Fighting With Hotokenser!

Decided to play Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser because everyone said it just need a little time to finish. I really missed that kind of games after playing StS, Amnesia, and Noise. But I ended it with longer time because at that time, my mind was interested in other things (and also my thesis).

The heroine, Ootori Kureha, is a new student of Mihotoke Gakuen. She ride on train to her school. Kureha’s dream is to find her own nice life in the new place. She just live with her mother now and changing school to where her uncle (her father’s friend, Hiiragi Genpaku) is the principal in there. She saw someone in the train with blue hair and glasses then thought he’s cool. Kureha always staring at him, then making her own imagination (which is when the guy tells his feeling to her). But unfortunately, this guy is laughing at her.

After they’ve arrived in front of the train station, someone crash on her (the boy who look weak, Shinjou Sena). Not taking a long time for the trouble, another guy (with brown hair color) almost crash with Sena from his bicycle, but he is avoiding and fall on himself. For what this brown hair guy did, the glasses guy (who the brown hair called him Ryuuichi) used to get angry with him. Apparently, Ryuuichi is a president of student council, so it’s his job to keep up the rule without any violation.

This brown hair (Rikuto) also called Ryuuichi as 神経質メガネ. Then, someone also coming to them with riding his scooter, to greet the two fighting guy. They called him as Mitsuki. They also called him ‘Roku’, and from here, I can tell Rikuto also called ‘Kon-chan’, and Ryuuichi is called ‘Ri-chan’ by Mitsuki. Guess what? Mitsuki can make them calm with saying he will give them another nickname. For Ryuuichi, it’ll be ‘Glasses Gentleman’ and for Rikuto, it’ll be ‘Strong Boy’. Then after they have finish fighting, the three of them are going to school.

Many girls are talking about the three most popular guys in school (the guy from before). Then, someone called Kurosaki Eru, is telling them that they have bothered his way. He smirk at Kureha after that.

She must go meet the school Principal, Hiiragi, first before class. Hiiragi told her about the school’s story, which doesn’t seem like it looks like. The evil spirit from another world often appeared and that’s why, the school made group to eliminate them all. One of the chosen person to protect the school is Kureha. She must have saw a dream that connected to it because it’s a life chosen from the beginning. And her role must be the leader of Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser, Hotoken Red!-saying it with full force.

Principal Hiiragi Genpaku, who is also Kureha father’s friend

According to the Principal Hiiragi, she must going to her friend’s gathering room, student council room. It’s really full of trash when she opened it. The one who come first is Sumeragi Rikuto, Hotoken Yellow, as well as the secretary. He must get close to her to be able to see her (he has bad eyesight). While thinking what job Kureha can do, he make decision to added her to miscellaneous job. But Rikuto leave afterward and get change to Doujima Mitsuki (vice president of student council), Hotoken Green. Mitsuki wish her to call him Roxane=Rokusanu=Roku. Mitsuki also told another Hotoken Blue, Kondou Ryuuichi. Kureha reminded him as Elegant Glasses.

The thing that makes Kureha wondering is because Blue always cold to her. Mitsuki told that Ryuuichi was a Red until she come, because they must have a leader no matter what. Nah, don’t mind it first because the trouble now is Mitsuki called her Piyo-chan because she’s still haven’t become red (mean, she’s still inexperience?)…

Because everyone left her alone and she didn’t have work to do, Kureha decided to clean the room to get attention from Ryuuichi. But she just hurted herself like that. At the same time, she finally found a secret for all boys, porn magz!!

After finishing the cleaning, evil spirits appear in front of her. Fortunately, Ryuuichi saves her, calling their enemies as Akuno te Zaaki (I don’t know anymore). Ahaha, okay, because Red can’t transform now, Ryuuichi will take the lead, transforming with kissing his ring (when he transforms, an announcer-like in news-make speak about Blue). Blue can finish the lowly enemies but here’s come the boss. This is suck. The enemy boss, Soukyakurou, want her trash (for what?). Kureha doesn’t let it get eaten by the enemy but Blue tell her to. While the enemy is eating it (of course Blue is pitying the student council secret thing-the porn magazine too), Blue use his Dragon Whip and beat that thing. And it’s already his behavior to create haiku after his performance. He also introducing himself as Mihotoke Gakuen student council president, Kondou Ryuuichi.

This Ryuuichi will always teasing her because she can’t transform as Red. It’ll be better for her to go back to her old school. It remarks her end of day in the first day of new school-hated by student council president. Now, get on the characters!


Doujima Mitsuki-Hotoken Green (Kimura Ryouhei)

A cheerful guy with long hair on part of his back (uh, a bit weird?), a vice president of student council. He can be the mediator between Ryuuichi and Rikuto’s fight. Often seen with his scooter. I play his route first because I don’t really like his hair, despite I know his story reveals secret. But as long as that secret isn’t a hard one like Shinigami to Shoujo, CZ, or Noise, I don’t really care (after all, in the past, I always plays the main hero route first-ex: Hiiro no Kakera).

Oh well, the reason Kureha can’t transform is because she doesn’t have the ring. So the next day, Principal Hiiragi gave her a ruby ring to transform to ‘Hotokeman’ (Kureha always call it wrong and everyone tell her to do the right thing).

After the class, Kureha comes to the student council room again. Mitsuki is there and he knows her hardness. He also was saved by Ri-chan and Kon-chan before he became Hotoken Green. Because the other Hotoken didn’t come, Mitsuki asked her to leave with him. He brought her to the park, telling Kureha to smile. He also helped her to stand it (the bullies from Ryuuichi, the new environment, etc.) all and make new friends. From here also, we can know Mitsuki loves sweets.

After resting a bit at the park, Mitsuki brings her to ride on his scooter (that he always ordering Kureha to hug him while riding) to his usual sweets shop. He can tell what’s on Kureha’s mind, which is why she is chosen as Red. At that time, Kureha also told about her families, which just consists her and her mom after her father died. Oh well, he like Kureha for her cuteness.

The next day, while talking to Sena in her classroom, Kureha also saw the black haired guy, again, smirking at her for unknown purpose. After the class is over, Mitsuki called her to meet. Of course she is hated by another girls for her closeness with Mitsuki. Because of that, she brings Mitsuki to talk on the rooftop. Because Kureha also talk about Mitsuki’s love life, he ask her what does she think of him, if he has someone he like or not. She can’t tell it straightly, and Mitsuki teases her like asking her shampoo, etc.

Because of his teasing, Kureha ask if he like to tease her, and he answer it’s because he want to show his love. After Kureha felt bored with the teasing and saying she will go back, Mitsuki gave his own main objective to talk to Kureha. It is to give her the eraser (Gomukeshi-kun) from Principal Hiiragi, the one which talk in Kansai-ben (I feel like seeing Nigou in Hotokenser). Its purpose is similar to a Hotokenser manual, sadly it speaks rudely and bossy. Thinking about Kureha’s class, Mitsuki say there’s maybe something suspicious in her class so President make her go in that class. But he stop right there and leaving Kureha with Gomukeshi-kun (Mitsuki also say it is a bit loud). After hearing that, Kureha remember the black haired guy, Kurosaki Eru.

Gomukeshi-kun or Keshigomu?

After she help Sena from the bullies on him, she sees Kurosaki again. Then, the time after class, Kureha goes to student council room but find nothing except her oji-san, the principal. He comes just to give his cheering advice to Kureha. And because she have nothing to do, she ask the eraser where the other member usually are. So she decided to meet Mitsuki at the rooftop.

He is staring at the sky, asking if what kind of feeling the birds have when they can freely fly. Mitsuki then pulling her hands to sit down near him and watching the sunset. He also gives his cookies to Kureha. But their time must interrupted by Akuno te Zaaki’s appearance. Mitsuki transforms into Hotoken Green, which Kureha finds it cool. This is also the first time Kureha became Hotoken Red. Green finish them with ‘Clean Power Dagger’ because Kureha is useless when it comes to attack.

But suddenly, the Akuno te Zaaki are running away because something powerful comes, the Black=Demon! And too bad, they have no chance to defeat Black now after Green’s neck was strangled by Demon. At the critical time, Blue and Yellow also appear. Yeah, but, they are fighting mouth again to be the one defeating that Demon. Because his time got interrupted (without knowing what Blue and Yellow are doing about), this Demon decides to leave after saying his name to Kureha, to call him Karura. The day was end with the fight between Ryuuichi and Rikuto again.

That day, the student council are having sweet party (of course it’s Mitsuki’s idea) and going to the a mansion. But that’s just Ryuuichi’s house, oh well. Arrived at Ryuuichi’s room, he and Rikuto are having a fight again because Rikuto bought potato chips rather than sweet things. So, he made his butler prepare a chocolate tower for them. But Rikuto doesn’t use it for banana, or strawberry, or what. He douse his potato chips to the chocolate.

There’s some chocolate on Kureha’s cheek. Mitsuki knows it and licks that (ドキドキ!). Kureha is very surprise and think it’s similar to a kiss! But this day ends up with a fight again.

Sena inform Kureha that his bag is missing (Him again?). So, because the last time it was the delinquents fault, Kureha went straight to them, but they just laughing at her. Fortunately, Kurosaki saved her, also gave knowledge on Sena’s bag whereabout. Sena cries when he find out his bag is terribly damaged. Looking at him, Kureha can’t do anything despite waiting for him to finishing his crying time.

After Sena have finish crying, he ask if Kureha have any special power because she is cool. Kureha doesn’t speak about her new power to him, just saying she doesn’t have any. Then, Mitsuki comes, asking what are they doing in the middle of night. He seems suspicious of Sena, but let him go home first. After Sena goes, there’s sound coming to Mitsuki and Kureha. The thing that came to them is similar to bulldozer, very big, just call it Omoikondara- (I can’t determine the exact name). Mitsuki and Kureha transform to fight it. Too bad Mitsuki as Green can’t handle it alone and want Yellow’s help. Gomukeshi-kun wanted to call Yellow, but he is in the middle of fight with Ryuuichi!

Want it or not, Kureha must learn to use her ultimate power with Gomukeshi-kun (That take a long time because the eraser have forgot about it). And finally they have come to conclusion, that Red’s power is ‘Red Hurricane’! With it, Red can defeat Omoikondara- and he apologize for his behavior, then go. Everything end perfectly.

Meanwhile in other place, Kurosaki Eru is talking with someone, that I think is more superior than him. The suspicious person told Kurosaki about it’s almost time to call the one they have been waiting for. It’s fine if Kurosaki won’t help him, as long as he doesn’t get in the way, if not, he will see Kurosaki as a traitor.

I wish Kurosaki have his own route…

The test result for exam have been out and Ryuuichi got the first place. He told Kureha to ask the club maniac to study well (I mean Rikuto). Kureha ask him why don’t Ryuuichi choose Mitsuki to help. Sadly, Ryuuichi tells her that Mitsuki’s way of studying can’t be followed even by him, and then he told her to see it herself.

So Kureha went to meet Mitsuki at the rooftop and they were talking about bird and flying, etc. There, Kureha feels her feelings for the first time to Mitsuki, that her heart beats fast when she is with him. And at that time, she ask why Mitsuki doesn’t want to study despite he can. Mitsuki is asking her back, why she want to know something unrelated to Hotokenser, is it because of curiosity? He is disappointed that Kureha is the same as everyone, want to ask something he doesn’t want to tell. He then leave her first, making Kureha think he hate her.

In her room, Mitsuki is seriously thinking of why boys are hard to understand, not just about Mitsuki, but also Sena. Gomukeshi-kun cheered her up, telling her if she want to be close to someone, she must prepare to cry. It’s a common thing to collect memories of that person one by one. After talking with Gomukeshi-kun, she is a bit relieved. But the next day, Mitsuki doesn’t even want to talk with her and Rikuto and Ryuuichi are knowing it (of course it’ll be a big trouble for making Mitsuki hate her, that one who always smiling). Kureha make a plan with the two of them, that finally arrive at the idea of giving sweets to Mitsuki.

Kureha really brings Mitsuki to her house for the cake she told Mitsuki earlier (the funny thing is, after hearing ‘cake’, Mitsuki straightly giving his helmet to Kureha so that they can ride on his scooter to Kureha’s house).

Because it seems Kureha is hiding something in her room, Mitsuki odering her to tell with his tickling power! That sudden action makes Kureha falls to the flower, with Mitsuki on top of her (It must be a ドキドキ moment, but I want to laugh because they called their names with Piyo and Roku..). But the sudden coming of Kureha’s mother makes them stop right there (and she is really happy to see Kureha bring her boyfriend). This mother tells Kureha’s childhood story when she always pretend to be a hero and tearing her pants because of it. Unexpectedly, Mitsuki really likes it and wants to hear it more, that it’s really embarrassing for Kureha.

The next day, she come to school late because she is thinking too much about her embarrassing moment yesterday. After the first course have finish, Sena ask Kureha to go studying with him because Kureha is bad at it. She promised to study together in his house.

When Kureha and the other Hotokenser member are gathering in the student council room, Mitsuki explains what happen in her house and makes them all laughing at her. So, Rikuto says he wants to meet her interesting mother and go to her house. Too bad she already have plan with Sena. When Mitsuki and Ryuuichi knowing this, it seems they’re become suspicious about that guy. Especially since Ryuuichi have heard strange rumour about him, that always being bullied. Kureha protect Sena’s good name in front of other because for Kureha, they don’t know the real Sena. Hearing that, Mitsuki surrender and going alone.

Kureha follows him on the rooftop. There, he told his past, that he’s a student in elite school before. When he tried to defend one of his friend because that person couldn’t get well at study, Mitsuki got bullied too by the others (Whoah, I feel the same in the past. I’ve experienced it before, wanted to protect my friend and got bullied too because of it. Twice! The bully weren’t bad though, at least for me). He began questioning for what purpose he had to study and make him hate to do it now. With it, Mitsuki feels strange of why the others are bullying Sena. What wrong have he done for it? To all of that suspicious matter, he think maybe Sena do it to make up well with Kureha. This makes Kureha angry again, that Misuki doesn’t know anything about Sena. Actually, he did it because he was worried about her. Then Mitsuki leave Kureha alone, still thinking that she can’t understand Mitsuki.

Arriving at the mansion where Sena lives, he makes tea for her. At first, Kureha doesn’t want to drink that quickly, but Sena changes his tone, ordering her to drink it because he likes to hear the sexy sound of drinking? He also say something about blood and then making it as a joke. After Kureha drink the tea, she fell dizzy, hearing Sena laughing, then fainted.

Kureha awakes at the dark, mysterious-cave like place under the school, also being chained so she can’t leave. Not too long after she awake, Sena come near her. He knows about Hotoken Red then telling he will make her body to be one with the strongest Maou, Amon. Sena himself is a top executive at Akuno te Zaaki, called ‘Bishop Sena’. He will use Kureha to take out his plan, making the world kneel for him. After Sena have leave to prepare, Gomukeshi-kun offer to call the other Hotokenser.

Because Kureha haven’t come home yet, her mother call Mitsuki through phone. Too bad she isn’t with him. The one thing he remembered is Kureha wanted to study with Shinjou Sena. Realizing the bad feeling of it, he search Kureha around school. In front of the building, Ryuuichi called Mitsuki because there’s information about suspicious act in Mihotoke Gakuen. Mitsuki also told about Kureha’s missing. After the phone ended, he searched in school and found Gomukeshi-kun, using its last strength (I mean, battery) to give information about Kureha.

Whoah! Who are you? Sena?

It is in the cave again. While Sena scared Kureha (about what kind of knife she like), Kurosaki Eru comes to interfere with him, also knows that Gomukeshi-kun have open the door (but he doesn’t do anything). This Kurosaki=Karura comes because he wants to do his own thing he want, not taking orders by Akuno te Zaaki anymore. The second reason is he want to warn Sena, because he can’t keep up Amon’s power. After the conversation, he leaves, betraying Sena. But before Sena can use his knife to Kureha, in the shadow, Kurosaki saves her. He just help to make time until Mitsuki come. And when Mitsuki have come there, Kurosaki leave the stage. And Mitsuki changes to Hotoken Green, but knowing it, Sena running away.

In front of the school, all Hotokenser have gathered there to search Sena’s whereabouts. But too bad, Amon have finally awaken, using Sena’s body. The Hotokenser are fighting bravely but Amon is too powerful. Amon defeating Ryuuichi and Rikuto first. So, Green, using his scooter, brings Kureha to the rooftop (through what? Stairs?). Using Kureha’s power (Red Hurricane) and Mitsuki’s scooter, finally they can defeat Amon.


Mitsuki brings Kureha with his scooter to a field for riding air balloon. They rode it to the blue sky. Mitsuki say that he finally achieve his dream to fly freely to the sky. Looking at the small city from above, he think he can see that it’s like a matchbox, filled with many people’s life. He couldn’t realize it better than there.

Before Kureha can tell her feeling, Mitsuki stopping her, saying he is a man and must say that first. Firstly, he say he knows that he undertand the two things similar from them. It is their feelings, as a close friend. Then, he ask why his heart is beating fast now. The reason is because he already fall in love to Kureha. And for the finale, he asks Kureha to close her eyes then kisses her. Look at the ending song and you’ll get their CG for new year. As usual, the heroine must get ‘really bad luck’ omikuji at the shrine and Mitsuki help her to put it on tree.


After defeating Amon, Kureha hears Mitsuki’s voice saying goodbye to her. But she wakes up with him in front of her eyes, telling that he is here. While hugging Kureha, he told all about the event. Amon has been defeated and Sena is fine now. And Mitsuki is holding her, and now think Kureha have become their leader. Ryuuichi and Rikuto are fine too. But because she is scared, Kureha cries on Mitsuki.

When sun is rising, he carry her like a princess, saying it’s fine because he want to feel the weight of love.  Mitsuki say he likes Kureha and so on her. They’re kissing and after that, Mitsuki says it is sweet. Also, he is thankful that Kureha also has the same feelings to him. After that, one more time for the sweetness of a kiss.


It has been a week after defeating Amon. Mitsuki comes to Kureha’s house just for eating sweets with her. He brings it because he wants to make her happy. For Kureha, she haven’t done anything to be praised, but Mitsuki stop her to say it. And then, Kureha’s mother comes in to give tea for them. Looking at her daughter almost, crying, she warn Mitsuki. But then, this straight mother said to Mitsuki that they must prepare many thing s first before he can marrying Kureha. It makes the two embarrasses.

Mitsuki continuing his talking after Kureha’s mother have left. He say he like Mitsuki quickly, so she ask him to say it again. But he run away with eating the sweets. Suddenly, he saw some cream on Kureha’s face, pretending to take it, but kissed her instead. And then he pretend to end it with wanting Kureha’s sweets. Kureha is a bit disappointed because he have ruin the romantic moment. And right after that. Mitsuki kiss her again.


Sumeragi Rikuto-Hotoken Yellow (Takagi Shun)

Is it hurting your eyes (the text and CG)? ’cause I am

A stupid and comical character in Hotokenser. He always arguing things (even little problem) with Ryuuichi. Rikuto is in swimming club.

The Principal ask if Kureha have make friends, but he also knows Kureha haven’t feel comfortable in the school yet. He looks worried more because Kureha also his friend’s daughter. So, he gives her the ring to become Hotoken Red, as well as the eraser.

In her class, Kureha’s friend thinking the problem she had from the student council is similar to being a Cinderella. Kureha’s imagination begins when Ryuuichi tells her she can’t do anything and not appropriate to go to the party. Along with Rikuto, they’re having a fight on who will be the chosen one from the Prince. Then the witch Mitsuki comes to help her, but to think it’ll be troublesome with Ryuuichi and Rikuto, he prefer to go back without any help. The end of her story.

When Kureha came to the student council room, it’s just Mitsuki there. He doesn’t want to help cleaning, so Kureha make him lose the game. But Mitsuki prefer to call the other two. He said if Rikuto wasn’t there, so was Ryuuichi. They are childhood friend but the relationship is bad. He ask Kureha to do it because she will be their leader (and must bring Rikuto first).

Kureha goes alone to the swimming club. She ask one of the member to call Rikuto. But he is in the bathroom and tell he doesn’t want to meet a fan. Too bad while saying it, his sound can be heard too. But he comes out quickly to see (see closely) who is it. Rikuto can’t tell who is the person in front of him even if he already gets too close (his eyes really bad! Also, his memories). So, Kureha say she is the miscellaneous worker in student council and so with it, Rikuto remember it.

They’re talking at the back of school but Rikuto still didn’t want to come. He feels weird if he must come to let Ryuuichi come too. When he heard Kureha call Mitsuki as Roxane, he laugh as much as he can because it’s the feelings of female’s name. After laughing really bad, he say he doesn’t want to come first because it seem like he is losing to Ryuuichi. More over, the competition for swimming club is almost near. He want Kureha to make the report to help him. The thing makes Kureha remember the stepsister again. It’s true, Rikuto, as stepsister, always ordering her to do things. Okay, Kureha must write that biology report.

Rikuto laughed really hard when he heard that nickname of Mitsuki

At night, she dreams of when Rikuto realize her work and promise to come to student council room. But Ryuuichi also realize it and they will make a pact as best friend (no, best shounei ai) here. They will be Hotokenser together and Kureha can do anything she want with Mitsuki as long as she doesn’t interfere to their love. She awakes after that with scared, but must continue doing the report.

Forbidden World?

The next day, Kureha give the report to him while he is in club room (actually, he forgot again about Kureha, but as she told him about Miscellanous, he could remember that). But because his towel is stink, he order Kureha to wash it. Want it or not, she wash the towel and murmuring herself about her hatred toward Hotoken Yellow (also, the person can hear it himself).

But after school, Rikuto escort her to return home. After all, it’s already afternoon and the student council room must have closed now. After knowing Kureha is serious, he promise to come to the student council room. And now, he will give her a ride with his bicycle (at first, Kureha refuse it). When she ride on it, she make よいしょ sound, that Rikuto is surprise because he have expected a cuter word from Kureha. But the other girls are seeing them and jealous with Kureha. Knowing it, she prefer to just walk, but Rikuto, without any consideration, saying that it’s alright. He also ask if Kureha want an extreme one than that and then begin cycling really fast that they are almost crash with another car. But from that experience, Kureha hug Rikuto from behind and her heart is beating fast looking at Rikuto (she think he is cute when laughing). She becomes strange and think it’s maybe the towel’s fault.

Kureha studying to transform to Red with Green and Blue at the rooftop (mostly, Blue is the opne teaching her). After she can do it, she call Green=Mitsuki with Roxane and make Ryuuichi also asking who is that Roxane (same as Rikuto, but he won’t laugh like him). Then, finally Rikuto comes and changes to Yellow. He is late because he is hungry? So, they’re having a fight again on who can become the leader if it’s not Ryuuichi. And after completing her anger, Kureha shouted to them to stop it.

Guess what? Actually, every one them have this transceiver, except Red. But Gomukeshi-kun tells her it’s alright because she has him, which is a special privilege. Too bad nobody doesn’t want it. So, Gomukeshi-kun say he can transform too and he try it in front of all Hotokenser. But, it’s just the same, without its pants (no, wrapper). Kureha really angry of it and rolling it with her anger until it’s dent.

And right at the fun moment, Akuno te Zaaki came and make it havoc. Every Hotokenser used their power, Blue use his whip, and Green used his speed. But the one with more strength is none other than Rikuto, Yellow, with his Bomber Road? He can crush them all with his mighty power. After Akuno te o Zaaki had been defeated, the bell for the end of break rang. Ryuuichi and Mitsuki go back to class first. Before Rikuto goes too, Kureha say thanks for coming. He answer it because she is his cute…Miscellanous doer.

And now, the student council room is filled with its member. Kureha can’t believe that, so she pinch Ryuuichi and Rikuto’s cheek to know if it hurts (they were saying that usually, she should do it on her own). Mitsuki also brings them rollcake (he hid it behind his clothes, that Kureha think it’s similar to the Cinderella story-Mitsuki is a witch). At first, Ryuuichi is the one ordering Kureha to make tea, but finally, he is the one making it for all (using apron too!). They’re all looking at Ryuuichi differently now.

Mitsuki ask her what will her class do for the festival. She will make a booth for cotton candy. Mitsuki himself will do theater and be the Prince. Everyone think it’ll be suit him so much. When she and her classmates are working on the design in the classroom, they beg Kureha to take the packing tape from student council. She goes outside to take it but meets with Rikuto in front of the door. Instead of doing her job, Rikuto just taking her to buy things.

When they’re going together, Kureha ask if he is alright with all the rumours going between them. But he just asking it back that Kureha say she doesn’t understand. Rikuto is too and he feels strange because he can’t determine his feelings sometime. They’re agree to not thinking much about it.

This is finally the festival day. After Kureha has stop singing (since her friend, Misaki, told her to attract customer, but nothing came up), Rikuto comes to their booth because he hears it (ふわふわふーattracted him and while singing it again, Rikuto behaves like King of Pop-Michael Jackson?). He ask Kureha to pretend like she is his fan while he do the bodybuilder contest at the swimming pool (the effect in his mind after hearing Kureha singing). That is too embarrassing but Kureha still do it with saying “ナイスカット!ナイスバルク!パンツいいよサイコー!”


After that, Rikuto say thanks for her help. He pats her hair, saying Kureha’s hair is ふわふわふ=fluffy and he really likes it. Then, he leaves Kureha blushing for a while.

It’s time for Mitsuki’s performance on the theatre. But too bad, the cute prince is all about frog (well, he’s cute though while wearing frog hat).

Kureha is eating her bentou at the park, but suddenly, Rikuto steals her tamagoyaki. It’s delicious so he want Kureha to make it for him. But Kureha doesn’t want to do that even if Rikuto pretend to cry (different from any other shoujo manga when the girls happily make it?). End with bentou conversation, he ask Kureha to pretend to be him and saying his absent while the teacher calling him, because he must go home and bring his homework. But because she helps Rikuto, she is the one who is getting mad by her teacher to not come for the absent.

After hearing that, Kureha went to the swimming club to make her revenge. But his friend telling Kureha that he is sleeping in the equipment room for gym, also with his swimpants that looks flirting and hug the mattress! To make his body feels warm, he wants Kureha to sleep with him like in the snowy field situation. He grabs her to go in the mattress, also to hide from people hearing a sound from the equipment room. Rikuto tells her to keep quiet so the rumour won’t start again. But after the problem have gone, Rikuto fell asleep inside the mattress after saying it feels warm (with Kureha). Looking at his face, Kureha can’t bear to waking him, so she fall asleep too with him until night (and when they’re wake up, Rikuto shouting surprisely). And then after Kureha have come back home, she ask her mother to teach her how to make tamagoyaki and bentou for Rikuto. He mom can tell Rikuto is the name of her boyfriend, that Kureha refuse to say.

The next day, Kureha keeps making anger face to Rikuto, but then she gives the bentou, that he think at first it’s a dirty thing similar to his towel. But right after he know it’s a bentou, Rikuto is really happy, eating the bentou really quick. He say yesterday’s tamagoyaki is good, but now is really delicious that makes Kureha happy and gives her bentou too. She promise to make bentou tomorrow also for him.

After school, Rikuto escorting Kureha to home (while saying his bicycle is also a taxi). At first, Kureha wants to go alone because she doesn’t want anyone to spread rumours again. But Rikuto taking her hands before go, saying he doesn’t mind any rumour and will be fine to go home together. Rikuto use this time to ask Kureha to help him studying. He doesn’t get well with Ryuuichi, so it’ll be better to ask Kureha. Well, she agreed to it (unwillingful).

Kureha comes to his room, which is really messed. He makes curry for them to eat together. Kureha can’t determine its taste (bad), but Rikuto is happy with his own curry and say it’s delicious, so Kureha goes along with it. He then says that it’s a long time to make something for other people since he lives alone.

A long time ago, he lived with his mother, but she remarried and Rikuto wouldn’t want to interfere, so he preferred to live alone. That’s why, there’s a time he wish to eat with someone, so now, he’s happy because Kureha want to eat with him. He asked her again if his cooking is delicious, but Kureha gave a straight answer that it wasn’t. So Rikuto revealed his weird behavior that he always tell something bad with good thing. That makes Kureha remember her bentou, thinking the truth is it’s bad, then shocking at it (she can’t even hear Rikuto calls her).

Then, Rikuto ask Kureha to do volunteer work with him on Sunday at nursing home and she agree to it. When Kureha watch him talking freely with the grandmas and grandpas there, she is astonished by it. After she try a bit, Kureha feel it’s a great experience. She ask why Rikuto did it in the first place. It’s because he always alone. Rikuto knows that feeling really well, and the other old person there are lonely too. This makes him wants to do something for them. Kureha thinks it’s a wonderful reason and they’re laugh at it. A few grandmas saw them, saying if Kureha is his girlfriend and congratulating them. Rikuto goes along with it, that makes Kureha embarrassed. Too bad at that time, one of their enemy (Oreorekiotsuke-ro?) comes to mess up with all the old people, so Kureha and Rikuto must transform.

But Kureha as Red can be fooled easily by that Oreore. Fortunately, Rikuto won’t get trap by the same trick. While he is prepare to attack, Red use her own power (because she want to protect Rikuto), Red Hurricane, the ultimate one. It defeating the enemy, but as well as bring panic to the old people around. Kureha and Rikuto apologizing again and again, but they are telling it’s not the two’s fault. Despite that, they are afraid of the thing.

After going back from the volunteer work, Rikuto is angry with her dangerous action, thinking she doesn’t care about the old people there. He say she doesn’t understand about her action, so she must think it first. Kureha doesn’t want RIkuto to be angry to her, so she runs away crying in shock.

The next morning, when Kureha see Rikuto on the way to school, she is avoiding him a bit. But he can realize she’s still thinking about the last event. Rikuto say his thanks for helping him to do volunteer work and also apologize for his rudeness. But Kureha still can’t understand why he is the one apologizing while she is the one who do wrong. Kureha quickly goes to her class without telling him anything. Misaki, her best friend in class, can tell she is having problem. She say the problem maybe is because Kureha doesn’t want her pride to get hurt. And with that, Kureha can realize her own fault. Before class start, Misaki say she can tell that it’s about Sumeragi Rikuto because he always seen without girls.

It’s the time for Kureha to go to student council room. She is relieved Rikuto hasn’t come, while Mitsuki and Ryuuichi think he is busy with the near swimming competition. But right after Rikuto finally comes, Kureha goes to take something missing.

She didn’t come back, so Ryuuichi went to her classroom. Because of it, Kureha must tell everything to Ryuuichi. He say it’s better to make up her mind if she already know it, then ask what is Rikuto to her. In her mind, she think she likes Rikuto, but also confused about it. So Ryuuichi lets her go home and he want her to quickly smiling again.

Kureha went home until it get night. She hurt a bad man with his friend and they want a charge for it. At the right moment before Kureha getting pissed and prepare to transform, Rikuto saves her with… showing his body again like a bodybuilder to them. It scared the bad guys and making them running away in fear of a lot of things. The problem solved without any fight. He asked her to ride his bicycle and then telling Kureha to come to his competition. She wonder if he ask her because she does miscellaneous things for him and just give undecided words. But again, Rikuto ask her to come because he will wait her. The word coming from his mouth makes Kureha’s heart beat faster.

It’s the competition day. But Kureha doesn’t want to go there. She comes to student council room where Ryuuichi ask her to go. But Kureha keeps refusing. There’s no other choice so Ryuuichi tells her the truth. Rikuto is the person who can’t say his feelings well. It’s worsen when he began to live alone. The meaning of Miscellanous for Rikuto is maybe he wants to call her a lover. That hidden truth from Ryuuchi really surprising her. With Mitsuki also cheering her to go, Kureha makes up her mind and run to the pool. To be truth, Ryuuichi tells lie about miscellaneous things. Sometimes, he must using lie to keep up Kureha’s smile, isn’t it? Mitsuki also surprise to hear that.

In the pool, Rikuto seems nervous to his friend while waiting for Kureha. As she comes there, Rikuto becomes cheerful and energetic again thanks to her. She also apologize for many things to him and Rikuto knows that. But the tournament will start and he must get ready to the start line. The announcer tell all of the finalist to get ready, but Misaki, Kureha’s friend, get the mic and say it’s alright for Kureha and Rikuto to have their moments. And more bad signal comes from their enemy. Kureha promised to beat them and telling Rikuto to do his competition first.

Red, Green, and Blue are gathered to fight. Their enemy now is Tobibako-n, who said the same thing as Kureha, Hotokeman. But now as she is inspired already by Red, she also gets angry by it and say the exact name is Hotokenser because Hotokeman is bad. The fight begins but then Red gets captured by the enemy. Tobibako-n gets all of his anger our with saying he is angry because the people in elementary school always playing with him. But after they get in high school, everyone are busy with their love life and all, leaving him behind. He also mention a couple who use the mattress for lovey-dovey action makes him more angry.

It reminds her that it is her and Rikuto. Kureha also angry because Tobibako-n makes her moment with Rikuto disappear with its coming, so she uses her power alone to beat it. Mitsuki and Ryuuichi just can wondering if Tobibako-n is alright, even if it already promise not to interfere again. For the finale, she kicks it, and so, Green say ‘Amen’. And Ryuuichi makes his haiku.


She comes back right at the moment the announcer tells the winner. As promise, Rikuto wins the competiton. They are so slow, so Misaki pushes Kureha to Rikuto’s side, makes her stay in his hug. Kureha say she like Rikuto, and so Rikuto too, saying it from his heart. He kisses her, then saying he won’t let her go. The event was seen by all of the people in the pool. It’s embarrassing, but Kureha is fine with it. They’re holding hands afterward.

Looking at the two new couple, Mitsuki realize Ryuuichi has change because he can smile at other’s happiness. But he still won’t admit Red as the leader, now and forever. Mitsuki think Kureha is so pitiful to be look at that (enemy?) by Ryuuchi. Then, the photoshoot for the winner consist of Kureha (holding the certificate of winning, Rikuto hug her, Misaki cries for the two’s happiness, Mitsuki, and Ryuuichi on both side. The ending song’s picture now is about Kureha and Rikuto are playing at the snow field. At the end of their playtime, Rikuto warming Kureha’s hands with blowing it.


Rikuto won the competition. After school, he ask Kureha to go with him to the special place for him. At last, it’s the nursing home again. Rikuto want her to take something from him. All the old people there thought he would propose to Kureha and give her a ring (some of them say they always think Rikuto is that kind of quick guy), but he refused, saying it’s way long after it. It turns out he wants Kureha to take the certificate from swimming competition. But Kureha think it’s for Rikuto himself.

Oh well, he can tell it won’t work. Actually, he already wrote another certificate, which is his feelings. Firstly, he say thanks for doing miscellaneous things for him. Without her, he can’t live. So, from now on, Rikuto want Kureha to always be by his side, even if he make any trouble. He will also protect her. And that’s what he made. The other grandmas are asking Kureha if she alright to be his miscellaneous doer. Kureha accept it, because she is his special miscellaneous worker. And so, following the flow, the grandmas asking them to kiss. To do it, Kureha kiss his cheek and Rikuto is blushing, screaming, like a little child.


After Rikuto won the competition, he made curry party in his house. While cooking, he keeps fighting mouth with Ryuuichi. Mitsuki and Kureha can’t wait to try it, but as it have done, the taste is really abd that they can’t speak anything. Rikuto, as usual, is having a delicious taste while the truth isn’t.

After eating, Kureha gives him a present, which is a glasses. Without doubt, Rikuto try using it and really suit him. With it, he feel his world become brighter. Also, he say Kureha’s face is beautiful and she is more shining now. He won’t tell lies because he fall in love again to her. That’s the confession, right? But at the time Kureha want to give him her answer, Ryuuichi cut their lovey dovey moment. If it’s like that, Ryuuichi wants to go home. But Rikuto say they should eat the curry again, which is refused by Ryuuichi. For it, Rikuto is angry because Ryuuichi is looking down at the curry. Okay, for now, he is a megane too, so he can’t say that Ryuuichi is a sarcasm glasses. He want to take the glasses out, but Ryuuichi feel sorry to Kureha. So, he is the one who take out his glasses. This becomes the reverse of their usual chara (Ryuuichi without glasses, and Rikuto + Mitsuki with glasses), but it suit them.


Kondou Ryuuichi=Hotoken Blue (Akabane Renji)

Always wearing his glasses with blue hair. First time looking at him, Kureha thinks he is a cool handsome guy. But he turns out to be a tsundere, not approving Kureha’s being a new leader.

Her oji-san came to her class to tell Kureha about her job. There’s emergency and she must transform using the ruby ring Principal Hiiragi have gave to her. So, with the instruction from her oji-san, Kureha transform to Red and went to where all the other Hotokenser were. Blue is the one look surprise of it. Mitsuki told the information he got, about a crow with black feather had been seen inside the school. Knowing it’s just crow, the stupid Rikuto just wanted to let it go and back to class. But Ryuuichi telling him stupid for believe in just that.

Suddenly, Karura came, throwing Rikuto and Mitsuki one by one. Too bad at that time, Red doesn’t know what kind of order she can use as a leader. So, as the last barrier, Blue got thrown up too. It’s the chance for Karura to ask Kureha to be his bride and then they can devote themselves to Akuno te Zaaki (I wish he have his own route! He will be like Ryo in HnK!!). Right after that, the school bell’s rung, so Karura went, leaving them behind. The thing that lasted is his black feather.

Kureha told that all to Principal Hiiragi. He said there’s no enemy that can’t be defeated by Hotokenser if they joined their hearts. But Ryuuichi is blaming Red for all of that because after she came, all the other Hotoken can’t join their hearts. He also say because of Kureha, he can’t have motivation to fight. But for Rikuto and Mitsuki, they’re fine with her. Principal Hiiragi told Ryuuichi and all Hotokenser to believe in his plan, because he have chose Kureha to be Red and they couldn’t object it anymore.

After going out from the principal’s office, Rikuto ask Mitsuki what is his good thing. Too bad Mitsuki doesn’t know then running away to class, so Rikuto ask Kureha instead. She doesn’t know too, so Rikuto tell her to think about his good thing if they meet again. After Rikuto has gone, Ryuuichi ask her what if her qualification to be Red. Well, she just say that she has qualified to be it. Because of it, Kureha ask him why he hate her, if it’s because she is a girl. But it’s not the problem and Ryuuichi still haven’t tell her.

Kureha comes home late. Her mother is worried about the new school when Kureha say it’s troublesome. But remember about Roxane and Rikuto again, she say she will try to do her best once more.

Early in the morning, Kureha goes to school in the same train as Ryuuichi (it’s embarrassing to look at her still sleepy). But when they already took off the train, they weren’t walking together that Mitsuki find it strange. Rikuto comes too, saying he want Kureha as his manager-like worker, which Ryuuichi object against it because he just want to use Red (this time, everyone agree Ryuuichi can’t call Kureha anything despite Red). Whatever, Kureha doesn’t want to be Rikuto’s worker, so she leave them behind.

In the class, Misaki can see that Kureha is having trouble with student council again. Sena also knows it too and is offering to help her. Kureha refuse it now, but it’s just make a rumour from Misaki that maybe Sena like Kureha because he rarely speak with other.

After going out from her class, Ryuuichi come to her, saying he want to speak with her. They’re going to the back of school, where Ryuuichi prepare to give her something white. Kureha think it’s a love letter, but it’s actually Gomukeshi-kun from Principal Hiiragi. After that, he is laughing at Kureha, to think it’s a love letter. This makes her really mad at Sarcasm Glasses! And in her class, The Principal come to give her clue on how to switching Gomukeshi on and about its sensor that can detect Demon (So, why would he use Ryuuichi to give it? He come to her class alone after that). Also, Gomukeshi is a roman for man, he said (that’s why he made it as eraser).

At class, the sensor is ringing. It makes the teacher get angry for it, but since Kureha say it’s her phone call from her mother, it can’t be help. Outside the class, she finally can see the real form of Gomukeshi-kun. But he say the signal is just a fake and there’s none of Akuno te Zaaki. Kureha goes back to class but not long after it, the signal is ringing again. She must go to toilet now as an excuse, that makes Sena looks worried too. But in front of class, Gomukeshi-kun told her it’s fake also. The mad Kureha used the eraser and pushing it left and right as the real eraser…

The Hotokenser already end their job to beat Akuno te Zaaki. While Green and Yellow are praising Red, Blue makes a haiku about that’s just weak enemy (Yellow said it’s a ero shigin=poem). So, Ryuuichi make a bet if Kureha can make one too. She try to make poem but getting laugh instead. The other are feeling the two of them fight like a couple, because they’re similar. Because Ryuuichi won’t admit Kureha as a leader, Mitsuki have an idea to make Kureha as a student council president on the event at the festival. They make a serious agreement on it.

At home, her mother is really happy to see Kureha smile and want to be a student council. But being one of it means she must do work other doesn’t want to do. It’s a tough job. The words makes her wondering if Ryuuichi also do that work (that other people doesn’t want to).

And in the morning, Kureha comes to the student council room, looking surprise to see Ryuuichi already in there with many posters for festival (he makes the rough design for it). He wants Kureha to help put it in shopping district. At first, Mitsuki offering his help, but Ryuuichi refuse, saying he doesn’t want Mitsuki help Kureha since she is the one who offer to help. So, the two of them went alone to the put the posters, and attracting the girls around who were jealous of Kureha. Ryuuichi say if she doesn’t mind that talking, she shall walk closely.

First, Ryuuichi give an example on how to give the poster to the shop. And now, Kureha must give all 99 posters to the shop there one by one. After a not too long journey, it just 4 left. She gives it to a shop and the owner tells her that he will help to give the reminding posters to other shop, but she must help him doing hero show for the district because children loves it. Ryuuichi wants to be the hero, but too bad, the children are dislike little monster to be defeated. So, Kureha act as the hero, fighting with monster Ryuuichi. She beats him and pushed the monster down to the road. Kureha odered him to say he won’t do sarcasm thing to other people again (she use the time when the monster promise not to harm children anymore).

Ryuuichi is mad being trick like that, so he make the reverse pose (he push her down). While she is under Ryuuichi, Kureha can see his face closer and think he have good face that she doesn’t care before because he always use glasses. Realizing it’s heavy for Kureha, Ryuuichi stop nervously. After the show ended, the owner gave them two tickets to Mihotoken Land. Because Kureha is really happy and they can’t refuse it, Ryuuichi plays along with it and go to Mihotoken Land right after.

The first attraction Ryuuichi want is either Merry-Go-Round, etc. But Kureha goes to horror house with a train, so he must follow it. He scared in it, but told it’s just a bug on his face and all lies. The second round is jet coaster, which makes him in fear also. The next attraction is Ryuuichi’s choice, gondola.

On it, Kureha is laughing at his fear toward the attraction before. Ryuuichi won’t say he is scared, so he tells her there’s nothing can scared him. While looking at the sky from the gondola, Kureha remembers the time she spent with her father, and begins crying. Ryuuichi can see that, and so, he hears all of her story well. Kureha really likes her father, that it looks like she has father complex in Ryuuichi’s mind. Well, she just likes her family. When she say her mother is similar to her, Ryuuichi say it’s not a bad thing then ask what kind of mother she really like. Kureha say her mother always calming her after her father died. For Ryuuichi, it seems like a warm family and he is wondering what kind of it, like he has not find it before. But then he stop and apologize because he have triggered the memories of her dead father. Kureha say it’s fine and ask if he want to come to her house accidentally. Ryuuichi is surprise to hear that and say thanks for the first time.

After they have get off from the gondola, they can hear a little girl is crying. Ryuuichi is fine to help that girl and he hold Kureha’s hand (like a couple) to go where the girl is. They can hear it’s about Merry-Go-Round and find there, the little girl is stuck at it while the father is really worried. Suddenly, the Merry-Go-Round can be stop. But the little girl, Rumi, as she walk to her dad, she can’t remember who is that person. One of Akuno te Zaaki appeard, it was Kaiten Mokuba-n, a woman-like Demon. That Kaiten wants to take all the child to a dream world. It can also see that there’s a stupid couple who still holding hands at that time, which refer to Kureha and Ryuuichi (and Ryuuichi just realize after that), then want to take them to dream world too.

Kureha and Ryuuichi transforming to Red and Blue quickly. But Kaiten used the white horse from Merry-Go-Round to chase Red, and she is running away from it. With Gomukeshi-kun’s help, finally, Red can use her Red Hurricane to finish the horse. And to beat Kaiten, Red and Blue combined their powers. After they can defeat Kaiten, the two make high five and is surprising Gomukeshi-kun, as if they have a good relationship now. Kureha ask if they haven’t in the past. When Yellow and Green are finally arrive at the place, they also surprise at how Red and Blue don’t fighting and Blue doesn’t write ero poem.

The festival is being held and Kureha’s class make a cotton candy stand. After a little girl buy it, now there’s a boy too, but it’s Mitsuki’s voice (He make it sounds like a child’s voice). Mitsuki come to get a job change with Kureha, to see about Ryuuichi’s work at student council room. Rikuto come to the stand and ask a cotton candy, but he doesn’t pay it with his swimsuit, so Kureha chase him to inside the school. She lost track of Rikuto, but someone told her he already inside a ghost house in his class, so Kureha surrender for now and go to student council room.

There, she finds out Ryuuichi is sleeping. Looking at him looked tired, Kureha say thanks to him. And then, she thought Ryuuichi was cute looking like that and began thinking anything to do to him. That make him wake up, knowing Kureha’s teasing intention. Guess what? He let Mitsuki enjoy the festival and that idea makes Kureha surprise because he isn’t like the usual hysteria type. But he say he’s been like that since the beginning and Kureha answer it with no. They’re laughing together after Ryuuichi tell they must clean up the mess after festival.

It’s already the end of festival. Ryuuichi firstly order Kureha to go with Mitsuki to make a team for cleaning up the school, and he will be with Misaki. But looking at Misaki, who’s been nervous after Mitsuki calls her Mi-nyan, Kureha beg Ryuuichi to let the two of them work together and she will be with Ryuuichi instead. Ryuuichi agrees with it. Kureha also called his name as ‘Ryuuichi’ at work, not the usual ‘Kondou-kun’.  And Kureha also make the student council president to bring the heavy trash because her mother say a girl is precious.

Suddenly, one of Akuno te Zaaki appear. Moyamoya-su is there to get revenge about his older brother, Soukyakurou. Quickly, Kureha let it eat the trash but Moyamoya-su isn’t satisfied with that. But still, Kureha give it more trash and make it more powerful and become Hyper Moyamoya-su. Knowing that, Kureha and Ryuuichi are transforming to Red and Blue. And Moyamoya-su’s true intention isn’t about revenging his brother, but also make it that he wins over it. Moyamoya-su will proof he’s stronger than his brother so he can have Soukyakurou’s fiancée.

Moyamoya-su is stronger than what they’ve think. Even Blue’s Seiryuu can be defeated easily by it. That sudden defeat make Blue shock and can’t stand after Moyamoya-su use its ultimate power. At the critical time, a White Hotoken appear and save them with his Byakko. But Kureha is hurted by Moyamoya-su last power and fainted.

White, is he the principal?

She wakes up at Principal Hiiragi’s office. It seems Ryuuichi is also fine and already goes home, but he worried about Kureha too. Actually, Hiiragi is disappointed at Kureha and Ryuuichi, also because he use Seiryuu without thinking much about its purpose, which is to protect not a tool. Kureha say it’s her own fault and doesn’t want to bring Ryuuichi. Then, the white Hotoken she saw earlier make her ask it to Hiiragi. He say it’s not something to talk about since that person already retired.

Hiiragi brings her to her house. In her room, Kureha can hear her mother is talking with Hiiragi. She is worried about Kureha, that Hotokenser work must be hard to do. Hiiragi say it’s a must and tell her to not worry about it. Still, Kureha doesn’t want to make her mother worry about her since she is hurted. She makes decision to stand and protect her friends.

The next day, Ryuuichi doesn’t come to school. Mitsuki and Rikuto are saying that he will be fine but Kureha still thinking about it after arriving at home. She talk to Gomukeshi-kun and it tell her to just call Ryuuichi if she is worried and say she’ll be his bride (which led to another eraser’s job). Kureha think what Gomukeshi-kun have said is true and decided to go to Ryuuichi’s house.

No, a mansion. The butler, Yoshioka, is the one who talk with Kureha through interphone. He already know about her, it seems, as he say it’s as the rumour said that Kureha is a cheerful girl. Yoshioka still let her go in because he is happy if Kureha can calming his young master.

Inside Ryuuichi’s house, Kureha feels like in a hotel. At first, Ryuuichi doesn’t open the door, but Kureha continuosly knocking on his door, so he doesn’t have a choice than to open it. Kureha come because she’s worried of him. Then, Ryuuichi lets her coming inside his room, which looks gloomy and dark (the reverse of Mitsuki’s route). He say, he will leave school and student council to study overseas because he doesn’t have pride anymore and will cool his head.

It seems like he is running away. At first, Ryuuichi refuse that word, but if Kureha still think like that, then, it is. Kureha say she just want to apologize to him and now must hear that. After knowing Kureha;s mind, Ryuuichi hugs her from behind, then say he need her if she is saying the truth. Kureha let him go because it feels like unusual for Ryuuichi to do that. And then, he ask what kind of thing she know.

Kureha say she maybe doesn’t know all of him, but she want Ryuuichi to come to school again. Ryuuichi refused to it. Because she still ordering him to go, Ryuuichi become mad, pushing her to the wall. He say, it’s his house and his room, he can do anything to her. Kureha still believe in him and not afraid, so Ryuuichi is pissed by that, kissing her. At the moment, Kureha is freezing with it, but then she run away quickly from Ryuuichi. It’s her first kiss but feels sad. In her room, she use Gomukeshi-kun to cries her heart out loud.

Rikuto and Mitsuki are telling about horror story in lab room. Kureha is also scared about it. Suddenly while at it, Rikuto also mentioned about Ryuuichi, who’s been slacking of work. Well, too bad the horror story is real happening in school, so student council must look at it that night.

That night, everyone are gathering at school except Ryuuichi. When Kureha is thinking about Ryuuichi, Rikuto think it’s because she is cared, but the fact is he and Mitsuki are the one who’s afraid of the horror. They came at school’s laboratory, hearing screaming sound in front of the door, and been scared. Kureha offer to open the door first, since she want to eb useful to Ryuuichi. But as she comes in, something kidnapped Rikuto and Mitsuki. She told it all to Principal Hiiragi the next day, but he didn’t want Kureha to try save them alone. It’s too dangerous. Hiiragi also tell about his past with Kureha’s parents, about they are all friends. But he say it’ll be better to ask it herself to her mother.

Still, Kureha can’t leave Rikuto and Mitsuki missing alone. She try to save them herself, but Gomukeshi-kun keeps saying to ask Ryuuichi for help. She thinks it’s a right choice because he is the most reliable one so Kureha comes to Ryuuichi’s house. And from the butler Yoshioka, she knows Ryuuichi is at the library.

He doesn’t want to help because Ryuuichi already left school. Kureha still begging him to help all of his friends. So, Ryuuichi ask her if he is also her friend which is true for Kureha. But he ask again, why she’s running away that time, despite he is her friend. For Kureha, she doesn’t know what to do, she feels guilty for the event with Moyamoya-su. Even if Kureha already convinced Ryuuichi, he still didn’t want to help. So, she pushes him, saying he is a coward compared to her, that she always work hard even though she knows her father won’t come back. And despite all of that, Kureha will still come to save Rikuto and Mitsuki, even if Ryuuichi doesn’t want to, not because she is a leader, but because she wants to. And the librarian now is really angry at them, telling them to quit and go away. After that, Kureha runs from the library, leaving Ryuuichi in panic.

Kureha really goes to school at night. She already gathered information about her enemy, which name is Duke Formalin. When following Kureha, Gomukeshi-kun wish it’s all just a dream because he is scared also. After coming to lab room again, Duke Formalin came to them (which is really frightening since he’s all bones and flesh!). Duke Formalin seems happy to make Green and Yellow costume as his collection and wants Red for it too.

Red Hurricane can’t make any effect on Duke Formalin. She’s being captured by it, also, Gomukeshi-kun is dying (maybe) from it’s touch (oh, it’s just a touch, not a kick). Suddenly, Blue’s voice can be heard, saying Duke Formalin to not touch his woman!! He appeared to them, but Duke Formalin just as happy as Kureha because it also want Blue to be one of his collection. And Duke also have his trump card, which used Yellow and Green as his corpse soldier. The two of them are hating Blue because he can study well and always making trouble for his pride.

Can’t it be more scarier? I stopped sneezing after hearing his sound in the lab room.

As for Kureha, after she say she also hate Ryuuichi who doesn’t care about other’s feelings, she is now saying she always think Ryuuichi will come even if he already say won’t. And hearing it, Ryuuichi apologize and promise he won’t call Kureha as Hiyoko anymore. And he also say he has admit Kureha as the new leader, but also won’t let his beloved woman get taken by Duke Formalin as a collection and apologize to kiss her earlier. Hearing that ‘kiss’ word, Yellow and Green are angry, they won’t forgive Blue. Before the fight, Ryuuichi once again saying his feeling is real, and he always run away at first. But after knowing Kureha’s feeling, he won’t run away anymore.

Duke Formalin ordered Yellow and Green to defeat Blue. But Gomukeshi-kun finally awake and ordered Blue and Red to call Seiryuu and the Phoenix, Suzaku.  First, she is confused on how to make it appear, but she tries hard to it. With the power to help other, and holding hands with Ryuuichi, she can make Suzaku appears and beats Duke Formalin. Before they say farewell, Duke say he really is bored in lab room, so he want Kureha to play secret with him if she have time. Ryuuichi is surprise to hear that, even more shock to know Kureha is answering that’s okay. Duke also say it’s the era for him to search someone and Kureha is flirting with him (Ryuuichi!! Poor you!).

Ryuuichi can’t hold it anymore, so he say to not touch his woman. He ask Kureha to always be with him and she agree. Duke Formalin say goodbye to them and wish their happiness, but if Blue make her cry, he will come to Ryuuichi’s nightmare. Kureha ask Duke to do it, make Ryuuichi fear that. After it, Rikuto, pretends to be Kureha’s father, is fighting with Ryuuichi to not take his daughter. Gomukeshi-kun also remembering them about the promise to play with Duke Formalin and maybe he will appear again. Kureha say it’s all Ryuuichi’s fault, so she make him a rival (Duke-Ryuuichi=Rival in love). They’re all laughing at Ryuuichi.


It have been a month after the last battle. Rikuto and Mitsuki are convinced to do student council work while they’re arguing about it. When Rikuto and Mitsuki are trying to run away, Kureha shouting at them to continue their work and make them can’t try anymore. Ryuuichi also ordering the two of slacking guy to work but they’re all say Kureha is the one who save them so better be quiet (for Ryuuichi). To run from it, Mitsuki say he already forgot all the event in it. Kureha shouted at them again and finally at night, their work could be finish.

After all have gone home, it’s now leaving Kureha and Ryuuichi alone. Kureha feels warmer in the corner of classroom and Ryuuichi stay close to see it. He apologize for being rude to her and say she’s cute. Also, then he ask the feeling of love is born, and where is the place Kureha being born but she doesn’t know it and telling him stupid. While touching her cheek, Ryuuichi confess to her again that he like her. He say it now because it’s unappropriate to say it at student council room. He added it, since he met Kureha at the train, he began falling in love to her.

Ryuuichi is cute like that, isn’t it?

Well, Ryuuichi will put that aside since he want to kiss her badly now. He want Kureha to just stay like that or release herself if she want, but he will kiss her otherwise. They’re kissing but Kureha is flowing out her tears. Before Ryuuichi can say more, she stops him, saying she also like him. They’re kissing again and after that, while still hugging Kureha, Ryuuichi say his happiness and shouted to it. The ending song have CG for their Christmas party. Ryuuichi gives Kureha  a necklace when they celebrate it in his house with Yoshioka. Then, they are watching stars together (Aww, how sweet is that?).


It had been a few months after the final battle and Ryuuichi was prepared to study abroad. One day, Kureha’s mother giving her a letter to her room (Kureha often in her room now). It’s from Yoshioka, Kondou’s house butler. He invited Kureha to a party there. She comes to see if Ryuuichi also come and looking excited to it.

But there’s no one else who’s coming for the party. Actually, it’s a dance party just for Ryuuichi and Kureha. He come saying he want Kureha to wait for him two years more from now until he doesn’t run away anymore. Too bad Kureha doesn’t understand what dance mean is but it’s fine. Ryuuichi will teach her.

After they have changed their clothes, they’re dancing for the first time together. Now, Ryuuichi promise that someday they will be together. While dancing, Kureha also make a promise in her heart that she will wait for Ryuuichi to come back, always.


Kureha chasing Rikuto to his class haunted house after he steal the cotton candy. Bieng called a stalker by one of his classmate, she can’t come any further. But Rikuto come out and say Kureha is fine. But she also similar to someone (Ryuuichi?) for chasing him just for money. So, he  brings her to a pool (for body builder competition), but too bad Kureha doesn’t want to see it. After that, he got money to pay with the interest! But he got nothing more to pay the interest, so he offering his body, makes Kureha running away after look at his muscle. If choosing to look at him at the bodybuilder, it’s the same CG as his route, and Kureha shouting to make him win.

At cleaning up after the festival, Kureha is fine being with Mitsuki to gather the trash. He ask what does she think about Ryuuichi and looking at her face all red, Mitsuki is laughing and seems like he knows it.

One month after the last battle, Kureha come sto library to ask Ryuuichi of what he means as “俺の女”. He is nervous to say at first. Ryuuichi can’t cancel the choice to study abroad but from now on, he will ask for permission to date Kureha to her mother. It’s Kondou’s house custom to be like that. Kureha still confused about that words, but then he say it means he likes her. She hugs him and makes a fuss in the library so the librarian tells them to shut up again. But it can’t be help since she is so happy. Ryuuichi is laughing at it. No CG??


Just use student council theatre as the theme. The three princes are trying to waking up a princess. Ryuuichi, saying a flirting line all he can but being interrupted by RIkuto. Too bad he doesn’t say the recommended line from the script but saying his actual self which can’t study to try proposing to Kureha. Using the situation. Mitsuki try to kiss the princess to wake her up but near the fear, Kureha wake up on herself, making all the audiences surprise to know the princess can wake up herself. Well, it’s become a weird performance from student council members.


I like Rikuto’s route more than anyone. It’s fun, funny, and a lot of interesting moments. For romantic story, I prefer Ryuuichi. He has kissing CG way before they’re dating. And more problem to their hearts. As for Mitsuki, he just can win for having dark side’s story. I can’t find it interesting, after all, their organization hasn’t been revealed. So, I don’t think it’s worth for me to play him last since I don’t really like his appearance (Forgive me, Mitsuki! Even though there are many fans of you out there, I don’t like you hairstyle and nails color). For liking a stupid male chara who can’t study, it’s the first time for me. Rikuto! You’ll be the first stupid guy I chose, be happy! Because usually, I prefer clever and reliable personality.

Overall, this game is very interesting, funny, can make me laugh (which is rare to laugh at game, for me) so much, and also have deep relationship meaning, not just love love and love. They have problems and is really interesting to know it more. So, I like this game. Maybe, I must let it in to be the fourth of my favorite otome games after CZ, StS, and Noise? Well, yeah, that’s it for Hotokenser. I wish Two Five will make FD for it, but it’s hard to do, right? Nah, wish is fine, isn’t it?





Link for CG (Don’t be surprise if you see 2-3 CGs because 25 put it again, it’s troublesome to choose which already put or not, so I put all of it):


  1. I wish they’d make an FD too but they’re known not to make FDs for any of their games T_T but now I’m kinda interested to play yojinbo and koi x gig but who knows if those 2 games will even work on windows 7 at this point :/

    • Yeah, FD! I really wish it. So, yojinbo and koi x gig are from Two Five too? I have never heard of that, though I have heard of the title. It’s confusing too if it’ll work on windows 7 since the released is in 2005 (yojinbo).. And because you mentioned it, I have interested in that too!

  2. thank you very much for the review.! Ah, we love the game but we just can’t install it at our PC TT_TT It’s terrible! We love Power Rangers, but it just happened that our computer doesn’t love any kind of games at all =_= Oh, how we wish to play the game…
    But anyways, arigato for your hardwork in writing this review! It’s very interesting to read! *_* And also domo arigato for sharing a CG pack. It’s very kind of you. You are the best!!!

    • Have you try to copy the application (the one with logo and written as application) in the folder for the installer? Or try copying it all (all the files in iso), not installing to a folder. Because I have found two games like that. And though I have the CD for hotoken, it’s like that too. I must copy the application for work.

      • We are very sorry, but we can’t get it what we should copy and where o_O Sorry for being so silly in this sphere =_= but maybe you could show us with the help of the pictures (screenshots) how we should install the game (because we can’t play any otome-game on our PC…we just don’t know and can’t understand how to install them T_T )/ We will be very grateful for your help! *_*
        if it’s needed, here is our e-mail

          • can you give me too the pictures how to install the game, im already install the game and when i click the app, it say launcher not found

          • can you please send me please the pictures, becuase when mounting in daemon it start but at the end it never finish to install and when i go to the folder it say authention failed even if i put the no dvd patch

          • Was it about how to install the game? I don’t know about the technical problem that much. If you mounted it, was it because you download it from somewhere? Try asking the uploader. The thing that comes to me is because you don’t change the region & language setting to Japanese on your PC. Most problem is in there.

  3. I’m sorry if this seems like a dumb question but I’m always looking for a new Otome game to play.

    Where do you download your games from or buy them? Not that I can afford to buy anything but it would be nice to know if you do buy them somewhere.

    Oh and I assume this game is in Japanese?

      • Thank you very much for responding. I’m hoping they do come out with some otome games in English in the future. I can’t read japanese so getting games I can’t navigate through properly just won’t work out for me.

        By the way you do have awesome game reviews. The only thing that would make it better was if the games were all in english.

        I’ve taken a peek at those sites, just in case I ever do try to get something how do you locate the otome games?

        • Yes, I do hope so, with a good translation though. The easiest way to search it in selling sites is using Japanese kanji for its title (epc for, Amiami can read romaji). There isn’t otome game section in the sites, so it’s troublesome I know.

          • Alright, well thanks so much for answering all my questions. I see so many game reviews about these awesome games but no one ever tells you where you can find them or how they get a hold of them. Then of course they are never in English, I presume the people that do the reviews can read the language to some extent if not entirely to play through.

          • Sure it is. Very small and I think most of my preference goes to ipad/iphone (I don’t have it). As for PC, I have too many games on it but I don’t feel convenient playing at PC (including that Hatoful Boyfriend and The Second Reproduction).. Haa….

            By the way, what is your blogspot address? Sorry, there are too much blogroll and I’m confused myself..

          • Thanks so much for the link. I do know about that page but its been awhile since I looked at it. I see they have a few more games to be played so thanks again for linking me to it.
            It is sad that there are so very few English Otome games out there.
            I don’t suppose you have a link to your blogspot or can I get to it from here somehow?

          • Here you go

            I have a very small list, though. Since I only play PC games. I only shared the freeware english games links in my blog, for the commercial ones you can email me and I’ll see if I can do something ^_^

          • Alright, thanks so much for the link. I already visited your blog and have left comments there.

  4. Hi! Does anyone know if, by any chance, an english patch has been released for this game (like for starry sky)? I have been dying to play this game but can’t read Japanese !

    Thanks 🙂

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