Blue Eyed Shinigami-Kirishima Nanaki


Chapter 1

The prologue, chapter 1 are still the same as Hinase Mitsuru, so I won’t write more. Just a bit different in answering choices.

Kaho remembering Kirishima’s name because it sounds cute for a guy. Before meeting Tomoe and Fushimachi on the street, Sayo comes to kendo club room and scared for their barbaric practice? When at lunch time, Sayo is asking of their favorite food. Hinase doesn’t have special one, Kaho likes sweet, and Kirishima likes soba. Hinase added that it really suit Kirishima. When Hinase asks about Sayo’s favorite food, she tells them about cup ramen and making them surprise for her unbalance food.

Chapter 2

Sayo follows Louis to searching for Tooya. There, Louis tells her that he doesn’t hate her world. After talking about his world, Louis asks about Tooya, the one who created him. Of course Sayo tells good things about her brother. From there, Louis can tell that his creator is a good person.

They can’t find Tooya and meeting under clock tower. Hinase won’t tell Sayo about the rose he brings before they doing the search for Tooya.


Chapter 3

Despite having teriyaki bentou, Sayo makes onigiri one with Chiyo’s help. In another occasion, Kirishima is mad at Kaho for wanting to make bentou for Sayo.

Sayo saw Hinase with a girl and didn’t feel to know at it. But Hinase keeps insisting to go on a date with her, so she is saying ‘yes’ in the end.


Chapter 4

On Sayo and Hinase’s first date, he asked of what she like of. Sayo answered book, then adding it with her brother. That makes Hinase a bit down, telling her that her brother isn’t everything in this world…

Sayo meets Ao at clock tower again before the H day for Hinase. He tells that he doesn’t have anything to wish for now..

The confession day arrived! Sayo refused to go out with Hinase ‘cause she didn’t love him. That makes Hinase a bit sad to hear that thing comes out from Sayo because he really likes her. But he can’t help to surrender.

For now, Hinase doesn’t come eating lunch together, that makes Kaho wondering. After class, Sayo meets again with Kirishima and Chiyo at the ground, before Kirishima practice kendo. Chiyo tells that he really glad to meet Sayo in the past, and insisting to go home together (of course with Kirishima too).

They really did that. Except that Kirishima is a bit angry for them (Sayo and Chiyo), having riot on his back. ‘cause Kirishima always angry about their conversation, Chiyo says Kirishima looks much cooler when he is quiet. Sayo says he is cool too. That makes him blushing, and Chiyo says there are many cool guys near Sayo. Then, Chiyo asking her if she likes guy with quick temper. She says yes and makes Chiyo happy to hear it because he thinks Sayo and Kirishima really suit together.

After they separating ways, suddenly, Hinase grabs Sayo, cornering her to a wall. His voice and all are changed from the usual (looks much bad). Fortunately, Kirishima and Chiyo quickly comes and saves her. Hinase just wanted to told them, that Hinase Mitsuru was a liar. Of course Kirishima says that it is about himself. Well, they will know the truth later.

Kirishima is angry at Sayo, because she doesn’t run away from that scene. Chiyo calming him, saying Sayo is a girl. He comes to conclusion that they will protect Sayo! In front of Sayo’s house, they are talking about Hinase, which is different than usual (Sayo and Chiyo recognized it). But Kirishima can’t tell it ‘cause he doesn’t know Hinase well.

Tooya looks for Kirishima in the room, who accompanying Sayo to her house. He is happy to see that Kirishima is a kind person.. Then, they are sitting down on sofa again, with Tooya telling her of another story. A story about a traveler who wants to go to a big country. There are two men, telling him about the way. The one who is famous for his nice doing, tells him to take the wood path. But the best liar is telling him not to go there ‘cause there’s wolf in the wood. Of course the traveler picks up the wood one. But turns out, the liar is telling the truth. Sayo thinks the liar is a kind person, and Tooya asking her, whose word will she choose…?

That morning, Hinase is greeting Sayo and Kaho. The event last time, doesn’t make good impression on him (And Hinase is wondering why Sayo glares at him). At lunch break, Kirishima suggestingthem to speak with Hinase. While Chiyo searching for Hinase, Kirishima is talking about his childhood past with Chiyo. When they played hide and seek, Chiyo always found him, that pissed him off.

They found Hinase at class, then brought him to quiet place. He seemed didn’t know about their meeting yesterday. More over, his conversation with Sayo is already over. About him, liking Sayo. It makes Sayo surprise, but Hinase says Kirishima already knows of his feelings. Hinase even invites them to his house, to asks his grandma that he is in home that time. Sayo refused for Chiyo’s protection after they talked about that.

For now, Sayo lets it go. She comes to Fushimachi’s store to talk with Ao about another Hinase Mitsuru. He seems not knowing about that. But Ao suggests to following Hinase’s words, to come to his house for searching the truth. Not long, Kirishima and Chiyo comes too (Okay, Chiyo claims they are coming to ensure of Sayo’s safety, but Kirishima is rejecting Chiyo’s answer). Not as usual, Kirishima straightly says ‘ok’ to come to Hinase’s house (It really surprised Chiyo because Kirishima always rejecting to do other’s business, but Ao said whatever it was, Kirishima always following them).

Chiyo is amazed of how big Hinase’s house is and there’re so many maids in there. They begins telling their own home (Of course each of them has awesome household). After Hinase comes back to the room, his grandma appears. She seems surprise to hear ‘Toono’ name. And after knows there’s Ao, moreover he loses memories, the grandma doesn’t have good impression on them. She leaves for now, and after that, Kirishima really surprised on how Hinase can stands to live with that grandma. Ao says, she looks like a Queen from book..?

Hinase’s house

Hinase brings them to his room, making them look at his photo album. Chiyo is really happy to see the cute child, and saying the old time Kirishima is also as cute as Hinase. Unexpectedly, Hinase agreed on that (and makes Chiyo really surprise). Hinase begins telling his past, about his father who married a woman from another country. And his grandma, who didn’t approve of their marriage, because Hinase’s mother was a commoner (even if she comes from other country). From Kirishima’s point of view, Hinase doesn’t seem to feel sad about his parents.

For the fact that he always at home, Hinase thinks that it is the doppelganger they met the other day? Came to kill him? What a stupid lie, Kirishima doesn’t believe it. On their way home, Ao explains the meaning of doppelganger, and of course Chiyo and Kirishima can’t understand that.

Before Sayo can go in her house, Hinase Mitsuru comes. But he said he wasn’t the Hinase Mitsuru they had met earlier, he was the ‘real’ one. He wants to know the reason of ‘fake’ one to be him. Kirishima asks him, “If he is the true one, why does he hides himself?” Of course the reason is it’s weird if there are two of them, and he hides because he thinks the other ‘Hinase Mitsuru’ will kill him. The ‘real’ Mitsuru just wants to proof that he is the real one, and wanting help from Sayo and the others. They promised to meet again tomorrow night at Fushimachi’s store.

Hinase Mitsuru almost prefers to live at Sayo’s house if Kirishima doesn’t stop him. Well, he has money, so don’t worry about where he spent his night. Ao doesn’t come home yet because he wants to return the book he borrowed to Tooya. And a bit of dinner at Toono’s house. They told to Tooya about two Hinase Mitsurus, but he didn’t seem to easily believe that. He give suggestion to Sayo, that if she wants to know the truth, she must finds out herself.

In the morning, Kaho is talking about making bentou. She noticed Sayo’s eyes was searching for something. Of course it must be Hinase. Suddenly, his voice surprising Kaho and Sayo from behind. In class, Sayo promised to Kaho they would make bentou together.

Back to lunch time. Sayo and Kirishima always talking about Hinase, who doesn’t appear anymore for eating lunch with them (and Kaho is mad at that, ‘cause she doesn’t like Hinase much). To them, Natsume tells it’s better if Sayo calling that person herself, that maybe he will comes. It makes Sayo understands about that, thanking Natsume to tells it.

That night, Sayo meets again with ‘real’ Hinase in Fushimachi’s store. Ao told them the truth, that he always sitting while reading book under the tree in their school. It makes Kirishima surprised, because he doesn’t belong to school and may ‘cause riot again. But he knows, Ao is searching for words.. No, he denied it. He was searching for Tooya, to know about his story. When Fushimachi comes and gives something for Tooya through Sayo, everyone knows of how Sayo really likes his brother. Kirishima said it’s much tension from there. Hinase Mitsuru also gives up.

This lunch break, Sayo invites Hinase too. When she asks about his grandma, Hinase says she is the same loud at usual. That seems like a usual lunch break.

The night is same. They comes to Fushimachi’s store again. Before Hinase comes, Kirishima concludes it all, that Hinase Mitsuru is Hinase Mitsuru since the beginning. It’s because the ‘real’ one doesn’t want to appear in front of the ‘fake’ one. But Hinase tells them, he is afraid if he isn’t the real one ‘cause he isn’t the one his grandma wants. That’s why, he explains there are 3 of Hinase Mitsurus. The real one, the fake one, and the ideal one. He hates the ‘fake’ one for taking everything of him. After Hinase goes from there, Ao makes an idea of using Chiyo to knows the truth (Meaning: stalking!).

In her house, Sayo tells Tooya about all of that, like he is one of the group. Also, she tells that Kaho and her will make bentou tomorrow, so it’s better if Tooya goes away from home.

The next day, Chiyo losing sight of Hinase Mitsuru and apologizing. He almost crying if not stop by Kirishima. Syao thinks, Kirishima is like a dad to Chiyo (that makes Chiyo approved of that). This time, for the first time, Kirishima says Sayo is cute when smiling. This makes her always remembering his words. And before the time she must go to Fushimachi’s store, Sayo and Kaho are cooking together in her house (Sadly, Kaho can’t see Tooya even if she wanted to ‘cause she heard he is cool).

The cooking matter makes Sayo must hurry to the store ‘cause she really is late. After got a drink from Ao, Kirishima mad at her, for not telling them from phone. BUT! He doesn’t have her number…so…Kirishima asking her one. Of course ‘real’ Hinase teasing him, and called him ‘Nakki” instead of ‘Lucky’ (his name is Nanaki, for short Nakki?)! yeah, he doesn’t like it that way and prefer the old one. Chiyo said that was because Kirishima didn’t like his name, “Nanaki” seemed stupid to himself. Ao said it’s just his name, lecturing him, then made a ruckuss about that.

While Ao and Kirishima fighting over name problem, ‘real’ Hinase wants to try Sayo’s cookies. It’s delicious and then kissing Sayo’s cheek. To jokes around, Hinase also asking Kirishima to give his ‘Nanaki’ name to him so he will be the real one. Chiyo is mad at Kirishima for not looking at Sayo well, so Hinase can kiss her…

That break time, Sayo speaks with ‘fake’ Hinase. She wants to go to his house again, and fortunately, he lets her go. When she told it to all in Fushimachi’s store that night, ‘real’ one is glad at Sayo’s plan. Then Ao tells them, a lie is needed in a story, not just the truth.

At the promised day, they were all go to Hinase’s house. Firstly, Sayo told about there was a change in Hinase Mitsuru. This made Yukari really mad at her. Then, she told the truth. With the help of the maid in that house (the maid knew the changes of Mitsuru), the ‘fake’ one knew he was in danger and ran away. Yukari shouted at them, “Where is the real one?!”. Kirishima quickly ordering Chiyo to chase the ‘fake’ Hinase.

They successfully chased him at the port. This ‘fake’ Hinase is ready to go to another country. Before that, he told them about his story, when he first came to this town. He didn’t have anything, then someone told him, there’s a rich grandma who searching for her grandson. He became that ‘fake’ grandson and felt he made her happy. He became the ideal grandson for her.

He thought Sayo would be happy if he go away from there. But Sayo told him that she didn’t know the other Hinase. The one she knew it was ‘this fake’ one. For that words, Hinase is happy then go away with a motorboat forever from that town.

Not long after he go, a woman comes to them, gives them a golden key. She just tells to them that she is ‘fake’ Hinase’s friend. But of course she doesn’t know his true being. That key is the key to clock tower.

They are all comes there, to the high place and reach the wheel of the clock. They are surprised when finding there’s the ‘real’ Hinase, being kidnapped in there and a book. After they releasing him, Hinase is angry at the ’fake’ one for being just running away like that.

The next day, Sayo and her friends are all talking with ‘real’ Hinase Mitsuru. He told them he ran away from home since 2 years ago. When he came back already, he was surprised to see the ideal Hinase Mitsuru, which his grandma easily believed. His heart being hurt like that. So, to gets revenge for what the ‘fake’ has taken, he wants to take that ‘fake’ things too. In that time is when he meets Sayo and the others. He knows after he arrived, his grandma is crying, apologizing so much. But as his true self, he doesn’t want to care about that.

At the library, Sayo, Kirishima, and Chiyo are talking about the ‘fake’ Hinase. He seems is gone forever. This makes her cries. At the end, Kirishima calming her because he is with her..

A story of ‘fake’ Hinase’s past when appearing for the first time in Hinase’s house and when he gives the clock tower’s key to a woman is being told. Then, the first time he meets Sayo, when she is loses her way to library. Hinase wants to call her “ohime-sama” but she feels it doesn’t suit her.

Chapter 5

Before the exam day, Sayo, Kaho, Kirishima, Hinase, and Chiyo are studying in the library (Chiyo is not included, but… he keeps following Kirishima). Kaho and Hinase are suck at it. So Kirishima comes to an idea, of telling him all (because he skipped class 1 and 2, right?) in his house. ‘course Hinase is scared to be alone with him. Kaho too, doesn’t want Natsume Yuuki to be there ‘cause she knows Natsume will joke around her head for not understanding the lesson.

At the sudden meeting with Kirishima at the park (it’s the day when he must teaching Hinase, but he runs away and Chiyo is chasing him), Kirishima asking Sayo to go with him for a while and asking if she has open the book they found at clock tower. Sayo hasn’t open it yet. Then, Chiyo comes to tell them where Hinase is.

They found him already with Chiyo’s help. Hinase did mention that Sayo and Kirishima didn’t dating. So when he asks of Sayo’s feelings, if she doesn’t like Kirishima or not, Sayo’s answer really surprised him. She maybe like Kirishima in awkward places, but not too sure about it. From that, Hinase is asking Kirishima of his feelings towards Sayo. To put it simple, he asks if Sayo is his type or not. He answers that he may thinks Sayo is beautiful, but not his type. His type is ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ one? But Hinase keeps insisting him that Sayo is nearly a Yamato Nadeshiko. Anyway for Kirishima, she is a tomboy for strong attitude, loud mouth, etc.

While Kirishima is forcing Hinase to study, Chiyo walks with Sayo. He apologizes for Kirishima’s harsh words before, but unexpectedly, Sayo is grateful ‘cause she never been tells like that before (I think she is already tired of everyone saying she is similar to a princess). Chiyo keeps saying that Kirishima is at fault. He thinks Sayo is like Yamato Nadeshiko, remembering him of sakura. From that talking, Chiyo comes to an idea of doing hanami in spring with everyone, though Kirishima may already graduate that time.

Sayo asks her brother if she is similar to Nadeshiko, and Tooya just says it isn’t. Everything Kirishima had said, was true for Tooya. This means, Kirishima can see something that can’t be seen (Woah! Tooya can understand people easily like that! Does this mean, something that can’t be seen is including Chiyo?). Something about her father came up to Sayo’s mind. She is breaking the tea cup she used to makes tea for Tooya earlier from the shock. Then, start crying. Fortunately, Tooya will read any stories she wants to makes her calm from his voice.

At the library (they must study for the exam), instead of studying diligently, Kaho just speaks about accessories she wants to make. For completing the lesson that day, Sayo agrees to go out with her and decides to make a bracelet with sakura motif. Finally comes to town, now they meets Wilhelm. But no, the one in there is Natsume, who’s doing his part time job. From there, Sayo asks Natsume to studying together in the library, also to teaches Sayo. He agreed and made Kaho surprised (also scared to be with him).

It’s true. Natsume is always mad at teaching Kaho. While they are studying like that, Sayo goes to a corridor, meets one of kendo club member. She is asking about Kirishima, but apparently, he isn’t coming there. The guy from kendo club asks her if she has dated one of the guy in kendo club before, be it Kirshima or Ao. She just saying she doesn’t date someone, and she isn’t Kirishima’s type. That guy said maybe it’s true. Sayo wasn’t Kirishima’s type, because she was very adult-like. Sayo is surprised to hear that, because she thinks Kirishima’s type is ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’, but the guy says she is too mature.

Back to library room. It’s lunch time, so they decides to go to a restaurant nearby. Sayo meets Chiyo, looking at sakura tree. He said Kirishima was at home, teaching Hinase alone. It’s confusing to Kaho and Natsume, so Chiyo just standing there, talking on himself at restaurant. Suddenly, he says Natsume and Kaho has the same ‘natsu-summer’ on their name’s kanji, and maybe that’s why they are so bright?

After the lunch, they’re back at library. While Sayo reading a book about making accessories, Kaho and Natsume are studying together. At dawn, they finished the studying time and going home separately.

At clock tower, Sayo and Chiyo meets Kirishima. He already finished his teaching time, and sighing because there’s always men near him. Chiyo tells about Kirishima, who is always lives near men. At home, there’s just his mother (who is a woman), at kendo club there isn’t any woman, and now he must teaching Hinase. It’s a men’s life, isn’t it? Sayo too, makes the conversation about she isn’t similar to ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ at all, but there’s one more type of girl Kirishima likes. The tsundere one just said he wasn’t too remember about the type of girl he like.

Suddenly, Chiyo is asking Sayo to talk with Kirishima about watching sakura tree together. Kirishima agreed on that, and then Sayo asked if sakura was the flower he like. Unfortunately, he says he like skaura, but not the most flower he like. He won’t tell it to anyone and keeping it secret ‘til Sayo reaches home.

Tooya goes in Sayo’s room, with thinking to read her a book, but she is busy with making accessory. The next day, Kaho and Sayo are watching Kirishima, who is fell off at nothing. While Kaho laughing at him, Sayo quickly gives him her handkerchief.

At school, Kaho gives her a white flower corsage, that she tells her it’s because Sayo always wearing black that she wants to give it white. For that day, Sayo will go to library and lets Kaho goes home first.

A sudden meeting with Kirishima at library, who gives her back the handkerchief he used another day. Plus, he gives her a cosmos flower motif bracelet. She wears it and really happy about it. Kirishima takes her home. When Sayo asks about Chiyo, he doesn’t know Chiyo’s whereabouts because they have a fight.

A story came up about Kirishima and Chiyo first meeting. Chiyo was really happy when someone could saw, speaking, and touching him. Kirishima just said that he was a little bit different, where he could saw what other people couldn’t. It’s just his grandpa doesn’t want him to show it to anybody. But it’ll be fine if he doesn’t tell it. He asks the man in kimono clothes’ name, but he doesn’t know it. So, little Kirishima will think of his name for now.

The morning comes with meeting Kaho, then goes to school together. She saw Chiyo in front of school gate, but he disappeared. At lunch, Hinase saw the bracelet and asking who gave it. It’s a secret for her. But Kirishima is asking why she doesn’t tell it. Well, Sayo won’t give proper answer for that (Kirishima is stupid?).

In the class, Kaho and Natsume are making accessory together. While Sayo didn’t give answer (of who gave the bracelet), he wouldn’t give it to her too (about who will he give it too). Kaho feels left behind..

On her way home, Sayo finds Chiyo, who wants to run away again. She asks him about the fight, then gives him the bracelet of sakura. Chiyo is very happy to accept that.

A scene from the past again, revealing about Kirishima and Chiyo are playing hide and seek. Chiyo always found Kirishima, then it’s Chiyo’s turn to be oni. An accident happened, that made Kirishima almost died, but Chiyo saved him. That makes Kirishima tells him about death, he maybe the same as Chiyo (he thinks Chiyo is ghost). It makes Chiyo happy, but when Kirishima adding it, of Chiyo’s problem maybe different from the usual death, when people gone forever, Chiyo is crying (Because he doesn’t want Kirishima go from him).

It’s morning again. Sayo is waiting for Kirishima in front of the gate that makes him embarrassed. He quickly grabs her to quiet place, asking to not make a gossip. It’s because Sayo wants him to meet Chiyo. He promised to do that after school. Then again, Sayo has problem, so she must leaves Kaho and Natsume. Before she leaves, a few girls wanting Kaho to teach them making beads accessory.

When Sayo goes through the corridor for third year class, Hinase comes to her. They are talking about a rumour, while if it’s the true lover, they won’t be bothered by some rumour. Before Sayo searched for Kirishima again, that apparently he wasn’t at there, Hinase told her to come at his side if she didn’t meet Kirishima.

At last, Sayo found Kirishima (well, they are passing way too much, Kirishima goes to 2nd year class, while Sayo goes to 3rd year). Suddenly, Kirishima takes Sayo to his side, while the glasses is broken from a ball. Sayo is fine, but not too long, she falls unconscious…

Sayo is fine, but Kirishima gets a little scratch. And maybe something is hurting his eyes a little. At that time, Kirishima is confused on how to do with her, so he is asking her that. Sayo tells him to pat her head and he does that, making her really happy so the tears comes flowing. Kaho comes not long after that and hugs her from her worry. For today, Kirishima takes her home and says Chiyo will be fine.

A memories from Kirishima’s past again. He and Chiyo are seeing sakura together. Chiyo is wondering why people gets happy when seeing that flower. Kirishima tells him it’s because that flower is the flower of their country, everyone already like that from the past. The answer makes Chiyo gets an idea of the flower, that whenever people go, if they see this flower, than they must be think it’s their country. Kirishima’s brother comes and takes him home as their mother requested.

They are having lunch together again. Unfortunately, Kirishima didn’t find Chiyo yesterday, so they made promise to go searching him again. Hinase comes to them, saying they must not leave him alone while making their own world.

After school, Sayo and Kirishima goes out to searching for Chiyo. Kirishima at least know where Chiyo might be, it’s the road of tree. And it’s true. While Sayo is talking with Chiyo, Kirishima is confused. He can’t see Chiyo anymore. Not just him, but everything he see that other people can’t, he can’t see it anymore. Chiyo is sad then running away. The things gets Kirishima really worried. Sayo comes up to an idea that there’s still Ao.

When they comes to Fushimachi’s store, there is none in there. Not too long, Fushimachi comes back and telling her, Ao isn’t coming there anymore. He has tell police about it.

They are already desperate about the event and talking under the clock tower. It makes Kirishima thinks that shinigami is a real thing because there’s Chiyo, and maybe Ao is the real one. For that day, Kirishima will thinks about it alone.

A memories of Kirishima’s first day to high school. Kirishima is trying the new uniform and thins it doesn’t suit him. But Chiyo said it really suit to him. At school, Kirishima says it’s really loud of Chiyo (He is bored to know Kirishima will go to kendo club again) and he tells Chiyo, he won’t speak with him if there’s someone. Chiyo is a bit sad. Knowing him like that, Kirishima brings him to sakura tree in school and Chiyo is really happy.

Kirishima is taking Sayo at lunch break to kendo club room. Because he is truly worried about Chiyo, Sayo forgets to bring her lunch. Kirishima is offering his bentou. After school, they searches for Chiyo again, everywhere. ‘til night comes, at clock tower, Chiyo appears. He already knew Kirishima couldn’t see him anymore, ‘cause he didn’t look at Chiyo’s eyes. He just wants Sayo to tell to Kirishima, that he feels sorry. He said sorry to Sayo too, for being worried. Chiyo asks Kirishima through Sayo, what will Kirishima do from now on. Kirishima can’t do much about that, and just staying there.

Suddenly, Sayo can see that Chiyo’s body becomes a bit unseen for a short time, that she thinks it’s just her hallucination. Then, Chiyo says his being here, means nothing if Kirishima can’t see him. He doesn’t want to be alone, then cried for it. Sayo hugs him and tell, she will be the bridge between Chiyo and Kirishima and watching sakura bloom together.

There is Chiyo’s memory, of when he first meet Sayo. Sayo can hear his voice a bit, but he doesn’t appear before her. Chiyo asks Kirishima about her name, because she is beautiful, and maybe similar to Kirishima, can hear him. Of course Kirishima doesn’t believe it easily and Chiyo just agrees. At the road full of trees, Kirishima asks Chiyo if he already tells his true being, that he isn’t human to Sayo or not. After that, many scenes of Chiyo, wants to speak with Sayo are coming. But Kirishima tells him not to speak to her, because it’ll be a hindrance. If Chiyo truly likes her, he better not speaks with her ‘cause everyone will see Sayo as a weird one. Chiyo is really sad, but Kirishima makes him knowing that he can’t help Sayo if anything happens. Sayo maybe strong, but not as Kirishima himself.  From that time, Chiyo and Kirishima are fighting.

To go with Chiyo, Kirishima needs Sayo. So to make up the two of them, Sayo goes on together with Kirishima and Chiyo to many places. Chiyo wants to holding hands with Sayo and Kirishima tells him a kid. But Chiyo won’t admit defeated then telling Sayo about Kirishima and him always holding hands when he still a child. Chiyo keeps insisting to go to school even if it’s a holiday.

They comes to kendo club room, where everyone stills practicing. One of the member said that Kirishima was truly dating Sayo. He was embarrassed and said it’s not true. They came to beach, suddenly Sayo almost fell off. Fortunately, Kirishima saves her again. Chiyo is thinking a bit after that.

At the fountain when Kirishima bought crepe, Chiyo looked at Sayo’s bracelet, a gift from Kirishima. He told Sayo that sinced child, Kirishima was bad at lying. He knew it’s not Kirishima’s brother who told him to give that bracelet as thanks gift for the handkerchief. It’s Kirishima himself that thinks that ‘cause the two of his brother has leave their house. Maybe Kirishima is embarrassed to give that straightly to Sayo..

Chiyo suggesting Sayo to call Kirishima’s name ‘Nanaki’. When Kirishima already comes back, she really called ‘Nanaki senpai’ that makes his face turns red quickly. He knows it’s Chiyo’s doing. Sayo came up to ordering the two of them for calling her name too. Chiyo called her ‘Sayo-san’, but maybe he’ll called ‘Sayo-ojousan’ because he already thinks ojousan really suits Sayo. Whatever, Nanaki must call her Sayo too from now… Later, Chiyo asks Kirishima if his name (his name is from Kirishima, remember rthat Chiyo losing his memories too) has a meaning and Kirishima says ‘yes’ but it’s a secret.

When they came to port, Chiyo told Sayo that he like that place, that country, and moreover, that was the place where there are Kirishima and Sayo. From there, Chiyo wants to go to the cosmos field. Sayo starts crying from there. At the field, while holding a bracelet from Sayo, he says that place is his place. Kirishima knows it’s the time to explains about his name. Chiyo’s name is meaning ‘sakura that blooms on autumn, COSMOS’.

Kirishima says it’s better for him to disappear. Chiyo agrees ‘cause he is the sakura in autumn. The autumn is over now, so he must disappear too. He is different from sakura in spring. Like sakura and cosmos that blooms in spring and autumn, the two of them can’t never meet. But Chiyo is glad to meet Sayo, which he thinks similar to sakura. That’s why, he already glad that sakura and cosmos finally meet.

Nanaki tells him another meaning, Chiyo, means a thousand even eight thousand years Kirishima hopes he will be forever. For the last words, Chiyo maybe can’t be forever with them, but Nanaki and Sayo will be. He wished that they will always remember, when autumn came. Nanaki will be fine without him ‘cause there’s Sayo, who already knows his good and bad side. And after that, Sayo is like him. He wishes Nanaki will always protect Sayo. He wished for their happiness for a thousand and eight thousand years.

As he disappeared, a scene of the three of them, watching sakura blooms is comes. Kirishima is sad to know that. He knows Chiyo since 5 years old, but just speaking to him 10 years ago. He already knew that this day will come. He just wants Sayo to be by his side, and he will never forget his first friend, Chiyo.

The class is over so Sayo goes to Nanaki’s place. Kaho and Natsume are wondering if they already are dating because they called their first name, but Kaho doesn’t know either. Natsume knows that Kaho is really like Sayo, so maybe she will interfere the two of them. But no, Kaho knows she doesn’t want to ruin her friend’s happiness. And she knows Natsume makes a corsage for his sister..

Sayo and Kirishima are taking a walk together before home. It’s already cold out there. To makes Sayo’s hand warmer, he grabs her hand. While holding Sayo’s hand, Nanaki told he like her.


A little girl and a her older brother are making a promise to see someone at a field. It’s the place where their parents are always wish to take her. They’re back to her parents, who thinks it’s just a dream. But no, they aren’t. The brother said to his father, they made a promise to someone wearing kimono (And from then on, the girl’s name revealed as ‘Chiharu’ and the boy is ‘Chiaki’). Their father knows it’s his old friend, shouting at Chiyo to appearing. The father wants them to tell to the kimono oni-san if there’s chance to meet again, that they are happy now. At the end, Chiyo’s voice says he knows of it..

A Happy Family (without Chiyo)

Kirishima Nanaki is not too capable of saying his heart. He doesn’t want to look too good in front of other, so he usually hiding his true heart. A few scenes where he must help someone, but he tells he won’t, then again he always comes nonetheless at the end. It’s a fact that he is a kind person, but doesn’t want to appearing like that. So that’s why he is a tsundere, right?

A lot of his stories just telling him with Chiyo. I don’t really like it to be like that, but I can’t say anything. These two relationships is a bit different from other, where Chiyo cannot be seen by other person. Hinase is someone who can see something, that other people maybe can’t see since he is a child. And that’s why he is scared if someday, Chiyo disappeared from his sight. The fact that his eyes was hurt after saving Sayo, maybe was the cause of all the problem he had. At least I thought so.

In the end, I like his personality, his cute scenes, and his past stories (when appearing one after another). It tells much about him and Chiyo’s relationships.

Next is Chiyo (I really don’t want to spoil over the mood to know the mystery first before finishing one without much of it. This means, I must finished the one without much secret first, which is Chiyo! Or maybe, other?). Whatever. I think this game is really full of sadness…


  1. hmm.. Kirishima is the tsundere and Hinase looks so yandere in this route.. Again the CGs are so pretty!! Just curious, but how long did it take you to finish each route?

    • After you mentioned it, I thought that too..? I couldn’t determine my time to finish Hinase’s route since I played his route really slow. About a week for my laziness? For Nanaki, the first 3 chapter is similar, just takes about least than an hour. The problem were chapter 4 and 5. It’s so long, for just chapter 5, I think it’s about 4-5 hours?

      And I just look at the CG in my PSP. It’s longer than the previous I’ve shot it (So, I must take a shot again, then combine it all). Mean: the previous two posts have a non-combine CG! What a work…

  2. 出た~! I finally managed to finish Nanaki’s route.. I think it took me longer than Hinase’s because I was so reluctant to move on from Chapter 4 after it was done (Hinase-centric chapter Orz). Man, I think I infinitely prefer Hinase over Nanaki… there wasn’t enough romance or anything really in Nanaki’s route and it made the epilogue and ending kind of bleeegh… like really? A confession right there? By that time Hinase had confessed 8+ times xDDDDD.

    Nanaki is too 真面目 and 短気 for me. He’s not 素直 and there’s no 意地悪, instead Sayo was the one who was teasing him all the time ^^;;. I don’t mind tsunderes but for some reason Nanaki just made me irritated and it took me forever to finish his route. It was very full of Chiyo.. so full that it was actually making me surprised o_o. What is Chiyo’s route going to be like if like all of his story is told already in Nanaki’s? (Oh well it’ll just make it faster for me to finish Chiyo.. I don’t really like that stalker-ghost Orz)

    On to Tooya~!

    • You’re right. Chiyo’s route is nothing after completed Nanaki’s route. I guess, you better completing Chiyo’s route first before going to Tooya or Ao ‘coz there isn’t any thing extraordinary of it, and you maybe bored to play his route already if you finish the mystery first.

      And yeah, I don’t like Nanaki’s route, but in Tooya and Ao’s route, Nanaki have important role as he can see thing that can’t be seen by normal human. I think he is more reliable in Tooya and Ao’s route…

      • That’s what I was thinking.. to do Chiyo’s route since most of it is already over with Nanaki… but then it was so painful playing through Nanaki’s route already that I don’t think I can last another Chapter 5 playthrough with the three of them Orz. I think I’ll just go on to Tooya and Ao, before coming back for Chiyo and Kaho’s route ^^;;.

        Ooh~ sounds mysterious that he can see the things that can’t be seen by normal humans. Did they ever explain that? From what I understood from his route it was just something strange about him that he could do.. and that doesn’t explain why Sayo can. Speaking of Sayo, I am so curious about her past! That one CG/scene where Nanaki is protecting Sayo from the glass shards and she has her breakdown about being a bad child as well as a witch and not wanting to be sent away…

        On another note.. what the heck happened to the arranged marriage that her father was going to force her into? It just like disappeared in Nanaki’s route xDDD. You’d think they would have to take care of it first somehow.. but it just sort of skipped I guess to the epilogue since the game ended with Nanaki confessing to Sayo.

        • Yes, it’s sound mysterious the way TAKUYO make that words. But the actual is just a little bit different from normal human ‘coz he can see ghost or something like that.

          You’ll know about Sayo’s words in Tooya’s route. And the glass shard…I don’t know anything even after finishing Ao’s route.. The arrange marriage also like that.

          Maybe in Kirishima’s route, ‘coz Sayo choose to be with someone from wealthy family, her father doesn’t refusing? It’s just my thought, actually, I don’t know too.

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