Blue Eyed Shinigami-Toono Tooya

TOONO TOOYA (Kawashima Tokuyoshi)

CAUTION: This will be long!


Sayo said she like the story about shinigami but she didn’t know for sure. She didn’t hate it, but also not sure if she like it. After finishing his story about shinigami, Tooya asked Sayo of what she thought. She did said it was excellent, about the girl who had journey with the shinigami.

When the girl in her class are talking about shinigami who usually seen at clock tower, Sayo wants to hear about that more. Unfortunately, Natsume Yuuki tells them the class is about to start, so it hasn’t reveal yet. The girls are talking about Natsume, who gives feelings of a young master. Then she meets Ao after school.


Chapter 1

One night, Tooya asked why Sayo was so happy. She told him, she had met shinigami again. Another thing happened after she and Kaho walking around. Kaho asked her if she liked that shinigami, and she agreed to like to meet him.

Tooya was afraid if Sayo met Ao often. She teased him, asking if Tooya was jealous. Tooya is agreeing, if he can, he want to not let her go from his sight. Sayo thinks she doesn’t want to leave her brother because he is the number one person she loves in the world. Tooya says the same thing.

Sayo choses to go to Fushimachi’s store to meet Ao before she head back home. She asks him what book he read now. Ao is reading book about 花の言葉..  He has memorized about 30 of them, but he says it’s just common? She read the book, and finds out the picture of cosmos. While they are talking about it, Sayo asks him to go together to the cosmos field tomorrow and he agrees because he wants to see the real one instead in a book.

Sayo meets Fushimachi and Tomoe on the street, and asking if she can take Ao to go. Fushimachi is really glad she wants to take him, calling it a date. Sayo really surprised that makes Tomoe laughing at her face.

They go on date and finally reaches cosmos field. Ao thinks what Sayo has said is right, the real one is different from book.

Kirishima and Hinase are fighting during lunch break. Sayo asking them if they are friend or not. Hinase is in different class of Kirishima so he doesn’t really know him much. The same goes for Kirishima. But Sayo thought they were friends before… Kirishima refused that.

In this world, Sayo will always believe for Tooya’s words, that what she said after Tooya says he will always love her.


Chapter 2

Sayo prefers to go with Hinase while searching for Tooya because of Louis’ problem. He takes her to his parent’s grave. She doesn’t think much about it.

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Chapter 3

Sayo didn’t do any good at making bentou for the competition. This makes Chiyo apologize for his help. But Hinase says he thinks it’s delicious because it’s made by Sayo. Natsume choose Kirishima’s bentou for it’s chicken karaage. It makes him ask Natsume, if he doesn’t make chicken, then will Natsume choose his bentou? Well, Natsume just saying it’s depend on what he thinks, maybe yes. Sayo apologizing for her bentou, then Hinase shared his bentou to her. She tells her failure to Fushimachi after school.

Ao is asking Sayo if they are friends or not. She answer it yes, but Ao asks again if it’s true, ‘cause they never has anything to be firend-like relationship. She thinks of it again, and maybe no, they aren’t friends. The end of this chapter is same, Wilhelm is disappearing from town.


Chapter 4

Again, the beginning of this chapter is about Sayo and Hinase going on a date despite she doesn’t really want it. At restaurant, Hinase is asking her of what she like. Sayo says it’s her brother, and makes Hinase asking again if it’s a love as family or as lover. Sayo doesn’t know much about that, but Tooya is the person she loves the most in this world. Then again, Hinase says it’s may becomes trouble if it’s a lover feelings, and will be troublesome for her. But she just saying it’s not a problem, even if world doesn’t approve it. This time, Hinase is make sure if her feelings is true or not, with asking her does Tooya feels the same or not. She doesn’t know for sure, and begins to doubt that feeling.

When Sayo, Kirishima, and Chiyo are going home together for the first time, she says she doesn’t really like of it.

Ao comes to Sayo’s house to give back the book he borrowed. Sayo makes fun of him, and of course Tooya doesn’t like her precious sister doing silly things to other.

In the morning, Kaho asks Sayo to make bentou together in Sayo’s house. She confessed that actually her true intention was to go to Sayo’s house (and meet Tooya). Another day, Sayo gives her bentou to Ao (who’s been at school). At that time, Ao says he can’t eat of what he doesn’t want to eat. But he says Sayo’s bentou is delicious.

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At last, Kaho comes to Sayo’s house to make bentou together. But sadly, even if the other day Tooya wants to be in the house, he are going somewhere that day because he is changing his mind (And again, Kaho can’t meet him as in Nanaki’s route). Before telling Hinase’s grandma about the truth, Sayo is nervous. So Kirishima tries to makes her calm. Ao is asking for the matter.

Remember Sayo got a book at clock tower? She felt nervous and couldn’t open it. She met Ao at the port again. Ao said to her, she must choose whether she want to open it or not. Also, he thinks Sayo’s being is really bright, really gives beautiful feelings. Not so long after their conversation, Tooya came to take her home. He said, losing someone must be hard to her. It makes Sayo cries, telling that she doesn’t want him to leave her.


Chapter 5

Sayo and Tooya are going to the park. The event last day still makes her thinking hard. She doesn’t want Tooya to leave her, because she loves him. Tooya too, is loving her so much. But he said, he wouldn’t leave her, but what about her? His being is for Sayo but Sayo isn’t just for him… Then, Ao comes to their place. A siblings children (of brother and sister) says they want Ao to play with them and 返信! Like, if he’s hero. Ao doesn’t want to do it if he can’t read book, but the sister brings it, so he agreeing. The brother and sister said, Sayo was like a princess, who’s been touched by a bad person (based on their book?). It seems, Tooya realized it’s about him. Tooya lets the siblings takes his sister for playing.

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The rest are same, with Kirishima searching Hinase to studying then finds him in the field. Sayo doesn’t think much of Kirishima when Hinase asking about it.

It’s holiday, so Sayo wants to go on a date with her brother. He agrees of that. Because Sayo wants to holding hands too, Tooya must following her wish. They reminiscing about the first time Sayo goes out  from the main house, the first time she can feel the outside world. But actually, Sayo doesn’t feel like she change much because Tooya always be beside her.

Sayo brings Tooya to the field. It’s really beautiful and Tooya wants Sayo to be happy. For that, he asks her what is the meaning of happiness for her. Sayo says it’s when she is beside her beloved one. That makes him glad, he doesn’t want to look at her crying again. He said, Sayo was the precious person he had. He will give his body, his heart, his everything to her. But he thinks Sayo is different. The words makes her revealing that she loves Tooya too, so she will give everything of her to him too. Tooya is a bit aware of that, but he apologizes for not believing Sayo’s words at the moment.

They comes through clock tower and meeting Ao there, as he wants to return the book. Sayo gave him whatever he wanted to eat, which was sushi. And Ao said, the most thing he like from that was toro salmon. Tooya knows Ao already changed, because in the beginning, usually Ao will says whatever. But now he can says he wants sushi.

After eating, Ao asks Sayo in her room about the book. She hasn’t open it yet because her heart says so, despite she knows it’s just a book. She is afraid if she open it, everything will end. Tooya comes in, afraid if Ao has saying something terrible for her. But it’s not like that. Ao just wants to borrowing book. Tooya suggested to the “Toono Tooya” book, that got commented by Ao, that he had some nerve. Ah, it isn’t so much embarrassing, because the book is about story of autumn.

Tooya asking Sayo to take a walk again the next day. When Ao wakes up (he sleeps in Sayo’s house), he may not be the person who wakes straightly. He says, Fushimachi maybe doesn’t worry about him. Speaking of Fushimachi, Tooya remembers that it already takes a long time to not meet him. So they are agreeing to go to Fushimachi’s place. Before they goes out from home, Tooya says, “お姫様、どうかお手を”. It makes Ao says to them, there aren’t like a siblings, but rather a lovers.

Sayo apologizing to Fushimachi because they lets Ao sleeps in their house and makes Fushimachi Worried. But the problem for Fushimachi is he’s worried because Sayo is a girl and Ao is a guy. Sayo said it’s fine, moreover, there was Tooya too. Hearing that name, Fushimachi is a bit surprise ‘cause it’s long time to meet Tooya again. Then, they wanted to go walking around, but sadly, Ao wanted to go with them too (and makes Tooya a bit down).

the place is not here

Tooya says he just surprise Ao wants to go, because he thinks Ao will prefer reading book. Suddenly, Sayo sees Chiyo around, that it seems he wants to look at sakura tree. Tooya can’t see him, just wondering who is the one named Chiyo. Eventually, the conversation about Chiyo changes to a mouth fighting between Tooya and Ao that makes Chiyo thinks they aren’t really friendly. The four of them are going to the field.

Tooya and Ao are taking a walk around separately, leaving Sayo and Chiyo there. Chiyo says that place is really makes him feeling nostalgic for some reason. Plus, his first meeting with Kirishima was at that place too 10 years ago. He began telling Sayo about his past with Kirishima and said, now, Kirishima was ツンツン but then in the past he was more like that (but also very cute). When Chiyo says he is glad to meet Kirishima in the first place, he thinks he is weird because they are always together. But Sayo won’t laugh at it, rather, she tells him it’s common to feels happy, talking about the person they loves. Chiyo thinks he and Sayo are similar to that. She promised to him, they will come to that place again.

Sayo is having an illusion, like, someone is calling her name. She wants the person to always loves her, hugging her. Suddenly, when she awakes, Tooya is there, calling her name. There are Chiyo and Ao already at the field, waiting for her to wake up. Something is troubling Ao, he is asking Tooya of what wil happen if the night comes. Tooya said, like morning was a beginning, night may be an end. It seems like a story, Ao thinks.

While they are walking to go home, Chiyo can feels Kirishima’s presence. He really comes to there. Tooya is feelings left behind because he can’t see Chiyo. But he said he would believe everything Sayo had said, about ghost or something. Then, he begins introducing himself (it’s a late, because Chiyo already with them since morning). Chiyo is happy and thanking Tooya for that. But Kirishima said, Tooya couldn’t hear him. So, Chiyo calls “Nanaki, Nanaki” for Kirishima to explains his feelings for Tooya.

Before she goes to bed, Sayo comes to Tooya’s room. There, he tells her not to get too close to Chiyo because he doesn’t want to look at her sadness. Because Chiyo isn’t human and can’t be happy like a human. Then, if it’s like that, will it works for shinigami too? Because Tooya tells them about an end of story. Well, Tooya couldn’t answer that straightly.

At class, Kaho gives her corsage with a white flower. But she maybe not studying for that. In the break time, Hinase, who looks at it, asking of what flower it is. It seems like a rose, but it’s not. Suddenly, while feelings weird in her head, Sayo can hear Kaho tells it’s a tsubaki flower. Natsume almost finds out about Hinase’s real being, because he feels the difference. But Kirishima quickly tells Hinase is always like that from old times.

Chiyo and Ao are going to the library in Sayo’s school. The teacher there (who just can see Ao) is saying the two of them are ラブラブ form LOVE. Ao doesn’t know about that, and asking why she must saying it twice? Sayo explains that it means they are really so much in love. Because Ao is seems to talking to someone, other than Sayo, the librarian is wondering if there’s someone besides them…

Chiyo tells Sayo that she is cute. It seems, Sayo doesn’t really like people saying that because whenever she looks at her face, it remembering her of her mother. That’s why instead of cute, Chiyo will says she is like a sakura. She almost crying for that.

At the way home, Chiyo asking her if she have a fight with Tooya. Sayo revealing, it’s just a difference in thoughts. Then, Chiyo is calming her, telling he and Kirishima is always fighting like that too. And surely, Sayo and Tooya must be have a same feelings. Ao is asking Chiyo, why he can saying things that other can’t? Maybe it’s because he isn’t human? But Chiyo tells Ao, that the reason is, he always looks at Sayo (and go blushing after it). Ao begins to thinks that if people are always watching other, than he shall understand of the person he is watching… This will have it long until Chiyo says it’s better to speaking the words someone has to the people they wants to hear it. Then Chiyo leaves first.

Before arriving at Sayo’s house, Ao is asking about Chiyo’s words. Sayo explaining to him, Chiyo wants to tells them it’s better to speak of what inside their mind. Then, Ao asking, what words she will tells to Tooya.. Sayo says she wants to give everything to him. But she doesn’t feel too good about it, that makes Ao asking her, if it’s enough. Because Tooya gives everything to her, explaining of the world she is in now. Sayo is thankful for Ao’s words. She will tells her feelings to Tooya.

At her home, the lamp is off. She can hears Tooya saying sorry to her. When she lights on the lamp, Tooya seems to be in vain, that he thinks Sayo hates him. Sayo said she wouldn’t hate him. Her words makes Tooya happy, because she is his precious person. It makes Sayo wondering what the meaning of his word.

That day, Kaho is teaching Natsume and Sayo how to make beads accessory. Sayo is asking Natsume of what work he has now. He doesn’t want to tell them, but it’s not that long for him to answer that he works as Wilhelm now. After Natsume is ready to go, he is shouting of surprise in front of the door because Ao is there. But of course Natsume must hurry to go.

Ao comes to Sayo’s classroom, asking about the accessory. He wants to try making it too, but Kaho is giving him rude answer. After he says thanks to Kaho for letting him trying, Kaho is changing her usual speech. She is gladly to tells him.

After Sayo comes home, she brings a cup of tea for him, while he is working. Nothing happened.

In the morning, Kaho asking her what kind of dream she had. Sayo told that she had a dream of cosmos field. Kaho is seeing Kirishima and wants to surprise him, but he knows of that. Hinase is telling them, they are going to be late.

At the break time, Kaho is angry to Natsume because her waffle is gone. Of course Natsume is angry because he doesn’t do it. Hinase just saying Natsume musn’t do that kind of thing. But everyone knows he is the culprit. Suddenly, Kirishima asks if she meets Chiyo recently or not. But Sayo is back asking him about that. So, Kirishima can determine that Chiyo is missing. Kirishima has meeting with Ao and Sayo at the library. Ao says he can’t feel Chiyo’s presence anymore.

Tooya is worried about Sayo because since she comes home, she’s been in her room. She asking him, why he says that to Chiyo, about it’s better not to get too close to him. And, about now, if she is being fault here. But Tooya says she isn’t at fault at all.

Kaho comes near her at the corridor. When they meets Kirishima, he says quietly to Sayo that Chiyo isn’t here anymore then goes with his friend. Suddenly, she feels in bad condition so everyone, including Kaho, are worried about her. After that, she asks Sayo to makes accessory together. A few girls are wants to do it too, and unexpectedly, Kaho happily welcome them.

It makes Sayo a bit sad, that Kaho, who doesn’t have another friend before, begins to have it. The sound in her heart telling her, it’s all her fault. She begins remembering about her past, of her mother, who always angry at her. Suddenly, the glass window is broken. But fortunately, there’s Kirishima who saves her. She sees her old house, begins saying to forgive her and she is a bad child, that’s he is a witch. So it’s better if she has no one loving her. And because of that, she doesn’t want her mother to leave her.

When she awakes in a room full of white, she hates it. She hates white color. There are Kirishima and Chiyo, but Kirishima can’t see him. Bit by bit, Chiyo’s body is disappearing. After the nurse teacher has gone, they begins talking about it. Chiyo says he will disappear completely, not only by Sayo, but Kirishima too. For that, Sayo takes him to a walk alone with Kirishima’s approval.

During the walk, Chiyo said he was happy at that time, he could be with Sayo. Sayo is really sad after his disappearance. Not too long, Ao comes and says it’s sad because this is the end. It makes Sayo asks why he knows that thing. He says, it’s because he is a ‘shinigami’.


Chapter 6

It’s been a week since Sayo goes to school that makes Kaho and Hinase worried. It’s raining too lately, makes Hinase hates it. Kaho says there isn’t anyone answering phone call, or goes out from the house. It seems Sayo hates her now. In her dream, she sees Sayo becomes black more and more, then disappearing. Hinase goes from there because he hates raining. Then Natsume tells to Kaho that it’s not her fault. It makes Kaho saying thanks to him, despite she doesn’t like raining and feeling lonely too.

It’s rare to see Kirishima comes alone to Fushimachi’s store. He comes to meet Ao. Ao says, it’s not like Kirishima doesn’t know why she isn’t going to school. Well, Kirishima knows it’s because Chiyo has been friend with her, and also about ‘fake’ Hinase Mitsuru disappearance. But it’s too much for that. Ao says, it’s futile for them to searching answer alone, because there are just meeting her this few times. There is one person who knows all of her problem, which is Tooya. But Kirishima says Tooya is hard to find.

Then, Ao begins telling him, maybe Sayo is afraid of the end. Like, the end of the story, where all are disappear, leaving the hero alone (which maybe is Sayo, as Ao speaks). If it’s end, then the story is end too. He tells to Kirishima that he is a shinigami, means the end. Ao said, Chiyo had disappeared. But Kirishima said it’s not his fault. It maybe wasn’t Ao’s fault, but he was a shinigami, the end, as he said “私は終焉だ、私は終局、私は終幕だ、私は終章だ、私は結末だ– I am Death, I am ultimate, I am the closure, I am the final, I am an ending”. Thanks to meet Ao, Kirishima wants to go meet with Tooya. He asks if Ao wants to go too. But he said he was a shinigami. Of course Kirishima wouldn’t think about that, he wanted to hear Ao’s answer, not shinigami.

In Sayo’s room, many many times, Tooya calls her name. She is wondering, why that girl’s name gets called like that in her dream.. But he tells her she is precious to him. Tooya kissed her on the bed while she’s asleep..

A story of one woman who has rose garden in her house, is in love with a man, and have a wedding with him. She knows after their wedding, the man has another woman. Then, some time later, there’s someone who  brings a baby of the man. Wants it or not, she must keeps the child, while hating the woman.

A few years later, the girl has grown weak and often sick, calling the woman “mother”. She has grown by love, even the woman is loving that girl too. But the man hasn’t come back yet. Someday, someone says the girl is cute, nothing look a like to her mother. When she told her that to her mother, the woman said it’s because she looked like a princess. Then, the girl thought the mom was a princess too, from the book she read..

The woman is loving her daughter, but she begins wondering, what other feelings than that she have. Oh right, a voice of someone who looks like Fushimachi Haruo is there too, always supporting the woman.

A few days later, the girl said to her mom that her father had bought her a new doll. The woman begins doubting (that everytime she asks a mirror, who is the most beautiful in the world, which always been herself) herself, then knowing the mirror choose the girl (I think everyone choose her daughter).

She always dresses in white. From that time on, the woman knows everyone always saying things exactly different from they has in heart. She begins hating the girl.. Until one time, she shouting at the girl that he isn’t her mother. When she asks to the mirror, about who is the monster in this world, the mirror says it’s her. She broke the mirror due to madness. Her hands are hurt, and everyone panicking, brings her to hospital. The girl doesn’t want to leave behind. In her heart, the woman wants the girl to be happy, wanting someone to save the girl from witch.

As the girl is crying, a voice (similar to Tooya) asks her why she has been crying. It’s because her mom already gone, she is sad. She compares it to the book about a witch who killed a princess. When the voice asks her if she is the princess, the girl says she is the witch instead. She is better be a witch, because if she the witch, the princess (life) won’t be ended. She doesn’t want it to be end. But the voice says, if it’s end, then, everything is gone. If the girl is sad, then he will too, because she is his precious person.

The story back to Sayo and Tooya together in a black world. She knows it’s her brother’s voice. He will always be beside Sayo, and Sayo won’t need anyone beside Tooya. She wants Tooya to be always beside her.

Sayo wakes up in her room, with Tooya beside her. She says she loves him and always be with him. Tooya says the same thing.



Sayo goes to school again and makes Kaho so happy to meet her. At break time, Hinase told Sayo about Kaho, who was worried for her. It makes Kaho embarrassing. Kirshima asks her if her brother is in home, because when he comes yesterday, there is no one open the door. Unfortunately, Sayo is always sleeping so she doesn’t know. But the thing besides her coming to school is, her body is sick, always coughing like the old time. When Sayo and Kaho are walking home together through the clock tower, she asking Kaho if she is happy to go home together. Kaho says, it’s a usual thing and will do it everyday.

After Kaho left, Ao came and asked Sayo, “Why the clock is always stop?” He said, Sayo understood this. But Sayo tells him, she doesn’t know about that. He changed the question with, “Why Sayo always  thinking about the reason of the stopping clock?” She still can’t answer. Later, Ao says when they meets here, a miracle happens. He asks Sayo to go near him. But Tooya comes soon. To Tooya, Ao asking him since when he knows it? But Tooya doesn’t answer it and just bringing Sayo home.

He lets her sleep on his lap. While doing that, Sayo thinks Tooya’s face is beautiful and can doesn’t mind to always look at it. Of course Tooya doesn’t like to being beautiful. He wanted her not to get close to Ao again. Then, Sayo is talking how exciting the school life is, but there is no Tooya at there. She wants to be with Tooya.

A story from her past again. The voice (Fushimachi?) asks her if she like her brother and she says yes. But she’s been thinking why everyone hates her brother.

Kaho makes her bentou and she eat it. While doing that, Hinase speaks of her house life. Quickly, Sayo says she doesn’t know much about that because she always with her brother. She begins coughing again and leaving them for a moment. Natsume is asking if Toono’s house just have one daughter or not. Everyone didn’t know that.. The conversation is changing to how her brother looks like. Kirishima said it was similar to Sayo, so everyone knew it was ‘イケメン’!

While remembering about her past again (Sayo wants her brother to loves her), Fushimachi comes to her under clock tower. He knows lately, Sayo is sick. She is asking why the clock is stopping. But Fushimachi says, it’s because it’s already broken. It makes Sayo wondering, if it is break, then will it end? Fushimachi says it’s not if it’s gets repaired. But he doesn’t know if the clock will be repaired. Also, he doesn’t know why the clock is stop at that time. 11:45. SHINIGAMI TIME. It’s also the end time. It means, the end of day? 45 means しご, has feelings of 死期.

This makes her remember about Ao. Fushimachi agrees. He says, Ao hasn’t come to his place anymore, but he won’t be worried ‘cause Ao is a shinigami.

In her house, again, Sayo is sleeping on her brother’s lap. She wanted to answer the question Tooya had asked her in the beginning (Prologue), about what she thought of shinigami. She thought shinigami wasn’t scary. Then Tooya told her, it’s the same thing she said 10 years ago. That makes her wondering, why she keeps forgetting of what she said  a long time ago. But Tooya will always remember her words.

That night, she dreams of shinigami. Then, seeing weird things floating in her room, like a golden fish. She keeps seeing it even after Tooya comes to her room, or even outside at the house with Kaho (She can’t see the thing). She speaks about that to Kirishima. And.. he can see that things too. So they are talking about it, and Kirishima makes conclusion about Sayo can see a fantasy. But Sayo says it’s all might be a dream too.

A story from the past, where Sayo didn’t want to go eating outside the room because Tooya didn’t want to make other people said bad things about Sayo (because everyone is badmouthing him). So little Sayo brings the food to their room, but it’s fine for Tooya to just seeing her eating. After that, Sayo wants him to read a book, and this time, it’s Tooya’s book.

It feels for Sayo, reading the book makes her can feel everything, as a sound or light. It gives knowledge about people, places she never heard of. It feels like having a journey. She loves Tooya’s story.

Sayo awaken from sleep, and realized the white golden fish thing just a dream. She saw a dream inside a dream.. She asks if Tooya has a dream too. He had it, a dream when he talked with Sayo. A person he treasures…

Sayo seeing a dream again. Now, there seems she is in the water, with bubbles floating. She tells Kaho that this day sky is very beautiful. At lunch break, Kirishima is mad at her because she isn’t listening to what he said. Everyone knows he and Sayo have a meeting yesterday. She begins realizing something weird. She must be in a dream (But I thought it’s weird if she could remember the yesterday’s action). She feels it and comes back to her world. Everyone are so worried about her. Kirishima brings her to infirmary.

The nurse teacher is waking her up and asking of her condition. The teacher says she can’t call her house, but it’s fine to Sayo. It makes the teacher wondering, if she and her parent not really close. Also, she asks of Sayo’s mother. Sayo tells her the truth, that her mother already gone long time ago. She just need her brother now.

When she is going back home, a two people (white and black) are talking about her. Sayo wants to talk to them, but they don’t believe human can hear their voice. Because of that, Sayo really speaks to them, asking what kind of being are they. The two were surprised for that and began speculating why she wasn’t in school.

They are following her to the house. For what Sayo had said earlier, if they were a fairy or that was a dream, the two were laughing at that. Because, she knows about them, and they knows about her.

Sayo comes home and asking Tooya if he will believe of everything she said, as for the dream she had. Tooya said he would believe everything she said (while unbutton-ing her blouse?).

The dream of when little Sayo wants to makes Tooya smile. Tooya won’t do it, but when Sayo orders him to call her name, and he does it, he smile. Sayo is happy to see that. She brings Tooya to the rose garden, and saying it’s beautiful. While go to there, Sayo remembering he rmother and begins crying. But Tooya is the one who cried for her. Sayo hugs him. Tooya said he will always be her ally and be with her. Their time together gets interrupted by a maid who comes to brings Sayo to a doctor.

After the past, Sayo awaken in school’s ground and meeting Kirishima. She said she was looking at the rose in the ground but Kirishima said it’s not rose. Whatever it is, she must not touch it. And he wants to meet Tooya, so Sayo lets him comes to her house after school. Unfortunately, while Sayo must brings the trashbag, she touched the flower, and everything is black. Kirishima quickly comes to her and mad because she touched it. But it’s not long, because he comes there to brings her bag.

As she and Kirishima are walking to Sayo’s house, Kirishima reveals that he can see the blackout she has after touching the flower. The scene isn’t scared for Sayo, instead it gives a calm feeling. She coughing again.

When Sayo already in front of her house, she can see people comes to her house. They were Sayo’s father people, coming to brings her back to his house (Because school contacted him). Tooya comes to her and Sayo apologizing.


結末 ED

Sayo refused to go and tells Tooya, she tells to him that she will protect him. To makes them go away, she hurted her hands with a piece of glasses. The man is leaving for now, with his word about her father is loving her, because she is his only daughter. Sayo won’t believing that.

After the man leaves, she cries, calling for Tooya. For the incident, Tooya wants Kirishima to leaves first and he agrees. Tooya then brings Sayo to her room.

He asks why she can do that thing. Does it hurt or scared? Sayo is scared and feeling hurt, but it isn’t the matter if she is being separated from Tooya. Tooya too, is loving her, but he is sad if Sayo is hurted. Sayo knows it and she agrees not to hurt herself again.

In the morning, Sayo asks her brother of what will they do from now. But Tooya is giving back the answer, so Sayo tells she wants to go on a journey with him, meeting new people, knowing another place. Tooya thinks it’ll be great to go on journey. To do that, he will be back to the old time, when they are meeting each other for the first time. Because they haven’t know anything at the present, and because it’s great to fall in love to Sayo again.

While Tooya is making her food, she opens the book from Hinase. It’s about the shinigami she has heard of. But it seems it’s from 10 years ago. She is confused, if Hinase is knowing the truth. And remember of what Hinase had said, “君は魔法にかかってるお姫様だ。僕はその解錠の方法お知ってる。だけど、お暇様。その言葉は君お壊してもうかもしれない。言葉に気おつけて。僕のように全ての言葉が真実がどうかは分からない。嘘吐きはすぐ傍にいる。”

The wound on her hand is open again after she doing the bath, so Tooya makes a new bandage. She begins coughing hard again. Tooya is sad for her and apologizing for him, can’t do anything about it. But Sayo won’t think like that, she is happy because Tooya always protects her. Sayo begins looking at her past again, when she is crying because her doll is gone because of someone. She wants that person to just die. But Tooya calming her, saying his protector is near her.

Awaken form the past side, Sayo realizes there will be someone coming to them again soon. She doesn’t want to leave Tooya. For that, Tooya will brings her to a journey. Before that, Sayo is thankful of Hinase’s book and the key to clock tower in her hands.

She and Tooya are going inside the clock, while she is having a dream of her, go on a journey with shinigami. Tooya wakes her up until they reach the clock system at the top of it. She is crying for happiness. Sayo wants to stay awake, so she can make conversation with Tooya. And she is wondering why Hinase gives the place to her. It makes Tooya a bit jealous hearing it. But Sayo is really thankful to him.

Sayo wants to rest a bit before going to a real journey, to a south place. Tooya said his feeling, to go to east. Well, whatever place they will go, Sayo will happy if she go with Tooya. When they looks at the outside, they are seeing sakura petals all over it. Tooya can see it too this time.

At night, where there is no light in there, suddenly Tooya makes her look at another fantasy, a light from the lamp. Sayo is wondering about the light..

Kaho and Natsume are talking about their worried over Sayo. Not too long, Sayo is calling her and bring sher to library room. She will go on a journey with her brother and saying it to Kaho. Because she doesn’t want to leave her beloved one. Kaho is crying, because she won’t have any friend again. But Sayo tells her, she will make friends even without her. Even if Kaho won’t be happy to separate from Sayo, she doesn’t want to makes her crying because of feeling guilty. She lets Sayo leaves as if they will never meet again.

She wants Kaho to brings Kirishima to the library too. At first, Kirishima doesn’t believe she is doing that, but Tooya comes and apologizing for not being able to speak with him. They are shaking hands before leaving.

When night comes, Tooya says he thinks the color of night isn’t black, but blue. They remembers of Ao’s words, when he asks of night’s color. Sayo remembered, Tooya said night was the end, so blue was the end. Tooya approved that. Then, Sayo says she likes blue too, the color of Tooya’s hair and eyes, the color of night.

They are going through wood and comes to the town. Tooya asks her if she hates her father because he doesn’t believing Sayo’s words. It’s not like that. Tooya says, Sayo knows her father is loving her. But she wants to knows about real love too. The real love as she and Tooya has. She is coughing again.

They comes back again to clock tower. There, they did it (you, know, ‘it’). From now on, everything of Sayo is for Tooya, and everything of Tooya becomes Sayo. Tooya said he is hers now, and will do anything for her. He can be everyone as she wishes, as brother, as friend, as lover.

Urgh… Almost a R18 CG… But… it’s beautiful

Suddenly, Ao comes as shinigami. Tooya is asking of what purpose he has. But Ao tells that he already knows it. TOONO SAYO’s LIFE WILL END SOON. Tooya’s magic will end. Ao knows everything of it. But Tooya won’t allow it, he will kill Ao instead.

Ao is a shinigami. If he has taken Sayo’s life, he will be a full shinigami. Because of that, Tooya is asking him for the reason he wants to be a full shinigami. It’s because Ao wants to be the end.

Also, another things get revealed. If Sayo is gone, then Tooya will too. It’s because he is Sayo’s life. Means, he is a fantasy she created, there is no ‘him’ from the beginning…………….

The real story of the past: Sayo’s father introducing her to her ‘real’ mother (well, it seems no), and she refused that. The ‘mother’ is telling that she doesn’t know her too. Sayo is coughing after that, and the step mother is feeling she is filthy.

In her room, Sayo is reading a book about shinigami. Suddenly, she saw a man with black coat (with Tooya’s voice). He is a shinigami. But Sayo is not afraid of him, because she wants to meet him always. She asks the same thing at the beginning of this game, “If you are shinigami, then will you take my life?”. He answers “If I am a shingami, then I’ll take your life.” Sayo asks him again, if he takes her life, will she can see her mother? Even the shinigami doesn’t know that. Then, she says it’s the end of her journey for that time, because she is searching for a beautiful word. For that, Sayo is asking him if he can spare her life until her journey end. The shinigami doesn’t approve it, because he afraid if the girl will run away. Then, Sayo will take him on her journey. She will give him her soul after she died.

The Shinigami in Black

Because Sayo really want it, the shinigami will stop the time for her not to death. She wants the shinigami to always be near her also, because she knows the shinigami wants to searching for it too, the most beautiful word in the world. When Sayo asks his name, he says a shinigami doesn’t have one, so she will give him name based on a book of shinigami who travels to 10 十countries with a girl. So, his name will be 遠野十夜 (Toono Tooya, from 10).

Sayo awaken from her memories in shinigami’s hands. She knows the shinigami will take her life. She feels happy, because the shinigami always be beside her, protecting her. Even if Sayo looks at him as brother, but the shinigami isn’t. He is a shinigami. He realizes that he already hurting her many times, that he cries for it. Sayo says his tears are beautiful but he is the one who wants to say it to her. He realizes, after following the girl’s journey, whom he must her life, he begins to feels himself as “Toono Tooya”. Laughing and crying with her, not as shinigami anymore. He isn’t a shinigami, nor a human, but Sayo will see him as Toono Tooya.

Shinigami asks her, why she isn’t wun away from him, so she will stay alive. But Sayo says she is in love with him, then asking if he will grant her wish to live, as she has comes to an end of her life. The shinigami wants her to live but Sayo says she has knows the most beautiful word in the world. Hearing that, the shinigami says he still want to go on a journey with her forever, because his love is real.

Kirishima is hurry to the top of clock tower. While he is running there, he remember Tooya’s words tosave Sayo. And Natsume’s words that tells him, Sayo is the only child of Toono’s family. Kirishima already knows that there isn’t Toono Tooya, the man is a shinigami.

When he already comes to the top, there is just Toono Sayo, wrapped in white sheets, like a white dress. But Tooya isn’t there. Ao tells him, Toono Sayo is already dead. Kirishima realizes it isn’t Ao, but shinigami. And the shinigami says he is full now, but also crying. He knows the story of 死神と少女 from the start……………………………………………………………………



Sayo is waking up from a long dream. She wears white dress, then hugging her, is Tooya in white suit. They will be together forever, even after death.


Sayo’s father subordinate brings her to her father. She pretends that she is losing memories, not knowing if her father is truly is. Her father is fine with that. But until her father goes away, Tooya is in there, appearing in her room. They will be together in there, forever.




TOONO TOOYA IS A SHINIGAMI??? Who whould’ve thought that? I thought he wouldn’t be Sayo’s related by blood brother, but he was turned to another thing at the end! I can’t believe it at first, but I must accept it. Also, so far, his ending is the the best of happiness from all (I don’t know about Ao). Well, in the end, Tooya is a character full of surprising moments!!

I can’t stand his R18 scene, but oh right, doesn’t insulting the hatred to him (Because maybe, he is the only one who has those CG. Please, Ao too!). But, the CERO isn’t Z, right>? Of course it means they are so much in love, since they are always together from 10 years ago (not counting time is stop).

Okay, his story is the best so far. I’ll finish Ao’s story quickly now..


  1. i’ve been aiming to play his route (ofc Ao’s too) because he has this ‘very brotheryly aura surround him’ and HIS VOICE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PV IS JUST OMG *0*
    This whole story has become a completely spoiler to me xD Who would have thought that instead of Ao, Tooya is the ACTUAL shinigami or probably the main character in this game.

    Instead of reading your post, I actually skipped a lot of it so that I wouldn’t spoil myself. This game is really intriguing in some sort so I’ll come back to read it again after I’m done playing this game.

    Thanks for the awesome review! Long post is long xD

    • Yes, it’s the reason I’m writing the post. To let other join me in the fangirl world of Shinigami to Shoujo!

      Okay, I’m pretty much thinking Tooya’s voice is cool in the beginning, then when he reading a book for Sayo. But, I can’t say I prefer him because he is Sayo’s brother, and I’m not into incest thing. But the actual identity of him is really surprising. I can’t resist to like his story more than Hinase now. I’m doing Ao and can’t say there’s much improvement in chapter 5 from what I’ve know in Tooya’s route. So, doing his route or Ao’s route first is kind of dilemma. You can’t have any fun in reading something you’ve done whether you choose Ao or Tooya first for chapter 5.

      I’m doing this long one ’cause I really want people to know a lot of it (how the story being told, in what kind of flow it used). But it kills me (and the readers)…

  2. HOLY CRAP. I just finished Tooya’s route last night and… god I’m so conflicted as to who my favourite character is now. I love Hinase’s personality and how brilliant he is, he even managed to place himself as an important character in Tooya’s route by giving Sayo the book.

    Tooya’s route is the kind of setsunai route that I love the best.. extremely devoted men <3! I was so shocked when he revealed himself as another Shinigami. I had already started to suspect that he didn't exist or was a figment of Sayo's imagination because of the reaction of people around her, but I didn't think that he was Shinigami o_o. I thought maybe he was just something created with Shirayuki's dying wish.

    … I don't really know what to write in the comments. Tooya's route was just so great that I'm still in shock and basking in the aftermath, hahaha. I'm kind of annoyed that I STILL don't know the most beautiful word in the world, especially when Sayo was travelling with Tooya specifically to find that word… it'd be weird if it appeared in Ao's route. I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE WORD! I hope it exists or else I'd be annoyed xDDD.

    I really consider Tooya to be the main guy now. He has been with Sayo for 10 years and was the Shinigami that she made a deal with to travel the world together. I'm kind of hesitant to go down Ao's route, because he was such a jerk in Tooya's route.. how could he say those things to him D:! But the curiosity of finding out Ao's story will definitely push me to play it…

    Ahh.. Tooya.. so sad ;A;

    • You’ll know that Ao’s route can get even more shocking. At first, after I played Tooya’s route, I thought Ao wouldn’t have anything anymore except the reason he wanted to be a full shinigami. But the reason is the important thing in it! And may lead to another shocking truth. So, prepare the final person (Chiyo not counted, for me).

      And yeah, Tooya is really mysterious, I even get the same feeling as you, after playing his route. I get difficulty to choose between him and Hinase, because Hinase story is already very good, but Tooya make it an excellent. I mean, Tooya and Ao. It’s really complicated and had many shocking news (truth) to us!

      And that’s why me and allyn said Tooya seemed to be hero-like more than Ao, because of his story like that. But, you’ll know it after finishing Ao’s route, and reading about Atogaki for Kirishima and Fukumachi, the most shocking truth after Tooya…

      • Haha, I don’t count Chiyo as another route either.. just extra or extra Nanaki. Now you’re making me super curious for Ao’s route! I guess I should get started right away then ^^.

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