Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Portable

I want to write about the new ending CZ Portable had. It just have 1 new CG from Nagaoka, but so lovely.

END NO.28 This Ugly and Stupid World (Rain End)

The bonus story for Rain begins when he lives with his little sister, Rachel. Rachel is crying because she saw a cat was bullied and died. She begins to doubting God for not doing anything to the cat. But Rain told her that there’re too many people in the world so it must be a tough work for God to make their wish come true one by one. Rachel is calm now after hearing that, but then she ask Rain to give his time and have fun together. Rain agreed. For Rachel, Rain is her God because he always makes her wish comes true.

Then, it’s his choice to hit his car to Nadeshiko with intention to kill her, but instead, she’s sleeping for long. There’s some of his memories about when he helps Nadeshiko going to sleep in dream world. He say, people tends to say ‘sheep’ and ‘sleep’ are similar, so it’s often used to make someone’s sleep well (is it about counting sheep?).

After Nadeshiko has awaken from her long 10 years sleep, he often makes conversations with Nadeshiko while she isn’t with Takato. One day, Takato want to prepare a surprise birthday party for Nadeshiko, but Rain, without noticing Takato’s motive, is telling it to Nadeshiko. It’s all perfect even if Nadeshiko already knows it. But when the day comes, Rain prefers to leave them alone.

Nadeshiko followed him in the garden room. He say, it’s his precious person’s death anniversary. Actually Rain forgot about it because he’s too deep into his research. Nadeshiko makes him calm.

The Clock Zero building is now full of fire. When Rain is already giving up on his life, Nadeshiko comes to him again, saving his soul. She say she will save him, even if she hates him for bringing her and Takato’s sadness. Takato too, ordering him to save his life. If not, he won’t forgive Rain for abandoning his life. So, Rain surrendered to their kindness.

Some believe in God but others do not.

God helps them who helps themselves.

Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.

Vengeance belongs only to God.

After a storm comes a calm.

Blessed are the dead that the rain rains on.

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.

It’s similar to Takato’s broken world’s ending. Takato is now living like a normal people, not as King. He has work to do and leaves Nadeshiko with Rain. After he have gone, Rain confessed his feelings, that he already look at Nadeshiko as someone’s precious to him, making her surprise about that.


Nadeshiko and Riichirou came to their elementary school at school’s holiday, after they’ve become adult. They met with Madoka and Nakaba inside, saying it have been 3-4 years after their last meeting (Nakaba’s new clothes makes him looks hotter!). Actually, it’s their reunion day or so. Nakaba also mentioned that Nadeshiko had become beautiful now. But for Nadeshiko, Madoka hasn’t change, that makes him a little down and say it maybe is true. For Nakaba, Riichirou also has become taller, but it makes him mad because they’re still calling him as ‘Rittan’ (Nakaba and Madoka agree it’s cute). Finally, they’ve agree to see the classes in school.

Look on how cool Nakaba have become now! Why can’t he have his own route?

In one of the class, there’s Takato inside (wearing his black coat! Whoah! Cool!!!). Riichirou asks why he wears suit and he say it’s because he have job earlier. Similar to Riichirou, Takato use Madoka as his first reunion word, saying he already bigger now (It is! Why they’re saying that looking it’s already their adulthood?). Then the boys are asking each other to mail them if they want to have a drink party again (And yeah, they’ve adult now. So drinking is usual, right?). After walking through classroom, they’re come to special class room and making nostalgic conversation of their special assignments.

And then now is the place they kept their time capsule’s letter. They must wait for the two people, who (usually) haven’t come yet. Madoka, Nakaba, and Riichirou are tired waiting but Takato tells them to wait a bit more and believe in Tora and Shuuya.

Suddenly, there’s a sound of vehicle coming inside the school ground. It’s true are Toranosuke and Shuuya. Tora is angry at Shuuya because he drove the car dangerously (They’ve become good friends now?). And now, Shuuya is a model of (fashion) show (walking on runaway or something like that). Nakaba ask what Tora is doing now when he doesn’t go to university, maybe, a neet? Well, he work as a common people and makes all CZ members surprise of it. Speaking of work, Madoka is a jewelery designer now. Nakaba, as usual is a chef. Takato still doing his research and help his parents. Riichirou is a 4th year university student.

After the present story, now is the time to dig their time capsule. Takato isn’t surprise that his watch already stop now, Riichirou finds his chasen, Nakaba has excited of his DVD anime collection-Madoka say it’s already Blu ray era, Madoka has his first made strap, Shuuya finds his CD that reminds him of his mother, and Tora doesn’t know what he put in because he’s lazy to do it). The last is about Nadeshiko. She put in the ribbon her mother gave her as a birthday present. There’s also test result without name and Tora can predict it’s by Shuuya.

The last thing is their letter to the future. Nakaba’s letter has his own wish, that 10 years later he can still be a cheerful person (Madoka read it and make him blushing). When Nadeshiko read her own letter, she cried because it kept her precious memories and feelings from her childhood. Everyone agreed about that. Nadeshiko mentioned about Kaga-sensei, and it’s truly a mystery about him now, because they couldn’t remember his face.

Nadeshiko make an idea to put time capsule again to their 10 years later. It must be when they turn 30. It’s an interesting idea so everyone agree to make it. Nadeshiko wish that her life 10 years later will be precious as now.

The letter to 10 years more (when she is still in elementary school?) Nadeshiko is when she ask if she is healthy and fine in the future. She wish to be an adult more, because now, she’s still like a kid. If she become an adult, she can keep her precious and important thing. Plus, if she forget about precious things 10 years later, she wish to remember it.

Nadeshiko wants to always remember her time with CZ members, because it’s a precious time for her, like her sensei has told about. The end of it is closed by Kaisa no Rasen song. So touching!

I’m sad to look at this:

Becoming like this:

Where is Kaga Akira’s head? Where?

I won’t write much about CZ ‘cause I mostly skip it to end it faster. I’m just look at Kaidou Takato’s story from broken world and all of his endings. As usual, his love is the deepest for Nadeshiko. Waiting 10 years to meet her again, doesn’t know if it’ll work or not, but he still researching. I think, he’s the kind of pure and really faithful man! And, and, Namikawa Daisuke’s voice when Takato is saying his sadness, is really fit perfectly! He can become desperate from his longing to meet Nadeshiko. I can’t say anymore about his love, because it truly is eternal.

I want to summarize his dream world ending. He lets Nadeshiko comes to her wishful world, where she’s still 12 years old with her friends even though he wants her himself. The fact that he let her go is somewhat SAD, HEARTBROKEN. But it’s for his beloved person’s happiness. Because Yuushinkai will always search for him, and he just have a little chance to not die, he doesn’t want to bring Nadeshiko into danger.

Finally, Nadeshiko is glad to meet Takato again in dream world, but she can’t remember anything about the real Takato. And then, their new story begin as Takato become a teacher like Kaga-sensei. They can’t remember who is the teacher that gathered them all in the past. But now, Nadeshiko lives happily with him. Erm, not yet. Because there’s an added scene when Nadeshiko in broken world is awake. I don’t know if it’s just an added scene or is it because finally it’s save out there and she is awaken again from her sleep.

That’s all for CZ Portable. Still the best otome game for me so far with heavy story for each chara and their past (but especially is Takato of course). The good musics, songs, arts, environment. The troublesome matter is how to fully completing the CGs and endings. Because I have many works to do (Look, I must graduate! And KamiKimi and Okashima na Shima no Peter Pan are still waiting), I can’t fully complete the after school CG. So that and bonus for full completion are made from PS2 version. It’s the same, I know. Because it just have 2 more places to the CGs and it must be the 2 full complete CGs which are the same in the past. Please understand this matter. You’ll see the differences from PSP and PS2 size because of it.

Walkthrough for CZ Portable:




Link for CG (As I mentioned earlier, this hasn’t fully complete. I put the PS2 CG in it):


  1. Thanks for the post :3
    yea its a pity when CGs get cut off in the psp version
    they should just make them all scrollable so you can see the original full CG even if you play the PSP version :/

  2. wow! Thank you very much for the review and for the CG pack! We like the game a lot, though we haven’t got an opportunity to play it properly ^^” but we will play it from the beginning till the end for sure! *_*

  3. Thanks for the post! I’ll be buying this game with my Christmas money, and I can’t wait!

    About the CGs, since this is Otomate there should be a way to view the full size in the gallery. Try pressing the square button before clicking on a CG in the gallery (that’s what it was in Arcobaleno). And you might be able to change the size in the settings. Otomate usually puts things like that in their ports, so that you can see the full size.

    • I hope you’ll like it as me..

      I’m already tired to try the CG scrolling because of my PSP system, my save data will get corrupted after deleting and copying it again. So, I can’t have the previous save anymore and need to re-do playing again. But so far, I think I’ve tried push different buttons at CG screen but can’t do the scrolling except the puzzle bonus CG.

  4. Actually, it is possible to see the whole CG. You have to go to the options and change from 16:9 (something like that) to 4:3. I don’t remember the exact number. Also, by pressing X and L allows you to change it without going to the options menu.

  5. Is there any chance of this game being translated into English or having an English patch? I really need to learn Japanese…. Most of the really good otome games haven’t been translated… >.<

    • Oh, I can’t predict if it’ll be translated to English. But let’s just hope more otoge will going international one day, though it’s only a little. By the way. rather than CZ, I think Amnesia will have bigger chance…

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