Blue Eyed Shinigami-Hinase Mitsuru

HINASE MITSURU (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Chapter 1

Hinase is actually a student council president who always runs away from work and makes his subordinate chasing him. But he quit not too long from that. Also, calling Sayo “ojou”. The 2nd time Sayo meets Ao at the clock tower, Hinase comes in there too. They both are coming to Fushimachi Haruo’s book store and has conversations in there. Surprisingly, Fushimachi and Hinase didn’t afraid after hearing that Ao was a Shinigami. They just seems to say “Oh yeah. He just loses his memories and keep telling himself as Shinigami”. Dazai Tomoe comes too, tells that she has the same loss of memory just when she is in 2nd grade school. She feels the same as Ao. Also, Tomoe is saying that she likes Sayo’s hair and thinking if she has that kind of hair, maybe “that” person will like it.

Ao won’t come out from Fushimachi’s store since he already read a book that interested him. So Hinase escorting Sayo ‘til her house and says he likes her hair too (kinda like princess’). It makes her ドキドキ. The next day, Sayo and Kaho goes to clock tower together and meets with Tomoe again. Now, Tomoe is saying that Kaho’s hair is pretty too, with different color from Sayo (Sayo is black and Kaho has more bright color). From the clock tower, Sayo brings Kaho to Fushimachi’s store (She wants to look at Ao), and it’s true, Ao is still there (And claims he has been in there since last night and now helping Fushimachi to look at his store while the old man is leaving).

After confirming that Ao is still there, be a good boy, Sayo comes to clock tower again and surprisingly, Ao is at there too. He wants to gives her forgotten things last night. Not long after that, Tooya finds Sayo with the Shinigami and brings her home. On their way home, Tooya warned Sayo to not get too close with people she didn’t know for sure. Moreover, he losses his memories and calls himself “Shinigami”.

At school, Sayo meets a new strange guy with black coat (Chiyo). He asks about the book Sayo read that time then goes away because he wants to meet someone. Kaho comes after that, but she doesn’t seem to look at the guy. Then, their senpai, Kirishima Nanaki comes to searching for someone (Maybe Chiyo guy?).

When Sayo comes in front of Fushimachi’s store, she sees him with Tomoe argue about something. But they claims nothing important. Fushimachi asks Sayo to go on a date with Ao (Actually, he’s been worried about Ao because he always reading book, won’t come out and enjoy the day). Want it or not, Sayo accepting that request (well, of course Tooya doesn’t approve it).

Sayo and Ao really goes on date and finds a mascot character. They didn’t approach it at first. Then, comes to restaurant to eat Doria (Ao eats it hot and must get water). The date seems fun, they comes to a lot of places. In the end of the day, Sayo asks Ao to searching for beautiful words together and he agrees (he has leisure time, and thinks it’ll be fun). Before Sayo can go home, Chiyo appeared on the street, telling her someone has fallen. It’s Tomoe (as I thought), with Kirishima helping her to gets ambulance. When Kirishima goes a while, Tomoe stares at Sayo with frightening eyes, makes her thinking about that even during classes.

Unexpectedly, Kirishima Nanaki meets her and warns her to not get too close to the woman she saved last time (Tomoe). Then, when she was on the way back home, she met Chiyo under clock tower. He says that he is Kirishima’s childhood friend and introducing his name to her. With God speed, he goes before Fushimachi comes (Well, Chiyo is a little bit weird and mysterious). That old man comes to tells Sayo about Tomoe’s condition. He wants Sayo to come to the hospital because Tomoe doesn’t seem to want to be taken care in hospital.

Sayo comes with Ao, and sees Tomoe, like a crazy woman, shouted at the nurse. She seems not in good condition and behave strangely, making Sayo unconscious to look at her freaking face. After she awakes, a woman who claims to be Tomoe’s sister wants to have a talk with her and Ao. She knows about Ao, who is the same as Tomoe, and begins to tell the story behind Tomoe’s sadness. The guy she like didn’t like her back, and tried to committed suicide, near the clock tower. That’s the way Tomoe loses her memories of one year and she always comes to clock tower. At the way to go home, Ao asks Sayo why she wants to help someone she doesn’t know well, despite Sayo just wants to search for words. That night in her sleep, Sayo can hear something similar to Tomoe’s crying heart.

Sayo’s Room

In makes her wondering ‘til lunch break, bump to Kirishima, and makes his bentou falls off. Hinase, who sees it (he thinks Kirishima did something terrible to Sayo), comes to a conclusion to eat together. Kirishima makes it a chance to tell Sayo, to not tell about Chiyo to everyone else (That’s why I think Chiyo is suspicious!). When Sayo comes to library, she meet Chiyo again (and of course it’s strange why someone not in her school can goes to school’s library). He tells her to look at graduation album from her school if she wants to know about Tomoe. And she really borrows it.

Because Fushimachi always leaving Ao in his store, Ao can’t eat good food. Knowing that, Sayo lets him come to her house and eats dinner together with Tooya too (Nah, they always makes a cold expression to each other). But after that, Tooya asks Ao to always protect Sayo since he can’t always be with his little sister. From now on, Ao often comes to borrow books from Tooya. Finish the talking crap, Sayo looks at the album and finds out it’s Tomoe’s picture in there. She also finds out that the librarian teacher in her school is also in the same generation as Tomoe and maybe know something about that.

The next day, Sayo really asks the librarian teacher. It’s true, she is in the same year, but not knowing really much because of different classes. Just the rumour about Tomoe and their teacher has a relationship that time. But when they promised to run away together and met at clock tower, the teacher didn’t come. It made Tomoe did the terrible thing. Quickly, Sayo comes to clock tower, finding out there are Tomoe and Ao at there. Tomoe explains her feelings to Sayo, her sorrow and worry. After that, Sayo comes home and asks if Tooya likes her. Of course Tooya will always loves her even if anything happens.

That day, Sayo meets Chiyo at clock tower. They are talking about the graduation album, and suddenly Tomoe comes, asking why Sayo is speaking alone. From there, she became more unbalance, tried to hurt Sayo (because Sayo’s hair is similar to her lover’s fiancé), but fortunately Ao came at right time (because he and Sayo already promised to meet there). Then, Sayo and Ao asks if the man Tomoe loves is really breaking their promise. Tomoe doesn’t believe if there’s someone in there as Sayo has said. But Kirishima senpai comes and tells her there really is someone. And he explains the truth. Kirishima says that her teacher ‘Shima Shuuji’, didn’t break their promise, had already died from car accident in his way to their promise place. Tomoe, knowing that, didn’t believe at first because she always thought that her story still continues after that time, waiting for that person..

Kirishima changing his tone and begins telling Shima’s feelings for Tomoe. He always loves her. Not long after that, Tomoe’s sister comes and says she wants Tomoe to be happy again. They are going to far away place after the conversation.

Sayo, Ao, Kirishima, and Chiyo comes to restaurant and there, Sayo knows that Chiyo isn’t human. Also, they are surprise too because Ao can see Chiyo. Sayo also asking if Chiyo and Tomoe’s teacher is the same being. But Ao explains that it’s different, because at that time, it’s just Shima’s memories, being spoken by Kirishima. Chiyo doesn’t know himself why he is like that, different from any human, and maybe the same as Ao. But it isn’t like that. Okay, meaning, Ao can be seen by every human but Chiyo can’t? Then at library, Sayo say thanks to Ao for keeping their promise to meet and saving her life. Suddenly, the librarian teacher comes and says there isn’t any of Tomoe’s sister. Then, who is that person calls herself Tomoe’s sister?

A scene from where Tomoe and her teacher are alone can be seen. She asks why her teacher loves her and he says it’s because she is cheerful, a bit egoist, very different of his fiancé. Tomoe also says things like they have betrayed their friends, fiancé, family, and others for their relationships. But the two of them are so in love to each other. *so sad to look at that after knowing the truth about Shima*

Chapter 2 Yume Miru Sekai

Kaho is mad for Sayo and Ao stills reading their book at school’s library (It’s her fault for following them). After finish reading, they comes to town for sightseeing and comes across Hinase Mitsuru, grabbing a rose at flower shop. When Sayo wants to call him, he goes away quickly. Then Ao comes to Sayo’s house to bringing the book he has borrow. Of course, Tooya still meet him with a boring face. A bit suck,Tooya, not becoming like a real brother, kisses Sayo before bed time.

Later, a senpai confessing his feelings to Sayo. Of course he got rejected. Hinase comes and asking why Sayo refusing that senpai, but she just can’t be with someone she doesn’t love. And Hinase says that he is like that too. About the rose, he just grabed it, not for present as Kaho had said earlier. But actually, maybe he is hiding something.

Sayo and Hinase meets again at clock tower. Sayo wants to go meeting Ao and Hinase wants to come too. Sayo is thinking he wants to meet someone, but Hinase is saying there isn’t anybody he wants to meet.

So… When they are coming to Fushimachi’s store, a voice searching for something in that city comes out from there by someone and there’s Ao’s voice too. It was a man with European coat. When that man saw Sayo, he called her Roza but realized she wasn’t that person. Sayo asks what he’s been searching and it’s a book called “ユメミルセカイ”. But Hinase knows it’s not the book he truly searching, it’s the author. After knowing that, Sayo remembered one of the book her brother had made. She lets the man meets with Tooya, the author. He claims himself as Louis, a hero in that book?! He comes out to change the story of that book… And he says his world is a monotone one, black and white color.

Sayo looks everywhere in her house, but Tooya isn’t there. That makes Louis afraid of that, saying that Sayo is lying. Hinase calms him down and saying Sayo isn’t lying. The matter is, Louis just have 5 more hours in that world. They are begin to searching for Tooya in a hurry.

While choosing Hinase to go with Sayo, he brings her to his parents’ grave. He wants to give the rose to that place. While saying that, Sayo thinks he isn’t make a sad face. Then, they are searching again for Tooya. In town, he asks of what book is “Yume Miru Sekai” and Sayo telling him the story about a man’s journey with the helps of a woman, Roza. Well, Hinase comment is that the story is too common.

After searching for Tooya and nothing they can find, Sayo, Hinase, Louis, and Ao meets again under the clock tower. Kirishima Nanaki approaching them with glasses and Hinase really surprise, asking him about that. Actually, Kirishima wears contact for his eyes. That makes Sayo thinks he is cool with megane. Uhm, Hinase asking if Sayo is a megane fetish, but she denied it, maybe? Chiyo is coming there also and they are introducing themselves. Kirishima didn’t believe Louis at first and just made Louis run away from his sarcasm. But with Hinase’s help (lies?), Kirishima must help them to searching for Tooya too.

While they are searching, Ao says Louis isn’t the real one Louis. Kirishima is mad because Louis isn’t really searching for Tooya and just have fun himself. Also, he found the mascot of a cat? and thinking it was William, of the book. There are two children, brings Louis to save a cat on the tree, but he won’t do that. He knows that little kitty won’t get hurt and can leave itself. And it’s true. The kids are thanking him for the knowledge.

At clock tower, Sayo tells the ending of “Yume Miru Sekai”. There, Louis seems to be dead and everyone thinks maybe it’s the reason Louis wants to change the ending. Fushimachi Haruo comes to them and he doesn’t know where Tooya is too. Then, they came to sea. Suddenly, Louis is happy to see the color of sea at dawn, seems like a dream world. He comes near the sea, goes in there like a person who wants to commit suicide. Kirishima saves him while he almost drowning.

Everything were revealed. Louis wasn’t a character in the book. He just wants to be a hero, when everyone thanking him, needs him. Sayo tells her mind, that everyone can becomes a hero in their lives, but it isn’t what he wanted. He asks if he died, does the world ended too? I guessed he gave up of the stupid idea then decided just leave. Well, his story ended without anyone got hurt, except the last words Louis said to Sayo. He said, Sayo was similar to Roza in his mind. But it can’t be true because she is a shinigami. Louis is calling Sayo a girl in black dress (In the book, it’s revealing that Roza used black dress and seemed like she killed Louis, even if not straightly did it).

In their way back home, Hinase gives the conclusion of how he knows Louis’ true identity. If Louis is really a character in book, he won’t be saying about his color are just black and white. The more hidden reason is he can tell about many colors, such as red or green. And Hinase can feels Louis’ feelings, who wants to be special or different from others. Well, Hinase must come home fast if he want his grandmother to not get mad at him…

Tooya is in front of their house. After Kirishima introducing himself to Tooya (And he said Tooya and Sayo looked a like so much. The same thing other person had told Sayo.), Tooya and Ao begins their speculation about Louis’ desire, about someone who wants to become a hero. Suddenly, Sayo looked at Natsume Yuuki near there, but he ran away. Tooya asks Sayo if she is being bullied by that person (he asks with force and makes Kirishima scared, wondering if he ever do anything bad to Sayo, how will Tooya get to him?). And surprisingly, Tooya seems can see Chiyo too, since he is begging the two of them (Kirishima and Chiyo?) to look after Sayo and Ao.

After that, some stories about three man, chasing after Louis because they are worried over him, too much bringing up the stories of “Yume Miru Sekai”.

Chapter 3 I am a Cat

This chapter begins in everyday lives of Sayo and Ao. Ao always making food to the two them, but not that skillful. For bentou, Sayo just eating sandwich, and for dinner, a cup ramen will do. That makes Kaho, her friend really worried of her unbalance food. Oh right, Sayo finds Natsume Yuuki’s cat doll. Kaho remembers that it looks similar to Wilhelm, cat mascot of a shop.

When Hinase gathering Sayo, Kirishima, and Kaho together, he just wants to eat their bentou. Kirishima and Kaho are fighting over what is better for food (Kirishima has the balance healthy food and Kaho has the exciting colorful bentou). That makes Hinase to make up the idea of bentou competition, and everyone must bringing their own bentou tomorrow. Of course Sayo can’t run away from that.

After the class has ended, Sayo is greeting Natsume, but he doesn’t answering. It makes Kaho really mad at him.

To learn of cooking, Kaho comes to Fushimachi’s store and meets Chiyo. A few girls are talking in front of the store, seems to look at Ao. Then, they are running away. Sayo is searching for cooking book and gladly, Ao and Chiyo wants to help her. But it’s useless since Chiyo can’t eat and taste food and Ao doesn’t know anything about cooking. Then Fushimachi comes back, telling them maybe it’s best if Sayo cook teriyaki.

To get the ingredients, Sayo, Ao, and Chiyo comes to shopping together. They saw Wilhelm, the cat mascot. Because Ao must do work for Fushimachi, he separating himself. Now, Sayo and Chiyo waits the crowd to get meat. Sayo almost falls off if Wilhelm doesn’t help them. Suddenly he speaks rudely and wants a gift back for saving Sayo. Yeah, he is rude, but Sayo thinks he isn’t bad. Before Wilhelm leaves for work again, he says that Sayo’s uniform is similar to someone he knows.

At home, Tooya is surprise at Sayo’s shopping ingredients (Because she never cook, right?). He is a bit down after hearing the bentou is not for him. But when Sayo says she will make one for him, he hugs her (Gwahh! What is their relationship actually? Tooya easily hug and kissing Sayo..). In Sayo’s room, Chiyo already there. He tells her he is a bit jealous of her, to have a brother. Chiyo is alone in this world, even if he wants Kirishima to be close to him. Sayo says she is sure that Kirishima must be thinking the same way as him. Then, Sayo begins to make teriyaki sandwich with Chiyo’s help.

The day has come to bentou competition. Each of them tried the bentou each person had made. Surprisingly, Hinase’s bentou is good, makes him feels good at that. Because there isn’t any conclusion on who is the winner, they takes Natsume Yuuki, who accidentally comes in the school’s garden, and making him the last judge (Uhm, more of Hinase push him to that situation). Natsume can tell that… Hinase’s bentou is a combined bentou, not his own made. And the winner is Sayo, ‘cause Natsume loves teriyaki! After that, Natsume goes on quickly. As usual, he isn’t friendly despite his face is like a girl (said Hinase).

This time, Kaho got troubled because a girl in their class were angry at her. That girl said her father was being betrayed by Kaho’s parents and they’ve been lives in misery now (Maybe, because of work?). Kaho didn’t believe it was all his papa’s fault. But nobody wants to save her because of her usual bad mouth (except to Sayo). When things get more complicated, Sayo helps Kaho to speak with the girl and everything is solved. Kaho really happy to know that Sayo helps her.

After class, Sayo comes to look at Wilhelm again, but apparently, he isn’t working that day. Suddenly, Ao appeared in there too, with Fushimachi. They goes on to hospital. When Sayo waiting alone for Ao, she falls asleep and gets awaken by Ao’s voice. They saw Natsume in hospital and made Ao said if they were connected by fate, then Natsume will notice Ao and Sayo at there too.

Natsume came for his sister. They are talking about someone Natsume have been searching for. His sister says it’s useless, but Natsume will keep searching for that person, because he needs him. Not too long. Natsume’s sister noticed there is a blonde handsome man (Ao) and comes right at them. So, the fate is connected because Natsume also look at them. The sister was happy to see blonde bishounen and beautiful girl with long fluffy hair. But Natsume seems not too fond of it.

Suddenly, Natsume’s sister calls Sayo “Toono Tsubaki”. But realizes she is Tsubaki’s daughter afterward. She tells Sayo that she have meet with Tsubaki before, really similar to Sayo. Unexpectedly, Sayo is shouting at her, saying she isn’t resemble with that person at all. It makes Natsume’s sister apologizing, but suddenly Natsume tells that Sayo is Tsubaki’s daughter. And about Tsubaki, being gone with a man for money. It makes Sayo says that it is why she doesn’t want to be called her daughter. Natsume also shouting, it’s because Sayo’s parents that his family is suffering now. At that time, Sayo needs her brother. But fortunately, Ao is there, bringing her to go home.

Sayo feels relieved because Ao is there and she says he is a kind person. Ao can tell the doll in her room and makes Sayo calm down. When Tooya arrived, Sayo came at him, and he hug her. Tooya asks Ao what have happened at the hospital, and realized it’s about their mother. Ao asks them, why they are lying, telling him before, that they has no mother. It makes Sayo more sad, and Tooya ordering Ao to not speak again. Ao said sorry to them, but he said it’s better if they were accepting the truth.

At class, Sayo says sorry to Natsume, but he says awful things (Like he knows Sayo is thinking it’s not her fault to be born by that woman or so…) to her again. Kaho slapped him because she knew Natsume made fool of Sayo, her best friend. Natsume, didn’t want to released it, got even mad, now at Kaho too. Before anything bad happens again, Sayo tells Kaho to apologize. But she didn’t want to and made things more worse.

At break time, Hinase, Kirishima, and Chiyo appeared for Sayo, but they didn’t know where Kaho was.

Then, before going home, Sayo comes to meet Wilhelm, but unexpectedly, Wilhelm will go with Sayo (despite his work) for food? He order take out food for some reason. Then, Wilhelm telling Sayo he is Natsume’s friend. He asks if he is healthy in school and all. But sadly, Sayo is not his best friend and not knowing much about Natsume. For that, Wilhelm goes quickly after he received the take out order (Urgh, weird). Before Sayo goes to sleep, Tooya sit beside her and telling it’s not her fault…

In the morning, Sayo apologizes to Kaho for the event yesterday. Well, she just do it for Sayo, so it’s not her fault. But things get worsen at class, where the girls who has insult Kaho before, making her look more guilty. They are telling that Kaho is the one at fault. Fortunately, Natsume stand before them and apologizes to Kaho first. With Sayo’s words, Kaho apologize too. It’s now settled.

Uhm, not for long. At lunch break, Kaho still angry at Natsume (She is always angry at anyone). When Hinase asking Sayo if she hates Natsume, Sayo tells them that she isn’t hate him. Suddenly, there’s a voice shouting. Because Kaho and Hinase didn’t hear it, it’s mean Chiyo! He tells them there’s Wilhelm and Ao at school. Not long after that, the mascot appeared and made Kirishima choked his food… They realized, it’s just Wilhelm… It means, Ao stills wandering in school!

They found Ao at the corridor, and so was the teachers. Ao almost got brought by the teachers if Hinase didn’t save him (The lies is about Ao, a foreign student, who homestayed at Fushimachi’s. And Wilhelm, his friend.). Yeah, the teacher is taking it seriously, even gets to conversation with Ao about book the teacher like.

They comes to conclusion to hiding Wilhelm in library (Of course Hinase lies again about the student council’s new mascot and wants to surprise everyone, etc.) everyday he comes to meet Natsume. After class, Ao tells everyone that he just wants to be a bystander, watching everyone’s stories. It’s work on Natsume and Wilhelm’s story now.

At Saturday, Ao, Sayo, Kirishima, and Chiyo comes to kendo practice as they can use that place at Saturday (And Kirishima is the chief at kendo club). A few guys from kendo club really happy to see the beautiful Sayo in there, moreover, she greets them. Next, the teacher who’s in charge of the club comes and really surprise to see Ao. He accepting the foreign-like man easily (But he also calls Kirishima as 鬼部長”). Then, the kendo club all wants Sayo to be a manager.

After finishing the practice, the four of them talking on their way home. Ao asks Kirishima at what age he start doing kendo. Surprisingly, Kirishima had practiced kendo at 7 and his families were all doing kendo (his father, grandfather, and even his older brothers). Sayo is really amazed at that. Not long, Wilhelm appears before them. While he is there, Ao asking him why he worried about Natsume, despite there are just friends and he doesn’t want to appear in front of Natsume. In it, Wilhelm explains that there are many kinds of friendship (a long relationship, etc.). So, when Ao asks Sayo too what are they relationship, Sayo can’t answer it (remember, this is Hinase’s route).

During class, Natsume feels weak and ill, even he can’t answer the English question from the teacher. Sayo and Kaho brings him to infirmary, but there isn’t any teacher in there. When Sayo wanted to search for Hinase to help them, she saw something suck. He is in one room with a girl (trying to do bad thing?), but gets interrupted by Sayo.

For that, Sayo apologizes for interrupting him with his girlfriend, she thinks. But Hinase says that girl is not his girlfriend, then begins to changing personality. He says, he is happy to see Sayo is worried about him because if she is like that, then Hinase is worried too. About who is the guy who will take Sayo…? Well, they promised to go on date sometime.

They are coming to infirmary and finds out there are Chiyo, Kirishima, Ao, and Wilhelm already. Wilhelm is saying that Natsume is so poor. Because of someone, Natsume’s father is suffering and the entire house is becomes poor, without any money. It’s different with the student in that school, where they are have money. Sayo feels she is in fault of that and apologizing to Wilhelm. When Wilhelm finds out that Sayo’s father is the one who crushes Natsume’s life, he shouted at her about Natsume, who is always crying for it, really angry. But of course Kaho won’t stay there without doing nothing. She tells Wilhelm that it’s not Sayo’s fault and he doesn’t know about Sayo cried too. They are fighting about who is at fault and in the end, Wilhelm runs away.

That makes Natsume awaken, doesn’t feel that he knows Wilhelm (He means, inside that doll). He stills hate Sayo, but he know that he can’t be like that. Also, he is busy with part time job. Everyone are wondering if part time is really make him busy, but then he tells that he’s been searching for something important to him. Lately, there is a thief who stole his precious cat doll. When Sayo heard it, she said there’s one in her house and tried to look at it.

Unfortunately, Tooya already gave it to someone (Wilhelm). So they must searching for him to get the doll. They comes to conclusion that Wilhelm maybe at the clock tower and it’s true. Wilhelm gives the doll back to Natsume, asking why he keeps it precious despite that doll can’t speak, can’t help him at sad time. But Natsume stilld think it’s precious, whatever it is because that doll have already with him at many times. After that, Natsume wants to take out Wilhelm’s head to look who’s been in there, but he runs away. It’s a funny scene, when Kaho wants Wilhelm to win, Hinase won’t do anything if he doesn’t get reward, Kaho in Wilhelm’s side, Sayo is stay out of there, Chiyo can’t do anything, and Kirishima is stay there. So Hinase ordering Kirishima to help Natsume with taking out Wilhelm’s head. They can’t do it in the end and Wilhelm runs away…

Sayo remembers that Ao can tell the doll’s feelings. She asks him and Ao says that doll is happy.

Chapter 4

Sayo and Hinase go on a date this time! (Finally, after the long long journey for 3 chapters above). They watched movie, then holding hands. Then… Hinase remember that Sayo like megane (When with Kirishima?), so he tries to wear one…!! They came eating lunch together. And this time, Hinase is asking Sayo what thing she like. She answer that she likes everything, her brother, books, her friends. So Hinase is happy that he may makes it there (that he is her friend).

Hinase wears glasses to compete with Kirishima?

To surprise Sayo, Hinase gets a key to go in the clock tower. The clock had stopped, so it wouldn’t be noisy up in there. After looking at the town from above, Sayo bought rose and gave it to Hinase. Hinase says it’s like a confession, then he confessed to Sayo truly. He likes her and will waiting for her answer in three days.

In her house, a man is already there. He was Sayo’s father subordinate, telling her that her father wants to meet with Sayo. She accepted the invitation and comes to the restaurant. The truth is, her father already make an engagement for her. If she doesn’t want it, then her father will take her out from Tooya’s house. Sayo doesn’t want it and makes her father angry then leaves. Not long, Hinase comes. After knowing about Sayo’s problem, he says he hates his family too.

As they are walking together, Sayo thinks she wants to go away from there, but she can’t. They meets Ao and Fushimachi. Tears flowing from Sayo’s eyes so they brings her to Fushimachi’s store. There, Hinase told that he’d been hating his grandmother (Hinase Yukari) too, who was a strict person. He had been living with her alone for so long. When Hinase already sick of his grandma, he ran away. But, he couldn’t run forever, because he had place to come back to. After hearing Hinase’s past life, Sayo is calm now.

On the way home, Sayo is thanking him for bringing her back to her place, despite he himself, has his place too. He answer that the place where he belongs to, can change and maybe now, Sayo’s place is his place to go.

The lunch break at school is very busy. Now, Natsume eats together with the others and gives Kaho some energy to fighting mouth with him. After the lunch, Sayo and Kaho are talking on the corridor. Suddenly, a girl Sayo had saw with Hinase before, was walking through them. She glares with a scary eyes to Sayo and makes Kaho confused. Then, remembering the girl, mean remember about Hinase. Sayo thinks she doesn’t know much about him and asking Kaho about her knowledge. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know much too about him.

The day for answering Hinase’s confession is arrives. Sayo wants to go out with him to know Hinase better, but she can’t say she like him for now. Hinase is okay with that and asking for how much they will do to know each other..with a kiss…? From here, is the real story for Hinase.

Inside of Hinase’s Room

Hinase finally called Sayo’s name in his room. They are lovers now. But unexpectedly, Hinase’s grandmother comes to his room. Sayo must hiding in the closet until she goes out. It’s a really tiring day in Hinase’s house so she comes home after that.

This lunch break will be the hardest of all when Kaho already knows Sayo and Hinase are dating. She really angry with that but can’t do anything. That time, Sayo promised to make Hinase a bentou next day. For that, at the corridor, Sayo asking Kaho to help her make bentou. The rumour about her and Hinase already spread out in entire school, even some girls asking her for that. Nothing much except to ask her if it is true… Then, she makes bentou and cookies (because Hinase loves sweet things) with Kaho’s help.

They have lunch together again and the cookies are shared with Sayo’s friends (Natsume is included too). Kaho makes some cookies to be salty (and the first one to accept that is Natsume). Hearing of that, Hinase gives the salty one to Sayo and makes Kaho angry for using her friend. Suddenly, Hinase kissed Sayo in front of them, and makes Kaho goes evil!!! Well, Natsume just comforting Kaho with ‘they are lovers’ reason. Then, Natsume tells Sayo about the cookies. He knows it’s Sayo’s cookies, and maybe he says it’s delicious despite the salty taste because Hinase likes Sayo.

In Hinase’s room that night, Sayo told him about the cookies and thought that Hinase was similar to wolf. After the romantic moment, Sayo asked him about his grandma, if he hated her. But no, Hinase didn’t hate his grandma.

Sayo had dinner at Hinase’s house alone. When the maid asked her if she was Hinase’s girlfriend and Sayo answered “yes”, the maid was very happy to heard that. Before the maid can tell Hinase’s secret (She had worked since Hinase still 7 years old), Hinase comes to them and stop her at the right time. He didn’t want to eat much since his mother died, but maybe because there’s Sayo, Hinase tried to eat with her (and makes the maid more happy).

Suddenly, Hinase’s grandmother comes home. The first thing she asked of Sayo is her parent’s job (I can think of the grandma’s personality from there!). Sayo tells her father job, but she just tells that her mother has gone. That doesn’t make too good impression on Hinase’s grandma. She says Sayo musn’t come at night and lets her leave that place with their car. But Hinase wants to take her home himself.

On the way, Hinase says sorry to Sayo. Her grandma just didn’t want him to leave like his father, who didn’t come back to her. Hinase’s father is the son of his grandma, married a woman she doesn’t approve. Then, Hinase was born. Npt so long after, his parents died because of traffic accident. Since he was a child, he must lived with his grandmother. Even if she didn’t say anything, Hinase thought his grandmother must be hating his mother, for she had took her precious son. Sayo said his grandma must be really poor because there isn’t anyone at fault for that matter.

She almost asked Hianse to take her and run away from there. But Hinase says Sayo is Toono Sayo, they can’t be like that because Sayo is a good girl. From now, they will calling their name to each other.

That morning, as usual, Hinase picks up Sayo from her home to school. He is teasing Sayo’s red eyes from last night.. And in lunch time, when Sayo and HInase’s lovers behavior already seen as a usual things to do, everyone already accustomed of it. After school, Hinase asks Sayo what place they will go to (for a date?). When Sayo answering him any place Hinase wants, he is surprise and asking what if he brings her to a scary place. But with him, Sayo can rest assure. She says that and makes Hinase can’t do anything bad to her. So, while they are thinking about the place, the comes to clock tower and finds Kaho. She apologizes suddenly, then running away (maybe for what she had done in the past, about not accepting their relationship). Hinase just laughing at her behavior. From that, Sayo thinks they’ll go to her secret place.

Sayo is late about 1,5 hours to prepare for their date. She suggests to go to the batting center. Surprisingly, Hinase can do 2 times of homerun!! Sayo can’t do much, but gets cheered by the old man there…?

They are rest a bit at the park. Sayo sits on the land and Hinase lie down on her lap. Sayo wants to once again speaks with Hinase’s grandmother. Then, Hinase is revealing the truth about the engagement. He is the one to gets engaged with her in the first place (Fiuuhh…).

At school after the class, Sayo comes to searching for Hinase and finds a girl comes out from a room where he is. But Sayo believe in Hinase. With a hug around Hinase’s neck, Sayo tells that she likes him too.

Once again, Sayo comes and greeting Hinase’s grandmother properly now. After it finished without anything sad, Hinase promised to see Sayo’s dad too. On another day, Sayo meets her father at restaurant again and he is happy to see Sayo doesn’t rejecting the engagement..

The next day, Kirishima asking her if she have meet Ao recently ‘cause he can’t find him anywhere. Because Kirishima asks in a close range, Hinase tells him not to get too close to his girlfriend. Before Sayo and Hinase can go back together, a girl called him. Sayo lets him speak with that girl and leaves alone.

She met Hinase’s grandmother on the street and called her. Sayo asked about her name, which was Hinase Yukari. When Hinase’s grandmother was asking about her, being in love with Mitsuru or not, Sayo answered it ‘yes’. That made her told about her past. She had engaged with Mitsuru’s grandfather at 16 and didn’t know about love itself. That’s why, Yukari can’t understand about Hinase and Sayo’s feelings. Then, her husband died not long after that. She asked if Sayo felt so poor of her and Sayo answered “no” because Yukari doesn’t think of herself like that. Yukari told her that Mitsuru’s mother was saying the same.

Sayo told Yukari about Mitsuru’s feelings, that Mitsuru was so care about her. Yukari didn’t believe it at first, and cornering Sayo about her, being rejecting about the engagement in the first place (she knows it from Mitsuru). But Sayo can makes Yukari understand about their love, about Sayo loving Mitsuru now. Yukari said that they were both so poor, but Sayo adding it, whatever it is, they have Mitsuru. Yukari agreed on that.

That night, Sayo is really missed Hinase so bad that she can’t have a good sleep. Suddenly, he really comes to her room!! He asked if his grandma said bad things to her again but Sayo told that she didn’t, and both were loving Hinase Mitsuru. He knows that actually.

Then, he comes to tell her story about a boy who lies. The boy is lying to gets food, and so then on, he keeps lying ‘cause if not, he won’t get happiness. But because of that, nobody will believe him. The story makes Sayo crying…

The next day, Sayo comes to clock tower alone. Kaho finds her and almost mad at HInase ‘cause he doesn’t do his promise. But no, they didn’t promise to meet there. Kaho is really worried about Sayo but they must go to school. Apparently, Hinase hasn’t coming to school. And won’t come for today.

After school, the maid from Hinase’s household comes and asking Sayo to talk with Yukari. She agrees and following her to Hinase’s house. There, Mitsuru and Yukari already in the room.

Yukari told her that Hinase Mitsuru she had met for wasn’t the real one. That person is a fake and Mitsuru in front of them is the real one. But they have met earlier, when Sayo met her father at restaurant and wanted to asked Mitsuru to run away (It’s confusing, I know). Suddenly, the real Mitsuru is mad, shouting at them of how he feels he maybe isn’t the real one ‘cause the fake can do everything like him, and he isn’t perfect like that person. Then again, he said he had left the house for 2 years and actually, he wanted to appear faster, but there’s already ‘him’ in his house. So to avoid anyone getting confused, he just can appear now. And he finds out their decisive differences, so real Mitsuru can take his place again.

Appart from that, real Mitsuru thought Sayo was cute, so he asked what answer Sayo would say if he want to go out with her. Sayo tells him to take her away and he accepting that. Lastly, Sayo won’t be with him, she wants the ‘fake’ one because Mitsuru won’t do bad things like that. It pisses him off and begins to throw things away (He has bad personality?). Yukari apologizing so much (it hurts me to see her like that) because she just happy to see Mitsuru is coming back (she reminds him of Mitsuru’s father, who doesn’t come back) and can’t tell that it is the fake one. Sayo becomes unstable and laughing of that matter.

She doesn’t go home yet. At the road, she meets a girl who always appear in front of Mitsuru, telling Sayo that she has meet Mitsuru somewhere, at the port. Sayo quickly goes there and meets the ‘fake’ Mitsuru. Sayo wants him to take her away with him, and he agreed to take her wherever she wants. She asked of his being, but he didn’t know himself. He begins explaining that the one Sayo meets at the entrance of Sayo’s high school life is him. He just comes near Sayo because he wants ‘Toono’. It makes Sayo wants to kill her, and he thinks that too. He thought Sayo would kill him after coming to that place.


Let’s go away from that sad conversation. Sayo asking him what reason he has for wants to be with her. That guy said he wanted her everything. For that answer, Sayo can’t resist to be with him. She choose to be the fake princess who loves fake prince. She wants ‘fake’ Mitsuru to take her away and continuing their story.

Sayo and Mitsuru are taking journey to many different countries. Someone asked them where they want to go and Sayo answered “To the End of the East”. They are the prince and princess. The princess is from the end of the east country and they are a ‘run away lovers’. The prince says sorry that the princess must follow him, and rather afraid if their love will cool down. But the princess will loves him forever even if his love has gone. Well, the prince said they couldn’t be live without money and wouldn’t want to make the princess working for that.

The prince is talking about him, being a fake prince, and asking the princess about that. The princess said that she love the fake one, so for her, he was the prince. And for that, the prince will makes her, his only princess…


For the last time before ‘fake’ Mitsuru goes from the town, Sayo wants him to say fake words. He said he love her.

Then, Sayo gets a real engagement with ‘real’ Mitsuru. Sayo looks at his hand and finds a scratch. He said it was from putting off bug from roses. He asked if Sayo like him and she answered ‘yes’. Then Sayo wanted him to say the same thing and ‘real’ Mitsuru did that. The time to go in the hall again for the ceremony is coming, so Mitsuru asking her to run away. Sayo is afraid of that, but he tells her it’s fine because whatever road they takes, they will comes again to that place..

It finished at last…! I had troubled getting picture from the beginning of the story since the CG were much came up later at chapter 4 or so. I don’t want people getting headache from reading so much writing, so I prefer putting up much CG. For that, so far, I can just put environment CGs at the beginning.

Hinase Mitsuru is a cheerful person. Everyone can feels close to him faster. But actually, he is fake and always lying. For that, he uses other person’s life to becomes happy, but… is it really wrong? He just wants to be with Sayo, also the real one is gone for a long time (so he just makes Yukari happy and Sayo being loved by him). He doesn’t know his real name, his everything, but finally, he gets his happiness for living with the real princess.

Despite the real ending, we have another one with the real Mitsuru. It seems bad for me, ’cause I already fond of fake one. The real one is looks much badass (we can knows it from his behavior at his house, he throws everything, breaking every things in the house). But he just did that for his weird life he had. A person claims to be himself is appearing, everyone are loving ‘the fake’ more than himself. He hates himself, confused if he really is the real one. So he behaves crazy and mad. But he changed after meeting Sayo (we can see at his ending, where he becomes nice to her, asking if Sayo’s yukata is hurting her or not).

I guess everyone gets their own problem in this game. Whoever it is, they must come through sadness and pain to be an adult. Next is Kirishima Nanaki. Maybe this will take another longer time than I’ve expected..?


  1. The CGs are SO PRETTY XDDD I skimmed through your post without reading properly (I don’t want to spoil myself completely) but now I got the feeling of it.. so thanks for your post! 長いよね〜お疲れさま!I know it’s gonna take me forever to finish this game…

    I’ll probably look through your Kirishima Nanaki post too but for Tooya and Ao, I’ll read them after I play~

    • Yes the CGs are pretty, but sadly just got too little for it. It can’t be compared to the long story and the burden to read it all..
      Maybe, it’ll gonna take forever to me too… But I hope I can finish it before Amnesia, which I’m not so sure..?

      Tooya and Ao has more secret, and I hopes it will be good

  2. やった!I FINALLY FINISHED HINASE’S ROUTE. I feel so slow and late to the party to everyone who has finished the whole game, or is in the process of finishing it. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and your view of the scenes.

    I’m kind of conflicted with the Hinase Mitsuru that we know of being fake. It was such a surprise that my jaw literally dropped and I still didn’t believe them and thought it was a joke, until Sayo found him at the harbour and he told her everything. I kept on thinking that Hinase that was in the house was still the one and only Hinase and was just trying to test or fool Sayo or something Orz. The fake is the one I definitely fell in love with through the story, because of his caring yet devilish attitude… yet what if that was all a lie too? Haha, I really liked how Sayo acted in the true end and how she just grabbed the Mi-chan’s face and told him that they were going to play make-believe and that they’ll both be liars. A bittersweet ending, I found.

    On the other hand, wow, I was really feeling bad for the real Hinase Mitsuru. That was just… terrible for him to come and find his place taken by a look-a-like and then having to doubt his own existence. He probably developed an inferiority complex from that xDDD! But I just have to say that HOLY CRAP. I LOVED TATTSUN’S PROFESSIONAL VOICE IN THAT EMOTIONAL MOMENT. When he was screaming, yelling, and breaking things and acting so distraught I nearly cried. He’s totally a badass like you said~ but he also seems to grow to care for Sayo just as much as the fake one did in the end?

    Orz I can’t believe I’m torn between TWO Hinase’s… though in the end I’m leaning more toward the fake’s side because we’ve known him through the whole game. I heard from just looking at other reviews that through other people’s routes you get to see more of Hinase’s love for Sayo… but I’m wondering how that is possible if the Hinase in their route is always the fake Hinase? Or does the real Hinase just never come back in other routes? xDDD Ahh, I’m really tempted to start Nanaki’s route (haven’t read your summary yet for fear of spoilers), but I feel like I should devote a week to thinking about Hinase T_T. He still has to be one of my favourite characters even after I found the truth about him.

    • I’m slow too… I really enjoyed this game, that I don’t want to finish it that quickly.. And congratz for completing him (the longest first route in otoge I’ve ever play).

      Actually, a few minutes ‘real’ Hinase said to them, for not believing the other one, I should say, me too. Is it really true, there are two of him? Because I thought his route was just about him and his grandma.. It didn’t take long enough to realized the truth, by the way. Until I found him (the ‘fake’ one) came up like nothing he knew about the event yesterday. And I was the same as you, prefering the fake more?

      ’cause the fake’s him didn’t have anything (be it memories, money, family). If he goes, then he will have nothing. To the real one, he can take back his own place, whatever choose we take, right? I know the real Hinase’s story is just as tragic as the fake. He must be really surprise for what hapenned after he’s gone, then return back as if he is nothing because there’s someone already take his place. That must make him a bit crazy? Really mad at it.
      Suzuki Tatsuhisa, right? Maybe it’s the first otoge I hear of his voice, or there is more? Chiba Susumu is a rare one too. I thought every seiyuu in this title makes me really happy to play it! They are really great at it (Of course, there are senior, I’ve heard of their voice in my really old time. Ex: Sanpei Yuko).

      You better take Nanaki, so you can understand Hinase more…

  3. Haha, thank you for the congratulations~ and I will go down Nanaki’s ^^. You’ve convinced me to go down Nanaki’s route.. though I will probably re-read Hinase’s conversations whenever he shows up Orz. I am such a fangirl about him now…

    Un un. I also remember that time that real Hinase met Sayo in the tea shop when she was talking to her father about the arranged marriage? He told her that he liked sweet things.. and if you remember the cookie incident when Kaho made salty cookies and Hinase ate one with no change in his expression, Sayo asked if he liked them and was glad he did because he told her that he liked “sweet things”. Fake!Hinase was like “.. ah? what? Oh yes.. yes I said that.. I forgot” THAT WAS SUCH AN OBVIOUS CLUE NOW THAT I LOOK BACK ON IT Orz. Who would have thought just from that sentence that there were two of them running around? I was still wanting to believe that Hinase just had split personality disorder or something. That there was only one real Hinase but two different minds/personalities in the same body.

    I’m not sure if Tatsuhisa has done other roles. This is the first time I’ve heard him in an otome game, but I am really enjoying his voice~ especially because it’s Hinase’s xDDDDD!

    • The real Hinase will have role too in Nanaki, so it’s best if you go for Nanaki to know more about Hinase.

      Actually, I prefer Nanaki’s personality more than Hinase. But sadly, I must admit Nanaki’s story isn’t as remarkable as Hinase. Maybe because it’s more about him-Chiyo that I can’t really understand much of his romance. Hinase’s storyline is better than Nanaki.

      Tatsuhisa’s voice is really sweet~! Like if he is teasing, he uses a brat kind of voice, then he can turn really angry, shouting as someone at other time. It’s really perfect for Hinase, who has two different side of him (One with lies, and one with madness. As for Nanaki, he just has one as a tsundere who easily blushing or gets angry. Ao just being a quiet guy. I don’t know if Tooya can have different personality as he is suspicious to me).

      • I agree with Tatsuhisa’s voice~. He has so many different tones.. when he’s being bratty and teasing. His angry shouting. His sexy low voice xDDDD!

        It just occurred to me though.. are we really sure there are two Hinase’s? D:! I know they said that they were two, but we never see them side by side right? And I just remembered that in the other epilogue where the real?Hinase is getting married to her he has a wound on his hand from a rose right? “Sayo looks at his hand and finds a scratch.” is what you wrote..

        But I just went past the rose thing at the very beginning in Chapter 2 with what seemed to be the fake!Hinase at that time right? And he crushed the rose to sprinkle its petals and offer to his parents.. and then wounded his hand and asked if Sayo would lick it better (SUCH A YABAI MOMENT WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO LICK IT)! That might have been where he got the scratch on his hand meaning that the epilogue Hinase might be the same one at the rose-grave scene?! @_@.

        • It sure is conflicting. If I think it more, they have not revealing any conversation between the two Hinases (that I hope I get to see it when playing his route, just to feel it’ll be more dramatic). That makes your speculation seems right. Of course the hand hurting is the most factual about it. And I’m at Tooya’s route now. There’s a continue to the story where it hasn’t been revealed in Hinase’s route. Which is about the book Sayo got in the clock tower, and maybe had something meaningful to all of the story. What book is it? She hasn’t open it yet (maybe in Ao’s route?).

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