Mysterious Manor of Mother Goose

The first time I tried this game, I had nothing! I mean, nothing came up to my mind at all. I thought I must read every Mother Goose completely, memorized it all, then just that I could play this game. That, and I just browsed this game just to found any interesting Mother Goose song. A month later then, I realized something very stupid (of me).

Thanks to rheira, that I found her review about this game, and tried the cheat button (L1). It helps in quiz time to brings you to the exact Mother Goose in question.

I wouldn’t write full summary of this game since it’s too short and I just quickly ended it up to play Shinigami to Shoujo. But as always, CG pack is a must since many people finds it too boring to play all of the characters.

Erica Fleur is the heroine in this game. She saw one of her book sparkling, opened it, and went to the world of that book. Turns out its a book full of Mother Goose (Nursery Rhymes). She came in a manor, with 5 guys in it. Their name are Arthur Lindgren (Sakurai Takahiro)=a nobleman with straight personality?, Bacchus Moore (Suwabe Junichi)=a chef and pub master?, Cezary Fritche (Morikawa Toshiyuki)=a scholar, everyone calls him sensei, Eric Burell (Toriumi Kousuke)=a man who works for money, and Vincent Noble (Yasumoto Hiroki)=a student who studies under Cezary’s knowledge. I can’t think of anything funnier than the order of their names. Front alphabet of their names are A (Arthur), B (Bacchus), C (Cezary), E (Eric), V (Vincent). Why not made it for A,B,C,D,E?


Arthur Lindgren

A wise and has noble behavior. He usually talks about manner, the meaning of flower name, and something like that. Not very interesting, except for Sakurai’s voice. Always brings Erica to take a walk as he likes it. He kisses Erica before they goes back to the manor In the end he says he wants to come to her world in front of church with bringing red roses…


Bacchus Moore

He can cook well, for any food. Really, he asks Erica of whatever she wants him to make, he will (can) do it. A good person (inside?) and usually, he talks about food, candies, beer (as he claims he owns a pub). Bacchus gives beer that can be drink by everyone, any ages, which is root beer (since Erica says in her world, there is rule of age to drink alcohol). I love root beer, really, but Erica doesn’t (What a common way to use heroine’s weakness in otome game). After completing the last question, he gives her candies, order her to give it to everyone passing by, and tells her he will follow her to Erica’s world.


Cezary Fritche

Actually, I play his route for second, since I hate his kind of personality (in every stories). I don’t really like his too well behavior, too much explaining things, and that long hair. Cezary is pretty much knows about mythologies. From Zeus to Poseidon to Venus, etc. More explanation from him, and I’ll get him out from this completion (Fortunately, he has the same 10 short stories. If not, I’ll pass him.). The last he did was brought Erica to saw starry sky, explained their stories, and made a vow to love her and following her to the other world.


Eric Burell

Eric is a man who works everything he can as long as he takes money. But surprisingly, he can make a cameo pendant for Erica, as he confesses his feelings. I like how he is a cheerful personality and doesn’t take much boring experience on Erica’s date with him. He wants Erica to choosing shoes for him. After that, he says he will go with Erica to her world.


Vincent Noble

Here he is! The tsundere man in this game. He doesn’t like women because they are annoying and doesn’t expect much from Erica. After completing a few ranks of questions, he accept Erica’s strenght. She really is different from other woman, he thinks. Usually talks about books, and Shakespeare is the most (Romeo and Juliet). They even has a drama acting scene for that. Gladly, he choose to be with Erica in the field full of expensive roses, not separating like in Romeo and Juliet’s story. Too bad I don’t really think that his voice is suitable for tsundere person, who usually behaves really active, mad here and there. Yasumoto Hiroki’s voice is too low for him…


Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata is… I don’t know the exact way to claims it, but really educating. I like its songs’ menu, its talkative educational reason, and its art. But to be an otome game, I don’t think it’ll be to my liking of preference (or many people’s preferences).

Apart from that, the arts for Mother Goose are really stunning, beautiful, and really suit for this. I thought that was really good, just think that it’s an educational game. The English speaker are really good, their voice can do the song really well. Urgh, I hadn’t have the Mother Goose educational in my past time, and it’s the first time I’d ever heard of it, after knowing this game. I tried searching for it on net and found many interesting Mother Goose. Much more, I love to read it now, thanks to this game…..

I guess I’ll just go to Shinigami to Shoujo right on it! Bloody Call… uhmm, will wait after it. I can play it in my spare time! Yeah! I hope so.. Because it’s full of famous seiyuus. Counting it…Nakamura Yuuichi, Hino Satoshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Suzumura Kenichi (although I don’t like his kind of voice in it, as well as in Starry Sky), Ishida Akira, and Morikawa Toshiyuki. Truthfully, I really want to finish it quickly because it’s already out in 2009? Already too old now, but I’ll hold it for TAKUYO.




Link for CG:


  1. YEY! I was secretly hoping you would post the cg’s for this ^^ Thank you a million times over for being just that awesome.

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