In the Silent Winter Road-Gillford (Light) & Reim & End 0

Gillford (Yanai Hitoshi)

Age: 27

Finally he is the last to defeat (he’s not a RPG’s boss!). But I wrote about him first because he’s more important than Reim.

Gillford Light Route

The Fourth Noise: Boss

This continue after Mana choose light ending. There’s an added scene about the white door in her dream. A person who she doesn’t know appear, asking if it’s alright like that. Mana didn’t even know what he was talking about. She choose to open the door, but realize that person seems sad. But he told her that’s alright to leave him alone because they’ll meet again someday. After she open the door, Mana awakes from her dream.

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

The same as Gillford’s dark route when Mana choose to wait for the competition near Gillford’s parasol. Then, when Mana is singing for Gillford, he hug her. Nothing different until she met Karuvan, who told her to help Gillford and Mana agreed to it.

The Sixth Noise: Tears

After hearing about Setsu, Mana still thinking about it. She stay strong and prefer to do her usual work, but Rou realize from her face that she is not feeling well. Mana won’t make him worried more so she say she’s okay. Rou tells her to speak with him if it’s hard for her. Suddenly, Gillford comes to them, asking if Rou have finish doing the work he gave him. Of course Rou hasn’t finish it so he apologize then leave. After Rou have left, Gill ordered her to work in his room.

She did it. While begin to work, Gill tells her again that Rou is a ‘man’. She thinks it’s true that Rou is a ‘boy’, but Gill emphasizing it to ‘man’. He is weird, really, and Mana also think like that. And then, he realize and taking the dead leaves on Mana. It maybe when she was walking, that the leaves fell on her. She thinks Gillford is really a nice person. But then, she realize again that Gill always staring to her, makes her asking him if he want anything else or tea, but he doesn’t want it.

Then, Mana begin her work. As expected, she can’t clean the vase above her, so Gill save (hug) her, asking if she like to break a vase. For it, Mana apologizing but he then tells her it’s not the vase he is worried about. He doesn’t want Mana to get hurt. It makes her think she is useless but Gill doesn’t think like that. But if she insist, Gill ask her what kind of punishment she want. That words just make her stay queit and Gill see her ears are becoming red. Also, her nape of the neck becomes red too. For Gill, usually Mana’s skin is white. To be red like that, makes him want to eat her (HAHAHA! HE CAN FLIRT!). She still can’t choose her punishment. Again, Gill warns her if she stay quiet like that, he will use his rule. What? Is this some kind of game? He said if it’s a game, then the victory is already determined, but he is….

Okay, Rou stop the silent because he knock the door after finishing his work. Gill just said good work but didn’t let him come in, in reason of busy. When Rou ask where Mana is, Gill say he doesn’t know (Oh yeah! I like him in this route.). Of course Gill didn’t let him come in because he still in ‘hugging pose’ with Mana. She ask him if it’s alright, and he just asking back if she want Rou to see them like that. After that, Gill say it’s just a joke and let her go (Too bad, stop here..). For a moment, Mana feels too bad to stop there (wish more?).

She think she have done the work but Gill tell her to clean the remaining windows in other room. It’s really tiring, but she will do her best. Finally, she can finish it all and report it to Gill. But still, he ordered her to clean up the window in the other side (He teases her like that? How can he become tsundere in this route?). Everything was done at dawn. After that, Gill told her to give her hand. He gave her a fragrance or what that is Dix’s medicine for rough hands, etc. He also thanking her for her best work, saying she is fine the way she is now.

She is happy that Gill think of her as useful and let her be his family. Suddenly, she remember her brother, that make her crying in front of Gill. He ask what happen but she won’t tell it. Gill hug her, saying he will take all of her pain (the word his former boss said to him in dark route?). Because of it, she will tell all of her brother’s story to him. Firstly, he himself didn’t know that it’s Mana’s brother grave. After he knew her sadness, Gill told her to come to his room if this night she feel sad again. He doesn’t let Mana come to other room because it will be dangerous (Mana just ‘?’). It’s because she is his family. He teased her if she want him to carry her to her room, but Mana already fine. Before letting her to go, Gill once again make her remember his word before (to not come to other place!).

Meanwhile, Rou is talking with someone. That man ask him that he surely want something, for example the boss’ woman (The same as his route, maybe? To betray Dix?). Rou think it’s true like that.

The Seventh Noise: First Love

Mana is dreaming again. The man ask her if she won’t go from that world. But Mana doesn’t know how to call him, so he say ‘Kairi’ is fine. He say if Mana think it isn’t a dream, then it will be it. She ask what kind of reason he will make her see or why he appear to her. That man doesn’t tell something useful. Just one, that maybe the reason he appear is because he like her. Because he and Mana have the same power. He want to know what will she use that for. That’s why, he will give her knowledge to know the world. He also talk about Setsu. He know where Setsu is, but they won’t meet again because Setsu doesn’t wish to meet again.

The man open the white door, bring Mana to some place where there is a boy (A), who lives in a cell. Then, it’s time he meet someone (B) who have the same situation as him. Boy A ask for his (B) name, but he won’t tell him. Then, A told B about his power, which will be stronger by some drug (is it about Ririn?). He knows it because he also a uta-tsukai. Then, the one who doesn’t want to say his name (B) think it’ll be fine if he dies, to protect someone precious to him. If he can protect that person by his hand, then it’s alright if God kill him.

The next day, boy A ask him again who is someone precious for boy B. He say, it’s her sister. A told him that it must be a beautiful sister.. But A is jealous because B have his sister, someone who have the same blood as him, and is caring for him. Once again, A ask what B name is, and he tell him that his name is…(I think, Setsu?).

Mana wakes up suddenly after that weird dream. After she prepare to work, she think it will be best if she also take some flower for Gill’s room. She also remembered the color Rou like and think it will suit for Gill too. But lately, Mana haven’t see Rou. While thinking, she meets Gill at the entrance and makes her think he will go somewhere. It seems Mana think of Gillford is similar to some flower so she doesn’t want to say something like that. Unfortunately, it’s just make Gill feel suspicious of her because she become red all of a sudden. Because she tells him it’s alright, he won’t ask more. At the sudden time, Sera want to speak with Gillford about something and let Mana hear it too with everyone in the dining room.

As expected, it’s about Rou who betrayed them. And similar to Weasley’s route, he is angry when Sera say he’s too weak and the same thing may happen again. Gillford ask him to pull down his gun if he doesn’t want to get shoot by Gill. Gill also told Sera to do the same. But before it, Sera said he really hate a betrayer and ask Weasley about his opinion. Then he leave first. After that, Weasley ask Gill of what he think about Rou too. Weasley doesn’t want Gillford to not believe in Rou. For Gill, it’s the same but they must know the reason for it. And for him also, it’s fine if Weasley still believe in Rou, it makes a balance for his reason. Weasley can just say that Gill is strong, and he say maybe it’s true.

After Weasley have left the room, it’s Gill’s turn to ask of Mana’s thoughts on it. She will believe in Rou and makes Gill rest a bit and think Rou maybe is the happiest one now. Gill begins telling Mana about Rou, that his reason to be in Dix is because he hates Ririn so much. The first time Gill meet Rou is when a Blade tries to kill him. The Blade says that the boy can’t feel hurt so it’s alright to hurt him. Gill take the time to speak with Rou, because he can tell Rou has ability. Because the Blade still refuse to let the boy live so Gill kill him (maybe, from the point he make a shooting sound).

Gill brought Rou to the blood exchange room and made him excited. Rou can tell it’s a place for training that make Gill surprise of his knowledge. Gill ask if he come because he know Gill is the executive, but it seems Rou doesn’t tell the truth. Then, Rou explains of his body, who can’t feel hurt and his wound heals quickly. This makes Gill thinks it’s because he use Ririn, but Rou tells it is his parent who used it. Like a good brother, Gill told him to take care of his body because he can still die. Yeah, Rou knows that and he really thankful to Gill for it, so he beg to pick him to Dix organization. Gill refusing it at first. But Rou still tells he really want more power. If Gill have become a boss, then, Rou also will live and be stronger. The reason is because Rou sees Gillford as a beautiful person (That makes Gill ask him if Rou look at him as a woman..). But the one which is pretty is his inner heart (Dawh! Misconception here).

Rou also know Gill doesn’t like the organization now. He always see Gillford when he is fighting, that he is stronger than anyone. But maybe it’s not because Gill is strong, but from something inside him. To hate the organization makes Gill use his full power of hatred. Again after saying it, Rou beg to let him in Dix. The exchange is he will become Gill’s limbs, because despite the organization, it’s better to believe in themselves. Gill agreed to let him in. When Rou hear it, he is very happy for it. To use his head, Gill ask what kind of name Rou will call Gill. He said ‘Gillford-sama’ at first, but Gill doesn’t like it. And then the right answer is to call him just ‘Gil’. Rou straightly hug Gill from his happiness (Of course Gill doesn’t really like it).

The past story is over, make Mana think Rou won’t betray him at all. Gill also think the one who have been picked up by Rou, is himself, because the past him always alone. With Rou, Gill can feel the Dix is his family and have many friends. Mana say she feels the same as Weasley, will believe Rou, the one Gill believe in too. Believe that Rou will come back someday. Gillford say the same. But still, Mana think it’s better if she have more power at time like this. For Gill, it’s fine if she stay by his side and makes Mana agree with it. The Mana who feel like that make Gill think she’s like a child and the two of them are laughing of it.

When Mana is at the first floor in the mansion, she meet Rose, Karuvan’s daughter. Rose think Mana is the same as her, boss’ mistress? But Mana say she is just doing cleaning in Gill’s room, the word that makes Rose really surprise. Well, Rose realize she is similar to ツルペッタン or what, so she is relieved that her place as mistress haven’t been taken by someone. Also, she looks at Mana as just a doll that makes Mana herself angry for it. Rose also know she is really pitiful to have her brother died like that. Then, she ask for what purpose Mana still stay in Dix.

Mana say she want to be helpful for Gillford, but Rose won’t believe that. She thinks Mana just using Gill as her brother’s replacement. This makes her thinking more if she truly look at Gill like that because she feels strange lately. After Mana couldn’t answer it, Rose left her looking bored. Then, Weasley come, asking if Rose has tease her. This is perfect for Mana to ask if there is a mistress for Gill. Weasley can’t answer that perfectly, but Mana can tell it is true. But Weasley say she isn’t a lover, just because she have known Gill for so long and Rose become a mistress. So it’s not about their heart but Weasley can’t speak about it too much.

This matter makes Mana think about it again. It maybe is true she have been thinking a lot about her brother, but the feeling for Gill and Setsu are different. She then telling Weasley of her weird feeling for Gill, that she is happy if with him. Okay, Weasley knows it all. To think about someone that already captivated her heart is a common thing. The word ‘captivated’ make her surprise though. She is near the thought of liking Gill because of it! Still, she doesn’t know if Gill like her too or not, and she isn’t as beautiful as Rose. Weasley told her to not mind Rose’s word because if she like someone, she must believe in it. No limit for it. To tease her, Weasley make her hair in a mess, then leave for work.

Mana still staring Weasley and makes Gill say if she is missing him. And he have stayed there since Weasley doing ナデナデto her (jealous?). Looking at her becoming red when talking with Weasley, Gill ask her if she like Weasley. Stupid her saying ‘大好きです’… That words makes Gill in pain, close his eyes then goes away, leaving Mana worried.

It’s a rainy night when Sera say it’s near the time for a storm to come to Gillford. Gill agree and Sera added it is like his heart (the jealousy?). Well, Sera gave him suggestion that if he really want it, it’s better to make her his woman soon. Gill say he doesn’t let her in for that purpose. But Sera still saying if it’s like that, Gill will just staring at her with hunger like Sera himself.. Okay, Gill won’t let Sera speak more and ordering him to go away. After he leaves, Gill ask what kind of thought she will have in a time like this. He is really fool being like that, promise that he won’t touch Mana anymore.

The Eighth Noise: Sweetheart

And again, Mana seeing this same person in dream, Kairi. He always say something as her wish, bla bla bla to Mana. It’s better if they won’t meet again but it’s all depend on her wish (yeah, it’s better if I’m not meet you again, too boring and without voice). He brings Mana to the flower field again through white door. She is making a surprise face when see it but the boy ask her why because she like that flower. It’s true she like it, but it has some meaning and she doesn’t understand it. Suddenly, that boy becomes scary, that he won’t let Mana leave. He won’t need another world beside where the two of them are because he love Mana. Trying so hard to leave the flower field world, finally she can wake up.

When she sighing a lot while working in Gill’s room, he is really worried if she hasn’t rest nicely. Mana doesn’t want to bother him and say she’s alright. Too bad she can’t keep up the consciousness and falling to flower field again, hearing someone saying his love to her. So she tries to let it go and slap Gillford’s hand accidentally.

He then pushing her, looking really angry in Mana’s eyes. He say this word “俺お。。” with taking his own hand, similar like he is holding a knife (looks like he still remember his promise not to touch her). When she called his name, he stop doing that and saying maybe because he’s tired. So for today, he let Mana done with work quickly. A day after, Gill still won’t talk much to her and make her go quickly after work. This makes Mana worried more about him. So for now, she think it’s better to work at Sera’s place.

Suddenly, Sera came saying it’s useless, moreover, he knew Mana think of him as having wicked tongue. Hearing him always saying usual thing, Mana is happy and laughing. Looking at her seem to looking down on him, Sera ask if she want him to make matter worse (mean, using harsh word more?). But Mana doesn’t mean it like that.

Okay, Sera also knows Mana has been thinking about someone who behave really cold to her and make her can’t stand it. He really is feeling bothered by looking at Mana and that person, making him rage so much because it affected the work. And when he finish it, Gillford comes to him. And realizing it, Sera say he is different from Weasley, can use her body for his own benefit, so he warn Mana to prepare for that. After Sera leaves, Gill tells Mana to go to her room and not to talk with anyone. It’s really make her uncomfortable but she do it.

At time like that, Mana think it’s better if Rou is with her. She begins thinking about her feeling for Gillford again. Suddenly, a woman laughing voice can be heard. As usual, it’s Rose, looking happily when he see Mana’s face (that is thinking). She realize Mana hasn’t surrendered about Gill. So Rose saying it again that Mana doesn’t know everything about Gill. Similar with his dark route, Rose also say to be Gill’s lover means she musn’t behave like a doll. For Rose herself, she can protect Gill and the other, but what about Mana? She say Gill can’t sleep much these days thanks to Mana and she knows it because Rose is in his room every night. Looking at Mana, who she thinks is still a virgin and doesn’t know what to do, Rose hates her. And maybe Gill won’t prefer that kind of woman. But after saying all bad things to her, she also suggesting Mana to not run away if she has realize her feelings.

Mana decided to talk with Gillford tomorrow but a maid knocking her door, brought a gift from Gillford. She think she must say thanks to him and finds him talking with Rose at guest room. Rose asking him to not thinking too much about ‘that’ and just rest a bit. Gillford can’t do that, also saying his fear, which is himself. Rose say he is similar to that child (Mana). He is afraid if someone he want to protect will break someday. That words makes Rose ask what kind of a man he is? But it’s the reason she like him. Even if she must get killed for it, it doesn’t matter. And it’s fine if now, she is just being a mistress. After saying it, she begin attacking Gill (yeah, like that). Mana can’t stand to see them. Rose ask him to hold her because if it is like that, it’s fine if she die of it. Actually, Gillford doesn’t want it.

Looking at them, Mana can’t stand anymore then opening the door, saying Weasley have something to talk to Gill. Too bad for Rose that she must hold it that night. Actually, Gill have given Weasley some work so he isn’t there. He ask why she tells the lie. Mana doesn’t want Gill to hold another woman, she can’t bear with it. Also, she beg for Gill to not run away from him (the opposite person who said that from Gill’s dark route?). But Gill can’t do that. She ask if he hate her, but it’s not like that.

Hearing it, she asking him why he did that. Because she always want to be by his side, together with him. So, Gillford couldn’t hold it anymore, hugging Mana, saying she always making him not thinking rational. And he tells lie about his feeling, that his thoughts about her haven’t change. Actually, he really wants to hold her and can’t stand it anymore. Gill wishes for her all, her heart, her body, everything he will take it from Mana. And that wish, the him like that, is what he afraid of.

Mana thinks Gill won’t hurt her. But he said it maybe it’s like that because she didn’t know him. If he really want it, he will do every way to get it, even if he must spill blood. Anyway, he still kiss Mana. He asked again, if she want to take him, she will regret it later. After another kiss, he said it’s his turn to say it “俺を拒むな、マナ。お前の全ては俺が食らう。” . Then continuing the kissing scene. Gill can realize she is holding her breath and find it funny. Mana apologize because it’s her first time to kissing like that. Hearing that, Gill say she is too cute that makes him in trouble..

After finish with it, Mana ask him if she is already his mistress. It makes him really surprise, really. He still stay quiet so Mana say she will work her best to be like Rose. Speaking of Rose, Gill ask if Mana is jealous of her. It’s okay, because Gill will always protect her for example… And there is a sound of thunder. He continue it, “From thunder, for example?”. And she really is scared of it so Gill brings her to his room..

Because Mana doesn’t know what to do, Gill ask if she hate the bed. And she say no (in her heart, she is glad she have heard about that from Rose=bed?). Mana lies on Gill’s bed, and he apologizing for always teasing her. Gill stay on her, making her calm. Her heart is throbbing so hard that day, but after taking a few minutes, Gill stop doing that. And it’s at the right time when the thunder stop too. He asked if Mana scared of that sound, so he sang for her (the lullaby lyric, without voice). While hearing and feeling sleepy, Mana say she likes Gill. But Gill ask her if she will say the same thing if she know the true him.

And again, she meets Kairi in dream. She ask why he doesn’t save her the last time despite he say he will help her. Kairi told her it’s because he will make her wish come true, and the second one is because he will help her for the reason of love. He sees at her and Setsu as his beloved child. And when he tell her he love her, the world begin crumbling. Kairi say it’s because the God hate him for saying that word. And he is the same as Mana, just want to meet the beloved person. This time, it will be their parting. It’s fine if she doesn’t know anything for now. He is lonely if she isn’t there. That’s why he always waiting for her arrival. But it’s alright because Kairi will be staying within her wish.

She open the white door again. This time, boy B ask what will A do if they have come out. He will kill that person that makes him like that. A said it’s not a good thing to do because if he kill someone, that person family will kill him and the recycle fate will continue. Hearing that, B feels intimidated by A and said will kill him. A is fine with it. At last, B surrender. He can’t even kill A.

And that makes A tell his wish. He want to become a boss (what if he is Gillford?). He added it when that time comes, he won’t let the feeling of sadness still stay in the world. And nothing important after that.

Mana awakes in Gill’s bed. She can remember that last night, Gill is so cute? But she is sad he still won’t take her. While thinking, Gill cries out his voice, like seeing a bad dream. He also apologizing. When Mana heard it, she told him that it’s alright and make him awake. Looking at Mana who feel sorry for what she did (wake him up), Gill teasing her again for her red face and all. Finally she move up her head. She ask if he have bad dream, but he say it’s just a dearing dream.

Before he leave for work, he say to Mana that he will be home late. She think it’s about food but he tell her to sleep first in his room. For today, tomorrow, and the day after it. He also say no matter how tired he is, he will have the strength to hold her. One more thing Gill ask to her is, if she know when is the first time Gill look at her as a woman. Mana guessing that night is the first time he hug her, but it is wrong. It seems the true answer is already long before. He said it’s about his identity or what, he laugh, then imagining himself as a fish in the water tank (aquarium) who can’t breath and will die if someone not noticing it. The one who notice is just Mana. It referring to when she always think of him, if the boss is tired and what can she do for him. Gill was happy that time, thinking she is special from that time.

But he also think he becomes weak for that. Mana told him that everyone still following him because Gill is like that. He then tell Mana to prepare being the boss’ woman… A maid then knocking on his door, saying that Mana-sama (now with –sama..) have visitor, Huey. Gill also will follow Mana to greet her friend (didn’t he just want to show of their relationship?).

Huey comes to begs Mana to stay with him, even if it’s just for one day. At first, she refuse because she is in Dix now. But Gill say it’s alright so Mana agree to come for just a day and Huey is really happy. But with a rule to have someone with her. And that time, Rose appear, saying she will be the one going with Mana. She also have saw them kissing that night. Because she say she can’t believe Gill make that face! !Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll). Anyway, because Rose can fight, Gill can rest a bit if she is the one coming with Mana. He also tells her to show her pendant if anything happen, because it represent that Mana is his woman. That’s why he told her to keep it under her clothes.

The Ninth Noise: Oblivion

A voice asking Mana if that is truly what she wish. She then awakes after arriving at the place. Huey tell her about anything beautiful in there but Mana’s mind is still blank, thinking of Gillford. At that time, Rose angry at Mana, tells her that ‘Cherry’ has told many things but she doesn’t answer. Mana answering it’s because she is worried about the other in Dix, but then she realize, who is ‘Cherry’? After calling Mana with ‘Tsurupettan’, Rose now calls Huey ‘Cherry’. Of course as a boy, Huey feels intimidated by that, but it’s true he’s similar to it. Rose gave him the answer to call him ‘Cherry’. It because he stared at her oooo and oo with that face (look at the picture below-it really have ‘peep’ sound at the oooo). Mana repeating that oooo words, so Huey telling her to not say that as a woman. Rose just make it worsen with saying if Huey want to do oooo to her.. Oh well, Huey think Mana is Gillford’s lover so she will look adult-like more, but she is still the same. Actually, Huey knows it from Rose.

But suddenly, Rose tells them to stay quiet because a few man comes there. While Mana and Huey are hiding, Rose is talking with that Daios for herself (also tells that Daios boss is ooo-again). When the man prepare to fight with Rose, Huey goes there, saying he won’t let the two woman to fight. Looking at brat like him, the man is gladly hurt Huey, but Rose kick the man while taking Huey to her chest (what a scene!). After that, she say not to look down at Blade. And also, Huey can’t believe Rose will hug him. For now, Rose already call Huey’s name so Mana is jealous of it.

Actually the reason Huey calls them there is to show Mana the blue field, filled with blue flower, that near changing because of the new ruler. Mana doesn’t really like to speak about the field, but the truth is, she and Setsu always playing there. It seems she doesn’t remember about it anymore. Huey think she lose her memories after she died. Mana ask what that means. This make Huey surprise because five years ago, Mana was dead because of high fever. Everyone thinks she is die because her heart has stop. But then, she finally came to life again. Huey think it’s because of an angel’s miracle and because of it, everyone calls her immortal. Suddenly, Mana is hearing a bird’s voice, that Huey thinks it’s a crying voice from birds because they can’t see the field anymore after it. This makes Mana want to go there quickly.

It seems the field hasn’t change. The sad thing is the new owner will destroy it. She beg Huey to leave her alone in the field for a moment. Then, Mana can remember her time with Setsu there. They spent the fun time together but suddenly as she want to leave, Setsu grabs her, asking her not to go away from him because he loves her. He won’t need another world because he wants to be with Mana. It’s scary, really, so Mana beg him to let her go because they can’t live together anymore. She likes her brother but it just makes him awful so she will forget her memories with him. If there is time she will like someone, she will forget about Setsu.

This memories makes her cry. Huey come to her to say it’s time to leave but he look at her crying. Mana just continuosly asking in her heart for Setsu to forgive her.

She have come back to Gillford’s room while he haven’t come back yet. When he came back and saw her sad face, Gill ordered her to come to his bed with him. He feels bad to let Mana go there. When she ask if she is bothering him, Gill say he won’t take a waste to his time to comfort a woman like that if it’s bothering. And he is happy to do it. He means, if she will fall, she choose his place. It may seems Gill take the time for granted. And then he said Mana is smiling when she is comforted by Dix boss. Okay, but she didn’t smile. For Gill, it seems like that because he still teasing her. Oh well, it’s true then. Mana say thanks to him for what he have done. Seeing her like that, Gill can’t hold it anymore (and the two of them go to bed?).

The Tenth Noise: Red Bird BEST ED B, End 2

The bell is ringing. A voice saying sorry and another voice answering that it’s alright because it’s not his fault. It’s like she will wait for that person. And then, it’s changing scene. The orphanage Mana lives in with snow season. Huey calls the teacher, saying Mana finally opens her eyes.

Then, Mana shouted, calling to Kairi, asking why he make her see all of that. Kairi appeared, saying Mana didn’t know of Setsu’s power. He is the same with her, have died. Then Kairi brings Mana again to the two boy’s conversation.

It have been one month after they are imprisoned in the cell. B ask A what kind of power he had. A said it’s nothing, just he knew that thing. The thing is world’s meaning. That’s why, maybe because of his power, God is mostly afraid of him. It’s A’s turn to ask if B still have thoughts of killing. Maybe because he have been in there for long, the thoughts have disappeared slowly.

Suddenly a man who is their prison guard comes to take one of them. A give his life first to be taken. But while the guard is taking him, he releasing B and ordering him to run. After B has gone, A say he is happy to talk with him, calling him Setsu (So, B is Setsu). But they still catch him up. After that, one of the man brings Setsu’s friend’s dead body to him. ==I want to run away from this boring story without voice… and then saying goodbye forever to the dream

The thing makes Mana awakes while shouting. Gill is really surprise to it, telling her to calm down and open her eyes. He say he will act what she want him to do. So Mana wish him to pat her to make her calm. While doing it, Gill say he is happy to be with her, that she already open his heart. With it, Mana is calm now.

When she and Gillford are working, a Blade tells them about Rou’s arrival. They surely make a meeting for it. Rou hug Mana, but Gill stop them, saying it can be done later. When Gill ordering Mana to sit, Rou can tell there’s something between them. He congratulating her, and even though it still hurt on him, if Mana is happy, then Rou is alright. Then, Rou begins telling his information about Daios to all Dix member.

To the end of it, Gillford told Mana to not leave the house while they’re doing the battle. But it’s just make Weasley worried if she is alone. Because of that, Gill told Weasley to not worry because Rose will protect Mana. Before Gill is leaving for work, Mana tells him to come back. Hearing it, Gill say her wish is his wish too. He is the man who will fulfil Mana’s wish. And thus, he will put her hand on him. Mana surprised he can still saying it at time like that.

Mana and Rose are in Mana’s room when she always sighing, waiting for Gillford. For Rose, she is angry because despite she can fight with Gill, she is doing baby-sitting there. She say to Mana to go bathing now because the man after their fight will get stronger (at what kind of things?) so she better prepare for it to bed. Mana can’t understand how Rose can say that. And then Rose decide to make food for Gill and the other after they’ve return. She told Mana to stay in her room and not to make the other Blade worried. Mana agrees with it and staying in her room.

While waiting for a moment, someone knocking on her door. She think it’s Rose but it’s Karuvan (Rose and Angela’s father). He told Mana that Daios have knew in Dix’s house, there’s boss fiancée. Maybe they will come soon to take Mana. That’s why, Karuvan told her to go where the boss told to. It’s strange. When Mana says he will tell Rose about it, Karuvan say Rose have know it and maybe have waiting for her downstair. After she left the house, she is been kidnapped and kept unconscious.

When Mana awake, she is in some dark place. Karuvan comes to her room, saying she have beautiful heart to believe in people, but also makes her stupid. He think about Gillford as the one who took his job. This means, Karuvan’s job is in Ririn black market production. But Gillford already stopped all of Ririn’s production and made his job end. Even if Gill already give new job to him, Karuvan doesn’t want it. He can’t forgive Gill for looking down at him. But Mana think Gill won’t come because she isn’t his lover. Karuvan just tell her to wait for it.

Meanwhile at the battle area, Weasley and Gillford are busy with his enemy. A man come and telling them about Mana’s disappearance. Weasley ask about Rose but it seems the man doesn’t know. So he tell Gill to save Mana. But Gill can’t do it. When they are talking about the plan, a bullet come near them and Gill pushes Weasley to save him.

Mana think some way to run from there. She tells the guard that she is feels hurt. The chance is taken by Rose to hit the guard and make him unconscious. Rose bring Mana outside but Karuvan can catch them. Karuvan’s motive is to be Dix’s boss and of course Rose is against it. As a Blade, she won’t be able to live and rest even if Karuvan can built a safe place to her. She tells her father to give up, but his betrayal have already known by others. So for the last time, Karuvan want to hold his own daughter. Rose agree but Mana say it maybe dangerous. For Rose, she already known this man for 28 years and she is fine. She knows even if her father is strong, but when her mother is dead, he becomes weak. But it’s true that Karuvan shoot Rose when she comes near him. He say, finally he can be the boss.

Mana cries in front of Rose’s dead body. She knows that Rose already dead, but still, she cried and calling her name. Karuvan say it’s to make Rose not running from him, so he kill Rose. Mana apologize to Rose and then Karuvan begins shooting her. The first bullet reach her but doesn’t make her die. She is running away and finally meet Gillford on the street.

Gill hugs her while she is glad that Gill is alright. She tells Gils that Karuvan have betrayed him. Gill knows it but doesn’t care about that anymore. That words makes her glad. She is glad to meet him and love him. For the last, Mana used her uta-tsukai power despite Gill told her not to. She will use it to protect him. Gill is angry because Mana doesn’t do his order to stop.


Gill told her to stop but she still used it, making him ask why she always run from him. She knows Gill cries for her. For the last, she say she love Gill, the only man for her. Mana closed her eyes, but Gill finally understand that ‘it’ is always sleep inside his body. He can understand his own power and know Mana can always loving him, cursing him, and also binding him. He used his uta-tsukai power to heal her (You’ll know the reason later).

Karuvan finally found Gill. Gill say he is stupid for not killing him since long ago and the sound of shooting gun can be heard.

Mana opens her eyes and in front of her is Gill himself. Gill say he know about Rose, that she think of Mana as her sister. To protect Mana, Rose must be happy. And Mana can’t remember what happened after she fainted. Whatever, she say she still like Gillford. Actually Mana is surprise at her own words but Gill also say he loves her then ask what does she feel about him. Mana answering his question, saying she loves him too.

The snow falling. Gill said it’s because angel have given it for the battle of Roach. According to Noah’s Ark, a snow falling after battle is like a light from angel who come to take the spirits of the dead. Hearing that story, Mana begs Gill to let her sing. He say it’s a requiem and let her do the singing. Okay, I can understand why this story made bird as the title. Bird is often used in Noah’s Ark stories, especially that Paradisae apoda (Bird of Paradise) which have red-maroon body color.

Weasley ask Mana if she have nervous for her wedding. Rou tells her to cheer up. But Sera is still the same, doesn’t talk anything to her. Rou is teasing Sera for it but Sera doesn’t feel like what Rou have said about. After some conversation with Rou, Sera told all the man to leave the room because the bride must prepare. Of course he himself will leave too and taking Rou outside with force so he say to that kuso megane to let him go.

The maids are ready to preparing her make up and all. After finish with it, Gill comes right away to see his bride. Mana still calls him Gillford-sama, but change to Gill after he told her to. Then, he tease her again because he like her cute face. Mana makes him scared that she won’t make hamburger anymore for him (Gill’s favorite food), so he apologize, asking what kind of thing he can do to say sorry. Mana kissed him, telling him to marry her to apologize. Gill say it’s too dare for a bride to say that. He answer that he already said, her wish is his also, so he will stay by Mana’s heart. Then he tell her 愛してる。。。俺だけの花嫁。

End 3

Mana choose to not see Gill and Rose anymore the night she found them in one room. She ran away.

The morning after, she still think about it. Sera meets her, telling she is like Gill’s doll. But if she feels hard to work at Gill’s room, he let Mana work at his place. He told the thing he hate is she make Gill weaker, but for Mana, she just want to protect him. Again, he ask if Mana will work at his place. Thinking about the benefit again, she agree.

Then, Sera also told it to Gill. After asking Mana if it’s really her wish, Gill won’t objecting the decision. Even though she feels hard, she still choose to work hard at Sera’s room.

In his room, Sera told her to read some books if she have free time. It makes her asking why Sera give her work. The reason is Sera will always protect Gillford. To protect Gill’s path is the same as fulfiling his wish. Even if Mana think she doesn’t have any meaning for Gill, Sera can tell there’s something. And for it, Sera beg Mana to not die and just take a gun to protect herself because Sera can’t do it. If she make Gill weak when something happen to her, Sera himself will kill her. Mana think he is nice actually, but Sera is saying the usual cold thing to make her scared.

In front of Sera’s room, Mana is thinking about Sera’s words again. When she is like that, Gill meet her coincidentally. He realize Mana have been working often in Sera’s place. Then, he ask if Sera have touch her. Mana say Sera won’t do such a thing because she know the reason. She comes to Sera because Gill hates her. After telling it, Mana run away.

The night is coming. Sera gave his work to Gill, but he also wouldn’t hold to say that Mana is crying because of him. The reason for Gill to do it because he want Mana to be happy. This chance is used by Sera to also beg Gill to give Mana, because Sera want her power. If Gill doesn’t want it, Sera say he must make Mana his. But Gill is afraid if he will hurt her. From Sera’s mind, the two of them are similar. Then after some conversation, about Sera will kill Mana if she make Gill weak, Gill say his duty is already determined since long ago.

Mana is working in Sera’s room again. Suddenly, a Blade comes saying Rou is back. The meeting is held for it. After Rou have explained the information, everyone are leaving the room to do their work, leaving Mana and Gill behind. Gill apologize. He just want her happiness, even if she must be with another man. After Mana say she wish for his happiness too, Gill leaves.

And the time with Rose is same, when she want to leave Mana for a moment to get food. Karuvan kidnapped her after that. He say he know Mana isn’t Gill’s lover but now, he doesn’t have any choice. He also know Seravis want Mana for her power. Karuvan have told Dix about her and maybe will come soon.

After he left Mana alone, she took the gun from her pocket, saying her thanks to Sera. She then shoot her own body, for the hope to not bother Gill and Sera.

Mana comes to a white door. A voice ask her to open the white door or not because if she open it, she won’t be able to come back. Mana choose to open it. The voice, now is Gill, saying sorry. Mana told him it’s alright.

She meets Gill in the white place. It’s because Gill is wishing for it. Gill brought her to the flower field, saying it’s his wish to meet her there. Because he doesn’t want to be born again in the world without her. Mana quickly kissing him and Gill said he finally can say the word he always wish. And then, the two of them, who have lost their life, will be living in the dream world without an end.

BEST ED A, End 1

Mana show herself in front of Gill and Rose to make them stop. And then, same with End 2. But after Gill have left (the one he say about his pendant to Mana), she meet someone in her dream again, asking her to leave him alone and forget about him. Mana choose to forget him. And she wakes up with Huey to go to flower field. Then, the same story goes on until Gill calming her for another bad dream. She say, it will be better if her brother is Gill in the time like that.

Then, the same thing happened. Karuvan kills Rose, Mana uses her power, and then, it’s already the wedding day. Before the time come, Mana is dreaming again, the continuation of Setsu when he look at his friend’s body. The guard will punish him again, but he use his power to kill that man. Setsu is questioning the meaning of his power. So, he will bring his friend to live again, saying he will be inside his body. And so, he will go with Gillford along his life (What a sudden reveal! But this makes the story understandable. That’s why Gill is always longing and dreaming for Mana.).

Setsu and Gillford…!!!

Mana wakes up upon hearing the bell’s ringing. Gill comes to her, saying she is beautiful. Then, she ask him since when he knows it all. Well, he understand it all since long ago. Mana kissed him, saying she love him. Gill is saying the same thing. Suddenly, a picture from her memories appear. The one who kissed her isn’t Huey (like Weasley have thought of in his route), but Setsu. After that, Mana ask if she can become Gill’s red bird (the bird who will guide him, as in Noah’s Ark?). Gill said she will be it. Even after the summer season have passed, Mana will be his only bride forever. He say he love her again.

The Kissing CG from Mana-Gillford and Mana-Setsu


Reim (Yukishiro Ayano)

Age: 13

He is the son of Riido’s family. Too young for Mana, but let’s know about him more.

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Mana choose not to open the white door in Fourth Noise. So she is in the same condition at the beach with Rou.

When Karuvan ask her what will she think about staying with Gillford, Mana is confused on what road she must choose. She thinks her condition now is similar to Reim.

The Sixth Noise: Advance

That day, she is thinking about Karuvan’s question, and wondering what will Reim think about it. Suddenly, a maid tells her that Reim is already waiting for her in guest room. This time, Reim comes with his mother’s approval. He looks really happy after going to school. But he can tell Mana have a problem from her face, so he ask her to take a walk.

When they are sitting on the bench, Reim ask what have happen because she looks like want to cry. Because Reim really worried about her, Mana doesn’t have a choice rather than telling all of her worries to him. He then asking her to come to the social party he’ll hold next time. The truth is it’s his mother’s birthday. But rather than a birthday party, they will make a social party. And there will be many cakes around. The thing Mana is worried about is a present but he say it won’t be needed. She sure is promise to come.

Not took a long time until Weasley came there too. Reim is very happy to meet him again because he help him find his own way. Weasley brings them to eat cake after that. After eating, he take his leave. But before that, he whisper that he can’t wait for the party to Mana. Knowing they have a promise, Weasley teases Mana. Because of that, she tells about the social party they have promised. He is really want to come there because there are many delicious food and tells Mana he have come once when Gill becomes a Boss for the first time (to greet Riido). The problem is she have never been come to a party before and doesn’t know what to do. So, for the first action, Weasley offering to help her buying a dress.

It’s the party day. The maid helps her wearing the dress but she still can’t believe if she fit that. At the entrance, Mana met Sera, who was invited to the party too. He told Mana not to embarrassed Dix and he won’t be able to stay with her because he came to work (that really disappointing since she think it’ll be good to go with Sera). Also, Sera think she may study well if she is together with Reim.

When she arrived at Riido’s house, it seems everyone are looks like a princess. That matter made her wondering if it’s alright to come. Firstly, she ask the butler-like man where Reim is, but he doesn’t know Mana at all. She thinks Reim haven’t tell about her arrival. Fortunately, Reim quickly comes to her. After Reim tells Lid about Mana, he inviting her to come inside. Actually, Reim is blaming himself for not give proper information about Mana. He just said to let a girl with black hair come in. Then, he invites Mana to go in his house because he already prepared the food.

But even after she comes in, Mana doesn’t feel relax because it seems everyone are staring at her. When she ask Reim is her dress isn’t good, he says it’s because she is the most bright and cute in the house (okay, this kid can flirt). But their time together got interrupted because he must greet Count Ruben.

While waiting for him, Mana think she must talk with someone, but she can’t find anyone to talk to. After Reim has come back, he is worried because Mana doesn’t feel right at there. She told him it’s because Sera suggesting her to speak with many people and give good impression about Dix. Because she is Dix’s family, she want to do it. Reim can understand that and will help her.

But he suddenly ask Mana if she really like Dix’s mansion. Because if she want it, she can live with him in his house. He will teach her manner, people’s face, and everything he know to her, because he want to be Mana’s power. It’s not because Mana doesn’t know, but it’s not something she can decide on herself. After all, Gill won’t let betrayer to live. That makes Reim thinks twice about it. So, he will give her time to talk and decide it, but he doesn’t want to wait for long.

When she finally back home and meet Weasley, she ask if what Sera does, to greet many people, is a usual job Blade will do. Weasley tells her it’s usual for Blade to do that. So she leaves after that because she already find an answer, leaving Weasley confused behind.

She stay in her room after speaking with Weasley but suddenly, someone knock on her window. It is Reim and at the critical time to choose to help Reim, Weasley also knocking her door to speak. She tells Weasley to wait a moment and helping Reim (What is this? Romeo-Juliet?).

Unfortunately, Reim almost fall and Mana is screaming for it. Of course it makes Weasley worried, opening the door, and very surprised to see Reim there. Reim told Weasley he just want to talk about going to Riido’s house for Mana, and to advances her. But in Weasley’s mind, he seems like a thief. The advances thing is told by his butler that a man can come to woman’s room at night for it (huh?). Weasley correcting it that it have a different meaning. Then, Mana told Weasley and Reim about her mind. Actually, she want to talk with Gillford tomorrow about her leaving. Coming at the right time is Gillford himself. And actually, Gill have knew it all from Sera and Reim’s maid, Marie.

Gill ask if leaving with them is painful for her, but she answer it because she have no use for them. Of course Weasley said her food is delicious and really helpful for them. But Gill gave her one more job. It is to live in Count Riido’s house for the time being. Because Count Riido is an important person to Dix, it is her job to watch it. She thinks it’s resemble of Sera’s job. Mana is really happy for her new job, and Reim is too. And then, Gill ordered Weasley to escort the kid back home.

Before he is leaving, Reim is wondering if he is useless. But Mana doesn’t think like that. There’s one wish for her to Reim, which is to teach her studying. Because Mana is jealous he can go to school. For Reim, it is easy. He can teach her after school and will do his best if he’s with her. Mana is smiling for it, and he say she’s mostly cute when smiling like that. He also not forget to say welcome to Riido’s house for Mana.

At Gill’s office, Sera calls him stupid for making that kind of decision. And when Rou heard it, he’s really surprised. But Sera won’t talk too much because Gill have given his order. For Weasley, it’ll be safe if Mana is in Riido’s house. But the problem for Rou is he can’t see her anymore, so Gill tells him he can meet her anytime. The talk is over like that and when everyone already leaving his room, Gill say it’s fine like this.

The Seventh Noise: Watch End 25

Before Reim goes to school, he make Mana remember of their promise to go to the library together. Mana remember of it. When afternoon comes and Mana must go to the library, Rou comes to see her and following her. He asks many question about her living in Riido’s house. After he knows Mana looks having fun in there, he is happy too, but also a bit sad. Then, she ask if it’s alright to leave Dix and if she have help them. For Rou, it’s okay and Mana is doing her best.

In front of library, Reim is coming with quick breath because he’s in a hurry. He seems doesn’t like Mana to talk with Rou, but change to his usual self after that. And then after the study time have ended, Rou says he is sleepy in there, makes Reim to change his face to an angry one. He ask if Mana is having fun talking with Rou and if she want to go back to Dix mansion. Mana is confused on how to answer that, and because of it, Reim is running away. Looking at the two, Rou knows himself and gives his baked food to Mana and Reim. She following Reim quickly.

Finally Mana can catch his step. He let Mana sit beside him then telling his feeling. When he see Mana look so happy talking with Rou, Reim feel anger toward that. Again, he ask Mana if she want to go back to Dix. The second time he ask, Mana realize it’s the problem and asking him why he want to know. Actually, Reim is blaming himself for bring Mana to his house. It’s true he is thankful for her and all the Dix for saving him and telling him the about world. And to be Mana’s power is makes him really happy. But the thing is, he always talk about his own self. He despise that weakness.

Mana makes him know she doesn’t look at him like that. Hearing her thoughts, Reim feels relieved but there’s one thing he want to tell to Mana. It is his feeling for her, that he likes Mana. She is the one who makes him stop killing animals and makes decision to become a doctor. Without her, he think he couldn’t stop right away. That’s why, he want Mana to be by her side, to look at him not as Riido but as himself. Because maybe, he will lose his path again.

Mana is agree to be his watcher. She will stay with him and be his power. But Reim knows it, that her ‘like’ and his like are different. Mana told him that the feeling of want to be together is the same, and she saw him as an important person. Hearing it, Reim is a bit calm, but asking one more thing (More and more? He said it’s just one though. This greedy rich kid…).

The last is to take out Mana’s hands because his teacher at school have gave him a ‘White Clover’ seed (I don’t know about that, really). The white clover means ‘promise’, and want Mana to plant it with him. He want the seed to keep his promise to become a doctor. Because Mana will help him, Reim is really thankful to her.

And then, it’s already a few years after in a snow season. Mana is going back after she meet Dix. A Blade told her that Rou and Gillford always talk about her. She is famous in Dix. Then, she came back to Riido’s house. It seemed Reim have finishing his job to examine a patient and will go to another one. It is a boy and is crying for his dog’s wound. Mana helps Reim to calming the boy. But actually, it is the hospital for human, not a dog.. But he keeps taking care of it. After the boy have gone, Reim say he is scared of children.

It’s because the past him always hurting small animals that he is scared to break small things. Mana told him that the him now wouldn’t do such a thing anymore. She is sure of it. Then, Reim brings her to the white clover is. He ask if Mana still remember their promise and she is. She thinks the body of animals which have been buried there will be happy to know that Reim is saving many life now. But he still couldn’t forgive himself for what he have did. Despite that, he also is thankful for them because with their life, he knows his sin and want to change it.

Now, he ask to change her promise to him. To not be his watcher, but as his wife (okay, proposal!). If she refuse it, Reim must be sad. But Mana say he must know the answer. Reim just laughing at it (because he know?). And then, he make one question again, which is to kiss her (oh right! The transformation from brat→→hot doctor! Mana, you’re so lucky to have him from his childhood past! Althought he still have that womanly voice..). And he ask her to be with him, forever. Eh, just one CG?

End 26

Mana can’t make decision if she want to be Reim’s watcher. And in the end, after becoming a doctor, he still look at her just as his watcher, forever.

End 27

This time, she doesn’t want to leave Dix mansion. Reim can understand it and he will help her if she need one. That’s it!



This route is one of branches from Gillford’s but I made a separate route because it wouldn’t use Gillford in the end.

Mana won’t forget about the person who appear in her dream. But he won’t let Mana open the white door, so she will use a red key, saying he can’t stop her. He ask if Mana still choose it despite it will make her separate from the person she love. Still, Mana answer it with yellow key, because she is fine with it. The guy told her again that she will be forever in despair but now, Mana use the blue key to open it. She think she won’t let her precious people get hurt and will protect them. And now, she can open the door then awake at the gate to the flower field. Then the story is the same until she awake in Gill’s room.

Gill is in front of her, already awake. He say waking up from sleep for a lover must take a long time. Enough with it, he ask Mana to go with him, despite he is busy. Before she agree, she tell him a lover must use their time wisely. Gill asking her if last night haven’t enough for her?

Gill brings Mana to a chapel. Before they go in, Gill ask Mana to following him when call her his bride. He say it’s the safest place and also is near a school. To make a peace world, Gill will do anything to beat his enemy. Mana doesn’t know Gill can think like that. Looking at Mana, Gill ask if she is laughing at him because he is a Roach and saying that peace word. But Mana doesn’t think like that. She think Gill have tell her another thing about world.

So Gill ask Mana to make this conversation a secret from any other person. Despite Mana think it’s weird that Gill won’t tell it to another person (because it really is a great wish), she agree to not tell anything. Gill make it a promise between them. Actually it’s a word someone really kind say to him, that he want to built a nice world. And the reason Gill told her all of that is because from now, he want to walk to his future with her. It can’t be anyone else than her. Then Gill brings Mana to the main hall of the chapel because he know Mana like to sing.

There, he explains a story in the past, when there lives a great uta-tsukai, who can see whatever thing it is. That powerful man was hated by everyone, and one day, that man met something he can’t wish for. It indicates the basis of the world, the existence of God. But the man fell in love to the God, wanted to go to their world. He used the powerful strength of uta-tsukai, with the power of ‘Wish to meet God, wish to go to God’s world’. And that made the man could open the door which couldn’t be open by anyone despite the God.

Uta-tsukai and mahou-tsukai are a different matter. Maybe if a uta-tsukai wish it, that is connected by love, than they can do anything. The God wouldn’t afraid of uta-tsukai power. God eradicated all of the uta-tsukai family.

It’s not some old legend, but it seems true. Gill think Mana can open the door using her power. She say she will do it if she can. But then, Gill ask her again, if that makes her know a painful truth, will she do it too? Oh well, he said that it’s just his own talk.

The Tenth Noise: Red Bird

She meets Kairi again, but he say she is not the other one. It’s confusing but he say the other her won’t call him Kairi. She ask why Kairi is crying and why can’t he go outside. For it, he will tell her a story. He told that he is a man from Gofer, who tried to meet God because of love. The rest is Mana already know. That’s why, Kairi is forever will be there alone. His fragment are all scattered, and so, five years ago, he called a girl who will help him gather it. But well, he doesn’t think it all will happen easily. He then told her something she couldn’t understand (me too), but Kairi said it’s fine. The thing he speak makes Mana think there’s another Mana who understand it. But he said it’s not true. Then, the time for her to go back is coming. When Mana awakes, she is in Gill’s office and Rou have come back.

The same thing happened, when Mana used her power and closed her eyes. Gill say that her world isn’t here. That’s why, there’s no other option for Gill. Before he left Mana, Gill confessed his love to her.

Mana finally meet Gill with white clothes in front of the white door. He greet her that she is finally there. It’s true he is Gillford, but not the one she hope. With it, Mana can tell he is Kairi. He said his love can’t be fulfilled again. Then, he told her if she want to open the door, Mana can fulfil Gill’s wish, but she will be alone. It’s because Gill can’t be save anymore, so Mana will have two choices. One is to go back and die or she will open the door and be alone. And if she is back, the tank (for fish) will be rupture, everyone and even Gill will become 0. Well, it may happen long after, but for now she must choose one.

This is Kairi

Mana choose to open the door and creating a new world. For Kairi, she isn’t running away and that’s why she is there. At the end, Mana can’t determine what Kairi is thinking so he apologize. Before going to the door, Mana say goodbye to Gillford.

End 0: NOISE

It’s a story from one country.

Sera excusing himself to meet the boss, telling her a Roach from west will bring storm to them. Mana say she will have work to it. Then, Sera tell his mind, after she become a boss, he haven’t seen her look panic, and this causing her to be very frightening. Even to look eye-to-eye, he have no courage. So, Mana ask him if he have that power, will he know everything? For now, Sera doesn’t know it but it will be soon. Now, he say to see the inside of world isn’t interesting. And the fun thing is to know it a little bit. Mana told him it’s the thing she like from Sera.

She is now both a uta-tsukai and mahou-tsukai, a being who is near God. With Mana’s eyes, she can see everything about the world’s form. Also, he doesn’t think her eyes is frightening, just like a poison. That’s why Mana always closing her eyes.

Sera ask her again what does she see when she close her eyes. Mana say it’s nothing, just a fish tank.


After this have completed, there’s a report/ diary which told about their secret, some timeline (I think the one who wrote it was Mana, in end 0, because she referring herself to someone who isn’t a God. And if she and the other have already died, Gofer will still continue and always using the ‘fish tank’ word in her writing.). But I’m too lazy to read it all (not take long time though) after many non-voice conversations in Gill’s main story. Also, there’s a new chapter called ‘KAIRI’. I think it’s just every words Kairi always says to Mana in her dream, just now with his appearance, who looks similar to Gillford.

It seems Gillford’s light route is really the true ending. There, the story of Mana’s past, her brother, also Kairi are being told one by one in many endings. So, it’s still better to leave Gill for the last time playing. Despite his story is revealing much of the secrets, it’s too boring to read Mana-Kairi, and Gillford-Setsu’s conversation without voice. And so, please forgive me if there’s anything wrong with my kanji interpretation.

Despite it’s almost boring, the romance time is double than his dark route! I’m really happy Operetta made a compensation from his dark route, which was so-so to me. Still, I can’t believe that Setsu use Gill’s body (I hope Gill won’t love her because there’s Setsu in his body). But he say it himself that he already knows that since long, so he can tell the differences, isn’t it? Whether it’s his love or Setsu’s.

And that Karuvan! I don’t know if he tell lies to Mana, because he already appear in everyone’s light route. It must be bad for Rose to appear in Gill’s light route since she must die in her father’s hands (not counting Camille here..). I begin to like her more because she always helping Mana, but sad if it’s true she often sleeps with Gill.

What’s more? End 3 is so romantic, to live in the dead world forever, but aren’t they dead? It seems sad too. Don’t forget about Kairi. What is he? The person who is in Gillford and Gofer’s legend? What is this thing? It makes me surprise but does make sense too. Mana, a rare uta-tsukai can meet this guy. And his appearance is similar to Gillford. Who can tell it, why? He just use Gill’s appearance, or it is his true form? I don’t know exactly (maybe from the report, if someone kind enough to tell me). But after knowing ending 1, will it still be true that the one Mana saw in ending 3 is really Gillford? To have saying the word that, he won’t need another world apart from where he and Mana is together, does it seems like Setsu’s words in her dream (past)?

End 0, is really frightening me so much. The first time I saw Mana like that, I wished I saw another person because she looked like a dark witch. Like, she will eat anyone who bother her (I don’t know why Operetta still ruin her image even after Gill’s dark ending and Camille). But she still hiding her sadness to her mask as a strongest uta-tsukai and mahou-tsukai.

Quit with Gill, I have wrote too many words. Reim’s story is so cute. And why can someone so cute like that can be a hot doctor? A nose bleed here.. Whether I was scary at the beginning (he kills animals!), or I didn’t prefer shota, I admit Reim was too cute & cool! I want him as my little brother (child form) and my older brother (adult form)!

From overall, Noise -Voice of Snow- is really a good game. My best 3 after CZ and Shinigami to Shoujo. It have beautiful theme, art, romance, and story. Sometime, the chara design won’t be able to fulfil people’s preference (mostly because Mana is like a heroine from lolicon themes), but I’m not a person who hate it (still, I like some girl’s chara in shounen manga, games, or anime). So it’s fine for me.

Mana can change personality in every routes, but I like her more in Sera, Rou, and Weasley’s dark ending because she is so powerful. She can use magic gun and kill Dix’s enemy with it, that makes me like her. Because I like strong heroine! Other light route can’t amuse me that much. And Gill dark route, Camille, also end 0 are making me to see her as different person and appearance. I don’t  think she is Mana anymore (so I can take it and not hating her).

And the people who say this is full of yandere, are much wrong. This filled with so many dramatic, emotional, mystery and secret aspects that I find it ‘beautiful’ (I always say it’s similar to StS). It also have beautiful BGMs and songs that perfectly fit the story. Don’t worry about the long time to play (again, similar to StS, which everyone are mainly avoiding because of long time completion), because it will give it’s wonderful story.

Too bad not many people playing it, so I can’t judge much. It’s all just my point of view, so just try it yourself to know more about Noise. And because AYUTRICA sang for the OP, I searched and heard many of her songs. It’s mainly in German-Japan language and it’s wonderful (I want to make her one of my favorite singer, despite she just sings for doujin). Takanashi Mako is wonderful too. And Gillford’s seiyuu is the one and only seiyuu who sing in here. I really respecting his song because it really is representing the sad story. So, Sera’s bad ending is the one I like in here (very touching). And similar to StS (again), every mysteries that already revealed have another question (for example, is it true Gillford in dead world is really himself? Or is it Setsu? Or Kairi, because he has the same appearance with Gillford too in End 0?).

Okay, I’ll stop here. Finally finish another long story after Shinigami to Shoujo and Amnesia. Next, will prefer something that won’t need much time, which is Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser! I wish to end it quickly while playing Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Portable. I’m happy to be able to play it again on PSP (Feel more comfortable playing PSP than PC and PS2, cause it always hurts my back). CZ is the best otome game I’ve ever played from the art, story, cuteness, cool chara, and system (I won’t be bothered by input words system). Though I still think Shinigami to Shoujo have the best story ever (sorry, it’s become out of noise paragraph).

Link for the CG:


  1. Hmm.. After seeing more of it’s art, this game is back inside my criteria. The art is prettily colored and detailed just .. ちょっと 主人公は目が大きすぎてロリぽく見える ‘_’a I prefer Sera. She’s cool! As for the story, music and theme (snow etc) already passed in the first place so I’ll consider this game if I can clear my backlog. ^-^ Especially since the CG in this post looks setsunai *w* SETSUNAI SUKI! I’ve heard of Ayutrica before, she reminds me of Rita, euphonius… Ceui etc. I like them..

    Thanks for the lovely review~ it’s good to hear about this game or else I may just miss it out of too quick judgement ‘w’ Congratulations on full comp!

    • Thanks ^ ^, finally completed.

      That big eyes of Mana also makes me think of her as a child, but considering her real age, I won’t be bothered with it anymore..
      Yes, she is similar to Rita, etc but she mainly use story to her albums/ singles as lyric, more similar to Sound Horizon. And I hope you can try it (maybe I must make backlog too? I played games without list, depend on what I see first).

  2. Ah, thank you very much for sharing the Cg pack! *_* And we appreciate your hard work of telling the whole story of each character! It was mega interesting! Thanks a lot, dear!!!

  3. About the report… I just read it and still not understand most of it.
    It seems that the report written by a researcher, written in 20XX years, after mankind moved to space (?) after earth destruction. Then there are several people who researching for a new world, that called “Water tank”, or later they called it “Gofer”. One of The researcher find an interesting “fish” inside the water tank, that she (?) called as Gillford, which possessed a very beautiful voice (is he the first and strongest Uta-tsukai in the legend…?). The writer become possessed in Gillford. But that time there is another problem, a disease occured among the remaining people (in real world), and the writer knew that she only waiting for her turn.
    The situation make other researcher stop the research and seeking for shelter. But the writer, she still want to speak with Gillford, that sometimes called her “beautiful” (so, is it means that the writer is the God that the first Uta-tsukai fall in love with…?). Gillford knew there is something bothered her, and asked “How can I heal your sadness?”.
    Several time passed, the writer become more obsessed with “Gofer” and “Gillford”, and want to spend her time as much as possible there. Then, the writer make a program (?) that allow Gofer to operate normally even without any manager to control it’s system, because Gofer is the world that “Gillford” loved.
    Time passed again, the writer already weakened that she can’t even “dived” into “Gofer” anymore, although “Gillford” keep calling her. At the end, Gillford tried to “get out” from the Water Tank (Is it the part where the Uta-tsukai singing his hope to go to the God’s world?) to meet her. His action make the security system that protect Gofer deleting him, and Uta-tsukai power considered as “threat” for world’s system. What the writer can do for Gillford is only paralyzed some restoration system to save some clan’s member. But her action make the world “free from God’s control”, and thus the human develop freely. And this make criminals appear in that paradise-like world (about roach….?).
    Time passed, it’s almost the writer’s last time. But Gofer independence management system almost completed, and the “fish tank” (Gofer’s people) can develop their own intention (?). The writer glad for it, but that time it seems that she already alone, and she is so lonely and always wishing to meet Gillford again.
    Then, the last report (the writer’s hand already almost unmovable). She asking to “anyone” who read this report, how is Gofer now? How is the world that Gillford love become now? Did Gofer’s people “life”?. Then she also asking to watch over the world.
    At the end, there is a sign, from “The Last Developer”.

    Sorry, too long. But for me, this report (although explaining some crucial things) really ruin the basic story. So Gofer is an “artificial world” (maybe some computer program with AI and Virtual Reality technology) that created for research? Someone who already read it and understand more than me, please tell me…..

    • Thanks for the story.. It is really interesting but some part really hard to understand.

      Looking at your translation, I thought the same, if Gofer is an artificial world. And remember the time about the story of human who seek to meet God, fall in love with her, that God must be the ‘one created’ the universe of Gofer. And the thing is, he shouldn’t come there, so God think to eliminate them. You’re right, the story is ruining the world.. This is hard. But I like hard stories like this. Hard to understand, awaken some individual’s thoughts, it makes me admire the story maker. I wish more people playing it so can give us more explanation to the missing part of the story.. But many people avoid this long story to begin with.

      • I also really confused, so several parts only copy-paste from my ATLAS. And yes, even some people who like long-story didn’t want to touch Operetta’s work after Diary (I read it in a forum). By the way, I must thank you, cause I decide to play it after reading your review here.
        But, now I think the story look like Juu-Oh-Sei, that the planet for criminals actually a research place to save the mankinds (except that people from Gofer different than the researcher….).

        • Haha, I know that anime (watch it after interested in OP song). Glad that it’ll help many people play it with my review (that’s my true intention though), ’cause I like trying even though many people don’t like it. Maybe I’ll try Diary too later. My friend have completed it and yandere story just at the bad end (firstly playing must have that ending), but in the two eds, it seems fine and normal.

          I have problem translating the Report. I wish I can play with Atlas for most games too, but too lazy trying it. Even AGTH have problem with my system (before, I could use it, but now after re-install my OS, it couldn’t be use anymore). Fortunately I have Jap Language pack now.

  4. I was actually disappointed with Gill’s route (both light & dark)! x_x
    I’m not saying it was boring or bad, I actually enjoyed it – until Rose showed up and was introduced as his long-time mistress. >_>
    I mean seriously, he got one woman for so long as his only mistress (and he even knows that she loves him). Really, Operetta, thank you for spoiling not only Weasley’s routes but also Gill’s routes for me. Q_Q

    • That is really bad, I know. How can he use woman like that even though he always longing for someone? But at least, I can put it aside because in light route, everything is revealed nicely. This make me can’t compare that sudden bad look on him to a mystery in it. But still, it’s annoy the whole story.

      And more to it, Rose dies (It doesn’t make me hate her, now I’m pitying her to come out in his route. It would be better if she didn’t show up or just being a friend to Mana rather than Gill’s mistress).

  5. Okay, I just finished Voice, and I would like to translate the Report correctly, because it seems a lot of you didn’t really understand what the report was saying.
    This is long as hell, I’m sorry.

    TL;DR: Matrix meets Fallout.

    If anyone is reading this, it means I am already dead and that fish tank has been broken.
    No, perhaps I should say it has entered a new stage.
    Even if we are no longer here, I have no doubt that Gofer will go on existing.
    For you, I might be one of the existences you call a god, but to tell you the truth I’m a human.
    If you think of it like that, you are greater than me for being alive.
    Which is why I think that this report and the trivial life of humans will all be erased, but it’s because of that, for you who has come all this way, I thought this would have some merit to it before I deleted it.

    Finally, I am the last person remaining in the facility.
    Probably the last person in the world.
    I thought that when this day would come, I would go crazy, grieve and experience all of these expected reactions, but it is as if my feelings are paralyzed, and I don’t feel much about this.
    It seems I am in peace with the fact that I am the last breathing creature left.
    I can probably remain calm like this, since I have Gofer.
    I never get tired of just looking at that “fish tank”, if I talk to them, the creatures inside can call to me, too.
    Now that I think about it, when I was looking into the fish tank yesterday, I happened to find an interesting “bug”.
    His name was “Gillford”. An existence who brings forth disorder with his emotion and voice.
    He is quite different than the other “fish”.
    That difference probably being that he is an abiogenesistic sub-species of the magic user bugs.
    He seems to be a scholar who is studying the origin of the fish tank.
    It sounded interesting, so I pretended to appear to him as an angel and teach him all sort of things to kill time.
    And even more interesting than that, he turned to me, who was only just a voice, and called me “beautiful”.
    It’s been a long time, since even before mankind was destroyed, that I have last heard that word.

    As I was vacantly gazing at the fish tank, Gillford called out to me.
    I pretended to be a messenger again and answered him.
    He asked “why was Gofer created”.
    I was going to tell him “Just to pass time”, but he was so enthused that I ended up talking about our history.
    Well, I suppose that’s true, too.
    It’s because I did something like that that it made me think of the past.
    The time when we all noticed our mistake was 10 years ago.
    I still remember it as if it were yesterday–
    Mankind has used up most of Earth’s resources and turned it’s eyes to space.
    That was because an habitual place was discovered.
    Everyone were excited for their world’s vast plains.
    …But that happiness did not last long.
    All those who flew there ended up with a strange disease.
    The panicked people quickly returned to Earth, but that was another mistake.
    The strange disease infected the healthy and all but the most prudent humans died.
    It might’ve been our punishment for leaving our mother planet.
    There were those that later got into shelters, but they all knew that they would all die even then.
    We, the scientists created Gofer as a fish tank to comfort the remaining people and make them forget even briefly about reality.
    You could say that it worked.
    Those who survived the destruction in the shelters, somehow did not rebel, but stared at the fish tank… the fish inside of the fish tank.
    Since they were looked at like that for so long, it isn’t surprising that more were born with free will.
    It was also happening in an alarming pace, but that was interesting in itself.
    The fish were all so alive, with raw happiness and hope, looking towards the future.
    What we, mankind, had lost.
    Ah yes, the first one to call Gofer a “fish tank” was another developer that worked with me called Rou.
    Director Sera got angry and said something like “Gofer is a new world, so don’t call it a fish tank” , but soon enough it became it’s nickname.
    And then he proudly stated how he made fish with the same names as us.
    …How nostalgic.
    It’s been a long time since I felt “nostalgic”.
    I want to see everyone again.

    As I was talking to Gillford like always, he told me he wanted to see me.
    Throwing your consciousness into Gofer is bad for the brain… well, shortening my life span now isn’t really a problem anymore, so I decided and I went to see him.
    When I looked at Gofer from within, I was surprised.
    When he first met me, he called me “beautiful”, but I thought he was the very definition of beauty.
    I thought I didn’t have any feelings left in my heart anymore…
    But when I saw his smile, for some reason, I started crying.
    His smile was just so beautiful and warm…
    He timidly touched my cheek and said–
    [How can I cure your sadness?]

    Since I met Gillford I noticed something.
    It’s too late now, but it seems I have been lonely.
    Maybe I was simply paralyzed or maybe I was trying hard to not notice it…
    Anyway, since I met Gillford personally, that feeling has been magnified.
    If I could, I want to always be with Gillford.
    But if I throw my consciousness to Gofer for too long, it really won’t be good.
    I thought to myself that it would be okay to die while in Gofer, meeting him in person was a sign for me.
    But for now, since there’s no other manager around to make sure Gofer’s levels remain normal, I have to take care of the program.
    This place is the world he loves, I have to protect it.

    Gillford called me, but I no longer have the strength to go into the fish tank.
    The time I spend without him is filled with torturing, maddening loneliness.
    …Maybe that got through to him.
    Gillford was worried about me and cut a hole in the system and tried to come here.
    …As a result, he was repelled by the automatic system protecting Gofer and has been deleted.
    Song users’ powers were marked as a “threatening virus that must be deleted for the continued duration of the world” in the system.
    Even if I apologize to him, I’m sure he’d just get mad…
    Forgive me… Gillford…
    But at least as atonement I can paralyze one part of the system repair.
    If I do that, at least his relatives can escape from the system’s hands and live on.
    But if I do that to the system repair, even paralyze just one part of it, it won’t go as we developers intended it to.
    Gofer will be disconnected from it’s set trajectory and would develop free will.
    A world that has lost “god’s punishment” would be filled with crime and the beautiful world Gillford loved would be gone.
    …What irony that my last job would be to dirty that paradise just like our own world.

    My condition has finally worsened.
    I will, like everyone else, die in a couple of days.
    I’m glad that before my time came I managed to complete the self reliant management system…
    I’m a little disappointed that it came out a little rickety, but it will last for a couple hundred years or so.
    The fish in the fish tank… no, these “residents of Gofer” will advance even more by their own will.
    That place is already another world.
    And as the end grows closer, I start to think.
    I should’ve turned to them more when they started having free will.
    If I did, Gillford wouldn’t…….
    ……….Isolation is so lonesome… I’m so lonely.
    I want to see Gillford again. I want to see him……

    Slowly, using my hands has become difficult.
    I should’ve finished recording this earlier.
    This is probably the last report.
    So…. I’d like to ask you, who has come all this way.
    ….How is Gofer, the place he loved so much?
    Is it still going?
    Are the residents of Gofer still “alive”?
    If they’re living with their own will, it would make me happy.
    Please look after them.
    This is, my last will.
    May your reality, may your world, be a happier place…
    The last developer

    • It’s okay. I’d really like to know the truth, so I’m really thankful to you to write the long translation (I admit didn’t read most of extra novel story in games). And so, the meaning is, Gofer is a world created by researcher (this feels like Star Ocean 3)? Where the people live in there has the same name as the researcher, can do anything with their own free will. With it like that, the question is where do Mana and Sera lives in End 0?

      • It feels more like… Gofer is like an advanced version of the Sims. Rou from the researcher’s world even made characters with their names and such. I’m going to guess that the researcher is probably Mana.

        Mana and Sera in end 0 live in Gofer, which has been restarted after releasing Kairi/real Gillford, but that restart was very heavy on the system and is causing it to break, but Mana has acquired the knowledge of the system and is able to see the truth of their reality, it’s why she never panics, since she knows that “it’s just a fish tank”.

        • This story is quite confusing.. Sims.. Yeah, we create another life that similar from us. SO3 also has the same truth about the hero’s world, created by another people (although it’s not something like their avatar with same name). End 0 and report have ruin Mana’s design (she is different in there compared from any other stories), but it feel more mysterious. It makes sense if she isn’t get panic over problem if she knows everything happens in that world.

          • I don’t really think it ruins anything, you can just get whatever you want out of this story.
            End 0 is just another reality and the report is also just another reality… if you think of each story as separate and you don’t try to connect them, then they all still hold up on their own without all this sci-fi stuff.

            I actually like the twist, it really blew my mind and I like things like that.
            As for Mana’s design, this Mana is older and wiser than the other Manas, this is probably the “other Mana” that Kairi was talking about. But she’s in no way the “Mana” we played as, she’s a whole different Mana in a world without Gillford/Setsu.
            But I like this Mana, she’s powerful, confident and all knowing (I wouldn’t be surprised if she knows of all the other Manas and has seen the other possibilities she could’ve had), but she’s also a lonely entity because of those traits, reminds me of Vivian from Tsubasa no Oka no Hime or Yoko from XXXHolic.

          • I think Yoko would suit her best with her knowledge. Actually, my ideal Mana is the dark route one, so that’s the cause of my perception. Well, I would say I’d prefer twist and sad themes compared to usual otoge’s storyline. And Noise had gave me the different line (it’s the one which makes me like it). Okay, actually I don’t hate Mana’s appearance and personality in End 0. It’s just like the above, because I like dark route, so it’ll become weird seeing another one named ‘Mana’. I don’t hate her in any way, because she have power in any route she’s in. Light route has cute and adorable Mana, most of dark routes (except Gill and Camille, she becomes similar to end 0) has cool but sweet, and then end 0 has powerful, beautiful, and strong appearances.

  6. I have a problem about Gil’s light route. I really would like to stick onto and play the the light route, but I can’t achieve the light route at all for Gil even though I’ve made all the correct choices already especially the ones increasing my light hearts, but during that one scenario wherein Mana met Karuvan, there’s no choices being given to me on how I’ll respond to Karuvan at all because I’m already bound for Gil’s route, but instead, I would automatically be directed into the scenario wherein I was living in a small house and Rou would kill me then bad ending comes. I don’t know what’s wrong for I made the right choices already and have completed the light hearts, is there something wrong with my game progress like for example, I would have to finish other routes first, maybe Gil’s dark route first before I can unlock and be able to play the light one? Please help me with this concern because I really have a high preference on playing Gil’s light route instead of the dark one.

    • Whoaa!! That game was played 3 years ago.. I don’t think I remember what method did I use to get best ending. But I just followed the guide. Try this … Uh, actually, a few walthroughs I had used, had been deleted because I re-installed my notebook. But I also uses few guides (not only one) for almost every game I’ve played. Don’t stuck in one.

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