Blue Eyed Shinigami-Prologue

This is about Shinigami to Shoujo from TAKUYO. I finally played it! And now, I will tell about the story… Please forgive me if it’s too long because I had fun writing about it (For my excitement from waiting almost a year!). This may take long, so I must split it to different person’s stories.

Right, it’s a long story and maybe the longest was about the first person I played because I wrote everything in there! I mean, EVERY SINGLE THING at its chapter! This time, it’ll be just the prologue and character’s introduction (because I know it’ll be confusing if not knowing the looks of the character since there are so much of it)…


Toono Sayo (Ueda Kana)

The heroine. She lives alone with her brother, Tooya. Because Tooya is an author, he always reading book for her, usually before sleeping time. Very lady-like, kind, and cute. Has long black hair. But she can become mad too, if someone heated her hatred..







Ao (Canna Nobutoshi)

He loses his memories and claims himself as Shinigami. Has a strong bond of clock tower and that is the place he meet Sayo for the first time. Loves reading book and stays at Fushimachi’s store as a substitute owner?-I mean he substitute Fushimachi to standing in the store.






Toono Tooya (Kawashima Tokuyoshi)

Sayo’s older brother who works as an author. He wrote picture book. Very protective about Sayo and behave almost like a lover rather than a brother. Maybe he did that because of their sad past in their family…








Hinase Mitsuru (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

A womanizer, cheerful and has many ideas. He is such a tricky boy, can lies easily at sudden situation. Lives with only his grandmother.








Kirishima Nanaki (Chiba Susumu)

Captain of Kendo club. Very strict, staight, and has face in bad mood..? Befriends with Chiyo since childhood. Wears contact everyday, except sometimes he wears his glasses (Usually other than in classroom).







Chiyo (Nojima Kenji)

Kirishima’s childhood friend. He doesn’t have memories too (similar to Ao) and nobody can see him except Sayo, Kirishima, Ao, and maybe Tooya. Because he loses memories, he doesn’t know what being he is. Very kind and maybe a bit childish.







Miyazawa Kaho (Nonoka Ai)

Sayo’s best friend. She has a bad personality of hating others. Always complains over nothing with boys. But deep inside, she treasures Sayo so much.







Natsume Yuuki (Sanpei Yuuko)

Always in bad mood, doesn’t speak much, and alone. He hates Sayo and her parents mostly. Has a big sister in a hospital. Lives poorly and must work part time.







Fushimachi Haruo (Tanaka Hideyuki)

An owner of book store where Ao comes often (maybe even lives?). A good person and knows Sayo and Tooya for long time.








Dazai Tomoe (Shoji Umeka)

She loses memories too, but just for the 2nd grade in school for some reason. She has a sister. Always comes to hospital because of blood loss, etc. Has weak body since she lost her memories…








Louis (Miura Hiroaki)

Claims himself as a character (named Louis) from one of Tooya’s book (Yume Miru Sekai). A bit weird, yeah.








Wilhelm (Morita Masakazu)

Cat mascot from one of the shop in town. Really popular with children, and actually speaks rudely. He claims himself as Natsume Yuuki’s best friend.








Hinase Yukari (Saitou Kimiko)

Hinase Mitsuru’s grandmother. A strict person and is the reason of Mitsuru’s run away past.








Toono Sayo, a 17 years old girl, lives with her brother, Toono Tooya, separately from their parents. One night, Tooya read a book about Shinigami. That book tells about Shingami, who comes to person’s life at night, to take the life. After that, Sayo goes to school. In everyday of her way to school, she comes across a clock tower, which is already stopped for 10 years. She meets her classmate, Miyazawa Kaho, who is loud as usual even of it’s still morning. She gives Sayo a cute pen. One by one, her fated person appears in front of her, such as, Natsume Yuuki, an arrogant classmate (hated by Kaho). Then, there is a womanizer senpai, Hinase Mitsuru. A senpai in kendo club, Kirishima Nanaki, is also a bit arrogant (More like tsundere).

When Sayo wants to go home alone after she borrowed a book, she meets a guy with white clothes. She can’t see his face, but they are talking about the clock on top of the tower. The white guy said the clock was not stopped. Then, when the wind is blowing, opened up his white veil, Sayo can look at him brightly. She just knew that the man in front of her was a Shinigami, from his blue eyes. Sayo thinks the Shinigami will take her life, but that man says he can’t remember everything about him. He just there, without anything he knows, without anywhere to go. Because he can’t remember his name too, Sayo calls him ‘Ao’, the same words for his eyes color.

Not long after, a girl fell unconscious in front of them (I thinks she is Dazai Tomoe). Fortunately, there is Fushimachi Haruo too, comes and helps Sayo bringing the girl to hospital. Turns out the girl just losing some blood, and Ao is already left. When Sayo tells her brother about that, Tooya is proud of his sister for saving two persons in one day.


That is for now. I’ll be post the rest again soon! I hope… I haven’t even finish Hinase’s route because it’s really long. But for now, my impression of this genre is tragedy, a little of romance, drama, a bit of supernatural Okay, I’m questioning about Ao’s role. For now, he hadn’t done anything Shinigami-like. Just doing reading, walking, etc. like a normal human. I guess must wait for his route then. I hope it finish quickly…


  1. Have this in my PSP and played up till Saya met with Ao ❤ then I quit coz' this game is a bit slow-pace and I have tons of assignments to do xD

    Will wait for your review~ :3

    • Uhm, yeah. me too. I have my own works and can just play it bit by bit (a slow pace than usual). But it’s good. I almost cried for Tomoe and Louis’ route. The way the dialogues tells stories are really touching, like watching drama full of problems.

  2. Shinigami to Shoujo!! ^___^ This is the part I’ve just reached (and then stopped because no time to play) But I’m really about as excited about this game as you!! I don’t think I can keep up with you but I’ll be looking forward to hearing your opinions and will try not to spoil myself in the process XD

    • I’m really excited about this! The art is really beautiful, character’s personality are perfect (everything are hiding mystery), the way to tells the stories is awesome (not too spoiled in the beginning, but still keeping me to know a secret bit by bit), the music is great, peaceful, and mysterious.

      I’m eager to finish at least Hinase’s route quickly (now in chapter 4 of it). And can’t wait to know about Nanaki well because he is my fav chara. But this is the rate for my curiosity of their secret from the most : Tooya, Chiyo, Ao. Well, Ao is the last because he is a Shinigami (already knew of it). Chiyo the 2nd because he (and me) doesn’t know his true being. And Tooya is the first because I want to know he is the real brother or not, and he (maybe) can see Chiyo.

      I’ll write if it’s worth to play for the long story or not later after I ended it. If it is, I’ll recommend you to play ’til finish…

      • SHINIGAMI TO SHOUJO Touya > Chiyo > Hinase > Nanaki. I’m also waiting for Ao to show some more shinigami-like skills rather than just walking around chilling like a normal person XDD!

        How do you like Hinase though so far? He’s one of my favourite characters I think for now (≧∀≦)! HE’S LIKE THE PERFECT LOVER~! Hahahaha, I’m kidding ;D. But his character really surprised me, because he doesn’t really flirt with every single girl that he sees. He might call Kaho “cute” for instance, but he mainly directs all his attention to “ojou (Sayo)” ^///^. He’s really caring though, able to tease, and flirtatious >/// Ao (shinigami.. ’nuff said ;D) > Nanaki > Chiyo (I’m sorry, but I just can’t seem to like Chiyo Orz.. he’s not bad but just not romance-material for me? I’m curious about him but that’s it.. haha). Oops, sorry for writing such a long post, but I’m just excited to see other people’s thoughts on the game too 8). PS. HI THERE YUKIRU~~.

      • What the hell? The reply box ate like half of my reply ;_;. I can’t even really remember what I wrote, haha, maybe that’s for the best because it was just a fangirl rant.

        Basically, all I said was that I completely agree with what you like about the game, with it’s mysteries and its stories. The genres are definitely romance, drama, tragedy, companionship/heart-warming, and supernatural. I’m definitely enjoying the pace of the game, they’re always so good at dangling some mystery in front of you and forcing you to read on and on to figure out what the heck is going on ;D.

        My curiosity scale is Touya > Ao > Chiyo > Hinase > Nanaki. The characters I’m really interested in next are Touya (THE EROI BROTHER) > Ao (Shinigami~~) > Nanaki > Chiyo.

        • There isn’t any single thing I don’t like about the character. Hinase is… like you had said, quite unpredictable. Sometimes he seems kind, and can be a bit scary (after Sayo saw him with a girl). But he is kind deep inside. When I knew about his parents, I got sad for him too. Whatever he thinks about running away, he can’t because 1. he cares about his grandma, and 2. he doesn’t have money to live alone. I haven’t done his story though.

          You’re right. Chiyo doesn’t really appealing much impression on me because he is too nice. Just wanna know what he made himself of.

          It’s nice to talk about fangirl things isn’t it? I like this game so far.

      • Un, I haven’t finished Hinase’s route either. In fact I’ve just entered his route according to a guide I’m following and I haven’t even done the first choice of his route yet, but I just have to come back here and say O(≧∇≦)O 萌えぇぇぇぇ!!! The rest of the men in this game are going to have to work extra hard to beat the high standards that Hinase has set all by himself |D. His 意地悪-type replies just make me feel so embarrassed.. and that scene where Sayo is in the classroom with him and then they’re at his house… ❤ ❤ <!

        I'm hoping to complete his route by this week~. I hope you do end up writing a review for this game, although it'd be really long haha. I'm actually typing out a summary as I play the game as well and it's pages and pages ^^;;. I'm not sure if I should prune it or what because this game is long.. and to think Hinase only ends at Chapter 4 while Ao's route goes until Chapter 7 I think? This game is long.. but really good so I definitely want to continue it more and more :3. (wishes Hinase had a longer route though~)

        • Hehe, yeah. Hinase just ends up at chapter 4! I wish I won’t have to do much about chapter 1-4 in Ao’s route because I can get tired of it! And, do you know how to change the skip mode to ‘have read’ mode? I can’t do that, all of texts just skip on itself (so I didn’t know what if I had read it or not, it just did skipping over and over). Really troublesome if I want to play the second character and always pressing the button…

          Me too, I wish I can complete his route today! (^ o ^!)…

      • For me, I just need to press the L1 button to skip read things, but not skip unread things. Maybe you can try that? 🙂

        • Yeah, it’s true. Since then and forever, I’ve been using just R1 button… and skipping all of it (but not yet needed because I’ve been playing the first character). Thank u so much…

  3. Looking forward to your review too! ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ” I started playing Hinase’s route, and was debating with myself whether or not to finish the game. It’s definitely like a dream- soft and very very soothing. I get the feeling that this game would be great for a long winter night or as stress-relief after a long and difficult day (^▽^)

    Yeah, the Tooya and Chiyo relationship is really quite…intriguing XD. Such a touchy-feely pair of siblings. Actually, I hope they don’t actually turn out to be related, or that would be weird…

    • Nanaki-Chiyo relationship is really interesting. I can’t wait to play Nanaki’s route after finishing Hinase. What makes Nanaki can see him is the first reason I want to know.

      Want to play it all day but this vacation is so busy. And Amnesia almost comes out too!

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