Memories of Amnesiac Days

Remember a movie titled “Memoirs of Teenage Amnesiac/ Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss o Shita”? The heroine is having amnesiac problem in her teenage, and also has a boyfriend (Anton Yelchin), a guy who keeps interest to her (Matsuyama Kenichi), and childhood friend (Tegoshi Yuya) to choose. She can’t remember having boyfriend when she has that condition. It’s really fit up, so I’ll use the similar one as the title.

Amnesia. From the title, you’ll know that the heroine is in amnesia condition, and also she doesn’t remember her real name. It’s troubling me to search one since, usually, I just take the real name of any otome game’s heroine. So, I’ll just say her with ‘Heroine’ as I can’t say her name that I’ve made (It’s really really unofficial! And I named her “Naomi ナオミ” as in the movie…).

The Heroine wakes up with no memories, in a unknown world with a spirit waking her up. His name is Orion, the little spirit who comes from the other world. He tells Heroine that she can’t remember her memories, because of him, and she must gets her memories quickly if she doesn’t want anything bad happen. So he will be beside her from now on, searching for Heroine’s memories together. Before they goes back to Heroine’s world, Orion explains that world is a parallel world平行世界 , lies between possibilities, and he doesn’t know from where the Heroine’s world is. Also, it’s best if she doesn’t tell her amnesiac to anyone. She better learn of what kind of family she has, or boyfriend, and whatever to avoid anyone’s conscious and doesn’t take her to hospital (true). Then, it’s time for her to choose where is the world she wanted.

Heart World: Shin (Kakihara Tetsuya)

Heroine awakes in the hospital (where Orion had avoided it, useless). Orion had looked into her name, and fortunately, it’s the same as the Heroine had told. Not take a long time before someone arrives at her room, which is a guy with black-red clothes. He told her not to sleep often (But she is sick, says Orion). Suddenly, he kissed her, a really long kiss (That makes Orion embarrassing himself. Gosh, this scene in the beginning of the game!). He told her not stay calm if she didn’t want to, then went out afterward (Weird). From what he has done, Orion thinks he is Heroine’s boyfriend.

Ten minutes later, Heroine has changed clothes, and the guy comes back without knocking. She told him to knock first and he said that’s why he wanted her to tell what to do. The guy looked at her, and ordered her to drink medicine with saying ‘baka’ and a bit forcing, makes Orion says that guy said ザクザクwords. What an unexpected problem comes when the guy wants to take her home, but he says doesn’t know her actual one. So she must thinking where is her real home is.

She arrives at her home safely, but forgets the key is in that guy’s hands. She actually lives alone with one room. The guy wanted to drink melon soda but unfortunately, it’s not common in the house, right? She just makes tea. After dawn, that guy leaves and finally, she and Orion can relax a bit.

Orion checked her bag, and couldn’t find her cellphone. Then, he looked at her school ID card, telling them she was a Myouga University student year 1 in psychology.

The next day, the Heroine and Orion wakes up because someone ring the bell. That is the guy from before. He is worried since the Heroine hasn’t even call his name, who usually follows him like a dog. So he knew, she couldn’t remember his name (And said they just began dating 3 months ago, without going on a date before. Orion shocked to heard it). He asked her why she kept it secret and when he knew she didn’t want to go back to hospital, the guy agreed not to bring her to hospital anymore. He began explaining his name, Shin, her childhood friend plus her boyfriend since 3 months ago. Shin is one year before her (urgh, under her? Right, I don’t really like guy under the age of me). Her parents are working overseas, leaving her matters to Shin.

Unexpectedly, Shin apologizes because of him, Heroine loses her memory and hurted (and also makes Orion questioning if he is the one who is guilty for Heroine lost memories..). Ten days ago, an incident occurred and she hitted her head (Almost the same as that movie, when the Naomi fell off stairs and hit her head?). But he couldn’t tell what kind of accident it was.

After that, a memories of when Shin apologizing to Heroine’s parents appears on her. Shin is blaming himself for that and will do anything to heal her. Her father said it wasn’t Shin’s fault. She told that memory to Shin and he just wanted her to remember the cool him, not like that. Then, he took her to a shop where she did part time job. They met a blonde guy, who said goshujin-sama and ojou-sama to them (Makes Orion wondering about that, because maybe it’s that kind of café?). The blonde guy (Toma) is confused because Shin brings Heroine just after she recovers recently. Before going home, Shin offers to buy her a cellphone (which Orion is happy about). But one thing bothering Orion is, Shin always blames himself for Heroine’s amnesia.

In the morning, Shin says he tells lies yesterday about her parents. But as he told her that, he kept saying he lied again (Then, I don’t know which one is true, because he tells lies here and there). He escorting Heroine to her university, telling that maybe the best one to know her better is her club member. The light music club, which she is in.

Shin brought her to the room, told her about it was the place where he confessed and kissing Heroine for the first time. He kissed her again, but saying she maybe doesn’t want that ‘cause she doesn’t remember about him. Actually, the Heroine is not dislike it, so Shin will gladly do that again?

After going from the club room, a memories of when Shin speaks with Toma appears. Shin tells him that he just wasting his voice not to sing good. The sudden memory appearance makes Heroine loses her balance but she is fine. Shin promised to make her learn of her part time job tomorrow, and wouldn’t say about her amnesiac to anyone.

As promised, he followed her to study being a maid for the café she worked at (But he always calls her stupid). When Heroine said welcome to him, he felt embarrassed. She studied asking the menu and all, and while doing it, Shin wanted Toma to quickly come (because he blushing so much to hear her calling him ‘goshujin-sama’). Not takes too long, Toma comes and explains that he already knows about Heroine’s situation and he has known Heroine since childhood too, like her brother (everyone knows her since old time?). He will help her, but also worried since Shin must studying (because he is a third year middle school student). But it’s alright for Shin. Then, Toma gives her his cellphone number, as well as her friend, Sawa. When Heroine tried repeating her study to welcoming guest, Toma blushes too.

Here comes the real thing. Heroine goes in to staff room and finds her manager there. Then, comes Mine, one of her kouhai. Mine told that she thought the Heroine would die back then. While working, Orion says the real customer are nicer than Shin…? Heroine is preparing to leave for home. But Shin is already in front of the shop, wants to meet Waka. From that, she knows that Waka is her manager. After he greets Waka, they comes home.

This time, Toma comes with Sawa. Sawa says something about the event before Heroine loses her memories, but unfortunately, she can’t remember it. So Toma explains her amnesia to Sawa. This tells everything for Sawa and she begins explaining what happened back then. Heroine, Toma, Sawa, Mine, and Shin were going to a mountain villa. In the second night at courage test, Shin was saying to them that Heroine had fallen. They searched for her together, but it’s dark outside. It’s really hard, so they needed one hour to found her. Heroine can remember the time when Shin finally finds her that night in the wood and calls her name.

Then, she thinks like that. But Sawa says the one who finds her are Ikki and Kent. Ikki and his friend are the sop’s customer. It’s really cool seeing him like that, says Sawa. But that makes Orion and Heroine even more confused because the one they see is Shin, who is talking to fainted Heroine. After they found them, Sawa said Shin was apologizing to everyone. From the story, Orion thinks Shin is a good person and maybe from her heart, Heroine believes in him.

Heroine has doing good in the shop. Waka, Toma, and Mine are talking with her about the incident at Shinano in the staff room. Mine says, Toma is cool back then, but Shin takes it cool, while searching for her. It’s weird since Shin is her boyfriend. Also, there’s rumour about Shin’s father is a murderer, that makes Mine thinks that Shin is scary. Toma says it’s Shin’s father and it’s an accident, not him, so Mine is being harsh to say that. Fortunately, Heroine says that she doesn’t afraid of Shin, so Mine thinks like that too.

The next day, Shin comes to Heroine’s apartment, straightly asking to bring her for a walk (Orion can’t believe that after 2 days not contacting, it’s the first word he said. But actually, Shin takes her to searching for her memories). While walking, he told that it’s true, the first person who found her were Ikki (a university student) and Kent. Maybe he didn’t do much in the accident, but he always be by Heroine’s side.  And he told lie that there’s something behind that made Heroine scared that time, she ran away. But this time, he tells the truth, so he wants Heroine to believe it. Shin may killed her back then, so he couldn’t forgive himself. But Heroine is the reverse, she doesn’t think Shin as bad people.

A man in black glasses congratulating Heroine for the recovery. He can’t think that Shin and Heroine are a couple. Then, Toma comes, calling that man ‘Owner” (and Orion is glad that Toma knows the situation). The owner even mentioned that Heroine had proposed to Toma before! A memories from where they are still a child comes up. Someone (who she thinks is Toma) gives her a flower ring, and Heroine says to him, to get marry after they turn adult. Because Toma must open the store with Waka (the manager), Heroine must talk alone with owner. Orion tells her that maybe they can find information because the owner seems to know something too.

He told that the one who saved Heroine were Ikki and Kent. Shin was the one checking on her condition. Fortunately, the owner is a good person, so he will explains the guest list for her. The weird thing about him is, he like mystery about the Heroine.

At August 10, Toma and Shin comes to Heroine’s house. She chooses to be with Shin, so they takes a walk (rehabilitation, he said). After comes back home, Shin asks what kind of perspective she has for him, be it childhood friend, family, or her lover. She answers that she hasn’t think of him as a man. That makes him remember, the first time he confessed to Heroine, she said the same thing. A memories again, when Shin confessed and Heroine said same thing. It’s because Heroine doesn’t want them to change (Also, she said she was one year above him. But Shin told that she’s just a year earlier to be born). If everything isn’t doing any good, they won’t be like before. But Shin said, it wouldn’t be like before even if they didn’t dating. He said, it would be good if they always be together, so it’s a little bit forceful to make Heroine agreed being his lover.

After the memories, Heroine agreed to be with him, just she wanted him not to used brute. He kissed her in front of her door’s house, wished to always be like that. He won’t wait for her memories anymore. And he said the Heroine still nervous because she didn’t know when will he kiss her (Ah, so romantic! But.., a year under her..). Then, he leaves. Orion is mad because he kissed her suddenly like that.

Manager Waka and Sawa invites her to see fireworks together, to make Heroine cheerful. Toma, Mine, and Shin also agrees. Shin and Heroine takes the time playing firework together, while talking about Shin’s father. He realized that Heroine had knew about his father. It’s true, he killed someone when Shin still a child, but for some reason. He didn’t know that back then, but because of Heroine and Toma always being with him, he thought he must do something. Shin stood up for himself, and there’s always Heroine, cheering him. After the conversation, Orion and Heroine knows about the hardworking Shin.

This time, it’s a holiday. But she heard a news that’s really shocking from Sawa and Toma, who came to her apartment. They told that Shin was being arrested by police. Toma must contact his parent and all, so Heroine will wait with Sawa. Sawa kept telling her not to worried, but still, a cup broke. Even after Toma comes back in the evening, they still don’t know what kind of reason Shin is being arrested. But the fact about his father, makes him seems more guilty. That day went out without anything could be done by Heroine.

She can’t pushing her worried go away, and breaking stuff in the shop. So the manager wants her to come home for that day. But in her home, police comes to asks information about Shin, the thing that has connection to Heroine’s accident. After the questions, Shin sent her message, telling that he is fine.

This time, Orion suggests they shall searching information about Shin too. From his point of view, it’s weird that everyone says it’s Ikki and Kent who saves her, but it’s Shin in her memory. Heroine thinks it’s maybe her memory isn’t true. But they must search info from the member that comes that day.

Orion explains the member who comes to villa that day. Heroine, Shin, Toma, Mine, Sawa, Kent, Ikki, also Ukyou and Rika (a university student year 4). For the first person, it’s better to meet a woman, which is Rika.

After knowing her location, Heroine comes and asks about who is the one finding her. Rika, a woman who wears hat and black clothes (like a witch?), tells that it’s obviously Shin. She told her, maybe Kent (who she called bakayarou-sama) know something. Rika called Ikki with –sama..

For now, Heroine chooses to be with Sawa. In her room, Sawa tells about her past. Heroine was fine with a kiss, but when it came to holding hands, she would ran away. After Sawa had gone back, Shin called her for the first time. He wanted to meet with Heroine, but it would make her in trouble. He knew because of his father, he would be in vain, and made trouble for Heroine. He asks if Heroine still remember when he says he love her, but it’s fine if she can’t remember it. Even more, it’s fine if Heroine leave him and be with someone else if it’s a burden for her. Heroine says it’s not like him to say that, but Shin thinks so. That it’s better to leave him if she will be in so much trouble. That’s it for now.

Heroine successfully goes to the university in a room with two guys. One with white hair says flirty things to her, and the other with glasses doesn’t want him to always flirting women. Because the glasses guy called the other one with “Ikkyu”, for now, Heroine will thinks so. But after that Ikkyuu told about they knew about Heroine would come from Rika, she could tell the difference between Ikki and Kent.

When she asks if they are the one who find her, Kent explains that it’s true. But also, they searched for her as Shin made request to them. Then, she asks if she was conscious at that time they found her. Kent told her that Shin had asked the same question before. The answer is ‘no’, that she ddin’t replied to them, calling her name. That makes Orion wonders if Shin is searching for the memories at that time too. But Ikki said, maybe she was the one who had the consciousness for the memory that time.

Heroine works better nowadays. Orion decided to asked owner for the problem, but they couldn’t seem to contact or find him. Waka even said that the owner had gone for a while. But also, he said that Shin had asked the same thing, to contact him if owner come back. That’s the cause of Orion, thinking it’s better to work together with Shin to searching info. But after Heroine message-ing him, asking if he has time to call her, he doesn’t replied.

Sawa comes to her room, talking about it’s being weird to not see Heroine with Shin, because it’s been like that since childhood. But she tells her it’s not like she like Shin, or wants to it (So, maybe she has a hidden feelings towards Shin?). Heroine promised to tell her if Shin contacted her.

August 19 remarked a week after Shin had been captured by police. After saying that, looks like a worried person, Orion and Heroine are really surprise to see Shin in front of her house. He hugged her tightly. Then, he asks what info thay’ve got from speaking with Rika, Ikki, and Kent. Then, Shin also gives her that people’s contact number. He wants to search for the real perpretrator and asks help of the Heroine. Everything he will do to prove his innocence and want Heroine to believe in him. Orion seems confused because he thinks the event is just an  accident. Now, firstly, they will ask owner.

Fortunately, owner is very glad to help them. He answer Heroine question. Then, Shin ask them all (with Sawa too) to help them search for the real perpetrator the next day to villa in Shinano (that makes Waka mad because he will do the shop alone). They agreed.

In the morning, everyone (Heroine, Shin, Toma, Sawa, and Mine) are ready to go. They arrived  at August, so it’s a bit cold. There is Ikki, Kent, and Rika too in the villa. When Rika meets Shin, she tells him to just go back to prison.. Yeah, but still, Shin says that she and everyone else aren’t prove that they are all innocence. They can be the real perpetrator in this. With that words, Rika asks her Ikki-sama to go home. But Ikki and Kent didn’t think they wanted to leave that place. Also, Kent asking her why she just tells that to Ikki, despite she isn’t going out with him. The fight is over after owner comes…with Ukyou.

Heroine got room with Sawa, that she told her it’s similar to last visit. Sawa still can’t make good feelings about that incident. Then, Shin comes in, asking why they are still not going to settle their belongings. Sawa says it’s because they are tired. Shin wants to speak alone with Heroine, so Sawa leaves them.

He said to come to his and Toma room if something happen. Heroine asks who is the real perpetrator, but Shin doesn’t want to tell if he doesn’t have enough prove. So, Shin doesn’t know anything about Ukyou too. But one thing he remembered about Ukyou was, when they wanted to go out, Ukyou told them that the forest is dangerous at night. It’s the reason Shin thought that Heroine had fell off. Orion thinks that Ukyou maybe a good person from that story.

Night comes and Sawa asks them to playing game (table sport or what, Kent said). Yes!! They’re all playing games! The four guys with a CG that looks…suck! Because Shin-Toma team defeated by Ikki-Kent, Shin suggested to play poker instead. But Heroine choose to talk with him while taking a coffee. Suddenly, Ukyou comes too to take a drink. This makes Shin wants to quickly sent him out, but Ukyou asking him instead, if they (Shin thinks it’s about him and Heroine) are really close. But no, Ukyou refers to everyone in there. He is jealous of they’re closeness. Then, after saying that, he excuses himself to let Shin and Heroine talk again.

The day after, Shin gathered everyone to help him find the culprit (and told about him, being arrested earlier for murder attempt). He told them to make the same pair from the accident day, in a brighter day now. The pair are Toma-Sawa, Ikki-Kent, Rika-owner, Ukyou-Mine-Heroine-Shin (this is because they don’t want the Heroine to be alone with Shin, who is the suspicious one).

On they walk, Shin told her that he wanted Heroine to be able to remember everything as they walked through the way from the past. It makes Orion thinks they can believe in Shin. When Mine and Ukyou are gone for a while, Shin sided her to a tree. He says some words that seems to feel jealous because Heroine is with her friend, not him. This is the feelings almost the same to the other day. He asks, what kind of answer she gives when Shin leaving her room that day.

Heroine looks at her memories again, in same pose that they do now. She is mad because Shin makes her embarrassed, but he just says it’s fine as a lover. It makes Heroine runs away, even if Shin already tells that’s dangerous. So the actual event happen, the Heroine falls off. After that, Heroine realizes with Shin’s voice (and also knows that Shin isn’t at fault there). She says she has remember the event and Shin saying thanks for that. But there’s something happened to Orion. His body is transparent now. Well, they can’t speak about that for now and return to villa.

From Kent’s conclusion, there’s someone hitting Heroine’s head, because the culprit is surprise for Heroine’s awakening. A footstep is also there. He asked if police had said that similar word to Shin. Shin thought it first and said they’ve told it. Unfortunately, the other group had nothing, except Toma-Mine. They found a picture with blood bill there. But it’s not sure if it’s Heroine’s blood.

Rika is angry because it seems they haven’t find any clue about it. But Shin said they must find a clue first. From that, Rika asked if it’s not Shin, then who else could be the culprit. Shin reversing it to, “Dunno, for example, you.” Unfortunately, when Kent asked if Heroine had the memory about someone with her, she didn’t know herself for sure. Everyone agrees, there can’t be anything because she has losing her memories. Mine feels as if Shin is the culprit here if they can’t find anything (and Shin also saying that). But Kent explains Toma and Sawa are acting individually. From what Kent had said, Mine was surprised, as if Kent was doubting Sawa and Toma. But no, they are all can be the culprit here. For now, Shin will copy the picture data from Toma, then give it to police to investigate it.

That night, Heroine and Orion are worried over Sawa, who can’t sleep. She feels sorry that Heroine can’t sleep, so Sawa thinks she’ll be outside.

The next day, Heroine wakes up after hearing Sawa’s screaming voice. Shin and Toma are already there quickly. Sawa said, there’s someone who want to push her after she go to toilet. Shin is confused because the one they targeting is Heroine. That makes Sawa rested a bit.

But Kent said that Sawa told someone pushed her was an acting. Everyone’s already there. Sawa is mad because they suspecting her too. But for now, Shin suggest they shall not goes out from room, because the culprit is there, and maybe the one tries to kill Heroine. For that night, Shin will have the same room with Heroine. And Toma will be with owner, Sawa with Mine. It makes Ikki feels suspicious, since Shin is the most doubtful in here. But Shin tells it’s because he can’t still believe in Sawa and Toma. Yeah, right. Toma can’t believe in him too. So, they concludes all with Heroine’s choice.


Heorine chose to be with Shin. It makes everyone thinks he is the most trusted person for Heroine. Then, Shin wants them all to take bat at batting center for the weapon.

In the room, Heroine wants to be by Shin’s side, but he prefers alone. Heroine remembers her childhood, when the three of them (her, Shin, and Toma) are get lost together. Shin is like that from the beginning. He prefers alone to protect Heroine. After remembering that, she hugs him from behind. This makes Shin tells her, that he is afraid if someone is hurting her.

The morning feels in a mess since Rika and Shin fighting because she wants to go home. Then, owner wants someone to help him bring the stew. Shin help him, but he let the stew fall to Rika’s shoes. So, that’s why, Shin wanted Heroine to help him clean it up outside. He told her, that maybe the culprit would come back to the house when found the shoes. When Shin gives the shoes back, Toma knows his plan, but Shin will do it himself.

Then, it’s time everyone come home after 3 days there. Mine is happy, but Sawa feels exhausted because she’ll work tomorrow. Orion feels worried because they haven’t find the culprit. At the end, Shin is still doesn’t know about Ukyou, the mysterious person (Ukyou told them that he will come if they call him). Shin wants Heroine and Toma to come to his house instead.

Heroine found there’s a big compo in Shin’s room and told that they’re at the band together (Shin is playing bass). So, Toma wants Shin to do it with Heroine together. But he doesn’t want to, instead he wants to make the food. That night, Shin comes and asking her who is the person she thinks is the culprit. Heroine says it’s maybe Toma, and Shin just ふん。。。

This day, they must work at shop again. Unfortunately, the manager, Waka, leaves them work alone because they leaves him for 3 days.. When Heroine and Toma prepared to go home, they saw Shin there. His teacher doesn’t come, so he can go. Toma said, he must study but he didn’t want to go home because he just being worried if the police contact him.

Shin brings them to Zarigani Park (crayfish?), the place the three of them used to play. The thing is, Shin, Heroine, and Toma plays janken together (with striking head when lose). And when the things becomes worse, Shin and Toma fighting, with saying they hate each other. After they has tired, Shin wants to buy drink but not brings money, so he borrows Toma. Before go, he said to Heroine to withstand it (that Orion thinks he will be long to come back).

This time, Heroine used it to asking about Shin. Toma says he is a crybaby, a brat. Before his father’s incident, Shin’s smile is cute, Toma thinks. Toma comes back after the dawn with saying he search for melon soda in supermarket, so he’s late. But Orion knows Shin doesn’t want to tell the truth.

So early in the morning Shin comes and brings her to Toma’s house. His mother says that Toma already leaves with a car. With it, Heroine says they shall do study together because Shin will go anywhere she wants. But when they study at Shin’s room, the Heroine is the one being taught. Shin feels nostalgic, when he adores Heroine so much.

The evening has come. Shin wants Heroine to be with him, but he knows Heroine doesn’t want to. He told her, if he’s alone, he became uneasy because tomorrow, he will talk with Toma. Maybe it will turn bad, but he will reveal all tomorrow, for everyone’s sake. That’s why, he wants Heroine to be with him this night and promise to always be Heroine’s ally.

Shin puts his head on Heroine’s shoulder, blaming himself to make trouble to her. He is scared if she will leave him, but glad Heroine keeps saying she will be with him. Then, he tells their past, as a band in their first live ever. Shin remembers what Heroine said and feels she is stupid when saying it with a smile. But he will protect the stupid her.

Heroine awakes with Shin’s voice calling someone. After that, he explains the one he called is Toma. He wants Heroine to go with Toma after the part time job to a place he decided.

After the work, Heroine and Toma meets Shin. He tells to Toma that time, the one who makes Heroine falls off the cliff is Toma. The first one because at first time Shin brings Heroine to shop, Toma asks why he bring her though she just recover from falling off and “hurt her head”. Everyone just knows that it’s just her neck which is hurt. The second is, Heroine thinks Shin is the one who find her. But no, Shin doesn’t come there, if is, his clothes will be covered in blood. The bill in blood they find maybe from the one who make the blood stop from Heroine’s head. The fact he united them all in the villa last time is to revive Heroine’s memories, and to search for evidence of the culprit.

But the evidence is found by Toma and Sawa. Toma keeps saying it’s an accident, but blaming Sawa because she is afraid that time. It messing the plan. Then, Toma says thanks to Shin for finding it out and he wants to apologize to Sawa, but still he says it’s an accident. Shin doesn’t believe it, he knows there’s a reason for it and wants the Heroine to remember that time.

Heroine forces herself to remember it. She looks at Shin after falls off the cliff. But he said Shin wouldn’t be a kind person, and asked why Heroine always call Shin. Then, he made her wound worsen. Before she fell unconscious, Heroine realizes it’s Toma.

Orion says he will go because Heroine already remember all of her memories. She will forget about him, but he won’t. They wishes for each other’s happiness.

Shin wants Heroine to tell them all. She explains that because she tells wrong, Toma is mad and hitting her head. Before Heroine can tell much about Toma’s feelings, Toma stops her and says it’s because he has complex feeling for Shin since a long time ago. But Shin finds Heroine’s photo in Toma’s room. It explains that Toma like Heroine. But, Shin’s main objective is just revealing Toma’s desire. It’s up to Heroine to call police or no. Then, Toma tells that he really likes Heroine, despite she still choosing Shin. He wants Heroine to smile at him after their first band live, but she smiles at Shin instead. At the end, God isn’t at his side. But he asks why Heroine doesn’t know about his feelings, despite he always tells her to date him before going out with Shin. After the conversation, Shin tells it’s Toma defeated, and he won’t give Heroine to him.

The memories about Heroine, who asks Toma to marry in the future, actually, it’s not just for him, but Shin too. Shin agrees, but Toma asks if the Heroine knows they can’t marry as the three together, it’s for the most she loves more. It makes her cry and Shin tells he will be the one marrying her. So the picture is about Shin, gives her a ring. She apologizes to Toma afterward. But Toma said it’s not their fault, he was the one at fault. Shin won’t forgive him easily though and Toma is fine with it. Then, Shin hits him. After that, he goes to police. And Shin asked her to go to Zarigani Park.

Shin feels he is wrong to take her from Toma. Also, he wants to be like him, a kind person. He keeps blaming himself, and Heroine tells him to stop, crying together. Shin promised to make her happy.

Shin told her, Toma had been arrested and Sawa didn’t like him, instead she like Heroine more. She is worried about Shin because he is Heroine’s boyfriend, not because she likes him. Because Heroine wants Toma to quickly get back home, Shin asks why she likes Toma so much. The answer is because she sees Toma as her brother. Shin grabs her hand but embarrassed because it feels like they’re a child. Anyway, they love each other and Heroine is happy with it.


Heroine choose to be with Toma in one room. But Shin wants to sleep in there too, the three of them. Toma will hold her hand while sleep and also reminiscing about their past. The rest is same about Rika’s shoes.

When Shin asks her who she thinks is the culprit, she chooses Shin. That makes him a bit disappointed but it’s true. He seems suspicious because Heroine sees him in her memory.

At the park, Shin is taking too long to buy drink so Toma calls him. He is in the supermarket and blames Toma that he can’t find orange cider. He just gives them tea. Orion thinks Shin is like a child for that.

Instead of studying, Heroine choose to watch movie. Shin can’t stand blood or something that’s similar to dead. He prefers kiss scene more.

Heroine can’t remember about the event at the cliff. Toma says she’s his precious person, so he can’t be hurting her, then go on his way. Shin is mad at her.

Three weeks after, Toma is being captured. Shin hugs him and knows her memories aren’t fully recovered. Then, he asks if she wants to break of with him. It’s for their goodness. Because she already forget about him. But he says, she will love him once again and take her. She says she like him, but it’s too quick to say that.


Owner thinks she and Shin are not a really good couple. It makes Orion doubting Shin now. Instead of letting Shin go to her room, Heroine says it’s better if the three of them goes in. That makes Shin leaves and Heroine talking with Toma. He really saves them with bringing a bentou. In her room, Toma says he’s worried because Shin doesn’t want the three of them to be together after he dated Heroine. Even if he’s a cute child back then..

Shin didn’t come to playing firework that makes Waka worried because he wants them to be happy. A few days when Shin being arrested, Heroine chooses Toma to be with her. Even is Heroine wants believe in Shin, after talking with many people, it seems that Shin is the most suspicious.

In the villa, when Heroine wants to take drink alone, he meets Ukyou. He changes to a scarry person, who asks if Shin is not with her. But when Shin appears, he changes to a clumsy person again. The other are really bored me to death to play it almost from the beginning. I’ll write about the end then. Oh, there’s a difference in Heroine’s choice. She choose to go to fancy shop despite studying or watching. Shin just can say to not say it again for the second time because it’s not a guy place. But he keeps following her though (What a obedient boyfriend).

Toma gives Heroine a drink before they go to the promised place. But instead bringing her to the promised place with Shin, Toma brings Heroine to where they get lost in the past. He really scared if they will hate him. Toma doesn’t want her to remember everything, doesn’t want to look at her back together with Shin. He will protect that dream for now. Suddenly, Heroine falls unconscious because of the drink. Toma will protect her from Shin while she’s dreaming (forever).


Heroine can’t choose with whom she wants to sleep together that night in the villa. I choose Sawa. She is hurted from where she sees a culprit. Heroine and Orion goes to owner room to borrowed a medicine, but gets captured by Ukyou. He isn’t the culprit, but wants to kill her because he can’t stand looking at her always feels scared. He laugh at Shin who wants to search for the real culprit. Heroine can’t call anybody, but in her heart, she called Shin. And maybe die, then?


Diamond World: Toma (Hino Satoshi)

Heroine wakes up on the street. She feels dizzy, but someone comes and asking about her condition. He seems to know her. A memory from the past appearing, when a boy tells her he will protect her always. From the memory, Heroine knows his name is Toma. But she can’t see Orion anymore, just can hear his voice. Toma brings her to hospital ‘cause he knows she has hit her head before. Fortunately, he is the one who gives information for the doctor (also tells about she lives alone, she hits her head, etc. that also gives info for them). But, it surprising Orion that he is not Heroine’s boyfriend.

In the hospital room, Toma gives her his phone number. That night, Orion searching for her cellphone, but it’s not there. Then remember of Toma’s cellphone number. Maybe he knows Heroine hasn’t bring her cellphone that he gives her that.

The next day, Toma comes again just to say hi..? He and the nurse said Heroine will get MRI the next day, but got 3 days to do the real one (and unexpectedly, Heroine can see Orion again at day 3 in hospital). After the check and nothing of problem, Toma pick her home. He gives her a new cellphone because the one she has already falls off with her. Toma really saves them a lot.

Then, he knows about Heroine, who already loses memories. He calls Shin. In the beginning, Shin refuse to come, but he keeps coming anyway. He is busy with studying, so he comes to an idea to spent night with Heroine. But it’s futile since it’s better if she is alone, but expect to call Toma if anything happens. Here is, Heroine knows she must work part time.

That morning, Orion looks at the cellphone number with all people’s name (Rika, Mine, Kent, etc.). Then he finds a memo with Ikki’s name on it. Eveything is about Ikki, so Orion thinks he is Heroine’s boyfriend. Toma comes and Orion wants her to ask about the back alley whereabout at her memo about Ikki.

Toma brings her to the place. Suddenly, Heroine remembered her past when she confessed to someone, wanted him to look at her as a woman. She wakes up for a moment, when Toma grabs her body, and asking if the one she confessed to is him. Toma approves that, saying actually they’re lovers. After that, Heroine fainted again.

Orion waking her up in the morning. When she opens her eyes, she looks at the worried Toma in front of her, has been waiting since yesterday. He feels tired then goes to sleep beside Heroine’s bed. At that time, Shin messaging her twice. The first time just wants to know her condition, the second is he feels strange that Heroine always meets Toma since last time, she avoided meeting him. The strange words makes Orion thinks they are having a fight. After Toma wakes up, he goes to buy food. When it comes to just Heroine and Orion, they finds a computer, but without its battery. They are searching for it until Toma comes again, but not finds anything. And when Toma wants to go back, they keeps searching for 4 hours, but still can’t find it.

Here comes the day Heroine must working. Orion is having a troublesome feelings, then Toma escorting her to the shop (also, he will give his battery for the computer). He said to the manager that Heroine will take another rest after she hurted herself. Fortunately, the manager gives it to her. And also, he said that Toma had stop working from there before. After speaking with manager, Toma decides to meet Mine and Sawa alone.

While Heroine waiting for him in front of the shop, someone comes (Ukyou) and asks if she is dating Toma now. She says yes then he tells that Toma will kill her because of his wishes.

Toma and Heroine are on the way to go back, then a pot happens to falls off. Fortunately, there’s Toma who saves her. But they can’t find the culprit. After they finally arrives at home, Orion thinks maybe Ikki person works near the shop since the back alley and the shop are near each other. When she asks it to Toma, he says Ikki is her senpai at work. She maybe feels strange about Ikki, but the one she loves now is Toma.

This day, Orion and Heroine tried to take a walk outside her room, but Orion quickly ordering her to return after found dead bug. Then, she receives a text message from Sawa, telling about she knows of Heroine’s condition and Ikki is worried about her too. She wants to go to the shop, but still gets troubled by the bug.

Toma comes at the right time to take her work. But the bug already gone now. They goes to the street but must stop because a train passing. This time, Heroine almost falls off because someone pressed her body. Toma and Orion are panic because of it, but can’t find the person. So for now, Heroine will live at Toma’s house.

When she came there, there wasn’t anyone beside the two of them. And after Toma goes outside her room, she finds the album of when the three of them are still a child. Toma is cute, Shin always crying. Then, Orion finds the picture of her crying. Heroine remembers that is when their toy is broken, Shin wants to repair it, and Toma always calming her.

Toma wakes her up, then leaves for a while. For that night, Toma just sleeping on floor and he touches her, but just patting her head. Of course the time when Toma not around is useful for Orion to search of his album, but there’s nothing anymore since he lives alone. That’s why, he makes Heroine plays wrestling game “Destiny Kingdom” to takes time. After Toma arrives and it’s night already, Heroine wants him to sleep on one bed, but he refuses. He doesn’t want Heroine to just sleeping with him. Oh right, there seems to be a picture memory of him in Heroine’s head, but she doesn’t know what it is.

In the morning, Toma already gone for making a new key for Heroine. That’s why, to makes it even, she wants to go outside, the road that comes up on her mind (when she lost). Unfortunately, a guy she met before appeared again. He wants to apologizes, but because Heroine runs away from him, he changes personality again, saying Toma isn’t her real boyfriend and may turns to her death. Heroine makes it safe to Toma’s house and begins to doubt it. After Toma comes back, he knows Heroine play the Destiny Kingdom game and brings her the second version.

This time, instead of going outside, Toma stills sleeping on the floor. Suddenly, he pulled Heroine to his arm while sleeping. A memory came up, when Heroine was a child. There was a time to afternoon sleep in the playgroup, but she didn’t want to if there’s no Toma. Then Toma comes to her room, sleeps together with her like her brother. When Toma wakes up and finds he takes Heroine sleep with him, he says sorry for a sudden (attack?). But she is happy with it. Yeah, that, but Orion still in a doubt because a memory of a child appears, but none of them are as lovers. Toma comes back and tells he come to her house that day to check it up.

Heroine wakes up first again and decides to look at her house, while she has the spare key. She finds the computer is working with battery now and looks at a scary email that sent message to die or to separate (from Toma?). This is really making her afraid and when she finds another mail, someone strange wants to meet her. This makes Orion thinks the first email is from Toma ex-girlfriend or what. And maybe everyday, Toma checks on her mail, ordering her not to use the computer and taking out the battery to hide that mail. There’s nothing new so they decides to go back to Toma’s house.

It surprising Toma when she comes back alone. When he wants to go outside, Heroine remembers of the computer and wants him to be with her instead. So Toma gives his time to her for that night. The next day, he brings Heroine to buy her things, like shampoo, etc. But she choose lingerie shop too, where Toma must feels embarrassed because the shop keeper tells him to look at his girlfriend’s lingerie (Whoaa! He must be happy then). After they decides to come home, a woman cuts Heroine’s hair on the street. Toma brings her home right away. When night comes, he sleeps near her, saying he won’t let someone hurt her anymore.

Toma must bring his report to school, so he tells Heroine to keep inside his house. But Orion makes idea to go to her house, for information. When they comes to the environment near Heroine’s house, a same cases happens again, about the bug or that. They decided to went back to Toma’s house, but got to met him on the way. He really mad at her, pulled her to his room. He gets mad because whatever he do, she will go away from him. At night, he sleeps with her while asking her feelings. Heroine says she likes him, but he just can’t believe it.

The past two days after Toma’s madness, Heroine keeps sleeping more and more. Orion did say that Toma always worried about her. At August 17, Orion waking her up because he already looking Toma gives her some medicine in her tea. Right at the crucial moment, Shin comes and wants to take Heroine back. But Toma always says he doesn’t believe in anyone, and doesn’t want to give to Shin. Maybe Shin is defeated now, but he says Toma isn’t her boyfriend. After Shin goes out, Toma asks if she is afraid of him, but she doesn’t. this makes him pisses her off, kisses her and giving something to her mouth (maybe a sleeping pill?).

While sleeping, Heroine can remember another memory when Shin speaking to her about Toma’s fan club, which Mine is in. Okay, this time Toma is too extreme. Heroine wakes up in a cage at Toma’s room (He’s too possessive!). Toma did told her that he wanted Heroine not to go anywhere, that’s the way. Then, Orion thinks Toma is doing that to protect her, and Heroine thinks so too while remembering her past when she is lost with Toma (then Toma said he will protect her). It also takes about Ukyou (who said Toma would kill her), then about a woman who cuts her hair. Anyway, Heroine must calmly stands up to Toma. After she eats, Toma goes out despite it’s already 11 o’clock. Of course Heorine can’t do anything to run away. And Toma gives her a puzzle, to take time.

Time flies by, and Toma still keeping her in the cage, even after takes a bath. Orion is mad ‘cause he treat her like a doll. That one night, Toma said that this condition was similar to he (being the demon king) and Shin (the hero who will protect Heroine), then told her to just wait a bit longer before he could releasing her.

There’s memory when a guy takes it easy when speaking with Heroine. He is fine with her, asking a love advice. After that, she wakes up with Orion. Toma knows all of it, that Heroine goes to her house sometime. Also, he is the one who cleans up all the mess in her mansion, and always be it (there still someone who makes the mess). Orion thinks he is helping them, but can’t forgive him. Another memory appeared of when Heroine told Toma that she already had someone she liked. He thought it was common sinced they’re already high schooler.

She wakes up first before Toma. This gives her some time to think again, that maybe the one she likes is Ikki. After Toma wakes up, he tells that he sleeps on floor too because he wants to be even with Heroine, who sleeps in a cage not bed. That night, again, he feels sorry for her and Shin. Because of him, maybe the two of them are in pain.

Toma must go again this time. Heroine, with Orion’s help, successfully breaking the cage and takes her phone. But suddenly Toma arrives and she must goes in the cage again, pretending nothing happens. The crucial time is when Toma realizes Heroine’s cellphone already disappear and calling it (fortunately, it’s in off mode?). Then, he says sorry after losing her phone. But it’s not over. Toma gives her dolls, books, chocolate in the box, etc. that she likes in her cage. She asks if Toma thinks she is his doll. But Toma never once thinks like that. Also, he thinks Heroine won’t be his how much time it takes, she never will be.

The good news for this day is Toma already goes outside! And Heroine can open her message. She opens a message from Ikki, which tells that he is worried about her, but Rika won’t let him go to her house. Also, the message told about he knew who she liked. This means, Ikki isn’t the one Heroine like ‘cause he already has girlfriend, Orion thinks. Before she can do anything much, Toma comes back. After Heroine do the shower that night, she doubts to go in the cage. Toma thinks it’s because she doesn’t want to goes back in, but she touches his cheek instead, making him a bit angry for her action because this must be do for the person she likes.

The moment Toma goes out that day, Heroine uses it to go to the shop. Unfortunately, she already forgets the way to go there. After releasing herself from tiger cage, she goes to crocodile mouth? Means, she meets Ukyou there, already knows what happen from looking at her and Toma. He pretends to tells her the way to hiding from Toma.


But Heroine chooses to run away. In the road, a bike hurted her and wanted it or not, she just had Toma’s place to return. It’s a safe time since not long after she returns, Toma comes back too. But he already knows Heroine has go outside because of her shoes. Toma pushes Heroine down, telling he will not letting her go anymore. But at that time, she remembers how much Toma will save her, so he asks him to help her. This makes Toma realizing the situation.

And the book fell off. It’s Heroine’s diary. The book is filled with Heroine’s writing, about she is really happy to be with Toma, and about her feelings for him. She remembers all, from the childhood, when Toma finds the lost her and she says she wants to marry him. But Toma asks, what will become of Shin? She tells, maybe Shin will be their child… Also, Mine is the one who wants to go in Ikki’s fanclub. Heroine just following her, despite she already has someone she likes. And then, she tells Ikki about her feelings, while Ikki is really jealous of Toma, to have someone who cares about him. The memories keeps returning until at the end, Orion disappears from her sight forever. After she wakes up from the memories, Toma says he likes her too since forever, he always looking at her. They makes a couple now!

They knows at the end, that the person who are messing Heroine’s apartment, also cutting her hair are Ikki’s fanclub. Rika says sorry to them with the two of club members. But Toma won’t forgive them easily, because they make a site that tells about Heroine’s bad things. Ikki says sorry to them too. But, the one they’re stills not knowing is about the bike’s driver because the fanclub are all women (maybe Ukyou?).

Finally, they can be happy. Heroine wants to take the route where Toma finds her in the past. She keeps choosing Toma, despite he doubts there will be anyone who likes him. But it’s becomes easy for Heroine, that she won’t be worry if someone take him. The last thing Toma asks her is the way she releasing herself from the cage. Heroine won’t tell him if he won’t hug her. But instead a hug, Toma kisses her, saying he won’t let her go forever…


Heroine doesn’t want to be alone, so she tells Toma to be with her that day. Toma just thinks she looks like a child or something.

Heroine ran away after Toma knew she could released herself from the cage and pushing her down. She met Shin on the way and he brought her home. After that, they knows the culprit who does messing her house, which is Ikki’s fanclub member. It’s from the kamera Toma has prepared (which is the same as good end).

She never meet Toma again and wondering where he has been. Heroine walks in front of Toma’s house, but there isn’t anyone in there. She wonders if the day she find happiness will come..


Toma is angry because Heroine goes out without his permission, at the time she looks at her computer. The Heroine here doesn’t want to know who is the person she like before losing her memories.

Heroine meets Toma after she runs away and hurted by a bike. This makes him really angry, doesn’t want to make her run away anymore.

The way to make her always by his side is being in the cage again, now losing he rmemories everyday. That’s why, Toma will tell his name to her, because everyday, she will forget about it. It’s winter outside, and the bird are chirping. But it doesn’t matter to Heroine because she will be there, with Toma forever (This is really scary! How can they make an ending like this? Like, in R18 game bad end with a rape-like thing).


Heroine follows Ukyou to a shrine, where he promise to brings her to a safe place. It is a quiet place, and there’s a well. Ukyou says, it’s really cold and wondering how it feels in there. He makes Heroine fell to the well, and nobody would come to save her.


Clover World: Kent (Ishida Akira)

Heroine wakes up in her own room, searching her information with Orion. She finds out she lives alone, it’s August, and she’s a university student. When she check on her mail, she find 5 mails from Kent, that are all just saying おはよう or おやずみ. But this means he is her boyfriend, right? Maybe, there’s a possibility he’s a stalker, but let’s just assume that. Suddenly, a mail from Kent arrives again. This time, he tells her to meet him at Maido no Shitsuji. Because Heroine doesn’t know what kind of place it is, she searching for it on net, and finds out it’s a maid café.

Finally, she arrives at the café, but feels weird because the two waiters there (Toma and Waka) are greeting her. Not take too long, a guy who wears glasses comes to them and speaks with them. From that way, Heroine can tell that it’s Kent (also, he is a scary person who speaks of what he wants). They orders food first, then Kent says Heroine is mad at the other time for something she doesn’t know. That’s why she and Orion thinks it’s better to apologize for that. But it makes Kent surprised, not a usual self to her to apologizing, and says maybe the world is becomes an enigma.

After that, he asks her to take a walk without saying anything. They arrives in front of Heroine’s apartment, and says it’s a date. His friend told him that a date is when they take a walk together. But Orion thinks his friend is just reffering to window shopping.

In her home, Kent sent her email to asks if sending her mail just to say good night or good morning is not good. That’s why he asks what she wants him to say. She answer it’s okay, but Kent is confused because the other day she is mad at him because of it. It’s really saves him, as he isn’t used to man-woman relationship, so he’s thankful for that. This makes Orion and Heroine thinks he is a good person despite of his scary look.

At morning, Heroine finds a mark on her calendar, that makes her thinks it’s a club or part time job day. After Kent calling, asking if she doesn’t come for work and still angry at him, she becomes really confused. It’s the day she must work! She thinks. But no, it’s because Kent wants to give her forgotten thing to her in the shop. So Heroine goes to the shop, talking to waiter that knows her (Waka), asking for manual guide for her next work, and from that, she knows he’s her manager.

After going from the shop, she meets Kent, thinking while walking on the street, then gets hit for that (he’s a weird person, really). He wanted Heroine to go to his house. But of course she doesn’t want to go to a guy’s house. Yeah, right. Truthfully, Kent just wanted to increasing their relationship through talking and knowing each other, because they’re just dating under a week and still, didn’t know anything much. To fullfil her role as his girlfriend, Heroine agrees to go.

He has a huge house and his parents are not in there. Also, he has a weird naming sense. But, he is a good person, and let her study. The day becomes evening and she must go home. Kent asking her if she must go, as if he doesn’t know that a girl musn’t take her night in guy’s room…

Early in the morning, Kent sent a message that ordering Heroine to meet him in university’s laboratory. She already knew the name of university, and could search the exact place on net. But after arriving in front of the gate, she doesn’t know the place and calls Kent for that. He quickly goes there with a happy feelings because Heroine won’t call him usually (when she hasn’t forget things), escorting her to the lab. Then, he babbling much about his work and something like that (I don’t really understand he’s saying).

Suddenly, someone frightening Kent from behind, asking if he want to say something to his family. Kent called him “Ikkyuu”, and his name is Ikki, a friend of Kent. Then, Kent introduces Heroine as his girlfriend, that he dated recently. Ikki is very surprise that Kent has one, so he wants to tease her to look at his eyes. But Heroine doesn’t know what Ikki means. That made Ikki really surprised because everyone already knew about his power. At last, they didn’t tell Heroine about Ikki’s power here. A conversation continues to Kent, who says Heroine maybe is hating him. Then, her memory appeared, when Kent said to her that’s okay to hate him. Because of that, she almost fainted, but got stronger afterward. For now, they will go home.

The time to work is come. Heroine meets a girl, that calling her as ‘senpai’, and following her to the staff room. There, Toma already prepared to work. Also, he knows Heroine may have problem with the manual from Waka, so he is offering a help. The girl is happy to know Toma is a good person (I mean, that girl is Mine). There comes the manager, Waka, that makes them go working right after it. Unfortunately, Heroine still couldn’t follow the manual to work and got laughed by Mine. Also, the manager is angry because she doesn’t do good (And Mine laughing again). In her home, she receives a message from Kent that tells her “Good work”. She also sent one like that, and Kent saying thanks to her. It makes Heroine looking forward to do her best tomorrow.

In the staff room, Heroine meets another girl that seems more friendly than Mine. Toma called her Sawa. Sawa is worried because Heroine has thinking hard since morning and maybe it’s about her boyfriend. But they must do work soon. After the time has finished, Waka seems more calm now (this means she has do more good than the other day). But Sawa still concerned about her, so she asked again. It maybe connected to Kent, who wants to go overseas (London) at the end of this month for a year. This makes trouble to Orion’s head because Kent tells them that Heroine hates him, but Sawa wants them to be good (it seems Heroine doesn’t tell Sawa about her hateness towards Kent). Whatever, after arriving at home, Kent sent message to meet the day after tomorrow.

Heroine does more good work this time and gets praised by Waka. It hurts Mine’s pride and she goes out from the shop. In front of Maido no Shitsuji, she asks Heroine why she is dating that person (who?), despite he is a bad person, always using harsh words and all, because she thinks she is the only one who like a person like him. Heroine tells her that it’s up to her so Mine doesn’t want to lose to Heroine too (It’s a war!).

It’s time to date with Kent, but as usual, it’s just like walking with him. As they walked, Kent mentioned that they’re just dating until he’s bored with it. Then, Heroine remembers the time she confessed to him. Kent  wants to go out with her until he’s bored, because he thinks a relationship is needed for experience in university. And so, Heroine slaps him. Kent is worried about her condition while remembering things, so he brings her home. In her home, Orion says they already knows about her relationship with Kent, which is not really good.

Early in the morning (again), Kent sent a message to meet again because he doesn’t want to have a fight with her. Another walk again, then he asks what she thinks while walking with him. Heroine answering it with she wants to know what Kent thinking about, so he tells her, he is worried why a couple holding hands (Grrahh!!). He is puzzled by why they are holding their hands, what Heroine thinks if he do that without warning, will she angry because of it. After hearing that, she tells him to hold hands together and he seems happy because this one week, he has change because of her. But he worried because she is changing too (because of amnesia). And he likes her, always wants to touch her.

While holding their hands, Kent is saying about whether Ikki will say to him if he know that thing they do. He told about his matter to Ikki and Ikki told him to say whatever happen, it won’t be a matter if they are loving each other. Also, women will be happy if man give her something. So, he really gives it to her. A compilation of math exam quizes, what’s more… handmade!

A day with Kent again in his house. From here, Heroine can know about Kent a lot more, for example, he is happy to go overseas, he is a researcher, he wants to go deeper with their relationship, and he’s a university graduate student who will study overseas after this month. After that, he told that Heroine was a bit disturbing, but he also corrected it to “I want to meet you, but I don’t know if you’ll come if I just saying that.” And “The truth is I want to grip you hand, and if I say that, you won’t come anymore, right? You’ll going now?” But he won’t do anymore than that because it’s too quick. And also, he wants her to not going home, but the reason is too quick, okay (he desperately want to hold her hand?)? So, to fulfill her time in his house, she studying from the quiz book that Kent give her. And Kent helps her..with asking 10 questions!

It’s night already but she must go home alone because Kent is not honest. During the walk, she meets Ukyou that tells her it’s dangerous to go at night alone. Not taking too long until he is changing personality again, knowing she is dating Kent, and tells her she won’t die so it’ll be his turn (to kill her..). But not so fast. He changes back and says sorry then go. Heroine wants to quickly go home after that while Orion thinks he is like a shinigami.

The next day, Heroine told it to Kent, about the shinigami thing but he just thought that person just a  lonely person. But he asks if she is scared of that and suggests that he will escorting her to home. Suddenly, Kent ordered Heroine to hide because..Ikki gave a new challenge to Kent (They are always speaking nonsense). He found out there’s Heroine again, and patting her head. This makes Kent jealous after Ikki goes out and tries patting Heroine’s head too. While doing it, Kent says he wants to touch her head and he’s ashamed because feeling jealous over something so little like that. But it makes him really love the Heroine, right?


Waka tells Mine that they’re will be busy with event tomorrow. After he left, Mine asked if Heroine would come to fireworks with Kent. But she tells her not to slack off work. When she begins working, Kent already wait for her at the customer seat. He tells that her work outfit is really suit her (He said that it was Ikki who suggested him to say that, but it’s not like he didn’t want to). Also, he has buying a cake (with a text “Half Month Anniversary”) that makes Heroine feels surprised to see it. He must go now, then Heroine brings it to the kitchen (Waka think it’s from customer) and to the staff room. Mine found out about it but she just told Heroine to be happy with it, also maybe she’s jealous. After arriving at home, Orion says to be half month anniversary, is maybe because they’re begin dating around July 28. They’re also finds out about the promise to see firework tomorrow.

Heroine has been waiting for Kent to go to the firework festival. But he seems to forget about it. Fortunately, he called her and true, he forgot it and came to the shop instead. He seemed couldn’t make it in time, so he surrendered. But because Heroine says she really wants to see it together with him, Kent rushes of to her place, and can makes it in time (He also blushing to see Heroine in yukata).

It’s a little rainy there, but they are fine with holding umbrella together. Kent seems nervous if Heroine doesn’t want to hold it with him, but she wants to do it more. He asks what shop she likes on a festival, and she says it’s a goldfish scooping. Suddenly, Kent realizes the rain’s already stop. After going to there, they are walking back home. Orion is confused if she really is good with Kent, because they seems to always fighting in the beginning..

Mine confronts the Heroine again that day. When Waka comes there, Mine also says sorry to him because her senpai (Heroine) doesn’t come to work yesterday. But Waka back at asking why she is the one apologizing. Then, after telling them, the one Heroine has been dating is Kent, Mine is surprised, because she thinks it’s the manager, Waka. Mine begins to saying nonsense words, asking if Waka has a girlfriend already or not, then embarrassing herself. So that means, the one she likes is Waka!

That becomes the conversation of Heroine and Kent in his house the next day. Kent doesn’t mind if the girl Heroine tells to like him, is all wrong. Then, asks if she is in his position, will she mind about it? Of course it is for the Heroine (It’s just that Kent won’t taking care much of his matter). After that, Sawa and Mine calls her to talk over Mine’s embarrassing moments yesterday. Then, Kent agrees to lets Heroine talk with them, but they must come to his place to brings Heroine (Because there seems someone stalking her lately. Wow, Kent’s really cared about that matter). The two of them agrees.

The night becomes all girl’s talking. Sawa hasn’t have someone she likes, so she’s  a little jealous. What a shocking truth is, Mine already surrendered to Kent (You know, Sawa asks her why she choose manager over Kent because the two personalities is similar) because she has already rejected by him! This makes Heroine remembering the time when Mine confessed to Kent in classroom. Kent rejected her by saying he wouldn’t date a stupid girl who couldn’t do a small test from him. That’s harsh! The one which makes Mine likes Waka is because he is hardworking?

Heroine wakes up at Mine’s voice calling manager. After the phone has ended, Sawa and Mine tells it’s about she is asking the manager to go pool tomorrow and he agrees. Sawa asks her to invite Kent also, and they can all go to pool (and also inviting Shin but leaving Toma in the shop). Hearing Shin’s name, she realizes it’s the first time she heard that name and feels excited to meet new people. After that, Heroine sent text message, asking if Kent can come. He replied with he doesn’t mind to come, but asking if she will wear a swimsuit or not (Uwaah!).

After going back from buying a swimsuit for tomorrow’s event, Orion remembers that it’s already August 15, and just 10 more days before Kent go overseas. The must not let the time to be wasted. It makes Orion apologizing because he takes Heroine’s precious time with Kent.

This is the first Heroine meets Shin after losing her memories. Shin is also the first time to meet Kent, as her boyfriend. Kent introducing himself as the graduate student of 西地 (Seiji) university as researcher. Then, Shin says he knows about it from his brother. This makes Kent asking Heroine, who is Shin’s brother (ヤバ!). Fortunately, she choose the right one, which is Toma.. And from the rumour of Kent, he seems to be hated by everyone to date the Heroine (this what Shin told them, form Toma).

Right! This is the time to be in a pool.. with Sawa, Mine, Waka, Shin, and Kent. Looking at Heroine’s swimsuit, Kent doesn’t want another man to see his girlfriend like that, so he hides her on the other side of pool. He says he doesn’t know that her shoulder is so small, and he is really in love with her, as the old time, he doesn’t care about their relationship. But he really worried about the changes on Heroine. She asks if the ways he is now is not to his liking, but he seems fine with the ‘now’ her. He likes her, but he knows that she hasn’t given a reply. Then, they’re going to swim. But after going home, she realizes that her job to make her memories back isn’t going well at all. She and Orion will try their best tomorrow!

Heroine and Kent are in his lab room in university. She thinks of what can she do to get back her memories in a little time before Kent going overseas. This makes Kent look at her and worried. Then, he asked for a kiss, which she gladly let him did it (Orion ran away). He is happy because with him like that, Heroine still want to take him. After that, he said it’s too early for going more after kiss and ordering her not to annoying him for his study.

Because it’s already late, Kent asks her to come to his house. This makes a good opportunity for them. But right in front of them walking, Ukyou is coming and saying it’ll be fine if she walks with her boyfriend. Kent realizes that the person is the one Heroine called shinigami. It’s true and Ukyou tells something that looks like he and Heroine already meet a long time ago. But of course she doesn’t know about that. For now, Ukyou says he won’t come to the shop anymore then goes. This gives much interest to Kent, who is thinking about Heroine’s behavior towards Shin last time, seems like she isn’t knowing him. That’s all for now, Kent won’t ask more.

Before her working time is done, Mine tells her that Kent already comes and asking everyone about Ukyou (her, Toma, and Waka). It’s weird for her because they are all know Ukyou. This makes Heroine looks suspicious to Kent, but when Kent waiting for her outside, he doesn’t say anything and just taking her home. After arriving in front of her apartment, he asks to go in her house for a talk.

He comes to an idea that her memories already missing, and it’s true. Heroine says sorry to hide it, but it’s because she doesn’t want to go to hospital. Kent knows her feelings, hugging her because he feels afraid if the day she knows the truth of their bad relationship will arrive. He knows their relationship isn’t too good in the past, and scared if she won’t smile at him again, like after she loses memories. But Heroine says it’s fine if she doesn’t remember it. Kent begins telling of when they first meet together with Mine and Sawa, they invited him to be mathematic lecturer. At first, Mine and Sawa just looking for Ikki. But they’ve got Kent instead. For Kent, there’s just one student for him, which is the Heroine. He realizes in the morning, the two of them always walking on the same path. And Heroine always makes a difficult conversation with him, when he doesn’t know if it’s a quarrel or a debate. But he becomes to like her.

There, Heroine remembers of when Kent asks her to built a relationship with him just for knowing that. She hates him for that, but it’s okay for him. When she wakes up from the memory, Kent knows that there’s nothing good about him in the past.

When she wakes up, Orion already half disappear. Sawa already heard about Ukyou, but she thought Ukyou didn’t come to the shop anymore because he like Heroine (Of course wrong) and made Sawa jealous of her. Kent already waiting in front of the shop to goes back home with her. But as she walks with him, she remembers a scene, where she is sitting on a bench, staring at Kent with hatred. It’s a memories she doesn’t want to know. Because of that, she fainted and Kent brings her to her room. When she wakes up, Kent tells that it’s better if she isn’t forcing herself to remember the thing she doesn’t want to.

That morning, Kent brings her food and helps her recovery. She falls asleep, but gets awaken by Kent, who is really worried if she die. He doesn’t want her to leave him, and promised to do anything for her to recover. So, it’s the time to tells him one more secret, about a spirit she can see after losing memories. He wants to believe it, really, with a brief explanation about his complex thinking, that when he asks to Orion, he doesn’t know too (What a resemblance, while Kent introducing himself like that to Orion, it makes me remember of of Tooya and Chiyo)… Easily said, it’s better to complete her memories to makes Orion disappear from Heroine’s mind. But Orion is worried about Heroine after he leaves her, so Kent makes a promise to be by her side. Kent also willing to delay his overseas student thing for her, and says it’s okay for her to remember all.

What a shock! She comes to Kent’s house and there’s his mother. Kent says Heroine is his acquaintance, also tells his mother to go to bed again because she is sick. But the mother just wants to speak with Heroine, making her tea and all that makes Kent really angry for her behavior, telling her to just go to bed.

Kent told that his mom is a lawyer and his dad is a researcher in university. He suggests to talk with Sawa and Mine if she wants to search more info about her past. But it makes him a bit sad ‘cause when she realizes all that, maybe she’ll hate him. After all, he’s worried about her, especially about Ukyou. After that, a dinner talk with Kent’s parents. His mother is really healthy for a sick person. His parents are all a nice person, talking about his girlfriend, marriage (even that?), and giving thoughts about couple’s fighting.

When he takes her home, Kent says he has the same mind as his parents, that when he already has a person she decides, it’s better to think about marriage. The thoughts going through he feels what Heroine has said is true, that they can’t admit if there’s no reason to love someone. But Heroine said that there’s no need for reason to love, that makes him a bit glad.

It’s three days before Kent going overseas. Heroine is busy searching for her memories. She wants to ask Ikki, but he says something not related. Until Sawa called her, saying Kent has tell her that Heroine is becoming model or what. Because of that, she remembers something, when she have been friends with Mine, meeting a person she really wants to know (Kent). This is weird because Orion is not connected to her now, so he doesn’t know her memory has appeared.

The next day, Toma and Shin comes to her apartment to asks the movie thing. Then, they’re talking about Ukyou, that they think it’s suspicious. Shin doesn’t know that person, but Toma has meet with him earlier, so he knows what kind of person Ukyou is. They agreed with Kent, to took care if she meet Ukyou. At the end, Shin says that her boyfriend is really care about her so she must be happy, although she hates him in the past. It makes her wants to ask if it’s weird if the hate turns to like. Toma and Shin says it’s a weird thing.

It’s August 24, and someone comes to her apartment again. It’s Kent, who is worried after Sawa tells him Toma and Shin has come to her apartment yesterday. It makes him worried if Heroine will hate him, if someone will take his place to comfort her. But she says it’s fine even if she remembers all of her memories. Orion too, says the Heroine now has different from before. She has know about Kent’s kindness, and really falls in love with him, so he musn’t worried. As for now, he will prepare his stuff to go tomorrow.

The August 25 should remarked the day Kent go to studying overseas. Ikki calls her that Kent is busy preparing his stuff and also gets something missing. So, from the phone call, Heroine decides to help him with his forgotten stuff and comes to his house. But on the way, a car hits her and while she is falls unconscious, she remembers the day when a car hits her dog, Kuro. Kent is the one talking to the driver for responsibility.

Ikki gets a call by nurse about Heroine’s situation and he tells that to Kent. Her parents are far away from there, so it’s hard to tell them. It makes Kent confused of where he must go to. Ikki told him that it’s up to him, it’s his choice. So, he says sorry to Ikki who helps him and then going to hospital.

While Kent goes there, Heroine finds another memory. Her dog is died, and she is in sadness. Kent teach her that her dog already died, and won’t come back, so the sadness is something isn’t needed. It’s the time she tells him that she really hates him. Because of it, Heroine remembers the memory she doesn’t want to. After she wakes up, Kent already there for her. So she sleeps again and after that, Orion says goodbye to her because her memories already complete now. Then, Kent says sorry for what he said back then, about a death will come someday. He feels if there’s time Heroine dies, then he doesn’t want anyone to tell him that words too. So, he doesn’t want to think that she will die someday.

Kent revealing the truth that he thinks the dog is a nuisance. He wants to be alone with Heroine that time, but she brings her dog. That’s why he loose makes the dog run away and gets hit by car. For his explanation, she says thanks but he is the one who say that because Heroine understand him. Kent grabs her hands, saying he wants to say that since long time ago. He promised not to say something harsh like that again, because back then, he is hurting her by saying it. Heroine too, says sorry if she has tell him something awful. They’re going good together.

Sawa and Mine comes to see her at hospital. There’s Kent there, so they asks why he is the one in charge instead of her family. Kent explained that her parents are far, so he is the one waiting for her. That’s why Mine says it’s like they already married, because Kent is like her family. Finsih about that (makes him blushes so much), Kent asks about Ukyou. He seems not coming there anymore, but Mine heard a rumour. A dead body man fell of the rooftop of a mansion, and he’s identified as Ukyou. It maybe true, because from the mansion rooftop, they can see Heroine’s room. But Kent doesn’t want to believe that quickly, and doesn’t feel afraid of it. Mine says he has no roman. For his study, he is glad that he doesn’t go because it will be 379 days without meeting each other.

After she has come home, she feels lonely, because she doesn’t remember about Orion anymore. Then, Kent brings her to rehabilitation in the park they used to takes walk. He asks if she will marry him someday, with a kiss on her hand.

Kent comes to her apartment, telling her to take a walk with him because he already received a study aboard conclusion. He brings her to her school, to her classroom. It makes her remembers of when teaching her in that classroom. Mine asks if he already has a girlfriend, but he doesn’t want to answer that kind of question unrelated to study. Heroine laughs at it. Then, Kent asks if there’s someone she likes back then. This makes her remember another memory of when Mine confessed to Kent and gets rejected. Heroine tells him that there’s no one she likes and makes him happy to hear it, kissing her afterward.

He brings her to outside, making her wait to gives a letter (maybe an application?). Kent really wants to go to London, but he doesn’t want to be separate from her. So, the idea is to go to London together next year!

Someday in snowy day, a man apologizes to Heroine because he makes her waiting in English voice. He is Kent, and really surprising her because she thinks it’s someone else. The two already goes to London together, meets near a river. Kent told that he was afraid to lose her, but they wouldn’t be separate anymore now. He kissed her.


Kent doesn’t come to watch firework together, so Heroine comes home, disappointed. He also doesn’t interested to go to pool, but change his mind afterward. He goes with them. The time when the lost memory is revealed to Kent, she tries to run away, but Kent captured her in front of the shop.

When he heard Heroine is in hospital, Kent rushes to come. He says it’s like what that man has told him, to take care of her (Ukyou). This makes her feels glad, that Kent is a kind person. HE wants to treasure her from now on. About his studying, he doesn’t know about that but the conclusion is on 31.

The next occasion, Kent taking her to a walk. He’s worried if Heroine’s feelings will change or she will wait for him after a year if he goes studying aboard. Heroine says she will wait for him, that makes him happy.

Three weeks later, Kent goes overseas. They hugging each other at the airport. It’s fine if Kent just sent meesage about good morning because it is what she wants. To be truth, Kent doesn’t want to release her now, but he must go. Later on, a mail came from Kent. She thinks its just good morning, but he tells her he want to meet her.


Heroine can’t count the exact price so Kent is a little angry at her. Also, she texts him not to sent a waste mail about good morning thing, so it makes Kent mad and he won’t sent her message anymore. In this route, Heroine doesn’t study well and Kent still won’t sent her message of good morning.

As for her study with Kent, she prefers to read the manual from Waka for her work. When she says she doesn’t know Shin’s brother, it makes Kent more suspicious of her. So, when she finally revealed of her lost memories and about the spirit, Orion, Kent brings her to hospital. He will come to there whenever he have time. Whatever happens, even if Heroine has forget about him, he will remember her always. Orion says sorry that he can’t help anything with that..


Kent prefers to go overseas because he thinks Heroine will be happy with it too. At night, someone’s coming while she is sleeping. She wakes for a moment, that she thinks it’s Kent. But they’re already on the rooftop. It’s Ukyou, telling her that she can’t think that she already safe in the hospital. He loves her, so he do that. One thing she knows, she falls off the rooftop and dies.


Spade World: Ikki (Taniyama Kishou)

The first day is similar to Kent’s route, just an explanation of herself from what Orion and her finds from her room after losing memories. Someone named “Ikkyuu” called her, asking her to go on date with him. The place is up to her because he has some time now. Heroine agrees because she thinks he is her boyfriend and may gets some information about herself. But it’s really troublesome to date someone she doesn’t know of his face.

It’s past hours late, so Heroine decides to go outside because she thinks Ikkyuu is not the one who’s late, maybe he has been waiting for her outside. When she opens the door, it’s cold, so she changes her clothes again. After that, in front of her house is already full with women gathering one man. They called that man, “Ikki”. She thinks Ikki isn’t her boyfriend (just that’s he realizes it’s same with Ikkyuu but not approve of it)  and maybe comes to wrong person, so she decided to go in her room again. Orion suggests to just separate herself from her boyfriend if it’s really the man outside because it’s too troublesome since he’s an idol or something (guessing from his clothes that Orion thinks he is cosplaying). But, Ikki comes right after that and tells her to go outside.

The first thing he said was sorry for using sunglasses. While walking, Orion says it’s up to her if she wants to be together with her boyfriend, but they’ll come along for now. After arriving at the cinema, Ikki almost finds out there’s something strange of Heroine’s behavior but put it aside. One thing she asks of Ikki is for him to reject all the girls because he is her boyfriend. He doesn’t mind that but teasing that she’s jealous. Ten minutes later, they are already in cinema and Ikki has taken out his sunglasses, saying, he can look better at Heroine now. He must wear it no matter what if he doesn’t want women feels hot of him (Just what is he talk about?).

After watching movie, Ikki told her that she must work tomorrow. Because she doesn’t know where the place is, she comes to an idea to make Ikki escorting her there, and fortunately, they has the same shift for tomorrow.

In her room, Ikki sent a message that that day is fun and wants to go on date again. She agrees to it. Not long after the first messages he received one from unknown sender that asks for yesterday’s report.

This morning, Ikki called her to work, but she woke up late. He wears sunglasses and thinks it’s weird there is none of the women like yesterday. After arriving at staff room, Shin says it’s rare to see him brings her girlfriend and also, he can see that Ikki is happy with it. This makes Ikki cornered and saying it’s rude to tease a senpai like that to Shin. Then, she changes clothes to work, also finds out that Ikki’s working outfit is really suit him well. I feels weird since Waka in here, tells that customer is the enemy. Really different from most of the other routes (he seems a kind person then). They must work hard and follows his saying that “Customers are enemy!”.

A few customers ordering a lot menu so she must asks again of their order. Shin and Ikki each has their own job to make coffee and all. Then, her job is to make parfait for them, that she forgot about it. Fortunately, Ikki helps her with arranging the parfait. It forces a memory of when he does the same thing to her. A sudden memory appeared, making her almost fainted. But they won’t get rested because Waka keeps ordering them to work. After everything has finished, Ikki goes outside first and tells her to meet him at the usual place.

After Heroine finished changing clothes, she goes outside, but finds the same thing happens to Ikki again (many woman gathering around him, jealous of his girlfriend). To makes them go away, Ikki lets Heroine goes first to the promised place. But this is the problem. She doesn’t know the place and just wandering around, waiting his call. He asks if she doesn’t feel good after the last thing happened, so he will go to her place, taking her home. Orion finds out in her schedule that she works for, almost everyday! So they won’t have time for date?

This time, Heroine must go to the shop alone. Fortunately, she has good memories, so she easily arrives there. But Waka has been waiting for her and a bit mad. This is followed by Shin, giving suggestion to not make manager mad because it will turn to him too. After everything has finished, Ikki waits for her outside, taking her home. On the way, he said he noticed she is weird. Also, she doesn’t want to leave her bag to him, so he is a bit down to it. In front of her mansion, Ikki wants to kiss her, but gets postpone because he knows the Heroine still doesn’t approve of him. He will wait for one month until she really choose him, then leaves. This will makes it looks like a game, Orion thinks.

A rumour about their kissing scene arrives at the shop. Waka is angry but they must working now. Ikki knows the rumour is started by Shin, so he’ll take his challenge (no?).. Well, this time Ikki can’t go home with her. When they’re ready, a few girls comes by to meet Ikki. But he refused to serve one on one like that. Shin told her that her relationship with Ikki is weird, and Orion agrees with it. She comes home and receives a mail from Ikki, saying sorry that he can’t go home with her. She sent thanks message for his concern.

This day, Waka tells her and Ikki that he heard rumour from Shin about their late event (uhm, I mean the kiss scene). He heard the girl was running away, crying. But it’s not true, Ikki told him he even not yet kissing her. Waka leaves, and Ikki asks if she has something to say. For now, Heroine can’t tell him more. This makes him feels like she doesn’t believe in him. After that conversation, they begins working, and wondering if the worker just her, Ikki, and Shin. They finds out that there’s Mine and Heroine’s shift is the same with Ikki, even their holiday. But it’s 6 days per week for working, that makes Orion wondering if she has trouble with money. She looks at her schedule again, finding a mark of August 19-21.

As usual, Ikki tells her to meet him at the usual place. She begins stalking him, but looking at him with many woman again. They’re always talking to go out together or what, despite Ikki has a girlfriend. That really pisses Orion. She noticed Ikki ran away after he was alone and standing at that place. Heroine approaches him, tells that she is late to buy juice. Fortunately, it’s the usual place for them…

Ikki calls her in the morning, telling that it’s his morning call. A girl calls her at work, saying she likes her with the outfit, and comes because she want to know Heroine at work. It makes Heroine confused of who she is, but Ikki appears and remember the friend of Heroine in university, Sawa. When Sawa looks at his eyes, she becomes interested in him, but after she’s not looking at it anymore, she asking what she has doing (also, she finds out the rumour about Ikki is true). Ikki tells her that every women who look at his eyes, will become weird. The truth about it makes Orion really surprise of why can human do that.

Actually, Sawa comes because she wants to look exactly of the rumour about Ikki too. She is worried because Heroine has dating him. The most troublesome rumour is he always playing with women, dating her, than break off their relationship. As for that, Heroine will see it more about him.

This time, she talks with Ikki after work. Ikki says to her to take care of her health since they’ll go to Shinano at 19 for gathering. Heroine and Orion finds out about the marked schedule at 19 because of it. But actually, it’s not just the two of them. At her home, Ikki sent a message that tells about Sawa. She is his friend at university, so maybe Heroine doesn’t know her. It explains Orion’s thinking if Heroine and Ikki are in the same university or not. Also, this day remarked a week of Orion and Heroine’s meeting. He will do his best to recover her memories, despite they’ll be separated after that.

Mine has comes back from her vacation to beach. And they’re welcoming her back at shop. She is a good person in front of other and Ikki, but change personality for Heroine, that makes Orion thinks she is a fan of Ikki too. Later, she changes to a cute person again and Heroine thinks it’s the time to ask info from her. From Mine, they knows that Heroine and Ikki are just try dating for a month.

After work, Mine wants to talk with Ikki. This makes Heroine waits for him at the usual place for 30 minutes. Ikki realizes there’s cold outside, so he suggests to hold hands and Ikki tells of his conversation with Mine. The conversation of Ikki and Mine is about Mine wants them to separate and being Mine’s boyfriend. But he refused. Actually, he hates women for easily takes someone else’s lover like that. But he is fine with Heroine because she doesn’t like him and won’t do like that many other woman.

Early at work, Shin tells Ikki that Mine called him yesterday, saying Ikki has rejected her and she will boycott the work tomorrow. It’s a troublesome for Shin because Ikki doesn’t reject her softly. The matter becomes problem for Waka too. After finishing work, she comes at the place and meets someone huge there. He waits for Ikki and when he is arrived, they begins talking about defeating and all nonsense. When Heroine thinks they will fights, she fly over them to stop it but gets hurt instead. Ikki is happy if Heroine’s reason is to help him, then introducing the guy, Kent, who is his best friend or enemy.

Ikki takes them to his house, which is a simple one. Looking at nervousness on Heroine’s face, Kent teasing her with she must be have come there. But Ikki told him she’s never been to his house, nor kissing. After Ikki goes for a moment, Heroine asks about Ikki from Kent (I’m too lazy to write it all) from his first meeting, their study and all. Kent takes doctor course, and Ikki takes department of economy (me?). Also, it’s the first time Kent sees Ikki’s girlfriend is just a common girl, not like his usual girlfriend. It makes Heroine mad at him, but when Ikki comes back, he thinks they’re good together.

After playing with Kent for some time, he goes home first, leaving Heroine with Ikki alone. Ikki teases her , if she wants to spent night together or no. But he takes his words back for now.

Mine has work again and feels refreshed. She tells that, that day they’ll have a firework and suggests Heroine to go with Ikki. But she won’t accept if Heroine tells that she can’t go with Ikki because of his fanclub. It’s another story for Heroine to knows about Ikki’s fanclub. Later, Ikki promised to see fireworks together and tells her to wait inside her room.

Heroine is ready to go with her yukata and wait for Ikki more than 30 minutes. This pisses Orion much, so she decides to look outside. As expected, Ikki’s fanclub is already there, asking why he wait for his girlfriend even though he is not serious about that. But Ikki says he likes to wait for her, and it’s up to him, then tells them to go because he already makes a promise. He doesn’t know that Heroine already in there, and accept every girls’ request to kiss their forehead. Suddenly, another woman, named Rika, appears and tells the girls to go home because Ikki’s girlfriend is already there. Of course Ikki is surprise and angry at Heroine because she is supposed to be in her room. But with Heroine apologizing, he apologizes too.

They’re watching fireworks together and Ikki is happy to be with her like that. Truthfully, he is happy that Heroine is really warm, and likes her scent too. But after the fireworks has ended, they must go back. On the way to Heroine’s house, they meets Rika again. She congratulates them to have watching the fireworks together, and because her way to go home is same as Ikki, Heroine lets her goes back with him. But right after she reaches home, a phone comes, telling her to not be happy and stay like that with Ikki. Because of the prank call, she remembers the time when she speaks with Rika, she tells her to separate from Ikki. If not, she’ll do something.

Right at the moment Heroine works at shop, Ukyou comes. He says they’re always meets at the usual place, but maybe she can’t remember him. Then, he asks who is the one she dating now. When he knows it’s Ikki, he says it’s maybe troublesome because there seems to be grudge, also says to be careful with Ikki. Not too long after he leaves, Ikki asks her what happened and he is a bit angry for using his name like that and approach the Heroine. Ikki says it’s better if she doesn’t go alone.

After work time has ended, Ikki asks her to watch movie or walking together. Heroine agrees and they’re watching movie “Sexual Love” (what a name!). While sitting on the chair of cinema, Ikki holds her hand and says he’ll do just that for now. After they’re going home, Sawa calls Heroine, telling her about the promise they’ve made to play ball together tomorrow.

Actually, it’s billiard. And Sawa maybe a very talkative person to Heroine and Orion. Heroine wanted to know a lot more information from Sawa, and they got about Ikki’s fanclub (which is 17-18 people are in there). Also, she feels strange Heroine wants to date Ikki because the first time she knows him, Heroine says that person is a worse. But after going to university, suddenly Heroine goes to the fanclub too (Which Orion thinks it’s strange if Heroine shouted “キャーイッキー” too like the fanclub did. The conversation turns to the time promised from Ikki, that they’ll try dating just 3 months, and it’s already 1 month left. Heroine remembers that, when Ikki said that, then fainted, leaving Sawa worried alone on the street (and raining too!).

When she wakes up, a man with blonde hair is in her room. While he leaves from her room, Heroine calls for Orion and asks who he is. The man always by her side, but the one who changes her clothes is Sawa. After talking with Orion, she can remember the time when Ikki, her, and a girl “Taeko” meets. Ikki wants to tell Taeko where the address she’s looking for, but instead asks her to be his girlfriend for just one month easily. But he won’t take the girl’s cellphone number, just giving his. After that, Ikki tells to Heroine that she can date him too after the time with Taeko have finish. It’s a worse memory for her. After that memory, she comes to another one when Ikki tells her how to makes parfait. He saw Heroine stared at him, so he said to not looking at his eyes. This time, it’s a beautiful one.

Someone’s coming and the one who opens the door is the blonde guy. From her room, Heroine can hears that the guest is asking the blonde guy, why he is in his girlfriend’s room (That means, the guest is Ikki). But when he went in, it scared Heroine (me) a lot because he used a mask. Suddenly, there’s Kent too, telling him to open the mask. Then, the blonde guy introduces himself as Heroine’s brother, Toma. They’re maybe a non-related blood siblings because his mother and Heroine’s father remarried. But Toma already look at her as his real sister. Toma’s explanations already good to me, but Ikki wants him to repeat it more. Although the one did it was Kent (And I’m more confused of his explanation, but the main is same). Toma also added it with her father has remarried for 3rd times (What??).

Ikki ordering Toma to go out from there and leaving Heroine with him because he can’t stand another man take care of his girlfriend (It must be jealous!). But it just makes Toma confused with the sudden dispersal. Of course Heroine must choose to be with Ikki here. So Toma and Kent going home and leaving Heroine to Ikki.

He touches her head, saying he is happy to be alone with her. Hearing her voice, also hearing her breath, making him calm. He is glad to meet her, so that he can do something stupid (the mask?). This makes him feels uncool for himself to be like that. Because of his confession, Heroine asks if he likes her or not. Of course Ikki says he likes her, that he can tells her that numerous times. Then, the confession time ended, with Ikki saying he wants to spent the night there (No, he won’t do anything to her because he doesn’t want Heroine to not believe in him). It’s already half a month more to go.

Ikki waking her up because he wants to go to work. He ordering Heroine to call him if something happen (not Toma or the other). After he left, Orion told her that maybe Ikki didn’t sleep last night, also waiting her to wake up despite he was in a hurry to work. From what Heroine told Orion about her emmory (Taeko things), he asked what she thought of Ikki and his feelings. Heroine says Ikki maybe like her since the beginning.

That day, Waka gives Heroine sparta training such as saying ”Customers are enemy!” about 50 times and more kinds of training. After she and Ikki going home together, he says he can hear the voice even in the kitchen and laughing at that. But he is happy to hear her voice, so he’s been saying such a romantic words! He also warned Heroine about the vacation for 3 days and reffering about his fanclub. Heroine says she will prepare for anything happen (for his fans). Right after she already at home, Ikki calls her. It’s so rare but he just wants to know about her (like a hentai, he said). Truthfully, there’s something he wants to talk about, but because Heroine already sleepy, he lets her go to bed.

After work, Ikki wants to continue his word yesterday, but he stop right before he can speak more. But after Heroine gets to home, he calls her, telling that he just wants to hear her voice. If not, he may die. That’s why, Heroine is willing to go to his house even at night. But it’s making him worried if she goes out at late time, so he is the one who will takes her to his house.

Arriving at his house, he gives her coffee. Then, brings her to bed, saying that he doesn’t feel fun for playing with girls. Ikki is suffered from it, because he can’t just refusing women’s request to date him. Also, his problem is the girl he met said she wanted to die (because he rejected her?). But he just can say “It must be hard” to her. Deep in his heart, is already aching because of it, wants it to end it quickly, wants to see Heroine so much. But he knows, because of his eyes, he can’t run away from it. Be it he prefers someone, or he doesn’t, all is the same suffering. That’s why, he plays with many girls. And it’s a burden for him. As Heroine asks if he is being with her, will he feels easy, he says it’s really helps him. After all worried he told to Heroine, he said thanks. Just one more he asks to heroine, is to speak to him, because he will sleep easily with that.

Heroine wakes up with Ikki in his house. Then, they’re going to work. As for the working time, Ukyou comes again, telling her it’s better if she be careful if someone has a grudge. This may looks like Ukyou is a stalker. But he said what he had told were all true. There’s someone really wants to kill her. This makes Heroine remembers the time Rika told her that Ikki isn’t just for her. If she really thinks like that, then maybe she can just die. And also about the phone call too. Ikki comes to them, worried because Heroine doesn’t feel right. After telling Ikki to take care of her, Ukyou tells that he won’t come to her anymore.

The work has finish and Heroine going home with Ikki. He told her, Rika gave a gathering (gasshuku) bookmark to her for tomorrow event (for a moment, Orion thinks she’ll give them something awful like a curse letter or something from what he called Youkai Onna). Ikki feels worried about her, and when Orion looking at that, he thinks he can leave everything about her to Ikki.

It’s the day to go to Shinano. Rika is the one arranging gathering for 18 people. Then, Mine and Sawa introducing each other, but Mine gets so down after knowing there’s just one male there, Ikki. She also says maybe she’ll take a challenge to get Ikki again after Heroine has break with him.

After they arrives at the villa, it’s called best season, but it’s cold out there. An owner introduces himself as the one who has Shinano-ji Mountain Villa. It looks like Heroine is in one room with Sawa (Similar to Shin’s route). At night, Ikki is playing billiard. While he is like that, every girls in there asking him to teach them, but they’re seems to being sarcastic towards Heroine, saying “His girlfriend is here, looking at them.” But Ikki asks why connecting teaching billiard to his girlfriend. He pretends to be cool, but when Heroine looks at him more, he moves his mouth, saying to look at him (What a teaser!).

Mine comes to Sawa and Heroine room to asks them watching trump card tournament (with owner). But Heroine refused to go there, and fortunately, after Mine and Sawa has gone, Ikki comes to her room. He is tired from all of pretending to be a cool guy. He thinks he is a burden to Heroine, lonely without her. But she tells that he can just stay right there for a while, because he wants to speak with her, speaking his true feelings with freedom.

From Mine and Sawa knowing, it seems Heroine is hating Ikki at the beginning, so they’re wondering why she can date with him. It’s complicated if Heroine can stand to Ikki’s power or not because she can stand him now but when she makes parfait together with Ikki, she seems can’t do it (because she is blushing). Heroine says that it’s like that (she likes Ikki) at the beginning without knowing if it’s true of her feelings. That’s why, Mine wants her to teach how she can get Ikki too. Suddenly, Ikki himself come stop them, wanting to know about it. Fortunately, Sawa says they’re too forcing Heroine. Fortunately, owner wants Ikki to help him.

Rika told a ghost story of a woman who killed herself while hanging her head in that wood. The ghost wandered that wood for 50 years. And this night, they’ll be going to the road of that ghost with a partner. Unfortunately, the one who is Heroine’s partner is one of Ikki fanclub member and doesn’t like Heroine that much. Ikki is staring at her, which seems he want to talk to her.


Heroine pretends to not look at Ikki and decides not to go to him. The preparations are in set and they’re going into the wood pairing. The girl who paired with Heroine is missing, and when she and Oriona re in a pinch of scariness, a voice of a man comes out. It’s Ikki, that he tells his partner is retired too. So, Ikki asks her to watching stars together. He says, he maybe has playing with women in the past, but about he likes to break off relationship to women is just a rumour caused by men who isn’t believe in his eyes power. He wants to know if his power has affecting Heroine too because he never heard of it.

While watching the stars, Ikki told her a story when he was praying to a shooting star for his popularity with girl, but then the wish has granted and he doesn’t feel happy at all. He has a lot of women but none of friend. Now, if there’s a shooting star again, he wishes to love someone. Then he said there’s one of shooting star, kissed Heroine, and wished to love her. The wishes he makes are to love her, to not get mad at his kiss, and to be able to do it again.

Mine comes to Heroine and Sawa’s room, saying that she already knows about yesterday’s courage test trick. All of their partner has gone missing to scared Heroine and they’re talking about it outside of her room. For Ikki’s invitation to watching stars last night, Heroine and Orion are very thankful to him.

This is the last day for gathering and they must packing their belongings. Heroine wants to say thanks to Ikki, but there’s fanclub member everywhere. So she just say to go again next time, but sadly, in front of other, Ikki is so cold and say nothing to her.

At last, Heroine arrived at her room. Orion speaks about his God in his world, who can give anything to them. While speaking that, Ikki sent a message to let him alone for a while, thinking about his action last night. It makes Orion mad at him because he won’t tell the reason to it.

Waka is very strict to them because the three of his worker (Heroine, Ikki, and Mine) are going for three days and just him and Shin there. But it’s so nostalgic to hear Waka’s order, so Heroine isn’t seriously answering Waka’s words. He screams at her.. Iki told her that he need to speak with Mine so he couldn’t go home with her. It makes Mine so happy (because she thinks they’re fighting). Right at home, Heroine and Orion feels angry at Ikki for that, but he sent a message that he just talk about work to Mine, and sorry.

Again, Ikki can’t go home with her. That’s why when Ikki goes outside, she looks at him with his fans. Ikki agrees to come to karaoke with them. It pisses Orion much but they decides to wait for him in front of his house. Of course it’s cold outside and Ikki is late. When he sees Heroine there, he really surprise and angry of her. Heroine asks why he do that and he tells it’s because he wants to protect her, because he loves her. That’s why he just agree with the fanclub requests after hearing what happened in gathering event from Mine. Upon hearing it, Heroine still feels curious of why he is mad like that. Ikki said it’s obviously because he couldn’t see her suffering, broken.

This time, he tells about his past. He dated a girl he like, but that girl just could stand with him for just 3 months. That’s why he makes a rule to himself, that he just can date someone for 3 months. It’s rolling like that. He really like Heroine and wishing her to like him, because he feels worried since she hasn’t give answer to his feelings.

Ikki can’t go home with Heroine again today. On the way, she meets Kent. He wants to meet Ikki, but looking at Heroine goes alone, he prefers to escort her back home. They talked about Ikki, when Kent said it’s the first time he looked at Ikki’s seriousness over love. Truthfully, it’s up to Heroine to choose whether she will accept Ikki or not, but he does want to save his friend. Also, it’s a week more until the promised day.

While she works at the shop, a man asks if it’s the way she can act towards him, even if he already wait to meet her after 2 weeks. It’s her father, really, that he says Heroine just have 6 more days (the same day as the promised day with Ikki) to end her rent room and come back her family. Her mother sure will welcoming her too (it’s her mother from her father 3rd remarriage!! And that means, her father already married 4 times already!!!!!!!!!!)>.  Ikki comes and introducing himself as Ikkyuu (What? He really is angry when Kent used to call that name, but in front of Heroine’s father, he say that instead?), his daughter’s boyfriend. Uhm, the father is really nervous this time.

Heroine’s Father

Heroine’s father wants to brings her back to their house, which is 2 hours long with train from there. Of course Ikki wouldn’t easily let him do as he pleased. He suggests to share a room with him for his daughter to live. Right after hearing that, Heroine can remember of when she is in Ikki’s room. He tells that whenever she has prepared, she can come to that room. To speak of course. Then, her father is really angry because he thinks Ikki is also have parents and all, so why can he say that easily to his 18 years old daughter, also he stills a student. Ikki answers it with he knows he is stills student, but already in 4th year and has decided plan for his future, to work at his father’s company (but he can’t tell his name). He wants the Heroine to have choice. For that, her father just can ordering coffee (he’s been defeated by that brat?).

It’s really a tiring day. In the staff room, Ikki says he will protect her if she has made decision. That is the time another memory appear, when Ikki says he will share his room for her because it’s not easy to live alone and this means, he really cares about Heroine. After arriving at her house, Orion asks if she likes Ikki or not, and she answers she likes him. So it’s not a problem for Orion to leave her then.

Waka, the manager of Maido no Hitsuji

Another working day in the morning. Because of her confession to Orion last night, she feels embarrassed towards Ikki. He noticed her red face and asked if she already had known of his power. He test it on her. He ordering her to look at his eyes, and saying “Please don’t conceit at me”. But she doesn’t say anything, so he’s been wondering if it’s failed (his power). This time, the order is to say it within 10 seconds, if not, he will kiss her. But right after he counted 3, Shin went in (and makes Ikki asks if Shin can wait for just 5 seconds again).

She remember a thing again. It just as she said when Ikki teaching her to make parfait. When she almost looks at his eyes, she says “Please don’t conceit at me” to him. It makes him asks her again, if it’s the words she says when she look at his eyes. And so, Ikki ordering her to say that again, but she doesn’t do it. The way he teases her for that, makes Heroine thinks he’s like her father, who thinks easily of a woman. That’s why she dare to say that again to Ikki. Ikki is really surprised because she refused him. She remembers a hatred towards Ikki from here.

Ikki asks her to go home together (it’s the first time he say that, because usually, he will leave separately from the shop because of the fanclub waiting for him). It’s true. The fanclub are all waiting in front of the shop and really is noisy. But this time, Ikki refused them all because he is with his girlfriend. Of course the fans aren’t accepting that easily. Before Ikki can get mad about it, Shin comes and breaking their noisy bunch standing in front of the shop with harsh words. While he’s been distracting the fans eyes from Ikki, he and Heroine are hiding behind the wall.

Ikki wants her to believe in him (he says that with saying he’s uncool to himself) about Heroine is his special one and she agrees, also tells that he is precious to her too. Once more, he can’t stand to kiss her, and do it with a very happy feelings. He noticed her lips is so sweet and realizes it’s because she eat raw crème. It’s just 5 more days until the promised day and it’s become a barely managed to get her feelings. He really likes her so much. She arrived at home, but couldn’t see Orion anymore, just hearing his voice. Orion noticed that it’s nearly the time to separate himself from her.

Going on the street makes Heroine remembers a bunch of Ikki’s bad attitude, when he still playing with women. She has meet with numerous girls who is Ikki’s girlfriend. Knowing it, Orion really wants to hug her if he can. Then, nearing her home, she meets Toma. He comes to look at her from Sawa’s request. Actually it’s Ikki who asks Sawa to help her. He has heard of Heroine’s father 4th marriage. It seems everyone doesn’t believe in Ikki, so Orion tells Heroine to say that she will be the one do that. A message comes from Ikki, agrees to talk with her tomorrow and will come to Heroine’s place. It’s decided that Heroine will tell him her feelings tomorrow.

Right after he has come, Heroine tells all of her secrets such as her amnesia and Orion. At first, he doesn’t believe it. But he must do it no matter what because he has feels strange of Heroine’s action through him. Then, he asks what he shall do to her for all of that shocking truth. Heroine wants him to embrace her, so he hugs her, telling that he really is love her, never want to let her go. He will tell all of their story (since the first meeting) to her. All of it makes Orion say goodbye to her and disappear, wishing her happiness with Ikki.

After work, Ikki invites Heroine to go home together with him again. Waka knows it, and gives him a brief suggestion to Ikki’s problem. After all, Waka is so worried about them. He lets them go, saying to Ikki that he must not let her hand go.

A three people in Ikki’s fanclub appears in front of the shop, feelings betrayed because Ikki brings his girlfriend home again. Then, she can remember that all of Ikki’s ex-girlfriend (from what she saw in her memories, the name were Miki, Maya, and Taeko) are all in his fanclub. She asks him when arrives at home and he say it’s true, there’re will wait for him. He also asking her of why she join the fanclub, but she seems hasn’t knowing it, just saying that she is interested in fanclub activities, maybe. Then, he remember of Rika. When he tells her that, she asks since when Ikki date her. It’s when he is in middle school, he is in the same class with Rika, but never being his girlfriend. He really thankful to Rika, for arranging the women who’s been affected by him, so it’s been quiet lately after that. But Heroine told him about she received a threaten from Rika. Ikki realizes that Rika can do that too.

A memory from when she first goes to the fanclub appearing. She must sign a contract to be a member, can ask Ikki for a date but it’s up for just 3 months. Her rank will be higher after she confessed to him. But they can threaten Ikki’s current girlfriend too. As of it, Ikki realizes she remember something, wants her to tell him all. She told him all of her memories.

The next day, Ikki tells his fanclub, including Rika, to not get their hands to her anymore, because he will date continue to date her. He appreciate their feelings towards him, but won’t allow them to disturbing her. He also agrees to meet them if they stay in the condition to not interfere of their relationships. Rika says thanks to him for realizing their feelings and bring the fanclub to go back. Then, he asked Heroine if it would be better if he didn’t see them anymore. After all, he’s in love with Heroine and will protect her. And what’s more? Ikki is relief since Waka doesn’t see he has breaking the wall. But Waka comes and says he knows them all (What? So embarrassing, Ikki!). Of course Ikki must do the compensation and asks to pay the bill from his salary. And Waka will do that.

It’s August 31 and they must break off actually. But Ikki will never do that because he loves her so much and asks if she is too. Just for one month, he will give her one month to say that she want to sleep with him. Of course she can’t say something like that. But Ikki has his confidence, so he won’t wait for a month, he thinks.

There’s one more thing he wants to do. He tells her to follow him, and then kissing her in front of people on the street. Heroine eyes were still open that time, so he told her to close it, to not worry about the other people.


Heroine asks Toma to help her instead of Ikki (when he comes wearing a mask). Ikki clls her one night, tells that he wants to talking with someone, whatever the talk is. So, Heroine tells him a story, that makes him fall asleep on phone (It’s a bit rude for Heroine and Orion). But he apologizing the next day.

In a courage test at wood, Ikki failed to kiss her because she seems to refusing him. At one time, her father called her, saying sorry to troubling her and Ikki at last time he come to the shop. Her 4th mother is angry at him too for doing that. But he still doesn’t want his daughter to live alone, so he wants  her to live with them. She remembers a first time she lives alone, his father is really angry at that. Her 4th mother is the one trying to calming his anger. She lets her live alone because she knows Heroine doesn’t feeling well to meet her 4th mother. But she sure is worried with her stepdaughter. Heroine realizes that after meeting the 4th mother, his father has changed.

She doesn’t want to separate from Ikki, but she thinks maybe she likes him because of his eyes. After all, she doesn’t know anything anymore. It’s already day 31, the time they must separate their closeness (of their living house). Ikki is a bit sad but he still want to be with her, so live two hours far from there isn’t a problem for him. 2 weeks later, Ikki comes to her departure, and says he’ll call her. It’s not like they won’t meet each other anymore, so it’s fine, when she call him, he’ll go to her place. But it’s still far from him, so he says it’s better to forget him. Heroine doesn’t want to do it, but he says he’ll try to forget her, maybe will takes 10 years? A month later, Heroine sent Ikki a message about she can see beautiful stars there, and if he wants to see too, he can come to there. A next scene of it is Ikki replies a message that he wants to come.


Heroine wants to tell Ikki that she doesn’t hate him. But Ikki doesn’t show himself to her for days. That’s why they really are separating after the end of August. Ikki told Kent that he wanted to quit from his job. Waka may angry at him. For releasing his stress, Kent suggesting that he must go to sea. And so he asks Kent to go to there, really (just the two of them, guys?).


Heroine approaching Ikki before the courage test begin. He tells his plan to be with her instead of their partner, but Rika comes and knows their plot. It’s futile then. Her partner ran away in the wood, leaving he rbehind with.. Rika out there. She chased her, trying to do bad thing to her. While she running away, Heroine can remember the time she begins dating Ikki. Every fanclub member hates her, especially Rika. She says, if Heroine thinks Ikki is hers, she shall die then. Because her memories are returning, she can’t see Orion anymore and Rika do the bad thing.

The moment she wakes up is in a hospital with Ikki near her. Ikki says that she can’t see or hear anymore because of what happened. He desperately wants to protect her, but the incident happen. He told her to wait just a bit more, until he could breaking the one who had made her like that.


Heroine really is making so much failure from calling Ikki without –san, wrong to call the guest in shop, wrong to remember the guest’s orders and all. Here, she also prefers a weird movie titled “Dead Man’s Walk” (it’s really a weird taste for date, horror action). But actually, Ikki likes that kind of movie. Of course she can hug him if she’s scared of it.

Heroine also failed to answer Ikki’s question about Toma. She said he was her childhood friend. This makes Toma confused because he always looking at her as his sister, but she doesn’t feel right that? But she feels that she likes Ikki now, and Orion agrees to it.

But when they’re walking home together, Ikki suddenly asks her to go to his house. There, he says he knows there’s something she keeps hidden. She even can’t answer Ikki’s question about his birthday and all. That’s why, he will tell her their feelings. In the beginning, their relationship is weird. He likes her, but she is fine with just her body. He even tells that he knows the way to make her happy. Then, he pushes her on bed, saying he is that kind of man since the beginning.

But Heroine doesn’t want it. He stops there, and ordering her to go home, if not, he will do many things to her, because she doesn’t believe in him. But right after he did it, he blamed himself for not being able to told his real feelings. Ikki is sad because Heroine doesn’t believe him and run away easily. Truthfully, Heroine still crying on the street. Orion is really worried about her, and saying sorry to her numerous times..


Joker World: Ukyou (Miyata Kouki)

As usual, she wakes up in her room, without memories. Orion thinks she’ll get some of that if they go to her university. After arriving there, she meets a guy with long hair, asking if she remember him or no. She tells him bluntly that she doesn’t know him. He feels disappointed, but agrees with it. Also, he told her not to go to university, especially for August 25, and wanted her to believe in his words.

Not long after the guy had left, a man with glasses and a woman with brown hair comes separately, saying there’s a meeting in university. The woman calls the men “Ikki”, and also her name is “Sawa”. Heroine decides just to go home so she can think of the long-haired man’s information. But she can’t find it anywhere. She just feels that she can trust that man.

It’s morning and Sawa called her already. She said, she and Mine will pick her up to her house to go for work. Heroine must quickly gets up and prepare to go for just 3 minutes more. She barely made it and makes Sawa and Mine surprise to hear she can wakes up that quickly. Also, Sawa seems scared of their manager because she has do something wrong in the shop.

Suddenly, the male worker comes in (there are every guy, 4 of them has been a waiter this time!). But she can continue it until their names are called one by one. The last guy went in was their manager. From what she saw it early, he seemed like a good manager, where he could told about their work clearly. But, when the manager remember about Sawa’s miss (He knows all of it, from she failed to differentiate things, to when she gives a wrong weight of a raw she gives in!). He told Sawa that if she do it again, he’ll definitely kill her, with a smiling face (So, he seems to be the most scariest?).

Sawa and Heroine are working in front of the shop to gather the guest. In there, Sawa tells her they have a manual book to work and they’ll copy it to study more. Manager comes out and tells that they must be careful if someone stalking them, so if that happen, it’s best to tell it to their male co-worker (But Orion thinks that guys is the most dangerous). Everything ended for this day and Heroine examine her phone. There’s just one person she doesn’t know in her mail, which is Rika.

That day, it’s just Heroine and Ikki who’s working. Before they open the shop, Ikki realizes she has no reaction to his eyes. He almost asks her to be a lover, but postpone it because he knows Heroine has been weird, as Shin said yesterday.

The man with long hair comes again. But he just says hello (uhm, not exactly, but it means like that) to her, then go away quickly. At the staff room, manager realizes something about that guest. Then, he opens the design book, finds his name is Ukyou, a photographer.

After the chit-chat, they go to work. Heroine must serve no.8 table, and it’s Ukyou (He has come back). The working time ended, and she got lost on the street. While thinking about the way, a car almost hits her. Fortunately, Ukyou saves her (Oh yeah, forgot. Orion always calls Ukyou 電波男. Heroine asks why he save her, and he just asking back “Is it a must to have reason for saving other?” Then, he gave his number if anything happen and she wanted to contact someone. He also said that the first time they met was when Heroine helped him too. Too bad she can’t remember it. It’s fine for Ukyou, because if she can’t remember it, maybe it’s because the effect of it. Of course Heroine can’t tell clearly of what he has said. After that, he leaves (and makes Orion wants him to go back there because they’ve been lost).

In the morning, Orion told about his creator, which was God. He’s been searching for his Nil-sama too. Too bad at the shop, it gets troublesome with water sound and Waka tells them he will close the shop because the water pipe in the kitchen is broken, making the floor all wet (20cm!). This must be repaire soon, so the shop is closed down. While prepare to go somewhere else, she meets Ukyou who wants to come to the shop. But unfortunately, it’s closed.

So, Heroine decides to go home with him. As they’re walking, he tells her about the time they first met in March. It’s when he still a beginner photographer, and she just graduating from high school. Heroine had lost after playing and Ukyou was the one helped her. On April, he met her again while was working, then accidentally found her work place too. He begins to doubt if Heroine just forgot about him or…

Suddenly, a pot came down to her. Ukyou saved her again. After thinking a while, Ukyou asks her to not go to work tomorrow but meet with him. She agrees to meet him and he leaves, saying he wants to confirm something too. After arriving at home, she received a message from Sawa, that she’s surprised about the shop thing.

It’s 12 o’clock and Heroine is waiting for Ukyou, because he tells her, he’ll come at 1 (Also, just realizing that Ukyou knew her house). She waits for him in front of her house. Finally he arrived, but asked her to just take walk while taking picture.

In front if train stop, he asks if she has almost hit by a train or no. Of course the amnesiac Heroine, doesn’t know it and says it hasn’t. it makes him thinking that place is still safe. Then, Ukyou tells her not to go near that place, especially at August, they cannot know of what can happen. He takes her to many places then, from a road where they can see fireworks, university of Kent and Ikki, then a hospital (why?). He seems to realize he has come to a wrong place then asking if Heroine has been in there lately (of course not, she answer).

They’re resting at a shrine. But he warned her not to get close to the well of that shrine because it’s dangerous (After all, he warned her from all the places he had killing Heroine in bad end?). But it’s just makes her wants to know it. She comes near the well, but almost falls in there. Fortunately, again, Ukyou has come to save her. He said, it’s already three times Heroine has been in danger; falling object, road accident, and falling down. It’s because the world is here to kill her, but he can’t explain that now. Just for this month, he hopes Heroine will always meet him (and he can’t predict the future, just can knowing it’ll be happen).

Before going home, Ukyou tells her that the first picture he takes is a sky. He played with his father’s camera in elementary school and begins to have fun taking picture of flower, dog, etc. He loves taking the picture of pure sky. Then, he realizes the most beautiful is summer sky. Suddenly he grabs Heroine’s hand and says sorry because it’s a habbit of him (Orion asks if taking a hand is his habbit). Because of it, Heroine asks if he has hold a hand before and he says yes. The memories of Ukyou, who’s been holding her hands, smiling, appears. He is glad because Heroine really come to his place. Then, Orion waking her up (but he can’t know the memory). It makes Orion thinks that Ukyou maybe a spirit like him from another parallel world. But refused to think like that because maybe he is just a weird person, and even God can’t predict the future.

Heroine must go to work again because the shop has been repaired. Mine asks about the accident yesterday, and Waka tells them, the accident is about the collapse of highway which makes a bridge falls down, crashing a train and a dump truck (whoah! A lot of incident!). But a lot more shock is about who’s the one who repairing the shop in just one day? It’s Waka, he said (Mine thinks it’s a joke).

Ukyou comes again and talking happily about digicam with Waka (he isn’t a person who dislike digicam, but some pro are like that). Suddenly, Toma and Shin comes for eating. When Heroine greets them as a waitress, they’re blushing. While taking their time, both of them are asking Heroine to go tomorrow (Shin asks to go to some live, and Toma asks to watch movie). She can’t decide then. Before Ukyou is leaving, he warned her not to get too close to them, because they don’t know who is the supporter for her.

A loud voice from Rika makes Heroine comes to there. She is relieved that Heroine is safe after she heard the road incident yesterday, because it’s near her house (she has sent her message but gets no reply). Sawa tells her that Rika and her are often going together (she heard it from Ikki). Then, Ukyou comes again, talking with Waka about his picture. Waka finds an interesting picture (I think it’s about Heroine), which Ukyou can’t tell that person that he already takes it.

In the kitchen, Heroine looks at her cellphone and finds Rika’s message. Suddenly, Waka tells her to brings parfait to table 6 and tea to table number 8. Number 8 is Ukyou’s usual place. After Heroine brings him tea, he tells her not to go near station. It’s all he must say, so he leaves afterward.

I don’t know where to put this. Whatever…

At home, Toma sent message, telling her to watch TV now. She did it and saw a news about a man who brought knife, trying to stab a woman at the station. After looking at it, she is relieved that Ukyou told her earlier. But the sudden phone call surprising her, because she doesn’t know that number. It’s Ukyou, that apparently has change his number (but Orion is afraid of him because he knows Heroine’s number). He asks if she is safe, and telling her, he just wants her to be safe. It’s fine if she not knowing it.

At the morning, Orion tells his feelings towards Ukyou. He is a scary man, for Orion. A message come form Ukyou again, telling her to meet him outside. Orion is afraid to meet him, but they must talk to him. After that, Ukyou sent a message again that the first one is a failure, just in home is fine. Heroine did what Ukyou had said. Not a long time later, Ukyou comes in a hurry and seems really tired to check on her condition. She is fine so he is glad to know it (But he realizes he’s been stupid to run despite there’s taxi out there). Heroine wants to invites him for tes, but he refused because it’s dangerous if the two of them are in a place without someone else..

In the shop, Waka gives a photo journal to Mine, to helps him give it to Ukyou. This makes Mine thinks Waka is a ミーハー. But actually, the photo journal is a gift from his father when his father is in the hospital with illness. His father really likes photos. Then, Waka added it that he just lied. And he had told it to Ukyou too (Where he is in flood of tears because of the story. Haaa…Waka… I wish you have a route too for teasing everyone).

That day, Ukyou doesn’t come to shop. Heroine takes a walk to a park after working, and finds Ukyou, sleeping on the grass there. When he half awakes, he murmur to himself that he hate this, because he can’t escape from that world. And when he looked at Heroine, he quickly grabbed her clothes, blaming everything on her. But he realizes what he has done, stop it immediately. Ukyou is really sorry, even wants to call ambulance or even police (for himself) if Heroine gets hurt because of it. But she just lying to him about her wound.

Ukyou is really glad (and tears flowing) after knowing it’s just a joke from Heroine. He says to her to not gets close if he is sleeping (and especially if he’s awake) because it’s dangerous. She can’t understand what he means. But he said if he’s sleeping in a park or somewhere else, he felt relieved more than his home because when he’s sleeping in his house, there’s no anyone there (he lives alone). He also told that he dreamed of Heroine in accident. But for now, he can just say it is a dream and wants her to believe it.

Ukyou wants to take her home. While walking, he says he is happy to be able to meet her. Then, she remember the time Ukyou told her that feelings too. He is happy to meet her again. And he doesn’t know what words can describe his feelings when he knows her work place. Before he leaves, Heroine asks what he thinks of her. Ukyou says he likes her, and have been searching for her for a long time. That’s why it’s better to her not come near him because his feelings is really strong and there isn’t anything good for her because of that. In her room, Heroine told that her memories are back while walking with Ukyou to Orion. But it makes Orion confused because he must see what Heroine see too and if her memories really are back, he must’ve been disappear. That memories, is it true or not?

Orion asks why she works really hard like that and finds about going to Kobe in her calendar. This is the place where Heroine meets Ukyou for the first time, so Orion thinks she collects money to go to that place again. In the shop, Mine and Waka are talking about fireworks that will be held at August 13. Ukyou comes before the shop is open, but Waka lets him in. Waka asks if he want to invite Heroine to see fireworks together but Ukyou doesn’t want to because she isn’t his girlfriend, just a mere waitress-customer. That’s why, Ikki takes his role and asks Heroine to go with him instead. Surprisingly, Ukyou asks her to go with Ikki too. She doesn’t say anything but Ikki thinks she is fine with it (and Mine is jealous because she wants to date with Ikki too). But late at night, Ikki sent message that tomorrow they’ll be going with Rika.

Rika already waiting for her. She knows about Ikki asking Heroine to watch firework, but tells that Ikki has invite her to beach before, so she wins. She also saying about they’re in the same fanclub, which means, it is Ikki’s fanclub. Not too long after they talk about that, Ikki coems a bit late because of his fanclub. He really worried for Rika, the head of his fanclub, and Heroine, which Rika says is her friend. Ikki not take too much time and brings them to yukata shop (Before they leaves, Rika says a new fanclub member is a bit strange and must take care from her, so it’s best if she doesn’t talk about watching firework with Ikki to anyone else).

Heroine realizes it’s bad if she go with Ikki, so she asks advice from Ukyou. Unfortunately, he just say that it’s fine to go with Ikki. It makes Orion worried because Ukyou tells her he likes her, but easily can accept if she is going out with someone else.

What the hell is wrong with this Heroine? She wakes up at 3 P.M. Heroine decides to not go with Ikki and he says it’s okay (That makes her feels guilty to him, to cancel that so sudden). Also, she sent message to Ukyou that she can’t go with Ikki. When Orion asks if she wants to meet Ikki, she says she is, and is worried about him. So they go to searching for him (but he doesn’t answer a call).

She can’t find Ukyou anywhere until night and the fireworks started. But in that time, she realizes there’s one place more, the park. It’s true, Ukyou is there and really surprise to see her (he hasn’t read the message?). When Heroine tells him that she has been searching and wants to meet him, he is happy and hugs her. He wants to say he loves her, but he can’t, because he says with his hand, he has (stop his words right there)… The memories comes back again. Heroine is in a hospital and Ukyou talking to himself. He will do anything to makes her wake up, saying he loves her how many times it is needed to make her recover.

When she went to work, some girls poured a red ink with water to her clothes then running away. She must gets change quickly, and Mine finds it in staff room. She says, maybe it’s because she tells Ikki’s fanclub that Heroine is going to watch fireworks with Ikki. But Mine says sorry to that and will takes her clothes for her to change. Toma comes in and realizes that too. When he knows it’s Ikki’s fanclub, he says that if anything happen, she must tell him.

At the kitchen, Ukyou calls her. He asks if something happen to her and Heroine tells about Ikki’s fanclub. It makes him a bit thinking because he thought it’s Rika that she must be careful about. Anyway, Ukyou tells her to refused anything strange because maybe there’ll be something in the wood. Suddenly, his voice has changed and says the first one is a joke, the truth is she must go. But he change again suddenly, saying that it’s nothing and to believe in what he has said. After the phone, Orion asks what does she think of Ukyou, who is a strange person. Heroine thinks she wants to know more about him.

It’s Heroine’s free time from working, and she decides to meet Ukyou. She searching for him until she rested a bit at and finds him sleeping, suddenly with tears. Suddenly, everything goes blank white, with Ukyou telling her that the place is his father’s house. Ukyou really likes it, but that house was demolished to expand the road. He just an elementary school student and can’t do anything about it. Then, he realizes Heroine has see him crying. He told that his name is Ukyou then asked what her name is. It is another memory from the first time they met.

Ukyou wakes up and really happy to see her right beside him. He hugs her, saying he just been sad, hurted there, but glad to meet her. Then after all of his embarrassing lines, he realizes then blushing because of what he said. He says to Heroine to do self-defense if he do that again, but she doesn’t want to (Of course Ukyou is happy, right?). Ukyou asks if she remember something and Heroine says it’s about him, crying. He feels happy she remembers him, but it’s uncool to remember about his cries. To continue of what he said, Ukyou told that sinced that spring, he had been in love with her, but got stop his words for the rest because he almost change. For now, he seems to be in so much pain and going away from there, telling to not go near the well in shrine.

Shin asks Heroine to brings tea to table 8 again, and it must be Ukyou. It’s right, he has talking with Waka, about his meeting with Heroine. He almost wrong said that their meeting again after Kobe is in July, although it’s in August. He corrected it quickly, saying lately, he’s been forgetting a lot.

Mine wants to go to ocean but Shin refusing it because it’s already cold. So Waka suggests another place and tomorrow, they’ll go together to summer night festival. When Ukyou heard it from Waka, he told that festival is dangerous. A gas cylinder may explode, truck accident, a murderer in karaoke, goldfish catcher stand may broke, etc. (it’s so scary I don’t want to hear it again). To makes sure, Ukyou will go too.

Sawa is late because she thinks it 6 o’clock when she got message to meet at 16 P.M. Because Shin thinks it’s almost the same, Saws thanks him and calling him Shin-chan (that he really suck at hearing it). Everyone is going to there, including Rika, Kent, Ukyou, Ikki, and Waka.

Arriving at the festival, Shin and Ikki wants to compete in shooting stand. Waka and Sawa go to catch goldfish. And Toma goes with Kent. So, Heroine will do with Ukyou now. Heroine just wants to speak with Ukyou and it makes him happy, but also says that it’s dangerous to be with him. She doesn’t care about that for now, and Ukyou thinks he’ll be liking her more if she say that. He also talking about he’s always alone, that makes him feels hurt to see she has so many friends.

For the last thing, Waka suggests to compete at eating shaved ice, but it’s cold. At last, they did it. The last to finish it is Kent (commented by Mine), the fourth is Toma (commented by Sawa), third place is Ikki (commented by Rika), the second is Shin, and the first is Ukyou. Shin is angry at the cold condition, but Ukyou says cold doesn’t make him die. At the end of festival, Ukyou going home with Heroine but warn her that he is dangerous. Truthfully, he always wants to be with her and lately can’t stand more of that feelings, but it’s futile. Anyways, he is happy that day.

It’s a free day for Heroine and she use it to going outside. Unexpectedly, she met Ukyou, who went outdoor too. He likes taking a nap out of his house, so she invites him to go to her house. But he refused because he wanted to disappear from Heroine’s side for a while. It’ll be painful if he keeps liking her like that. Suddenly, her memories re-appear, when Ukyou says wrongly about her workplace is 3 hours far from train, and he also choose her university or Seiji University. But all are wrong.

This time, she goes to park and meets Ukyou again. He wants to sleep there, but Heroine is staring at him, making him can’t sleep at all. The blushing Ukyou says he feels embarrassed if Heroine staring at him like that, but the weird thing is he can sleep if anyone beside Heroine is there. So, to give him a rest, Heroine not staring at him anymore.

Early in her beginning day, Sawa sent a message of her anger towards Kent. It makes Orion thinks they’re curious about Sawa and Kent university. But Heroine wants to know about hers. They comes to Myouga University, and in front of the gate, Ukyou comes tells her that it’s dangerous. Suddenly, she can see her past when Ukyou talk to her. It’s the time Heroine says she wants to go to Ukyou’s country in the past because they can’t find a safe place. He is happy to hear that Heroine is thinking about him. After the memories, he leaves.

Orion is really can’t say anything about Ukyou’s weirderness. If Heroine see her memories, Orion must see it too. But he doesn’t, and begins to doubt if that is the real memories.

Again, Heroine has her free time. Suddenly, Ukyou sent her a message to meet. She went out met Ukyou in front of her apartment, wandering around and surprised to see her. He doesn’t remember why he’s there, but realizes it’s a work of someone. He says, tomorrow it’ll be better if they don’t meet. If she wants, they can meet at 1 o’clock of her break time. But maybe it’s the last time they can meet because Ukyou thinks it’s better if he leaves her.

Of course she choose to meet him. After Heroine arrived at the exact place, he felt relieved because he thought if she didn’t come, maybe he’ll die. As they walk, Ukyou told the first time he saw her in maid outfit, he felt upset (or shaking), didn’t think she would work at that shop. But now, he feels that she’s cute and maybe wants to take her with him (criminal!). Every time they met, Ukyou felt ドキドキ in his heart. After that, there’re much places they go to reminiscing about their past. He wonders if they can holding hands if they becomes a couple someday.. He told the confession time is around July and they began dating in August. But Orion is asking what he’s talking about. The way he told the date were all different from he had told earlier. It’s the time he leaves, but Heroine asks him to go to her home. This time, he agree, but giving equipment such as stun gun, spray, etc. if he go dangerous.

When he is in her room, he look at the mirror, saying it must be cracked before at his last visit. But he corrected it that in this world, it is not broken. Then, she remembered some more. Ukyou visits her place at July 31. He is a bit angry that Heroine live alone and let him go in. To makes her sure that he is a man, he kiss her and say he is dangerous because he can do something like that. To run away from embarrassment, Heroine making him a tea. But she almost falls off. Ukyou saves her and break the mirror. At the end, he said tomorrow, at August 1, was the day she went to university and he will wait for her. Heroine really wants to meet him, but….

Heroine wakes up from her past scene. To make her rest, Ukyou agrees to stay there. But! He used handcuffed to his hand and make sure he won’t do anything bad to her. He realizes she can’t sleep if he is there, but he really want to be by her side because maybe…the day they can meet each other is just 2 days more.

Heroine believe in him and let his hand released. This makes him glad that she really believe in him. He promised not to let ‘that person’ interfere at their last day together. So, he begins hugging her, saying he is a worse human, no, more like a presumptuous human. He wants to always feel that feeling of hugging her.

Firstly in the morning, Ukyou waking Heroine up, and if she doesn’t wake up soon, maybe he’ll do anything romantic to her? He’ll explain all of what he knows. This is the world where they can call the infinite world where Heroine must die. Supposedly, at August 1, Heroine was in an incident, and died at August 25. But because Ukyou has warned her at the first of August, she can still lives. But they can’t rest for now because this world will make her die at August 25. Ukyou has feelings that the thing is connected of Heroine’s amnesiac condition. But also, he still don’t know why she loses her memories.

Heroine can’t explain what about Orion to Ukyou now. At last, Ukyou said she must survive until August 25, but the problem is he is the most dangerous one because he survive just to kill her. But he wants her to lives. How many times he met Heroine and must lost her, Ukyou still and will loves her. This triggers a memories of when Ukyou is in desperate. He says whatever it is, even if he must become a demon, even if it takes his life or his soul, he will make her live. Because he doesn’t want to lose her again.

When she wakes up, it’s already evening and Ukyou isn’t there anymore. Orion can’t see what of her memories so she asks her to tell him all. After hearing all of that, Orion concludes that Ukyou maybe comes from another world that similar to this world, where he is her boyfriend there. He comes to this world to protect her from death. But the problem is Ukyou’s sentence about he is survive to kill her. That is for now, she must rest for tomorrow.

Like he doesn’t know that this day is a crucial day for Heroine, Ikki asks for a vacation with some friends. Of course she refused after hearing what Ukyou had said. Suddenly, a message arrived from Waka, telling her to look at her camera photo because there’s a photo from Ukyou. When she look at it, it’s her picture. After that, she can see a memories of Ukyou, when he brings her to many places the day before. The most of all is when he takes Heroine’s picture under sakura tree.

When she realizes that, she can’t see Orion but can hear his voice. After all, what Ukyou has told her are all true. They’ve first met in March, met again in April, then became a lover in July. But it’s strange the way Ukyou says “It’s a long time to see” to her while it’s August 1. That’s why, Heroine wants to ask him, wants to meet him, despite she has heard his warning to not go outside house.

But she can’t leave him, because it’s the world where she lives but Ukyou may dead. Orion warned her numerous times to not go because it must be one of them to die. He wants her to think of Ukyou’s wishes, to her not dying. Sawa sent a message to her. She saw Ukyou at the shop, looking weird. That’s why, Heroine must find him!

She comes to a shrine, where there’s many tree. Ikki’s fanclub found her, wanted to hurt her because she had took Rika and Ikki. But she asks, who is the most hurted when they did it? It must be Ikki. They lock her to the shrine, brought fireworks in there. That makes a fire there, but none want to be responsible and just running away. Heroine apologizing that she makes Orion suffering too, but he also feels the same as her. After that, Orion realizes she can use her cellphone to call fire brigade. Yeah, but they don’t know when they’ll be arrive. Fortunately, Ukyou comes and brings her outside.

I know this must be placed when Ukyou use handcuff. But I don’t see a better place for it.

After they comes to a safe place, Heroine tells him her feelings, that she also loves him. That’s why she’s been searching for him. Ukyou says she’s idiot to do that, but realizes the one who told Ikki’s fanclub must that person. Suddenly, it’s raining hard, so they must find shelter in station.

Of course they don’t feel safe in there. Ukyou still searching dangerous thing. That’s why, they’re running away again to the street. Heroine almost fell to a hole, but Ukyou saved her. Heroine asks him, why he can tell the future. But Ukyou explains that it’s all that person’s saying. It’s a irregular presence of the world. As they talked, a thunder appeared. They must go quickly.

They’ve come to her university classroom. There, she asks if it’s true that Ukyou will die if she is alive. Ukyou said it’s true. After all, this world won’t need the two of them alive (I thought of Stein; Gate!). But suddenly, there’s an explotion and Ukyou changed. It’s 23:30. He says for how many times he’s been searching to save her and he dies for that? He doesn’t want Heroine to be happily alive while he’s dead. After the talk, he is choking her neck. But he change continuously to the good and bad him. After he releasing Heroine from his hands, he says that he is the one killing her in many worlds. And Nil’s power to move between world has gone, so they can’t meet her again after this world. The good Ukyou really wants her to see the next day.

When Orion realizes Nil’s name, he almost disappear. It’s not a coincidence that Heroine and Orion meets. But Orion can feels that Nil’s power almost gone, and can’t be God anymore. They run away from the room. While walking, Orion says Nil is the God who can change the fate and may make a way for the two of them to live. But after he said that, Orion really disappeared and Ukyou found her. He chock her neck again, but she can release because he change to a good one.

While running through the outside, there are many crows outside, so she decides to go back into the classroom again. Ukyou has been waiting for her, now, with a knife. Now is 11:58. As he said he wouldn’t let her live, his tears flowing. It makes her remember that Ukyou is a crybaby since the first time they’ve met. She takes a words that it’s fine to kill her. Now is her turn to die for him, as he always did. Because she is in love with him.

Before she die, she realizes that the one in pain is Ukyou. He stabbed himself and ordering her to go. Before he close his eyes, he tells her that he loves her and glad he can see her alive. It’s 12 now and she stills alive.

There’s a voice saying that finally, Ukyou’s wishes already comes true. She’s Nil. Nil says thanks to Heroine because Ukyou can get his wish and has brings Orion. After that, Orion telling her the truth of all, that Ukyou has talk about. Nil is a God who can change fate, Orion is with her to make her meet Ukyou, Nil gives power to Ukyou to move between world. Also, because he had died numerous times, a thought to running away from death made another Ukyou. One last thing Orion asks about Ukyou. He has kills her numerous times, but will she wish for him to live? It’s a hard choice. But Ukyou really cares about her, really wants to meet her. Heroine choose to forgive him.

But Ukyou himself can’t forgive what he has done to her. He doesn’t want her to forgive him either. He has sees her happy face in the other worlds with her friends without remembering him, with someone who isn’t him and it’s fine like that. If he is living like that, then maybe sometime, he can feels hurt from his guilty. But Heroine doesn’t care of that, she wants to live with him. She hugs him, saying that he isn’t alone anymore.

At the end, Nil thinks that she can’t make their wish come true. But Heroine doesn’t think like that. It’s because of Nil, they can live together. Then, Nil and Orion saying goodbye to them.

Heroine and Ukyou promised to meet. But Ukyou is late because he takes picture. Heroine says, from now on, they can take as many pictures about them. When they begins walking, Orion’s voice saying she has drop her handkerchief. When she turns to them, they’re look exactly the same as Nil and Orion.. She wonders if she has met them and Ukyou says it’s her punishment, to makes them know about people. It’s their wish (Orion and Nil). But unfortunately, Heroine can’t understand what he said. It’s a good day, and Ukyou thinks Heroine’s hand is really warm. He loves her and so does Heroine.


Heroine can’t forgive Ukyou. So Nil will take care of his guilty from here and bring Heroine back to hr world. When she wakes up, she is in hospital after the incident in university. It’s already 3 days after that.

Back to work again. Everyone are celebrating her returness to work. Suddenly, Waka askingher if she knows Ukyou because recently, he hasn’t come to shop anymore. It makes her crying, remember him a little. She says goodbye to the person she doesn’t know.


Heroine decides to go to her university. There’s an explosion right after she comes in, everything is on fire. Suddenly, before she close her eyes, she can see the long-haired guy she meets earlier. He said that whatever thing he did, they couldn’t be together. And then, she died..?


Ukyou asks Heroine to not go to work tomorrow, but she doesn’t want to. So he just goes alone, leaving her. At home, Sawa sent her a message because she’s surprise at what happened in the shop. On the road, a truck crashed with train in front of her, making her fall down to concrete and die. She can remember the time Ukyou said to not go to work. The rest is, if you go, you’ll die…


Heroine goes outside to Ukyou’s promised place despite he already sent another message that tells her to be in home. Something falling to her, and blood is everywhere. Ukyou comes and tells that he will make her suffer (die).


Toma looks at Heroine clothes, which has been wet with red ink. He just said “So, that’s it..” after knowing the truth. Then, Ukyou calls and with it, Orion asks what does Heroine thinks of Ukyou. She can’t decide and they’ll go with it.

The next day Toma comes and taking her for a walk, saying he has contact Rika and meets the fanclub member. The final is to go to his house, where there is a red on the floor. It’s like a blood but it’s not her and Toma, so he says it’s fine. He will always protect her and will makes that promise comes true. So, while there are still the fanclub member outside, it’ll be better if she doesn’t go outside.. forever…..


Heroine tells Ukyou about Orion. He seems fine but change suddenly. He has stun gun, and thinking to kill her. Whatever, he is unconsciuous so he can use whatever method to kill her. AT the end, he says he already made it this time.


Heroine can’t see fireworks with Ukyou and just keeps inside her house. Also, she thinks Ukyou si scary after calling her with a sudden change in the shop kitchen.

Owner (Sometimes, I feel he is more perfect to be a mafia)

She doesn’t go out after the incident with ink, but Mine and Rika comes, saying sorry to hear about that. Rika can’t find the culprit but she will takes care of it soon. Just she wants her not to say about that to Ikki, because it can makes him angry to the fanclub. She also say if anything happen, just contact her and she will help her. After she return to her room, she remember the first time she met Ukyou.

In evening festival, Heroine and Ukyou are taking a walk. They found Shin and Ikki competing and Mine and Rika cheering for them. And then, Waka and Sawa are busy with their own problem. Toma and Kent too.

Heroine decides to stay still in her house. Suddenly, Shin comes thinking to borrow reference book from her. A memory appear of when Shin and Toma talking about Shin, wants to go to Myoga University too and must study. It’s because the three of them are childhood friends. She remember an important memories again.

At her work place, Toma and Shin are talking about love letter Toma received from a customer. Also, there are amny girls’ number in his phone. Shin says it’s better for Toma to have girlfriend. But he doesn’t want to because he must study. But Toma’s dream is to taking her walking through virgin road someday. Shin added it that it must be Heroine’s father who do that. So, Toma changes it to when Shin gets marry. A memories of when they were still a child appeared. It’s when the three of them holding hands together to go home. Orion can’t believe that the two of them (Shin and Toma) has a cute voice before.

Despite going to Myouga, Heroine goes to Seiji University, her university. There, Sawa runs away because Kent doesn’t take her report. Fortunately, Heroine already give it to him before. After some talks, Ikki comes and brings Kent because their chief wants to meet him. Then, she see another memories again, of when Ikki and Kent firstly work in Maido ni Shitsuji.

Despite letting Ukyou sleeps with her, she lets Ukyou go. The next day, Ukyou comes again and just goes in because she doesn’t lock the door as he order her to do. After coming in, he begins telling about himself. Heroine doesn’t tell him about Orion.

At the time she’s been searching for Ukyou, she doesn’t believe Ukyou will do anything bad to her. But Orion still doubting him. After the fireworks incident, Ukyou brings her to a safe place. They’ve come to Heroine’s university and he begins choking her neck. It’s 2 minutes left but she can’t escape from his hands… Die again.


Heroine lets him sleep in her room. But Ukyou turns to a bad one and makes her unconscious with his stun gun. At the end, he tells that he loves her from his heart.

Orion & Nil

At last, it’s end!!! I can’t stand this kind of game, which has daily schedule for the event (similar to Starry Sky). That’s why I can’t really like both of them. But at least, Starry Sky just have 3 charas per series. Amnesia has 5 and every guy’s route must be played again from the beginning. I’m tired already. Each has their own story, and sometimes, a little change in here and there. Such as Rika. She is a bad person in Ikki’s route. But in Ukyou, she really cares about Heroine, even says she’ll protect her. Heroine’s father just appear in Ikki’s route too.

It’s boring, really. I wished it end quickly the time I got the second person. But the romance fulfilled what I’ve been searching in this game. It has very very romantic scenes and CGs! But once more, I want to say that it’s really really BORING!

For characters, I think Shin is so-so. He seems can’t fill up my interested person personality. I know in the beginning of his route, he seems so hot with the kissing CG and much of his forceful words for Heroine. But in the end, he just a boy. He desperately wants to search about the culprit who has hurting his girlfriend. And that makes his route is a lot boring, despite I know he is a devoted boyfriend.

Ikki is so much hot! Moreover, he is voiced by Taniyama Kishou (I’ve been loving his voice after playing Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori). I know he is a vocalist and all, still, his voice really makes Ikki seems to be a real idol! Too bad, his personality of making many girlfriend still troubling me to choose him, even though I know it’s because of his past.

Kent is much a clumsy person. He can’t tell about a lovers habit. But in the end, he can’t avoid to do cute and romantic things to Heroine, for example, patting her head because he is jealous. I think, I’ll prefer him over anyone else because he is the most normal one amongst them all. Also, he is a clever person that will makes me interested in him. And his good ending is my dream. Going on a journey with someone I love (No, they are just studying in London?).

Toma! He has a psychology disorder to prevent Heroine from bad people. But his method is really frightening. I can’t never ever forgive him from taking Heroine in a cage, making her looks idiot as his pet or doll. Also, one of his bad ending really scared me much that I can’t think he’ll be my favorite character here (and also anywhere else).

Ukyou looks like the main hero here. His story when he killed Heroine in all of bad endings are connected in his real ending. His story also has connection with Orion and the one making him go to different kinds of world. But still, he looks scary. As for story, I like his story more than anyone else here. It’s not too long too.

As for music, one of it makes me remember of Shadow Hearts 2 BGM.I don’t know which, because I don’t know the name of the track, but it gives feelings of when Yuri Hyuga is in one of the country in Europe. But the other seems common to me, except the frightening music when Ukyou comes to kill her (it really is chilling me out).

All of all, it is boring. But if anyone want to play because of the romantic vibes and beautiful art, also a bit of mystery theme, it’s perfect. But I think I won’t play again for the second time. It hurt my time!






Link for CG (Forgive me if it have double pictures. I was sick when made it and couldn’t do much about it)


~ by twentyninenights on September 8, 2011.

35 Responses to “Memories of Amnesiac Days”

  1. Aww I had high expectations.Amnesia had potential…I hope the fan disk will be better,if they will ever make it.Nonetheless I still like Shin and Ukyo a lot and Orion lol xD
    Thank you for the detailed review and cgs~ (o*・ω・)

    Btw,there’s a character poll on the official site,if anyone’s interested in voting for their fav character.

    • Yeah, me too. I thought it would be much better than just 3 days without anything special happened in some routes. But the fact make me boring because of the daily routine (Otomate can’t leave one day without story, so we always see even a none meaning one, that’s the most boring).

      Actually, there’s none that I really like very much. But because Shin’s route is boring, Toma is psycho, Ikki is playboy, and Ukyou is a crybaby, I guess I choose kent then (even though he is clumsy).

      • I love,love the art so that was mostly the reason for me hoping it would have a great story and system also x’D ahh,never judge a book by its cover…haha actually I find the story ideas to be good enough,just not the way they are showed/presented in the game.
        Personally,I like Shin’s route(maybe because I like detective stuff lol),Toma…I will never like him xD Ikki is… okay,and I like Kent’s rationality.And somehow I find sane/normal Ukyo to be kind of adorable.He went through a lot so it’s understandable for him to be a crybaby but I would have liked them to put some scenes in which he would have shined more as a character and showcase more of his strong points.He showed a fair amount of them but I want more haha it’s also cute how he has a part of his hair braided like the heroine (*/ω\*)
        With that being said,I voted for Ukyo because of his story…but he should learn some math LOL (if u listened to the bonus drama CD,u know what I mean xD)
        Oh!Sorry for the long post,but have u read the extra short stories also?Let me guess,they are boring ?XDD

        • I can understand what you think about the characters. I like detective story too, but this one look boring. The way you’ve described the chara was similar to me. I thought so too, especially Ukyou.

          I voted Kent because he is clever, normal, and his story have some fun, like in swimming pool and the girl’s talk. But I know his words are hard to understand (scientific).

          I don’t read the extra story, it just a bunch of words and already tired playing the main one. And I hope I can listen to the drama cd soon this week.

  2. You are the most awesome person ever, and this just made my day. While it’s sad the game didn’t live up to its potential, the art is still awesome, so I am really thankful for the cgs ^^

  3. I finished Ukyou’s route!! YES, you thought of Steins;Gate too! I think my thoughts are really similar to yours = boring, hurry up and end pls, but there are some cute romantic moments too, but it’s still boring..
    I’ve still got to go back and get to know Kent properly~
    Otsukare on your looong post and get well soon! ^_^

    BTW, it’s a while since I visited your blog. The blue theme is very nice! With an otome game picture instead of blueberries, I think it’d be perfect!

    • Haha. Well, Steins;Gate is using the same method as Ukyou (to move between world and protect the one you love). We have the same thoughts, that it is boring. I guess I’m not alone, and it’s true, right? I want to know if anyone does think it is not boring…

      I want to change the header picture, but I’m dizzy to choose one. If I have some time later, I’ll change it

  4. Right off the bat I knew all along that this game is BORING 😀 should I be happy? LOL.
    The concept somehow failed. For me. I don’t think I will like this kind of game. EVER. Those skinny guys, just ew.

    But I’ve nothing against those seiyuus, god, seiyuu… *0*

    Otsukare! You did your best for completing the game and wrote this super long entry (2nd longest than Shinigami to Shoujo) XD
    Taking the CG (as usual) ^^

    I hope you’ll start playing Nise no Chigiri fandisk! I need your thought on it too ❤
    It seems, only me and Lenamelodee-san played that game xD

    • You’re right then. This is so much boring to me, because we must read everyday;s routine even if there’ nothing much happened. I guessed I was interested in the art that day….

      I’d tried Nise FD for a moment, but got distracted by another games. I must try harder to play it. Okay, I’ll try this day! Thank you for your support, alyyn-san!

  5. Thanks for the review! I’m still confused so what happened to Toma’s supposed girlfriend and how are those fan girls related to the plot and why did they attack the main character?

    • I’m sorry I can’t catch up to the question. Did you mean, Toma’s supposed girlfriend was heroine? And in what kind of route did you ask? If you asked about BAD END 1, heroine was in Toma’s cage forever. She can’t never release herself from there, be his doll or anything he can do to her (I don’t want to think about his action more).

      About the fans, they are Ikki’s fanclub member. Almost every one of them are Ikki’s ex-girlfriend for 3 months. They made the club, cheered for Ikki, and still hoping to be his real girlfriend (although they seems to be in effect of Ikki’s eyes power). And in his route, heroine got the chance to be his girlfriend. The one who got that would be scared by the fanclub member’s action. Those is the deal to be one of the member.

  6. Aww. And here I am thinking this is a reallyyyy good game. >_> I love the art too. The guys (Shin & Toma) whom I was looking forward to were a let down as well. *sigh* Thanks for posting about this!! :))

    • I thought Toma just a bit yandere and cheerful the first time. Then, he became crazy in the middle I played his route (Really, I thought he just a cheerful guy, especially when he and heroine went to lingerie shop, it’s a bit funny). Ahh, I don’t know about him anymore..

  7. Yeah, I guess it was a bit disappointing, considering all the hype that surrounded this game. There’s just too many bad endings! *sob* I tried to play this game without a walkthrough, and gave up pretty quickly 〜(T▽T〜)
    The mystery part of Amnesia was really interesting for me, especially in Ukyou’s route. Most of the characters surprised me too, especially Toma. And probably Waka. I played Shin’s route immediately after Kent’s route – and was very surprised by his change in personality (o.o;)

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up!!
    Btw, hope you don’t mind but I added you to my new blogroll (^▽^)

    • Haha,, bad ending really tiring me. Sometimes I must go through the beginning again to do it. I don’t ever have courage to play it without walkthrough, it’s really confusing.

      I like Ukyou’s route because it has the ultimate mystery in it.
      It’s okay. I already added your blog too

  8. Wow! thank you so much for the review. dear! It was fantastic! We really appreciate the hard work you’ve done. It’s awesome!
    And we are very grateful for the shared CG pack! Domo arigato, dear! it’s a great gift for Amnesia lovers ^_^

  9. Beautiful new blog~ I love the blue color and how your headers change ^^!

    Looking back on it.. Amnesia wasn’t too bad of a game. It had a unique premise and most of the characters were interesting in their own way. Shin, who was younger than the heroine, but more mature and aggressive (*´ω`*)! Ikki, who was a play boy, but flipped that stereotype on its head with his genuine love for the heroine and knowing how much he loved/wanted her.

    Toma the crazy broken yandere (^∀^;).. if you read his extra story you get to learn how much he loved the heroine but was tortured by his own feelings. It made me feel kind of bad for him and so I sort of like him.. just not his route xDD!. Ukyo had a fantastic storyline with his devotion to the heroine and everything he went through. I’m such a sucker for people defying fate, time, and death. And Kent.. uhm.. I don’t have much to say about him.. he was so normal compared to everyone else, haha.

    If we could just skip the boring day-to-day things and then get right into the story for the whole game it probably would have been much better, but it wasn’t terrible and certainly seems to be better than some other games I’ve played xDD.

    • The main plot is not bad. I just can’t stand the daily routine system that I hate so much since Starry Sky. Maybe it’s why I can’t be crazily liking this game. And I know most of them have their own good and bad side, so I can’t choose one. It makes me confused, so I choose the normal one (to avoid having difficult thinking of how good or how bad the one I prefer).

      • Haha, I wasn’t going to say it, but that was exactly what I was thinking. The daily routine made me so bored I felt like I was going to fall asleep or die from pure boredom and I felt the exact same way playing Starry Sky. I like Amnesia better than StaSky though ^^;; at least the heroine wasn’t super dense and terrible like Tsukiko… and we had Orion <3!

  10. […] are already some awesome summaries out there on the interwebs. So please go check them out HERE, HERE and […]

  11. do you have to do all the other endings to get to get ukyou to come up

  12. like all shins endings and Kent endings etc.

  13. okay thanks

  14. Your suppose to get all of Ukyou bad endings and normal ending before you get a good one i’m i right

    • Nope. You can either finish bad end or good end first. There were few bad ends which could be taken as the story go. That’s why you can choose to see bad endings or go along to reach good ending first. I played bad ends first to avoid playing it again from the beginning

  15. in the first game of Amnesia that is

  16. does anyone know why the heck ikki wares a mask that one scene because I’ve been wondering that for a while maybe he last his sunglasses or he didn’t any girls be around at that time so ware a mask but there just guesses so yeah just thought i ask.

  17. gaaah! lost his lost his sunglasses. sorry about that i sometimes do that last is suppose be lost haha again sorry.

  18. oooohh…it’s already done..i’ll just wait again for the amnesia anime :)) but the story’s really nice .. 🙂 great !

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