In the Silent Winter Road-Seravis Light & Dark

After I know how to get light ending, I’ll play from the light route first.  The first turn about Rou was still my experiment, so I got dark ending first.

Seravis (Makino Hideki)

Age: 28

Seravis Light Route

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Before the beach volleyball tournament begin, Mana ask if Sera can do it good. As he is very proud of himself, Sera doesn’t need her concern. They begin the tournament with Rou. But Mana, feeling left behind, walking alone to the other side of the beach. When Rou asking Sera where Mana is, without any concern, he say he doesn’t know too. As she feels happy at the beach, Mana plays inside the water, but suddenly, she falls. Fortunately, Sera comes to save her. With his usual arrogant way of talking, of course Sera teases her for falling to the sea. He realize Mana have hurted her leg, ordering her to sit and he’ll massage it.

While massaging Mana’s leg, she stare at him, making Sera conscious of it. It’s because Mana is thinking about his ability, a “mahou-tsukai”. He says it’s not a rare thing, as mahou-tsukai, uta-tsukai, and majuu-tsukai are already have that power since born. Suddenly, she feels a strange sensation coming from Sera’s power. He just says it’s a magic to relaxing the muscle, then asking if it’s alright now, and Mana says she feel better. Also, she became strange when making a sighing sound (んつ。。。like that) as Sera massaging her leg. After it finishes, she ran away to buy juice. Then, the event is same when Gill, Sera, and other Dix’s member are fighting a man at the beach and then want to celebrate Gill’s birthday.

But there’s a betrayal, Zenda, and everyone must help Gill. Before leaving, Sera told her not to worried. After all, she can’t do anything now.

Mana is singing for Gill, but gets seen by Sera. He told her to rest as she couldn’t do anything. The other Dix’s member are fine. Before letting Mana go, he try her cake a bit. But he says it’s too sweet, that’s because he doesn’t like sweet flavor. Of course after that scene is the meeting with Karuvan to the graveyard of Setsu.

The Sixth Noise: Pupil

A meeting with Sera in the corridor makes Mana must cleaning up his room alone with him. At first, she is afraid to do it, but Sera maybe realizing it, so Mana can’t refuse anymore. In his room, Sera keeps telling her to work here and there, making her confused. Also, he always saying that Mana is useless. But she must do it all, to help Sera.

Sometimes, Sera check on her work, and she still haven’t finish it because she is worried about Setsu (after she knows the truth from Karuvan, that Setsu has died). Looking at the scary Sera, Mana quickly get back to work. At last, she finish it at dawn. But still, Sera keeps telling her as stupid human. After all, it is his duty to make the mental state of the people in Dix. Because he keeps telling her stupid, Mana says she is worried about her brother, Setsu, and explaining all to Sera. Unfortunately, Sera doesn’t care about it, even asking if there is a problem with that. She doesn’t have anything more to say to Sera, so Mana just walking outside his room.

The next day, Mana just waking up in her room, but suddenly, Sera comes in there. He told her to come to his room and they went quickly without giving Mana time to do anything else. She thinks Sera just want help from her again, but he says she must help him today, tomorrow, and always. Sera wants her to be his assistant. It seems Mana just waking up, so she doesn’t really understand the meaning of it. But Sera said he already have Boss’ approval.

Sera’s room

After come to his room, Sera must take a shower first, so he let Mana work alone. While he was gone, Mana is thinking if Sera have had any breakfast. If not, she wants to ask what he want to eat, but she is afraid to ask. That’s why, when he is back, Mana remembering him to go to Riido’s house. She wants to go there too to meet Reim. And it makes Sera remember he have not eat since dinner. But unfortunately, Mana haven’t finish with her work in Sera’s room. Still, he say to finish it later after they’ve come back.

While walking, Sera saw Baron Ruben at the street and wanted to greet him. He doesn’t want to bring Mana to meet the Baron because it’s his hobby to playing with women like Mana. Because of it, Mana prefer not to go with Sera. Yeah, but as usual tsundere, he say not to call him if anything happen. Just try to solve it using her own power (what the?).

Right after he warn her that, an old woman fall to the street. As she can’t leave her alone, Mana offers to bring her belongings. At the corner of the street, the old woman change to evil. She wants to bring Mana to Daios, as she needs money. Not too long after that, a man appeared. He wanted to cut (sell) Mana’s body part? At the crucial time, she called for Sera. And he comes as quick as wind to save her, saying not to call his name.

After he have hit the man, he said Mana is like a luggage that he must protect. He is angry that Mana can easily being trapped like that, and not surprise if she die because of it. He also told that Gillford’s magic bullet is so effective (it’s the thing that makes light). It makes Mana realize he is going to use it to the man. Like any other Dix, Sera kills the man with magic bullet, Mana thinks. But the man still alive. And Sera says the bullet is beyond his power and it is not helping him. Sera begins explaining the power of mahou-tsukai and uta-tsukai (that I really can’t understand it well, the formula thing, etc). Mana can’t really understand it too, but she wants Sera to help her studying mahou-tsukai so she can protect everyone. Sera agreed to it.

The Seventh Noise: Angel

The time after she finish the last work from Sera makes Mana sleepy. But she can’t sleep, it’ll be a trouble to him. Sera knows it, asking something to killing time. The conversation about formula, reached to the point where Sera told her to not use mahou-tsukai. Because to use mahou-tsukai, she must expand her mental arithmetic formula and do it fast. The Mana now doesn’t have that ability to it (again, he say that Mana is useless). The words from Sera makes Mana down and feels she maybe can’t do it. But Sera tells her, formerly, he have see that kind of world (means, he may think it’s hard to do too).

She drops her tears because she is happy, that the most powerful mahou-tsukai like Sera can understand that kind of feeling. Mana thinks she will work hard to be able to see the world that Sera see now. But for Sera, it’s useless, as Mana can see the more beautiful world than him. And also, Sera has known the feelings similar to Rou, to protect the organization and others, the same looking eyes as Mana, who wants to be stronger. And he will guide her path to it. It’s the time for Mana to work at Gill’s room, so she excuses herself with Sera’s work too.

In front of Sera’s room, Rou comes to her. He looks at her tiredness, asking if the “陰険糞眼鏡=the glasses nasty shit” have doing anything to her. But Mana says Sera is nice to her, that Rou finds it rare and saying maybe tomorrow will come snowstorm or thunder. After talking about Sera, Rou says he likes cute and broken things, and the most of it is Mana (maybe Mana thinks that as a joke). He then left for work.

Gillford can tell from inside that Mana is already waiting for work outside of his room. He tells her to come in. While working, Mana asking him why Sera can come to be a Roach. Gill told her, he invited Sera to be one of Dix when he wanted to build his own new organization. At that time, Gill heard the “Genius Once in a Century”, that is Sera. Here it is, how Gill invited Sera:

Gill just said that he will show Sera the world that only him can see it. And Sera ask what kind of world it is. It’s the world where their wish will come true, the world where they can live. Where their rights won’t be taken by anyone, also not be forced by any. The country where there is freedom to live. It maybe like a dream, but Gill need Seravis’ power, to change the organization. For Seravis, it seemed interesting. Just one thing he want to exchange, to not call him Seravis (so, he must be called Sera?). He told Mana to ask the rest of it to Sera as he didn’t know it. Because Rou is off to work, Gill gives the paperwork to Sera through Mana.

The time she walk to Sera’s room, she crashes with someone. He was Baron Ruben, the one Sera have greeted when they’re in town. He offers Mana to go to his room. Because Mana still refusing, that Ruben keeps telling bad things to Roach. She is angry to it but Sera comes there, making Ruben go home. Mana says she thinks that Sera is more high than Ruben. Sera realizes she is angry about it, but just telling her to continue her work in his room.

When she clean up Sera’s room alone, she thinks Sera is very adult-like, doesn’t angry after hearing someone’s look down at him. But she found something important, the real name of Sera, ‘Seravis de Laveliet=セラヴィス*ド*ラヴェリエット’ (what to spell of it?), the most famous person in the country. He says it’s just educational background, when he come to Dix, he already releasing all of that.

But it makes Mana wants to ask why doesn’t he tell that to Ruben. For Sera, he think nothing of it. And when Mana ask if he doesn’t like school, Sera doesn’ think like that, just doesn’t need it (but his life is similar to Reim). And the thing about he doesn’t want to be called his name is because the meaning in it. It means ‘慈愛の天使=angel of mercy’. This makes Mana laughing. But suddenly, he said Mana’s name is good, really suit her. She prayed to have a good relationship with Sera. Well, she does think to have a good relationship with him (was that mean?)..

The Eight Noise: Thunder

The time Sera is gone, a maid ask if Mana and Sera already have love relationship. Mana says it’s not like that even if she must work in Sera’s room (and also feels sad to say it). But the maid thinks it’s the first time for Sera to be nice to a woman. Also, the maid have saw Sera looking at Mana’s back after she went outside his room, like a special being for him. It maybe is her imagination, so the maid tells not to think about it.

But the maid also said there’s time when Sera hug a woman, when everyone thought Sera have love this woman. But when the woman ask if Sera like her, he tells that the woman musn’t think like that just for a hug. It hurts the woman’s pride of course. And Sera always refuse to escort a woman. For that, Mana is thinking of why Sera have never tell her that she is important. It doesn’t make Mana happy.

While working in Sera’s room, Mana is sighing a lot (maybe after the conversation with the maid), and with holding the flower. Sera realizes that, asking if she hate the flower, because he thinks Mana likes white lily. Well, it’s just a conversation about flower. Then, looking at tiredness in Sera’s face, Mana offering him a shoulder massage. But Sera can just using his power. Thinking about it, Sera will let Mana try his massaging magic.

Okay, I admit Sera doesn’t have as many CGs as Rou!

The first time using it, makes her remember of the beach’s event. She told him to stop it (not want to sigh for the second time, huh?). But Sera still want to do it, explaining to her that it will just make, uhm, his touching skin sensation will be a hypersensitive one. Well, it gets interrupted because Weasley comes without knocking. He doesn’t want Sera to have a dream to make sekuhara to Mana come true. She says it’s just a try to Sera’s magic, but Weasley thinks it’s a ドM.

Weasley comes to speak about Rou. Sera told Mana to wait outside, but after they’ve come to the dining room, Mana knew it all. Rou had betrayed them (Well, remember of his light route? When everyone are talking about Rou’s betrayal in dining room.). Weasley is angry because Sera doesn’t tell him about it earlier despite knowing a betrayal is what he hates the most. But Mana isn’t really believing on it. Sera said that Rou is in Daios’ mansion now, with the other betrayal, Zenda. The truth is, Weasley isn’t believing that too. This makes Sera calls him too weak, if he doesn’t want his precious thing killed like before (This may unlock the secret of Weasley? I don’t know too…). Weasley is shouting at Sera to be quiet about it. After Weasley and Sera prepared to use their weapon, Gillford came and told them to stop (espc Weasley). Then, Sera brings Mana to go.

Mana still doesn’t believe if Rou really betraying them, because he is the most person who believe in Gill. But Sera doesn’t care about it, he just looking at the fact. Doesn’t have feeling to believe in Rou or to look at him as enemy. Sera begins explaining his feelings with the example of Mana’s stupidity at working (and he begins explaining like Kent in Amnesia, I don’t care).

It’s raining hard with thunder outside. Mana is scared about the sound of thunder, so she knock on Sera’s door, want to speak with him. But of course with his cool way, Sera said he have work to do, so Mana could just sitting on the sofa. He also told her to be quiet. Suddenly, Sera brings her a cup of tea, telling her to drink it and if she have finish, she can go back to her room (Uhm, he look really want to hide it, right? He does care!). Mana is a bit happy about it. From the smell of the tea, she can tell that it is herb tea.

Drinking the tea and then feels relax, she can’t stand her eyes not to close. Mana sleeps on Sera’s sofa. Looking at her, Sera thinks she is like a child, can easily sleeping in a man’s room. But suddenly, he takes a rare action to kiss her cheek. As he did it, he asked if she think of him as a guardian. And also, it’s easy to betray her. But for Mana, she just can feel that night is her happiness..

So Sweet!!

The Ninth Noise: Present

A bad dream comes to her while sleeping. It’s like Sera doesn’t care about her. So she screaming to beg Sera to look at her. When she wakes up because of Sera’s question, she comes to realization that first, she is in Sera’s room, second she has sleep on his sofa, and the last is Sera’s coat is on her body. Yes, it is like that, as Sera tells her that it is his room and that is his coat. He just doesn’t want to troubling his work if Mana get sick. Sera ordering her to quickly use shower to get back to her work.

After done with it, Mana comes back. But Sera must go somewhere, so she follows him to the Blade’s place if one want to become of it. The ritual place for blood exchange (同血の儀). But now, Sera comes there to train Mana of her uta-tsukai power. Firstly, he ask if Mana knows the meaning of ‘song’ in uta-tsukai. According to old documents, the meaning of ‘uta’ is the meeting of hundred years. And the song is not the demand, but about the one who caused the song, word, and make a ring (Okay, I don’t even understand about this. I surrender). Mana studying it alone, as Sera just watch it. She feels exhausted after that. But sadly, there are more. The next after Sera have known what kind of power Mana can hold, he tells her to make a space from her magic, or even make it to a space of explosion. Okay, from here I know why I must do Rou’s route first where Mana doesn’t have any specialty in her magic. Sera taught her! It’s maybe right that Mana isn’t a Blade, but she have role as it.

This is the 同血の儀 place

When thinking about her training at the kitchen, Weasley approaching her. But she can’t tell about it. Weasley ask how far her and Sera relationship already is, because she seems to worried about him. But it’s a common feeling if they’re really dating. There is time when one can’t feel calm but doesn’t know why if thinking about the loved person. Weasley gives suggestion to not feeling down that makes Sera worried. And if she have something to say, Weasley will be a good listener. From what Weasley told her, she realized that she didn’t want to come to another, but Sera’s place. Weasley knows it and really glad Mana have calmer now. Now, she knows her feeling, that she likes that person, but is asking why. To Weasley, it’s fine if there is no reason to it. Mana already makes up her feelings to say it. Weasley just can support her and if it’s hurting her, Mana can come to his side.

Mana works at Sera’s room again. She looks at the couple through the window, and feels jealous of them. Sera realizing it, saying it’s no use to have a dream with man-woman relationship. It seems he has no dream about a couple. Then Weasley goes in without anything special to talk about. But looking at the two people in the same room without anything happen, I guess Weasley will think it’s boring then excusing himself. After that, Mana is wondering why she like Sera, but to be able to help him is making her happy. Suddenly, Sera asks her if she have forgot about the starry night for the special reward to her (he doesn’t want to admit it as present). He also give Mana a onepiece dress, and she says it’s smell like him. But Sera becomes pissed of so much after hearing it, and goes outside. This makes Mana feels sad if she has done something wrong.

The Tenth Noise: Promise End 11

She have been sleeping in Sera’s room after he goes. When Mana is awake, Sera comes after drinking sake. He told her if she can stay there. But Mana doesn’t want to make trouble to him, so she excuses herself. As quickly as possible, Sera grabs her, telling her not to leave and to sing a song for him. A song that will take him to a deep sleep. He keeps telling her to do it and she have no choice than singing. In her heart, she sings to be Sera’s power.

But then Rou comes to Sera’s room through window. Mana is really happy to meet him again (because she heard Rou is in Daios). They’re hugging each other, as Mana forgets she is in Sera’s room. Rou almost kiss her, but Sera awakes and attacking him. Mana quickly stoping them, to hear what Rou want to say. He already bring a gift for Sera (the map?), then go outside again to prepare for Dix’s meeting. As Sera looks Mana as his secretary, he tells her to gather all of Dix’s member to introduce Rou’s arrival.

After learning the situation, Gill told Rou to take care of everyone in the mansion, and Sera must follow him. Meanwhile, Gill and Weasley will take Daios boss’ (Garelle) head. Before Sera leaves, Mana gives her pendant (the one from Gillford) to him, to protect him as she can’t go with him. He told her not to leave the mansion.

Ah, uhm, The kitchen? I don’t know what to place here

Mana is in her room, waiting news from Dix. But suddenly, one of Dix’s member said Sera had been captured by Daios. To spare his life, Mana must come there because they’re thinking that she is Gill’s lover. Gill knows about that, but he doesn’t want to take Mana there. But she must save Sera and choose to come.

But as they running, Mana feels strange. It is true, the man hit on her and make Mana unconscious. When she awakes, she is trapped by the betrayer. He said Mana isn’t needed to save Sera, but the reverse of it, she is needed to make Sera come. Of course Mana doesn’t want Sera to come. She is thinking if she dies, how will Sera react to it, if he feels sad. But again, he can just have a new secretary. The man hit her again. When she look at him with hatred eyes, the man choose to do awful things to her. But as he prepared to it, Sera came and rescue Mana.

He asked why she leave the mansion despite he already warned her. It’s because Mana wants to save him, she tells that. He thinks she did it for organization, but Mana said it’s because she like Sera. This makes him surprise. But he quickly say that he already understand the situation, so she must wait for her punishment. Then, they must run to leave that place.

Unfortunately, a few people successfully find them on the way back. Sera says he is a Blade, so it’s fine if he doesn’t use magic. But she thinks there is no time, so she must use her song magic. Mana makes Sera understand that she wants to protect the both of them, touching his lips to stop him saying that she is useless. Finally, Sera can understand her feeling, believing in her power.

Mana sings to protect Sera (And there is song at that scene, I must pause playing and hearing it. The song is similar to what Ar Tonelico did with some sound effect and foreign language. I think the title is ‘struggle’, Sera also said it was a requiem for Daios’ men). While Mana is singing. Sera fight with them and they are loses one by one.

Mana finally make her promise come true to protect Sera. But she fell down because of her power. Sera said the pendant from Mana and Gill’s heart already saved him. Before going back, he remember the punishment for her. The punishment is kissing her. Mana is very surprise as he do it. He say it’s the punishment that makes her heart gasping…

One year later, Sera and Mana are having a date at park. She is in the middle of remiscing the first kiss with Sera. But he forget and ask if it’s a thunder day when they did it (sigh).. He asks if Mana wants something beside coming there, but she already is fine with just staying together with Sera. Well, he said that from the beginning, Mana is his woman.

Sera walks quickly so Mana must chase him. She is tired of it, but Sera thinks the frantic face of her is the one he love. As he gets closer to her face, Sera ask if she will be happy if he say that he just want to stay by her side. For Mana, of course she will happy with it.

End 12

Sera save Mana from the betrayal guy. But as they run away from Daios’ man, he have wound. He tells Mana to prepare herself to run away. But she won’t leave him behind to die. Mana offer him a help, that she will be a bait. She keeps running but Daios’ man successfully shot her leg. Then her arm, her ear, until she can’t stand anymore. Before she closes her eyes, she says she loves Sera.

A year later, Sera shoot Daios’ man the same line as they shot Mana. And the last is his ear. After finishing the man, he sit down while smoking, saying it’s her fault to wasting his time playing like that. And since the first time he meet her, he thinks she makes him uncomfortable. The one who can make him uncomfortable is forever just Mana. From the first time, he dislike her, so he can’t forget her face in pain. And that is her punishment. Sera begins singing (I think it’s called lullaby’?). The ending song finally arrived! It’s Sera’s lullaby… I cried in this ending..!!

Seravis Dark Route

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Mana accepting Karuvan’s request to help Gillford.

The Sixth Noise: Pupil

The same situation when Sera save Mana from the old woman who lies to her.

The Seventh Noise: Advice

It’s already Mana’s decision to learn how she can use her power. She wants it to help Sera, but he thinks she doesn’t need to do that.

It’s the time Mana wants Sera to teach her using magic. She wants to protect her family in Dix, and will do everything for it. But Sera asks if she can kill someone. At first, Mana is surprise to hear it, but she will accept any condition if she can protect them. Sera agree to her decision to become a Blade and will tell Gillford about it. Before he tell it, he also will train Mana using magic gun. It makes her questioning if Sera can use it too, because she have not yet see him use magic gun. But he says sometimes, he need to use it too.

The ceremony will begin shortly, and Mana have change to her black clothes. She is nervous but Sera tells her to calm down. Finally, Gill appeared to the ceremony hall. He asks again if she is sure to do it, and she have make decision to protect Dix, her family. As in Rou’s route, Mana is afraid of the blood exchange ceremony, but Gill keeps telling her not to run away. And she can see a vision of a door. After it all are finish, she now is a Blade. Sera congratulating her, but he also says she is near death to become Blade. Mana accept all the truth of it.

Mana becomes tired easily after she begins learning using magic gun. Sera realizing it and saying it’s a common thing. Then he explain to use an image to make it easy. Then, he wants Mana to learn with Weasley, as he is teaching everyone else. She thinks she can do it. But suddenly, Sera grabs her, asking to close her eyes and thinking of her anger and sorrow feelings (maybe to learn using image?). And it’s true, he teaches her how to use the magic with feelings. It makes Mana thinks of him, does really look like a teacher. Suddenly, Sera murmuring to himself that it seems interesting but he must go to Gill’s place.

It’s the time for studying with Weasley. He thinks Sera is ordering her to waste her (cuteness) power to learn fighting. But Mana said it’s all her decision, and to get close to Sera. Hearing it, Weasley may think they’re Mana is..(in love?). Sera comes to look at Mana’s training, but he feels like Mana and Weasley have becomes very good friends since there is no one else beside them there. But Mana thought Tina and Belle (the one with Glenn and the kid?) was there in training before, but now they’re gone. Actually, Sera told Mana that Gill have ordered them to take her first mission, five person including them. But Weasley thinks it’s too early for Mana. Well, Mana wants it so the oni-san won’t be able to stop her. Sera added it’s actually oji-san.

This is Glenn, but in the other place

Before she goes to the first mission, Belle and Tina are meeting with her before their first mission too. Belle and Tina are so excited because it’s their dream to be one of Blade. When Mana said she is in the middle of waiting for Sera, Tina didn’t feel comfortable with the glasses guy. It’s because he is scary. But Mana say that Sera have his good personality too. Tina said it’s good to have one she always thinks of. Hearing about someone she always thinks, Mana makes conclusion if she like Sera? But for now, she denied it. Belle and Tina were going to Weasley’s place again and Sera comes. He thinks they’re make a good relationships together, but it’ll be better if not saying about information because it may become an obstacle.

This is Belle. Cute, isn’t she?

Sera and Mana are doing fine with their job. There is a little girl who’ve been afraid of the fighting and Daios’ men, but the two of them makes her rested a bit. It seems one of the Earl in Daios is taking many girl to their base. Looking at the little girl, Mana makes her another goal to protect the people from Daios. Then, Tina comes to her side while Weasley and Belle are taking care of the other. Tina thinks differently in Sera after knowing he have protect the little girl. But Daios’ men found them.

Tina got captured by Daios, being shot by them. It makes Mana worried, want to help her, but Sera didn’t let her do it, that it’s too late. They ran away and went back to the mansion. The feelings of dying might come to her too someday. Realizing her concerns, Sera told her to prepare for the worst, if she must kill someone. The feelings are similar to it. She thinks what Sera have been saying is true.

The Eight Noise: Answer

A month after the event about Tina have passed. Sometime, Mana still thinking about it, but she is in the middle of training with her magic gun. Belle is there too, saying that Sera and Weasley have been called by their boss (Gill). This makes Mana thinks if there is another mission. Looking at the Mana now, Belle says she is more calm now after the event of Tina. And then, Glenn (the red haired guy) came to take Belle. They are Weasley’s Pail now. Belle told him to wait outside and he did it. Still, Belle is saying that he is her childhood friend, a closer one, with red face. But she denied her feelings with asking about Mana. Truthfully in her heart, Mana is thinking about Sera, if he like her. Belle suggesting her to do her best to show her power.

Well, Sera haven’t come to his room yet after the call from Gillford. But she still goes in. When she opening the door, the window isn’t close, so the wind make Sera’s paper are scattered. One is under the sofa. She wants to take it back quickly before Sera comes, but it’s too late when she already hold it. Sera has come and look at her embarrassing moment, when she looks like a dog or cat to him.

Suddenly, Gill comes to Sera’s room to speak about important matter. Tonight, they will settle things with Daios’ boss and defeat him. They are talking about Lilith too, that have connection with Ririn drug. She thought she’ll be able to work with Sera and Gill, but Gill ordered her to stay in the mansion because it’ll be dangerous. But she keeps begging to protect her family as a Blade, so Sera tells Gill to make her wish come true. She have power now, after all. Sera added to her that she must protect herself if she is sure. And Gill also told the condition for her to be able to follow them which are to fight and live by herself. Now, Mana is sure that Sera can know her feelings.

That night, Gill, Mana, and Sera are coming to Daios’ mansion. Mana can use her power really good now and Sera is proud of her. They can’t find Daios’ boss anywhere, so the decision is to split. Mana choose to protect Gillford because of her duty as a Blade, and Sera going alone. After Sera have leave them, Gill tells her that he is sorry to it, because he knows her feelings for Sera.

Finally, Mana and Gill found Daios’ boss, Garelle. He fight with Gill while Mana keep backing Gill with her magic gun. Garelle finally defeated, but Gill didn’t kill him to gather information. And the right time comes when Garelle wakes up, taking Mana as his hostage. Before he can kill Mana, Gill successfully shoot him. After that, Gill told her to call Sera. As she wants to go, one of Daios take her again. And in the middle of fighting again with Garelle, Gill can save her. The situation change now, so that Daios’ man from before use his power to run away with Garelle.

The magic of mahou-tsukai

When Sera finally arrived, it’s all have ended with the power to hurt Dix’s member from Garelle. But with Sera’s power, Gill is safe. Rou is there too, when Mana is hurt from the power. Rou blaming Sera to have hurting her. But he can’t do anything. His protection magic just can hold for two people, and he must protect Gillford (My heart is hurt when reading about this. This is the first time I feel hurted by a story in game. That’s cruel for Mana, but Sera doesn’t have any choice as it is his job). Mana successfully convincing Rou to calm down, but she falls unconscious after that.

After she have finally awake, Mana comes to Sera’s room. As usual of his coldness towards her, he isn’t making a worried face. He asked if she is happy that Rou protect her. It makes her confused how to answer it, but she agrees with it. Hearing that, Sera quickly kissing her, then saying she is truly a unsatisfactory pupil for him. She ask why he kiss her, but Sera just ask it back on how she think of it. And then telling her it’s because of people’s emotion is rather complex and maybe it’s annoying. That night, Mana feels the sweetness with Sera.

This is the beginning of the end (of Mana’s maiden proof)

The Ninth Noise: Master End 13

Mana wakes up in Sera’s room, so that night isn’t a dream. But as usual, Sera told her to wash her face before ordering her to work. After going back to Sera’s room, she thinks to do the laundry because the maid may notice it (Ah, ‘it’ again..). But Sera doesn’t mind it. He even ask if the one she worried about is her condition, that until last night she was a girl (but now?). Urgh, but he change to usual self again, that he have to speak with Gillford, then leaving her alone (Actually, Mana is hoping too much about Sera will change or that).

A maid comes to bring Rou’s gift (a cake?) to Mana before he leaves. After the maid have goes out, Sera walks in without she realize it. He tells about the gift from Rou, and want to eat together with Sera. But he keeps telling her to eat it., and doesn’t want even a bit half of it. When she tried eating it, Sera kept staring at her, that made her embarrassed. He begins asking if she is happy to be protected and loved by Rou so much. Sera also touches her body with his magic, to heal her wound a bit. Then, he brings her to work outside with Gillford.

While going outside together and waiting for Gillford who is searching information about Daios, Sera explain his past when Gillford changes his world without past, present, nor future. He still can remember the words from Gill which is “皆が自らの望んだ道お、生きられる世界。誰にもその権利お奪われす、また強制もされず。自由に生きられる国。” It’s so weird that the words came from one as Roach, where he lived in bloody path, but at that time, Sera was really amazed by it. He doesn’t think much to follow that path.

After Gill received the info, they’re coming to a house, which have sign about Daios and find a man who already died. When Gill prepared to go back without anything on his hand, a shooting gun hurted Sera. Mana comes to Sera’s side to stop his blood. But he says it’s best for her to protect Gill. After the blood finally stop, she comes to Gill’s side and with Sera as a bait, she and Gill running away (And leaves Sera alone). But even after finishing the men outside, there is still an obstacle. A man from Daios got Sera and was very happy to it, but Sera quickly finished him off.

Back to Dix’s mansion, Weasley told that Sera’s condition is fine now. Gill is glad that Weasley come and help them, but he may have a happiness if Weasley come earlier.

Mana comes near Sera, while he is laying on bed after the wound. He said Mana have a great job. But as the usual him, that makes Mana thinks that’s why he can’t get a girlfriend. Suddenly, she kissed Sera, and made him asking if she is teasing on him. Mana doesn’t want to answer it. And that’s why sera wants her to answer it at next time. This makes her say if it’s best if she run away from it. But Sera told her she can’t run away from him.

While working with Sera alone, he comes back to tease and asking her if she likes to be on the bed, doing cat-dog behavior (with him?) when Mana almost doing the same thing when she take the scattered paper. But it’s the time he called Mana as his lover. Then, he told her that Mana is his highest priority while hugging her and making her go to his side. Uhm, he is a bit rush to go to bed with her, so Mana wants him to be nice on her. Sera knows it and wants his demand to it. After all, Mana is his cute disciple. She just can wandering about their future (Oh well, I was wondering about Garelle. Where is he now?).

End 14

Mana chose to follow Sera rather than following Gillford at Daios’ mansion. Because Gill have ordered it like that, Sera followed his order. Actually, he thinks it’s fine for Mana to be with Gillford because he is strong (and that is because he is worried about her). Whatever it is, Mana has choose him.

At the corridor, some gun shooting Mana’s hand, but she is still fine. Before Sera can use his mahou-tsukai power, the man reveals himself as mahou-tsukai too. After all, Sera have heard that Daios have two mahou-tsukais. But Mana told Sera to come to Gillford as she used her magic to fight the man. Looking she have won over the man, Sera went to Gill’s side.

But the man still stronger than her. He stab her. Sera comes late and finishing the man. But Mana can’t be safe anymore. He tells her that’s why he hates her with a face in pain. For Mana, she thinks Sera is truly hate her, telling that actually, she loves him.

The reason he hates her is because she always do things as she likes. He promised to help Gill, defeating Garelle, and come back to her. Before leaving her, Sera is kissing her and giving his coat, saying that he is faster than her to come back there. After he leaves, Mana says sorry and goodbye to him as she can’t hold it anymore..



Firstly, I want to say that I love Sera’s light ending route (the reverse of Rou, I like his dark ending). This the time when Mana used her real power to singing (I know there’s one too in Rou’s almost death experience story, but here is the most blunt because there is the real song!).  If I must compare to Rou for now, I think I’ll choose Sera’s light ending. Even if Mana’s personality isn’t as strong as in Rou and Sera’s dark route, but she is more helpful (as she can use her song) than her story in Rou’s light ending.

Seravis is really a tsundere, and I like him very much. I’m having a fun reading at his story. Sometimes, it makes me going rage because he doesn’t care about Mana, and when he is sacrificing Mana, my heart is hurt a lot (To be truth, this is the first time a story from a game makes me hurt alot), but even so, Sera is actually really care about her. Just because he is too straight, he must choose to protect his boss. His light ending story also open my heart to like this game very much because of good songs and good stories. The stories were opened up one by one as we play other guy (of course according to the line). That’s why since the first post, I’ve write that this is similar to Shinigami to Shoujo. And I’m happy that it comes true…

Next maybe about Weasley (light and dark route) and Vine (Hey, who is Vine? I haven’t even meet him in Rou and Sera’s stories!).


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2 Responses to “In the Silent Winter Road-Seravis Light & Dark”

  1. I love Sera, too! ❤
    End 12 made me love him even more. I always feel that most bad ends tend to ruin a character, but Operetta did a good job on most of their bad endings. In my opinion a well written bad end should make you love a character even more than a good end. ^-^

    • Right. His bad end 12 is really beautiful, not sadist. I’m glad Operetta make a nice bad ed. It’s really new for me to like a bad ed, and just Noise can do this to me…*^_^*

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