. Because Yakumo and Yorihito are talking bad about him, Yuzuru is eager to finish all of them in 3 minutes. Mikoto comes and saying as a God, he won’t allow that. It’s now become a game of God VS human VS ayakashi. When Yuzuru finally beats Yakumo and Yorihito, now there are just Sakuya and Nise left. They fought against this tough oni for last..

One at a time, Aki told Sakuya that Nise’s power getting weaker but she didn’t know more for now. Then, suddenly when Sakuya is at school, Narumi calls her that Nise has been missing. They search it using Sakuya and Narumi’s power in the mountain, but there is no presence of him. So they came back to the shrine and fortunately, Mikoto has found Nise. Nise say sorry for the trouble, with the anger of Yorihito, who has worried about Nise.

Aki is gathering all of them to talk about Nise. Hundred years ago, at Hoshi Matsuri, a little dog disappeared mysteriously (神隠し=kamikakushi). Mikoto suggested them to return Nise back because if it still in that world, Nise will get weaker then disappear. Aki agrees with that. But Yorihito won’t allow it at first. Still, he change his mind to wait for a few days to saying his farewell.

The wish to God now is from a manga artist who want to be more creative. Surprisingly, Narumi is his big fan, きらら★レインボー! Of course he will help that mangaka with his Sakaki name (Rei is surprise to see Narumi’s moe side). Fu-san actually knew the artist and Narumi offering his home to Sensei so he can find an idea and releasing stress. When Kirara Niji (for short) came to the shrine, he’s really grateful to the priest there (He mean it’s about Narumi) let him rest there. Now, the artist finally have his own new story, about a girl who became God (inspiration form Sakuya). She suggests to add love story in it and that makes Narumi glad because Sakuya can say love for sure now. After the work have finish, Narumi ask for a sign and he’s happy to be able to live while holding the book already signed by Kirara Niji in his own world.

Narumi needs Sakuya’s help to clean the shrine even though it’s her holiday to be a God. Still, she must clean up her own shrine as the God (it really is troublesome). After the work has done, coincidentally, the two are having same thoughts, that they think this time is good enough.

For now, Yorihito thinks the teaching time for Nise already finish. It means he have made his mind to bring Nise back to his own world. Yuzuru also has prepared the technique. That night, Yorihito just can ask why they must meet if there’s separation, because he doesn’t want it. Still, he must willing to let Nise go.

But Sakuya still think about Yorihito’s question so she find Narumi and ask about it. For him, even though it seems the world is cruel when parting arrive, still, if they think there’s a warmth in meeting someone, then  they can think the world is very kind. Because meeting another is like a gift, that something new must happen.

It became trouble when Yorihito went missing before Nise’s departure. They search for him everywhere and Sakuya finally meet him at the riverside. The truth is he is weak and doesn’t want to see Nise separated from him. But Sakuya give him courage that whatever happen, even if he is weak or will cry, he must come to see Nise for the last because they are parent-child and Nise may can’t live forward if he won’t come. So, he really come at the right time then telling Nise to be alright.

The next day, Sakuya went to the shrine to see Yorihito’s condition. He say he’s fine. Suddenly, Aki came with her report about Nise. The report was saying the name of the missing dog is Sakagami Shouzaemon, that means, Yorihito himself..!! After hearing that, Yorihito is happier because he think Nise’s soul is within him all the time (because he is Nise!). Then, there’s story of parting with Rei again.

So then, Sakuya and Narumi come to Susanoo just to let Fu-san left the shop to them. Fu-san say he will give them 100 Yen each if they help him watch the store. No one comes, so Narumi and Skauya just talking. He eats ice and looking bored. But suddenly, he ask what her answer will be if he say he like her. Because he see Sakuya is nervous and confuse about it, he say it’s a joke. But of course it will be weird in Sakuya’s side because they are childhood friends and always being together. Well, Narumi looks very disappointed but he just saying they won’t be dating whatever.

Now we can know that Sakuya will choose university outside the village and so, they must separate their way. But it’s still a year after because they’re in 2nd year now. The feeling of separating makes them want to spent days together more often and they go to Susanoo. Fu-san keeps saying they are dating.. After Narumi escorting her back home, she still want to stay with him and telling lies that she should meet Mikoto. As if that wasn’t enough, she will come tomorrow to help in the shrine.

And that’s help thing is to prepare for Hoshi Matsuri. Sakuya comes with red face and makes Mikoto and Yorihito worried if she has fever. At that time, Mikoto explains about Hoshi Matsuri, where they can see the pieces of stars that night. That also have meaning with Mikoto, which he grant someone’s wish to the shooting star to always be happy. He also told about Hoshi Matsuri can be a romantic moment. That word makes Sakuya think it’s about the story of love, but Mikoto added with the story of sad love.

Because Mikoto won’t explain about the love story, Sakuya ask it to Narumi at the forest when Narumi must do Mizogi ritual. He say it’s about a forbidden love. 1000 years ago, a girl fell in love with ayakashi, Taiyou. God wouldn’t allow it, so they placed curse for the girl to not be able to love God nor ayakashi. Or, God would kill Taiyou. Of course the girl would prefer the first choice and forget about Taiyou. But still, she came to the wood searching for someone she didn’t know. The end of it is finally the memories about Taiyou returned and she can meet with Taiyou again. And Hoshi Matsuri is like a time when separated man and woman (by death?) will meet again by their strong bond.  Hearing the meaning of it, Sakuya is crying from the sad story.

Arriving at the river, Yorihito explains the Mizogi means taking the impurities by water and it must be done in river. Because river hold power.. Before go, Mikoto gave survival goods (he said) to Sakuya because they must survive tonight at it. The most troublesome thing is, even though Sakuya is nervous to be alone with Narumi all night, she must stand it because Mikoto create barrier so they can’t leave the area.

The night spent is talking about their past. Narumi can see ghost and other things when he first moved to Mikagurayama, so many kids bullied him. Sakuya is the one who helped him going through all of it and befriended him. Narumi say his thanks to her, similar to a farewell in Sakuya’s mind. Then, he goes in the river, begins opening his clothes. That time, Sakuya is really embarrassed because of his naked body, even though they always together. Then fainted because of fever…

Narumi already made porridge when Sakuya woke up from cold last night. With preparing the food, Narumi also say it’s fine if Sakuya is a little bit selfish and say what she want to eat. She just say 500 Yen ice from Susanoo. Suddenly, Sakuya can see her past memories through dream. It’s when she and Narumi are still kids, when she say if Narumi will work at the shrine, then she will be the God. But he won’t allow her to be one. And after the dream, she wakes up when Narumi piggy-back her to go home. She wants Narumi to always stay with her and he promise to it.

But again, she fainted after arriving at the shrine. When she wake up at night, Narumi isn’t there sos he walk outside and find him with Yorihito. Without realizing Sakuya’s presence, Yorihito ask if it’s fine like that for Narumi and what will happen to Sakuya. Narumi just answering it’s fine, because they’re just friends. But then, he realize Sakuya is there. Looking disappointed, Sakuya goes home alone while feeling down because she falls in love at a time like that.

After that, Sakuya begins avoiding Narumi even though he has something to say. She goes to the rooftop and find Yakumo there. He say he will leave the village sooner because he must go to university and there’s nothing that won’t change.

But when she want to go home, Narumi is still there, waiting for her to talk. He say after that time, Sakuya will have fun high school life, going to university, dating someone, and live happily. At least, that’s what he wish and he ask if there is someone Sakuya like. She is angry because Narumi ask that (considering her real feelings), so she leave him first without continuing the conversation.

She comes to Susanoo, talking with Fu-san if love is painful. He say, there maybe some sad and painful things sometimes, but there also has happiness in it. After hearing that, Sakuya decides she will do her best to confess.

Well, the confession after school got interrupted by Yakumo. Not just once, but the next day and the day after also been interrupted by Yakumo again!! To prevent that again, she wrote love letter and something like that. But when she want to put it in, Narumi see her and think she will put it on someone else’s locker. Feeling cornered, she straightly give it to Narumi then running away to class.

After the class ended and Narumi come to the rooftop, the truth is, Sakuya wrote to be her 恋人=lover to 変人=weird guy.  But he already knew the meaning. Then, he told her there’s one more thing that must be corrected. It is the text in the letter, wrote about being like sibling all this time. The truth is, Narumi never see Sakuya as a sibling. He always been in love with her ever since she helps him while crying. But they won’t be able to date for sure because the bad compatibility. He won’t say the meaning of it, just hugging Sakuya and say he doesn’t want to make her sad, so what’s best he shall do? That’s the thing Sakuya want to know too…

But then, Sakuya still want to know the truth and asking about it. The explanation is the continuation of girl-Taiyou’s love story, when the girl takes the curse to not being able to love God nor ayakashi. And it’s running through her bloodline, leaving Sakaki’s family, who, can’t love God. And Mikoto still turn her to God despite he knows about it because he needs her power. Actually, the reason narumi won’t allow they’re dating is because he afraid if Sakuya will get the curse too, but Mikoto say it’s just Sakaki family who get it, so it’s fine if it’s like that. And maybe there is a way to lift the curse at Hoshi Matsuri.

Without thinking, Narumi is agree to date Sakuya and he even make a poem. Looking at the strange him, Sakuya ask Mikoto if it’s because of the curse. But Mikoto say Narumi becomes strange because of love. Well, at least after 1000 years, they’re someone who will have similar fate with Taiyou and Mikoto saying it (he seems to know about Taiyou). Mikoto even ordered them to sleep together tonight! But it’s actually to see if the effect of the curse.

After changing to pajama, they sleep near each other. Narumi say he will make her day become happier than now and even if the curse take effect, he won’t let her go from becoming his girlfriend. For him, that day is the precious day because finally, his feelings can be connected to Sakuya. Narumi promise that he won’t let her (heart) go. It’s a happy moment but seems there’s something hidden from Narumi.

The morning after, she awake with Narumi blushing after looking at her messed up clothes. Yorihito and Mikoto also comes too, whne Yorihito say he will think about their child name (Too fast! They haven’t done anything yet.. If it’s a boy, then it should be ‘Yorizou’ and a girl is ‘Yorimi’. That’s so like him). But Narumi say it’s not a bad name? Actually, Mikoto came to give them suggestion to stay together and see what will happen.

On their way to school, they meet Yuzuru, Yakumo, and Rei altogether. When talking if there’s something change, without thinking, Narumi say he and Sakuya finally dating and spend night together. Of course Rei’s reaction is similar to Yorihito (If it’s boy, the name will be ‘Reizou’ and girl will be ‘Reimi’). But Narumi still think it’s not bad. Well, even though Narumi always talk big that he and Sakuya finally become lover, he is embarrassed too. But Yuzuru maybe realizing something so he ask if there’s a change in their body.

Because everyone in school are asking about Narumi and Sakuya’s first night (they don’t even know what the question is about), they decides to eat on the rooftop. But Aki suddenly comes and telling Yakumo already spread the rumour of them dating through mail. She ask if the two lovers already raburabu now, and Narumi agree with it. After Aki has left, Narumi say he did say all of it because he doesn’t want any guy come near Sakuya. Too bad at the right time before they kiss, Yakumo comes again to interrupt and Narumi tries to punch him..

But the rumour doesn’t end within school. Everyone around village already knows it (someone even want to think about their child’s name again. It has been 3 times now). Narumi comes to Sakuya’s house to tell her parents that they’re dating. Surprisingly, rather than objecting it, Sakuya’s parents are worried if she is good to Narumi (Because Sakuya is terrible at anything, especially studying). And then, Narumi also asking to let Sakuya sleep in his shrine (to see the curse). That’s shocking question actually gets accepted real quick.

At the shrine, Mikoto wants to talk with Narumi for the way to lift the curse alone without Sakuya (He say Narumi will get naked and Narumi is alright with it, but of course Sakuya won’t care to go with them like that). But until late at night, Narumi still hasn’t come back. Sakuya goes outside and finds him on the stairs. She ask if everything’s alright and he say yes with a pain on his face. Then, without warning, he hugs and kisses Sakuya.

But Sakuya can realize Narumi becomes weird now that he always staring at sky and in his own world. So, Sakuya goes to Sanshin but they seems to hiding something, just saying Narumi is alright and in love with her. Then she goes to Susanoo and finds out Narumi is talking with Fu-san. Fu-san says something that referring to Narumi might die if he keeps staying like that. When Sakuya ask it herself, Narumi just runs away and doesn’t go home until night.

So, Sakuya ask about the curse to Mikoto. He askd about her feelings, if Sakuya loves Narumi, wants to stay with him, or if she will protect that feelings even though it will sacrifice Narumi’s life? At first, Sakuya is agree with all the question until the sacrifice thing came. Mikoto say Narumi has been cursed and it’s true. She quickly search for him then find him at the river.

Because of the curse, Narumi can’t see Sakuya even though there’s moonlight out there. But he lies that it’s because the dark night. She knows the curse will get Narumi to not be able to see, hear, nor touch his beloved person. But it’s fine because Sakuya will always see him and only him. And being together, there must be a way to lift the curse. Because of her words, Narumi can stand up again.

Look at Narumi’s eyes. It has different color than the usual because he is blind

But it’s become worse when his friend is talking to him but he doesn’t respond. Realizing it, Sakuya brings him to infirmary. At lunch break, even if her onigiri is too sweet, Narumi doesn’t realize that and say it’s usual taste. So, she ask how far the curse has made him of. Narumi say he doesn’t know because it becoming more common to him. And he will take a day off tomorrow before the festival to search way with Mikoto and Yorihito. He then goes off from rooftop, but not seeing Yuzuru there (Yuzuru also realize that).

Once again, Sakuya ask Mikoto if there’s a way but he doesn’t know too. So, she want to talk with Narumi’s grandpa. His grandpa tells the truth, that if Sakuya isn’t there for him and stand for him in the past, that child may not be able to open his heart. He is glad that Sakuya becomes the God too. Then, Narumi comes there to escorting her back. While walking, he say, his eyes and ears still can be used, but he can’t feel any cold nor hot weather now. Still, Sakuya won’t give up and will help him to find the way.

Because they’re still dating, one night, Narumi feels hurted so much. Sakuya went to Mikoto and he suggested to forget about her love for Narumi. Before Mikoto can do that, Yuzuru comes and say he knows all of Mikoto’s action 1000 years ago. Mikoto is the one taking  the memories of the girl who falls in love with Taiyou. It means, Mikoto is the one who take the bonds between Taiyou and that girl. But he ask Sakuya to choose what is best for her. Suddenly, Narumi appear after he feels alright and saying it’s fine to not choose anything. He won’t surrender to the curse and will take all of it to be together with Sakuya. Feeling guilty of what he almost done again, Mikoto will always protect the two of them.

But Narumi’s condition becoming worse and worse. He can’t hear Sakuya’s voice anymore, and also can’t see, just can hold their feelings. Once, Sakuya blames Mikoto for making her a God, but Mikoto won’t sya the reason. Whatever it is, Mikoto needs her. She came back to Narumi, who couldn’t hear nor feel her presence, then hugging him all night.

One day, Narumi say he have find some way to lift the curse from a God. If they don’t lose to their bond until Hoshi Matsuri, then the curse will go. It’s resting a bit, but what if it won’t become true?

The Hoshi Matsuri day is come. With the priest clothes, Narumi and Sakuya go to the stand there. She wish they will come see it again next year and without sound, Narumi promise to it. At night, they watched fireworks display together.

After that, they go to the sacred tree. There, Sakuya almost saying goodbye to him because she feels guilty to it. But Narumi, as if he can hear all that, begging her to believe in him. Narumi force a kiss to her so they can be together always. That time, Sakuya is wishing to be together with Narumi, forever.

One year after, Mikoto has gone to Heaven. But still, Sakuya will live with Narumi. She comes to the shrine to help preparing for another Hoshi Matsuri with miko clothes. Suddenly, Narumi pull her finger and put a ring on it. It’s the biggest lover promise. He say thanks for always staying with him. And from now on, they will live their days together, forever.

Narumi’s story is deeper and sad than Yuzuru. I will cry all night if he really die in the story!! But it’s another happy ending and is a beautiful one. I love his story although half of the first story doesn’t really appealing. Narumi is cute, always blushing, and can be like a little kid when he is happy (see the scene with Kirara Niji-sensei, or when he is happy that everyone knows he’s dating Sakuya). What a painful story, when he becomes blind, can’t hear anything, nor feel anything. This makes everyone wants to hug him, right? I don’t know. Usually, I dislike childhood friend relationship in otoge, but now, is the first time that the relationship can become a pretty one. Just Narumi can do it! But yeah, although it is like that, I still prefer Yuzuru’s personality. But I will prefer Narumi’s story for the best because of the sadness and painful feelings in it. Just see Mikoto’s ending then for the finale…


  1. see like Narumi’s story made me cry but I thought Yuzuru’s was better & more interesting overall xDDD but Yuzuru still got my vote just cause I feel like he had to take a lot more shit than Narumi did.

    • Although I prefer Narumi’s sad story, but I still hope for Yuzuru to win. And yeah, already bored with Narumi’s picture everywhere. And if they will ever make FD for it (as the usual Otomate would do), I hope Yuzuru’s story will get more romance.

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