In the Silent Winter Road-Gillford (Dark) & Camille & Garelle

And now is the time for Gillford, Dix Boss! Although I’ll just play his dark ending first. Please don’t mind his straight and boring personality, because Gill can also makes a joke.

Gillford (Yanai Hitoshi)

Age: 27

Gillford Dark Route

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Okay, this is weird. Gillford can’t stand the sun at the beach and summer, so he doesn’t involve in volley ball competition. Mana comes to his side, which is under parasol. He lets Mana sit beside him and gives his 香油=balm so she can relax a bit while smear it to her body. After a few seconds she can’t do it perfectly, Gill wants it back so he can smear her back with the balm. The other Blades are looking at it and speaking about their boss now can do good with woman!

It’s embarrassing, but Gill doesn’t seem to think about it much. Then Mana can’t stand his touching, saying あ。。。with a low voice, that she think Gill can’t hear it. But Gill says thing like “So that’s it”, then just make it as his own talking. And then, then..

Gill says the balm will only interfere with Mana’s scent, a sweet scent like candy that makes him hungry!! He licks her neck? He says it feels like salt taste but not bad.. To take out her embarrassing face, she wants to take a drink although Gill says someone else can do that. The rest are same with other route.

When she sings for Gill’s safe return because of the betrayer thing on his side, Gill finds out about it when he comes back. He then hugs Mana, saying she is the one after all, with the song. He thinks she hates him so she won’t come back. But Sera interrupted them, saying, they must hurriedly talk about the matter before. Gill agreed to talk with him, but before he left Mana, he said “It doesn’t matter if you have the power or not. Whatever it is, your all is..”. No, it’s not me. He stop this and says it isn’t important.

The Sixth Noise: Determination

That night, Mana can’t sleep at all. She is thinking about her weakness, makes everyone in bad situation because of her. Also, she remember the time Gill hug her after he come back from his work earlier. She thinks, it maybe will help if she becomes stronger too. But for now, it’s better to take a drink first. After taking her cardigan, she goes to the kitchen. There, Sera meets her, asking, “Why are you bring that thing? Want to make fun of us?” So, she brings the magic gun. But he thinks it is not a problem at all. It is a gift from Gillford, so Mana must protect her life with it. He added it, if Mana have damaged the organization, he will kill her.

After talking like that, Mana wants to go back, but Sera stops her, saying it is all like that for Gillford. And Gill comes in there, because Sera doesn’t come back after he ordered him to make tea. Gill knows Mana have something to say to him and he asks her to speak it in his room.

In his room, Gill ask if ‘it’ already becomes red. Mana remember the time he hug her body so tight, and maybe it’s about that. Gill takes off her cardigan, looking at it, and asks if she is in afraid of something to carry the magic gun. Gill can realize that, but truthfully, she just want to be helpful for Dix, as she can do anything in there (the one Gill told her the first time Mana came). She begs him to be Dix Blade, but Gill won’t need that. He also warn her, if she have take that path of bitter world, she won’t have the second chance to go back. Mana still insists to do it because she wants to protect of what she calls ‘family’. Hearing her thoughts, Gill brings Mana to some place.

Gillford’s bedroom

It is the Blade’s training area. He explains about it all. Area 1 and 2 are used for training magic formula or like throwing knife, similar to Rou. And then Area 3 and 4 are used for training magic gun and for majutsukai like Sera. It is their usual training activities and for the complete explanation, it’s better to ask Rou. After the talking about training, Gill says to her that firstly, she must protect her own life. It is the basic to use magic gun. Mana promised that.

It have already been 10 years since the first time Gill’s teacher trained him to fight. It is very surprising that in the past, Gill is the same kid as Mana, doesn’t know there’s something wider in their world. The past him really didn’t know anything in that world, holding his grudge but could’t make movement. But the time he met his teacher, everything changed. The rest is she already knew. The former boss taught Gill, who couldn’t kill, brought him to the organization. That boss said this time, Gill can do it. As expected, the amateur Gill must train to use magic gun. After that, he came to the dark world of killing people, from the training he had from Dix’s former boss.

Mana thinks Gill is really liking his boss. For him, it’s just that, he is very inspired by that person, saying he’ll protect his family. And all of that, he doesn’t know why the former boss makes him an heir now. Because Gill is also a human, there is time he feels hurted by it. At that time, he feels like he doesn’t need anything, be it his wishes nor his future. When that time came, his former boss will say that he thought of all Dix’s member as his son. So at time like that, feel free to come to him, because he will take all of their pain. After the talk, Gill and Mana are having the ritual of blood exchange.

Mana is remembering the time she and Gill are going outside the mansion, when Gill tells Mana that the blood exchange is one that makes them look like a real family. At last, she awakes when Gill says she is now one of Dix family, then gives her magic gun. He ordering Mana to rest and call him Gill (before, Mana always call him ‘Gillford-sama’) as everyone in Dix calls him that. Well, for now, Mana can just call him ‘Gill-sama’..

Before Mana goes to her room after working at Gill’s place, he gives a holster for her gun. It is one his former boss gave him. Because Mana thinks it’s a precious thing for Gill, she looks like she doesn’t want it and Gill tells her he will buy a new one (also suggesting a leg holster). But it isn’t like that. The thing is, it maybe is a precious memories for Gill, so she can’t accept it. Gill told her if she use it, he will be delighted, because his former boss preference is a lovely girl like Mana (what is that kind of reason?). So for now, because Gill doesn’t need it anymore, she will take the holster. After she have left the room, Gill called her name..

When she is almost reach her room, Rou comes there after work. He also have some blood on his body after work. Then, he looks at Mana’s neck, which have blood on it. He can tell it’s from blood exchange ceremony. Similar to his dark route, actually, Rou is against it because he wants Mana to not come to that side of world and keeps smiling. But after knowing Gill has agrees to it because Mana wants to protect Dix, Rou doesn’t have anything else to object. And maybe, to have see the same world as Mana will be fun for him. He will teach her to use knife and Gill can teach the magic gun. He seems changing his voice after knowing Mana calls Gill now (not Gillford anymore). Rou then promise to buy new clothes for Mana.

The Seventh Noise: Duty

Mana is doing her work to cook in the kitchen and thinking of everyone’s favorite food to do. A maid comes, telling her she feels relieved after Mana is there, everyone are touching the food, especially Sera. Mana offering her to help making drink, but Gill is already coming there. He tells Mana to rest because last night she doesn’t have any proper sleep. Suddenly Weasley comes in there too, asking of when Mana-Gill relationship becomes so close (Mana have called just Gill). He even ask if Mana have hurted her body (what is those question mean?). Hearing it, Gill just sighing and telling Mana that Weasley is just joking. But Weasley must go out after breakfast that Mana think he will meet a woman.

Everyone are gathering at dining room to eat their breakfast together, except Rou is in his room. Gill says she doesn’t need to worry about that. If his stomach feels hungry, he can go eating on himself. And Sera then ask when Mana wants to train her skill that makes Weasley asks of what it is all about. When Gill said the truth to him, Weasley couldn’t believe that the weak girl like that became Blade. He is objecting it with the same reason as Rou. Mana keeps telling him that it is her own decision to protect her family. With the help of Sera, Weasley finally understand it. Also, Wealsey tells Mana to come to his place whenever she need help and Mana agrees to it, making Gill says she doesn’t need to answer that useless question. Sera also tells her to quickly become useful as a Blade.

I don’t know if I already use this picture, but I must use it again

Realizing Mana doesn’t have a seal, Weasley goes out to ask one from Jii-san (I don’t know who it is). Gill then explaining about the carving seal all of Dix must have (look at the first post in Rou’s route).

It’s already two months Mana have learn to fight. She wants to quickly get her job, but Gill says it’s fine if she is like that, soft. He touches (‘pukupuku’ and ‘punipuni’) her like some soft doll and makes Mana angry with it. Looking at her face, Gill is laughing. Then, he told her the exact way to learn majuu, a few suggestions and all about learning. She is happy just because Gill accompanying her training time. Gill also said it’s nearly time for her to use the magic gun. For her power now, it will be alright.

There is time Mana is helping Sera in his room but gets interrupted by ‘woman’s voice flirting with Weasley’. They can hear it from inside, and is really annoying for Sera so he goes outside and telling Weasley to do it inside his own room. The woman ask if Sera is Weasley’s friend and maybe he want to come with them too. But she is asking a wrong person. Sera said he doesn’t like that kind of perfume and really hurted her pride with it.

But actually, maybe Weasley did it to let Sera go from his room. But the woman can’t understand of what they’ve been talking about. Before the woman went to search for Weasley’s room, Gill stopped them with rude words too. And the truth is, Weasley ask that woman to search info about the perfume. After knowing it, that woman prefer to go home. Not long after that, Rou comes back to tell them the one they’ve been searching already move.

Before they can continue with the conversation about Daios, the woman from before is trying to attack Mana. Unfortunately, she is a Blade and can easily dodge it, making the woman surprise of Mana’s position as a Blade. After that, Rou continues his conversation about Daios. It makes Gill makes idea to ask the woman where her share of material is. But she is just laughing at them. Gill and Rou are just can pity her head for it. So The Dix will find out themselves and let Mana protect the mansion. It’s a first job for her. To makes her calm, Gill holds her hand.

Random Picture

The protecting mansion’s story is similar in Weasley’s route. Some man introducing himself as Zainas comes in, but actually he isn’t the real one. He is talking bad about Rou and Dix, also thinking that Mana is Dix’s boss lover. The rest is same, so I will tell the after killing time. Mana has killed the man. When everybody are back home, Weasley asks if she is regretting it. But she doesn’t know if it is like that. Everyone are congratulating her for protecting Dix and become a real Blade. Gill brings her to his room.

He gives a drink to her. When she wants to talk about it, she tells him she doesn’t feel shock or sad at all. Mana doesn’t know why she become weird after taking someone’s life. Gill calming her, saying he was like that too in the past, the same feeling she had, the fear of dying. After hearing she is the same as Gill, Mana is happy and is sure to follow that man.

The Eight Noise: Jealousy

Early in the morning, Sera ordering Mana to go to Gill’s private room and waking him. She is having trouble to it, scared if Gill will get angry, but still comes in. It’s a room filled with blue color.

Gill still sleeping but when she arrives, he talks while sleeping, asking to not go, calling Mana’s name. Gill also putting her body to his bed, makes her head crashing with the bed. Gill awakes and apologize for his action during sleep. Also, he tells Mana to not move because she have hurted her head. He also is mad at Sera to ordered her to come. But he doesn’t let Mana goes outside, and then saying her outfit is interesting (Oh right. She wears shortpants with apron and is embarrassing herself with it).

He opens up her apron, and asking if it is still hurt. Mana is remembering the seal on her thigh. When Mana says it’s still hurt a bit, he just staring at it, asking again that it’s becoming red. Then, Gill is saying she have work hard for it. The talk about his sleeping time is about his dream. He feels something that has missing in the past is back now. Mana thinks it’s about his sister.

Sera is surprise because Gill can wake up early today. He comes to Sera’s room, asking why Sera let Mana come to his room. Sera just says if he is really have desire to her, he can quickly having her as his woman, because it’s rare for Gill to really care for a woman. But Gill doesn’t want to talk about it, saying he lets Mana in the organization not for that reason. Also, Mana’s power is really strong and will be wasted if she is just an ordinary Blade. Sera have known it too. After the conversation about it end with Gill saying it’s all for organization, Gill leaves because there is nothing to talk again. But for Sera, he can tell Gill have something more to talk about from looking at his face.

When Mana is training with her magic gun, Gill helps her doing it with their power. He says, if they are together, they can do different thing from the usual majuu-tsukai or mahou-tsukai. But she can’t do it because Gill is too close. Well, he still want her to do it because it just will affected if they are connected. And a huge power, makes all shine, is coming from them. Gill said to remember that kind of feeling. When she asks why he knows it, he is joking, telling that he is a genius. After telling her to do it once more, he wants to leave. Before that, Mana is saying thanks to him, but he says the kind of sense isn’t just with her.

What is the thing on their face?

While thinking about Gill (she can’t tell of what he is thinking), Weasley comes to her room. He comes to give a gift from Gill. While doing it, Weasley is asking to himself why Gill doesn’t do it himself. He thinks the two of them are having a fight. Before leaving, Weasley told her to come to him if she have a hard time.

It’s already late at night but Mana just end her work. While walking near Gill’s room, she heard a woman’s voice, saying it’s rare for Gill to be good with her (it’s Rose). Gill said to her that she can catch a better man than him, but the woman answered that she doesn’t interested in any other man. Mana thought it’s an affair.. She can’t stand it and running to her room, feeling sad to have know it.

The Ninth Noise: Virgin Snow End 4

The winter makes Gill and Mana feels cold outside. They are talking about Mana’s face, that it’s interesting for Gill to see her different kind of faces. That talk just makes Mana thinks Gill is looking at like a child. The thought makes Gill ask if it’s better to call her beautiful than loveable. But she thinks it is just a joke. And Gill says it’s better if she take of her mask and her way of running away. The word is ambiguous so she pretend to go back.

Suddenly, a shooting gun break their moment. Mana is ready to fight and have finish them all except the last one.  She wants to ask who is the one ordering them, but the man doesn’t want to tell. Before he can do bad things to Mana, Gill shoot him down. It seems Gill has no wound. Of course Mana is happy that she can be useful as a Blade.

After the fight, Mana decides to do shower first. But when she meets Rou at the corridor, he quickly hugs her. Mana doesn’t want his body to gets dirty again after the shower, but Rou says he’s fine, especially if they can go showering again together. Mana tells him it’s bad that she almost turn 18 and they can’t do it together. Well, Rou will hold it for now, looking disappointed. But after that, Rou tells all of his secret about his Pail to Mana because she is one of Blade too (I’m not too listening to it).

Gillford’s office at night gives different feeling than at day

After takes shower, she comes across the earlier woman in Gill’s room. She may hated her for some reason, and telling she knows Mana have open the door that night. It’s fine for Rose as she is doing it on purpose (opening the door). She introduces herself as Rose, the same as Mana, a Blade.

Rose is asking Mana what of her mind to Gill because Rose loves him. She tells bad things about Mana as a woman who loves Gill. But truthfully, Mana still thinking what of her thoughts for Gill. She says it’s because Gill have took her to organization that he is an important person. But what Rose want to know is her feelings. She tells Mana to look at the mirror because she have a worse face. Rose knows Mana can’t be straight of her feelings and can just feel jealous at her and Gill. That’s why, if Mana still runs from it, it’s better to go. If not, Gill will.. She stops but with it, Mana realizes she likes Gill. Rose can just sighing because Mana needs her help to realize that. She is fine with it but won’t be defeated by Mana because she still doesn’t know Gill’s feeling. Mana say thanks for Rose’s help.

After separated from Rose, Mana meets Weasley. When he pat her head, Gill comes and asking what they are doing. Sera also there, saying it’s bad for adult to do that kind of thing. But Weasley said he did it because lately, Mana isn’t feeling good. After that is a fighting conversation between Sera and Weasley about Weasley’s age. He still 31, he said. Then, Gill makes it clean that he doesn’t want any rumour because Mana is his Blade (then Sera ask that word, that Mana is Gill’s Blade, make sure that Gill wants her?). Because Gill must speak with Weasley, they leave first.

Mana follows them to the first floor, hearing their conversation when Weasley ask since when Gill is captivated by ‘her’. Gill almost run away with Sera, but Weasley keeps insisting to know. Because Weasley also pressing his body to Gill (and he feels heavy because of it), Gill can just say that it is already since long ago. After what that person said to him, he felt that feeling for the first time. Hearing it, Mana runs to another place, sad because it may leads to Rose. The sweet voice when Gill said it makes her jealous. She knows of it now. But Mana must give something to Gill and comes to his room.

Unfortunately, Gill hasn’t arrive. When waiting for him in his office, she thinks she wants all of Gill’s kindness and realizing she becomes greedy. But she fell asleep in Gill’s room. When he comes back, he is really surprise at that sight. But he can’t wake her up, so he just saying it’s interesting. But she doesn’t know his feeling. It’s like a dream for Mana. Then, he wakes her up after a few minutes. When realizing she is in Gill’s room, she quickly apologize and goes back to her own room. After that, Gill says she is truly a cruel being.

After doing her job outside, Mana feels tired. While walking with tired body, she almost falls if Camille doesn’t save her. He says it’s surprising him that her clothes already change (uhm! I can remember he doesn’t appear in any other route except Gill and the former 4 beginning routes. I missed him!). But she fits with that black coat.

While remembering to be careful at that street, Camille gives information about a recent training activities (from Daios) around there, that already killed people. He warns Mana to not come near that place. After taking Mana to outside of the gang, he gives her a flower because he is happy to see a woman’s smile. And then he leaves for work. Mana thinks that white flower doesn’t suit her now but she is happy with it. It makes her surprise to see Gill is there too but he doesn’t want to tell her of his mind. Mana says to give what he want to talk about, so she can understand his thinking. After all, they are family now. Gill says he is worried about the flower and that man before. He also grabs her hand and brings her to another place.

After comes to a quiet place, Gill tells and asking her if he wants to bring her run away, will she follow him? Mana thinks she already understand Gill’s thoughts, that he just want his Blade to not go to another place (that’s just wrong!). But Gill comes with it too, saying it has to be expected from his Blade then go back home.

After doing her search for information, Mana can finally back to Gill’s side. Gill and Sera are talking about the information they have gathered, about Ririn, Daios’ training, and all so the must prepare to protect Dix from Daios. They came to a campside again. But before they can launch the first attack, Daios have cornered them. It’s easy to defeating them as Mana and Sera are working together. Mana also defeating a few man, and just left one more. But it’s dangerous as Gill is there too. When she thinks Gill will get hurt by that man, Sera saves them. But Mana is worried about Gill and makes him surprise because she thinks like that.

Suddenly, a voice tells them he wants to kill the man before, so Gill and the other don’t need to feel suspicious of him. Gill realizes the man is having an internal conflict with Daios and Sera also have heard about it. Actually, the man is one of Daios and feels embarrassed to have defeated by such a cute girl like Mana. Before he makes an explosion, he tells Mana is really suit to a white flower (you can tell who is that, right?). For now, Gill lets him go because he feels they will meet again.

Back at the snowy field, Gill and Mana are having a talk. When Mana says it’s fine if they are not get too close to Daios, Gill ask if she will prefer ‘this’ more. Yeah, ‘this’. He says that before kissing her. And then, ordered Mana to not run away from it. He did it because he wanted to take Mana, protecting her. The truth is he already knows Mana doesn’t look at him as a boss, but he won’t be defeated by it. Before Mana can also telling her feeling, Gill won’t let her do that because he already take all of her feelings for him. Mana says that too. After that, Gill said “I love you. My only Blade.”

A year after, Gill is making a deal with some man to search information. But the deal doesn’t going good, and the man is ready to shoot him. But Mana quickly shoot him down. Before closing his eyes, the man calls her “Gillford’s Shadow”. Gill tells to Mana that she won’t need to do that, but she says it’s because she is his Blade. After killing the man, they’re going back home.

Mana comes to his room late at night to give her work. Before she left, Gill asked what is her wish because he want to make that come true. Then, Mana says it’s Gill himself. For Gill, she is so brave to have want him, asking if she doesn’t need her life anymore. But Mana won’t lose by Rose and flirting him to the sofa (Whoaah! What a drastic change of her clothes!!). He ask, since when Mana look at him with that eyes. Then, he begins reminiscing about the snow. Mana tells him that the snow may looks red because of the moonlight, similar to Gill’s color (Right, he has red eyes color). And after that, Gill will give her wishes to come true, to dyed her with his color…

Are you kidding me? Give me back the strong Mana, not a hostess at some bar!!

End 5

That is the time Mana wait to search information in her work time. She heard a few man are talking to surround Gill so she won’t let them do it. Mana fights them alone. She thinks she already defeted all of them, but one of it still shoot her. The time Gill and Sera found her, she already in critical condition that Sera’s magic wouldn’t affecting it. But Gill won’t let her run away from him and releasing his magic.

That night, Sera is knocking on Gill’s room to come in. Mana is sleeping with Gill. When Sera leaves the room, he is talking to himself of that’s why he won’t let Gill use it. It looks like she doesn’t see any light and is similar to a pet. But what is the most important is her pain is already gone. That condition is so like the Ririn he hates the most.

In his room, Gill says he won’t let her hand go from him, even if the light is not at their side..

Camille (Narisawa Suguru)

Age: 25

He just have dark route but with two endings. Guess what? I think he is the most handsome in Noise. But sadly, I prefer Sera’s personality and ending more. Camille has been missing up ‘til now that I feels strange. He doesn’t show up in another person’s route at all (just Gillford). But now, I know of what kind of person he is.. And I really like his voice the second after Yonaga Tsubasa in this game.

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Mana decides to buy juice while waiting Rou and Sera competes in beach volley ball. When she is walking around beach, a man comes approaching her to ask for her company but then Camille saves her. After knowing Mana is with another man, that guy goes away. Mana say thanks after helping her. Camille is asking her to show the way her friend is, but she never tell him about being live with Roach. And if he knows it, he’ll be sad. So she tells the wrong way to avoid him knowing the truth. The rest is same and nothing happen after Gill is in danger because of betrayer.

The Sixth Noise: Jewel

This time, Mana have become a Blade (without doubt, this will be cool since she is a Blade and Camille is..!). While found Camille, he was talking with a strange man. After they’ve finished the talk, Mana greeted him, then asking if that man is a bad one. But Camille told her it’s not a problem then gave a bright color flower to Mana. He says flower maybe happy if they are taken by her. (That’s it? And then changing scene? I wanna talk with him more..).

At the dining room, Rou is happy after eating Mana’s cook everyday. But he also realize she is in a bad mood. He cheered on her and make her calm a bit.

Again, Mana is walking around in town. When she doesn’t look at front, she crashes with Camille. He ask if she is hurted because it’ll be trouble if it is. While meeting the person who always cheer her, she asks the way to become useful to her family with her own power. Camille thinks it’s better if she just doing things she can because everyone must know of her heart. But she insist to know more on how to use her power, so Camille brings her somewhere.

Okay, he bring Mana to an alley, asking what if he want to attack her? She is blank, thinking if he is sure to do that. But after that, Camille says it’s just a joke. He also tells her his real name, which is “Carmile Daios”. Yes, he is the enemy of Mana’s house plus the son of Daios’ leader. Suddenly, he pulled his gun to Mana, asking if she will give him information about Dix or he’ll kill her. But Mana wouldn’t say the important thing to him. But as he realizing Mana’s expression, he quit scaring her and apologize. She thinks not all of Daios are bad, maybe?

Camille asks her if she believe in what he said about being a Daios’ leader son. Of course she is, so he suggest a better way to take Daios down. It is to be Camille’s woman, so she can take Daios in her hand (What an extreme suggestion, but is true!). And also, now there are two Daios. The one his father lead (現首領派=Genshuuryouha) and the other one is, “Camille 派と=Camille Hato”. He build the other branch because he wanted to change Daios to the new one. So, Mana think Camille isn’t an enemy. Yeah, right. Camille doesn’t have grudge against Dix so he doesn’t feel Dix as enemy. And now, they will talk about the way in his place.

She stay in Camille’s place until late at night but Camille keep insisting her to stay. He will give the detail to Dix. And then, he begin talking about his life. To live in this world, he must playing a fake appearance. That’s why if he change personality again from now on, he beg Mana to not scared of it.

At Daios’ mansion, a man see Mana and is begin to flirt her, but Camille, with a change of his tone (Uwaaah! Want to cry! His calm and kind voice turn to a bad guy. But despite that surprise, I really respecting his seiyuu for the sudden change.) asking the man to not touch Mana.

After arriving at a room, he ask if Mana is surprise of it. Of course she is, because of his sudden change. He told that he always change appearance in every places, and if he was in Daios, he would change to a leader’s son. But he feels tired of it actually. And still, he feels the now him (the soft one) is really comfortable (Oh good). Maybe it’s because he is with the person he like, that he feels comfortable with the current appearance. Uhm, not yet. It’s just an example of ‘like’. Seriously, the thought of being Camille’s woman drive Mana to embarrassed quickly because of that word. Then, he ask her to call him “Camille” without -san. It is his pet name, or something like that.

This is Mana & Camille’s room in Daios

Suddenly, he change expression again, grab Mana like he want to kiss her. He says it’s their training as a lover (with a hot voice). And then let her go after he ordered her to call his name twice. For now, after making Mana used to Daios’ environment, he must go first. He say tomorrow he will train her more, and then leave the room.

Outside, Camille is fighting to talk to Gillford. He tells Gill that Mana comes to his side to protect everyone in Dix. Before let him talk more, Gill ask if Camille will still produce Ririn after he become new leader. He said it’s obvious because he couldn’t change that easily. And he ordered Gill not to take any action to him because he may hurt Mana. Whatever path they choose, they can’t  arrive at the stopover. Camille then leaves Gill without let him do an offer.

The Seventh Noise: Mask

Camille wakes Mana up early in the morning. She sleeps in his room. And then, then, what’s more that I like from him is..he makes all of the breakfast for her!! It’s because he often lives alone, even as being spy. And the people around him taught him to cook, then he remembered it all. And so because of it, he doesn’t really like a home, but about the flower, he really likes it. To taught her more, he brought Mana outside to a snowy field.

On that field, he will train Mana how to use magic gun. But even after Camille taught her, Mana still happy to know the rabbit is fine. Camille knew it’s because she’s kind, didn’t want to hurt anyone. That’s why, Camille told her to change her heart while use it. She won’t use magic gun to hurt people, but to protect them. He tells her to close her eyes, imagine she’s being with her friend but must protect them from a strange man.

Fortunately, because of it, she can do the shooting nicely. But then fell off because of her big power. While hugging her body, Camille is happy to get Mana on his side, laughing for his victory over Gillford and can’t use a better way than that.

When she is awake in Camille’s room, it’s already night. Camille tells all of the event that makes her fall. After making her food, Camille gives her a new magic gun. He said it’s because the gun broke after she used a massive power before. It’s too bad since it’s from Gillford, like a charm for her. Camille calming her that the gun have already protecting her to become stronger. Guess what? Camille give a name to the magic gun, which is ‘Scarlet’.

After leaving Mana’s room, he gives the magic gun from Gill to his subordinate because he thinks there’s no need for her to build a bond with another man. While thinking about it, he questioning if Gill will be angry because of that (his face becomes scary).

He looks bad here!

After the training, a man calls Mana as Camille’s fiancée and gives her magic bullet from Dix. As quickly as possible, Camille changes his personality, saying it won’t make any use to her. Also, he won’t let any other man touch his woman. The man runs away quickly of the scariness Camille gives to him. Still, Camille use his bad personality even though Mana has tell him the man is gone. He almost kiss her and can’t think anymore. But Camille stop right there and back to his kind personality. But this makes Mana a bit lonely. Realizing she have thinking too much, Mana is embarrassed by her thoughts.

The Eight Noise: Wordplay

This feels quick..

Mana got woken up by people’s walking sound from outside of her room. When she goes outside to look around, she meets Camille with his subordinate, so he just say あ。。to her with a cool voice. But right after they’ve arrived in Mana’s room, he change to a good one again. He wants Mana to greet him with ‘tadaima/ ohayou’, so she prefer that good morning one.

He told Mana that it’s near the battle, so they must prepared for it from now. Still, Mana is worried about Gill, so Camille asked if she feel the same too when he came back late last night. Mana say yes, but sadly, Camille think even if it’s a lie, he will be happy with it. Of course Mana wasn’t lying. Then he try the omelet Mana made and told it’s delicious. Too bad she also say it can’t be compared to his cook and make him a bit sad. Today, Camille is a bit strange and Mana can realize that.

After finish eating, Camille tells his mind, about he believe if there’s light and it must be a shadow in another place. The two can’t be missing if the other are there. The word represent Dix and Daios. And so, as Dix’s darkness, he takes Daios. Like west and east, everything must go on. Mana can understand his thinking, and the thoughts to protect everyone become stronger.

This time, Camilles teach her how to use knife. After a few tries, Camille ask her to rest but she won’t do that. So, he teach her more and be serious about it, saying he’ll kill her. As expected, Mana can’t get even to him, so he pushes her down to the floor. While looking at him that close, Mana thinks he has beautiful eyes. He smiled, and told her it’s a training about a way to take down bad wolf. After she call his name, Camille quit being hot like that and end the training.

When they’re still taking time in the practice hall, Mana ask of his wound. Camille seems doesn’t like to see blood. It’s not because of running away from blood. Just thinking that it came from a body, he didn’t think it’s interesting. The way he talk like that make Mana thinks he doesn’t like his own self. Then, Camille told her he doesn’t like Daios. But these days, he have found of what he like. It is Mana but he also ask what if it’s true. She thinks he likes her as a human, but it seems vague. But in Mana’s heart, she is happy Camille say he like her. And then make a troubling face, the way Camille realize it.

It’s become a trouble when Rou is in Daios too. He comes to her room, saying she is a betrayer. But then Mana told him it’s all her plan, and all about Camille. First, Rou doesn’t want to believe her, but after he think Gill is against Sera’s thinking (of Mana is a betrayer), Rou feels it’s true. But still, he is angry of why Gill doesn’t tell him about it. He hugs Mana, telling her to go back to Dix’s mansion if she feel heavy with all of it. After hearing footstep, Rou can feel there’s someone coming and then going outside from the window.

The one who came was Camille, of course. As he comes in, he can tell Rou have come. Fortunately, he won’t do anything to Rou. After he know their conversation, Camille can tell Mana and Rou are in good relationship. Hearing Mana say Rou is her brother-like and always together, Camille change his tone. When Mana ask what will of their training tomorrow, Camille comes to her on the sofa, asking if they can do that at night too.

After that, Camille also ask her to tell everything to him. After all, he want her to be his. And then he want to know if Mana will run away with Rou or not. But he doesn’t want to hear it because it’ll make him sad. The last word from him before he change back is Mana can’t come back from the throbbing and will become his. After changing back, he tells he won’t force her if she want to live. After all, that is not a place for a common woman. And it’s all just a joke. Knowing it, Mana feels disappointed.

The Ninth Noise: Queen End 19

Camille is gone for work and this gives Mana some time to remember his birthday (at starry night, he said before). She makes cake for him, waiting until night. And when he came back, he really was very surprised of the food Mana had made. But the most is because she remember of it. Something like that realizing Mana that Camille has a look for almost crying. But then he begin to eat with Mana staring at him. When he knows it, Mana says it’s because he looks more rejoice now, thanks to Mana. He thinks that makes him doesn’t have appetite to eat the sweet thing (the cake) but he will prepare the sweet in front of him (Mana?). Later, he ask her to walk with him because there’s something he want to talk.

He brings Mana to his deceased mother’s room, tells that because of his father annoyance, his mother must die. Because his father always working, his mother must feels lonely and takes Ririn. That’s the cause of her death. And what’s more that makes Camille hate his father is when his mother died, the father just working to beat Dix’s organization. It seems like his mother doesn’t even have an existence from the beginning in his father’s eyes. But his father just say to forget about it, he must always working. The thoughts like that doesn’t make sense for Camille and that’s why he burden the mind to kill his father.

Camille Mother’s Room

After his mother have died, Camille begins questioning if there will come the time when the same thing happen to him. Because of it, he released all of his being, became Carmile now. That time, he also thing why must he and his mother are the one who suffered? Why not his father died instead his mother? The hatred becomes more with his idea to when his father die, it’s better if his organization is broken too. Everything must disappear.

Then, he told Mana of his plan all this long time. He wants Gillford to try to bring Mana back and will launch an attack to Daios. The blood will spill after it. It’s because he can’t trust anyone, despite Gill have promise to not talk about it. But Mana asks why he tell her all of that. It seemed because after he met her, his heart is like betraying him. Because he like Mana. After knowing the love, he feels his thoughts to kill is pushes through a frame. And he said it’s better to over it and then go somewhere, example, where Mana’s friend is.

But Mana doesn’t want it like that because she come there to protect Dix and make all of their plan come true. She doesn’t want him to run away and maybe she it’s not because of the feeling of love. Camille is a bit disappointed at that words. But she continue what left. She is sure the Dix will protect him, and then she too, will protect his inner side. No, it’s just her who can do that. That makes Camille think it’s like a proposal, asking near Mana’s ear to take all of her. She is asking what will become after he take it and he answer it with it will become an exchange condition.

He begin taking Mana to the bed but before that, he say from this on, he want to always be with her. There’s no lie in it. And he already choose her. But if she want to go back to Dix, that time, he will surrender with a sad face. Mana doesn’t want Camille to be looking sad like that. He is glad she know it and that night, they are kissing again and again (Why? There’s no CG to it?).

Garelle is gathering his subordinate to begin their attack to Dix. But sadly, in the battle against Dix, Rou and the other already cornered him. Weasley calls Garelle as ossan, making Rou laugh because an ossan calling someone ossan too. Of course Weasley tells him to shut up. That’s why Rou also says the other one (Weasley) is a stupid ossan. After Gillford have come, they’re begin to attack with full launch.

While Garelle is on the street like that, Camille is in his campside (like Weasley and Gillford’s route). But Mana must help the other Dix to attack Daios’ mansion with Camille Hato’s help. Before she goes, Camille grabs her hand and telling her not to go. Too bad, she still going to Daios’ mansion.

Using her Scarlet, Mana becomes invisible, but she gets some wound from the battle. She gives order to the other Camille Hato and makes them think that they must not look easily for Camille’s woman. Some of Daios calls her a monster but she just want to protect her beloved person. Too bad after defeating many of them, she fainted.

Meanwhile, Garelle is blaming Carmile (Garelle call his real name) for his information, that makes him defeated easily. But as Garelle stop blaming him, Camille pulled his gun to Garelle’s neck, saying there’s no one will be his alley. When Garelle know Camille’s true intention, that he work with Gillford to defeat him, he just “So it’s like that”. That few words makes Camille angry because his father just surrender like that. Garelle will do whatever Camille want it. That makes him really pissed of because even at the last time, Garelle still makes him sick with his personality (Oh good. I feel like crying again in his route). There’s a shooting sound from Camille’s gun after that. Until the end, Camille can’t believe his father is like that. The road became filled with red.

After day has come, Camille is back at Daios’ mansion, looking really happy to know Mana is alright. But she doesn’t want him to make a lie face anymore because everything have finished, because whatever it is, she likes him. Before he change to Carmile’s personality, he ask if she won’t run away. Mana won’t and then he hold her hand, saying he want her all to become his. Mana promise not to. And then he says whatever she refuse him, he won’t let her go. Of course it’s good for her and as the exchange, she want Camille to be her only man. Nah, he is joking if he really will be like that since Daios boss doesn’t even know to be just one.

And it’s already 5 years later, in snow season too. Mana have marked her body with Daios’ seal (and became not too different than in Gill’s bad route? Uwaa, these two routes makes me sick!). She asked Camille what others have called her lately. Camille doesn’t know, but later, she tell him it’s ‘Shadow Empress’. Camille thinks it’s not fit her because she is his only Queen. And if their contract have ended, he will kill her (I can’t think I understand this kind of contract). He just make it for the people he love. As he spent time with her, Camille say Mana is his only Queen and so, just only her that is enough to kill for love.

Like Gillford’s dark route haven’t ruin Mana’s personality that bad…

End 20

Mana will follow Camille for this fight and after that she will be back to Dix. Camille doesn’t have a choice beside following her mind. He said Mana’s face really suit black flower, that it’s alright for someone like him to took it. Sadly, in the coup d’etat in Daios’ mansion, she must die without Camille knowing it.

Garelle (Takanaka Hiroyuki)

Age: 40

I don’t want to snap his face twice, so I use old picture

I accidentally played his route because he had same root from Camille… So, better follow it.

Camille introduces Mana to his father, Daios boss, Garelle. At Garelle’s room, he introduce Mana as his lover. But Garelle doesn’t seem to make it a matter then ordering Camille to give the information quickly.

After leaving Garelle’s room, Mana says he doesn’t even look at her and Camille. Camille is a bit surprise that Mana realize it. He say it’s because his father doesn’t look at woman since the past. But he stop right there. Mana thinks he hates his father but instead of hate, Camille says they’re not close because his father is Daios’ boss. And if Mana wants to know more about the boss, he can tells her the secret of what Garelle usually does. That’s it for now as Mana agrees on his offer.

The Seventh Noise: Enemy

Actually, this tenth is just repeating Camille’s seventh noise. The time when Mana is training to shoot her magic gun. After Camille tells a joke to Mana (he changes personality), they are coming back to Daios.

At the entrance, Mana saw a man (Vine) while waiting for Camille, the same guy recently. And then, she heard Garelle and his subordinate is talking about there’s another traitor at Dix. Garelle is gladly take the traitor to his side because he likes taking everything from it. Then when the Daios want to move Mana from Garelle’s way, Garelle tells him she is Camille’s woman. After that, Garelle told her to be careful outside ‘cause she is a woman, and if her body is wounded, the one who hug her (Camille) will be worried. And because Camille will be the next boss, Mana, as his lover must know everything about Daios. Mana is surprise because Garelle can give her advice like that.

The Eight Noise: Son

Mana goes outside her room and meets Garelle. He calls her onna but she doesn’t like it because she has name. He told her about people died and all, then realized Mana ddin’t feel well upon hearing it. He suggests her to rest.

While getting Mana to her room, he still calls her onna, or Camille’s onna. She doesn’t feel right because she actually is not Camille’s woman. He asked if Mana just want to be herself because he is Daios’ boss. Things like that doesn’t make sense to him. He is Daios’ boss, doesn’t need anything. And then Camille comes, asking if it’s really his words. He came back after lurking information about Dix and after that, Camille told Mana to go back to her room.

In her room, Camille say he is surprise to see Mana talk with the number one guy in Daios. After talking about it, he rest a bit on bed and Mana will make food for him. But after she leave the room, Camille say her kindness is a bother to him.

Again, she meet Garelle at the entrance, preparing to go. It seems Mana is following him around, so he ask if she want to be his woman instead Camille. Of course it’s just a joke. After all, he hate woman who follow man often.

She trains the shooting again with Camille and becomes better now. It’s all thanks to Camille that she can do it now and won’t regret it. He ask if it’s true of her mind that she won’t regret it. Because of it, Mana ask him back if he really want to kill his father. Camille said he must be, and after all, Garelle is Dix’s enemy. But he apologizes for his word. Even if it seems like his fault, but it’s all true that Garelle will surely take down Dix. And if that time comes, which side Mana will choose? Mana choose it’s obviously Dix and makes Camille rest assure of it. Although in her heart, Mana still confused about it.

That day, Mana following Garelle to a grave. He already felt Mana’s presence behind the tree and ordered her to appear. Of course Mana won’t come to be his woman, she said. Then, Garelle began talking that he isn’t a man who care of his son and wife. There are so many graves from the battle of Dix and Daios. Beside that, many died to protecting Daios, and he blamed himself for his sin. So Mana says Garelle is really care for Daios. But he tells her to shut up because she have no connection with it. Then he think about it again as Mana is Camille’s woman, so she must at least know of that.

The conversation is goes about Camille. Garelle said it’s nearly time for Camille’s era, and he won’t make part of it. But for now, he will protect Daios. And then, there will be time Mana know of what she want to protect. In her mind, she already knows it, so she feels guilty to him. She ask Garelle that actually he concern about Camille. He said it’s obvious, but why couldn’t he believe in Camille? After all, Camille is his son. For his hatred toward Daios, Garelle must plan to kill him if he break it. He will kill Camille not as a son and father, but as one who will break Daios. Well, Mana still think Garelle is believing Camille.

Thinking about it again, Mana choose to tell Garelle to not believe in Camille’s information. But as he believe in his son, he will think of Mana’s words as a joke. He thinks Camille is more clever, can do what he can’t. He won’t need to prepare for anything as he believe in Camille.

Suddenly, Garelle ask Mana to be by Camille’s side because he will believe the woman Camille brought. He want Mana to not betray Camille.

The Ninth Noise: Desire

It’s already Camille’s birthday. She makes cake and then after eating it, he brings Mana to his mother’s room. Then he told all of his past story. That’s why, he can’t give Mana to that person. For that, he won’t take Mana to tomorrow’s coup d’etat to give her chance to kill Garelle. Suddenly, she feels sleepy because of the fragrance that makes her sleepy.

Meanwhile, Garelle is preparing for the attack to Dix. In her sleep, Mana is asking why Garelle is a cruel person. He choose his organization over his son. But, is it true like that? His wife must be doesn’t think so in the past.

When she awakes, she sees Camille in front of her. He said everything was already over. She can come back to Dix now, but maybe they won’t let her come back that nicely. She is alone now. But she says she won’t go back and will be by his side. Camille thinks it’s a joke and even if it’s true, she may not be his lover or what. Mana is fine with it as long as she always stay with him. He took his hand on her.

She is the boss’ woman now. Camille doesn’t let her feel Garelle inside her heart, he won’t forgive her for that (He knows Mana think of Garelle) even though he love her. But Mana too, will choose him over Garelle. Camille ask her if she think like that because Garelle told her too or because he is his son. She said even if Camille isn’t Garelle’s son, she will love him. But unfortunately, Camille doesn’t believe in that, saying she is a liar. But he will still love her. Again, he ask if she is true to want to be with him and she answer it with she want to stay by Daios’ boss side. Camille knows of it. From now on, she will stay by Camille’s side as she believe in Garelle.

I finally finish the three of them. There are still Reim and Gillford light route waiting..

First, Gillford Dark Route makes me rage. Why must Mana be like that in the end? She looks really bad. And I’m a bit disappointed that his dark route can’t be compared to Sera for the emotional term And just look at Mana’s nail color. It is grey for Gill and red for Camille.. I can just sighing at this..

Then Garelle’s route. I’m happy she isn’t dating him, but his route seems just some added route. I’m happy Vine got the nice one, better than him.

Believe it or not, from the first time I play two person in one post, there are many same action, scene, or what. At Weasley and Vine, they are in the same age (31). For Gill and Camille, they are almost at the same age (Gill 27 and Camille 25) too. And also, they have almost the same ending (Mana becomes bad!). Okay, that’s it for now. I hope I can end their route (Gill light route and Reim) fast!


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4 Responses to “In the Silent Winter Road-Gillford (Dark) & Camille & Garelle”

  1. lmfao that one pic of her looking like the bar hostess XDDD
    except shes flat chested so its like some 10 year old trying to hard orz;

  2. Garelle still 40 years old…..? Then he is same like Weasley, a 15-year-old father….
    Anyway, thank’s for detailed review. I also think that Garelle route only a If-scenario for Camille, since he doesn’t have light route. And too bad they didn’t added CG to the scene where Gill kissed Mana when she slept at his room!!

    • Almost the same as Weasley looking at their age.
      Yes, Camille doesn’t have light route and it’s too bad for me since I like his handsome face (better than anyone, but still I’ll prefer Sera’s story). I also wish there are many romantic CG, but it seems there just add more unimportant CG, for example, picture of Gillford’s face?

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