In the Silent Winter Road-Rou Light & Dark

Noise –Voice of Snow- is a game by Operetta (and it’s the first time I try their game in curiousness). I had not know that this game is filled with sad story instead of some mafia (gang) gunshot (I really wish this game have an action feature, like in Hongkong movie?).. But is really glad that at the beginning, everything is fun (but also a bit boring another character’s situation-like story, similar with Shinigami to Shoujo). But each characters have their own problem, so we’ll see on how Mana will solve it.


The heroine’s name is Mana, lives in year 2027 in the world called Gofel. And right in the beginning of this game, Operetta let us know the chaseable guys situation. They’re in some family group, that the work is to punish people who betrayed their group. The first person appears is Weasley (Forgive me if I spelled wrong because I don’t know their official name), a blonde man. He hits someone the group has ordered. Then, comes Rou, a guy who has pretty face. And the glasses guy, Seravis (for short, Sera), comes to tell them there’s another order waiting for them. At the road, they met Gillford (the gray haired one), who was angry because his comrade were too slow coming there. The guys have gathered now, and they do the shotgun CG (ugh, I mean, do their work to punish people). They are from Dix family.

Mana lives in an orphanage in Nefil and remember the time she is playing hide and seek with someone. But when she counted the number, someone saying that Mana was the only person he like. After she open her eyes from that memories, Huey calls her that everyone are already waiting for her. But she isn’t straightly go there, she wander around and find a few people talking about Dix and Daios. The two are the big family in Nefil. And not long after that, a teacher calls her to study. That teacher is not really like on how Mana see her with that eyes. Mana remember the time she have with her brother, Setsu. Setsu told her not to reveal her song power (that she is a “uta-tsukai”) to anyone, just between the two of them. But yeah, she just can work to make a flower bloom now, nothing she think very powerful.

Then, Huey tells her to go in. In the room, everyone in orphan are already gathered, make an applause to her. Today is her 17th birthday, and she is a bit forget. After the celebration party have ended, and everyone are sleeping, Huey and Mana are talking about the fate she must bear. After turning 17, all of the orphan must go outside. For Mana, her wish is to go outside and find her brother. But Huey thinks it maybe futile, her brother already go outside years ago and there’s no letter from him. But unfortunately for Huey, Mana is so stubborn that she can’t lose hope. Huey is a bit angry, because he think he also at the age which he can protect Mana too, so there’s no need for that oni-san. For his feeling, Mana says Huey is important but her brother is still her only brother. When they are in the middle of talk, the head teacher come and ask to speak alone with Mana.

This is Huey

It is true about her age. She must go from the orphan. But when the head teacher gives her a chocolate, she feels sleepy. When she opens her eyes, she is in a tent of nowhere. A guy tells her that her head teacher already sold her and is a liar. When the guy almost do bad thing for her, the boss appear (the grey hair man, Gillford), stopping the human seller guy. But Mana thinks maybe this person ain’t more good than his subordinate. Knowing her fear of him, Gillford tells her that he won’t hurt her. He also brings her to his room and tells his name to Mana (for short, Gill is fine, he says). And he also doesn’t really care about her song power. That makes Mana could say her feelings and asked to eat food she brought together. And it’s strange that Gill didn’t know how to eat it.

Then, he brought her to his mansion, that’s really big! He said Mana can go freely in there after he bought her and she was with his organization now. There’s no prohibition to her and that’s all. He told her to come to the his place after she get change. But it makes Mana confused on how she can do to him. Gill said it’s fine if she isn’t doing anything, just being in the house. But if she betrayed them, he will kill her.

A maid come to pick her up to her room and choose the clothes herself. She changes her clothes to this:

I think all of her clothes are cute!

A man comes in without Mana allowing him to open the door. He has red hair and glasses, looking at her, and say his boss has pick a doll that it is useless. And then he tells her to meet his boss after she is ready, then leaves on his own too. Mana is wondering if Huey will get the same fate if he become 17 like her..

She walks through the corridor and arrives at the dining room. There, a boy hugs her and says she is really cute. He wants a doll like that too. But Gill said she isn’t a doll, rather, is his little brother from now on (HUH>?). It’s because Rou wants a brother, so Gill bought one. And Mana is really really confused because she is being a little brother rather than little sister.. Rou is very happy that she hugs her again, but Gill stop him because Mana doesn’t want to. So Rou changes with asking what is her weapon to use (he use knife), what food she like (he like meat). Well, Gill said Mana isn’t there for fighting.

A blonde man appear, want to go in the fun conversation between them too. He is Weasley, and his relationship with Gill is like a best friend, Rou said. Uhm, Gill said that he won’t protect Mana as a woman, and she must protect herself. It’s the condition to being with their family. Rou explains that they are selling illegal drugs, body parts, or anything, and makes them called Roach. And their boss bought her from their market, Dix family one. Well, it’s much for her so Weasley tells Rou to stop from that conversation. And Gill just said that it’s like that (From Weasley’s perspective, Gill was just lazy to explain all of it). Sera comes and says they’re having a useless conversation.

Sera just feared if Mana is one of Daios’ spy and he can kill her if it’s true. So, Rou protecting Mana, saying that maybe she can cook for them. But even if it’s the best choice, Gill won’t allow anyone to order her. He is the only one who can do that. To conclude all, Gill tells her to do the work from tomorrow. Mana thinks it’s the best choice for her, but still doesn’t know what to do. Gill just says she is the one he bought, not a slave.

The dinning room

Rou brings her to look around town that night, with holding her hand. It feels warm, so Mana thinks his heart is warm too. It makes Rou happy and says she is cute, but he can’t hug her is she is his brother. But for Mana, Rou is the one who is cute (and she can’t tell that to a boy). And then, he asks if he can hug her. Because Mana doesn’t answer it, he hugs her straightly and saying that she looks yummy (it’s a bit scary), but then release her and it’s a joke.

From here, Rou tells her not to cross to the west of the city, where the enemy of Dix, Daios family is there. So she must not across to the other side of that city. The war between Dix and Daios is worsen after Ririn drug invented. The drug can change, even a normal human, to use magic. Well, Rou promise to protect her if anything happen. The way his personality is, it feels like Huey for Mana.

The First Noise: Fang

It’s morning already and Mana decided to search for her brother. But Rou is surprising her from behind. He asks her to look around town again. At the first floor, Gill saw them and Rou told they will go to the lower parts of town (and Mana can tell Rou likes Gill-I know Mana call Gillford-sama since now). Hearing that, Gill gives Mana his pendant to protect her as he can’t do it. But he says to not misunderstand it. He can’t protect her and it’s up to Mana to use it.

At the street, Rou says it’s rare to see Gill is so nice to a girl. He is always nice to his friend, but thinking that it’s useless to do it to a woman. And also, Rou thinks the word that Gill can’t protect Mana is actually means he want to protect her. After the conversation, they meets the villager, and all are good friends with Rou. He also thinks the lower town is his most favorite. It is thanks to the end of the last king era, he can enjoy the town.

An old man come to him, saying if Rou is skipping job again. Rou is angry at the joke. The man introducing himself as Al, just an old man. And he as Rou has said, Mana is very pretty. He said her hair and her eyes color is similar as a night sky period. It’s weird but he isn’t saying a bad thing. He told her to keep protecting her color, because it’s like a blessing from heaven, the color of happiness. Well, Rou said not to eat the old man’s saying ‘cause he were all flirting. And the first time Rou met Al-jii was three years ago, when he fell off in front of Al-jii’s house. It’s a bad situation when he’s chased by Daios’ men. But Al-jii keeps helping him hiding and also clean up his wound. Suddenly, Al-jii is collapsed.

Rou and Al-jii

Rou and Mana brought him to his house, where Rozalia, Al-jii’s daughter was there too. Truthfully, Al-jii has sickness that can’t be healed. Rou is angry because Al-jii nor Rozalia have not told him. But Rozalia tells him it the sickness can’t be healed, so it’s not need to make Rou worried. After Rozalia gone to meet the guest, Al-jii requesting to Rou, to search for his wife’s necklace. Rou accepted that request. When the guest have come home, Rou and Mana hear Rozalia murmuring to herself that she already tired of his father’s sickness, that it consumes all of their money. Of course Rou is angry at her, to wish for her father’s death. While he is angry, Al-jii comes and stop his worriness. He told Rozalia to get the egg, but he also knew her feelings. It can’t be help as it is his wish too, for his daughter to be happy.

Rou is busy asking the shopkeeper about the necklace. He told Mana to stay outside, because he still have work with the owner. She could hear that Rou is behaving scary to the shopkeeper from outside (that because the shopkeeper is really scared of him and she hears Rou’s scare words)… But right after that, a man appeared in front of Mana, asking if she really is a uta-tsukai. He wants to speak with her and tells her come to his shop if Mana needs money. Fortunately, Gill shoot him (with saying the man have disrupting his way. Hearing his name is Gillford Dix, the man apologizing and then running away. Gill is saying once more that she must save herself, and it’s not like he save her. Then he going somewhere alone. But Mana still thinks he keeps saving her.

Gill with his magic gun

Hearing a gunshot, Rou comes outside the shop. He can feels Gill is there from the smell and saying Gill has save her. But Mana tells Gill’s word, that he isn’t coming to save her. In Rou’s perspective, Gill is already saving Mana. He then tells how powerful Gill is, as using his magic, that everyone calls him “魔王Maou”. Normally, one must wait for the time they shot the second time, but Gill can do it without waiting. He also has two guns, that it’s cool by Rou. It’s because he has no magic power. The weird thing for Rou is, even if Gill shoot the guy, he isn’t hurted.

Rou keeps thinking about it at the park. But the conversation is changing to his information. It seems there’s order form the organization that keeps the shopkeeper to shut his mouth. And then, Rou begins explaining their rank. For now, his rank is the 5th of five executives. The vice boss is Weasley, and the one who have the same power, Seravis. Well, I don’t really like the explanation about the necklace.. While Rou is thinking much, a bird comes taking his food (マフマフ). Mana says she will give half of her mafumafu, and he gladly accept it, eating it from Mana’s hand. This makes her blushing so much, that Rou can realizes that? He keeps saying that Mana is delicious..

Dix’s Hierarchy?

Rou takes her to another place and leaving her again because there’s some place he wants to go. A man who seems selling flower comes to her, giving it to Mana’s head. He said his name is Camille, just a flower seller. He also know Al-jii, and worried because he hasn’t coming these days even though Al-jii is liking flower much. Because he seems to know Al-jii, Mana explaining it all to him. For Camille, it is common that Rozalia have the feeling and Rou is angry because of it. Enough with his talking, he wish for Mana to always smiling, and he will hear he mind when she wants someone to talk to. But then Rou is back and Camille leaves them. Rou said he couldn’t get information from the information seeker, so they must go to the ossan’s place (means, Weasley and Sera).

Camille, The Flower Seller?

It seems Weasley is in the middle of talking with a woman. When they’re finish, Mana and Rou comes to him (and she thinks the woman is Weasley’s girlfriend). Weasley doesn’t want Rou to call him ossan. When Rou explaining the situation about Al-jii, Weasley says it’s a normal thing for people to die. And right after he look at the necklace’s picture, he notices that he already look at it somewhere…at Sera.. Rou is really surprise because Sera always says he doesn’t need jewellery. Rou feels useless today..

He knocks to Sera’s room, wanting to come in. But Sera refuse if it’s Rou. Well, whatever, Rou still opening the door. Sera doesn’t seem to like it if Mana is there too. Rou asks if Sera has the golden necklace and he refuse to do it. So Rou begins attacking him with his knife, but Mana protect Sera with her body. Rou can’t continue doing it, because Mana says it’ll become a useless fight to help Al-jii. Sera gives the necklace in order to not disturbing his work. But after they have gone, Sera thinks it’s a useless action coming from Mana (all of that, he still remember the time Mana protect him)..

Before they go to Al-jii’s house, Rou asks if Mana hated him because of his action towards Sera. Fortunately, Mana doesn’t hate him and he is happy. But after they’ve come to the house, Al-jii is already gone (dead). Rou is very sad and he finds the letter from Al-jii, that he already know his life will end soon. He apologizes to let Rou do the useless thing, but he knows Rou will always makes his promise come true. He says sorry that he can’t make their promise to go to the sea, etc. And also, to forgive Rozalia, because she just tired. After all, she still lives with him until the very end. Al-jii just wish that Rou will find happiness.

When Rou and Mana finished reading the letter, Rozalia came and really shocked to know it. She cried calling her dad. After finally has come to sense, Rozalia is blaming herself not to say thanks to her father in the end. But Rou said Al-jii must be happy ‘til the end because he have that happy face and he didn’t lying in the letter.

At the road to go home, Rou tells his past when he doesn’t know the love from related blood family. And he lived with his family that used him like a slave. It have been 8 years ago since he ran away and following Gill. From there, the Dix was his family. It’s more happy than with his real father. And it’s a coincidence that they’re fate are similar, to not knowing their real family.

The Second Noise: Ice

That day, Mana had vision when she found a white door and opened it. The door took her to a beautiful garden where there were so many white flowers. She and a boy are promise to be together but the boy realized Mana didn’t like him anymore. But they must quickly run away from the forbidden garden. She wakes up on her bed after that and while still thinking about the dream, she is doing her chore to cook.

The Dix Executives are having breakfast together. They are very happy to eat Mana’s cooking. But Sera still haven’t approve of her cooking and prefer to go out from the dining room. Mana follows him to apologize. Sera just said if she want to apologize, she better not to fail the cooking. Before he leaves, Mana asks if he still hate her. Sera answered that he hate useless thing, so Mana can think of it herself. Rou and ossan (Weasley) must off to work that day.

Mana walking alone in the town and get crash with someone. The man and his friend are angry and wants money from her. But she doesn’t have one, so they wants to bring her to a quiet place. Fortunately, now is Seravis’ turn to save her. Mana grabs his clothes after he wants to go (going after saving her, is a bit rude..) as she is happy to see him there. The man thinks Mana is Seravis’ woman and runs away. Mana keeps following Sera.

Sera is coming to one of Dix’s family relative that has big house (of course he doesn’t want to do baby-sitting). He must greet Riido, the owner of the house. This Riido wears a hat and glasses and really nice at welcoming them. Mana realizes the two of them are similar? And about Mana, Sera told that she was his assistant in training, so it’s better if she learn something with Reim. Riido asks the maid to brings Mana to Reim’s room, while he and Sera must speak adult matter. To give good impression about Sera, Mana agree to go.

This Reim is very cute. He asks the maid to bring sweets and tea as he knows Mana is a guest. He is Reim, Riido’s child and knows about Mana is a uta-tsukai as he says her eyes color is beautiful. Mana doesn’t feel comfortable when someone refer her as uta-tsukai, but Reim just wants to say that’s he has a fit color for her hair and eyes. It’s a gift from God as she is a uta-tsukai. Reim also reveals that he isn’t go to school because of his father and doesn’t have friend. He want to befriend with Mana. Also, he thinks his father and Sera are seeing Mana as the appraisal, if she is true behaving good for Riido house. Then, Reim said he always alone, seeing same people, same face, that he was happy he can go back to reality after meeting Mana. He asks if Mana, as uta-tsukai, can open the door to anywhere since she have the power of God. But unfortunately, Mana doesn’t know that thing. It’s fine for Reim. But lately, he feels like he isn’t being alive in the house so he wants to go somewhere, where he can feels he’s alive.

Reim is cute, isn’t he?

Suddenly, a woman who is Reim’s mother, Iris, comes to tells them it’s the time to leave. But before that, she looks at the sweets for Mana, and then being angry to Reim for his behavior. As Mana and Sera are ready to go, Iris is scolding him again for saying to play again tomorrow because of his study time. As they leave, Sera says it’s a bad habit for parents to always ordering their son like that. It’s surprising Mana, that she sees Sera is angry for the first time.

When Mana is remember of her time in the orphan, Gillford comes and says maybe Sera have do something to her yesterday. Then, he asked about the pendant he gave to Mana earlier. It’s safe in Mana and as they’re talking, Mana asked about his favorite food. It’s a bit weird, that Mana thinks he will choose a great food, instead of..hamburger. The reason is he can’t make it. The time he made it for Weasley, he asked if Gill want to kill him. Mana is laughing at that, but she promise to make one for Gill. A man comes and greets them, asking if Mana is Gill’s girlfriend. Of course Gill is telling him that Mana is his new friend to the man, Orlean.

While talking about Orlean, Gill tells Mana about the differences between Dix and Daios family. Dix predecessor have exchanged blood to make bond. As the blood was brought by, the new bond was made. That’s why, Dix are all families. It makes Mana wondering if she must exchange blood too. But Gill tells her not to be a ‘Blade’. The words makes Mana thinks she isn’t part of their family if it’s like that, and asking to have the ceremony too. Gill just saying that Mana have her own path. But Gill is too good. He give task to bring something to Sera, so that Mana can feel she is needed.

Mana’s Room at Dix’s Mansion

This time, she meets Weasley and Rou on the street. When Rou wants to bring Mana to a cake shop, Mana thinks to bring it to Riido’s house. Then, she tells the truth of when Sera asks her to come to Riido’s house. While talking about it, Mana says Weasley may become a good parent. He is happy to hear it, but the past him doesn’t feel happy at all. Well, instead of talking about that, Rou is asking Mana to make all the cakes he wants.

Mana is running away ‘til she meet Camille at the alley. He is alone, but Mana hears him speaking with someone (that person is scaring Camille to make his promise). Mana runs to buy meat, but it’s a coincidence that Camille already have it. He gives the meat to Mana and saying he lives alone, so there’s no need to worry about the meat. His parents isn’t too nice (sensitive, strict and that kind of thing), so he lives separately. It makes Mana thinks Camille has problem with his family too, and she tells about her friend’s condition that similar to Camille. Hearing that, Camille says Mana’s friend may change someday, like him, that she doesn’t need to worry. And when that time comes, Mana will give him a warm heart. Before he lets Mana go, he says to be careful because a guy like him can hug her..

To give what Gill has to Sera, Mana comes to Sera’s room. But after giving it to him, Mana begs for him to eat her cooking, as he doesn’t like it earlier. Whatever refusal he make, Sera doesn’t have a choice but to try it. It’s still not to his liking and doesn’t want Mana to disturb his work. Mana won’t surrender so fast. She really wait for Sera to finish his job, then beg him to eat. Sera followed her request and ate it all (Mana is happy to look at him, finishing his food).

The Third Noise: Lion

The dream continue again. Mana opens the white door, and arrives at labyrinth-like place with colorful stained glasses. She hears a voice, from someone that should be die, to not come to there. Mana awakes after hearing it.

At the kitchen, when Mana doing her cooking, she saw a boy who always do mistake. A maid is pitying him, but there’s no help. Also, the maid told her that lately, many animals killed by someone. After finishing her job at the kitchen, Mana comes to the hall. Suddenly, this boy almost makes her falls too with him, but fortunately, Weasley is there to save the two of them. From here, Mana realizes how strong Weasley is, to be able to hold two people together. He looks nice too, like a dad. Looking at Mana, he asks her to go to the town together.

They’ve arrived at some place, which wasn’t in the main street. There’s a kid who is running to come to Weasley and crashing someone named Glenn (a red-haired man). Glenn is angry to him, telling the kid to be careful. After that, Weasley is welcoming the kid and introducing Mana to them, as a new friend. The kid straightly know it’s about Blade, and is really happy to see Mana. Suddenly, a girl named Belle (Weasley call her ベッピン=beautiful woman) is asking when she can be one too with Dix, but Weasley just says she is fit to be a bride. Of course Belle isn’t too happy with that answer. Glenn told Weasley that because of him, they could rest from bad people. The kid wanted to play with him, but Weasley said they’re in the middle of date, so the kid must wait.

He brought Mana to a street with many trees, saying the next time, they’ll be just alone. It makes Mana says she’s embarrassed of it and Weasley can’t stand that kind of words. He quickly brings Mana to the place with a fence near the trees. He told that in the past, the King was really strict, punishing them who had no money. He often came to there, shouting to make promise that he will go to a higher place. Finishing his line, he wants Mana to teach him to make his favorite food. Mana agress to it and he says it’s the secret just between them.

He began telling his past, as he didn’t know his parents. Weasley learned how to make money to live. Some day, the official were captured him, punishing him. He always ready if he must die. When the time he thought he will die because of his life, that person appeared. His name is Rudol, isn’t making value for what he have done, to save a boy like Weasley, but he can make the officials scared of him. That Rudol asked him, that if Weasley thought to surrender to life and die, to follow him. That words can’t never forget by him, that when in that time, he think he doesn’t have any path besides follow that man. The man is one of Dix subordinate, and to it, Weasley also learning to fight. For Weasley, being with Rudol is like being with his dad. But Rudol died fighting with Daios. From there, Weasley promised to do Rudol’s work, to supporting his boss, and protecting the organization.

Before they leave the place, Mana and Weasley can hear a screaming sound, that Mana thinks it’s come from a dog. Weasley comes with her to the place, and finds a boy in there. It’s Reim. He brings a knife with blood. Weasley know he killed the dog, and Reim doesn’t refusing. After all, he also did all of it to other animals. From what he talked about, Reim always living in cage-like self. His pain, weighted life, coldness, and his life, he wishes it are all will go to the far country. That’s why, he want to know what is death. Weasley brings him, but not to beat him. They will taking a walk.

They comes to see Rose (the woman with red hair that Mana meet earlier with Weasley). She thinks Weasley is in the middle of baby-sitting. Weasley wants Rose to do something. He wants Rose to give it to Riido’s house. As they’re speaking, Rou comes there, feels leaving behind by Mana and Weasley because of his job. Rou realizes there’s Reim too with them. It’s perfect for Weasley, as he brings them to play snow fighting.

Rou begins with hitting Reim with the snowball. Reim thinks it’s a hurting game.. They’re playing with snow and having fun with it. It’s the first time Reim feels that snow is hard and heavy. After the kid from earlier with Belle comes, they’re having a serious game with groups (with the Blade also). Wealsey believe in Reim to defeat Hiss and Rou. When Rou lose Hiss on his side, he screaming Hiss’ name like he is already dead.

Gillford comes there too without telling anyone. He just wants Mana know that he has hard work to do tonight. So Mana says she’ll make hamburger for dinner. Then, Gill told her, the game is so nostalgic. He always playing with his little sister. When they played hide and seek, no one could find Gill. That’s why, always his sister who had found him. The conversation is over as Gill tells her to not come home late. As Weasley had won the game, he came back to Mana’s resting place. Had know about Gill’s arrival, Weasley just could say Gill is always like that.

Looking at how Reim can have fun now, Weasley is glad. Mana thinks he looks really like a father, who concern about that. After finish playing, Reim now can say that he wants to know the world more. Weasley told him that the world was big, so they must firstly try the strawberry cake in the cake shop. Reim agrees to it. Suddenly, Weasley piggyback Reim and makes Rou jealous. But Weasley says Rou already have his little brother. When the time Rou wants to do it with Mana, she runs away.

While Reim and Weasley are playing together, Rou tells that he doesn’t know a parent can forcing their kid to study. The one who taught Rou what to do was Gill. He learned to fight from Gill. Gill maybe is strict, but also kind. The fact that Gill always looking at Rou, studying until he can, makes him happy. Suddenly, Sera is coming there too, complaining about Weasley’s behavior. He wants Mana to take the letter to Riido’s house. And then, he leaves quickly. Mana knows he maybe worried about Reim. And so, she decides to buy something and running alone.

On the way, she meets Camille. She wants to buy all the yellow flower. Camille can guest that it is for the child she’s talking about. To ask about Reim, Mana explains all to Camille, that he thinks sometime, people can feels heavy with their burden. Camille thinks, this time, they shall explain all of it and it’s okay if Reim is getting angry by his parents. The next time, he will know what is wrong and good to do. Mana feels thankful to Camille for his thinking and she gives the flower to Reim after they’ve meet.

It’s the time to go back to Riido’s house, after all, he already gives message through Rose. When Iris open the door, she really is angry to Reim to take him playing. Before Reim goes in, he tells his feeling, that he already know the fun with Weasley. He changes his heart, to not afraid. Actually, there are many things that make Weasley afraid too. But they will overcome that.

At night, Weasley comes to Mana’s room and giving a drink to her. He behaves like a father to Mana, even ask if she want a lullaby. Mana is really glad for his feeling. Weasley tells if she have time, they can go on date again.

The Fourth Noise: Boss

The dream appear again. The white door open and she comes to the labyrinth. The boy holding her hand, but she know there’s nothing happy to their destination. Mana stretched her hand and went from there.

She wakes up in an office, where in front of her is Gillford. Gill tells her to calm down, that it’s just a dream, with touching her hand and face. When she awakes, she remember the event 12 hours ago.

It happened before she get to bed. She hears the maids and all people in the mansion are busy with something. Mana asked one of the maid, and knew that Vivi, one of the maid, was being investigated by their boss. She had a boyfriend, that truthfully was a spy from Daios. Suddenly, Rou came after he knew there’s a fuss about it. The maid are going to their work place. Mana asked what will happen to Vivi from now, and Rou said he already captured her, then brought her back to her village. Mana is relieved because Gill have say that the betrayal must die. Rou thinks it’s not like that and tells her to sleep. But when she already gone, Sera comes and asks why Rou lies. Rou can’t make Mana worried, even though she is already one of them. In her room, Mana still think if Vivi does alright.

That morning, one of the maid told her after Vivi was gone, there’s no one who would clean the boss’ room, Sera asked Mana to do it. She is okay with that, and will do her best to do the cleaning. But before she go there, Weasley and Rou comes to the hall. Weasley tells her he have job and wants her to give his paper to Sera. Mana and Rou comes to Sera’s room. Weird that Sera doesn’t feel Mana in the beginning. But after the conversation is going to sword or something, Rou tells Mana to go outside because they will talk about Sera’s hentai ドS action (of course this is with a low voice). Sera himself doesn’t know a thing.

She thought to clean Gill’s room. He has work to do, so they are doing their job in one room. After some time past, Mana is tired and Gill can see it. He ordered her to rest a bit, even though it’s his room. Firstly, Mana doesn’t want to, but Gill can sing a lullaby for her if she want (and he says it’s different from Weasley). But Mana refused it and will sleep on her own. Suddenly, Gill brings her to sleep on his lap and sing a lullaby for her (sadly, there is no song from his seiyuu for this-maybe if he sing, it may look weird?). Mana can’t stand to close her eyes anymore. While she is half asleep, she hears Gill says that Mana is a cruel existence.

It’s her memories 12 hours ago. She is back to now. After she awakes, Gill leave sthat place and she thinks it’s because of her. Gill give her time to do the cleaning.

A few moment after finishing her job, a maid told her there’s a guest waiting at the guest room. She comes there and finds out Reim visiting her. Reim said his parents already allowing him to go, but Sera knew he was lying. Reim’s parents are waiting for him, but he doesn’t want to go home. Later, Gill wants to know about his situation too. Reim explaining all of his parents doing to him, to make him studying, and it seems he’s like a doll. That’s why he wants to go from his home. Rou is very angry at Reim when he says it’s better if he can become a Roach like them. Actually, Gill is feeling the same, that Reim must overcome his trouble. And the Roach isn’t a place to running away. When he come there, he’ll be approach by death.

Hearing it, Reim is thinking about his decision again. So for now, Rou will take him home. Unfortunately, Mana doesn’t want to hear Sera’s prohibiting her to go, so she follow Reim and Rou outside. Sera and Gill just can close their eyes looking at the stubborn girl. Reim asks if Mana have seen the former King, but with it, he knows that Mana doesn’t have parents. Rou is the same as her. Looking at the of them, Reim feels like he is truly a weakling in that world. But Mana doesn’t know about weak or strong because she haven’t experience it. Rou gave Reim a warning, if Daios will take his house because of their wealthiness. Even if Dix and Daios have already made promise about their Ririn drug, Rou couldn’t trust them.

Reim said there’s a place he want to come with Mana. With Rou’s agreement, they came to the snowy place and met Camille there. He introducing himself as a flower seller. It’s a coincidence that Reim is also really like flower. He bought all the white flower Camille sold, and got a bonus form him. The flower’s meaning are courage and hope.

He brings Mana and Rou to the place he commits sins. He isn’t afraid to come alone, just that, he wants Mana to see he is already change. Reim gives the flower to the place he killed any animals. Even if Reim doesn’t think he is nice, Rou think so. But for Reim, Rou is the one that’s cool because he walk on his own path. And what Gill has said to him, to not running away makes him know his choice. He wants to be a doctor to save people or even animals’ life. Mana also thinks that it is the one Gill wants to say to Reim.

Rou becomes jealous hearing Mana say Gil’s name, and knowing she comes often to Gill’s room today. But he corrected it with saying, he should be happy if Mana and Gill are liking each other, then changing the subject. They must bring back Reim to home.

While walking, Rou asking Reim why he come to Dix’s mansion. Truthfully, Reim have known the road from the time he go to the library. It means, form one time see, Reim can remember the place, that’s really shocking for Rou. But he thinks it’s normal. Suddenly, they are very surprise to see Gillford there. Gill tells him to walk on his own path, not taking someone’s. And the Reim now is already know his choice.

In front of his house, Riido and Iris, Reim’s parents, are already waiting for him, also angry at him. But Reim isn’t afraid anymore. He have know his choice and path now, and wants to go to school, where there are many things he must learn instead of studying alone. And he tells he wants to be a doctor to save people. But sadly, Riido and Iris are just saying it’s too troublesome. But with encouragement from Gill, Reim can say his feelings again, that he will also keep the Riido’s house. This time, Riido is thinking again, on how they wish to make Reim happy the time he’s born. So, his parents are busy talking about what school and friend is perfect, but Reim says he will make friend on his own. Iris is worried if there’ll be someone bullying him, but he will get back on his own power.

Before Mana is going back,  Reim gives his thanks to Mana and kisses her cheek. Of course Rou is angry because he never have that, and want it too. Fortunately, Gill pulling his neck to make him walk to home. Riido tells them to meet again with Reim.


That night, Mana can’t sleep and comes to dining room. Coincidentally, Gill is there too. The moon is bright and Gill is talking about his past. There’s a time he wants to run away too. And he didn’t know the feeling of losing someone if he hadn’t have experience it. The life which have taken, cannot come again for the second time. Mana knows it’s about his sister. Gill approved it, that the time he lose his sister, he felt that she was the only one that he want to give happiness. Thinking about it again, he can’t go back to the time anymore.

Quit with his problem, Gill know from Vivi, that in her leisure time, Mana always searching for her brother. Gill offering a help, but Mana refuse. Knowing the refusal, Gill says she is stubborn and Mana is surprise he can know all of things. But he says there’s one thing he can’t see. The thing is, he himself doesn’t know it because he can’t see it. That night, Mana deams of a white door again, but this time, nothing special happen.

ROU (Yonaga Tsubasa)

Age: 18

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Right in the morning, Gill asks his subordinate, that they’re going to the beach (after all, it’s summer). Weasley told Mana that it’s the time they must do beach volleyball tournament. The thing is, Weasley looks like a pervert oyaji because he will wait for Mana’s swimsuit. Everyone looked at him with fearful eyes, even Gill.

After they have arrived at the beach, Gill said he can’t stand the sun and hot weather. To make him rested a bit, Mana bought a juice for Gill, and he gave her ナデナデ. Rou is jealous and wants it too, but Gill doesn’t want to do it to a guy. After Gill has gone, Rou says he is jealous because Mana can laugh with Gill. This time, Rou also told his feeling, that he like Mana, but knew that she like Gill. For now, Mana approving that she really is liking Gill. Weasley called them to come playing at the beach. Guess what? It’s the private beach for all of Dix family, so there’s no one there.

Mana in Swimsuit!!

The first to compete are Rou and Sera team. But it’s too much to Mana, so she go buying juice and ice for Rou. When she came back, the fight already over. Rou is really happy to get it, as Mana buys it only for him. And more of it, Sera can’t have the young life as he is! Rou ask her to go with him, to just eating with the two of them. And he is really enthusiastic to it.

At the secret place of Rou and Mana, they’re eating the ice together. It’s an accident that Mana’s ice melted to her hand. As quickly as possible, Rou use that chance to lick it on her hand, many times saying that the ice is so sweet (I don’t know too if he means it’s really the ice or Mana’s hand). But at the time he realizes Mana is looking at him, he feels queasy because of loss of blood.

While resting, he says Gill is tricky. After he became boss, everyone of Dix’s member must be a man. It’s because there must be no love between them. So, they must sign contract as a brother. But Gill also know that Rou can use force to get what he want. He call himself as the most bad person in Dix. And he really want ‘it’ no matter what. After hearing his true behavior, Mana runs away to buy juice.

While running, she thinks about it again. Rou doesn’t say her name, so maybe it’s not about her. Suddenly, a man who comes to the beach look at Mana, and want to play with her. But Gill saves her with his stare. Before, Mana is afraid if Gill kill that man. For Gill, it’s a common to kill someone, since he has learn to kill at the same age as Mana. The first people he killed were a boy and his little sister. The sister is just a friend though. But at that time, he didn’t know the feeling of losing something important. For Gill, his sister is his everything.

The beach volleyball tournament already finish. The time they are gathering to go back, a boy is talking about all the Dix’s man, but his mother tells him to shut out because Dix can kill him. Hearing it, Mana feels sad for all the Dix’s member, that there are people who think like that. They must be lonely. So, she says her feelings, that she really like all the Dix’s member. Rou is really happy, hugging her, and telling he loves her. Weasley says the same while touching Mana’s head, but Sera doesn’t even want to do that. To joking about Sera, Rou says that Sera must be want to touch Mana too. As he really pissed of his subordinate, Gill took Mana’s hand and separating her from Rou and Weasley.

But right after that, a man come to hit them. Fortunately, Sera makes a quick action, using his power to hold the man’s power. But it’s just for 3 minutes and 20 seconds. For Gill, is already enough to do his plan. Rou and Weasley are helping. They finish the man quickly and he is very afraid. As Sera remembers it, that is one of his man in the team.

What is this? A man opening up their shirts gathering around Mana!

Sera did the killing work and made Mana afraid, as she saw at so many blood in front of her. She is questioning why they must kill the man, but Rou tells her, that man is dangerous. Sera makes a tough sentence that it have nothing to do with Mana. Gill just tells them to go back and make report for the situation. Of course Gill asks Sera to help Mana to go home.

In the black world, Mana can hear someone’s voice who is apologizing. She told him that it’s fine, he didn’t do anything bad. After that, it looks like the world is end.

Mana wakes up and continuing her work at Gill’s room. The first thing he asked of was if Mana had found her brother. It haven’t though, but she feels she is useless in Dix. For Gill, after Mana came there, the people were more cheerful, even after going back from work. But unfortunately, Mana still have her own think, break a glassware. Gill tells her it’s okay, as the thing like that is easy to recovered. After all, the thing like that is useless, just a hollow imitation. He leaves for work after that.

Before he leaves, Gill is happy that Mana is worried about him. But suddenly, Huey comes and asking Mana, if it’s true Gill has bought her and using her as a slave. He almost hurting Gill, if Gill isn’t a good fighter. Mana explains to Huey that Gill have save her, so it’s not like she is hurted. Truthfully, after Mana left, the orphan had to be closed down. The other child has been adopted by someone, and the babies has moved to another orphan. And then, he knew about Dix. It’s true, they are trading in human slave. But it’s before Gill becomes a boss. Mana is relieved of what he said, that she already been bought by Gill. She drop her tears, and Gill wiping it with his hand. And he gave her magic gun for self-defense, then go off to work.

Huey still there, asking if Mana becomes the boss of Dix’s lover. Of course it isn’t like that. Not long after they have talk, Huey must pick up Aya, whose body is weak. He and Aya has been living in Olive street, the building with red roof. Mana promised to come there if she have time.

After Huey had left, she continuing her work at the kitchen. Rou makes a surprise to her, but Mana isn’t make a surprise action at all. He tells her to come to his room, that there’s something he want to speak about. Unfortunately, Sera and Weasley are coming one by one. They also talked about today is Gill’s birthday, but he went to work. So, Mana had an idea to celebrate Gill’s birthday, as everyone seems to think Gill have never tell that he hate to celebrate his birthday.

While buying food for cooking with one who work in Dix’s mansion too, Mana meets Camille again (okay, I admit he is so cool in summer outfit). He is surprise after hearing one of the people work in Dix’s mansion calls Mana with ‘-sama’. Camille can tell that she is preparing for celebrate a party. When Mana told him about her plan for Gill, he reminiscing about his own birthday, that his birthday was on the same day as starry night, so it didn’t feel special. Well, Mana promised to celebrate it for him. Of course he is happy to hear it, but says it’ll be like that if Mana haven’t find a boyfriend…

After finish preparing the dishes, one of the Blade who escorting Gill comes in and says it’s a trouble. Zenda, one of Dix’s five executives, is betraying Gill while they are in the mission to finish the human trading place. Weasley and the others are preparing to go and save Gill. Before go, Rou ask Mana to wait for him, because he want to speak with her after come back. Mana agrees to it. After they are going on the work, Mana feels she can’t help them at all.

She remembers the time with her brother, Setsu. He told to Mana, whatever happen, do not let her heart weak because it is her only power. She begins singing for Gill. Rou saw her, realizing the song is for Gill.

When Mana ask what he want to tell to her, Rou push her on the floor, telling her it’ll be bad if Gill know she’s a liar (that she likes Gill). So, to make him quiet, Mana must be his woman. He looks at her with pitying eyes. The one Rou likes is the pity and beautiful woman, like Mana. He is fine if her heart is to Gill, he just wants her body. She is asking why Rou tells her such sad words like that. The truth is, Mana really likes him. But Rou doesn’t believe it, and says it’s more cruel if it’s true. He shouted at her to not talking like that because she didn’t know anything. Whatever, her heart is not needed for him, to be his doll. For now, he will let her go.

Before going to sleep, Mana says sorry to her brother, that she must be a blade. It is her only family.

The Sixth Noise: Resolution

While making pan in the kitchen, Rou comes as usual, with his cheerful expression. Mana wants the yesterday to be just a dream. But when she hurted her hand, and she doesn’t want to let Rou take a look at it, Rou says it’s not a dream. Her body will be his, her hair, eyes, lips, and even one single drop of her blood is becoming his. Right after saying it, he changes personality again, to be cheerful.

He ate the cake for Gill and was happy that the cake is delicious. Whatever it is, Rou still give her freedom to say about Gill, as her body is his. Sera comes to the dinning room, asking her to bring the food to his room. But Rou doesn’t want that to happen, and Sera surrender to his word. He wants Mana to be his assistant today, ‘cause everyday, Mana is being with Gill.

To be his assistant means, Mana will come to his room, which is filled with many dolls. He wants Mana to fix his black rabbit doll and is very happy after it has done. She used this chance to ask if she can become a Blade. But Rou won’t let her fight. He wants her to be always in the light. After all, they’re so different. But actually, Mana wants to do it for Rou, if he and Dix’s member are being hurt. Rou says it’s a selfish thing to said. She doesn’t know what darkness is. But he will ask Gill for it as he think it’ll be alright if it is her.

Finally, Gill agreed to the ceremony. Tomorrow, they will holding it. So for it, they must buy something to wear. After Mana have bought a cute dress, Rou couldn’t stand his own feeling. He brings her to a quiet place, saying he won’t be able to hold it. But he says it’s just a joke then tying Mana’s hair to two ponytails. It seems similar to his doll.

Rou’s room is even cuter than Mana’s!!

It’s finally the ceremony day. Rou brought her to Blade’s practice place, saying he knew why she like Gill, as he always help him practicing in there. Then, Gill comes and the ceremony begins, with Rou just seeing them. One more time, Gill ask if she is true want it. Mana says it’s to protect her family. As the exchange blood ceremony begins, she has vision of the door. She also knows that Rou is always looking at her. After Mana has become one of Blade, Rou comes to her and tells she looks happy when Gill hugging and looking at her. And then, she must choose her partner (Pail), and it is Rou. Well, Rou’s job is different from them. His job is to kill people. Gill stopping him, that it just makes Mana afraid. He keeps saying his job is to kill betrayal and it’s good if she choose Weasley as partner. But Mana have already choose him and will help him.

As a Blade, she must bring a magic gun. She never use it, but it’s fine if she just holding it, as Gill said to her.

The next time, Mana following Rou to chase a guy, who is close to Rou. But he must do his job. After finishing the guy, Rou realizes there’s Daios men. He chase them and Mana keeps stay hiding with another Blade. But she is surprise after they begins fighting. The fight is over and Rou ask why she can’t stay quiet. Mana realizes Rou has an injury and wants to take care of it. But he won’t allow her, as he himself doesn’t feel pain of it. He calls himself (壊子=kaishi). That’s why, Rou can’t feel pain in his body nor his heart, and his job is really perfect for him. It’s the same as uta-tsukai, that they will break. At the time, he can know even if Mana is the first uta-tsukai he ever met, that someday, she will be break. He asks again if Mana still think to be his pair, as he can kill his own friend and feels nothing of it.

Mana still stand in her heart but it annoys him much, that normal human usually will hate him. But still, Mana wants to be by his side. He just can say that Mana is a liar. Suddenly a man appeared and wanted to kill Rou, but Rou killed him instead. Mana will surely want to be by Rou’s side.

The Seventh Noise: Secret

That day, Mana is practicing fighting with Rou’s help. He told her that Gill will teach about magic gun, and he will teach her knife and fighting skill. After the practice has end, Mana wants to use the shower and Rou gives it in his bathroom. Mana uses it and comes out for the food Rou has prepared. She gives half of it to Rou, then he quickly grabs it to his mouth (it must be aドキドキsession). But someone knock on his door. A blade came and remembering Rou about the carving seal. He says it’s a must that after three days she becomes a Blade, to engrave the seal on her body. Rou has it on stomach, Gill on neck, Sera on hip, and Weasley on chest. It’s to differentiating them from Daios. He wonder where the perfect place for Mana while looking at her clothes. It must be there, so she can be known as Dix (And he touch her? So Mana feels tickled). And also, they all have to wear earing half on left ear. Rou will preparing it.

Uhm, it seems like a R18 dialogues when Rou say he will let it in and maybe will make drop some blood… The earring making session is over and at night, Rou brings her to have a drink party, to welcoming Mana as a Blade. Rou brings Mana to a pub, which all of the customers are usually Blade. They met Weasley there too. It’s useless even if Weasley wants to treat Mana drinking since she choose water.. But she drink sake at the end, and feels happy to try it (also, she thinks her brother must be surprise if he hear it). The last one to objecting Mana’s decision to be a Blade must be Sera.

The Pub

After ossan (Weasley, I mean) has gone and Mana is a bit drunk, a woman approaching Rou, saying she wants to play again with him. But Rou refused, saying it’s her fault who was leaving him. Now, he already have a new toy and won’t need her anymore. The woman left without saying anything again. But it makes Mana feels sad that she is still a doll to Rou. When he realizing Mana is there, Rou tells her to come close to him and makes her heart throbbing.

They have come back to Rou’s room. Rou told her to go inside his bed, making her his pillow. While doing it, Rou says he is happy that his doll are soft and Mana is warm. She realize her body becomes warm and maybe it is because of sake’s fault. When she thinks it’s better to return to her own room, Rou grabs her, pushing her on to bed, and.. you know it (he takes off her ribbon and all, so it makes her like the picture below: But it also let us see where Mana’s seal is engraved. It is on her thigh). It’s because he remember Mana likes Gill. As she wants to say that’s wrong, he kisses her, saying he might hug her. But Rou passed into that stage for now and returning Mana to her room.

Look at her seal on her thigh!

The next morning, Mana cook at the kitchen and Rou is coming there too. And at her room, Rou comes to asks her to make his favorite food. Mana still remember it all (there are so many cakes such as shortcake, apple pie, Mont Blanc, etc.). Mana agrees to teach him how to bake apple pie. While baking, she thinks if it’s true they can’t return to be friend like before. The thoughts makes Mana realize she likes Rou, and can’t never be return to the time. After all, Rou thinks she is his doll.

Mana is practicing her magic gun skill when Gill comes and knowing her heart, helping her to use it. When it’s over, Gill ask if Mana is really worried about Rou and want to help him. She agrees to it, so Gill says maybe Mana can change his heart. At the right time, Rou comes and taking Mana to his room.

He asks what they are talking about, but Mana just saying it’s a secret. Rou really is angry, he can’t stand his own feelings, hug and grab Mana, then say he can’t stand to have Mana. Even if Mana said she like Rou, he wouldn’t believe it. He stop right there and won’t listen to Mana’s words. Even if it is like that, Mana realized her feeling already was Rou’s.

Look closely, Mana have earring on her left ear, similar to Rou and all of Dix’s member

The Eight Noise: Lovers End 8

Sera gives Mana a task to give his work for Rou. She must come to Rou’s room, but in front of the door, Mana hears him talking with someone. It might be one of Daios, wanting Rou to work with him. But suddenly, Rou can feel Mana in there, asking who is the one she choose to be with, be it Gill or him. Without hesitating, Mana will take Rou’s side and makes Rou surprise because he think Mana like Gill. Many times she had said that the one she like is Rou, now she told him again.

But he ask why Mana refusing him before. It’s because at that time, Rou doesn’t admitting her heart to him. But for Rou, actually at that time, he is fine if he just can have Mana’s body. That means, he likes her too? Mana made him sure that her heart already for him since long, that she couldn’t remember of when again. And now, Rou just can laugh at his stupidity, that he doesn’t know what is the thing that Mana like from a guy like him. Mana says it’s all of him, his brightness, etc. Even if Mana wants him to stay, but Rou can’t stay anymore with Dix, and he will go to Daios. As her heart belongs to him, Mana will follow him whenever he go. That night, the two of them left Dix’s mansion and went to Daios.

At Daios, one of the member ask who is a girl Rou brings. As bold as possible, Rou said Mana is his wife. Truthfully, even now, he still think to marry her right away! At Daios’ mansion, there isn’t any single woman there. And now, the two of them must meet with Bratt, one of Daios man. Not long after the meeting, Garelle, a man with one eye and also the boss, comes and asks if it’s one of Dix member (Rou). This Bratt guy tells Garelle that Rou is truly one of Dix member, the one Zenda has told them. This Zenda reminds Mana of Rou’s past story. Nothing much to speak of, as Garelle already welcoming them. Rou told to him that Mana is his wife too.

Garelle, Daios’ boss

Then, Mana and Rou are talking with Bratt, who becomes Rou’s Pail. The first job to Rou is about Ririn drug. Before they’re going to work, Mana and Rou asking why there isn’t any female in the house. Bratt told that it’s because of the rule, Daios are all man. Whatever it is, it’s a man duty to protect woman.

The first mission as Daios begins at night. They must fight with Dix’s Blade. Rou took turn to fight them alone, stabing them until blood came. After Daios’ subordinate were gone (as Rou makes path for them), he said to Mana that the blood was belong to him, he didn’t kill them.

Bratt really is happy to know Rou works perfectly (it is of course like that, さすが、ヂクスの牙!). The conversation with Bratt have over, and in the hallway, Rou teasing Mana. It is until Zenda comes, really is happy to see Rou’s wife (MANA?). He also ask them to have a drink sometime. And from there, Mana can tell the person who come to Rou’s room earlier is Zenda. Now, Zenda works in Daios with his Pail, Bartolo.

After leaving Zenda’s house, meet his wife, and talk with them, Mana and Rou can feel os their happiness. It makes them want to do more happy things. If Rou is happy, then Mana can feel it too. It is winter, but the two of them doesn’t feel cold when they are hugging each other. When they did it, Rou said he will take all of their pain. So he want Mana to believe in him.

Meanwhile, when Rou is alone, he is in the middle of chasing someone. The man knows of his plan, thinking that Rou is betraying Bratt. But it’s futile because Rou kills the man. It’s the second time. If there is more, everything will come to an end.

This time, Mana is really surprise to hear Zenda must die. It’s because Zenda has the last map before they can go back to Dix. Actually, his job to come to Daios is to get information for Ririn as much as possible. Rou says sorry to have hiding it all this time. For it, Mana ask why he must kill Dix, and make the kind wife suffer. Rou told that Zenda already betrayed Dix. If he didn’t kill Zenda, then maybe another time, another guy would kill that man. That is why he have said that he will take all of their pain alone. It’s the time Rou must go, but Mana ask to come too. This makes Rou knows that Mana is really choosing him.

Rou finished his last job, but men from Daios already knew about them. Mana and Rou takes turn to finish them off together. At that time, Rou is really surprise to see how Mana have improved. ‘course it’s like that after so many trainings with Gill, and it is her hope to make Rou surprise. Well, it works as Mana want it.

After finishing all of the chaser from Daios, finally, they get back to Dix. At Rou’s room, Mana ask since when he have like her. She thinks it’s when Gill have birthday, that Rou is jealous because she sings for Gill. It’s true he has like her since around that time, but he think of her as special is a bit more after that. It’s a secret as he can’t replay that time. Okay, they might be do ‘that’ after Rou say he will eat her that night!

A year after, Rou is chasing his prey on the street at snowy night. But when the man is ready to use his weapon, Mana won’t let him do that, killing him. Rou is a bit angry because Mana takes his trophy. But for Mana, Rou’s trophy is her trophy too. Well, Rou promise to take their next trophy.

I really like Mana’s expression in these picture. She seems bad!

End 9

Mana choose to be with Gill rather than following Rou to Daios. Rou know it after all. He brought Mana to a chapel, telling her to hide in there until he come back. If he doesn’t come back and die, if Gill is come there, it’s better for her not to go back to Dix’s mansion. He wants Mana to promise with it.

Actually, Rou want to take her, but she doesn’t like him. So it’s better to hide Mana, because everyone already think they’re lover. If they know Rou is a betrayal, than every one of his family must die. He left her like that and they didn’t meet again.

End 10

Mana doesn’t follow Rou to kill Zenda. Rou told her to go to a safe place when the time is right. But Daios’ men already knew and chasing Mana. Fortunately, she have that magic gun. But it’s not long until Daios’ men are successfully cornering her. Bratt ask where Rou is, but she won’t tell them. They shot her leg, etc. Until she hear Daio’s member reporting that Rou have run, she still use her final strenght to fight, and maybe died.

Rou Light Route

The Fifth Noise: Crossroads

Same as dark one, with beach activities.

Mana dreams about the white door again, that let her go to the past. Her teacher doesn’t seem to like her power. When she fall down to the sorrow, a man come to ask why she hate her power. He will be her only alley, and when he give the truth, he tell that he is what people call ‘God’, with the name of Kairi.

The setting changes to when a man approaching her, trying to do bad thing to her. She kill the man and there are much blood on her hands. Her brother, Setsu, comes to there. Mana wants him to help the oji-chan, but Setsu ask why she want that, because the man trying to do bad thing. Setsu tells her to go to another place and wait while he save the man. When she waits, she hear a strange sound, like a stabbing sound. And after that, Setsu comes to he place, saying everything are finish now. When she ask that to Setsu, he tells that he doesn’t hear any sound and the oji-chan already fine, can walk again. He added it that today, she didn’t do anything, or hear anything. He wants her to forget it.

Mana wakes up then going to town. She crashes with an old man with white hair and beard, who says he is Karuvan, one of Dix’s five executives. Suddenly, he asks if Mana wants to meet with her brother. If she wants to meet with her oni-chan, then the old man will bring her there. Of course she is excited about it and hope that Setsu is happy.

But Karuvan brings her to graveyard. She can’t believe that her oni-chan is in there. But Karuvan tells that’s he must know it. At that time, Setsu won’t be able to live anymore. She just believing and hoping that her brother is alright. Karuvan told that Setsu was killed by an organization, Dix’s family. The one who build the grave was Gillford.

It is a precious memories for him. Actually, Karuvan brings Mana there to ask one thing. It is to help Gillford, and always take care for him. Mana accepted that request, and so the old man felt relieved that he can die in peace.

The Sixth Noise: Lovesickness

This day, Mana wants to meet Gill, but Rou, with the reason as his doll and assistant, brings her to his room. At that time, Rou told Mana to read his book. But she can’t read the Nowel language, in another country. After done talking about Nowel, Rou begins acting to tease Mana again. He will teach her about many things, but the truth is he is just playing with her.

Then, Rou tells her to read Nowel language. Mana can understand his explanation easily, that she thinks Rou have a good head. But he himself isn’t admit that, saying Sera and Reim are the one with it. He likes training, but hate to study. Rou gave her his cheering to study together. But his kindness makes Mana remember of her brother. Rou realizes it, saying he saw her with Karuvan.

So, Mana must tell him the truth now, that her brother already dead. It makes Mana thinks she is the one who make Setsu die. Rou said it’s not like that, that her brother must be not thinking like that. They’re always together after all. Mana say thanks for Rou’s warm words. Actually, he doesn’t have any feeling like that (it’s the weird thing he said). But it’s fine if his word is the same as Mana. And he will feel the same if Mana die too.

After done talking about Setsu, Rou goes for a while, when Mana still in his room. The waiting time leads her to think if Rou is alright (she doesn’t want what happen to her brother can happen to Rou too). But her worryness is out as Rou comes back safely. Mana says she is worried about him, but he doesn’t believe it. He asks if the truth is, she is happy if he doesn’t come back. But he stop right there, telling it’s just a joke. That Mana must be sad if he die. The word ‘die’ is very sensitive to her now, so she wants Rou not to talk about that again.

Looking at her saying it, with her pitying eyes, Rou becomes ‘evil’ again. He pushes Mana on to bed, telling that he won’t stand for his feeling anymore because of such cute looking. Mana feel to not run away, because it may cause bad relationship between them. Mana suggests that it’s bad to do it, but for Rou, he like seeing her heat and body crumbling, hating him. Rou begs her to hate him. Well, he can’t stand at it again, opening his clothes (Uwaaa! Don’t do it! It is not R18, right?).

Suddenly, Mana can see red wound, from blood on his skin. While she want to go taking care of it with pure heart, Rou think she want to be in up position on him (!!). Fortunately, Mana quickly saying about his wound. Rou approved it, that it’s one of his wound from her bite? Here, he told her about his special skill, that his wound can heal fast. That’s why, she musn’t worried about him. So, he will let her do the caring.

It’s because of his special skill, that he can’t feel how bad it is to lose someone, the event about Setsu. His special thing is called ‘Kaishi-look one above in dark route’. It’s not like he hides it, but if tells that, she must be afraid of him. But Mana says she isn’t afraid. This makes him happy, saying he also can feel that Mana has something, it’s cute. She thinks it’s about uta-tsukai, but Rou says he doesn’t know that too. They will know it someday. The thoughts about uta-tsukai, leads Rou to asks Mana try using her power to heal him. Unfortunately, Mana isn’t brave enough to use it to human. She sings it whatever and after that, Rou says he recovered a bit.

When Mana is walking around the mansion, she meets Gillford. He just meet her in coincidence, then go for work. After he left, Rou came, asking if Mana feel sad to be separated from Gill. Be angry over it, Rou kisses Mana so sudden, that she can’t refuse it. Of course he wants to do it with tongue (it is really embarrassing for me as well..). While doing it, Rou says he is fine if Mana’s heart still on Gill, as long as he can have her body, because she is his doll. But Mana doesn’t want to be just a doll to him. Being cornered by Mana’s action, who obeys him whatever he told her to do, Rou decides to go out, leaving her behind. In Mana’s heart, she thinks Rou is special, a feeling of love that is different from any other person.

Rou came to the pub, talking with Weasley and a coincidence meeting with Sera. It’s rare for Rou to have sighing a lot, that makes Weasley a bit worried. Rou also doesn’t want to hear about Gill’s name that day.

The Seventh Noise: Emotion

Mana is in Rou’s room, together alone with him. They feels the time like that is the best. While getting that romantic vibes, Rou says he likes Mana, doesn’t ever want to release her. Of course it’ll be good if he want to believe Mana’s feelings for him. Mana tell it’s the time to work for Rou, but he says this days, he always feels hurt in the back of his chest and going to his head. But he says maybe it’s because he doesn’t feeling well. Suddenly, Sera knock on his door to tell that it’s already time for work. Before, Mana wants to refusing that work for Rou, but Rou says he will be fine.

It’s raining and Rou doesn’t like that when he is working. The man he killed actually still alive. He beg to not let his wife and child die. It makes him feels bad. The pain is worsen after one of Dix’s Blade take time to kill the man. Rou is screaming that it’s hurt.

That night, a maid told Mana that Rou is sick. Mana quickly comes to his room, meets Sera there. He brings Mana to his room to speak about what she has done to Rou. It maybe is connected to her uta-tsukai. The power may heal the wound but also make something change. If it’s true that someone heals him and makes him corrupt, Sera may kill that person. But he says it’s just his self-talking. Mana went out from his room with fear in his heart. She is blaming herself for not thinking much about it.

For now, she comes to Rou’s room, and fortunately, he already awakes. Rou asks what happened to him. Sadly, Rou begs her to sing again, that he can feel at ease if hearing it. But Mana can’t do that for now and running away from his room with saying she can’t sing because she catch a cold.

After recovered, Rou is taking a leisure time that he think it’s better for dying than have nothing to do. Again, he wants Mana to sing, but she still doing the lies. Mana say she will make some food to Rou, so she go outside, and meeting Gill. Gill gives Dix’s effective medicine to Rou through her then leave for work. But Rou saw that again and said she seem to enjoy it. When Mana say Gill’s name, Rou becomes evil again, brings her to his room.

He says he knows that Mana thinks of Gill as the most special, but he can’t stand it anymore. He feels annoyed looking at them, most of it because Mana can talk with the cheerful voice when talking with Gill (Hey, it’s because she is happy to receive medicine for him too!!). Quickly, he kissed Mana again. Because she seems to refuse it, Rou tells her not to shout or Gill will realize it. But she can’t do it, because Rou doesn’t need reason to do it. That is because it’s fine to break her (and I think he did it forcibly).

It’s raining that night after the force (rape) action from Rou. He says he feels great, but Mana asks why he is crying. Rou became pissed of, saying even if Mana worried about him, he won’t become anything to her. So, Mana ask what he want to become to her. But he can’t say it, then tells that he doesn’t want that feeling. Suddenly again, Sera knock Rou’s door, telling he will have his job again. Rou quickly go without proper explanation about his Pail. For Sera, Mana is different from any other woman, thst’s because she must afraid in that kind of situation. But she said she is already a woman in Dix.

Rou still haven’t come back.  In that time, Mana thinks Rou won’t think of her as doll. But she still worried then going out to search Rou. Mana finds him killing a man and makes blood everywhere on his body. When looking at her, Rou feels weird and apologizing for making her look at that. Then, he go away. Mana told it to Sera after she went back. Sera said it’s his job as Dix, to kill the betrayal. But Mana still think that Rou is Rou. It’s a selfish thoughts of her, and Sera thinks it’s her refusal. Mana says it’s his job after all and also, she doesn’t know what kind of acceptance she must make for Rou. For Sera, he himself can’t take everything of someone as human too, that it is a hard choice. Then he ask if Mana like Rou. When she agreed to it, Sera told her to just stay by his side. Well, the stupid her maybe will always in pain, so she can choose death too (Sera’s tsundere-ness?).

There is a scene when Rou is talking with a man. The man say Rou can have everything, as example, his boss’ woman (Mana). Rou agreed to it.

The Eight Noise: Fiance

That morning, Mana thinks to change Rou’s sheet because there’s blood on it. A maid came and was very happy to know that Mana already did it with Rou (Uhm, she can tell?). Everyone must be happy for it, and the maid suggest to make a dress for her. When Sera know it, he say Mana is stupid, for having that thing known by a maid.

One of Dix comes and gives information to Sera. It’s about Orgel. From looking at it, Sera tells her not to speak anymore or he will kill her. He just wants her to follow his words. At the dining room, Weasley, Gill, Mana, and Sera are speaking about it. Weasley understand the situation, that Rou is a betrayal. And a betrayal must be killed, even to his family (that it will become a burden to Mana too, as they already did it). Gill explaines that if someone have already taken a maiden’s proof, than he must become her husband. He ask one more time, if it’s true that Mana’s maiden proof have been taken or not. She is confused on how to answer it. Looking at her confused face, Sera said he is the one take it, of course with both agreement. And Gill is feeling weird because they’re doing it in Rou’s room (I don’t know what to write anymore about this matter? It’s becoming more R18 matter to me). And now, Sera reffering Mana as his fiancée!

In her room, Mana ask why Sera do that. It’s to prevent her from her death, if they say it’s Rou. After all, they must prevent Rou’s job to take all the treasure map. If Mana is being killed, it’ll just make it troublesome, as Rou may betray them for real. The wedding thing is like a job to Sera. Sera told her not to let anyone go inside her room. If they know it, it’ll be another trouble. When Mana says thanks because Sera is believing Rou, he says it’s not Rou who he believes in, but Gillford. After all, he is gambling on it. Sera leaves but Weasley knocking her door, want her to let him in. Whatever, Mana lets him in. Without any explanation, Weasley can tell that Rou is the one who did it. He just want to cheered to Mana. Also he may do the same thing as Sera, just for getting a pretty wife…

Before going to bed, Mana have vision about Rou. She followed him to the park, but met with strange guys who wanted to do bad thing to her. Maybe they’re from Daios knowing she is Sera’s fiancée. Mana behave strongly, refusing all of them, but they hit on her. Fortunately, Rou came, saying her husband is him. He killed them all, and Mana just could see Rou’s back as she became unconscious slowly.

After finishing the men, Rou came, touching her hair. Rou apologizing because he have hurt both Mana’s heart and body.

When she awakes, she is in Sera’s room. It’s a weird thing for Sera too, as he have come back last night and find her sleeping on his sofa. She is worried if she tell the truth about the event last night, Rou might be in danger, so she says she sleeps there while thinking. It’s really seems like a bad reason, but Sera doesn’t ask much.

The Ninth Noise: Sweet Fang End 6

Mana is surprise after hearing that she and Sera must get marry tomorrow. Of course it’s too quick to Mana, saying she doesn’t even date Sera. For Sera, it’s a job, and it’s not like they will sleep together. But Mana still refuse, so he takes action and says she is troublesome. Sera pushes her but knowing she thinks of someone else, he stop. Before leaving, he told her to preparing her heart.

After Sera leaves, Mana still in his room, touching the black orgel. There is a letter from Rou, saying to wait for him. It’s a great find item for Mana, and she will wait for Rou until he come.

That night, Rou chase Zenda to get the last map. Zenda beg to spare his life and give the map. But he attack Rou after that.

It’s time for Mana and Sera’s wedding. But before they can go to the place, Rou comes to take Mana. After that, Gill also come and apologizing to delay the delivery. But suddenly, Rou falls down to the floor because he has been wounded. When Gill want to carry him, Rou refuse because he want to come like a knight to the princess. Rou say thanks to Sera, but he just want his gift (maybe it’s the map).

Mana grabs his hand, and Rou says he really like her. The thought about doll never come to his mind for once. He apologize for making Mana worried. He also refuse Gill’s help to bring him to his room. The Rou now still doesn’t believe if Mana is worrying about him. Many times she say Rou is stupid for not believing her heart, that she likes him. But for Rou now, he feels like dreaming, to get Mana on his side. Before he close his eyes, Rou apologize to her. Mana won’t let him die like and then use her power. But Sera suggest her to quit, if she doesn’t want Rou’s heart to change. Rou said he will take everything as long as he can live with Mana. He’s fine with her singing.

Rou wakes up in his room, thinking if Sera maybe is really have feeling for Mana. But he won’t tell her that.

At dining room, Gill gives explanation that they successfully making the plan all thanks to Rou’s sacrifice. They will take down Daios this night, giving order to his subordinate to prepare. Gill told Mana to stay by Rou’s side.

At Rou’s place, he said when the time he was hurting Mana, he felt he will come to the dark side. It means, he have to kill the one close to him. That’s why, Rou feels hurt in his chest. He ask if what Mana said earlier is true, that she like Rou with special feeling. Mana approved that she really like Rou. So, he beg for present, to kiss him. Mana did it and surprising him. To make exchange, he also kissing her, saying he like her the most.

Rou told his feeling toward Mana. He thinks as two person who is broken, he will find a safe place together with her. But he is jealous of why Mana, who must break with him, is really beautiful. But after that, he thinks of her as a special person. He is jealous when Mana says she like Gill. That’s why he say about doll thing to her. He proposed to Mana, asking if she want to be his bride. Mana agrees but he is surprise because he think Mana like Gill. But she told him again about her feelings, want him to believe it. Rou will believe it and that’s why he want her to be by his side.

Suddenly, an explosion comes outside. Rou preparing for it even though he still have not recover. Blade comes to Rou’s room, saying there is a betrayal. At least he already knows there is the last betrayal. The Blade have words from Sera, to make Rou and Mana run away. At first, Rou won’t do it because he is one of Dix’s top man. But after the Blade begs him hard, Rou takes Mana to run away from the mansion.

Unfortunately, many Daios’ man have already come inside. Rou fights them one by one, wins quickly, but seems tired. There is still one guy which is different from the other. The time this guy want to stab Rou, Mana takes the pain. It’s because she is Rou’s wife, that she can’t let him die. Fortunately, Sera comes and kills that man. Sera tells them not to worried because Gill has finish them down, and that man is the last one.

One week later, Mana and Rou are going shopping for Mana’s clothes. While doing it, Rou can’t stand that Mana is really cute, while looking at her try the new clothes and all.

After going back home, Rou is afraid if there’s guy that will take Mana from him. He say that as he pushes her to bed, hugging her, and touching Mana’s cheek. But it won’t happen as Rou will kill that guy. Mana doesn’t want him to kill, so he change it to half-kill. He will love her even after she become old. The one and only person he love.

It’s a pure happy end

End 7

It’s the time Mana and Sera have their wedding. Rou can’t come back after been defeated by Zenda. He lays on snowy road, covered with his blood. Rou apologizing to Mana that he can’t come to her anymore, and he will always love her. Meanwhile Mana is doing her wedding while still waiting for Rou.

End 28

Mana choose to think about Karuvan’s offer to help Gill. After going to the graveyard, Mana choose to run away from Dix. She lives in one small house. Not long after she lives there, Rou comes. She knows Rou comes to kill her. He keeps telling her to run away, but Mana won’t be able to go back. She choose to die in Rou’s hand. After killing her, Rou says that he is glad to be able to meet Mana.



So far, I prefer Rou’s dark ending because Mana is not useless. She can fight, using magic gun, and kill?> Also, there is no ‘rape’ thing in it (maybe a not too blunt, like in light ending).

Speaking about Rou, the first time I looked at OP movie, I thought he would become a sadist yandere, without any heart in it. But even at bad end, he love Mana to the fullest. Even if he must kill her for his job as Dix, he say he is glad to be able to meet with her. Actually, I don’t really prefer guy with long hair, but Rou is an exception. He can be cute, can be devil, and can be serious. I like all of his expression (Of course his expression when killing and holding a knife is really cool for me! The hollow and sorrow in his eyes.. can’t resist!).

Mana is really stubborn, typical heroine in otome games. But when she is in dark route, I like her the best. Her personality change 180 degree from a coward to a brave woman! And also, I like the seal of Dix (if I like tattoo, I’ll be using one, but sadly, I’m not into it).

FInish with Rou, I want to rest a bit. Maybe tomorrow I’ll continue this again with Seravis “Sera” light & dark routes. Hopefully I can finish it faster than this because of my final thesis.

Right, feel free to commenting if I use too many pictures. Because I am also tired to uploading it one by one. But I still did it because I thought one would be understand if there’s picture too.


~ by twentyninenights on September 28, 2011.

12 Responses to “In the Silent Winter Road-Rou Light & Dark”

  1. *w* (stopped by and took a look)
    It looks fairly good. Sad is good! XD

    I’ve got mixed feelings about the art in this game in the opposite direction that I get for Rejet’s art…目が大きいね!She looks too young and innocent for me to want a kiss scene for her.

    • This games’s story is very much tells about emotion (which I think similar to StS). I don’t know why Mana’s eyes are big? Even though she’s like that, she already 17 years old. And the guys are already old enough too (mostly the ossan-Weasley, which already 31 years old).

  2. thank you very much for the detailed review! It was very interesting to read *_* We found out about this game a little while ago and we liked the CG a lot. And then, several days later after learning about the game, you uploaded this great review! thank you very much for your hard work, dear! It’s really appreciated and needed! *___*

    • Thanks. I don’t know if this will make a good & better impression on this game since Operetta name are known to made yandere stories and it seems everyone avoiding this after the last game (Diary).

  3. That is super long review. Sometimes I got mixed up at random paragraph XD
    But it’s interesting and I might not be able to play this game because DIARY got me hooked up and I’ll never play under yandere game except DIARY ahaha xD
    Those characters are interesting and somehow looks like mafia theme story. So badass.

    Thansk for the review. SUPER LONG! Otsukaresama de~~~

    • Ah, right. I wrote it as I play it bit by bit, so it would be like this. Actually, this isn’t filled with killing scene all the time. It’s just about 1/3 part of it, and the 2/3 proportions is about drama. And it’s not like diary, that have stabbing sound (like you’ve wrote) continuosly, just once is fine.

  4. Thank you for the review~
    Now I’m playing this game. Do you know about walkthrough/guide? Since I have little time to play.

  5. Woah that was long! Kudos to you for typing that much. 😀

    Is this really that long? I plan on playing this, well, after Bloody Call. ^^;;

    • I wrote the details for this game to give as much information that this is not a yandere game (like Diary). I hope someone can understand that this game is beautiful, the feelings similar when playing Shinigami to Shoujo.

      It took me almost a month to finish it, but maybe it’s because I was busy (But, then again, I admit this is long. But don’t worry, I played Gill’s dark route for just a day). It depends on your playing time per day, I think.

      I hope you can try it first. And Bloody Call! I stopped playing the PC when heard about the PSP ver and will wait for it.

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