What Can a God Do?-Prologue & Takekiyo Yakumo

‘Kaminaru Kimi to’ use that title as a theme. At least, like that. It described about heroine’s day of becoming a living God.

KamiKimi CGs are all beautiful. And after you’ve finish one chara, there’s a environment CG collection. I’m really glad since it have many wonderful atmospheres.

The heroine, Kamiki Sakuya, always going to school with her childhood friend, Sakaki Narumi. Suddenly, she ask him what God can do to human or what is God, what the purpose of God, etc. really. Narumi just answer it half-heartedly. They’re coming to the convenience store (I mean, it’s sell many things), Susanoo, after going from school. The owner is Fukiharu Hinojou, the one with big body and green hair (everyone just called him Fu-san). Okay, most of their conversation are just a joke.

The setting of Sakuya’s village is in a mountain, Mikagurayama village (I love the scenery there!). Arriving at the shrine, Narumi’s house, he greet “ただいま” to the God, Amatsukunihoshi en no Mikoto. Narumi have something to do, so he left Sakuya alone. She heard someone calling her, then come to the tree where the voice can be heard. But there’s nothing there, so she think it’s her illusion. Suddenly, there’s a voice saying “The promised time have come”. It’s a guy with long hair, has a sad atmosphere when Sakuya is around him. He said, finally the time have come, the promise from thousand years before, while touching Sakuya’s head. He also say that may her fate will bring her to a happiness destination. But Sakuya wakes up with Narumi in front of her, and the sound of cicadas. Narumi say she has fainted.

Sakuya is so surprise upon seeing the 10 yen chocolate she bought from convenience store now can speak. Without thinking, Narumi brings her outside his shrine, to meet with the God there, Amatsukunihoshi en no Mikoto (just Mikoto for short, but surprisingly, his personality has changed to a comedian?). Mikoto told her that the God’s seat is now within Sakuya, that made her a God too, a living-God. Actually, Mikoto has always searching for the qualified person to be a God, which is Sakuya, the chosen one. He always look at her, knowing her kindness and can choose Sakuya to be a God. Also, it’s the time to rest for Mikoto, he always wanted to go to onsen (?).

Okay, the true reason is because it’s nearly the time for Mikoto to go back to Heaven, the place for Gods. As he say that, Mikoto’s body is nearly gone. He say sorry to leave so sudden, but Narumi is fine with it. After Mikoto has gone, Narumi is a bit sad. Sakuya decides to be a God, even though she doesn’t know what a God really is.

The next day, Sakuya come to the shrine again to ask what is God’s work to Narumi. But as Narumi is wondering how Mikoto is doing now, there’s his voice calling ‘Narumi’. Well, this comedy God appear again (so, what purpose is the sad scene he have back then?). Narumi is angry and kick him.. But the thing to go back is true, which is when the star festival will come. Then, it’ll be the true goodbye for them. After that, Mikoto remember he must teach Sakuya to use her guardian beast, the dog-like thing which can speak, Sakagami Shouzaemon Yorihito (or Yorihito for short). Sakuya think it’s a speaker that can talk. While they’re talking about it, Narumi have gone to school alone..

Arriving at her classroom, her classmate are begging for the new God to make their wish come true. Narumi also tells her he have a mail from Mikoto (God can do mail too?) that want Sakuya to come to his shrine after school.

After school, Sakuya and Narumi are going back together. But suddenly, a bear with eyepatch appeared at the back of Narumi, so he couldn’t see it. Sakuya also think it’s nothing. And then, Mikoto say her job as a God is to make people’s wish come true. He also want Sakuya to meet with many Gods and bring Yorihito to take a walk (like a real dog). To make it simple, it’s convenient since Mikoto and Yorihito can’t be seen by normal human.

Yorihito, the dog!! *shrine dog?*

When bringing Yorihito to the riverside, they come across Takekiyo Yakumo, who is doing his jogging routine. Sakuya calls him as Ni-san. He must continue doing the jogging for 8 hours, so Yakumo is leaving first. Yorihito also find another God and run to it. It’s a bear from before, and its name is Genpei, one of 三神=sanshin. Genpei have knew about the new God from Kunihoshi Jinja, Sakuya. The purpose for Sakuya to search for another God is to have their power and acknowledge to become the real God. But, Sakuya is afraid that the bear will eat her.. That’s the kind of world Narumi always lives in.

After meeting the bear, now is the time Sakuya and Narumi meet the cat God, Tama. And together with it, is a penguin born in Rusia, Yuri Peguin Arsen’ev. The two are also Sanshin. The penguin, Yuri, always flirting with woman (to Sakuya), so Tama punch or kick it. Then, they came to shopping district and met the man with glasses. Narumi say he’s a student council president, Ninokami Yuzuru.

From left to right: Tama, Yuri, Genpei

Sakuya and Narumi are coming back to the shrine, when Mikoto give them information from one of their teacher’s wish. That teacher, Suzuki-sensei, wish for God to eliminate the fearful being in school, maybe a ghost or ayakashi. So, the next day, Sakuya with the Sanshin and Yorihito (seems like a zoo), are coming to school. Narumi wears his priest clothes and makes all of the people there surprise (he blushes because everyone think he’s cosplaying).

To beat ghost, Sakuya think it’ll be easy if she use someone who is good at fighting. They come to the aikido club, where Yakumo ni-san studied and being the club president there. He thin Sakuya come to study jogging with him, but it’s too waste a time, so Yorihito make his body can be seen by Yakumo.

After Yakumo agree to help them (and surprisingly, he become good friend with Yorihito), Sakuya and the others are going to the old school. In one of the room, they saw the glasses guy before using some shining ball and wears a cat’s ears and tail. Apparently, he is Ninokami Yuzuru and is Yakumo’s best friend (even though Yuzuru doesn’t approve it and always calling Sakuya ‘stupid’). When Sakuya mentioned about his ears and tail, he ordered them to go outside the room, and when they came back, it were already gone.

Yuzuru is searching for the ghost too. He say his eyes can see everything and ask if Sakuya is the ghost (because he knows she isn’t human). But it’s wrong, Sakuya is a God. Okay, suddenly, a boy with blue hair appear, saying his name is Mizuniwa Rei. He say he will help Sakuya to search for that pitiful ghost and sent it to Heaven.

But after searching for it until dawn, they haven’t meet anything anymore. When Narumi and Mikoto come to the old school and meet Sakuya, they can know that Rei is a ghost (unfortunately, Sakuya might have seen his body become transparent but she think it’s an illusion). Rei also make his body can be seen to others. So, they tells it to the shop owner, Fu-san, who is surprise of it but doesn’t show a shocking face.

What a face!

Sakuya prefer to go back with Yuzuru and on their way, Yuzuru tell that even if Sakuya already become a God, it’ll be better if she doesn’t think that she can make people’s wish come true. It’s because God can’t grant their wish. Then, he is leaving Sakuya while she is still thinking about Yuzuru’s cat ears and tail.

The next day, while taking Yorihito to walk in the riverside, he smell a female dog and Sakuya knows it. So, it’s his type..

They have arrive at Kunihoshi Jinja, where Mikoto, Narumi, and Rei have gathered. Suddenly, Yorihito said he smell a danger lurking around for Sakuya. Well, actually, it’s just Yakumo who’s coming there. The second time Yorihito said the same thing, it’s Yuzuru who came. Sakuya began doubting Yorihito’s smelling power.

Sakuya and Narumi are coming to Narumi’s grandfather house. He’s a good grandfather who gives manjuu to Sakuya because she always being Narumi’s friend (Narumi always alone in the past). Then, they came back to the shrine, and get Yuzuru and Yakumo there, already waiting. There’s also a letter for Yorihito that say he’s searching for someone who’s stalking Hoshikuni Jinja’s God lately with the pen name ‘by 狛犬コマー=Komainu Koma-’. Narumi says it’s a pen name usually written in old newspaper haiku corner! But as Yorihito come back with nothing, he pretend it wasn’t him who wrote that. And the idea from Yorihito is to make Sakuya walking alone to make the stalker come. Everyone are against it, so she must choose one of the guy there to go with her.


Takekiyo Yakumo (CV: Hatano Wataru)

Sakuya and Yakumo, her brother-like person, are going to the riverside to make the stalker come. But there’s nothing, so they are playing janken. Unfortunately, Sakuya is always lose in it. The time is used by Yakumo to talk about their childhood’s story. He also surprise now because Sakuya is cuter than before.

When they came back, Yorihito was so down because he couldn’t be trusted by anyone (about his nose). So, he beg Sakuya to go alone again with him to the riverside. Instead of some evil being, the one they got is a girl, Kibi Aki. Aki is a 16 years old girl who studied onmyouji and really amazed by a God’s (Sakuya) place, where there are many weird things gathered within (ghost, ayakashi, or beast). She is sure to meet again with Sakuya at school later then gone like a typhoon.

Aki is interesting. She has many expressions..

A day later, Sakuya decided to search for Aki again in shopping district. She found Aki when she’s stalking a little boy with scary expression (I mean, looks like a real stalker). When Sakuya tried to stop her, Aki say she actually didn’t do stalking. So, Sakuya brings her to Fu-san shop, gathering with Yakumo too (Yakumo is worried, thinking if Sakuya have a fight with the stalker and make it as a rumour). From here on, Aki tells them that she has two jobs to come to Mikagurayama. One is to search information about the new God that has been chosen by Mikoto. The second is to collect sacred treasures which she doesn’t know about the place for now to built the barier or seal. And it looks like connected to the boy Aki saw before (and maybe the ayakashi thief in school they’ve been searching for?). It’s Sakuya’s job to help her now.

And then, Sakuya gathered all of the people who’ve known about the mystery (uhm, God). Yuzuru asks since when he become the shrine’s helper? With Narumi’s guide to search for the sacred treasure, Sakuya tries to look for it with fortune-telling like action and her heart. But, she can’t do it. She decide to begin the quest and going with Yakumo and Rei (looks like a picnic?).

Suddenly while they’re looking for the boy Aki had stalked before, Yakumo is preparing to fight. Although Sakuya doesn’t know what he’s been fighting with, Rei tells her it’s an invisible man. Well, it’s a waste. After that, they’re gathered again in the shrine without nothing. No, not yet, until Yakumo say he successfully grab the something from the invisible man. Then, Sakuya begins the operation to beat their enemy? Looks like the ayakashi thief is just the playboy penguin with English accent that had been multiplied… Yes, yes. It’s about Yuri. They must tell who is the exact Yuri and the ayakashi thief. Finally, they can catch the fake because it calls Aki’s name wrongly. Also, Aki say the ayakashi is the treasure she’s been looking for, then placed it in the sealing place.

Guess which is the real Yuri? answer: without text on its head

Narumi has been looking for Sakuya because he can’t find her in her home nor the shrine. He found Sakuya at their classroom, just want to tell her to come to the shrine’s ground tonight. It looks like a ceremony to proof that Sakuya already become the God at that shrine. Narumi kissed her hand, saying his line to become her protector. It seems like he’s saying goodbye to their childhood friend’s relationship. And now, Sakuya has been enshrined. For now, even if Sakuya notice the strange in Narumi’s words, he just say a joke to her.

Now that Sakuya has been approved as the God, Mikoto and Yorihito tells her about their real business, which is to grant people’s wish. She must choose their wish and not all of it (Of course, If it’s all, then what will human do?). This new feature from the gameplay is to choose the wish from people at the shrine, mix with the charm, then from Sakuya’s power, she can try to grant the wish. The first one is about a wish from alien to rule the earth, but Sakuya can’t make it come true. Instead of granting its wish, she will fight it, no, Yakumo will. Yakumo can use his powerful aura then beat the alien with some explosion (Mikoto find it interesting, like a fireworks). The earth was saved by him.

Sakuya decided to do part time job in Yakumo’s house. He teach her how to do the work (I mean, their work is to gather sweet potato), when Sakuya become useful to it, he is sad if she will be fine when he is not with her anymore. At the sudden moment, Yakumo is fighting with wild boar alone, with bare hands. He can defeat it and then telling the boar to go away because it isn’t its place (Sakuya think it’s like some kind of anime or manga scene). Everything went well and they were eating the baked sweet potato together with Yakumo’s parents.

The lunch break that day was filled with all of the God’s family (I mean, all of the member). Suddenly while eating, Aki comes with a very much evil aura 妖気. Sakuya promised to help her and then brought them all to Fu-san’s shop after school. It looks like a curse or what, becoming stronger ang filled the shop with it, so they decided to quickly make it disappear. With Narumi’s help to use her power, Sakuya successfully beat the youki from Aki.

But it’s not over yet. The evil aura comes from the sacred treasures in the shrine and they must find the clue about it. Sakuya want to try opening the box, but she can’t. So, Yakumo offers his strength and nothing happen too. After the useless attempt to know about the treasure, they’re coming to Mikoto again, and he say about the 殺生石 (sesshouseki=killing stone). Actually, Mikoto already knows it but he doesn’t want to talk about that. Yuzuru explained that when the sesshouseki came to the country in the past, the box was used to seal it off. It’s become troublesome for the new God, so Aki refuse their help and will try to explain the situation to her family organization to help.

Aki is in it??

Sakuya followed her, and make Aki explaining her condition. The truth is, she should do it with a partner, but she refused because she wanted her family to acknowledge her power alone, to be stronger than her little sister. It driven the care from Sakuya, but even if she offering help, Aki refuse it.

The thoughts makes Sakuya want to talk with Yakumo. She found him at the rooftop. Yakumo cheered Sakuya, that whatever happens, she will help her friend and that’s Sakuya’s personality. With it, Sakuya is rest assured now. On the way home, Aki calls her to say her thanks.

Sakuya and Yorihito saw Yuzuru when he help a grandma on the street. And then the next day, Sakuya came to his student council room and ask about the information. She also accidentally say that Yuzuru is a nice person from the sight before (when he helps a grandma). But he doesn’t want to be called a good person, cornered and grab Sakuya to the wall, saying he will show his good side with the help of Sakuya’s body. At that time, the Sanshin appears and stopping Yuzuru’s action. It’s actually Yuzuru’s action to help Sakuya to catch the Sanshin she have been searching before. He also offering a tea to Sakuya after that (He’s nice, actually).

When the time to go home with Yuzuru comes up, Sakuya ask why he isn’t friendly at all. It seems Yuzuru doesn’t need a friend and about Yakumo, it’s just his own words (that they’re best friends). But in Sakuya’s mind, Yuzuru looks like a nice person.

The second time Sakuya do her work to grant wish, she choose to teach Eiichi (the prayer) to study for the next exam. Of course Yakumo is the one who teach him at the end because this God can’t study well. After Yakumo has successfully teach Eiichi, he must teach Sakuya too. But he is very angry (berserk) at her blank note and the because she has no willpower to do it. At the end, even if Sakuya is too bad at teaching, Eiichi keeps looking high on her will to study so everything ends well.

Sakuya knew about matsutake mushroom which will bring money to them after they sold it. She gathered Narumi and Yakumo to pick it at the mountain. But they met the Sanshin who want it too. It makes a real challenge even if Narumi say it’s his shrine’s mountain, so the mushroom is also his asset too. Finally, Yakumo beats Genpei, the bear with his light power (Sakuya begins wondering is Yakumo really is a human). And they’re hugging each other (Soap opera?). Never know picking matsutake will be that hard..

Sakuya and Aki still need to know about the curse from the sacred treasure. They found the ayakashi that is similar to Yuri, the penguin, and ned its help. But that ayakashi used Narumi to explain what he want to exchange for the information, which is to go on date with Aki (I admit Aki is cute). While Sakuya and the others are worried about it, Aki makes decision to do it and they’re preparing to Aki’s date at the shrine that night with all the guy there. Yakumo suggests to do an outdoor date and they choose park to be the meeting place.

At the day, Aki wears earphone and mic to do it with Sakuya’s order.  After the ayakashi penguin have arrive, the date begins with Aki, asking them to go to her date course (oh right. It’s all a mystery spot). The ayakashi knew there’s someone following them, so he brought them to the river, saying his real name (Kunugi), then made its promise to tell the truth. In the past, when he hadn’t have a name, he met a girl, Yuuki. This girl calling a random name to him, Kunugi. But they became friends easily, but Yuuki died to protect the villager from a curse. The river where Kunugi brought them is the place he met Yuuki for the first time. Kunugi also telling the truth, that Aki is similar to Yuuki, but he say he knows it’s just that. Then, Kunugi say its farewell to them.

There’s rumour in Sakuya’s school that Yakumo becomes strange lately (She think he always weird). The strange things are he now thinking hard, listening to anyone’s talk (before, he used to say “Did you want to do jogging?” on his own self even if people didn’t want it). When Sakuya ask the club, he seems doesn’t come to there. So, she try looking at the rooftop, find him in asleep. Sakuya remembered her first meeting with Yakumo ni-san, when she came to the shrine of the problem she had in school, and he found her, cheering her up. Suddenly, Yakumo awakes, saying “For how long this will continue?” But he change to his usual cheerful self again after that.

Today’s job is to catch someone who picks wild vegetables in the mountain. Sakuya must catch the person to take care for the mountain, which is their village’s treasure. Sanshin, Narumi, and Yakumo also following her. Sanshin makes expectation that it’s not a human, but a bigfoot. Yakumo explains about bigfoot to Sakuya, but she makes an impression about that’s similar to Yakumo himself. Well, everyone agrees about the similarity, plus, Yakumo is thought as not being a human…

There’s a time when someone told Sakuya about Yakumo being in a fight with unvisible opponent. It turns out he fought Genpei, the bear. Sakuya gets mad at them for 30 minutes. Then, Aki also tells her feelings. After going on a date with Kunugi, she has been longing to meet that ayakashi penguin because she gets attracted by it..? Sakuya and her friends are knowing that feelings, offering to help searching for Kunugi.

As expected from Fu-san, Kunugi took the sesshouseki from its place. Sakuya prefer to go with Yakumo and Rei, with Yorihito too. Aki found it at the river, already full of snow. Kunugi wants to take it alone with him, because sesshouseki won’t be calm if it doesn’t get people’s life. Sakuya and Aki, also Narumi, Rei, Yakumo, and Yuzuru are decided to use their life also, to spare it. And everything is alright now, leaving Aki and Kunugi watching fullmoon together. The next day (the snow already disappeared), Kunugi goes to its new journey. Before Kunugi go, he say the box is his precious thing that makes him remember about Yuuki. At the end, Aki’s mother sent her letter that makes her really happy.

This time, when Sakuya watering the flower in old school building, Rei comes too. He is glad to look at the beautiful flower there. He say Sakuya will have a great future and then coming home together. On another time, Sakuya is asking Mikoto if he doesn’t want to leave the village. But he say he has a fate to go back to his world.

Sakuya has been searching for Yakumo in the field, but his friend say he isn’t come. She search for him and finally find him. Yakumo is glad that Sakuya really worried about him, saying she will be a good wife then. He hold her hand even if it’s embarrassing, talking about their past happy memories. He is wishing to be like that, always.

It’s near the Hoshi Matsuri and Sakuya must be busy. She takes time to see Yakumo and go home with him. At that time, he say he will take a scholarship to university which have aikido with it. They also talk to Fu-san and he seems excited about that too. After going from Susanoo, Sakuya offering Yakumo to go inside her house and greet her parents (she say they wants to say thanks to Yakumo, who always takes care of their daughter). But Sakuya won’t just sit to meet him again. She also comes to Yakumo’s house afterward and play in his room.

After eating dinner in his house and changing her clothes to yukata, Sakuya search him and find him outside the house. He’s watching stars, that is really beautiful tonight. When Sakuya ask him if he has girlfriend or someone he like, Yakumo pushes her around but without saying anything.

Yakumo’s teacher needs help from Sakuya to bring the printout because he doesn’t come to school. When she saw him in his house, it’s a very surprising shock to her since he’s sleeping, with white cloth (towel) on his face (she think he have died). Oh well, he’s just sick and his father making fun on him with the cloth. Before she leaves, Yakumo’s mother mention if Sakuya wants to be the bride in their house (for Yakumo?), but he say to his mother that it won’t happen. After all, they have known each other since long ago. But Sakuya still worried if Yakumo have something hidden (if it’s an illness or what).


The next day, Aki mentioned that Yakumo will be moving soon because of his university. She try to find Yakumo in Susanoo and asking him about it. They came to a park, where Yakumo told her it’s all true. He will move to another town where there’s just 2 hours going by train. Even if Sakuya tries to be strong, she keeps crying. Yakumo hugs her, saying he also doesn’t want to leave her, but he must.

Yakumo still skipping class and makes Sakuya worried. She comes to his house often when he always sleeping, then finally, his parents tells her that Yakumo always have this weird illness of sleeping. They even have come to hospital but nothing known. And the thing about sport university scholarship is true, but Yakumo already refuse it, so they won’t move. Maybe the cause of his telling lies is because he already knows his limit. Maybe he won’t be able to wake up again if he sleep.

Yakumo knows and already wakes up when his father tells all of it to Sakuya. He then escort her back home, looking cheerful as usual. But when Sakuya say she already becomes a God and will grant his wish for recovery, Yakumo tells his fear of not being able to wake up. And he always look at Sakuya as his sister, but now, she have changed and become cuter.

Sakuya makes a charm with Narumi’s help, even if Narumi has told her that God can’t heal all of illness (if it’s like that, the world will full of people). When Yakumo received it, he’s very happy. At another time, Yuzuru come to Sakuya’s class to tell he know about Yakumo. It’s not an illness, but a curse and say she must come to him if she want to accept even the worst condition when trying to heal Yakumo, to not be able to wake up for long. Sakuya say it to Yakumo and they’re coming to Yuzuru, to know the truth.

It’s all connected to sesshouseki and Taiyou=monster’s magical power that keeps Yakumo under ‘the fate to die’. And it’s also Yuzuru’s duty to lift the curse from Yakumo. That’s why he’s been living near Yakumo. They will begin the operation at Hoshi Matsuri.

On the way home, Yakumo tells his feeling, asking why must it be him, what bad did he do while crying.. Looking at him desperate like that, Sakuya say she will be waiting for his awakening, then telling him おはよう.  She also lets him hug her and in her heart, she feels that Yakumo is a precious person to her.

Sakuya and Yakumo are walking home together that night. At sudden chance, Sakuya tell her feelings to him, that she like him. But he say because Sakuya is a precious person to him, he can’t let her growing her feelings anymore. Maybe this will also be their farewell due to his condition.

It’s near the time for Rei to go (he say maybe he will be reborn again or something like that). Before that, he take time to meet with Sakuya before Hoshi Matsuri and cheered her to go to her beloved person. She do that, but Yakumo is angry because he doesn’t want her to see his weak side. Sakuya keeps convincing him that it is her will to be by his side and she won’t be happy if it’s not because she likes him. That makes Yakumo surrender to her love and say he wants his precious person to say ‘Good morning’ when he awake. It’s a confession and he kisses her.

After the confession, the next day become their date at school. When they reach the field, Yakumo explain his first meeting with Yuzuru at his first year in snowy day. Yuzuru said something like “If I save you, will my sin vanish?” that makes Yakumo a bit afraid of him. The finale is when Yakumo say he might won’t be able to graduate, Sakuya make it like a graduation ceremony.

Because it’s a festival, that night at Mikagurayama, is filled with lights on. Mikoto say it’s her last time to be a God. And Yakumo knows Yuzuru has help with the graduation ceremony even if he lies. After the preparation have done, Yakumo need to sleep on Sakuya’s shoulder. He wish the best but if something happen, he want Sakuya to forget about him. But she won’t do that and he is thankful to her. And then, Yakumo fell asleep.

It has been a year since then but Sakuya keeps coming to Yakumo’s house. Because she always believe, his parents will also wait for Yakumo’s awakeness. And then time flows by until 3 years  from that time. Sakuya is working at flower shop now. Her shop owner also can see her sadness since 3 years ago. Suddenly, Yuzuru comes without notice and without changes on his face (yeah, of course, he isn’t human). After talking a bit with Yuzuru then come to Yakumo’s house, his father say it will be fine if Sakuya find a good person. But she’s still waiting for him even after 5 years.

7 years later, there’s someone who confessed his feelings to Sakuya. Her mother also want Sakuya to be with that guy considering Yakumo might not be able to wake up anymore. Sakuya is angry to it and going outside. Her father comforts her to listen to her mother’s kindness and give her courage to stand still. Yuzuru then offering his help to erase her memories about Yakumo if it’s too painful for Sakuya. But she choose to stay with Yakumo.

Finally, it’s been 10 years (God, why is it that long? I can’t wait anymore! I’ll change my heart to Yuzuru before Yakumo awakes!). Sakuya is sleeping beside Yakumo until morning comes and he has stay awake beside her. He is thankful that Sakuya always waiting for him and will live with her forever from now on. They have a baby after that, while their baby always crying if Yakumo hug her. But this time is different, she is smiling. Sakuya say she’s the cutest baby in Japan but Yakumo wants it to be in the world. And maybe, if this baby will grow and find her love one day, they will talk about the long time love her parents have had.


Maybe the long post will just be about this first playthrough because I wrote every scenes it have (Really, first, I want to just write something important, but this become too long). The story with Yakumo is fun, but too bad it’s ruined in the end. Why is it must be that long to wait for his consciousness? 10 years.. I wish Sakuya would choose Yuzuru, who’s always worried about her. Yakumo’s personality makes so much fun in the story. I don’t really like his chara design but with his personality, I don’t think I can’t stand to like him more. I hope this kind of change will also be in every character’s story (example: Rei, I don’t really like his voice. And I hope his voice will be a lot better in his own route).


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  1. ah, thank you very much for writing a detailed review. It was so interesting to know and understand! *_* We looked through the beginning of the game but our Japanese didn’t give us an opportunity to understand the whole thing =_= So, after reading your review, we comprehended a lot! *_*
    By the way, we really like Narumi, are you planning to play his route too? *___*
    And the artist seems to be the same as in Beast Master and Prince, but we are not sure about it ^^’ Anyways, the arts are rarely beautiful!

    • The artist is Nagaoka, same as Clock Zero and SYK. Actually, most of the kanji are old enough and.. the text! I see it as worm, not as text. It’s wavy and hard to read. And too bad the important ancient history were told by just texts..! I want it to be spoken too. Of course I’ll play Narumi after Rei and Yuzuru. I will complete this game. I think it’s good and fun.

  2. Thank you for a detailed summary, I agree I don’t really like the ed because she wait too long but well at least its happy ed lol

    • Yeah, at least it is. And it’s good it doesn’t have any bad ed. I don’t have to play twice, or seeing it’s like that, maybe the bad ed is Yakumo won’t wake up even until 10 years passed! Oh no, I wouldn’t want that.

  3. Yakumooo!! D: I just knew it it’ll be sad. And, dorky older brother character of course will be this sad.

    Damn. True love. I really respect Sakuya for waiting for all these years.That’s admirable.
    and,.. the last CG zomg so cutee it brought tears ;A;

    • Yes, yes! It’s teary..! I can’t keep saying to Sakuya when she’s waiting for Yakumo, “Please, don’t surrender! But maybe, it will be good too if you forget about him and be with someone else. It’s too painful to look at Sakuya like that” So much drama here… Their baby is so cute!! *oh right, the cat ears!!*

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