What Can a God Do?-Mizuniwa Rei

Mizuniwa Rei (CV: Iguchi Yuuichi)

After meeting Rei for the first time, Sakuya choose to go with him to school (rather than choosing Yuzuru before). She say she want to be friend with him and Rei is really happy for it. He hold her hands to express his gratitude. And now, to search for some presence who’s lurking around Sakuya, she choose Rei to go with her. Nothing important, just he say Sakuya is pretty.

Rei is talking with Fu-san, that there’s ghost (he say it’s not him) always wandering around school and making fearful atmosphere like poltergeist or something. First, Fu-san won’t help, but if it’s connected to his shop, he will take part in it too. With Narumi (to protect Sakuya) and Yuzuru’s (to help him within school) own objective, they’re searching for the ghost. But then Yakumo appeared with Sanshin and Narumi said it’s Sanshin + α. Unexpectedly, Rei is afraid of ghost too (look at his face with sanshin when they heard a sound). Fu-san finally found the cause of the ghost’s sound, which is the locker. For now, Narumi is agree with him so the problem have solved. Then again, it’s time for Narumi to proof his faithfulness to the new God.

The first job for Sakuya as the God is to help someone whose been dreaming of his dead big brother. He think it’s a ghost, but Yuzuru just say maybe it’s just a normal dream. Rei, who can know the feelings, is saying it might be because the big brother is sad and the feelings remained in this world. Fu-san wants to help too, but he must stay in his store. When Sakuya hear someone’s voice, she follows it and finds a boy who wrote the wish. He doesn’t know where to find his brother’s ghost but he must meet him. Sakuya ask again to Fu-san and apparently, he knows it. There’s an accident when the little brother fell into river and the big brother saved him. That’s the cause of death.

So, they’re agree to search for the ghost near the river. And when they’ve reach it, Rei takes turn to explain the real thing to the boy. The truth is because of painful feelings, he begins to forget what happened back then. He already died with his big brother. The little boy accept it and with his big brother, they’re going to Heaven. Rei say it’s all thanks to the God (Sakuya) that they can find happiness and accept the fate.

Instead of doing part time job, Sakuya prefer to go to school and studying. While thinking, she heard mysterious sound and took caution of it. But she feels she is strong and prepare to fight, but it’s just Rei. He begins fading and saying farewell but actually he just daydreaming or what..? When he knows Sakuya is studying, he wants to follow her too because he likes studying.

When Sakuya is searching for Rei in old building, she heard a sound. But Rei is there and he did nothing so Sakuya comes to conclusion that there’s another ghost and runs away quickly. She speak about it in Susanoo with the others and they can’t believe if it’s true. But they must make a poster to about the ghost. Everyone are trying to do the sketch with different styles but Sakuya must choose to look at Rei’s drawing (because it’s his route, you know..). Whatever. Because there’s nothing fit the caution, Sakuya makes it herself. Here is the different sketches:

Narumi (with perfect feeling but not good at drawing)

Yuzuru (with fancy and girly sketch)

Yakumo (this is.. a poster for aikido club)

Rei (too much line here and there, seems too boring)

It’s already night after Sakuya finish her drawing. Before Fu-san going back home, she remembers that it’s already been 2 years since Fu-san opening his shop (when she’s in 3rd year of middle school). Fu-san is like her big brother (Yakumo? Where are you now?).

Aki has seen the poster and say something about the old school building. They comes to the building thinking if there’s really dead people there, opening the locker from before, and find another room inside. The owner of that room are Kawashina Yuuya and Fukiharu Hinojou=Fu-san!! Yuzuru will take care for the rest and want them to leave the room. The thing happen in Yuzuru’s room is happening again (remember the CG when he is flirting Sakuya?).

Take a break first from the problem. Sakuya choose to grant a female student in her school’s wish. It is to meet a ghost. This time, Mikoto, Fu-san, and Rei are helping her. That girl finally can meet ghost, Rei. She asks many things to him, but then she say she wants Rei to go to Heaven once (because of that, Rei almost go to Heaven). The truth is she just wants to know the dead world because her mother died from sickness. That girl is wondering if her mother still feels pain in another world. Rei say to have a daughter like her, her mother must be happy. The words makes her calm. Before leaves, Mikoto say it’s God’s job to help people and he’s really glad that Sakuya choose to grant that girl’s wish. If not, maybe she will choose to go to the dead world to know it herself.

It’s holiday and Sakuya choose to go meet Rei. There’s Mikoto and the cat too there. When she tries to touch it, she realizes it’s a cat ghost. For now, Rei will keep it with Mikoto’s approval.

A teacher needs help to bring something to the old building. Actually, they must come to the room with locker one and that teacher is afraid of it too. He tells the 10 years old story when there’s an accident with the student there, Kawashina and Fukiharu. It seems right now, Fukiharu is still blaming himself for the accident happen to Kawashina. After that, Yuzuru meets her and tells the curse from Kawashina. It seems he knows about the technique that is connected with (Taiyou 大妖=ayakashi who brings storm to the world 1000 years ago), dies from it. Suddenly, the lights are turning on-off on its own. But it’s stop not long after.

They speak with Fu-san and he explains the story, from about 10 years ago. He has been a good friend with Kawashina Yuuya. Kawashina found the room (in the locker) and with Yuuya, they brings their belongings such as manga and sofa, to there. One time, Fu-san found a strange book (maybe about the technique of Taiyou) and Yuuya read it. He becomes strange but he dies not long because of it, but his ghost still wandering in school. Fu-san promised he will settle things with his friend and took off the curse.

Sakuya wants to hear Rei’s mind about this problem. He can’t come back to the building because he is thinking about Kawashina Yuuya. He wants Kawashina to forgive Fu-san and befriends again. Then, the story when Yakumo begins to behave strange comes again (read his route).

The third wish is about ghost in school. They must find it in school at night and eliminate that, with the help of Mikoto, Narumi, Yuzuru, Rei, and Yakumo too. After seeing it, Mikoto finally understand that it comes because of the new God was born and doesn’t have evil intention. But then, they’re all kidnapped one by one (or I would say, one is falling and another have similar situation) so the left one are just Sakuya and Rei. But then, something big and make a loud sound chasing them. Rei, who’s afraid of it, carrying Sakuya princess-like and running away from the building. Finally, Sakuya and the others reunited in front of school and everything ends well and safe.

Rei ask Sakuya to drink tea with him. It’s delicious and Sakuya is cheering up by drinking it. But then Rei told her it’s just an illusion. Well, it’s a good illusion, so it’s okay.

When Fu-san has prepared his heart to settle things with Kawashina, Rei comes to them and telling the old building has becomes a mess while Narumi, Yuzuru, and Yorihito are already in there. Fu-san ask Sakuya to go with him and she agree. Before they reach the secret room, Sakuya can hear Fu-san and Kawashina’s past voice when Kawashina found the room. After Fu-san have arrived there, he ask Kawashina to say what he wanted him to do, if he’s wishing Fu-san to die then he will die. But through  Sakuya (she’s the only one who can hear the voice), Kawashina wants his friend to live happily without blaming himself anymore. Fu-san understood that and wish to play and graduate together if they meet again in the next life.

Narumi brings Sakuya to Susanoo and see Fu-san there. She think Fu-san will close the store because his reason there already end. But he will keep it through after all. As promise, everyone will get their free food in the store, while Fu-san is angry because he doesn’t want to keep his own promise (he say to not believe in adult promise).

In the walking home time at night with Rei, Sakuya say sorry to him (remember the time he say it’s nearly the time he must leave?). But for him, he is happy that everyone accepted him and it’s become a happy moments, so Sakuya musn’t worry. On another time, Sakuya found Rei when he’s saying goodbye to the cat he had kept (the one with Mikoto). It’s the time that cat must be reborn again. After saying farewell, Sakuya look at him with a sad eyes, but he say it’s not the first time it happen. She just can hold Rei’s hand. They’ve walking together at night after that when Rei also say to not forget about him even after he have gone. Sakuya make a promise to it.

Rei is helping Sakuya to think of what she will become in the future. He say to sell flower will suit her. But then, Sakuya also tries to be a miko in Narumi’s shrine (it ends up a failure). She also tries changing place with Fu-san to be a shopkeeper. After that day comes to an end, she say thanks to Rei for helping her.

The next day, Sakuya tries to be a teacher, but it’s end up Rei is the one who explains it to her. She is giving up to be a teacher but Rei tells her to keep doing it because he is sure Sakuya will be a great teacher one day. While taking care of the flower at the old school building, Rei comes near Sakuya and makes a conversation until dawn. The two of them wants to talk more, but Rei tells Sakuya to go home and rest.

When Sakuya gave Rei ‘ohagi’ she made, he brought her to a place he thought is beautiful. After eating it (Rei made it like an illusion because he’s a ghost, but he could eat it?), they saw a couple whose holding hands. Looking at it, Sakuya tried to do it, but she couldn’t touch Rei’s hand. He realize that and say he can’t be touch but if he think to touch her, he can do it. Rei takes Sakuya’s hand to his face and she can feels warm for a moment. There’s a time when Rei is curious on how he was before died, and the thing makes Sakuya wants to help him. Sakuya needs help from Aki to search the information about Rei’s family. Rei then reveals his thoughts, that he wants to greet his parents, even if it’s like a dream. He is really thankful to Sakuya and so she has the same feelings. But even if they are still want to be together, they must separate way to go home (I mean, maybe the ‘separate’ things have deep meaning..?). But Aki can’t find anything about Rei’s parents.

Sakuya tries to meet Rei again, but she just happen to see nothing that day. Narumi is already waiting for her. While walking home together, he say to her to not get close to Rei anymore, because she like Rei. It will be painful for her. The next day, Aki calls her again to tell there maybe two reasons for the unsearchable data about Rei. The first maybe is because he has no relatives and no one’s knowing his death. The second, hasn’t reveal yet. When she tells it to Rei and say sorry for it, Rei say it’s alright. But it will be a lie if he say he won’t feel lonely. Sakuya convince him that she will be there for Rei. That makes him glad that he has someone who care about him and always be with him.

Rei suddenly is missing. Sakuya search for him and finally found him. There’s something he want to speak with Sakuya and they’re talking at the park that night. He say it’s nearly time to go for him, maybe at Hoshi Matsuri. Rei said his farewell and also confessed that he like Sakuya.

When Sakuya is sick one at a time, Narumi visits her house in the afternoon. He comes to cheering Sakuya and thanks to that, she can brave herself to meet Rei again the next day. She tells her feelings for him that she also likes him. Rei is glad to hear it, even if the feelings may not reach (surely, it’s about his destiny to disappear soon). But he will promise that they can do the happy moments while he’s still there.

After the confession, they are having a date together in the wood. Rei picks up acorn and is happy to see it. In the lunch time, Sakuya already prepared 7 ohagis for eating. But it’s missing one by one. The thief are the Sanshin… There’s playtime at the river with Yakumo and Yuzuru too. And also, fireworks with all the guys there, with Fu-san as the contributor. Too bad without Yakumo and Yuzuru.

At the flower garden in old school building, Rei ask if Sakuya have reach the goal of her future job. She say she must think about it more so Rei say they will work hard to find it together. And also, human-ghost relationship is a rare one, so he is happy to be able to speak with Sakuya and the others. They’re also spent holiday to take fake class and play dodgeball at the field (Sakuya got hit by the ball). For the finale, everyone gives their letter to Rei for farewell. He is glad to have it and meet with his beloved God (Sakuya) and friends. After everyone have left the room, leaving Sakuya and Rei behind, she said to him that she wish they will be a lover again in the future world. But Rei doesn’t want it, he wants to love Sakuya as he is now, as Mizuniwa Rei. Sakuya hugs him and say it will be fine and just be happy although she feels sad inside her heart.

Rei is already gone. But Sakuya still comes to the old building. When she is there, suddenly she can hear acorn’s falling sound. Searching for it leads her to find Rei’s notebook, the one with text that he is there for her. Inside of it, Rei also write for Sakuya to brings radio there and she can hears his voice through it, similar to a phone call. Sakuya also tells her plan to become a teacher.

But it won’t last long because Narumi already knows it. He brings Sakuya to the rooftop, saying Rei hasn’t go to the other world when Hoshi Matsuri was held. But it’s a fearful act since because of it, Rei won’t be able to go anywhere and will wandering around this world forever. To prevent that, Sakuya mush wish and telling him to go, not just from her mouth but also her heart. Well, before that happens, Rei can’t talk through radio anymore, just being with note. Sakuya remember her time with him and everyone else. But, suddenly, Rei wrote さよなら on the notebook. Looking at it, Sakuya cries and makes her fell asleep until night.

In her dream-like world, she meets Rei at the flower garden they used to play. He doesn’t say anything but a kiss. Then disappear from Sakuya’s sight. She wakes up after that and it’s already morning. There, on the notebook now is appear a text がんばってto her from. She will do as he say from now on. *okay, cries here because after that, it’s ending song*

It have been 10 years after that (begin wondering if all the endings are all 10 years after…), and Sakuya is a teacher now. Aki calls her after long time not meeting, saying she have been searching information because the case before is so weird (the thing about Rei’s data). She say maybe it’s because that person hasn’t die yet. But before she can tell it, the call ended, leaving Sakuya think that Aki is always a weird girl

Sakuya comes to the flower garden before going home to watering them. But a man appears right in front of her. It’s Rei, now without being as a ghost. Sakuya say welcome to him and he greet her with ‘tadaima’.


Rei’s story is… like a miracle. While I knew he hadn’t die yet, but the way the story told was really dramatic (okay, it’s because I watch too many dramas with that plot, so I can tell that he hasn’t die). Just one thing keeps taking me out to like him. It’s his voice. Sometimes, Iguchi’s voice can be really annoying (my sister also said so, maybe because he is new?). But in some sad part, I begin to think that his kind of voice is really suit Rei with that scene. And as a seiyuu, he must also change his tone from 10 years before to after. The way his voice comes when Rei is in adult form is cool, way cooler than a kindergarten kid’s voice before!! Too bad he doesn’t speak much in it because the scene is very short. Look at his adult CG! He has nice eyes as a man. I hope he will live happily with Sakuya…


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