Noise Digital Novel Side A, B, C

Again, I found Noise -Voice of Snow- Digital Novel in one of Operetta’s magazine volume (I forgot what volume it is). The main setting is about Mana in her new family, Dix. Side A is just an introduction to Dix’s member (Rou, Weasley, and Seravis). The important event is in Side B.

Mana saw Gillford after his work (battle). He hurted his hands and she tried to cure him. They went in the room, to made the preparation and take the medicine. But when she did the work, Gill always looking at her. He then ask if she know he is the boss. Quit about that question, he pat her head, saying it’s alright and seems he’s welcoming Mana to Dix. Side C is just a memories of Side B, without anything happened. With this text:

Don’t worry. From now on, whatever happen… Your home, is here.

Actually, it’s just like an introduction to the game. So it’s nothing new. To see more new pictures, try visiting Operetta’s website and find the magazine. For now, there are 5 volumes in all with one extra..

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