Blue Eyed Shinigami-Ao

AO (Nobutoshi Canna)


Nothing new, except for Sayo says Hinase’s joke is bad.


Chapter 1

Sayo meets Ao again at night under the clock tower. She is worried of him, but Ao is back to asks her why she must worry for him. She just can’t answer with exact words.

The next day, she tells him at the same place, that there is no reason for her to meet and worry about him, as he always comes to clock tower without a reason too.

Ao is reading book as usual at Fushimachi’s place. Sayo and Kaho are going together to that place. Looking at Ao, Sayo asks what title he read about, and he says it’s “籠の鳥”. It seems for him, as he read books, the story won’t come to an end. But he believe there’s no story that won’t come to end. They are continuing the talk about it and suddenly Kaho, seems feeling down, wants to go home. Then, after Kaho leaves, Sayo thinks Kahoa nd Ao are similar…

Tooya is worried because Sayo always comes near Ao. But she says he may not worry about it ‘cause Ao is not a bad person. At her room, she remembers of Ao’s words, thinks he doesn’t like to talk about the story which won’t end.

After the class is over, Sayo and Kaho are going to Fushimachi’s place again. Ao is asking what the reason she comes now, but Sayo asking him, “Is it bad if I come without a reason? Does it important?” Ao thinks it’s important. Then, Sayo says it’s because she wants to read book.

When Sayo comes again, Ao is still reading that book. She is happy that her brother’s book is read by someone. Then, at some day, Sayo is asking Tooya if it’s true there is no story that won’t end, while Ao is in there too. Tooya was agreed with Ao (that the story always have its end). The rest of story is the same about Dazai Tomoe.


Chapter 2

At first, Sayo won’t allow Louis to meet her brother. Hinase is asking her, if she can’t let them meet he rbrother. Because Hinase and Ao keeps suggesting her to let them meet, she agrees. But it’s the same, about they can’t meet Tooya at house.

While searching for Tooya, Sayo, Ao, Kirishima, Chiyo, Hinase, and Louis are resting and buying takoyaki. Ao doesn’t know that food, so Sayo gives it to his mouth. It makes Chiyo and Hinase jealous of them. Hinase asks if they really aren’t dating. To makes him happy, Kirishima gives his takoyaki, but Hinase still thinks it’s better if a girl who gives him.


Chapter 3

After the bentou competition, Sayo says thanks to  Chiyo for helping her making bentou. Kirishima ordering them not to speak so loud at school. But he knows Chiyo has help Sayo.

Sayo says that she and Ao are friend, no matter the reason.  Then, Wilhelm is gone forever from that town.

Chapter 4

The same as Tooya’s route, where Chiyo following Sayo to her class, etc. When she meets Chiyo and Ao at library, Ao is asking her the reason why she comes there, it’s exactly not to read book. That’s true. Then, about the ‘real’ and ‘fake’ Hinase..

At lunch break, Sayo wants Ao to be beside her. Hearing her say that, Ao won’t go anywhere and be with her at that time. The end of the chapter still about ‘fake’ Hinase has running away.


Chapter 5

The beginning of this chapter is the same as Tooya, where a siblings wants Ao to play with them.

Instead of go on a date with Tooya, Sayo choose to go meet Ao at the store. She asks him to go on a date and changing his clothes.  Of course Sayo tells him to do the escort since it’s a date (the escort means he must use his hands as to escorting a lady?). They go to sushi restaurant (Ao’s favorite?). Suddenly it’s raining (shigure), and they came back to Fushimachi’s store.

In there, Sayo hold a book Ao said he didn’t really like it. But she tells him, that there is thing he doesn’t like, but maybe she like it. Sayo read some book, then falls asleep. When she awakes, she knows she uses Ao’s shoulder and apologizes to him. Ao doesn’t knows why Sayo apologizing, so he asks her, and Sayo says she doesn’t want him to get mad. But he doesn’t mad at all.

Ao follows Sayo to her house (and makes Tooya a bit jealous of it). Then, Sayo tells him the way to make cup ramen (for what?). Oh right, there is scene where Tooya gives him the ramen from Sayo. After eating that, Sayo comes to her own room, where Ao asks her about the book from Hinase (again). She hasn’t open it yet.

Ao asks her, of what she’s been worried about, but Sayo tells him, it’s nothing. He then grabs Sayo’s hands, asking why she tells lies. Sayo kissed him, asking him, if he will save her. At this crucial time, Tooya comes in and warns Ao to not take his sister. But Ao doesn’t have any intention like that, so he gives him off. The next morning route is same as Tooya, when they comes to Fushimachi’s store together and Ao is asking about Tooya-Sayo behavior, who looks like a lover.

While Tooya is greeting Fushimachi, Ao changes to (normal) clothes with jacket one. Fushimachi asks Ao if he do something while staying in Toono’s house yesterday. Sayo remember the kissing scene, ordering him not to tell anything, so he will keeps it quiet (Tooya is… angry with it alone).

Ao will join Sayo and Tooya to go together. While walking, Tooya asks him the reason he wants to come despite he always reading book. Ao says he doesn’t always reading. Sayo is happy they are going together. The rest is same when they meets Chiyo under the tree, then going to cosmos field.

Sayo is awaken from her sleep in the field with Ao’s voice calling her name. As in Tooya’s route, Ao is asking him about night’s color meaning and he tells him, it’s the end (while Sayo told Ao it’s 狭間). Then, they are walking home and meeting Kirishima on the way. After Kirishima and Chiyo are going home, Ao called Sayo’s name and says with it, Sayo can come to his side (Weird talk..).

The school is over. Sayo meets Chiyo and Ao (with his normal clothes) in the library, then the librarian says she and Ao looks ラブラブ. The explanation is same as Tooya’s route. When they goes home after the day turns to night, Ao asks Chiyo of his words (again, same as Tooya’s route, when Ao thinks Chiyo can saying words that can’t be said easily because he isn’t human). After Chiyo going back himself, Ao says he wants to know everything of Sayo. He says this word because he wants her to understand him, but Sayo can’t say it. Then, the conversation is about her feelings towards Tooya (who gives his everything to her).

At school, Sayo is asking Natsume of what work he is in. He doesn’t want to tell her, so Sayo must picks up answer. Suddenly, as in Tooya’s route, Ao comes (the difference is just Ao comes in his shinigami clothes in Tooya’s route, and he comes in normal clothes in his route, so I keeps skipping it) and wants to learn making beads accessory.

Chiyo is disappearing from everyone, and Kirishima is the first to know. They talked about it in library with Ao (in normal clothes, again). Nothing changed much until Chiyo really disappeared.

Sayo comes to clock tower alone after the disappearance of Chiyo, questioning about ‘the end’. Ao tells her, ’the end’ means nothing in there.


Chapter 6

Kirishima comes to Fushimachi’s store to meet Ao. Sayo doesn’t come to school for a week already and he wants to speak about that. They speaks about Sayo, who doesn’t want to feels the end. Because the end means there is no continue. Then Ao claims himself as shinigami, an end. Kirishima makes conclusion that he will asks Tooya about it, and also asking if Ao will come with him. Ao goes to outside, and says it’s shigure (raining in the late autumn, drizzle). Then, again, the past of Sayo and her step mother.

Sayo is crying, sad because her mother already gone in a black world. She could heard Ao calling her name in the nothingness, telling her to come to him.

Later, she awakes in her room, with Ao there. She asks why he is in there and tells her, he comes to wake her up ‘cause she tells him to save her earlier. Tooya coughing to wakes them up, and she realizes there are Tooya and Kirishima too. Kirishima tells her to come to school tomorrow and she agrees. It’s time for Sayo alone, so Tooya makes them (Ao and Kirishima) leaves the room.

After that, Sayo comes to the livingroom, and finds out Kirishima and Ao are making food for her (Of course Ao just making it hard). The pairing of Kirishima and Ao making food is the best laughing place for Sayo.. After making the porridge, Kirishima and Ao are going home. Sayo and Tooya were following them to outside, then Ao told her, the shigure was already stop. She knew it must be of her, so she agreed.



Sayo dreamed of a girl with white dress, who met a shinigami. She thinks she is similar with the girl. When the dream ends, Tooya waking her up in the morning, coughing. Tooya is really worried of her, so he won’t let Sayo goes to school. She feels not right for Kirishima, but she understand the condition and staying home. Tooya read his book for her.

Sayo is dreaming of Ao at Fushimachi’s place. When she awakes, Tooya isn’t there, but in the livingroom. Because her condition is better, Tooya asks her for a walk, though she feels tired easily.

Ao meets her resting and asks why she is not in school. Sayo is taking an absent again. After knowing her condition, Ao invites her to take a rest at Fushimachi’s place. In there, Ao asks her why she isn’t afraid of him, because he is a shinigami, an end. Sayo turn over to asking him, if he is a shinigami, why he bother to help her yesterday and today? Won’t he help her if she is dying? Ao says it’s because she asks him to save her that he helps her now. Then, Sayo begins telling a story about her past? The daughter who raised by a woman, who isn’t her real mother, takes everything of the woman. Then the woman begins to hates the daughter although the daughter doesn’t know why. The end of it is where the woman who raised her as a daughter is gone. The daughter is confused because she thinks her real mother is the fake one and the fake mother is the real one.

Ao asks if that is the reason Sayo hates the end. Sayo says, she doesn’t know why her mother gone, but just one thing she remembers. Tooya is the one who always with her and, Ao too, always helping her. It makes Ao understand a bit why Sayo can’t be scared of him, but he doesn’t know the reason why he helps her. Just one thing he knows, he is worried about Sayo’s tears. It’s not an odd thing for Sayo to hear it. Ao gives her drink and she tells that she is more cheered because of Ao.

Ao takes her home while speaking about the blue color of sky. Sayo thinks it’s similar to Ao. Then, she feels doesn’t want to separate with Ao, but she must come home. In the house, Tooya asks her if she meet Ao and she says yes. It makes Tooya wondering if he isn’t needed anymore. He ordering Sayo to not get close to Ao again for the sake of him, because he is a shinigami.

She dreamed as a shinigami who met a girl. Sayo doesn’t know about it, but when she awakes, she already in school (with the happy face of Kaho). Kaho asks her to eat lunch together. Then, in class, she remembering about the memories again, when her father gives her a new doll.

At lunch time, Kirishima tells her about the concerns of Kaho and also him about her condition. Not so long after that, Sayo coughing again. But it’s done with a rest. Of course everyone is worried, but Kirishima is the most.

Kaho refused to teach making accessory with another friend because she wants to go home with Sayo. Suddenly, Natsume gives Sayo a keyholder with Wilhelm design. She will treasure it, but refused to go home together with Kaho because she must return the book from library. Kaho insists to go with her to library, but she still doesn’t want to, so Kaho run away alone.

Sayo tells that to Ao in Fushimachi’s store (he used to heard girl’s chat now?).. After talking with Ao, she asks if his memory has come back. Ao says it hasn’t but some thing makes him feels near it. Fushimachi comes interrupting them, so Sayo says she’ll go home. When she asks why there is no clock in there, Fushimachi tells because it isn’t needed. Then, ordering Ao to escorting Sayo back.

Ao doesn’t make her go straight home. Rather, he brings her through trees.  Sayo is tired and telling him about her dream of a shinigami and a girl, who travels together.

Ao brought her to cosmos field, which had withered. But Ao says there will be flower of autumn soon. Sayo begins telling him of her feelings of Kaho. She feels Kaho is the same as the doll of her past, her only friend. Ao says Kaho isn’t a doll. It makes Sayo agreeing, but remembering of that incident, she feels lonely. Everyone are disappearing before her eyes.

Sayo understand why Ao brings her to that place. He wants to tells her, that Chiyo is a cosmos. She feels it, Chiyo are fantasy. But it’s weird because Ao, her, and Kirishima can see him. If it’s like that, does it make it a real fantasy? She asks if it’s important for Chiyo to disappear. Ao makes her understand that it is not a matter because whatever it is, Chiyo must disappear.

He knows of the reason why Sayo feared end so much. It’s because she keeps blaming herself for Chiyo and Hinase Mitsuru’s disappearance, of her mother’s death, of the end of the story. But he says it’s not her fault. Even if Ao has gain his memory, and his story is end, he won’t say it’s her fault. Sayo begins crying. Also, he thinks he and Sayo are different. He is a shinigami, who wants a story to end. And their eyes, their hair are also different. Ao can’t say another good words for it. He wonders if it’s because he lose memories, or because since the beginning, his words has not have any feelings. Then, Sayo coughing hard again.

Urgh… don’t have any image left

She remember of her childhood, where everyone leaving her alone. She called her mother, but she said she wasn’t her real mother. The child Sayo becomes the present and coughing. Sayo awakes in he room, feelings scared to be left alone, and calling Ao and her brother. Tooya comes and says he will be her ally and comes whenever she needs him. Also, he knows why Sayo wants to go to school. It’s because she is scared if she doesn’t go to.

Suddenly, she awakes from all of that, start coughing again. She still in the field with Ao, but Tooya comes as if he knows the place. He doesn’t want Ao to go near her, but Ao says he brings Sayo there to lets her takes the end. Tooya won’t let that happen. Ao asks if he has say that he will protect Sayo. For remember the words, Tooya says thanks to him. But he knows, Ao is a shinigami, and instead of hearing his words, Sayo choose Ao. It’s fine to Tooya, but he won’t allow Ao to go near Sayo again, wanting Ao to not take Sayo…

The next day, Ao is asking Fushimachi, that he doesn’t understand himself of always care for Sayo. Fushimachi says, it’s because he has change from when he first come to the town. That makes him remember, the one who change him is Sayo, firstly, through his clothes. Ao is wondering if he must do Tooya’s words, of not to get close to Sayo again, because he is a shinigami. The think got told by Fushimachi, that if he thought he wouldn’t take Sayo’s life, or if he wanted it, it mean Tooya’s words was wrong. Everything are determined by Ao alone. Then, Fushimachi told him about the time of her which had stop, like the clock tower. Her time is stop by shinigami, that’s why she is afraid of an end.

That makes Ao thinks that his and Sayo’s time is same, has stop. It’s the same thing for both of them (I guess he feels wrong about his words, that they are different because Sayo feared the end). Fushimachi agreeing that statement.

Sayo awaken in her room with Tooya. She asks of time again, but Tooya just asks if she is really wants to know of time. Sayo says yes because she can’t hear the sound of clock tower anymore. When Sayo asks if Tooya believes in shinigami, he says yes. He knows shinigami is the end. Has no name, just be near the end and watching the end of life. Sayo says it makes it sad, but Tooya confirming that shinigami himself doesn’t know about that, because it’s  not needed. After that, Tooya asks her if she like Ao. Sayo answers that she really worried of him. She wants to go to school and Tooya won’t stop her.

In her way to school, she meets Ao at clock tower. He thinks it’s not the time anymore, but whatever it is, Sayo wants to go. She and Ao are reminiscing about the past, where Ao says the clock is stop but it’s not the end. Then, there is something she wants to tell him, but she won’t tell that now.

At break time, when Sayo tries to speak with Kaho, she just go away from class. Natsume, who feels it, tells her to go. So Sayo go to reach Kaho, says her feelings of afraid because Kaho has makes some new friends. In the past, Sayo thinks Kaho is similar to her doll, which she cannot leave. So when Kaho makes new friends, she is afraid if Kaho leaves her too. That makes Kaho tells her that she is not a doll. Sayo agrees, that she isn’t a doll. That’s why she is afraid of losing her best friend. Suddenly, Kaho takes her to infirmary because her condition isn’t good.

Kaho knows that Sayo is using her strenght, while being sick, to go to school for apologizing. She is the same as Sayo, afraid if Sayo is taken by someone. After knowing their feelings, the two are making good together again. Sayo wants to makes accessory together with everyone too, and wondering if she can makes new friends. Kaho tells her it will.

Arriving at home, Tooya isn’t there. When she coughing in her room, Sayo finds a book from Hinase Mitsuru, about 死神と少女.

She begins to remembering her old times. Everyone doesn’t know who is the one she called brother, but there’s anyone who tells her straightly until a doctor comes. Her step mother, Tsubaki, says that Sayo is not cute at all, because she always calling her nowhere to be found brother. Tsubaki keeps telling Sayo to makes the brother appear, but Sayo can’t do it, just saying that she doesn’t lie.

At the present time, Sayo finally awaken from her memories. She begins asking who is Tooya when he comes to her room. When Tooya is confused on how to answer it, Sayo remembers again of her past when the doctor says there is no one called brother for her. Her father comes and shouting at her, there is no “Toono Tooya”! But Sayo keeps saying to herself that the one who lies is everyone, not her.

Until she realizes, she is shouting like crazy, calling her brother, in her room. To makes her calm, Tooya says he really is her brother and will always by her side. He will be her everything. But the moment doesn’t last long until Tooya tells his true self isn’t a human. But still, he will be fine as Tooya, Sayo’s brother. Sayo won’t approve of that easily, if her brother is just an illusion. She asks him, if she forget about him, will he disappear?

Then, the scene is changed to Ao. A man asking him about a good book, about a mystery but with a happy ending, where there is no one died. Ao searching for it. While waiting for Ao, the man says it’s comfortable to look at Ao, who can listen to someone’s problem (He looks at him and Sayo’s chit chat?). After completing his work, Ao comes to library at school and asking if Sayo come. The librarian didn’t see her that day.

Sayo comes to school with Kaho. Then she tries to speak with Kirishima about Chiyo. She knows that Chiyo’s true being is cosmos, then asking Kirishima if he knows that. Kirishima says it’s true. With it, Sayo asks many questions to him, from why Chiyo can takes human form, why they can see him,, etc. as she doesn’t want to approve that he is gone. Kirishima answers that Chiyo isn’t a human, a fantasy, so there is time when they can’t see him again and he disappear. He knows it from the beginning, that this is will happen. Chiyo knows it too. But Sayo can’t understand Kirishima’s feeling.

When Sayo comes home with Kaho, she asks if Kaho will believe everything she said even if everyone don’t? Kaho will believe it, because she believes ‘what her people in her world is saying’. Sayo becomes cheered of it, because she wants to believe what people she knows is saying.

In her home, Sayo tells her brother that she can’t eat much lately. So Tooya gives her food with his hands, that just makes Sayo eat, want it or not.

When having lunch with everyone at school, Sayo is glaring at Hinase, while thinking about the ‘fake’ one. He knows it and asks her if she hates the other ‘him’. Sayo doesn’t hate him, but she wants to know of ‘the other’ one feelings. Hinase can’t determine what the ‘fake’ is thinking too, but he knows ‘he’ is the same as him, for liking Sayo? Sayo is unsure why good she has, but Hinase says she is beautiful. He has feelings for her, as a rose. If anyone touched it, he would be hurted. But the rose was lonely because of it.

The library teacher comes to her at corridor, asking why she hasn’t come to the library anymore. She is glad that Sayo just busy, not because she hates books now. Also, the teacher tells her that Ao is comes to there recently, looking for Sayo.

At night, she read a book of Tooya. Tooya comes to her and makes Sayo says she deoesn’t want to be separated of him, just wants him to hug her. Tooya knows that, but he won’t allow Sayo to not go to school.

The day has change. When Sayo wants to go, she looks at Ao in front of her house. He says, he feels to meet her no matter what, but he can’t see her. So he just wait there, asking why Sayo runs away from him. Sayo doesn’t want to tell the truth, but Ao already see her crying. Ao asks if she is scared of him.


True Ending

Sayo is scared of Ao and he knows it, apologizing to her. He goes from there.

Tooya is saying that is for the good of them, if Sayo wants to be always with her brother. But the truth is, she wants to meet Ao. Saying such cruel things to him, makes her sad. She cries in Tooya’s arm.

That night, Tooya comes to meet Ao at Fushimachi’s store. He comes to give the book from Hinase Mitsuru to Ao. Ao can recognizes that it is Sayo’s book from the clock tower. Tooya gives it to Ao, to gain his memories back. He says, if Ao read it, his memories will be back. Ao asks what connection it has for Sayo, if his memories are back.

Tooya explains to him, that for him, Sayo is his everything. But Sayo won’t feel that way. She choose Ao. Tooya can’t stand to hear Sayo calling him ‘nii-san’, because she will be broken someday. Tooya is scared of that, so he wants Ao to remember everything. Because Sayo is choosing Ao, Tooya hates him, jealous of him, and wants to kill him. But no matter what, Sayo still choose Ao.That’s why, Tooya choose him. Ao can do anything he wants after gaining his memories. Before he leaves, Tooya hurts Ao with his hand, saying if he hurting Sayo, then it is the time Tooya will come to him.

There’s a story of Ao’s past. Two childs are talking about his weird hair and eyes color. The girl says it’s better not to approach him because the child is always alone, doesn’t laugh, doesn’t answering anyone. They are also scared to look at his blue eyes. And he doesn’t have parents, and doesn’t cry for it. It seems he isn’t like human at all, rather, a shinigami.

The boy is feeling alone. Then, a man (with Fushimachi’s voice again?) gives him a book, asking if he feels lonely alone. But the boy answering, he isn’t lonely because he is a shinigami. He is the end, and because of that, people scared of him. The man tells him, he isn’t afraid of him. It gets answered by the boy, it’s because he isn’t human.

The boy read the book, 死神と少女, where the shinigami is just as him, always alone. Then, after reading it, the boy begins asking of what word is the most beautiful in this world? Also, why is he wants to become shinigami? There’s voice answering, “To make your wish comes true. But, there is one condition.” The boy asks him, “What is it? To become a shinigami, I’ll do everything.” The man answered, “You can’t becomes shinigami. Because shinigami is one soul. For you to become a shinigami, you must kill a real shinigami no matter what.” Yes, it is. To become a full shinigami, the boy must kill the real one.

Kirishima asks Sayo to meet him after school, that makes Hinase thinks he will confess to her. But Kirishima refused that, because Sayo already has someone important. The others agrees on him. Before they talked, Sayo didn’t want to come near clock tower or Fushimachi’s store.

So Kirishima brings her to beach~~! It’s a little cold for him, but he will stand it (Poor Kirishima…). He asks her if there really is her brother because of Natsume’s words. Sayo becomes unstable keeps saying there is her brother, and everything is wrong. Kirishima keeps her calm, but it’s when Ao comes to them. It’s unexpectedly, but he had been searching for Sayo everywhere. He wants to meet Sayo no matter what, and saying when they meets, there is another miracle happen.

Ao says he already remembers everything, if why is he wants to see Sayo. Then, he comes closer to her, strangle her neck to kill her. Kirishima releasing her from Ao. But Ao says he must kill ‘Toono Sayo’ no matter what. Suddenly, Tooya comes and says Ao has hurt Sayo again. This makes Ao thinks that Tooya has known her from a long time, but Tooya won’t tell it to him. Sayo becomes unconscious after the last cough.

Sayo wakes up in her room with Tooya. Kirishima has come home that time, though he really worried about her. Sayo couldn’t believe Ao did such a thing to her, but Tooya convinced her to not go near him again.

There ‘s a scene about Ao’s feelings, his memories with a man he met 10 years ago. He feels, to kill shinigami, he must kill her no matter what, after he finds it in this country. The enxt day, Kirishima come to Sayo’s room, to give note and all from school. Just that and he‘s back home (He’s a bit embarrassed to always comes there, but can’t help her). Before he leaves, he tells Sayo that he can’t find Ao anymore.

Ao is thinking about it again. He knew the story of Shinigami to Shoujo, always told by everyone as it is. But he begins doubting if he is a real one.

Tooya and Sayo are talking about Sayo’s friends, who gives her many gifts. Suddenly, Sayo asks him that if it’s true she will die soon because of her illness. Tooya is mad at her, telling she won’t die because he will protect her. Then, there’s a memories of Ao, who remembers about Sayo’s words. She asks him to search for the most beautiful word. Ao asks her what will it become when they find it, and she answers she doesn’t know, just maybe a new story will born (because without word, a story can’t be born).

Sayo realizes there is no book of ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’ anymore in her room. Tooya told her, he already gave it to Ao. It makes Sayo asks why he can do it, despite he warns her not to go near him. Tooya said it’s because it’s needed. Then, again, Sayo coughing and unconscious.

When she awakes, it’s already night. Tooya can’t help her anymore, so he suggested to go to hospital. Sayo refused it hardly, because she knows there isn’t anyone who believe her. And with coming to hospital, she must come back to her house. She doesn’t want that. Sayo prefers to die than go there. That makes Tooya shouting at her.

Then, with a gentle voice, Tooya says he always searching for a way to heal her. But, how many times he searched it, he couldn’t find that way. Just Ao, who could save her, and so, just Sayo can save him. Then, Tooya told her why he gave the book to Ao. He had met Ao once before. Just one thing Sayo must promise, which is, she must go to hospital after hearing it. She promises that and Tooya begins the story as he tells her, he is a shinigami.

This is begins when Tooya and Sayo comes near clock tower. Tooya said to Sayo to come home first. He could sense something, then greeting the person, who actually Ao. Tooya introducing himself as “Toono Tooya”. But Ao asks him, why he knows that name. Tooya says it’s because it is his name, and asking Ao why he can see his self. Ao just says it is seems like that, and he has no name, as Tooya’s true self. When Ao asks if Tooya becomes that girl’s brother, Tooya says it’s none of his business.

Ao begins asking if Tooya is a shinigami. Of course Tooya is turning the question at him, why Ao wants to meet it. Ao says, he wants to be a shinigami, and must kill one. It’s too bad for him, that human can’t kill shinigami. But Ao says they can’t know if they don’t try. Suddenly, Tooya is surprise to see the book Ao has, “Shinigami to Shoujo”. Tooya asks where he find that book, but Ao won’t answer it.

Ao asks him, why Tooya live as human, why Sayo can see him, why he can laugh and looks like a human. Tooya won’t answer it. But that makes Ao understand, the way to kill a shinigami. That is to kill the girl’s fantasy, because shinigami is a fantasy. And the way to make it happen is to kill the girl. Hearing that, Tooya becomes a shinigami (with his black coat). Ao asks if he will kill him. Then, they begins fighting. Of course shinigami wins it, and he says he has said Ao can’t kill him. And Ao tells that he is afraid of him ‘cause he has nothing. But it’s the same as Ao. Shinigami can’t kill because he is a fantasy. But Tooya must do something, which is to erase Ao’s memories.

Tooya apologizes for lying all this time. Then, Sayo told him since the past, she always sad because her mother died. That’s the time when Tooya appeared. He gave her time to live, with his fantasy until that person appeared. Sayo knows he (Ao) is a human. But it’s too bad that he (Ao) can’t feel like that (a human), Tooya said to her. It’s because he is (feels) a shinigami. From the beginning, Tooya knows Ao is the man who wants to kill Sayo. But he can’t understand why Sayo like him, why they fated to be meet. It’s better if it’s another person that Sayo choose as a precious one.

It’s because Sayo choose him, that Tooya gives the book to Ao, for erasing the fantasy. And it’s the reason Ao’s memories is back, and he wants to kill Sayo. But Sayo tells him, Ao doesn’t think to kill her. It’s when he strangle her neck, that she knows it. He seems wants to kill her, but its’ not like that. Tooya believes of what she said. But, the fact that he wants to kill shinigami, with using Sayo is true. Tooya doesn’t know why Ao wants to be a shinigami. And about Hinase, who knows the truth, is really suspicious.

Tooya finally understands that Ao and Sayo are similar. It’s not like Tooya and Ao (who is a shinigami), but it’s different. It’s because they have things for each other, and a missing part of each other. Because they are shinigami to shoujo.

Fushimachi Haruo meets Ao at clock tower. He asks if Ao has eat or feels cold, but it’s okay. Ao finds the bag from someone and can live a several days with it. Fushimachi knows it’s from Hinase Mitsuru. Then, Fushimachi tells him about the shinigami time. 11:45 has meaning of time of death. But it’s not the real deal. The real meaning is at 12, the time when magic disappeared. Ao realizes it’s about the magic for a princess. But Fushimachi won’t tell it much and it’s fine if Ao can’t remember. Before he leaves, Ao says thank you to him, because without Fushimachi, he won’t be here (And Fushimachi just saying it’s rare for him to say thanks). It’s because it maybe the last time they meet.

Sayo remembering her past again, about when the voice of Fushimachi tells her a story, which is the heroine is her. After that, Kirishima comes in to her room. Sayo tells everything to him, but Kirishima already knows about Tooya, who is not a human. Kirishima asks her what will she do. Sayo knows the answer, but is scared of it. Then, Kirishima begins saying stuff about the fantasy is similar to mirror. They can see thing in it, but it can’t be touch or make a sound. He tells that in a mirror, there is one other world which can be seen.

Back to Sayo’s answer. She is already accept that her brother isn’t a human, and about Ao who wants to kill her brother. And she knows that Kirishima has it hard too, because he can’t forget Chiyo and can’t say goodbye to him. But the one which Kirishima wants to hear is her decision. So, after telling it to Kirishima, she tells it to Tooya. That Sayo is loving Ao. She can’t forget him from her head, always thinks about him. Sayo doesn’t know why Ao wants to be a shinigami, but she wants to save him, even if it takes her life. Also, she knows that she likes her brother very much, and the things like that seems like she betrayed Tooya. But Tooya doesn’t acknowledge it as betrayal, it’s a farewell for siblings. Before she leaves, Sayo asks one thing to Tooya, which is why he read the story of ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’. Tooya says it’s because when they knows of shinigami, surely, they will thinks that the blue sky at night will be a beautiful one.

Sayo hugs him, and says there isn’t her brother. There isn’t Toono Tooya from the beginning, means, she already accepting the truth. That’s why, Tooya said she didn’t need to cry for it. Then, Sayo tells him, there is only one shinigami for her. Tooya knows it’s Ao, because Sayo loves him, and will save him. The end is, Sayo says goodbye to Tooya (her fantasy) and he goes away from her life, leaving Sayo crying.

Sayo comes to clock tower and meets Ao. She won’t kill him, but she knows she will die soon. It’s just that, Ao is questioning why in the end of her life, Sayo choose to go see him. She tells him, it’s because she wants Ao to kill her.

While grabbing the sword to try killing Sayo, Ao says she is stupid ‘til the end. Sayo agrees with that, but she asks one last question to him, about the reason he wants to be a shinigami. Ao answers, it’s because he is nothing, always alone. Everyone feared his hair, his eyes, don’t want to get close to him, can’t laugh, and all of it, they always calls him shinigami. And the important is he just wants to be nothing, because shinigami is like that.

That makes Sayo understand him, to be kill her means he will be save. Also, she says because of that, they are similar. Ao asked what was the similarity, because they hair and eyes color were different. Sayo agreed with it, but she explained of her fearness toward the end. She feared the end, and that’s similar to loneliness. Also, she is happy when Ao says it’s not her fault if it will end. That’s like she is saved by Ao’s words. Then, they goes on journey through many stories. If any of it end, that is “the end”.

Now, Ao says to himself to becomes a shinigami. He had save Sayo from her loneliness. This time, it’s her turn to save him from his own fantasy.

The talk between Ao-Saya:










There’s a scene where Ao asked a little girl, who is her. She says she knows him, despite he doesn’t know her. The girl asked if he didn’t remember it. Then, little Ao said he remember, he wanted to hear the girl’s name. When she asks the same thing, the boy is halt to answer it…

Sayo says it’s the time to stab the sword to her heart, because she doesn’t scared of him. It makes Ao asks her why, and she answering, it because she loves him, with a smile.

After that, Ao released her. Sayo coughing, but she is glad she can say that she loves Ao. Then, a tears comes out from Ao’s eyes. He asks Sayo why that thing can comes out that time. But Sayo just tells that he is the most person to know it, because he doesn’t want to kill Sayo.

That makes Ao can’t kill her. But, if he couldn’t do it, then what would become of him? Not a human, not a shinigami. Sayo says she knows him, about what he likes (book, sushi), and doesn’t like. She begins telling him of what Tooya has said, that they are need each other. Ao saves her from fearness of the end. That’s why, he doesn’t need to be a shinigami, because he is himself. Ao realizes that, he is himself.

But Sayo’s life is coming to an end. Ao is apologizing for all of her sadness. But she won’t say that it’s Ao’s fault, that her life is taken. And her last word is, she is glad to be able to travels with him, because the world she sees with him is a beautiful one. This time, Ao said to her to not die. The thing is, Sayo already found the most beautiful word in the world, but Ao already knows it… As she says that, she begins closing her eyes, with someone calling Ao’s name.

Ao takes her to his chest. While doing that, he asks Sayo to tells him what kind of stop is that. As he keeps it in silence, Ao tells her that he loves Sayo too.

There’s a scene of their past, when Sayo meet Ao for the first time in her rose garden. Little Sayo thinks he is lost, but his eyes and hair color are beautiful. Then, she begins to tells him about the book she has “Shinigami to Shoujo”, asking him to read it together. Because the girl must go, Ao is alone. Then, someone with voice similar to Fushimachi asks him (with his name “イリヤ ILLYA” or what, I don’t know the exact word), what is he doing. Illya tells him, a girl with black eyes and black hair gives him the book. The man tells him to treasure it.

After it, a scene of when Ao first meet Sayo at clock tower (now with his point of view). He is asking why the girl doesn’t scared of him, and she is different from other people. Sayo just know he is a shinigami and asking him the same question as if he will take her life as a shinigami. But Sayo won’t feared if because he just have himself, and because she already said to not be scared with it.


True Ending EPILOGUE

A few children is happy to see Ao and because it’s really interesting to read book with him and the uncle. Ap promised them to searching for books thay like. The children says thanks to him. Not only the child, but all of the people are greeting him now.

He comes to cosmos field (where the isn’t any flower in it) with a bell tolls (Looks like the clock tower already moved in his route). A voice calling his true name (Illya), appeared. It is Sayo, who already can walk outside. She is surprise to see themselves, as she is nearly dying that time. But Ao says he can feel her and it’s not a fantasy. Everytime Sayo hears the word ‘fantasy’, it makes her sad, but has a warm feelings. She can’t remember it, but her tears always comes out. But with Ao in her side, her tears will always stop. And Ao says he will always takes it when she wants it. They are thanking each other as they save each other.

Sayo says she has take a long journey, meets new people, hears many stories. And everyone she meets, always telling her words. Ao also says the same. He has takes on journey with her, searching for the most beautiful word in the world. If maybe it isn’t beautiful for Sayo, but he will keeps thinking like that in his heart. He already found the word and it’s all thanks to their meeting. Sayo said “Illya” again, but he said “Ao” will be fine. Sos he keeps called him “AO”. Then, she asks if Ao will come back to his country. Well, doesn’t have much, but Fushimachi already adopted him. Sayo is really glad she can be with him, although she has thinking that she will follow Ao if he must go. Ao asks if he can always be with her, because he already understand the word. But he wants to understand the side of Sayo that he hasn’t know. Thankfully, Sayo is the same as him. She wants to know more of Ao. Then, Ao says he loves her and so her.


Bad End

When Ao asks if Sayo feared him, she tells him she just loves him with crying. But Ao doesn’t know what love is, and if it has connection to her tears. After it, she realizes something and searching for Tooya, who is not there anymore. She doesn’t want to be alone and end everything.




I don’t know… This seems like Tooya is the main hero, as he is a shinigami, Ao is just a human, who wants to be one. But, I’ll approve, am a bit surprise to know his true identity. I thought he would be a shinigami too (As if, there are two of them, then fighting against each other? No?).

Why can I say that Tooya seems to be more hero than Ao? First, Tooya’s voice can be heard narrating the OP movie. Second, he is the one who always reading about “Shinigami to Shoujo”, the main book in this story and has important role. Third, he is the true shinigami. And fourth, Tooya always loves her since 10 years ago.

Apart from that, Ao can be a hero too. The reason are, he behaves like shinigami, he has meet Sayo way before Tooya (Maybe? Because there isn’t any of the exact timeline), Ao has similarity with Sayo (It is the word Sayo tells him above), and Ao has sad past (which is the interesting part in many stories?).

I can’t prefer Ao or Tooya’s story to be the best since there are many interesting things between their story. It’s a long journey for them too (and for me). At first time finishing Tooya’s route, I thought Ao wouldn’t have anything beside his intention to become a full shinigami. But now, as I know the truth, I can’t say that his problem isn’t serious. Everyone always hates him, don’t wnat to come near him, leaving him behind, and saying him as a shinigami, as if he is a monster or what. That’s why he thinks of himself as one (Remember, people who already called by the nickname, as thief or what, seems to be the thief itself in the end because of the pressure?). Or, maybe he hated everyone who said that, so he wanted to approved himself as one?

Be it is or is not, Ao still have an excellent story and I can say, I like both Ao and Tooya’s route. They are the best. Of course Hinase’s story is good too, as he keeps a secret ’til the end (Oh yeah, we haven’t know what is the ‘fake’ Hinase who knows everything!). Maybe if I have ended just one more route, will it be told? I hope so.. Or, is it just Sayo and her friend? Nah, whatever it will be, I must separating Ao’s review and other’s review because he himself has already too much words.

Also, Fushimachi Haruo is mysterious itself, while he knows most of everything, telling Ao about the time which have stop for Sayo, have known Toota for a long time, know about the shigo time, and all. His voice can be heard both in Sayo and Ao’s past life, while I don’t know if he is really the same Fushimachi.

I don’t know if Sayo’s memories, when she thinks her mother is loving her, is the real one or not. Because in Tooya’s route, the fact is since the beginning, her step mother doesn’t approve of her. But in Ao’s route, there is just one memories of her, which is the first one. Okay, basically, I don’t know if each of it is true and the is not. It’s complicated for me ’cause I’m the type of person who speculates things after it done (No, I’m not a broker or something).

A bit glad that I’m near the end, but sad if I must take out one of the best otome game I’ve played so far. But I must keep going on, isn’t it? Will quickly end it all! Just wait, you TAKUYO, who comes with a long storyline and makes me tired to write the review and play it at the same time (Although it is very very excellent)!!


~ by twentyninenights on August 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “Blue Eyed Shinigami-Ao”

    I was like YES YES YES finally Ao’s route! And Ao’s in casual outfit are stunning.

    Told cha Ao’s not the main character xD Who would’ve thought the brother would be the shinigami?! Completely spin-off lol.

    Ao is so cute, adorable in his own way. He’s like a child in an adult form. He’s like completely in his shinigami cosplay xD

    I havent’ finish reading your post yet will do after im on Ao’s route! 😀 thanks for the LONG REVIEW!!!

    uwaa… I hope you post a CG of this game. IT JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL TO BE IGNORED.

    • I’ll post it when I finished with it. There are some extra story, and a few missing CG and scenes. I’m on to complete it now.

      Ao is like… doesn’t have soul because he always alone. He already feels secure on how he lives like that. It makes him doesn’t care about things too much. After meeting Sayo and a few friends, he learns to know ‘feelings’ more. And yeah, Ao in casual clothe is very cool! Yes, as you told me, Tooya seemed more like the main hero. But whoever it is, they are too precious to not knowing them more!

  2. I actually think Shirayuki (Sayo’s step-mother) actually loved Sayo a lot. She cared deeply for her, but just became obsessed with her own appearance and the fact that Sayo wasn’t her real daughter and was living proof that her husband cheated on her with Tsubaki. You can tell she’s trying to care by combing Sayo’s hair and listening to her talk about her day, until the time she becomes too delusional and locks herself in her own room Orz.

    Hmm.. about and Tooya. I’m not conflicted at all, haha, because I HATED AO in his route. I don’t like his character at all, but I enjoyed his story. He’s the kind of character that I love to hate on, just because I personally don’t like their character and the things they decided. However, from an observer’s point of view and from a story-point-of-view I think his route was very well done especially with all the significance that it had to the plot.

    I think they’re both main characters.. I really wanted to think that Tooya is the main in the end, but I think in truth that there are two. In the Atogaki, Fushimachi reveals that he wrote the book “Shinigami to Shoujo” to save Sayo’s life and grant her happiness and because she became and thought of herself as the Shoujo she needed a Shinigami to complete her. Tooya is a real shinigami and so he fulfills that role, but Ao who thinks of himself as a shinigami also fulfills that role. But that’s a problem, because in the story there can only be one shinigami and so that’s why the two of them had to decide who would be the last one standing.

    I personally love Tooya more than Ao though for all the reasons you said up there~ <3. He was a true shinigami (not necessarily a first because Ao thought of himself as one when he was really small) and he was with Sayo for 10 years taking care of her and loving her. He never tries to hurt her and his utter devotion to her which allows him not to even care about himself if his existence disappears just makes my heart hurt.

    I didn't actually like Ao's reasoning for becoming a shinigami. I thought it was kind of pathetic =_=. He wasn't even really bullied as a child.. I mean I guess I can see that with everyone afraid of him and whispering behind his back, it slowly builds up on him and pushes him to become what they're calling him. But to go to the extent of murdering Sayo who has nothing to do with anything and is only related to the business because Tooya tied his existence to hers makes me RAGE. That and I will forever hold a grudge against Ao for forcing Sayo to have to deny Tooya's existence. GOD I HAVE NEVER CRIED SO MUCH THAN AT THAT SCENE.

    • Sayo’s stepmother is a good person because she wants to takes care of her. It’s just that everyone always compared her to Sayo, that she becomes crazy in the end. She feels abandoned.

      About Ao. I know TAKUYO just using the killing intention to make it more dramatic. Oh well, personally I don’t like guy without words like Ao. So I never mentioned him as the most fav chara. I just like his story and Sayo, about they fulfilled each other’s needed. And look at those CG Ao had, they’re really pretty, made me think they’re the best compared to other chara.

      Apart from that, I think even if Ao isn’t really make sense of what he’s decided since child (come to think of it, he has a really scarry childhood’s thoughts), we can still pity him. Why he can think of a way like that to kill a shinigami as a child? It means, he looks mentally ill.. All in all, even if his story is like that, it still touched my heart from a way TAKUYO make it. Every dialogue they’ve made were really humanistic, like a poem, so we could felt it like ourselves.

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