Beyond the Memories-Kansuke & Rurimaru

Yamamoto Kansuke (Sakurai Takahiro)

Yamamoto Kansuke is saying about 鉢ヶ峰 (Hachigamine=Kasugayama Castle’s unofficial name) where Kanade (Mana) lives in. He doesn’t know if the road is still used so he want to try it. Meanwhile, Mana and Rurimaru are taking a walk somewhere. The scene changes to Kansuke again, where he speaks with his alley in crime (Doukisai: Urokodouji, Kugutsumaru, Jajin, and Senryou) about the place they’re going to go. But Jajin (the feminine one) says that Kansuke just wants to meet that girl.

While Kansuke’s troops are busy with their own problem, suddenly Mana and Ruri are coming to that place too. They’re busy searching place to hide, but Kansuke realizes it’s Kanade’s (Mana!) voice. Mana says she will practice with bow after that. Rurimaru saw leaf on her and throwing it to Kansuke subordinate’s hiding place (the well). It makes them busy to not making sound. Ruri hears something but he let it go this time. After Mana and Ruri are gone, the Kansuke troops are feeling relieved. Urokodouji realizes Kansuke is happy and Jajin says it’s because he hears the girl’s voice. While talking about Mana, Senryou prefers to catch her to make their job easy. But Kansuke won’t allow every person to do it for this time. It’s an order. They will searching for house to live near Kasugayama Castle.

Urokodouji (left) and Jajin (right)

It’s time for Mana to sleep. But she saw a weird place while dreaming, Kansuke’s place in Takeda Shingen’s side. He said, she should remember of her life, it’s an important matter to him. The scene changes to Urokodouji, who is angry to his comrade because the loud voice can interfere his Suiyou technique. They’re realizes Kansuke isn’t there. Then, Mana sees of when Kansuke says her era maybe is fun. But Mana tells him it’s the same country as it is now. Then, its changing again to where Takeda Shingen is speaking about Mana (who he thinks may interfere in his plan) with his subordinate, Masanobu.

But after seeing so many conversations, Mana still wants to hear another. It’s Jajin and Senryou. Jajin says Senryou wants to catch Mana and gives her alone to Takeda Shingen, and Jajin can know all of his plan. The other members are against Senryou’s plot because it’s like betraying Kansuke. The last scene is where she sees Kansuke in a forest. Kansuke seems to look at her but calling her Kanade. She wakes up after that, confuse and thinking if it’s a dream or reality. Meanwhile, Kansuke is wondering if he sees an illusion of Kanade, but he refuse because after the death of Kanade, he can’t see dreams nor illusion (it’s already 300 years ago!!).

While Kansuke is going to Kasugayama Castle, his subordinate are questioning if he goes to see Mana. They’re thinking it’s too troublesome to have that feeling. In Mana’s side, she makes cookie and it seems delicious for Yatarou. When they’re talking, Kansuke is hearing what Uesugi Masatora has been doing (It is reading Genji Monogatari?). He also can sense if someone is coming to Uesugi’s place (in Bishamonten of Echigo). Yatarou comes to tells Mana to meet Uesugi. When he heard Mana’s voice, Kansuke is realizing it is Kanade and the one who read Genji Monogatari is Uesugi Masatora (so, before, he can just hear dialogues without knowing it’s from who?).

Mana actually comes to give cookie to Uesugi. When hearing it, Kansuke is wondering what is that cookie, because in that time, he never heard of it. But he is also a bit angry because she made it for Uesugi. After that, Mana decides to hear story from Uesugi. He asks if Mana likes Genji Monogatari, but she doesn’t know it well. But actually, Uesugi just likes the meaning inside it. While talking much, Kansuke seems worried because Mana looks happy to talk with Uesugi. He also murmuring to himself to wait for him, before he can bring Mana to his side.

After the scene of Kansuke and his subordinate’s plan, Masato finds Mana with a cat. He order her to let it go, but Mana and Ruri don’t want to. Finally, Masato surrender to their stubbornness. But at the same time, the enemies are coming, taking Mana with them.

Before Mana completely wakes up, Kansuke’s subordinate are talking about the cat, whom they must takes care of, while Kansuke is with Mana. After she finally awakes, Mana can see a guy with white hair, that she doesn’t remember where she has meet him. The guy told her that she was Kanade, the woman who will be his wife. But for now, Mana is scared of him. Kansuke tells her to rest a bit more and Mana agrees to do it. So he thinks he has get Mana now. As for the Urokodouji, Jajin, and all, they’re still playing with the cat. As usual, Kugutsumaru’s face is hated by the others..

When Mana awakes from her sleep, Kansuke tells her they’re near Kasugayama Castle. She finally realizes that she is in enemy’s hand and wants him to release her (calls him stalker too). To makes her stop, Kansuke kisses her, saying as he has thought, Mana is fine. Then he released her and told her to wait until they can meet again.

It’s raining hard while Mana is walking with Rurimaru. They must find shelter. Mana finds a house and the person (Jajin, the transvestite one) in there is fine with her staying there. He asks from behind the wall how is the guy with red and blue hair, especially the red one, if he has girlfriend or not because the guy kinds of like him. Mana says Akatsuki hasn’t have a girlfriend and makes Jajin a bit relieved (and saying Akatsuki has a good name). Then, he asks about Suien, if he has girlfriend also (Urgh, it’s scary. Everytime he wondering if they have girlfriend, his voice change to scary one).

The conversation is going on with Mana’s story. She tells that she doesn’t have boyfriend now because she wants to think of other people, to protect them. Jajin is happy that she is different from everywhere princesses that just thinks of men. Then, he also tells her it’s because of his job that he lives there. His boss is a fine one, but he is busy helping his boss to get the little girl. They’re going to be friend soon, if Ruri hasn’t come to bring her back (When Ruri calls her Mitsukai-sama, Jajin realizes it). Mana said the man behind the wall helped her, but there’s already no one there. Jajin tells that he finds Mana to Kansuke and he praise him..

Kansuke comes to Mana’s room that night. She afraid if Kansuke will kiss her again. But he says he already promise not to do anything she doesn’t want. When Mana asks why he still coming and curious about her, despite he is her enemy, Kansuke tells her he doesn’t think of her as his enemy. Even if Uesugi is his enemy, must Mana will be his enemy too? Also, he wants her to be his woman, so he can spare Uesugi’s life. She asks why he come at night and he says he just want to see his beloved person. Urm, no. He wants Mana to gives map to Uesugi, the one of Nagao Tamekage (Uesugi Masatora’s father) made before, about secret passage that are marked. He did it to protect Mana. Before leaving, he touch her cheek, but he can’t break the promise to do anything to her.

Mana gives the map to Uesugi. The map is about Hachigamine (look at the first sentence) and Uesugi can decide it’s his father’s. Quickly, Uesugi ordering Yatarou to use all the ninja freely to do his plan.

Mana has dream about Kanade, where she is being someone else. She remembered Kansuke’s words, that in the past, he met Kanade, but they must be separated. He didn’t believe in reborn after death, just people dying and that’s all. But she is in front of him now, he can feels her all. She remembers her time with Kansuke, feels his sadness.

She dreams of another thing this time. She is being Kanade, and in someone’s order. The person is so cruel to her, until she hears bird’s sound. A man with white hair comes to her, telling that he is a traveler. The man asks for her nuts, and she gives it to him. From what she looks like (her face color is bad and all), the man can tell that she is in a punishment. To say thanks for the nuts, the man gives his onigiri to her. Before he leaves, the man says it’ll be good if they can meet again.

The girl is taking too long, so her master is punishing her again without giving her food. Feels sadness about her life, she almost drowning herself to water. Before that happens, Kansuke stops her. She takes the man’s sword, but he stops her again. He says humans will die sometime, there’s no need to go that quickly. But the girl says she isn’t human, she can’t be a good one with it (means, she has no life there, as she is being ordered by another). He hugs her after the girl has stop her mind to choose death. So, because she doesn’t have a name too, Kansuke will think one. The girls is scared of him and Kansuke knows it, because of the villagers of ‘Nanatsukagi no Sato’. From that, he will make a promise not to hurt her even if anything happens. He hugs her. After that, she remember of Kansuke, who is fulfilling his promise. He gives her name, “Kanade”, because the man likes her voice (and everytime the man said her name, she felt trembling of it). Then they’re talking about the village and the people of it. But the one Kansuke is thinking about will always be Kanade.

She wakes up and finds Shiro isn’t healthy. Mana calls someone so Shuuya comes to look. Shuuya tells her that Shiro just tired and let her rest for a day. When Mana feels sleepy beside Shiro there, Shuuya tells her to sleep. And then she remembers of Kansuke again, saying the past her is loveable but now she is also very interesting.

The next day, Shiro is already recovered and Mana says thanks to Shuuya (as usual, he always saying that it’s his job). As Aya-hime is talking about name, Mana remembers of when Kansuke asks her what does she thinks of a name. She speaks about it with Aya-hime, that she tells her, when someone is born, the name it is becomes their own. It represent one’s personality, that represent the essence of that person. After hearing it all, Mana thinks after Kanade meets Kansuke, she feels herself as a human for the first time.

While going with Uesugi, Mana tells about her dream when she is being Kanade of the Nanatsukagi no Sato. The conversation is held because they’re hearing a bird’s sound. Uesugi begins telling her a poem about bird and its meaning… Then, Uesugi said with the help of Mana, Aya-hime, and of the ninjas, he will do his best to win the battles. That night, Mana is thinking about Kansuke and Kanade again.

It’s about the feeling of Uesugi. He has no little sister, and a woman who close to him is just Aya-hime. Sometimes, he thinks of Mana as his sister, or even as his daughter. The closeness of her and Doukisai makes Uesugi really worried. And the battle with Takeda Shingen will begin. He will protect Mana with his life. He wishes for her happiness.

Kanade is helping Kansuke to unlock the key of his cell in Mana’s dream. She can remember the time when Kansuke says to her that he will brings her to leave that place. But before that, he has job to do. Now, Kansuke is really hurt because of the captured thing. After she released him, she told her to leave quickly before the people will kill him tomorrow. Kansuke asking her to leave too but Kanade refused. With touching his face, Kanade asks him to leave, that she’ll be fine. If they’re running away together, the people will easily notice them. After Kanade successfully convinced him to leave first, Kansuke makes a plan to meet her at daylight at the mountain with his friends. But right after Kansuke had left, a man noticed her betrayal and killed her. After she wakes up, she begins to feel that Kansuke is really loving Kanade.

In Kansuke’s side, he remember the first time he met Mana and the first time he met Kanade is so similar. When he looks at them, picking up nuts. When he first met Mana, he was really surprised because of her similarity with Kanade. Even if Kanade is already dead, but Mana is similar with Kanade, and he can feels the same soul as her. He believes that Mana is born to meet him once again, as she promised. But he knows, one thing isn’t same. It’s about how they’re looking at thing. Mana seems more happier than Kanade.

Kansuke is waiting for Kanade but she doesn’t show of. His friend told him to leave the village soon and surprised on how Kansuke’s wound couls recover fast. He asked what he did for that speed of recovery, and Kansuke told him, he killed his parents and ate them. As the reward, is his body now. Just a joke though, he could recover fast since his birth. Kansuke decides to go to the village again, and so his friend calls him ‘persistent’. It’s not like that. He just still thinking why Kanade doesn’t fulfil her promise.

Kansuke search Kanade through the path to the village. He can’t find her anywhere but feels that it’s a bit strange. When he is thinking more of it, he can see a person. No, it’s not a person, but rather, a head from a person before. He calls her Kanade, but can’t believe that it is her because she is cold now. It’s not his Kanade, just a dead body. After he shouted, Kansuke turned berserk. He killed many people in the village and finally met the person who killed Kanade. The man kept telling that the woman is stupid for betraying him. Also, in Kansuke’s mind, he is questioning why she doesn’t go quickly, or why she doesn’t call him when in the crucial time. But he can’t forgive that man after that man said he cut her head to make her not be able to be born again. Kansuke also cut that man’s head for him to not being able to born again. The village is burning in fire..

Suddenly, it’s raining. For him, it is like Kanade is measuring him through the rain. Kansuke is laughing at Kanade’s stupid action to let him live alone. Back to Kansuke in 300 years after the accident, he still thinks there’s no way people can reborn again. But if it’s like that, he already meets Mana.

That night, Takeda Shingen is tired about Uesugi Masatora. He asks Kansuke to tells him his past life story. Kansuke was born in Heian period with that body and he didn’t know his parents. Now, he doesn’t know for how long will he live with that appearance. The rest were, I was lazy to hear it because it’s filled with old language…. Just a long and boring conversation between Kansuke and Shingen about demon or something similar to his self. After that, Kansuke told Shingen about the change of movement in Uesugi’s side.

Kosaka Danjo Masanobu, Takeda Shingen’s general, feels suspicious of Kansuke because he always going outside. But Kansuke says it is up to him to go anywhere and reveals he is doing Shingen’s task. Hearing it’s for Shingen, Masanobu can’t help but let him go. This time, Jajin asks Kansuke where does he wants to go. If it’s to meet the little girl (Mana), Jajin is not so happy about it. Then, Kansuke tells him his plan to petrified Shingen with terror. Jajin is gladly to hear it. After Kansuke is gone, Urokodouji appeared. Jajin told him if he wanted to know their master’s action, he could see it with Urokodouji’s power. Then, every one (Senryou and Kugutsumaru) of them appears, wanting to know about Kansuke.

Kansuke is meeting Mana and she tells him that she already knows his story with Kanade after looking at the dream. She asks, why Kansuke doesn’t go after he already been released and come to the village again. But rather than answering the question, Kansuke is asking Mana too, of why he didn’t run away with him that time. That time, Kansuke is really angry of why Kanade isn’t going with him, refusing to call him. But for him, that’s enough if she is with him now. Mana realizes that the person Kansuke is looking now isn’t her, but the girl who already dead. She is crying, makes Kansuke asks her why. Mana told that it’s not like she didn’t happy to meet him again, but because she wasn’t Kanade.

Whatever she is, Kansuke won’t think it’s a problem as long as she is his woman. Her eveything is belong to him, and asking if her inner heart is thinking like that too. This time, he asks her to go with him, but Mana refuse. The reason are because Kansuke isn’t looking at her and Mana has promised to protect Uesugi Masatora. For that words, Kansuke thinks she is similar to Kanade. When he is ready to brings Mana to Uesugi’s place, the ninjas (Akatsuki, Masato, and Shuuya) are ready to fight him. But Kansuke tells them he wants to meet with Uesugi.

After speaking with Uesugi and Aya-hime, Kansuke is back at Takeda Shingen’s side. He remembers his conversation with Mana after speaking with Uesugi (Look at the first game, I have forgotten most of it too), like if he is fine if Mana is not the person he love before. Whatever it is, he just have to wait 450 years again to meet Mana in her world.. Then, Shingen finally realizes he is in a crucial condition. Actually, Kansuke betrayed him and telling his plan to Uesugi. But he still being with Shingen’s side to make him lose.

After the war ended, Mana is worried if she should go back. Rurimaru knows her worried, tells that he wants her to be there always. Still, she is worried about Kansuke. When she remembered him, she also remember about their conversation about the war. Mana is afraid if he will take the death part after Shingen died, but he tells her not to worry because he already promise to go to her place. He told her to wait until he arrive. After she awaken from the memories, Mana can remember her sister’s words that saying after the battle of Kawanakajima, it seems Takeda Shingen is the one who lose. It’s because he loses his brother, Takeda Nobushige, and his advisor, Yamamoto Kansuke (and Ruri has also tells her they can’t find Suien after the battle too).

The words from Aya is being truth, as Ruri told her the Doukisai already dead. Their head already had found. Mana can’t believe of that truth. Because her face looks terrible, Ruri calls Shuuya for help.

It’s the time for her to go back to her world. Before she go, Kansuke meets her and they’re hugging each other. But he still calls her Kanade, so she doesn’t want to go with him. Kansuke said he wasn’t looking at her different with Kanade because Kanade had reborn. Also, he is looking at the real her. But he promise to go through every eras, looking for Mana. And this time, it is her job to wait for him. Before she leaves, Kansuke tells her to wait and calls her ‘Mana’.

So, the Doukisai are still alive and they’re talking about the next destination they will take after separated from Kansuke. Kugutsumaru choose Matsudaira clan and they’re agrees with it, except Jajin. He choose to search Kansuke and if he doesn’t meet him, Jajin will search for a nice guy (urgh!).

450 years after the Sengoku era, Mana and Kansuke meets again. The two are going on a date. But as usual, Kansuke still likes teasing her with seductive words, asking if she wants to go somewhere just the two of them near her ear. Mana suggest they shall buy crepe and Kansuke just tells that he is fine without eating it. So, Mana alone is eating the crepe.

After all, Kansuke is fine without eating much food (so far, he says Mana eats really quick that she feels herself already gaining weight). While Kansuke is thinking if Mana still talks about getting fat, Mana says she just wants Kansuke to eat crepe together like a common lover. After hearing it, Kansuke says without it, they’re still like a lover and realizes there’s some cream on he cheek. He licks it (イやああ!!) and even though Mana refusing taht action, he talks back to her that it’s like a real lover’s doing.

After finish eating one crepe, Kansuke asks if she wants more, but Mana refuse because she is afraid of the weight problem.

They’re continue the date but gets interrupted when a woman asks Kansuke (she calls him ‘sensei’) if he is going to the photo exhibition. When she says it’ll be fine if they’re go together, Kansuke refuse, saying he wants to go with his wife (uwaaaah!). The woman agreed with it, then say thanks for always helping her. Actually, she is Kansuke’s assistant in the laboratory (Uhm, what is his job again? I think it’s the researcher in university?).

After the talk, Kansuke is back to Mana, asking where they shall go next. Mana says it’s fine anywhere (as she feels jealous for the woman), so Kansuke thinks they shall go home.

Mana is preparing the food for the two of them, but Kansuke calls her, he won’t have time for dinner. That’s why, Mana decides to brings the bentou to his laboratory. But she doesn’t feel right and waiting in front of the building. When Kansuke arrives at the gate, he surprise and angry because Mana is there late at night and in the middle of spring. She can catch a cold. Hearing him mad, Mana says she just feels worry because Kansuke is always with his assistant (she is just jealous). To make he know his feeling, Kansuke kiss her in front of the people (and after it, telling her he will love her forever). When Mana realizes it, she feels sorry for the assistant, but the person is a nice one and doesn’t mind it.


After the assistant leaves them, Mana says sorry that she feels jealous and all. And so, she is worried of Kansuke’s action, if there’s a student watching them, or if any rumour comes up after that (after all, it’s a school’s building). But Kansuke says she doesn’t need to worry, as he is also the real owner of that building (Argh!! He becomes so rich!) and won’t let any rumour spread. Actually, Mana is also surprised about the fact. The teaching is his job in leisure time.

This time, Mana really is sick because she catch a cold while waiting Kansuke. The surprising fact (again) for Mana is Kansuke can make the annindoufu to her. It’s not surprising for Kansuke himself to learn making it. He helps her with eating it, then explains about her cooking book (he learn making it from there, because Mana rarely use it).

And so on, Mana thinks he can do anything, nothing she can perfectly done like Kansuke. Of course he can, after living 450 years waiting for her. Because of that reason, Mana feels sorry of what she has said, that it’s really childish to think Kansuke is making funny of her. For Kansuke himself, it’s useless if he lives without Mana, that his life won’t have any meaning. From now on, he can’t let her go from his hand. And with it, he decides to be beside her while she is sleeping, and wants her to prepare if anything happen… But for now, he will just kissing her.

Mana can’t believe that after she heals, Kansuke is the one in bed now (It’s because of his own action, to kiss a sick person). He is fine like that if Mana has recover. Well, Mana helps him changing clothes and when she looks at his wound, she remembers of the time Kansuke is being captivated in a cell. It’s right because of it and it’s already 750 years that it already heal.

Uhm, Kansuke realizes it’s been a while since he opens his clothes. Mana embarrassed from that, but Kansuke told her she will become a good wife. He is teasing her, after all, she is already his wife now! Also, he teases her again, that the thing he wants to eat is her. Mana decides to cut the apple to rabbit-like shape. When she is begin to cut it, Kansuke already worried and it’s come true. She struck her finger with the knife, but it’s fine. After it’s done, Kansuke can’t tell if it’s a rabbit or a puzzle… But he said it was delicious. Yeah, he added it again that the most delicious thing is Mana.

It’s the time for Kansuke to sleep, but he doesn’t want Mana to leave him. Mana promise to be by her side, as he promise that also. While Kansuke is sleeping, Mana remember the time they first met at Kawanakajima. Realizing it, Kansuke, who already wakes up, asks her to go there. They agree on it.

The scenery in Kaizujou is already changed much but they can still feel the nostalgic feeling coming to there. The thing that doesn’t change is the sky. While talking about the past, Mana asks of Kansuke’s subordinate (Urokodouji, Jajin, Senryou, and Kugutsumaru), when they’re so scary in Mana’s eyes. Well, the past him doesn’t know how to make her his woman, so he ordered them to do it. Kansuke apologizing for his order that makes her scared.

Look at the real scenery below

It’s really similar!

When doing the conversation, Kansuke already prepares the bentou for Mana. She choose to eat onigiri. After she has done eating it, Mana asking why Kansuke making the bentou. He asks her back, if she doesn’t remember, and calling her ‘Kanade’, the name that he doesn’t say in a long time. Mana remember the time they first met, that Kansuke say he will give his food to Kanade. That’s why, Mana thinks he made it for Kanade. But no, Kansuke makes it for Mana. He will make everything for Mana.

They’re coming to the statue of Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shigen (well, the real picture is in Wikipedia about Uesugi Masatora). Kansuke tells their story and all (that I’m too lazy to read it). Mana prefers to eat ice cream. As usual, Kansuke teases her there’s still some cream left on her face. He licks it again.

When they’re in the hotel, Kansuke wakes up from a bad dream. He wants Mana to stay by his side and she will do so. He says he loves her.

The next day, they’re going to Kawanakajima. There, Kansuke tells that Uesugi has give his greeting words to Mana. He remembered the time he met Uesugi, after Mana had returned, and told it all to her now. They’re talking about Mana’s role to help Uesugi go away from death fate and when it seems Kansuke will harm Uesugi, Kanehisa quickly comes to fight him. Uesugi stops him. After all, Kansuke won’t kill Uesugi because he afraid the history will change he won’t meet Mana. After that, Uesugi gives his words to Mana through Kansuke, that he will meet her again someday.

Going back from Uesugi’s place, Akatsuki meets him to say he can’t believe Uesugi can take him in. Akatsuki maybe doesn’t have the courage to tell that he also want to give his word to Mana, so Kansuke ask him about it. First, Akatsuki is angry of Kansuke, so he say that he won’t forgive Kansuke. Of course Kansuke teases him, is it’s all that he want to say to Mana. But Akatsuki added that he want Mana to be happy for their shared. Again, he teases Akatsuki for what if he doesn’t want to tell her that. Well, Kansuke promise to tell it if Mana still remember of them. For Akatsuki, it is fine if she has forget, if Mana is happy.

Mana is crying after hearing it. They were still remember about her. But Kansuke won’t allow anyone to make her cry, because he is the one who can do that to her. Mana says surely, they will meet them again, then asks if Kansuke wants to meet Kanade again. He is fine now because he already have Mana and won’t need to meet Kanade anymore. This makes Mana sad, thinking if she must die again, then, what will Kansuke feels about it. For him, this time now is fine and she won’t need to worry about that. To be with her now, is all right for Kansuke. After all, he thinks of himself as not being alive because he can’t die. To not dying, means he isn’t living.

He begins telling that even after Kanade has died, he isn’t dreaming of it. But last night, he dream of when Kanade died, and he crushes the Nanatsukagi village. When he awakes, he is afraid  is he still in that era, without the chance to meet Mana. But she hold him, calling his name, and stay by his side. He asks if Mana notice his changing, not only his appearance. Now, Kansuke can catch a cold, and his appetite. For Mana, it is a small changes, but for him, it is a big one. He said, if it’s the one called living, than maybe, the death was near too. And maybe after living longer than Mana, he will die first. It’s just a joke, because he doesn’t want to leave Mana. And even if Mana has become old, he thinks she will always be loveable.

For how many times he questiong about living, Kansuke finally gets the answer. To live for him is to be with the person he loves. While hugging her, Kansuke said forever, they are meant to each other. And his wish now is to walk to the path of dying with her. That’s why, he will always say to live together with him to Mana. He won’t need anything else.


Mana is going to her world, but Kansuke doesn’t come to meet her. She just can hear his voice calling ‘Kanade’.



Rurimaru (Hagino Mizuki)

When Mana meets Ruri, he tells her that he successfully catch a pheasant to eat. He also asks what food usually she have. Mana thinks of it and finds sauté, sandwich. Masato gives suggestion too. After deciding it, she begins cooking with Rurimaru, until Kanehisa angry at him because he lets Mana work. Of course she is the one who begs for cooking, so Kanehisa will try it whatever it is.

Ruri tried to design Mana’s face for the pan. And she thinks he has a sense to it. Hearing her praising his work, Ruri wants to make his face now on it. I don’t know the result but Masato says it’s not like a pan (Uhm, Masato has eat this era’s pan right? So maybe he means it tasted bad?).. This makes Ruri and Mana feels curious if he has eat a pan before, but he says he has try it in another country.

This time, Mana makes a compete with Ruri on who will be the first one to reach the spring. Because she too forceful on her power, she seems tired. Ruri wants to go to Shuuya’s place to take the medicine, but he doesn’t feel right to leave her alone. Fortunately, Uesugi Masatora is coming there too. While Ruri goes to take the medicine, Uesugi tells about Rurimaru’s past because Mana looks at him as her brother. The people in his village are all died. His sister, protecting his body, but she already dead too. When Uesugi saw them, he took Rurimaru. Kanehisa is the one who raised Ruri and Masato. Finally, Ruri is back and Mana won’t say what they have talk about.

It is raining hard now. Ruri says it maybe will come in the day like that. He told about the youkai who will come taking someone in rain+wind hard like that. It is a tanuki youkai, whose name is ‘Hyakunendanuki’! He thinks Mana is afraid of his story (well, she doesn’t at first), so he pretends to be brave. But when they heard a sound, they were took caution of it (and Mana begins to fear it). As they knew where it came from, it just Shiro and Ruri’s monkey.

After they knew it, they start a new horror story before going to bed. But right in the middle of sleeping, Mana awakes from a sound, and she thinks it’s the tanuki. Uh, no. It’s Masato, waking them up, especially Rurimaru, because he doesn’t think it’s not right for them to sleep together. As Ruri just waking up, he begins saying weird things such as Mana’s sleeping face is cute. Masato hits his head.

When morning came, Kanehisa told Ruri to learn writing his name with Suien, so Mana and Ruri went there. He practicing to write his anme, but even with katakana nor hiragana, he can’t do it perfectly. Ruri began to ask what his name’s meaning. As for Akatsuki, it means ‘dawn moon’, and Suien means ‘green flame’. They are from Uesugi, including Ruri’s name. But he doesn’t know and a bit sad if it doesn’t have any meaning. Mana thinks it’s about ‘lapis lazuli’ or the blue stone. It’s usual to make an accessories with it, but Ruri doesn’t think he wants to have meaning like that. To make him happy, Mana says every woman like that, and also she likes it too. As he hear it, Ruri thinks it’s fine if Mana likes Ruri=lapis lazuli.

Well, Ruri must finish his writing class, but he confused on what he must write about. Mana suggests the thing he like, and he says it’s “Mitsukai-sama”. The other one is “Daisuki”. So, if they merged it, it’s “Mitsukai-sama daisuki=really like Mitsukai-sama”. Suien just can sighing hearing it, and suggests to have different word. After all, he said it for Ruri too, that today’s practice will all be see by Kanehisa.

Another night they walk, Ruri told her that in another town, there’s a Christian Missionaries. Many people with red hair are there, just like an oni. While thinking about that ‘Christ’, Mana remembers of Francis Xavier (Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta)-Now, I search about Christian missionaries and fortunately, I know most of their name. So she really wants to see it, although Ruri has say it maybe dangerous.

The weird missionairy

When they comes to there, a man with weird Japanese accent welcome them. Mana says she just wants to talk, but when the man looks at Ruri, he thinks Mana has bring a cute ‘Menina’ (for girl in his language, Portuguese). He corrected it to ‘Menino’. The missionary often call Ruri’s name wrongly, such as “Rorimaru” or “Rurimero”. He is happy to see a guest since everyone are afraid of him, so he gives Ruri a present… which is the Portuguese clothes. It’s because the missionary is really happy to make a friend in a lonely country. Ruri is not liking it much, but Mana thinks it’s fit him. He really wants to bring Ruri to his homeland, and also change Ruri’s name to ‘Lorenzo Rurimaru”? The weird thing keeps coming from the missionary, it makes Mana a bit down to see he’s like a fake one (of Francis, or of missionary?). There are two choices in these.

If Mana choose to let Ruri takes the clothes as present, they will go home with it. When Kanehisa saw it, he really was mad and couldn’t say anything than Ruri’s name. Masato comes too, and asks if Ruri wants to kill Kanehisa with it. Ruri is sided with their anger. If Mana thinks it’s better for Ruri to not take it because he really doesn’t want it, Ruri will change the clothes and says there’s some thing that is good after meeting the missionary, but it’s a secret.

Early in the morning, Mana asks Ruri to come with her to see the sun rises. She thinks it’s better to look at it, because it’s about the color of Ruri. Suddenly, Ruri can remember the time he first met Uesugi. In his village, the people are dying, leaving Ruri behind with her sister’s dead body. Fortunately, Uesugi’s troops are in there. Uesugi tried to touch and examined Ruri’s sister, but he shouted not to touch his sister. Knowing his braveness, Uesugi said he just want to close his eyes. For Ruri, Uesugi is praying for the dead people in his village. It’s the first time for him, seeing people so caring about it. Uesugi brought him home, with his horse and hug him.

Arrived at Kanehisa’s house, Uesugi made a name for him, which was ‘Rurimaru’. And then, Uesugi lets him stay with Kanehisa as a ninja. After saying his past, Ruri tells Mana that the sky in the dawn when he first met Uesugi is the same color as that dawn.

After going back, Mana asks what of his family. Ruri has his mother, father, and sister, but he forgets much about his father because that person always left the house, as a flirt. He doesn’t remember the face, but he know that his father have handsome face (uhm, he say that ‘美男bidan’). His mother is a usual one, but really love his father. Until the end, Ruri’s mother is really care for him, always with him. But it just last for that, when they must separated now. After hearing Ruri’s family, now he asks Mana of her family. In the end, he apologizes to make her remember about that, when she really wants to go home.

That day, Mana and Ruri are playing (walking) at the riverside. They promised to play again sometime.

Uesugi feels worried about Rurimaru, who always thinking about Mana’s returness to her world. It seems he will cry, but no. For ninja, they must hold their tears.

It’s raining outside, and Mana thinks to play a game, that which you must guest the answer by just answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’. For Rurimaru, the answer for the person he was thinking is Uesugi. As for Mana, it’s Ruri himself. Hearing it from Mana, Rurimaru begins to (fly to the heaven). So, in the second game for his, he thinks of Mana (and blushing as he said it’s right). The third time, is about his preference on food. Mana guests it all wrong (cookie, the right answer is fishcake-kamaboko cake. Mana remember when he first tasted it. But it’s not a real cake, so she apologizes. But for Ruri, it is still his cake, for his birthday. But he is sad if the next birthday, Mana already comes back to her world.

The next ocassion, Mana walks alone, she sees Ruri with a girl. That girl gives him anzu, a many of it. But when Ruri says he will give it to Mana, the girl is angry and say she will take it all back. But Ruri wants it even if it’s just one. The girl feels sorry for saying a rude things, and she gives it all to Ruri, then running away crying. When she saw Mana, Mana could feel she’s hated?

Mana comes to Rurimaru, where he gives the anzu to her. But she told him to not do it because the girl like him. That’s why she dare to give that many anzu for Ruri. Whatever Mana thinks (they’ll become a cute couple), Ruri can’t liking the girl because he is a ninja. A ninja must die alone.

She meets Yatarou on the road, and asks if it’s really true, that ninja can’t like someone. It makes him really surprise, thinking if Mana has like someone, be it Akatsuki, Suien, Shuuya, or even Masato (uhm, he said Kanehisa and Rurimaru wasn’t included for Mana-that they know, but Otomate still give Kanehisa?). For Yatarou, he doesn’t know himself about the ninja way of living, but if there’s someone Mana really likes, and she dare not to go back to her world for that, he will give all his power to help her. So, he asks again, who is this person she like. Mana says she just knows it from Ruri, because she looks at him as her brother. Well, for now, Yatarou just can suggest her to be good with Rurimaru.

That day, Ruri asks for playing together, but it seems he doesn’t feel good. Mana checked his temperature with her hand touching his forehead. It seems not a cold, but Mana says he must rest. While Mana takes something outside, Ruri talks to his monkey, that he may over do it, but he doesn’t feel really good. Mana makes a porridge to him, and he is so happy, thinking Mana is similar to his sister.

After eating, Ruri says he shall go to sleep. While he is (pretending) sleeping, Mana talks to herself and to Ruri’s monkey, that she is worried for Ruri’s words as he told her, a ninja can’t get marry. After a little bit of talking, Ruri wakes up and Mana feels she must do something. When she is gone, Ruri feels bad to his word about ninja earlier, that it makes Mana really worry about it. The fact is, Mana asking Shuuya to come and make a bitter medicine for him (that he must eat it). So, Ruri said he didn’t sick, but Shuuya and Mana couldn’t believe his words and should make him eat the medicine.

At night, Kanehisa told them about the plan. Ruri can follow them to protect Uesugi and he is really happy, as Kanehisa already look at him as a grown-up (besides, he is 13 now). Mana’s face turns bad as hearing it. She really worried about Rurimaru. And so, he gives his charm from Masato, from 5 years ago. It’s a borrowed item for Mana, so Ruri makes sure to take it back (means, he will return safely). For an exchange, Mana gives her school badge to Ruri.

Well, I think Ruri comes back safely, as they’re walking to the mountain. Mana fell of the cliff with Ruri and hurted her leg, but Ruri couldn’t take her to the higher place alone. So, Mana suggesting him to go alone and searching for help. Not take long until Akatsuki comes. He helps her climb the cliff, and then hitting Ruri for his reckless action to bring Mana to a dangerous place. Mana can’t help the crying Ruri after being scolded by Akatsuki. Akatsuki takes Mana go to Shuuya and leave Ruri behind.

The next day, Ruri doesn’t feel good talking to Mana, and he can’t play with her because of his work. Mana decides to go to Shuuya’s house and meets Akatsuki too there. He maybe is strict before, but it’s a job for ninja to protect someone, and Ruri must know his fault. On the way back, Mana meets Suien and he says the Ruri’s problem is common for him. It’s his duty to protect Mana. From talking with Suien, she knows that a ninja musn’t have a bond.

After hearing many truth about ninja, Mana decided to search for Rurimaru. She found him in the wood, studying with his shuriken. When she shouted at him to look out, Ruri falls off. He has many scratches from it, but he says he is fine. No matter what, he still thinks to be stronger because last time, he can’t protect Mana. While they’re talking, suiddenly Ruruimaru can feel a presence and it’s a wild dog.

Ruri successfully gets rid of the dog with his shuriken. But even if it’s a victory for him, he really lamenting on it, that he has bring Mana to a dangerous place. But for her, Ruri has save them, and she says thanks to Ruri. Mana hugs him and Ruri tells his feeling, that he like Mana. Mana answering his feeling with she like him too. That night, Mana makes onigiri with mayonnaise that Ruri and Kanehisa are proud of (I wonder where Mana make that mayonnaise from?).

The conversation of when Mana making cookie after a long time, go to the problem of when she will go back to her world. It’ll be near soon but for now, they’ll be fine as it is.

Before she is going back to her world, Uesugi, Yatarou, and Aya-hime are saying their wishes for Mana. Then, she go to Shuuya’s house to greet him and Akatsuki too. She gives the recipe to make cookie for Shuuya and say he like the cookie she made. But before Shuuya can tell his exact feeling right, Akatsuki cut his talk with asking Mana if she want them to go to the spring too. Too bad Rurimaru already made an offer, so Akatsuki was a bit down. Right after she comes to Ruri and Kanehisa’s house, they are already waiting to greet Mana. Kanehisa is really thanking Mana for what she have done to Uesugi and Masato is wishing her to always be healthy.

Before she go to her world, at the spring, Ruri kisses her. It’s the one the missionary taught him.

Mana has live in her world again. Her sister, Aya, can’t believe of what she said, but after Mana answer her questions about Sengoku era well, she doesn’t have any choice except to believe it. Well, she asks many thing such as if Mana has meet Naoe Kagetsuna, Usami Sadamitsu, etc. but too bad Mana hasn’t meet them. She begins crying after remembering those she leave in Sengoku era. Looking at her sister crying, Aya says she is happy to hear Mana’s story and finds it interesting. Of course she is jealous of why she is not the one who go there…

Meanwhile, Ruri still sad after losing Mana. He keeps looking at the spring after Mana has gone to her world, crying. Of course he still remember the daily routine with Mana and calling her name in the morning. Ruri got an order from Kanehisa and Uesugi to clean up Mana’s room. While cleaning her room, Ruri remember the conversation between Kanehisa and Masato, that seems like Kanehisa asks Masato if he want to follow Mana to the spring. But Masato refused, saying he had no connection with Mana. It makes Ruri wondering if Masato like Mana and Kanehisa wants to help them. But he stop that thinking since Kanehisa won’t do something like that. And the one who like Mana is not just Masato alone. He wonder if he is more grow up now (then Mana will choose him?)..

After finishing the clean up, Ruri, Masato, and Kanehisa are talking about the battle of Kawanakajima. There, many had died, including Suien, who hadn’t come back since the battle. Kanehisa tells them there’s rumour that Yamamoto Kansuke from Doukisai is dead at there too. It’s unbelieveable, but Masato says everyone can die. But they must go on living, even if Mana already gone.

Later, Rurimaru begs to Kanehisa, to let him work at the spring. After some begging words from Ruri, finally Kanehisa let him do it. Ruri comes to the spring, thinking about the small shrine near it, that it must be really old. When he, Kanehisa, or Uesugi have died, Ruri wondering if the shrine will still see Mana. That makes him wants to be the shrine.

Suddenly, he hears a cryng voice, looks like from a baby. It’s from Uesugi’s arm. A baby that he picks up on the street, without the parents. Thanks to Uesugi’s behavior to pick everything (dog, cat, or even octopus), he is picked up by Uesugi too. Uesugi thinks he will give it to Yatarou’s house. But Yatarou refused too because he just could take care of cats or dogs. Uesugi says he just wants to keep the baby until their parents finds it. But what if the parents won’t come? For Uesugi, he may took the baby as ninja.

Urrrhh, Tsuyano and Aya-hime said the baby was a girl, and so they couldn’t make her a ninja. It becomes another problem for Uesugi. So, Aya-hime will take care of it until the parents come, while Ruri begs to look at the baby too. After all, he likes playing with it. Of course Aya-hime explains that baby isn’t for playing. Ruri knows it and promise to take good care of it. The truth is, he wants to take care for tha baby not because he worry about it. After Mana has gone, the house feels empty, so he thinks, with baby’s arrival, the house can be more cheerful. At first, Kanehisa is quiet for Ruri’s words to beg him. But after Masato says he has no problem with it, Kanehisa lets the baby use Mana’s room.

Ruri is thinking to make a name for the baby. But Masato said it’s not needed. He will make food for the baby, because he thinks it must be a lot of nuisance if the baby is hungry. To make it simple, Ruri will the baby ‘Aka-chan 赤―ちゃん’. It’s rare that Aya-hime called for Ruri, that he thought the baby’s parent already found. But Aya-hime just wants to give back the charm from Mana (her badge?). He almost forget about it. At first, after he came back from battle, he wanted to give it back.

The thought of Mana make him go to the spring again. But it’s futile. Right after he think about it, Kansuke comes to him, wanting to speak with Ruri about Mana. He is saying as if he knows Mana in the past really well (of course it’s about Kanade). Ruri asks him if Kansuke knows the way to go to another time, or to connect between time. It’s not need for Kansuke to use power such as connect between time. He just wait for it. After saying it, he went from there, leaving Ruri wondering about Kansuke’s bad head.

When he come back at night, taking care of the baby, he think of Mana. The era where Mana lives is so much longer to take, even he and the baby must have died at that time. But he won’t be always in misery. H etold everything to Kanehisa, about Kansuke. And when he explains about Mana, Kanehisa tells him there’s rumour that Kansuke already lives since Heian.

This time, Ruri brings the baby to take a walk outside. They meets Akatsuki first, who seems really like the baby. Then, Shuuya comes too, wondering about the baby. Because he knows Uesugi and Mana are often comes to the spring alone, than maybe the baby is… Akatsuki stops his mouth from saying anything dangerous like that. For Ruri, maybe the baby is comes from Mana’s world. But Akatsuki refused to think like that because just one Mitsukai-sama is enough for him.

Ruri is worried about Shuuya’s words. He comes to the spring, thinking if the baby really is coming from another world. Sometimes, he still prefer Mana than the baby, but it’s not like he hate the baby. He likes it, just for him, Mana is really special.

To make his mind a little bit relieve, he asks Masato if there is anyone who come from the spring like Mana from another world (and makes Masato afraid if his story is known by Ruri?). When Ruri said of what he think of, Masato didn’t believe the baby was from the other world. After that, Ruri begins to talk about Mana’s world, which she have told him about. Masato just quietly listen to him, and decided to make a painting about that world.

That night, Ruri is dreaming of when he come to Mana’s world. Mana brings him looking around her world, where everything is there (cookie, onigiri mayonnaise, etc.). Ruri is very happy to know all of it.

But he must wake up in his world. Thanks to Masato’s picture, he can see the interesting dream. But when he awakes, he feels lonely again.

When he is in home, a woman comes and tells that the baby is her daughter. But Ruri won’t let her take the baby easily. He asks why the woman let it lost. The truth is, she was careless to the baby because she must left, and let the big brother protect her daughter. When the brother was going to play, he left the baby on the street. From what she had told Ruri, it seemed she was true the mother. She will let him playing with her daughter whenever Ruri want it. After they leave, Ruri feels lonely again, but he must not feel that anymore. Because a ninja is not a human, rather, they are Uesugi Masatora’s sword.

Kanehisa maybe has taught Ruri like that, but after Mana comes, he begins to change that. In the order from parents to children, the courses of life are handed down, that they are alive. He also told Ruri to forever held the feelings of connection for the day Mana was born. It’s also fine if Ruri doesn’t know what it is now. Someday, he will know it. The words keeps talking in his mind, similar of Kansuke’s words. But if he must wait for Mana, he must be dead by then. And the thought of the dead can’t ever reach Mana.

Thinking about it, Ruri remember of the shrine. Even if he is already dead by the time Mana is born, but the small shrine at the spring will be there. To make his idea work, he beg Aya-hime to teach him writing sentence to Mana (Because Suien had died in the battle of Kawanakajima and can’t teach him anymore). After finishing his writing, Aya-hime place it in a box and safe it for Mana. Ruri brings the box to the small shrine, hoping Mana will read it. Before he place it there, Ruri kiss the emblem, want it to reach Mana.

Thinking about Mana’s mother, Ruri comes to a conclusion that Mana’s ancestor might be live in his world. Then, a baby must be similar to their parents, and so he thinks there must be someone similar to Mana in his era. He will search her and will have a good relationship with Mana’s ancestor… And if they’ll become a couple, then.. he must be (Mana’s ancestor?). But he stop thinking like that because ninja can marry someone. But still, he is worried about that. If he finds one, he will do everything for her. But he stop that again because he musn’t think デレデレlike that anymore.

Meanwhile, Mana and her sister, Aya, are taking a look at the small shrine. Aya found something interesting in there. The one from their ancestor, the name is Rurimaru. The Shiraha was gifted by Uesugi Kenshin=Masatora for his great achievement as a ninja. The letter is saying “みつかいさま、わすれもの。ほこらにとどける。瑠璃丸。=Mitsukai-sama, this is the forgotten thing. The shrine delivered it. Rurimaru”. The thing is incense container. But Aya is surprise because it doesn’t belong to Mana. Along with it, is Mana’s school badge. After that, Mana can hear Ruri’s voice, talking about the borrowed thing must get return. Knowing it, Mana thinks that Kanehisa and the other ninja have change. Because Ruri can be with someone he love. Their feelings are connected.


Mana comes back to her own world, leaving Rurimaru without anything special. And so, the story end like that…



I prefered not to play Tougi Kanehisa and Kojima Yatarou. It’s already 6 characters now, and I can’t stand for 8. I don’t like the two of them altogether, and I won’t play their route. I had trouble while completing the CG, because I didn’t have the omake at the first completion, so the miscellaneous CG didn’t complete. And to do Yatarou’s bad end make me repeating his route again and again, still can’t find it.

Even though I wasn’t looking at the two ossan’s story, I read the two omakes.


The first one is about Uesugi and Aya-hime, talking together at the spring after Mana has gone back to her world. They’re as usual, can fight over nothing with their words. But still, Aya-hime (that Uesugi calls “Onihime-dono”) is Uesugi’s special person, as he calls her name (rarely), and then saying that Aya-hime is his Onihime-dono (that means, he has her?). First before meeting Mana, Uesugi thinks a meeting and a parting are something that common, doesn’t feel a single thing in his heart. But now, he can feel that a meeting is something happy and a parting is something sad.

Aya-hime is wondering about the weird spring. Because of it, Uesugi tells her that he has meet a little 水輪=Minawa. That thing is helping him from drowning, 20 years ago. After hearing it, Aya-hime is happy that the spring protect Uesugi. As they are talking about Minawa, the thing comes right in front of the two of them. But Uesugi just can hear the voice, saying thanks for always be by Mana’s side. As for Aya-hime, she can see Minawa because she is close to Mana, that she thinks as her sister. Uesugi can tell even if he can’t see the Minawa, that it has his form when Uesugi still 7 years old. As for Minawa, he is thankful for Mana, that she has save the two of them. So, Uesugi now has another wish, for Minawa to protect the people with the blessing of the spring from now on. Because after meeting Uesugi, Minawa has known this happiness, he will keep the promise to protect the people.

After Minawa has left, Uesugi hold Aya-hime’s hand (That makes her really nervous of it). From now on, Uesugi is wishing Aya-hime will be by his side always, walking together with him. Aya-hime agrees to it.


In Uesugi Masatora’s dream (he think), he comes to the shrine, with his and Takeda Shingen’s statue. After looking around, Uesugi realizes he is in Mana’s world. Even if it’s just a dream, he thinks it’s fun and may look around at that world.

After Uesugi has gone, now, it’s Takeda Shingen’s turn to come there. He is very surrise to have come in there. While searching clue about that place, he meets Aya. Aya thinks he is an actor, but he just being alone. Looking at Shingen’s nervousness, Aya suggests to help him. But she also wants to touch his clothes (which Shingen is afraid of because a girl can’t touch man). Later, Aya change her thinking, that the real Shingen is a Takeda Shingen’s family because he knows most if its history. That’s why, Aya is so excited and want to have a photo with him. To get the camera, she leave Shingen alone, thinking again that the place is Kawanakajima.

While Aya is going, Uesugi comes back to the statue and meets Shingen there. Of course they are very surprise to meet each other like that. From here, Masatora already change his anme to Terutora and it’s already 3 years since they’ve met. But while they’re there, they agrees to have fun in the dream.

Erh, Kansuke is there too, with his new form in that era. He tells them, that it’s weird if after looking at him in 450 years later form, the two of them still thinking it is a dream. Hearing it, Uesugi quickly understand what it means, leaving Shingen alone, who doesn’t understand it. They have a sake party, while Shingen keeps calling Uesugi “Kagetora”, which already change to “Terutora” now. For Shingen, calling him Kagetora is more convenient, as Uesugi has change his name many times (I think so too, it is too hard to memorize all his name).

So when they’re awake, it seems like a dream for Shingen. But for Uesugi, he knows what it means to meet Kansuke in 450 years later form…



I don’t know. Kansuke and Shuuya have a really good story in the fandisk. I can’t choose between them. While Shuuya’s story is sometimes can be cute, Kansuke has a flirt situation much. But maybe, I’ll choose Shuuya because his story have improved than the first game. Rurimaru’s story is interesting in the beginning. But comes to the serious matter, it’s just his monologue. I was boring to see it. And what is wrong with the plot that Ruri is Mana’s ancestor?? It’s silly..

To complete every event, was a bit hard for me. I must look at the walkthrough seriously, to see and search what I’ve been missing. And the omake is quite interesting to see. Well, all of all, the fandisk is really good. Even I, who have been forget about the main story from the first game, still can understand it because of the complete explanation of the story. Maybe it’s alright if anyone who have not play the first game, to play right from the fandisk.

Below are the ending CGs from the two person that I skipped:

Kojima Yatarou

Tougi Kanehisa

It suck for me to look at them..

Next, I’ll play Noise -Voice of Snow-. A big change from the game I scheduled first…

Link for CG:


    • Yeah, me too. I usually not prefer shota but look at his CG while looking at Kansuke! He’s cool with the shuriken! Sadly, not many people play it (Part of it must be because the difficult kanji and two ossani!). It’s sad because the story isn’t categorized as simple. It have more weight in it, but then there are two ossan that makes me give up.

  1. please can you help me with Noice voice of snow?? I bought the game but i’m stuck with gilford’s root >.< All this wth loght and darkness is too difficult to get him in light root…When I full the darkness it gets me ed 25 but when i full light it gets bad ed and I die o.O please can you help me? T_T will you do noise walkthough???

  2. i didn’t know that there was a playing root i juat played randomly o.O omg hahahaha thanks i will try that 😀 keep the good work ^-^

  3. Oh my god,thank you for the review!I played this game with limited knowledge of Japanese so most of the time I don’t get it with the story. -.-

    I appreciated Shuuya’s route more than Kansuke,because his route got something new to the story.Kansuke…err…he’s dragging too much conversation with Shingen.But his flirtatous make up for it!

    Well,I don’t mind playing the two ossan…but Tougi has more lulz moment than Yatarou xD

    Rurimaru is sweet but …monologue?All the time? ><

    For the second omake..I don't get it.Did Kansuke bring them over?For what purpose?But seeing him still alive sorta making me ship Mana x Kansuke for a canon. xD

    • Oh well, my Japanese knowledge isn’t that much too, just can be good at everyday’s conversation. My English isn’t also too good and sometimes, I’ve realise the wrong spelling (but too late to fix it).

      Oh, I also like Shuuya’s route. He has something deep between him and Mana. As for Kansuke, yeah, he just have that hot romantic scene and Sakurai’s voice, though they can make it better because it’ll be interesting to see his side as a former enemy.

      I’m sorry, I don’t have any urge to play two ossan! Even if I pitied them, I can’t waste time to it. The monologue in Rurimaru’s route was good to make me sleepy. But don’t worry, it won’t take too long as a FD.

      And the second omake.. I don’t know who’ve brought them to Mana’s world.. Anyway, it’s just an omake and let’s just not think it’ll affect the story.

      • Oh,it’s fine.Nothing that major in there.And I’m not a native English speaker too!

        Shuuya’s more adorable in the route too!That “Daisuki” stuff is so cute!But I really want more from Kansuke,it’s not enough lol

        It’s okay,I can understand that.That thought of dating a father,let alone a grandad is scary,so I try not to imagine anything when I’m playing their route xD

        Oh sorry about that,I know it’s just an omake,but I can’t help out wondering why. :B

        Anyways,thanks again for the review! ❤

        • Yes, Shuuya is adorable. Maybe that’s why, in these kind of historical setting (Hakuouki, Nise, etc), I always choose those cute guys for my favorite (I like to hear their cute scene). But it’s exactly gives me headache if someone like Kazama or Kansuke appears in it too. Wonder who sould I choose first. Maybe these two types are about the same.

          If they made the ossan with someone like Watase (Hanaoni), it would be good. But I wouldn’t have choose beard (to be exact, real human too). It’s the matter of choice, anyway.

          • Yeah,it’s really hard to decide between the two.But since it’s Takahiro Sakurai,the villain wins this round ❤

            Rofl at Saitou and Kazama clone.

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