Blue Eyed Shinigami-Miyazawa Kaho + Extra.


Chapter 3 of Depth

Nothing important, just a usual bentou challenge competition. Sayo makes onigiri.

Sayo, Ao, Kaho, Kirishima, Chiyo, and Natsume are trying to see at Wilhelm. There, Sayo realizes she is glad that Kaho always be by her side. Sayo feels the same. Then, a story about their first meeting, when Sayo saw Kaho was always alone. Sayo too, has no friend at all. Until that day came. Sayo helps her from being bullied by other classmate. Unexpectedly, the girl says thanks to her. Then, after the incident, they becomes friends not only at school, but also outside of it.

Sayo is embarrassed because of what they’ve been doing. But she thinks Kaho is cute with it. Actually, they are crosshairstyling (is there even those word?) each other. Sayo as Kaho and Kaho as Sayo. They go outside with it. In her heart, Sayo thinks it’s fine if Kaho is not just for her. Because she is really like her! So, most of her story is just Sayo’s memories.



There is atogaki after finishing all route. It tells about Kirishima, comes to Fushimachi and talking about Toono Tooya. Fushimachi said there are just a few people who could see him, who are Kirishima himself, Toono Sayo, and イリヤ ニコラエヴィチ ムイシュキン (Illya Nicolaevich Muischkin?=Ao. Why is the name so hard to tell?). Kirishima is hating himself for not being able to realize that quickly and hurting Sayo instead. It’s weird. Toono Tooya is not a human, but his book is there. So, Kirishima comes to conclusion that Fushimachi is ‘Toono Tooya’ itself (SHOCK!! I know they have similar hairstyle, but…). Corrected it, thanks to ilinox. Fushimachi is just the author of the “Shinigami to Shoujo” book. Fushimachi agrees with Kirishima’s idea, and begins explaining why he takes the name of Tooya. He tells her of Sayo’s past, where there isn’t any of her ally (including her step mother, Toono Tsubaki). That is the time when she is so much taken into the book of ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’.

That makes Kirishima asks him if shinigami can stop time. But Fushimachi tells that its’ Sayo’s time which stop, to makes her live. The conversation continues to the ‘fake’ Hinase Mitsuru. Maybe this Hinase already knows everything of Sayo. But he has no time left to be the real one, the real prince. He must bet if Sayo choose him or the other. But Sayo doesn’t choose him in the end. At that time, he gives Sayo the key to clock tower, to hold her fantasy, and gives the book of ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’.

Then, Fushimachi also meets a boy in another country, who wants to become a shinigami. He tells him if the boy wants it, he must kill the real shinigami. In the end, the boy thinks he must become a shinigami, and to become one, he needs the girl. And there is Toono Tooya, the real shinigami. This means, there are two of shinigamis. That’s why, this becomes the story of the search for identity , Ao and Toono Tooya.

It’s fine whatever the story will be, as long as Sayo is happy. It is the promise he makes with her mother, Shirayuki. And guess what? He already knows the parents of Sayo and Ao. They are both friends at and really like his story. And sadly, both are already dead. So, that’s why he makes a story for the girl, to help her soul. Also, maybe he thinks of Sayo as his daughter.

Kirishima also says his true being, his secret. He takes Kirishima’s body since old times ago, and can’t remember anything of his true being (Another SHOCK!). But Fushimachi tells him, whatever he is, he is needed for the story. Even if Fushimachi thinks a story is an end, but Kirishima won’t think like that. A story will keeps continuing, for a thousand and eight thousand years. When Fushimachi asks if he like her (Sayo), Kirishima says it’s no comment (What?).



From what I’ve read, it seems the one who claims to be Tomoe’s sister is the teacher’s fiancée? She seems to look at Tomoe similar as herself. And also, she thinks Tomoe is really been in painful so much, so she will take care of her. Tomoe’s story is already ended, but her story is not.



Chapter 2 Depth Yume Miru Sekai

While searching for Tooya, Hinase hurted his hands, wants Sayo to lick it. Sayo agrees and he just laughing, can’t believe she will do it, but doesn’t take it in the end.

In the park, Sayo gives takoyaki to Hinase’s mouth. He is happy like that. Chiyo wants to do it with Kirishima too. Of course he doesn’t want it.

The ‘real’ Hinase Mitsuru often wearing hat

Chapter 3 Depth I Am a Cat

Sayo asks the third year student where Hinase is. While, Sayo search for him, Hinase is talking with a woman. Hinase says man is a fool being, but it’s fine because it’s fit it. The woman tells him, the real Hinase Mitsuru has appeared. But he already knows it because he feels the ‘real’ presence lurking around him. Then, they are talking about the thing there are two Hinase’s is just like a legend or what, and the ‘real’ can use other method to reveal it such as DNA test. The ‘fake’ also knows the reason the ‘real’ one doesn’t tell it to anyone, it’s because he is more like an ideal of Hinase Mitsuru, better than the real one. But he won’t do thing like killing. They knows Sayo will comes soon, so Hinase used the woman a bit, for saying she like HInase (what a cheater!). The rest is same.

Chapter 4 Depth

Hinase asks if there is place Sayo wants to go on their date. Sayo keeps it secret so Hinase just leaves everything by his oujisama to escort him on their date.

Another day, the woman came to his school again, asking why he go on date with Sayo. Also, she is asking why this ‘fake’ Hinase doesn’t run away after he has take everything in Hinase’s house. There is two reasons, he said. First is, this is a game if Sayo will like him or not. And he lose with it. The second is he doesn’t know (Why he tells that there are two of it in the first place?).

Another event with the woman. She wants to know what will happen if Sayo knows he is not the real one. Hinase just says maybe she will crying. Also, she wants to know what kind of thing Hinase use to make her see a dream. Hinase just used magic word for it. Then, the woman tells him, the real one already begin moving. And then, Hinase told the difference between him and the real one. The important thing is, the real one is scared of the truth, scared of being hurt by it. Well, whatever. That woman just thinks it’s better if he takes the money and everything in the house then just go away… Hinase knows tomorrow will be the day Sayo will saying the truth to everyone, so he needs help from the woman. To give the key to Sayo. He has no doubt that Sayo will come, even if he doesn’t believe in God, but believe in fate.



Chapter 5 Depth

Chiyo tells her that there soon will be more miracle, and comes the spring.

Chapter 6 Depth

When Ao comes to Sayo’s class and surprising Natsume in front of class, Chiyo greets her (But Sayo and Ao doesn’t seem to see him, just hearing his voice). Chiyo gives Sayo the information about Ao’s true action, as well as asking if this is the first time Ao has been in class. Chiyo also amazed at Sayo and Kaho’s bead accessory that they makes it themselves. Actually, he is the one who gives suggestion to Ao for saying thanks to Kaho and makes her happy from teaching him to make one. After that, they walks home together.

Kaho makes a plan to surprise Kirishima, but failed. He said Sayo’s face wasn’t too good, and Chiyo agreed. Then, Chiyo excused to go first before Hinase comes to them.

At the library, Sayo, Kirishima, and Ao are talking about Chiyo’s disappearance. Sayo makes Kirishima mad, then Chiyo calming him. He knows what Kirishima means it, so he is sad if Kirishima makes that kind of face. And Chiyo has thinking that the one who knows his being better is Kirishima because they always lives together.



Prologue Depth

Tooya comes near clock tower and greeting Sayo. She is form the library and comes late. It makes Tooya worried for her. It’s a normal thing because Sayo is his most precious person in the world. Before going home, Sayo tells him the blue sky at night is beautiful. She always thinks the night sky is black, but it becomes that beautiful. They both are like the night sky. Suddenly, he realizes something and ordering Sayo to go home first. Then, begin the prologue of this game like usual.

Chapter 4 Depth

Natsume says he hates Sayo, but Sayo says the same because she doesn’t want to lose? Kirishima is saying it’s because their friends.

Chapter 6 Depth

Sayo’s father subordinate is coming to take her back. There is Kirishima also. He doesn’t approve doing thing that Sayo doesn’t want. But Sayo already comes to her memories of the past because of it…

Sayo is sleeping, always. Ao and Kirishima comes in her room with Tooya’s invitation. There, Ao speaks to her, that she is beautiful even when falling asleep. But the Sayo he knows is more beautiful. That makes Tooya realizing that Ao is … (loving her?). He tells Sayo to wake up. After the memories from her past, Sayo awaken with Ao in front of her.

蒼の章 Depth

Kirishima tells Sayo to meet him after school. Everyone are surprise, thinking he will make a confession. But Sayo choose to go with Kaho. Kaho understands the situation, so for that day, she gives Sayo to talk with Kirishima. The rest is the event at beach with Ao and Tooya.



蒼の章 Depth

Ao comes to beach and tries to kill Sayo. As Tooya comes, Kirishima asks if Ao is really shinigami. But Tooya said he was a human. Yes, but Kirishima also knows that Tooya isn’t human. Tooya wants to speak with Kirishima at home, but they must brings Sayo first. And the first thing to speak is about Kirishima’s skill to see things that can’t be seen by normal.

A memories in school, when Natsume asks Kaho if Sayo is the only daughter. Kaho and Hinase didn’t know it.

After that, Tooya begs Kirishima to help him. Because he knows, soon, he will disappear from Sayo, even if his soul is the most needed for Sayo. There is no need for two shinigamis, so one of them must disappear. He wants Kirishima to see the story of ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’ ‘til the end.

They wanted to kill me through playing bit by bit of the extra story? One of them, about Shinigami+relative must going back through prologue-Ao’s end. But at last, I completed it (With lacking one scene, but I guess it’s not that important. Because I already tired completing the other from the extra part)!!! HOORAYYY! Finally… And the atogaki, even if it revealing much of the mysteries, I still don’t get it. If Fushimachi and Tooya is the same person, why they can meet at Tooya and Ao’s route, when Tooya is on a date with Sayo, then comes to his place? The body and soul is separated? No? I don’t get it.

And there’s still no explanation on many things, such as Kirishima real being (It just make a new mystery), that I have told above, what will become of the person who already leaving the town (Tomoe, Louis, Wilhelm, Chiyo after disappear), what is the true ‘fake’ Hinase identity, what Sayo’s father thinking in the end, what is the real memories of Sayo (as I had questioned in Ao’s review), and maybe many more. I wish they will make a fandisk for this game, with a much much much much much shorter time to finish than this!

I love the story so much (except for Kirishima and Chiyo’s route, where the two has too little romance in it)! How they told the story from nothing to excellent, how the mysteries came up one by one, and the atogaki+extra which was the important thing to not get skip at (even if there’s no picture we can get from it-sadly). And the soothing+amazing BGM is very attracting, the OP & ED song fantastic with classical theme, the background are all beautiful.

I just thought of how TAKUYO used to made the mystery came one by one, similar with Higurashi and Umineko no Naku Koro ni, where every chapter (for this title, in every character’s route) is revealing mystery and the finale is to make it as one matter. I really am exciting about completing this, and very proud that there is otome game that used the serious concept, hard-to-tell story, and collecting all data for make it to one story. If one ever get chance and time to play it, I suggest you to try it. At least completing Tooya and Ao’s route will make you love them and the story so much! And maybe, completing other route, such as Hinase is important too.

Shinigami to Shoujo will be my best favorite otome game in storyline, but still, the romance is lacking and can’t beat Clock Zero in my heart. This is mostly in Kirishima and Chiyo route. And yes, the first 4-5 chapter of the game are filled with problems, so the romance thing is zero. But that doesn’t gives me a bad reaction. This is different, and so much different from any otoge I’ve ever played. The love blooms in this story is gentle, nothing like lust or hatred comes in their mind (Ugh, except Tooya? Remember the scene? But it’s the mutual love, isn’t it?). And this story isn’t looking at violence, or fighting, and monsters. This is a pure love and life story. The struggle to live with the one they love.




Link for CG (I suggest to complete it first, because this one has an excellent story):


  1. OMG. Finally you’ve finished the game! おつかれさま!Must be really tiring is it? I really appreciate your view and thought of this game. An anticipating game that beat Amnesia (I wonder?) This game is beautiful in every aspect only that it lack romance but hey, a great game doesn’t need a full romance to make it AWESOME. It’s the quality that counts.

    I’m not sure if I am able to complete or even play at least one route because it’s too long and I’m very impatient. Curse my japanese skills only above average. so, in order to understand the whole game i have to sharpen my knowledge. But nevertheless, I will never let this pass by before my eyes. it’s like a bedtime story only that they have voice xD

    Link for CG (I suggest to complete it first, because this one has an excellent story):

    AH. I’M SORRY. I already took it xD a spoiler is like nothing to me. Btw, thanks for the CGs! I appreciate your hardwork A LOT. Thank you! アリガトヨーヨー(*≧∇≦)/

    • I’m okay with spoiler too. If the story really give me interest, then even if I have look at it, I won’t doubt to try it.

      And thanks, it’s really tiring me. And will take a rest a for few days before playing another game! The jap kanji is really hard, so I’ll prefer to listen at their voice (and fortunately, I’m more pro at hearing). When I found some word that hard to translate, I would hear the voice said it, then wrote it on Google translate. It helps me much, to understand more words.

  2. By the way, by any chance do you took Japanese Lesson or some sort of self study? I’m impressed with your japanese knowledge and be able to understand the whole story o.O

    Unlike me, I learned halfway then I’d admitted to the university. T^T The only way to improve my japanese is by playing otome games.

    • No, I’ve never had any Japanese courses. Self studying from the hiragana-katakana dictionary from my sister’s friend in my elementary grade and buy a jap manga then translate it to hiragana myself (So, maybe, there will be some of translating error, but I’ll keep writing through the one I’m sure of it. That’s why I always says I’m not a pro at Jap language).

      I don’t have any Japanese dictionary in my home, and I learn kanji bit by bit (The result, I’m more proud to my hearing than reading. And same as you, with otome game, I learn more of it because I must translate the one I don’t know).

      Also, I’m learning Japanese words meaning with watching anime or playing game without a dub…

  3. Congratulations for Full Comp! <- Last time I said it too early XD

    Wow that's awesome praise~~"best storyline" *_* I must try harder to find more time to play.. it's really sad I'm so busy and when I come home, I always surf the net and get tired before actually getting far in the game. I wish I could just play games without surfing the net too much and get games done like you and Rin, Hinano etc.. *うらやましい*

    I'm impressed with your Japanese skills too 🙂 Even though I took the beginner classes, it always seems that my progress is so slow.

    • Thanks!!

      I always surfing throught net too, actually (also, playing MallWorld on FB takes about 30 mins. everyday). I guess, I will be the same busy as you after I graduate next year (I hope that’ll be next year, and that I can still play games). I think Shinigami to Shoujo have this awesome way to revealing mystery, that I have not find it before in otome games (Maybe, I missed some title, but I think there’s not too much different with another title I’ve tried).

      No, no. I’m not that impressive. Just trying my best to develop it, but after this few years, just can increasing it a little bit (I reached my limit?). I want to do the classes too, but I’m a lazy person to do so. Maybe if I ever get a chance, I want to learn Chinese, that it used mostly after English for my majority…

  4. Thank you very much for great reviews and the CG pack we were dreaming to see! *_* Honestly, we are very grateful to you for your hard work and telling your impressions after playing the game. By the way, are you planning to play Amnesia?

    • You’re welcome..

      I’ll play it, really, but after some break time after finishing this one of need-long-time to finish game…! This one required almost all of my energy to play otoge,,,

  5. I finally completed Ao’s route and the Atogaki! Now I have to do the extras too though and finish Chiyo’s and Kaho’s route Orz =_=.

    Do you know what the kotonoha for 『深層二在る言の葉』画面にて1つ目を『遠野十夜』2つ目を『愛』にすると遠野十夜に対する攻略必須要素がすべて満たされた状態になる。 are? Is it just to access Tooya’s route when you teleport to the black chapter and all the other chapters so that you get every scene with him? I didn’t really understand those.

    I think I’ll talk about the Atogaki here and talk about Ao in your Ao route review to prevent mega spoilers and spam ;D. From what I understood, Fushimachi and the Tooya that we know are not the same people. They only share the same name. Fushimachi took the name of Toono Tooya when he wrote his books and Toono Tooya is just the name that kid!Sayo gave the black shinigami, because he took the part of the shinigami from the book when he appeared in front of her and made her the promise to stop her time.

    Nanaki is still mysterious though.. some kind of supernatural being which can go to other worlds? Maybe even more powerful than shinigami since he can end this world? And to think I once described him to a friend as being the “nice and safe” kind of boyfriend whose boring and would maybe be a better friend than romantic interest LOL.

    Hmm, about fake!Hinase. No one knows who he is or his real name. Not even his friend who is in his route that gives Sayo the clock tower key. If you go look at the Kotonoha and select 「日生光 (偽物)」 you even get a description of him being the “fake prince” and no one knowing his real name or his identity, haha. I guess he will forever remain mysterious to everyone~. All we’ll ever know is that he was a very very skilled swindler and thief.

    Ahh.. I really really loved this story as well. From what I’ve read of reviews with other games and my own experience with otome games and just stories in general, this one has a REALLY sturdy base and intricate plot. Everything is slowly revealed if you play in the recommended order and everything comes together in the end. No one is brushed off and ignored.. heck fake!Hinase continuously pops back in when you least expect it in conversations <3. I agree a thousand times about the OP+ED being fantastic! I can't stop replaying them and I'm in love with Tooya's scene where I first heard the OP instrumental BGM which for some reason isn't on the OST… Orz. It was so good and fitting for the scene..

    God, I think I need to end this now before it becomes too long LOL.

    • Well, good job at last! Still Chiyo and Kaho more (but that don’t make it a long time).

      For the kotonoha you asked, I don’t think I have clue about it. Is it from the walkthrough you used? Where did you get it from? I thought you asked about the way to do the Depth route. So, I’ll answer with it. From the start menu, choose new play, your name, then click yes for the new story. Choose the chapter you want. For example, if the walkthrough need chp 3, then select it. Then choose the ‘Toono Tooya’ name. The second option is choosing 愛 and start. You can skip the part that you have already read and the added story will appear. Just a few new conversations.

      Haha, yeah I got confused on the part about atogaki. So I dechiper it myself. I got heard Fushimachi was the author of the book, but the rest was boring, so I let it speak themselves (It really is a long atogaki and already tired after finishing every routes). And then I just got serious again after Fushimachi talked about he knew Sayo and Ao’s parents. So, thanks for the correction.

      At last, Kirishima and ‘fake’ Hinase are the most mysterious person because the other’s story already revealed, huh? Even if TAKUYO ordered that their route gets the first to finish, but in the end, they are the one who keeps their secret ’til death. That’s why I want a fandisk.

      I know your feelings. I can’t get bored for the theme music (the start button theme) and make it my ringtone now.

      • Thank you~! Yeah, I figured I would be able to skip most of the parts in Kaho’s and Chiyo’s route since I would have read most of it already having gone through everyone else’s route :). I’m using this guide to get all the scenes/CGs. It has this huge section down at the button talking about all those kotonoha things and I just got confused, haha. Oooh, I see how you got the Depth routes now and the Extras. Thank you~ :3.

        Me too Orz. I was working on my Ao post and then realized that I still had to go through the Atogaki and then was impatient for it to finish so that I could post, haha. But I ended up studiously reading through it all, because everything was pretty important. Glad I could help ^^.

        Hahaha, that’s kind of funny how it ended up like that! I didn’t realize, but yeah in the end Nanaki and fake!Hinase are the most mysterious people. I’d definitely cheer on for a fandisk just to see more Hinase~ but if they made a fandisk what would it be about? I think the whole story is already tied and finished, so it would just be light-hearted scenes from the fandisk?

        • I guess using this will help me a lot as a walkthrough because everything are separated :

          Like that. I wanted to finish the atogaki section quickly, but it revealed many secrets so I must go with its flow (slowly). And I was desperate to end the that quickly because there were still many depths waiting around.

          Yeah, the fandisk won’t get any problem except for Kirishima and ‘fake’ Hinase. But at least, they’ll be more romance? I want more of romance because the first just have a very few of it… *wish it*

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