Blue Eyed Shinigami-Chiyo

CHIYO (Nojima Kenji)

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2. Chapter 3 are same with Kirishima Nanaki


Chapter 4

Kirishima is letting Chiyo goes with Sayo to her class. That time, the lesson is about poem. Everyone must read a poem they chose. Most of all, including Sayo herself, are reading about sakura. Suddenly, Chiyo feels nostalgic, then talking to Sayo that he may like that flower more. At the end of class, Natsume is ready to work part time. Sayo cheered him up, but he seemed bothered because maybe Sayo knew about his work from Kaho. But it’s not like that. Sadly for Kaho, Sayo must go to library again before going home, so she must go home alone.

There’s Ao in the library. She and Chiyo were talking about the ‘fake’ and ‘real’ Hinase Mitsuru, so Ao told her if she want to know the truth, she should go to his house. After the conversation about Hinase, Chiyo is happy, that he knows Kirishima already finished his kendo practice. The words makes Sayo and Ao asks him if he really knows about that. Chiyo explains that since old time, he can tells where Kirishima is at, despite he can see him or no. He always finds Kirishima. But it’s just about Kirishima that he can tell, other people can’t.

It’s true. Kirishima is coming to the library, then talking about going to Hinase’s house. Suddenly, Hinase himself comes to them, and lets them go to his house. The rest are the same conversation at Hinase’s house first visit as in Kirishima’s route. So I won’t write it again.


Chapter 5

After meeting Hinase, who runs away from studying, Sayo and Chiyo are walking home. There, through the tree road, he tells that like sakura. But it’s a bit sad that they just can see the flower at spring.

Sayo, Kaho, and Natsume promised to studying together at library. She meets Chiyo on the way back to library, and talking about how Chiyo thinks her, Kirishima, and Aoa re great people who can see him. Sayo was holding his hands that made him really happy. But they must quickly running before Kaho and Natsume leaves them.

Remember when Chiyo and Sayo wants to come home, but suddenly meeting Kirishima at clock tower after he finished teaching Hinase? Sayo wants him to held her hand like if there’s time to it. Then, similar to earlier, Kirishima is sighing ‘cause there are always men around his life..

Things happened the same, Kirishima can’t see Chiyo anymore. He ran away again from the sad things. Sayo and Kirishima are really worried about him, what’s more, they can’t meet Ao too.

Another day, at night under the clock tower, Sayo and Kirishima finally can meet with Chiyo. He doesn’t want to be alone, because Kirishima already gives up to see him again. That’s why, Sayo thinks she’ll be Kirishima’s substitute. Sayo brings him walking, and at there, Chiyo is worried because he isn’t human. Everyone may thinks Sayo is weird if she talk with him. But Sayo won’t give up. For her words, Chiyo says it can’t if it is not Sayo. He confessed to her then running away again. Kirishima followed her, and saying about Chiyo’s feelings. Chiyo maybe already like her since their first meeting.

The next day, Sayo is at park alone ‘til Kirishima finds her. He says sorry for yesterday’s matter then begins telling maybe his sighting has gone because the reason is already over. He thinks that his sighting may has purpose for something but he doesn’t know for what. And then, it’s already not needed. He first met Chiyo at eight years old, when he could saw things another people couldn’t. Kirishima is not the person who can lie, so for that matter, people will thinks he is weird.

Until he meets an autumn’s miracle. First, he won’t talk to him, but he always see him looks sad alone, so he befriends with Chiyo. Everyday they do playing and talking. He realized that Chiyo really wasn’t a human. Then, 10 years later in autumn, he meets Sayo. Kirishima wants her not to meet Chiyo anymore because he likes Sayo but isn’t a human. Kirishima and Sayo will ages, but Chiyo won’t. There will be time the two of them will leave this world, and at that time, Chiyo will be alone again.

Sayo won’t do that ‘cause she already makes promise with Chiyo. Hearing the words of faithful, Kirishima lets her meet Chiyo again at the cosmos field. Chiyo apologizes to Sayo. He wants to says his true being, but gets stop by Sayo. Sayo doesn’t want him to leave. Then, Chiyo begins telling his feelings, that he thinks Sayo is like sakura. He is glad to finally meet sakura. He wants to ask Sayo of her feelings.

Sayo doesn’t know if the feelings of love Chiyo has and her are the same. But she just wants to always be with him, in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Chiyo is glad to hear it. But he must leave. Before his leaving, Chiyo kissed Sayo’s cheek. H etold her his meaning of his name. ‘Sakura blooms on Autumn’. COSMOS. He will be back to his true being and always be in that town forever.



A continue from sakura tree and cosmos story. They can’t be together, as spring and winter can’t meet, that it makes him sad.

A scene about someone similar to Chiyo with black hair comes up. He talked to a girl, about this day sakura was so pretty. The girl thought like that too.


That’s really short. Maybe because his route doesn’t feel too important as his problem is similar to Kirishima Nanaki. Although I know his story is sad, that he can’t live together with Sayo, but, I already expected it will end like this. So I won’t cry for that thing. Truthfully, I don’t really like his type. The childish type. Yeah, but I guess his story is sad and tragic, a serious matter, so I forgive him. His route is really too short and I’m having a break in here before Tooya and Ao. A good fact about that. Not makes much impression to me…

Next is Toono Tooya. I expected there would be much secret, so… SPOILER a lot?

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