In the Silent Winter Road-Weasley (Light & Dark) & Vine

Now it’s the ojisan’s turn (Weasley). He is a teaser guy but is very kind to Mana (and other, of course). But he just isn’t my type, even more if compared his age to Mana’s (and the big secret of his 15 years old life). And here is the review.

Weasley (Shindou Ryouhei)

Age: 31

Weasley Light Route

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Similar in Seravis’ route, Mana walks alone at the beach. The difference is Weasley realizing she is missing, so he search for her (Unlike Sera, who doesn’t really care about it). He finds Mana drowning, and he can’t do anything else rather than to CPR! He is worried if it is her first kiss, but when she awakes, Mana tells him it’s not the first time. The first was maybe when her childhood friend did it (remember at the prologue, she play and counting number, then someone kiss her. I thought it’s just a weird picture, couldn’t be sure about it, so I didn’t write it).

Weasley says it’s common for a girl at her age (17). But when Mana asks when he have the his first kiss, it seems that’s the first one and says it’s fine for a man. And he care about that for a woman, that it may take to a dangerous thing after that (Oh right? Mana herself isn’t really care for just a kiss). But because Weasley keeps telling her to be careful as a woman, she agrees to it and promise to be careful.

Mana still wants to play a bit at the beach and says “気持ちいい” in front of Weasley that embarassing herself. Suddenly, she tripped again, but Weasley could easily catch her.Well, he is a man after all. Realizing the embarrassing moment, Mana choose to go to everyone’s place.

Gill is in danger, so he must leave with the other Dix. Before leaving, he tells her he will come back and eat the left cake together. To pray for Gill’s safety, she sings. But Weasley haven’t come back yet. She decides to go outside and searching for them. When she heard a voice, that she recognized it’s Weasley, Mana came to where the voice come. She saw an awful scene, when Weasley catch two man, pulling his gun to one of the man’s head, and saying a betrayer is all he hates in this world (He just saying it first in Sera’s route, so as usual, it’s better to play the game according to recommended line).

Mana doesn’t want him to do bad thing. Before Weasley can shot his gun, Mana use her power to make a space-like thing, and save the man. Weasley is really surprise, that she can use her uta-tsukai power. But he is glad Mana have stop him to do that and will keep that day a secret between them. He lets that betrayers alive. Then, the story is the same about Karuvan and Setsu.

The Sixth Noise: Child

Mana had nothing to do, so Weasley offering her to help him in his room (Okay, his room is very clean and tidy, not like of a guy’s room. I think he really is an adult). He told Mana to help doing his work and after she have finished it all then resting, she seemed interested in looking at Weasley. Mana have never imagine how he become so active in doing his work. Realizing she have a tired face, Weasley gives her sweet things. But it just makes Mana remember about her brother, who always giving her something like that. Weasley knows from Rou, that Mana have speak with Karuvan and maybe it’s a sad thing. She told the real thing to Weasley, but even after accepting all of that, she still can’t calm down. For Weasley, it’s fine if she isn’t accept it fast, just believing and getting stronger, then remember that person in her heart.

The conversation is going about Weasley’s past life. He have a wife, that if she is still alive, then maybe Weasley can also be with their daughter. It maybe is not fit with his personality to have marry, but she always makes a warm place for him to return, making their food, etc. And when he know she is pregnant, Weasley is surprise, that it never even appear in his thought.  But just exactly one month after the birth (of his daughter), during his absence, Daios attacks their house. When he comes back, he can just meet them covered in blood. Something that he can’t believe of. He want to burn the perpretator with his own hands.

He thinks Mana as his daughter, so he wants her to be happy. It makes her what to ask at how many years ago this happened. It happened when Weasley was 15 years old, and so, it’s already 16 years ago. Hearing this things, Mana is wondering why her heart is vague, that is throbbing at that time. Well, Weasley just tells her to speak with him if she has problem.

This time, Weasley tells Mana to come to his room because he want to speak about her brother. He have gathered information from his Pail, that her brother’s dead looks like off the record. It looks like someone did it intentionally. Karuvan himself just make the grave as Gill’s ordering him. So from now on, it’s best if Mana stay near him, as he will protect her like a family in Dix and searching more information about her brother’s matter. She afraid if he’ll be in trouble if he help her, but for Weasley, it’s fine if he can protect her smile. It makes Mana thinks it’s like a lover’s promise, but he quickly says that it’s his duty to protect his family. Hearing it, Mana is a bit disappointed.

Weasley’s Room (tidy and clean!)

It’s time for eating. Weasley wants to go outside but Mana offers him to cook. He said he want to eat meat menu and so she did it. But Weasley doesn’t like carrot (like a kid!), and Mana must convince him to act like an adult and eat that to grow (What’s more to grow from an adult man?). Whatever, he have survive without eating it up ‘til now, so he won’t do it. Mana still beg him to eat, so he says he will eat it if Mana want to feed on him. To make him healthy, Mana doesn’t have a choice. When she really do that, Weasley looks like an idiot, just feels numb of it because of surprising act. But he says he’s fine after eating it.

And they did it again in the dining room (Mana is feeding him again). It’s all because she is worried about Weasley. While talking, she almost fall again, but Weasley quickly catch her (that it’s already two times now). The thing makes him look at Mana as an interesting person. Also, he can feels Rou’s feelings when he near her, that it makes him calm. But it looks like Weasley look at her as a child and doesn’t have any feelings of it. She asks if he can’t feel anything but he doesn’t know what she’s been asking about, so Mana surrender for now.

Weasley heard the conversation between three Blades. They are talking about Mana, who is very cute, and doesn’t expect her to be at 17 years old because of her small body. One of them said it’s good if she‘s small, so they can hug her. The other one says he’ll choose Belle for her skin. Suddenly, Weasley cuts their conversation, telling that Belle would kill him if he say that to her.

Realizing there are two men liking Mana, he thinks it’s fine because she isn’t her woman or anything. But the Blades asking him if there isn’t anything happen between Weasley and Mana in one room. Weasley answer that he doesn’t look at her like that, even say his preference is 30+ years old woman who is pretty. So, Weasley is not their rival. But without him knowing it, Mana hears it all. The thought is a become sure after Rose, a woman with red hair comes, and looks like Weasley’s preferences. She thinks Rose is his lover, even more after she speaks like she knows Weasley really well. Mana runs away but Rose seems to realize it.

The woman with red hair is Rose

She comes to Weasley’s room, looking disappointed. Not long after that, Weasley comes and realize she is tired (truthfully, she just thinking much about Weasley), so he ordered her to sleep. Without doubt, she sleeps in Weasley’s room and when she already fall asleep, Weasley says she really is like a child. He then carry her to the sofa, but is thinking about her (with love?), then he refuse to think like that again.

The Seventh Noise: Eyes

These day, Mana received orange fruit from one of Weasley’s Pail, Dict. She gives it to Weasley, but he realizes that Dict is the one (who like Mana), so he won’t accept that. But because Mana still begging, he will have a bit of it. Unfortunately, when cutting the orange, she also cut her hand. Weasley stops the bleeding with taking her finger to his mouth, but as he did it, he also pushes Mana too far, saying it’s sweet. But after he realizes what he have done, Weasley says he just think that Mana have a sweet fragrance that looks like a baby (Of course it is saddening that it means Mana isn’t even a child to begin with, but something younger)..

But of course he’s too blunt to lying, laughing weirdly, goes outside his room then there’s a punching sound (maybe he punch a wall?), then coming back like nothing happen. She asks why his face all red, but he explains that’s because he just calming down his head (for lust?). Then, he brings her outside to walk around. And Mana begging him to buy a cake.

Weasley said he will buy anything for Mana because he saw her as his daughter (like usual words he would say). Suddenly, a man named Dan meets them. Weasley knows him because he is a former Blade and the same as him, Rudol’s subordinate (Remember Rudol? He is Weasley’s savior that also inviting him to Dix but already died). Dan thinks Mana is his woman, but Weasley correcting it with assistant. And he also reminding Weasley to prepare if Mana wants to marry someone, as Weasley looks at her as his daughter. But he says if Mana is really his daughter, he won’t give her to anyone. He emphasizing that again, that he will not give Mana to any other guy.

After finish talking, Dan excuses himself to meet Rose. Mana thinks Rose is really Weasley’s girlfriend because Dan also knows her. Dan’s past makes Mana wondering why he quit being a Blade. Weasley told her it’s because he had marry a common woman. Then, Weasley reminded her about the cake.

Mana is running and finally arrive in front of a chapel. It makes Weasley surprised because she runs fast like a squirrel, the animal he like. Speaking of song, Mana wants to sing and Weasley lets her sing in the chapel.

In front of the chapel

Comes in there, Weasley told her a story that his wife likes. A long time ago, the fourth time of big fight happen in the world and God created a new world. The new world seemed to got into humans, and God was angry, took off the evil and make all life extinct. The remaining Gods makes a great destruction, and so the light disappear. In all despair, God created a new paradise, which is Gofer. Humans seeking God’s divergence, and so built a high tower. But God is angry, dropping man to darkness, crushing their existences (I’m sorry, I don’t really understand the story well, but it looks similar to a Tower of Babel for me). This story continued to majuu. The majuu (magic gun) is a fear being, that can take someone’s life, but Weasley will still use it, because he need power. After all, the majuu have takes his family’s life, and so he will use it as a revenge.

But Mana thinks it won’t solve a problem. The revenge will continue if he use it like that. And she is worried if Weasley’s heart will change. It’s true but Wealey also thinks he can’t just living in beautiful matter. So to warn him, Mana tells him to not forget his wish to live in a beautiful world.

That night, Weasley, Dict (a Blade), and Rose are talking about Mana. Dict is feels happy after the arrival of Mana in Dix. But Rose tells him Mana have her own man she like. Hearing that, Weasley is really surprise, asking who is that man to Rose. Rose won’t tell him, and Dict is thinking it’s maybe Weasley. He denied it, saying she is just his assistant. After Dict has gone to work, Rose is angry to Weasley because he doesn’t realize it. Weasley keeps telling that he looks at Mana as his daughter, but Rose tells him that he can’t lie to her, that Weasley just doesn’t accept it. She also brings Angela’s name, that Angela have said if Weasley is serious, then he would denied it.

It seems for Rose (and for me), Weasley is still like a brat. And then, Rose also says she won’t accept it if he will be together with Mana. Weasley just said she’s imagining things. After the conversation with Weasley is over, Mana meets Rose. Rose told her to not get too close to Weasley, but Mana said she just doing her work. But she knows if she is becomes a hindrance for Rose, Weasley’s girlfriend. What a shock to Rose, since she is Weasley’s little sister-in-law (because she is Angela’s little sister, the one who marry Weasley). And what’s more? She is also Karuvan’s (one of five executives) daughter!

Again, Rose tells her not to get close to Weasley because Mana is weak. She can be killed easily, like Angela, that may hurt Weasley again. That’s why she thinks Weasley must get a strong woman. The words from Rose doesn’t make Mana angry at her, more of it, she thinks Rose is really treasuring Weasley. Of course it’s like that, because she takes her sister’s role to help Weasley. But it’s like Gill have told her about Mana, but she wouldn’t tell Mana what it is. Rose goes outside after that, leaving Mana still thinking and is sure now about her feeling, that she like Weasley.

The Eight Noise: Woman

Mana can feel the strange feeling between her and Weasley when they are together in his room. This makes her thinking much about it, even in the kitchen. Suddenly, Dan (former Blade) is come to the kitchen to take sake from there (so, he still have relationship with Dix?). He can tell that Mana like Weasley, but the two of them are just weird. Dan tells her Weasley is just can’t accepting his feelings, and to makes him open up his heart, Dan ordering Mana to do flirting line to him when night comes. She thinks it maybe will help (but is embarrassing to think of it). But it won’t take long until Dict comes and tells Mana to meet Gillford.

The conversation is about Rou betraying them. Weasley doesn’t believe in that thing. Again, he says the most he hates in this world is a betrayer. The information is still the same, that Rou is in Daios with Zenda. But after hearing all of that from Sera, Weasley still choose to believe in Rou. Again, Sera told Weasley’s weakness may cause someone’s death like the old time. Mana stopping Sera before Weasley gone mad about it, because he makes Weasley remember about his wife. And to stop them too, Gill ordered Weasley to stay at home. After the meeting, Weasley apologizing to Mana that he behave like that, but also, he won’t believe Rou betray them.

It’s weird that Weasley tells Mana to go because he is not working. He doesn’t feel good, so he doesn’t want Mana to come. But as she is stubborn, Mana still opening his room, thinking if she can do something. Weasley is angry to her, pushing her body to the sofa. While doing it, he say Mana is too easy, but she tells him that he can do anything to her. Weasley stop right there and apologizing.

But it isn’t stop right there. When the two of them awakes at morning, Weasley realizes they have sleep together last night. When she wants to touch him, he doesn’t let her to do that. This makes Mana says as she thinks of, Weasley is hate her. Suddenly, Weasley is shouting that he likes her. Not as assistant nor daughter, but as a woman. That’s why it is hurt to be with the woman she like, as they always be in pain because of him. Hell yeah, like that ever work for Mana, as she also tells that she likes Weasley. That’s why, she doesn’t want Weasley to rejecting her like that. Weasley is very surprise upon hearing it, that he used to see himself as an ossan. And he doesn’t rejecting her. His words before is because he doesn’t want himself to just hugging Mana when looking at her.

Weasley also promise that he won’t leave his beloved person ever again (like the thing happen with Angela). He opened up his truth, that since the beginning, he always looks at Mana. First, he might think to protect her as family, but as the time walking, he realizes that it is for himself, to always looking at her smile. He is really happy to have the same feeling as Mana, that she choose this ossan. When Weasley heard of her first kiss, his temper is rising.

But he still doesn’t want Mana to get close (this action of Mana is what Dan have told her), because he thinks a woman must be captivated gently. Knowing his feeling of caring, Mana just wants him to pat her head and Weasley agrees to it. He won’t hate her just for that.

The Ninth Noise: Holy Night

Weasley is in the middle of walking In the snowy night near Dix’s mansion. Gillford met him, told him not to get so excited about his relationship because it will harm that person’s life (Mana?). He suggesting Weasley to separated from her.

When dating with Mana, Weasley is thinking hard about the conversation with Gillford, but Mana thinks it’s about Rou. They meets Dan at the street (he ask Mana if his advice work, and make Weasley confused about it), that he now is already stop smoking because his child have been born. After meeting him, Mana is wondering if someday she and Weasley will have child too..

They’ve arrived at Weasley’s room. Mana said Dict had told her about Weasley’s preferences about woman, who must have a huge breast. But he refused, saying Dict have telling nonsense, and he thinks Mana is cute. To make it even, Mana says Weasley is cool too. That words makes him feels hot. He then gives a bear doll to Mana in a box. Well, she must be happy but consider it’s a doll, she feels Weasley looks at her like a child. She told her worried to Weasley, but he hugged her and said he will keep his mind on the right path until Mana reach 20. He also do it to give time to Mana, if she will think Weasley is an ossan after she reach that age. He won’t force Mana to marry with him if she change her mind.

Finish with it, Weasley tells there’s something more in the box. When she looks at it, it is a white onepiece dress they have seen before. Weasley will give anything to Mana because she is his lover. And it is Mana’s happiness.

The Tenth Noise: Family End 15

Weasley is waiting until Mana awake before he goes out. He will go to a not-so-good place to hear for Mana, so he won’t tell her that. But he brings her there at last.

It’s Angela, Weasley’s former wife’s grave that they went. Weasley apologizes to Angela, that up ‘til these year, he haven’t been able to revenge her death. After he told it, Weasley also realize Mana will become uncomfortable as he speak about other woman. But Mana doesn’t think like that, what’s more is she is glad Weasley have met her. Later, he also tells that he loves Mana and Angela, but not as the first and second. Right now, he loves Mana as his lover, that the future of them together must become closer. His words is like a proposal for Mana. After telling her that, Weasley pray that Angela will protect their (Weasley and Mana) future.

When they arrived at Dix’s mansion, Huey was already there. Mana introduces the two of them to each other because Weasley never meet her childhood friend in orphanage. Then, Weasley off to work in his room, while Huey and Mana changes place to talk (He also can tell Weasley is her lover from her eyes).

In the guest room, Huey asks if Mana want to come back live with the orphan. He can tell that she can’t leave Weasley, but she doesn’t have power now. If there’s something happen to her, Weasley himself is the one who will sad. Mana will think about it again, and Huey give her time to it.

Guest Room

She make something in the kitchen for Huey, but get to meet Weasley in there. She says she loves him and wants to be with him forever, that makes him surprise. When she realizes the smell of Weasley, he tells that it’s a perfume Dix’s mansion always use. Gill will feels calm if smelling that. Weasley also knows the one who did the first kiss for Mana is that Huey, because he fit the story really well (childhood friend, always together, etc.). But he won’t get mad at that. Suddenly, Dict, the Blade, comes and telling them Rou finally has come back. Weasley brings Mana to the meeting place as she is his assistant (What about Huey?).

Rou is back! Mana quickly hugging him as she feels glad. But Gill stopping the reminiscing scene between them and gets quickly to the gift Rou has take. It’s about Ririn’s factory place, same with other story. Weasley must follow Gillford to defeating Daios’ boss.

Mana can’t go with them, so Huey goes to her whereabout, telling it’ll be a big fight and it’s better if Mana follow him rather than waiting for Weasley. Weasley also want her to do that, because she will be safe like that. He promise to come back and while he goes, he want Mana to wait for him. And if he doesn’t come back, he doesn’t want Mana to feel sad because Huey is still with her. The words came from him because Weasley want the best for her, to be happy. It’s sad because for Mana, the happiness is with him.

She waited for him all that night with Huey. Huey asked her what she like about Weasley, if it’s about an adult or not. But Mana likes him not because of that, because he can make her calm, she thinks. While talking about him, Mana is thinking of why she can’t say “いってらっしゃい” to Weasley. Then, Mana answering Huey’s question, the things she like from Weasley is he’s a good person (and she begins telling all of his kindness). Huey can understand that (and surrender to her love?), telling it’s fine if Mana is happy, but if there is time she is sad about that she can go to his side. Suddenly, there’s explosion sound comes and Mana tells Huey to follow her.

Outside of Dix’s mansion, Weasley and Sera are defending their house while talking. Sera is telling Weasley  stupid because he can let her be protected in someone else’s arm. Well, he think Weasley is stupid but can’t hate him, rather, Sera is jealous of him. The worse news comes from Dict, telling that Mana’s place already been attacked by Daios. Gillford thinks it’s maybe because they have heard if Mana is Weasley’s wife. But they can’t rashly going there as they must protect Dix’s mansion. So for saving Mana, Gill ordering Weasley to do it, and doesn’t want him to have the same pain like the past. After Weasley goes to save Mana, Sera says Gill is a liar. Truthfully, he is the one who want to save Mana, rather than making someone do it. But Gill says he is the boss, then want Sera to come with him. Because we have already know about Weasley’s past (the inviting words from Gill), Sera says it’s already from a long time ago (that he will follow Gill).

Mana is running away alone, separated from Huey. Suddenly, a man finally can find her, ready to shoot her. Fortunately, Weasley comes and save her as fast as possible. Weasley and the man is having a hard fight. He told Weasley that he know him well, from 16 years ago, about his wife’s death event. That’s right. The man is the one who kill Weasley’s wife, saying it’s stupid to protect the bratt Weasley in the past. It makes Weasley cornered by his words, not fighting any good.

Because of it, Mana tell Weasley to come back together with her, eating and have fun together again. Weasley becomes cheerful then. For the finale, he used the magic gun and shot the man. Weasley won the battle. When they are relaxing after it, suddenly, that man wakes up again with his gun, thanks to Ririn. Mana stop the man before he pull his gun toward Weasley. But when Weasley prepare to kill him, a little girl comes, asking him to not kill his brother. The man begs Weasley to just kill him, not his sister.

The sister ask for forgiveness because his brother is all she have, but Weasley too, just have his wife and daughter that time. Because of his words, the girl said she will not forgive Weasley if he kill her brother, and will surely kill him too. It’s becomes very loud, than Weasley is shooting his bullet. But not to kill anyone. He tells the siblings to go away quickly but after that, he cries in Mana’s arm. The now him can’t do the revenge, but tomorrow, he promise to Mana to come back to his usual self.

Five years later, Weasley is waiting Mana to go outside. But she is very slow, so he must carry her with his strength. They must hurriedly take their daughter (why daughter again? Female gene with him?) home. Weasley piggyback his daughter and asks his daughter what game they will have today. The daughter says she want to play with Rou (that makes Weasley disappointed if his daughter always playing with Rou). Suddenly, a thief running away through them, but Weasley can beat him easily. He makes joke saying he will shoot the thief, making him afraid. But it’s fine, he won’t kill for just that. Finished with the work, Weasley tells his family to go home to their house. A happy ending with child…

I don’t know. But Weasley looks younger here (maybe because he already have find happiness?)

End 16

Mana may think the same as Sera, that Rou can betray them. Then in Weasley’s room, instead wanting him to pat her head, Mana wants a hug. Weasley can’t do that. But she keep hugging him, saying she doesn’t want him to look at her as a child. Weasley said he didn’t think like that, then  asked what is her answer for his question “If I want you, then will you run away?” thing. Mana won’t run away, so Weasley continue his lust?

After Weasley gives Mana a doll at night, they continue doing the night-time action. And in the morning, Mana doesn’t have appetite to eat. Weasley realizes that and very worried. So he tells her to rest on bed for today. But she falls unconscious before go to her room.

When she awakes, Weasley in front of her. He haven’t call a doctor but is glad that she is fine. Gillford comes in to check Mana’s condition and finally he knows it. Weasley ask him what is it, but Gill asking back if he doesn’t know because Weasley have experiencing it. He then realizes what it’s all about. Gill emphasizing it with Mana have pregnant, Weasley’s child. And fortunately, Weasley and Mana have the same feelings of happiness about it. He will treasure Mana and his child. Before they have lovey-dovey again, Gill remembering him to propose to Mana.

Straightly, Weasley ask Mana if she want it, and she agree. But Gill says there’s more to it, the exact way to proposing. But Mana quickly says she wants to have a wedding with Weasley, that Gill can just ちつ!It is like that, but Gill will prepare to bring good news for all Dix’s family, that they will have a new family member.

Weasley have bought anything he like to his child (dolls, etc). He then want to hear their children’s sound of life through Mana’s stomach and feels relieved for it. While hearing it, he ask his child to quickly born safely (what the?). But Mana tells him it’s still 7 months more to go.

Weasley must go for work, leaving Mana behind. Suddenly, someone knocking their door, and Mana open it. When Weasley arrived at home, he found Mana already covered in blood. He doesn’t want to believe in it, that the same thing happened to him again.

The same fate happened again to Weasley, losing his wife and child again..

Not long after that, Gill comes saying sorry to be late. Looking at his boss, Weasley begs him to take his life to feel the same pain as Mana. But Gill can’t do it.

Two years later, a man begs Weasley to spare his wife and child’s life. Weasley can’t do that, saying his two wife and child have been killed by the betrayer like him. He ordered the man to laugh but he couldn’t do it, so Weasley killed his wife first. Again, he killed the man, saying they have similar life.

Weasley Dark Route

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

The same with light route, where Mana find Weasley is defeating two betrayer guys.

The Sixth Noise: Start

Weasley and Gillford are really aurprise after hearing Mana is begging to learn fighting. She told them it’s because she must find her brother and to become stronger so that she can protect Gill and the others in Dix. At first, they refused to let her do it. But after knowing her heart’s power, Gill let her do it, despite Weasley still objecting it. Mana doesn’t want to listen to Weasley’s words, so she runs away from the dining room.

She meets Sera accidentally on the way, and wants her to tell him all of the conversation in the dining room. He offering his help to make Mana can use her power and she is glad for it. Too bad Weasley heard it all and was against it from the first time. But Sera said he isn’t Mana’s dad so he didn’t have any right to order her. Sera keeps telling Mana to go with him to the Dix’s exchange blood place, while Weasley is angry at it. Without Weasley’s approval, Mana keeps doing the ceremony with Sera and Gill, then becoming Sera’s Pail.

The next day after she had became a Blade, Mana think Weasley would still be angry at her. But she still needs to let him know and comes to his room. Mana explains it all, that she already becomes a Blade. But this time, she look at the picture in Weasley’s room. He says that is his wife and daughter’s. Mana is never heard of it. The story is the same as light route, where Weasley telling the story of his wife’s life (I won’t write it twice as I don’t really like this kind of plot). But in here, he explains like laughing at his past self, as he can’t save his family. And there is still time when he feels sad to it.

But Weasley finally can accept Mana as Blade and will protect her because he feels she is like his daughter. Then, he pat her head but Mana doesn’t really like it, that makes her like a child. After that, he asks her to drink sake tonight.

She and Weasley are separated because Mana still wandering around the pub. That’s the time she crashes with a Blade. This man realizes it is Mana, so he tries to bring her to his side, but Weasley comes and asking him to release her. Actually, the Blade is Dict, someone Weasley knows. Dict apologizing for his behavior toward Mana and the problem is end like that.

Weasley have a drink party at the pub with Mana beside him. She is drinking plum wine and it is sweet. At first, Weasley want to change her drink with hotmilk to avoid drunk, but she say it’s fine. So they continues the party with him saying it’s a date. Mana is very surprise to hear it, then telling him if it’s a date, they must share a kiss, right? Weasley just thought it’s a joke and look at her like a child.

A Blade asking him to talk outside and leaving Mana alone. Suddenly after Weasley have gone, a drunken man come to flirting Mana. Fortunately, not taking along time until Weasley comes back and makes the man realizing that to go away from there. After everything have finished, Weasley told Mana that the man is Zenda’s Pail (Zenda, the betrayer). Mana apologizing because she always makes trouble and Weasley really angry with it, that she can be teased by someone easily. But she think Dict isn’t teasing her, just be gentle. That she doesn’t know about it, makes Weasley say that isn’t a sincere eyes. He knows it because he is a man too. And the words coming from Weasley makes her saying she is an adult too, and can date anyone (is she drunk?). Weasley makes a dare to her to know who can date her.

Because he really pissed by what Mana said, that she is fine if the man did terrible things to her because she is an adult, Weasley brings her outside to show her what man can do. Mana makes him really mad as she say she can do whatever it is. Weasley unbuttoning her shirts, kissing her neck, then touching her chest (キャアア!This is not R-15, definitely, look at that picture below! And also the sighing sound from Weasley!!!). But until Mana calls his name, he quits and very surprise at what he have done. He releasing Mana and she comes inside the pub again, leaving Weasley behind still wondering who is the children here. And why could he do that…

I really really want to put the CG here, but I decided to hid it. Just click here if you’re not feel suck at almost R18 CG with an ossan..

The Seventh Noise: Hell

Again, Mana comes to the pub alone. But in front of its door, she is thinking too much about the last event with Weasley. Suddenly, Rou surprising her, asking if she want to go inside with Weasley (also teasing her like usual). They go inside the pub and Mana explains to Rou she have drinking sake for the first time. Rou is disappointed because he want to be the one who take her first time too (to drink sake). And Mana is really surprise to know Rou can drink sake well at his age. But still, Rou wants to be the first one who bring her to the pub because he her brother in Dix.

While hearing Weasley and Rou talking, Mana feels sleepy. Weasley realizes she have been drunk. But it’s alright. To make her rest, Weasley says to Rou not to play with her but Rou hugging Mana. Suddenly, Weasley tells him to stop then makes Rou says he is frustrating lately. But then Weasley makes Rou remember he have promise to do card game with other so he must hurriedly go. Like a typhoon (Weasley said), Rou quickly ran from there. So it’s time Weasley must bring her home. But he must get water first because she’s drunk.

When waiting for Weasley, Dict comes across Mana again. Now, he confessing his love to her that makes Mana confused. He always longed for her, but when he heard Mana have become Blade, there must be a chance for him. Though he knows it won’t happen easily because Mana doesn’t look at him. He ask to be his lover, but Mana can’t answer it. He then ask just for a kiss so tomorrow he will be Mana’s fan again. But unfortunately, that won’t happen when Weasley is back. He ordered Dict to release Mana, before Mana kiss him. Although Dict have did forceful thing to her, she would let him go and went back with Weasley (Of course Weasley can’t say anything anymore). But before they go, Dict tells his feeling towards Mana to Weasley, that he loves her.

In front of the pub, Weasley ask if Mana like Dict. If she really like that person, she can date him, because they’re at the same age. It makes Mana sad, after realizing she like Weasley, and he ordered her to date another person. Again, Weasley tells Mana to not kiss anyone she doesn’t like for good (the beach scene and the thing she almost done if Weasley not come). But still, she is stubborn that she have become adult and can kiss anyone she want. After all, she her first kiss have happened. So Weasley ask her to teach him that adult kiss, kissing her with his tongue (argh! Why can’t they make it for Sera too? I don’t want the ossan!). Mana answering it.. And with that, she can feel Weasley is ドキドキtoo (but he still use his hand everywhere?). Well, again, it was interrupted when Mana called his name. They go home quickly.

At night, Weasley still says it’s terrible. Sera asks why, while her lips is sweet for him. So he really did saw that! Sera even ask if Weasley have (uhm, what should I write about this もう抱いたんですか?) touch her and makes Weasley realizing his feeling. But he keeps telling that he haven’t look at Mana as woman. For Sera, it’s just at Weasley’s mouth since he see Weasley hug Mana with love. Weasley himself is very shocked to hear it, still denied it. But Sera told him he didn’t look at Mana as a child after seeing her straight decision and her ability to move forward. Weasley just want to run away from the pain he felt in the past, so he can say that to deny his own feeling. Then Sera said he had wasted his precious 5 minutes to talk nonsense then leaving Weasley thinking about it.

It’s time to train with magic gun for Mana. Sera taught her to do it. Suddenly, he seems to have look at something, then change his position to be close with Mana as teaching her to use the gun. The next is to opening her leg more and makes Mana tickled. Suddenly, Weasley is shouting in the middle of training (Why Sera must always be the helper both for Rou and Weasley? And maybe the other?). Weasley told Sera not to playing with the gilr cause he already much older. Sera telling him back that he must not speak like that as he is the most person who see Mana as a woman. He then wants to bring Mana to his room to be his assistant and says he can use both her body and soul. Quickly, Weasley releasing Mana from Sera, but Sera asks what kind of responsibility he have more than Sera himself (Sera is Mana’s Pail) to stopping him using Mana.

And now, Weasley can speak of his mind. He is not looking at Mana as a child, but as woman. So he begs Sera to not taking her. Sera says Weasley finally can talk of his real feeling because he think to hide it won’t suit with Weasley. Then he go to his workplace to leave the two talk alone.

Mana is very happy because she also look at Weasley as a man. That words makes Weasley glad. He then asking Mana to date with him and make sure of their own feelings. It maybe is not comfortable for Mana, but he begging her. Mana was happy so she is fine with it. After that, Weasley said it’ll be better if their time together will be forever.

That day, Mana heard of Gill, Sera, Rou, and Weasley’s conversation about another traitor. They will take care of the matter, but Mana will just stay at home. Gillford also tells Mana that he already took Zainas to guard the house outside. Suddenly while waiting for them, a man introducing himself as Zainas knock on Dix’s mansion door. He tells Mana to quickly open up the door because the other Dix are in danger. Although she is a bit suspicious for it, Mana still opening that door. Zainas comes in, but he asks if Mana is really Weasley’s lover. Then the man told her he isn’t Zainas and had killed the person himself. That man also tells bad things about Rou and Weasley.

But Mana won’t let that person to do that. She will protect Weasley’s family’s picture, so she begins attacking that man. Unfortunately, that guy can use magic and hurted Mana’s arm until her blood is out. A maid comes when worrying, but she doesn’t let her go further because Mana will protect them all. The man keeps talking bad about Dix, about Mana who is like a doll, so she shoot him. He becomes like a doll now (means, death). Mana is scared of what she have done. When Rou comes not long after that and look at what happen, he is glad Mana becomes a real Blade and very proud as her brother. The other are congratulating her too. Looking at her face, Weasley brings her to his room to take care of her wound.

After he have done take care of it, Weasley says she have done good job for now. But actually, Mana wants to cry. Weasley let her do it in his embrace, letting her cries out loud after killing someone. After Mana have rested a bit, Weasley apologizing because he can’t help her. But she doesn’t think like that ‘cause it’s to protect her family, especially Weasley. But he is hugging her, saying he doesn’t want to lose another woman who is important for him again. Mana knows his feeling and says she will be alright, so Weasley surrender to her strength and they will fall to Hell together. They can’t return anymore after that day.

The Eight Noise: Return End 17

It’s already 3 months after she becomes a Blade, so Sera thinks it’s almost her time to do a real jobs. When teaching her, Sera also gives suggestion to Mana to become stronger, and maybe, to become a female executive? Nah, just a suggestion and won’t mind it.

After the training, Mana went to Weasley’s room, where she saw him still sleeping. She looks at him closely, and when Weasley opens up his eyes, he makes her falls to his body, like a morning hug. He told Mana that lately, Daios seemed to have strange movement, so it’ll be better to prepare for the settlement with them. And it means, they must show what they have come after the training. With Mana’s face who have know it, Weasley can tell Sera have told her something. And that’s just about the preparation of her real job (but the truth is, it leads to Weasley’s conversation?).

He then brings Mana’s body to the bed again, as well as telling her there will be time they must work together soon if Gillford is planning to beat Daios. It makes Mana thinks Weasley is well known about Gill’s matter. He said it’s because Gill had become his little brother-like in the past (like Mana and Rou), a best friend for him. And that makes Mana jealous of it, but Weasley says she is stupid to think like that because she is his woman now. Thinking again, the thought of Weasley who can’t protect Mana makes him really sad. But she isn’t think like that. It’s because the one who want to protect is Mana herself, so Weasley musn’t feel guilty about it. Then Weasley can tell Rou finally back home, so they must go and speak with Gillford about the assault to Daios.

Different from what Rou and Sera’s story, there isn’t a scene when they are speaking about Rou and the map in the dining room. The scene straightly changes to an outside snowy field, where Mana is fighting with Daios. She is almost get hurt by one of Daios when she is thinking too much to end it fast, but fortunately, Sera protect her. Gillford is there too, telling her not to get hurt or Weasley will be sad. They continued the fight to the last place, which seemed to be a tent. Gillford will take his and Sera’s Pail alone to speak with Daios boss’ son (to help him out from darkness), but let Sera wait outside. Firstly, Sera is against it because he won’t let anything happen to Dix’s boss. But Gill must do it, so he won’t object the boss’ order.

Mana asks Sera if Gill and Daios’ boss have known each other and from what Sera have know, it seems so. Sera then ask if the one Mana is worried about is Weasley and it’s true, but she won’t take it hard in her job. Suddenly, an attacking sound comes from inside and makes Sera questioning if it’s really the son in there. So Mana told Sera to come and help Gill, and promised not to get killed by someone. But after Sera have gone, Mana realizes there’s something going to her side.

Meanwhile in Dix’s mansion, Rou is calming Weasley for always walking here and there, thinking about Mana’s condition. The Blades and Dict are also worried about it, but they says it’s better not to over-reacting it ‘cause Rou is worried too. Weasley apologizing for his rude behavior toward Rou before.

Can’t stand to wait anymore after morning have come, Weasley goes outside the mansion, searching Mana everywhere. He then finds her covered with her wound and blood, hugging her. Mana said she is relieved that Weasley is alright, but the one who should be worried is Weasley. But Mana told him that she just can go back to his place, so he need no worry over it. Weasley takes her back and answering her words that it is obvious that her home is to be by his side.

Three years have passed and that day is the day Weasley works with Dict. When he is in the middle of talking with Dict after finishing their job, suddenly a voice telling him to take shelter because she will finish the other one. Well, as expected, it is Mana, who have already becomes a good Blade. And she says she will protect Weasley, but he himself is shame to be protected by Mana. The Mana now is very different. She told him to do that kind of thing just in bed, that makes Weasley really surprise of her words (of course, she speaks like she is the guy here). But then again, they must continue their fight with another Daios’ men appearing. With the two guns on their side, they won’t have to be afraid of anything.

End 18

Mana keeps begging to do the protecting matter to Weasley, despite he warn her. So that’s why, he will take that time to be together with her because she is his woman. Mana agrees with it, then do it with Weasley?

This time, Mana comes after being hurted at the campside, alone in the middle of the night. Sadly, she couldn’t stand it anymore and fell on the snowy ground. It’s just a bit more until she comes back home, but there is no time anymore. Before she die, Mana says sorry that she can’t protect their promise to come back alive.

According to my guide, playing Vine’s route first is the best before Weasley’s dark route, so I’ll take that suggestion! But I wrote it last to avoid confussion.

Vine (Sakurai Tooru)

Age: 31

Okay, I’ve met him! He is the one who killed Weasley’s wife in the past and have his sister who protect him (look above). What a trouble to know his identity..

The Sixth Noise: Child

A maid asked Mana to buy something at the shop. She goes outside, find a little girl crying, calling Vine-nii. Mana comes to her and calming her. And from their conversation, it seems the girl is lost in the town because she rarely goes outside. Because Mana offering help, they tells their name to each other. The girl’s name is Wenri. She also tells she is living with her brother.

The situation is confusing for Mana, because Wenri goes near Daios’ side. But it’s too late since she offering help and they are near Wenri’s house. She ran away to the corner of the town, but met with two bad guys. At the critical time, a man helps them hit the two guys. He doesn’t let them touch his sister. And when they finally meet again, Wenri calls him Vine. And then, realizing there’s Mana there, Vine asks her name then gives his thanks to her for helping his sister. Mana says her house is at the other side of their place, and it makes Vine thinks again, telling her it’s better not to come to that place again. Wenri doesn’t want Mana to go early, so she inviting her to their house. Even if Mana can’t go too far to Daios’ side, she doesn’t have any choice since Wenri really want to be friends with her.

The Seventh Noise: Wariness

After her work has finish, Mana wants to go Wenri’s house again. In front of the door, Weasley comes and asks if she have meet someone (a boyfriend). Well, it’s fine this time, but Mana feels sorry to Weasley that she is lying to go.

On the street, Vine surprising her (she forget his name), telling to not come to that side anymore because it’s dangerous for her. But Mana already make promise to Wenri, and she doesn’t want to break it. From what she had said, Vine calling her stupid again and again. She must do this because Mana knows Wenri is lonely without any friend. And to it, Vine calls her more stupid (バカ、アホ) that she would want to do that thing. Oh right, he is fine with it and says he will escort her as a thank you gift.

While they are going to Vine’s house, Mana looks at so many people behaving strangely, one is counting number weirdly. Vine told her it must because of Ririn drug. Because she always thinking much (blank), Vine doesn’t like it. He carry her like taking something light, and wants to go quickly. Also, if Mana always doing that kind walking in that place, she will get hurt and Wenri doesn’t want that. But Mana wants him to let her go, so Vine ask if she is more happy if he carry her princess-like.

Wenri is very happy to see Mana have come. But Vine isn’t really care about that because to meet Mana, she will come across danger in another side of town. That’s why Wenri tells his brother to escort Mana to their house. But for Mana, she is worried about Vine who must come to her place. It makes him surprise to hear Mana is worried about him.

And the truth is Wenri’s body is weak. So to come there, Vine is really grateful for the thing she have done. They spent the day eating cookies with Wenri.

It’s time to go home and again, Vine must escorting Mana back. In their walking state, Mana says Vine is kind for always care of his sister. But he asks if her head is weird, because he isn’t nice at all. Then, he scared Mana that she can be killed anytime to come there, making every person she know worried to search for her (and saying she is stupid again). Mana knows despite his rude words, Vine is really care, so keeps saying it. After they’ve arrive at Dix town, Weasley saw them, thinking that’s true Mana is dating someone and is happy to it (at first). But when he tries to remember if there is Blade like Vine, he realizes that person is from Daios town, but doesn’t know much for now. He let it go but still thinking it’s dangerous.

The Eight Noise: Insurance

Weasley comes to say to Mana that he have found her new friend. Mana tells all about it, that’s he must come to Daios side to play with a girl. And the person Weasley saw is that girl’s brother (that even if his mouth is rude, but still a kind person). But Weasley keeps saying it’s dangerous, so it’s better to say goodbye to them early. When the time she will meet them, Weasley will follow her too, to greet them and say goodbye. Of course Mana is thinking she can’t meet Vine again and very disappointed but she must do what Weasley told.

Unfortunately, Vine is late to come to their usual meeting place and makes Weasley worried too. Finally, he really didn’t come. The day after that too. And the time Mana want to go waiting again, Weasley offer to accompany her waiting. Suddenly, an explosion sound comes, then the shooting sound after it. Weasley says their place is alright but he will go there to see and leaving Mana behind.

After Mana is alone, she saw Vine went to other side. Of course she is following him. Meanwhile, some Blade finds a Daios’ man weapon, but Weasley tells them to not bring it to Sera.

And the scene is back at Mana, who still chasing Vine. But what she have got is Weasley (again). He says he already find a weapon similar to what have killed his wife and child. But for now, she will rest a bit in he room. While thinking about it, she have really worried if the one she saw is Vine, or about the killer of Weasley’s family is true. Mana decides to go and meet Vine in his house.

It’s a wise decision to go because Wenri is lonely. Her brother is going outside often and takes a long time to go back. Mana keeps telling her to wait together for Vine’s arrival. She is like Wenri’s sister. In their waiting time, Wenri told Mana that her brother already came to bring Mana to their house that day. But he came back, saying Mana is busy so she wouldn’t come (maybe it’s because there is Weasley?). Then, Wenri ask one thing to Mana, to stay by Vine’s side because he seems to feel safe when with her. Mana promised to it. But it’s time for her to go back.

Vine and Wenri’s House

On her way back, she keeps asking where is Vine, that Wenri already cries to meet him. Suddenly, someone close her eyes and capture her, saying it’ll be better if she screams, then maybe he can let her go. He takes his knife in front of her neck, saying the safest action now is maybe to kill her. Then, telling the truth about his job, his action towards Weasley’s family. But it’s weird and Mana ask why can’t he just killing her right now, but despite that, he tells all of that. Well, he can’t kill her, it will just make Wenri more sad. And even though he want to meet Wenri, he can’t. If Dix knows it, they will kill his sister too. And if that time comes, he want Mana to take care of his little sister. Then, he said the next target he must kill is Dix’s lion (Weasley) at next starry night. And it’s really a big trouble for Vine himself to tell her all of his information.

He let Mana go back and he himself say goodbye also revealing his thought to make money with that job. Then he went using his magic. It’s a painful goodbye for Mana, as she really care about Vine’s condition (When he already gone, it feels sad. Plus lullaby’s BGM!).

The Ninth Noise: Vine End 22

Mana choose to stay quiet about Vine’s information. Thinking about him makes her remember his words at their last meeting and when Wenri ask Mana to stay with her brother.

It’s rare for Mana to follow Weasley going outside the mansion. He goes to his wife’s grave, saying he is sorry for not being able to revenge her death until now. Suddenly, a voice said he can do it now if he want. The voice came from Vine, attacking them with his knife. They begins the fight and in the middle of it, Weasley tells Mana to run away. But it seems it is hard for Weasley to follow Vine’s attacking speed. He can shoot his gun fast.

Just changing the background?

For the finale, Weasley use his magic gun. It seems Vine has lose, but he can continue to fight because Weasley’s sight is on Mana who wants to get close to them. Vine can use his powerful strength thanks to Ririn (Weasley calls it doping). It’s time for Weasley to finish Vine with his magic power, but Mana comes and stops them all using her body. She is worried about Vine and apologizing to Weasley. Vine can’t move now, but he can call her stupid and is worried about her too.

Mana is afraid because she already do something bad to Weasley, but he can understand and ask if she like Vine. She can’t understand if it’s love or not, but Mana doesn’t want him to die. Listening to her heart, Weasley ordering her to bring Vine far away from his sight, even if he really want to kill that person. Mana apologizing to Wealsey but she must go with Vine. After they have gone, Weasley tells Angela to forgive him because he can’t kill the person who took his wife and daughter.

On the way, Mana feels hurt because of the wound from last battle. But it is fine. The most hurted person is Vine, but he doesn’t feel too much pain thanks to Ririn drug. But Mana says they must hurry go back. Vine asks where does she want to go, because there is still time for her to come back to Dix. She still stubborn and wants to go with Vine. That is hard because he also already betrayed Daios and might get killed. But Mana still choose him, so Vine ask her to run away together. For her, she will go anywhere as it is with him, and can let release everything she have up ‘til now.

And then, it’s already two years after the last battle with Weasley. Mana is singing for Vine, but he almost falls asleep because it is like a lullaby. Not long after Vine have awake, Wenri comes to visit them for a moment, but because Vine is a tsundere, he tells her to go quickly. Before Wenri leave them, she prays for her brother and Mana happiness. And then Vine asks Mana to go back home, holding her hands and making her smiling. And then he tells her it is love, despite he doesn’t like Mana smiling much from their little happiness.

At least, he have his happy ending!!

End 23

For this ending, Mana choose the same as End 22, to not give any information about Vine. But she can’t follow Vine to go, and choose to comes back to Dix. Vine releasing her and the day after, he and Wenri already gone. They can’t meet each other again anymore.

End 24

Mana choose to tell Weasley about Vine’s plan. He is glad Mana told him about it, and can make his revenge. But before that, Mana want to ask him to let her friend come, and it is Wenri. She plays happily in Dix mansion. But when they already finished playing, Wenri ask Mana if they can meet Vine again. Mana hopes they can in the future, but maybe it won’t happen.

Don’t worry, I just wanted to put different face of Vine because he just had 3 different CGs

Aww, too bad Vine just have a very little ammount of CG rather than any other guys so far (and maybe will have the same thing happen to Reim and Garelle or less). Really, I’d prefer Vine than Weasley!

First, I want to summarize Weasley’s story. He have this wife and daughter before, and I hate that kind of story (I just want someone to marry once in his life time, not twice!). And I know it’s full of sadness, but I can’t stand this kind of story. Despite the hatred story like that, I don’t think there’s any more problem. His CG are full of adult matter (Uh, yeah. He is 31 years old)! The most is the scene in front of the pub before kissing. I don’t have any trouble with it though, just a little disappointed that just him can do that kind of thing. And then the kissing scene is really romantic! And that are all in his dark route.

At his light one, I don’t think I can find anything special (That’s why, I prefer dark route better than light), just the happiness of their child. Speaking of child, why just him that have children? I won’t forgive you, Operetta, if you don’t including Mana-Gillford’s children in it!!-This is just my rage, please don’t mind it..

Vine! Let’s go to him! He is so much cooler than the old Weasley (Hey, they are in the same age!!). It’s not to my preference for guy with many piercing, but Vine is really cool, that I can’t hate that kind of fashion. I thought he wouldn’t have lovey-dovey story, but at least Operetta is really kind to made one for him (Look, he isn’t really special if compared to Gill, Rou, Sera, Weasley, and Camille. He even doesn’t have any role in other story except the light ed for Weasley).

I don’t want to write more than this (this is boring, right?). I’m sorry I can’t do the post faster because of my tons of work (I have life too). The next may leads to Dix’s boss dark route and Camille (He just have one route, gladly). And after that maybe to go with Reim and Garelle. Gill’s light route will be the last person to do, so bear with his dark route first..


~ by twentyninenights on October 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “In the Silent Winter Road-Weasley (Light & Dark) & Vine”

    I don’t know how you deal with this but I probably raise a white flag upon playing first 20 minutes or so.
    Weasley is such a daring character :3 he looks so fatherly type I cant’ help drooling at him but when he make a pair with Mana it almost seems it’s a lolicon’s route lol!

    God. Vine is so damn gooooood *0* with his badass appearance god god *0*

    how old is Mana btw? Is she a loli? XD

    • Uh-huh. It’s a bit long because he always talk about his past (wife). It’s okay to skip unimportant part, because mostly, it’s just random talk. And yeah, I think he’s too old for Mana, that if his daughter still alive, she’ll be in almost the same age as Mana. It have been 16 years, so his daughter must be 15 now. Mana is 17 years old.

      And I like Vine. He is tsundere guy (almost similar to Sera!). Sadly he just appear in Weasley’s light route and his own route. Before, I was confused on who is he anyway. It’s weird to make unimportant chara like him catchable (but it’s the interesting part, isn’t it? Different from any other games..).

  2. I also didn’t like Weasley’s path’s very much! xD’
    It was such a turn off for me that he was already married and had a child in the past. >_< So I really wished there were more CG's and a longer route for Vine, somehow I really liked him (and his sister was cute). ❤

    • That’s the idea I want Operetta to do badly! Weasley doesn’t look appealing to me. His story is sad, I know. But at least..I will be happy if he doesn’t end up with Mana, just being like her brother-like is good too (remember his age.. almost twice older than Mana). And..and.. I can’t forgive what he did in dark route in front of the pub! Why you should ruin Mana’s pure side with a father-like figure, Operetta?

      I know what the developer means. They want to make him having a two side face, but arrgh! I doesn’t like his ‘touching everywhere’ to Mana. At least his happy CG with their child looks really happy and becomes my wish (or, at least, every woman’s wish). And it looks shocking to see him in that CG. Weasley looks younger and suddenly, I like him (just in that CG!).

      Vine.. Just Operetta can make a person who appear just only 5 mins in Weasley’s light route to have his own route (the one I wish for Hotokenser to Kurosaki Eru). At first, I thought his route wouldn’t end nice consider he just a subchara. Maybe it ended up dead or what, but I was glad knowing his route was a happy ending.

  3. Sorry, I hope I’m not being rude, but what is this a review for? Is it a manga or anime? Could you please tell me the name of it, because it looks really good and I want to check it out!

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