What Can a God Do?-Ninokami Yuzuru

Ninokami Yuzuru (CV: Narita Ken)

Well, the first impression already weird since Yakumo introducing Sakuya as his little-sister like with awfully bad at studying, etc (you’re cruel, Yakumo!). Yuzuru is a ayakashi (cat?). The rest is the same when Sakuya choose to go home with Yuzuru when he’s talking about a God can’t grant everyone’s wishes. Then, the problem about someone is stalking Sakuya, she choose to go with Yuzuru. In that time, she ask why a ayakashi work at student council president in their school. Yuzuru say it’s a cosplay to keep hiding his real self (of course Sakuya won’t take that).

Sakuya hears Fu-san speaking about something appear in the wood. She choose to go find it with Yuzuru and Yakumo. When they’ve reach the place, suddenly, it’s foggy and a shadow of bear appear in front of her, making Sakuya fainted. She awakes in the shrine, but it is true there’s something in the wood as the rumour said.

So, she and Yuzuru comes to a conclusion to search information about that at school with Rei’s help. But she and Rei can’t read the hard characters text of the book, and let Yuzuru fight alone to read it. After that, they are going to wood again. Until the fog appear and someone’s voice can be heard telling them to leave, Sakuya have been scared by it. But after Yuzuru and Yakumo hear the voice, they know it’s from Sanshin. The Sanshin promised not to scared people anymore. Then, there’s the same scene about Narumi’s faith to the new God.

The first job for the new God is to help a girl (Yuriko) to confess her love. Rei will help because he likes to read shoujo manga. Yuzuru, Aki, and Narumi also helping her. The problem is, Yuriko like a guy who she rarely spoken to. Sakuya suggesting that she must stalking (no, I mean searching information) about his like or dislike. With the courage of God, Yuriko believe she can do it. Yuzuru, as the setting planner say they must use sacred tree or sacred shrine as the theme, but it’s a failure for a theme. Well, finally, Yuriko can confess although the guy refuse it because he has someone else he like. Whatever it is, Sakuya as the God already give her courage. Yuzuru say Sakuya have done her best while patting her head.

For the holiday, Sakuya goes to town and finds a fashion store named, “NaMaSuTe”. She met Yuzuru while he’s working in that store. The manager told Sakuya that Yuzuru is a fearful person, but he must also dating once in a while. With the beg of his manager, Yuzuru have nothing to object and he will go with Sakuya for that day. He also buying choco banana crepe for Sakuya. She says Yuzuru is a good person actually, but he claims himself to hate human but he can stay to a nice one. Then, like a real date, he also takes her home.

When Sakuya ask Narumi’s bentou because she’s forgot to bring it, some students are talking about strange thing appearing in the wood again. Quickly, she and Narumi gathering their friends to see if it’s the Sanshin again. It’s true, they’re scared human then running away. But Sakuya and the others can easily find them. They realized the place is full of God’s presence. The Sanshin then appears, explaining it is true, the place is God’s resting place. They have been doing that to protect the place from human (Yuzuru agree that human always doing reckless things). Of course as a God, Sakuya can’t take easy on it. She tries searching information about the people who are trying to mess the place.

One time, she encounters a man in black clothes who knows and involves in it, but he is a scary person. Fortunately, Yuzuru comes faster to where they are and saving Sakuya. After that is the same scene about Yuzuru and Sakuya in one room. At that time, she say to Yuzuru that she’s happy to be a God and being grateful to it.

The next wish is to find out about strange phenomena appeared in shopping district. Sakuya, with the help of Yuzuru, Narumi, Rei, and Aki, finally found the cause, an old cup, then brought it to Yorihito. Yorihito explains it’s ‘九十九神=Tsukumogami’, spirit resides in things (usually 100 years and older) to protect the owner. With Sakuya’s power and Yuzuru’s help, they can save the Tsukumogami.

Because it’s a holiday, Sakuya tries to search part time job and finds a fashion store’s homepage which recruiting new employee. Coincidentally, it’s NaMaSuTe. Yuzuru say the homepage must not be able to see by mere human, but Sakuya is a God, so she can see it. Suddenly, after waiting for about 2 hours, the first customer arrives. And it’s Yuri, the penguin. Yuzuru finally said it’s a store for both human and other creatures. Then, the sale time came, making a mess in the store. But because Sakuya does her job nicely, Yuzuru gives her juice after work.

Sakuya still thinks about Sanshin. She makes decision to once again speak with them about changing their place, with Yuzuru’s help. Here, again, he say he hates human. After night comes, the God resting place becomes full of fireflies lights. Sanshin won’t take Sakuya’s idea, to leave the place. It’s because they’re Gods who protects the land, and if that is broken, they also will vanish with it. Then, The story of their past, when Mikoto gave power for Sanshin to protect the land was told. Yuzuru also decides to protect the land. Hearing it, Sakuya becomes happy and she will help Sanshin too.

There’s ayakashi in the wood so everyone must find the cause and (eliminate it). After they met the ayakashi with sadness, Aki tells a story from the past. The ayakashi fell in love with a girl then they’re running away because the people didn’t want a forbidden relationships between human and ayakashi. They killed the two in elope. That leaves the ghost of that ayakashi still wandering the wood. Sakuya makes an idea to call for Fu-san’s help in this. He gave Sakuya a ball from the girl and also been wondering if there’s something that awaken the ayakashi. Before Sakuya give the ball to ayakashi, Yuzuru offering his help to give it together because that ayakashi might have hate human. But that ends well after the ayakashi found the thing he had been looking for years.

Yuzuru have been busy doing his work for Hoshi Matsuri. But Sakuya went to the student council room. Her appearance makes all the student council member thinks she is Yuzuru’s girlfriend (also, saying the bad president now have turn to deredere side). That rumour bothers Yuzuru a lot, but he also takes the condition to make Sakuya helping their preparation. After he left, one of his subordinate say if there’s love, there might also have bad mouth (does he mean, tsundere?). That makes Sakuya thinks about it. But then she explains that she isn’t Yuzuru’s girlfriend, the one makes them confuse because Sakuya has a face that is happy after hearing good things about her lover.

After Yuzuru came back from his work, Sakuya also have ended up her share. He is thankful but also angry because at the meeting, his subordinate are saying about his girlfriend. Yuzuru ask if Sakuya want to be the student council member but she refuse because of her God’s job.

When Sakuya visits Sanshin in the God’s place, suddenly, Aki comes with big news. First, the Gods there are afraid if Aki is a bad human, but Sakuya tells them to rest because Aki is their ally. The news is, Suzuki, the old man they have asking about the wood before, is receiving money to shut his mouth. They must find out to prevent any other person having similar experience as Suzuki. So, that night, they are making plan to protect the place.

After they have come to a decision, Sakuya comes to Yuzuru’s side. He can see her worried, asking if Sakuya is afraid of the battle. If it is, it’ll be fine if she doesn’t come. But Yuzuru also won’t forbid her if she want to go. Whatever it is, Yuzuru told her to not worry since he’s her ally.

The next day, they take out the plan to not let people change the wood. There are about 30 people coming there. They use fog and make Rei come in a shadow. Yuzuru also takes part with his duplicate illusion. With Yakumo and Genpei’s last sumo battle, the people see it as curse and trying to run away. Too bad, someone from before (the scary man), comes and thinks it’s a child prank. But Yuzuru can easily make them sleep (do you mean, fainted?).

Yuzuru’s secret technique

After they think it’s safe now, Rei tells them the people with black suit are coming again. Now with their big boss (say Yuri). And that boss is Fu-san! Fu-san can make the fog disappear and repeling Yuzuru’s power. After Fu-san arrives at Sakuya’s place, he say to not disturb human’s plan. They also have rights to built their things and want Sakuya to think like an adult. But Narumi told him about the queer transaction that people have made to Fu-san. But he keeps telling to leave the place. Fortunately, Aki comes at a right time to brings villagers, including Suzuki old man, there. She also brings the copy that describes the wood isn’t for that people in black. And this ended the problem because Fu-san refused to help them.

Sakuya comes to Sanshin’s place to look at it again. She is happy to be able to save the wood. Sanshin also thankful for that and celebrate it together with her. Coincidentally, Yuzuru and the others are also comes and they have similar thoughts in it. The rest after that is about Rei’s farewell conversation.

When Sakuya comes to the empty student council room, Yuzuru suddenly appears behind her. Because he have break time, he ask her to come to the rooftop and having tea with him (He have table, tea cup, and cake there, surprisingly). Suddenly, an autumn leaf fall on him. He catch it, but Sakuya can see his face turning sad. He say, he already have many things in the past, a long long time ago. He also says that it’s the first time he met someone like Sakuya, who always makes his heart bubbling when seeing her. Even if it’s time for them to go home, Sakuya still wants to be near him longer.

That time, Sakuya sees a dream. A long time dream, where there’s a boy. Someone say to the boy that he doesn’t need to die, but end with blood everywhere. Yuzuru wakes her up after that. Some scene appear, about Sakuya and the other guys eating at Susanoo but they don’t want to pay. Sakuya must pay 1730 Yen for it.

At the shrine, Sakuya tells her feelings that she is happy to be a God because she can help everyone. And they must be grateful for it. But too bad, Yuzuru doesn’t believe human can be grateful of something. Rather, he tells Sakuya that they can betraying each other. It makes her think if Yuzuru really hates people, so she say, she and the others are thinking of him as their friend. But Yuzuru refuse, saying he can’t be a friend.

There’s a classmate who say the student council president becomes nice. He suddenly saying thanks for helping and remember the girl’s first name, Junko. That sudden hearing makes Sakuya really angry because usually, Yuzuru just calling ‘stupid’ to her (she is jealous and feels lost). To let her anger out, Sakuya goes to the rooftop and shouting about it. But Yuzuru also there and hears all of that. Of course Sakuya won’t waste that time and ask him to call her first name. Okay, he will if she give him 1000 Yen…

On the way home, something called Sakuya to the wood. They say, they are the dead people who have died Taiyou (a monster-see the first post).  They wanted Sakuya to kill the ayakashi to relieve their grudge. When she comes to student council room to speak with Yuzuru, she can hear him saying he need a little more time until he can return ‘it’ (so, what ‘it’ means?). So, Yuzuru seems to know about the ghost but he say to not hear what they say anymore. Of course as a God, Sakuya can’t ignore the wish from dead people.

Can you see there’s something white flying in front of the tree?

Because she can’t receive help from Yuzuru, Sakuya begs Mikoto for help. Mikoto told about the 1000 years ayakashi, Taiyou. Taiyou is the evil ayakashi who darkened human’s heart, kills the Gods, and spills blood in the world. Then, human and Gods joins together to defeat the ayakashi and sealing Sesshouseki in Hoshikuni Jinja. But there’s time the seal won’t take effect because the ayakashi interference. And so because of that, an endless winter struck the land. That’s called “天満の大吹雪=Tenma no Oofubuki”. Anyway, Mikoto wants Sakuya to tell him if she have some news about it again.

Sakuya comes to the wood to ask who is the ayakashi. But they are angry, saying that ayakashi has always be with her but she doesn’t kill it. It’s Yuzuru, apparently. When the ghosts trying to hurt Sakuya, Yuzuru saves her and saying Sakuya is his possession. After he warn the ghosts, they disappear. But Sakuya ask if it’s true that Yuzuru is the ayakashi. Because she can’t believe the kind Yuzuru have done something terrible like that. For now, Yuzuru still hides his feelings and makes her unconscious.

Sakuya wakes in Narumi’s house. Narumi doesn’t know anything why she’s in his house and will wait until she want to speak to him.

The memories of last time still appearing in Sakuya’s head so she goes to student council room. Too bad, Yuzuru already left there. One of the student council member say to her to cheer Yuzuru because he doesn’t seem good. Then, he say maybe Yuzuru went to the rooftop again.

When she meets him on the rooftop, Yuzuru actually surprise because she still comes despite the last night incident. He say if Sakuya wish to kill him, then he will take the fight. But Sakuya herself doesn’t believe if Yuzuru is bad because he helps people. So, he say it’s because of God’s curse, that he must save and help people to be his punishment. With granting people’s wish, Sakuya will strengthen God’s power. And he comes near her for his own purpose. Sakuya calls him terrible but he doesn’t want to be called like that by mere human.

And then, Sakuya ask why he save her last night although he doesn’t know the real answer. Well, she still believe Yuzuru is a good person. That thoughts makes Yuzuru angry, pushing her to the fence and saying the most unforgiveable person is himself for saving human. He won’t appear in front of her again and say his farewell.

It’s true that last meeting is the last for them because Yuzuru makes the people forget about him. Fortunately, Yakumo still remember and he gathered the others. He say, he might remember about Yuzuru because he is his best friend and for Sakuya, because she loves him (uhm, it’s just his sudden talking but Sakuya is blushing because of it). After agreeing that there really is someone named Yuzuru, everyone think they must search for him. Sakuya also have told them about the true Yuzuru as an ayakashi whose causing Tenma no Oofubuki, but they will believe in him.

But even if everyone has been searching for him, there’s none of his presence there. Mikoto suggesting Sakuya to meet a God who placed curse to Yuzuru, can’t be seen, and use Yorihito to speak. This God called Yuzuru as the ‘Cursed God’ and ask what does she want after finding him because Yuzuru cannot be saved. Whatever, the God told about Yuzuru’s story, when he fell came from Heaven to Earth at Hoshi Matsuri, 二ノ神=Ninokami. Ninokami follows a boy at the festival, crying. It turns out the boy is the sacrifice tool for sealing Sesshouseki. Hearing that, Ninokami tells him that he doesn’t need to die (as in the previous dream).

Usually his ears and tails color is red, not blue

Actually, he wants to save him and run away with the boy. 1 year later, the Hoshi Matsuri was being held again, but the boy had died. The angry Ninokami made the boy lived again, but God took out his power. When the Tenma Oofubuki appeared, people blamed Yuzuru for it.  They kept him without food, but he wouldn’t die. He was there all alone hoping the boy to save him for years.

Actually, one more miracle and Yuzuru can be God again. But too bad he used it to save Sakuya before (in the wood). She now feels guilty with it and ask if there’s some way to give back the power Yuzuru have collected because he’s a nice person even though he has bad mouth. But the God saying trough Yorihito that there is no way.

Sakuya wakes up that day with no memories of someone she has been searching of. But whatever it is, she must find that person. After school, she tries searching in the student council room and find Yakumo there. Suddenly, she can remember the Yuzuru name. They think this is the most bad way to say goodbye, because they will forget about him. Yakumo also say when Yuzuru talk about Sakuya, he becomes kind. Well, they don’t want to ever forget Yuzuru for sure. Too bad the next day is Yakumo’s turn to forget Yuzuru’s name even if he still know to find that person.

After school, Sakuya search at the shopping district and finally see a guy’s presence. She follows him until at the riverside, then finally can catch him although he say she might have catch a wrong person. But without doubt, Sakuya hugs him from behind. She can’t say anything rather than she like him, even if there’s many words comes in her mind. Yuzuru knows it and tells her to release him because he won’t go anywhere anymore. Though Sakuya still worries and not releasing him, until he say he want to see her face.

He stay with Sakuya when she is crying until night comes. Finally, Sakuya can say her thanks for using his power and save her. For Yuzuru, after several decades holding grudge, he might hates human for the rest. This time, it’s his turn to explain that he begins to have grudge for human in his prison. Even though the boy finally saves him after he becomes an old man, Yuzuru think he will kill that man, but he can’t. Then, God placed curse to him to be a God again. He takes it because he is longing to meet his friends at Heaven. Sakuya felt sorry that because of human, Yuzuru had that fate. But he say she doesn’t do wrong. And now, he won’t run away anymore because Sakuya will surely find him. And he also promise to stay with Sakuya for one day.

His appearance makes me think I’m playing Nise no Chigiri rather than KamiKimi

Today, Sakuya wait for Yuzuru, who have promise to go to school together. But he is late and she begins to worry, calling him. Yuzuru takes the phone with Sakuya’s angry words, but actually he is already behind her. Everyone seems to remember about him again. Also, at lunch break, the other student council member are having a fuss about Yuzuru’s poster for the festival. They say it’s cute with bunny picture on it.

After school, Sakuya goes to rooftop to find Yuzuru, who have already there. He say there is no way to stop the ghost’s anger towards him. Plus, he will come to her house that night to…teach her studying!! And he really comes there, already makes good relationship with Sakuya’s parents. They think Yuzuru is her boyfriend, and is happy that their ‘stupid unwillingful-to-study daughter’ now has say ‘study’ word. They leave Sakuya and Yuzuru alone for 3 hours…

That study is mostly to teach Sakuya while transforming her. She changes to Yuri, the penguin, also has same style of English talking to Yuri. That suck! But after she transform back to herself and hugging Yuzuru, he push her on to bed, saying he still can’t forgive human. But when Sakuya cries after remembering him, he is happy. In God’s world, that feeling may be called ‘love’. And so, he ask if human world have the same word for it (in kanji “神の世界ではこういう気持ちお「愛」という、。。。人間の世界では、違うのか?“). Sakuya say it’s the same, then kissing each other.

Yuzuru must speak about Hoshi Matsuri preparation with Narumi, so Sakuya come to the rooftop and calling Aki. She want to finish the hatred of ghosts to give Yuzuru’s power back. Aki cheered her, giving her necklace that will protect her. So that night, Sakuya come to the wood again. The ghosts are angry because she is sided with ayakashi. Then, suddenly, Sakuya can see through their sadness, when they are freezing in the middle of endless winter. After that, her body shine. She thinks she is dead now. When she awakes, Yuzuru already brings her to a safe place although he doesn’t know anything about Sakuya’s work.

The next day, Sakuya went to the rooftop. It’s rare to Yuzuru for saying Sakuya’s name (he really have voice calling heroine’s name). The cause is Heaven have contacted him that he can finally go back as being a God. When night comes, Sakuya brings him to the wood despite she is sick. Yorihito, no this time it’s the God, comes and saying Ninokami can go back to Heaven at Hoshi Matsuri because the ghosts are finally going to their resting place.

When walking home after meet the God, Yuzuru hug Sakuya because he have longing to see his friends and go back to Heaven. He think he will have to wait for more than 1000 years again, but it’s so sudden and close. For now, Sakuya can just saying she’s happy for it too.

Suddenly, Sakuya fainted in front of Narumi’s shrine. When she finally awakes, Narumi say she might die sooner. But he promise to not telling it to anyone because he will find way to save his childhood friend.

In school, Yuzuru say she may not feel lonely after he have gone, as a joke. But when he saw her face, he realized Sakuya didn’t feel right. The truth is Yuzuru want her to tell him and be her power, but Sakuya won’t let him know the problem.

Well, she prefer to go alone and meet the God reside in Yorihito. That God explain one way to prevent Sakuya’s dead, which is to Yuzuru, to sacrifice his God and ayakashi power, live as mere human. If not, Sakuya will die in about 3 years from now.

Yuzuru already wait for her near the river. He have known about her fate from Narumi. Still, Sakuya want to let him go to Heaven, lie that she is alright. Yuzuru, who want to be her power, is really angry at that. He say, he always think of why he save her back then and finally have the answer. It’s because the time he lives with Sakuya is more important than his life 1000 years. So, he decide to take the curse and save Sakuya (Here, I cried because Yuzuru say it dramatically. I can’t imagine Narita Ken can make that sad voice). Before she goes inside her house, she tells she loves him. Then, they’re kissing again (without CG…?).

At festival, Yuzuru as the student council is having patrol around village. When Sakuya appear to talk to him, the other student council member are happy to let them going together. Truthfully, Sakuya is thinking if it’s alright to Yuzuru to let his power go. But he choose to be help his precious person and living their day full of happiness. He say, for years he have lived in hatred, looking for his own heart. But actually, the thing he want is to live like a human. Sakuya is the one who teach him about love and make bond between them. Yuzuru also say his reason for not killing the old man (from the boy he saved) although he’s really late. It’s because that man is crying, for being late to help Yuzuru. That man also is the one who give ‘Yuzuru’ name to Ninokami. It fits him perfectly, the symbol of his own place.

They watched fireworks together before the main event. With a low voice, Yuzuru saying goodbye (to his friends in Heaven?).

After changing Sakuya’s clothes to similar like a miko, he say she’s beautiful while touching her face. Yuzuru is happy to give his power to Sakuya. Because now, he have come to his thing, called happiness. They kissed longer than usual, and finally found their happiness.

They lives happily now. Yuzuru have finishing his work at student council, so he let Sakuya to go on date. On one occasion, he say his life won’t have any meaning if Sakuya isn’t with him (similar to Takato??). But then he say it’s nothing. Well, Sakuya gave him a red muffler, but he realized she spelled his name wrongly. It’s YUDURU, not YUZURU (Okay, I prefer YUZURU, so what?).

He used the muffler and realized Sakuya is in a cold. So they share the muffler together. This time, Yuzuru is happy to choose to live with Sakuya and think it’s the right choice. Again, he say another shocking thing, to live with Sakuya even though they’re still in high school. Her parents also have agree with it. But it’s okay if she doesn’t answering right away, because they will be together and sharing the muffler for 10 and 20 and more years ahead.

Yuzuru’s route is the best for now. I cried!!! I really am crying when Yuzuru is desperately  trying to save Sakuya, whne she think it’s fine to die. Uwaah! It’s so sad. He sacrificed his own power, that he have gathered for 1000 years.. And his tsundere attitude, makes all of him looks cute. Although he always forcing Sakuya to leave him alone. I like him a lot in this game. One thing is making me sad about him is because his CG aren’t that much compared to Rei and Yakumo. And Narumi is more less than Yuzuru! I can’t stand that. How can the unimportant chara gets bigger amount of CG than the main hero?? And also, why? They wasted 4 CGs for Yuzuru with muffler…

His seiyuu, Narita Ken.. I have known him since Fushigi Yuugi and for that long time knowing him, I don’t know he can make a cool voice as Yuzuru. Although he voiced Jacob Grimm, I can’t remember his voice well. I’m glad, although I kept hearing Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice when seeing Yuzuru.

That’s that for now. I will try to finish all the characters before getting to chapter 4 (the most hard) in my thesis. Or else, I might stuck at it before my final judgement. Oh yeah, I guess it finally have a story which not waiting for 10 years…


  1. Yuzuru was my favorite x33
    I voted for him in the character poll. Narumi’s route made me cry but I still felt like Yuzuru’s route was deeper-.
    Anyway enjoy Narumi, be sure to hold a tissue box near by ;;

    • I wish I have another modem to vote Yuzuru. I already voted Sakuya for a better heroine.

      Okay, I will prepare for crying in Narumi’s route. I hope I will be able to see a good story and happy ending (because, surely, I don’t really like Rei and Yakumo’s ending to wait for 10 years). Yuzuru’s ending is refreshing my mood from the two because I thought Sakuya needed to wait 10 years again.

  2. His route is so good, I’m glad we don’t need to wait 10 years again for the happy ending :)) Usually I don’t really like a megane type but he is different xD

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