The Chocolate For You

Boku no Chocola

This is the first time I played doujinshi games without voice. Since long time ago, I always avoiding doujinshi because there’s no voice and I couldn’t understand it. But now, after playing many otome games, I can understand the easy one. This is just a short review of the game.

The heroine, Komachi (Age: 19) is a waitress working at the café. One day, a man named Takaomi (Age: 24), one of regular customer at the café, come to her and beg to eat her handmade chocolate, because it’s Valentine. He told her that he already kidnapped her little brother, Youta (Age: 17), in one of the room. The trouble for Komachi is, Takaomi want her to give the chocolate by herself to his mouth. She is nervous to it. A few times she tries to give it to his mouth, but ends up with her punching Takaomi’s face because of embarrassment (Fortunately, Takaomi is a M, if not, maybe he will ask her money to hospital? But, let’s avoid that thinking because Takaomi is really a rich guy here, he owns a large companies group, and moreover, his mother is German while his father is Japanese). That is the funny thing to its whole story, for Komachi to accept Takaomi’s feelings. Many methods suggested to easily give the chocolate to his mouth, but the extreme one is to close his eyes with his own necktie (while he do that, he also unbuttoning his shirt, that makes Komachi punches him again).

There are many endings here as we can choose a few different method of answers. But I’ll just wrote the important ending with CG.

The first one here is when Komachi tried to give the chocolate to Takaomi’s mouth, her brother went in unexpectedly without warning. Youta saw the weird scene between his sister and Takaomi. It’s really a shock scene to Komachi herself.

The ultimate good ending is when Komachi told Takaomi that they couldn’t do that. They’re not even dating. So, Takaomi grabs her hand, saying he can be happy as long as they can make a good relationship. Not being a lover first is fine. Komachi agrees with it, and they often seeing each other as Takaomi always comes to the café. One day, he wants Komachi to be his partner to a party, despite she haven’t get proper love relationship with him. But for Takaomi, he doesn’t want to ask another woman despite Komachi.

After the main scenario, there is a White Day scenario where Takaomi (kidnapped) bring Komachi to go overseas with his private airplane? She woke up in an airplane cabin and couldn’t remember what she have experienced before coming there. So Takaomi explains it all that because he can’t see her often due to his work, he wants to go with her to.. if I’m not wrong, Los Angeles? Also, to give his exchange (because it’s White Day) to her chocolate, Takaomi gives Komachi marshmallow with many kinds of flavor. He made it just for her. Because he want to give it to her mouth, the reverse of Valentine day, he ask Komachi to open her mouth. Of course she doesn’t want to do it easily, so Takaomi gives her 5 questions. The questions are just about his feelings to her, such as, if it’s true he likes her voice or not (and Komachi just can answer it with yes, no, or pass).

The ultimate ending is when Komachi gives the right answer to his last question, which is, if it’s true she like him or not. This is the chance for her to confess her feeling (she haven’t confessed yet), so she say yes. Takaomi successfully gives the marshmallow to her mouth.

I often play the tsundere guy, so it’s new for me to play M main guy. But Takaomi is really cute, he can saying what in his mind easily, and he is pure (that’s my decision for his personality). As for the heroine, Komachi, she is really cute, always embarrassed when near Takaomi, can’t even look at his eyes when she tries to give chocolate. She is also a brave person (look, she can punch someone easily), doing what she want to do, a strong heroine that I like.

The game is easy to understand and doesn’t take long time to finish. I just need 1.5 hour to end every CG and ending lists of it. The chara design is cute, music is perfect even though there’s just very few of it, background doesn’t have problem, storyline is funny, chara personality are cute (except that Youta doesn’t have proper explanation, because he is just a subchara after all). I really have fun playing it. Thanks to Koorinokokoro who recommended this game. This is really become a new experience for me.




There’s just a few CG consider this is made just for fun. But don’t forget to try it because it’s really cute and just need a little time of your life. Here is the link:


*note* There’s a group translating this game + guide. Just visit this site:



  1. Same goes to me. I always avoid doujin games because it’s not fully voiced. I mean NOT VOICE AT ALL and I’m suck in japanese, unless they read the line out loud or else I’ll suffer from eye sore lol.

    This game sounds cute. The characters are nicely drawn and Takaomi? is a ドM?めずらしね。。。Guys are supposed to be ドS (stereotype) but that’s refreshing :3
    Love the CG (I’m taking as usual!) and rich guy is very common among otome game so I ain’t complaining xD

    The characters design almost looks like Takarai Rihito’s style! So cute.

    Maybe I should try one too? :3

  2. I’ve started with doujin games and gave up halfway through the story. It’s kind of tough to play a game with no voice. /cries Although right now I’m playing another doujin game. hohoho The art is beautiful so I gave in. xD;;

    This sounds fun to play. 😀 The only dateable guy here is Takaomi? I initially thought that you could also go after the brother. lol

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