Video for Noise -Voice of Snow- (Seravis)

Recently, I’ve been thinking to make a video for game I have played. For the first try, I have Noise -Voice of Snow- as an example. But I think it came out not too good since it’s my first time ever making a video (fanmade).


I used Seravis’ song, lullaby, as the theme. His seiyuu is Makino Hideki, the only seiyuu singing in this game. Song was used in his light route bad ending, at end no. 12. Feel free to add comment if it get too bad or where the good thing is so I can improve (if I will ever make one again).


~ by twentyninenights on October 28, 2011.

6 Responses to “Video for Noise -Voice of Snow- (Seravis)”

  1. Wow! Congratulations with the first video! It turned out to be very good! We respect people who make videos for otome-games, since we know how difficult it is to do ourselves. Nice job, dear! We hope to see another work of yours soon*_*

  2. This is really pretty! ^^
    I love the song, it’s a Lullaby right? D: I kinda cried a bit because it somehow reminded me of my time when I was a latter D:

    Good job! 😀

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