The Pieces of New World

Hiiro no Kakera -Piece of Future- is fandisk for the fourth Hiiro series. I was bored to play the first game (I mean the fourth series) of this Hiiro no Kakera and as I played the FD, nothing changed. This has systems too like Snow Bride, which are School Event, Route Select, Sweet Days, Memory Piece, etc. After completing School Event, you can try playing Route Select. In this system, you’ll collect the heart’s pieces to unlock Memory Piece. The Memory Piece is feels similar to Starry Sky because of it’s monologue, the guy’s point of view, and some scene that change the guy’s heart (for example, Touma is being consulted by Shinogu for his behavior toward Saya, then there’s his monologue after it). I don’t know why Otomate copy the way Starry Sky tells guy’s thinking like that, seems weird. But with that heart-talking mode, I can know the real feelings of the guys. So touching…


First of, this tells about the event in school, where the protectors must compete to get a prize. The iinchou tells them all to participate, even Suwa brothers are going into it. They must brings the box and its key, then answer a question about the guy to win the prize.

Right, I forgot about the Tamayori-hime, Fujimori Saya. Her name can be spoken by another characters this time. So, it’s not like a usual VN who doesn’t call the protagonist’s name.


Onizaki Touma (Sugita Tomokazu)

After completing the race, he and Saya got tickets to the aquarium. They looked at many places and came to dolphin’s attraction. A ball from dolphin’s attraction came to Touma, and Saya ordering him to bring it back. Turns out he’s falling to the pool and being teased by the dolphins.


Komura Rei (Namikawa Daisuke)

Here, he came to the aquarium and told about the similarity between sea animals and his friend (example, Onizaki is like a tako or Oomi like a sea snake). Saya told that Komura was similar to a jellyfish. That makes him want to search for animal similar to Saya and finds a penguin…


Kutani Shirou (Nomiya Kazunori)

I played him in the middle because I hate him. I hate his loud voice (not about the seiyuu though, I like Nomiya-san’s voice), his personality and his HAIR the most! He and Saya goes to aquarium together and feeding the

アシカ=sea lion? Either he is a senpai or not, his personality is so childish. Oh, don’t forget he has a non-blood-related sister, Kutani Rikako, who is very loud too.


Atori Shun (Okano Kousuke)

Another boring guy! I can’t stand his low voice and Okano Kousuke’s voice doesn’t appeal good to me since the first he voiced Atori Mahiro. At the competiton to searching box and its key, Saya, him, and Kutani makes a good team together untul Suwa brothers comes to brings Saya to their time (They said their father, Oomi Shinogu, had work and left them behind. So they wants Saya in their team.). Saya and Shun runs away. Not long, Kutani successfully finds the box and they wins the competition. The two of them goes to aquarium and buys sea stuff animals to Chihiro, Shun’s brother, who is in hospital.


Oomi Shinogu (Hirakawa Daisuke)

Saya’s childhood friend (I’m already tired of childhood friend chara concept in any kind of stories, be it games, anime, manga, etc.). When other protectors are fighting over team member, Shinogu grabs Saya and runs away to a room. There, he sleep beside her and after awaken for awhile, he starts murmuring about his feelings. He says to forget it but Saya doesn’t want to. They got the ticket to aquarium. Saya told him that she didn’t want to forget his feelings in this present time, that’s why she said that earlier. But Shinogu said he won’t change his feelings. They looked at angelfish together.


Inukai Hibiki (Shimowada Hiroki)

It’s so hard to understand him and make him do fun. He doesn’t want to participate in school festival, but still comes after all. When Suwa brothers bothering Saya’s team, he brings her to cafeteria. Saya is saying that she wants to protect everyone but Hibiki is angry, because they don’t have any power anymore, especially Saya as Tamayori-hime (In his route, there’s many fact about their present life, which hasn’t have power anymore after the final battle), and makes him want to protect her instead. When Saya asking why, Hibiki is returning the question (Of course because you are worried about her! Why won’t you admit it, tsundere guy?). Then, they finally got the ticket. Hibiki doesn’t want to go at first, but still go after thinking Saya will ask another guy. There, Saya makes a bentou for him and when he eats it, some is on his cheek, so Saya takes it. That situation makes him blushing.


Suwa Kyousuke (Ueda Yuuji)

The older brother of Suwa kyoudai. Calm, not speaking much, and always in ‘my pace’ mode (his fav phrase is さらさらストレート. In school festival, he and Teppei almost did terrible thing to Saya. When Saya begs him to stop Teppei, he makes Teppei goes down from rooftop (killing?). Right, doesn’t care much because Teppei is a superman. They are always fighting over nothing and can’t win the competition in the end.

Next day, instead of went to aquarium (They didn’t win!), they asked Saya to go to shopping mall. Because they don’t like Saya’s way of clothing, the two of them gives suggestion about clothes. Unfortunately, they don’t have money, so Saya must beg for her father’s card to buy it (Errr, very different from the hero in Korean drama, which can afford anything the heroine wants)…


Suwa Teppei (Ueda Yuuji)

Kyousuke’s liitle brother. A rude, sarcasm, and very impatient. But he’s good towards Saya. To choose him means you will go to school’s garden house. He and Kyousuke makes dummy box to win the competition. Of course Saya won’t do it. Also, she makes a wrong calling. Saya thinks Teppei is the older brother, that makes Kyousuke really worried about that (And Teppei is laughing, ordering Kyousuke to call him older brother). The later story is the same with Kyousuke. The three of them go on date in shopping mall.


Onizaki Touma

The important story in it is about Touma says something awful to Saya. Remember about her father, who’s sacrificing himself to save her? Saya can’t seem to make a good impression on him because he just leaves her alone (she thought her father already dead) for a really long time. Touma is angry with her, then gets confronted by Shinogu (in Memory Piece). They’re doing good after the reconciliation.

While coming to her father’s workplace, to get information about him, Saya look for a short time then runs away. Touma chasing her and know that there’s just one proof about Takamitsu Kitano’s feelings. He still remember his daughter’s birthdate. It makes Saya really sad and get comforted by Touma. Touma will protect her from now on. After hiding from Shirou and Rikako’s conversation, Touma kissed Saya in the backalley of the street.


Komura Rei

After going home from the amusement park, Komura tried to kiss Saya but she refused. It makes him a bit down. Then after that, Saya goes eating with Kutani Rikako and Otoha Amamiya. They talked about her boyfriend and all. When she said her feelings to Komura, he avoided her for a while ‘til they went home together (Plus, Komura is thinking that he is change after meeting Saya. This makes him even more angry.). The words Saya said to him makes a misunderstanding and Komura is mad.

But the next day, he turns to usual self and asking to eating together. Saya is confused about that because he is different from yesterday and then Komura tells her his feelings too. They seems fine, but a bit weird. Then Komura asks her to skip class and go to the place he wants. They go to the shrine and Komura reveals his feelings. He doesn’t know where the place he belongs to. Then, they comes to a conclusion that his place is where Saya is. They’re kissing.

After that, they goes to shopping mall and watching movie. Komura tells Saya that he is happy if Saya can be happy too.

Kutani Shirou

He and Saya goes to amusement park together. There’s a problem about that world’s system, so they must rest at inn that night. Saya sees him dropped a tears in his sleeping (You’re not hoping anything from all age otoge, right?). She asks about Kutani’s problem, but he doesn’t want to tell her (He doesn’t want to makes Saya sad too from his sadness). After that, he behaves like nothing happened. Saya uses the chance to tell Kutani about school inspection to ask again but he keeps his secret. He hugs her from behind and promise to tell her the next day. Also, he says he doesn’t call Saya “hime” just for her job (Tamayori-hime), but because she is his precious person.

Saya went to Kutani’s apartment that night to hear about his past. Kutani is sad because his parents are dead, but he keeps steady for Saya. This time, Saya comforted him and tells she will be by his side. They’re kissing and after that, go on a date together. He proposed to her.. No, don’t think they’ll get marry soon because he just wants to know Saya’s answer.


Atori Shun

He invites Saya to amusement park. After that, the same story as Kutani goes to him. The system isn’t working so they must spent night in a hotel. Unfortunately, Shun, who is worried about Saya’s feelings, goes out from their room (I mean, they didn’t sleep together like Kutani). It makes Saya worried about him, even after in school. It seems she is avoiding Shun and he knows it. Chihiro wants Saya to visit him and Saya agrees on it. But it makes Chihiro worried too because she comes alone, without Shun. In front of Chihiro’s room, Saya meets Amamiya Otoha and asking about Shun’s kindness. Surprisingly, Otoha doesn’t know that Shun is kind.

That night, Shun comes to hospital just to accompany her home. He says he isn’t kind to everyone, but only to Saya. Also, he wants to say something after school tomorrow.

They meets before the exact place and Shun held her hands. Everyone are watching the two of them, that makes Saya embarrassed. In the garden, Saya actually told him her real feelings after the amusement park incident. She wants to be together with Shun, not of his kindness to leave her alone that night. They promised to always loves and cares to each other. After the date on different day, they kissed before they separated to go home.


Oomi Shinogu

Shinogu is afraid of he can’t protect Saya when she tells him that she wants to always be with him. When Saya told that to Rikako, she was surprised about Shinogu, who hadn’t kiss Saya on his own action. Then, because of his busy work in school. He can’t be with her from morning to afternoon, so he suggested Saya to be with other protectors. It makes her mad at him and doesn’t want to look at him. Suddenly, after he realizes that, Shinogu changes his personality, grabing Saya’s hands from behind and tells he won’t let her go forever. Then, he leaves for now, also feels bad to her.

The next morning, Shinogu took his time to go to school together with Saya (and surprisingly, he changes back to normal as if nothing happens). That night, Saya comes to his workplace and tells that she loves him. Without any notice, Shinogu kisses her on his own for the first time. He will think about his answer and want Saya to wait. The next day, he told Saya that he also love her and will protect her, while touching Saya’s hair. Well, it went well after all. After meeting Shinogu’s parents, Saya and him sat together and talk about Shinogu’s personality which is very adult-like. But he claims that it’s because of his love to Saya.


Inukai Hibiki

Too much coolness of his story, and about his feelings… I’m happy I save his route for almost the last (There’s Suwa brothers)…!! After Saya went to his father’s office, she got a ticket to Kagura Amusement Park. Surprisingly, Hibiki wants to go without any refuse. When the system is broken and they can’t go back, Hibiki ordering Saya to kiss him. She done it well (he said).

Amamiya Otoha, Hibiki’s sister, wants to meet with Hibiki to tell that she is sorry after everything she has done before. Saya makes them meet in the shopping mall, but turns out not good (Hibiki is being rude to Saya and Otoha, who is Saya’s friend now, is angry and tell her to break up with him). The next day when Saya comes to Hibiki’s classroom (He is third year student), he makes her crying. Rei, Shinogu, and Kutani brings her to play outside after school to makes her happy, but suddenly, Hibiki comes and kisses her in front of everyone. But it seems he isn’t doing any good since after that, he tells Saya to go away from him. A memory piece about him, speaking with Miho Soichi (the evil researcher about Tamayori-hime, who’s captivated Otoha) about how to release Otoha. He wants to use another Tamayori-hime (Saya) as the replacement for his sister (Because it may danger Tamayori-hime’s life, so he wants to bring another Tamayori-hime. Wow, an evil plot of him..).

Onizaki tells Saya to speak again with Hibiki and she does it that night. She comes to Hibiki’s room, telling that she will believe in him and always be with him. The truth is, Hibiki needs her too. They are going on a date and Saya wants to buy him a present. After going back to Hibiki’s room, he is sleeping. When he awakes, he tells that he will protect Saya and not want to let her go.


Suwa Kyousuke

Saya comes to JSEI (final battle place) and finds Suwa brothers in there. It seems the seal is being weaken and makes the Kanna system worse (So, it’s the problem of the system in every guys route after they goes to amusement park. Seems just need some power from Tamayori-hime and it fixed. They said to Saya that her power is not disappear, just sleeping. Because Tamayori-hime’s power is sleeping, then so is the protectors.

On the next day, Kyousuke comes to Saya to pick her home because she is very tired from fixing the seal. He write his name and Saya together, that makes her embarrassed. Saya is happy he picked her up. This makes Kyousuke a bit happy too, saying that she can come to JSEI just for seeing him.

Later, Saya is being really weak fater fixing the seal. Kyousuke brings her home again but this time she is unconscious. When she wakes up, Kyousuke is beside her, reading picture book (He is happy because Saya won’t laugh at him, but smiling). All ends well and they seems to go on a date in the end. The ending didn’t have much about romance, just about their good relationship.

Suwa Teppei

He noticed Saya is tired after fixing the seal and brings her home. The next day, he comes to her apartment and brings her to park, making her bentou (Alright! He is pretty skillful at cooking). Saya is thanking him and he says he will do anything to makes her happy.

Saya is unconscious from fatigue. When she is half awake, she hear Teppei’s voice, calling her to wake up. He is really worried about Saya so much. She wakes up and says thanks to him. After everything ended, Teppei is welcoming Saya in her apartment, wearing an apron, and making her food (Woah!)

To complete the CG, go around the Suwa’s route again, choosing different answer. At the end, Saya must say goodbye to them because there is no meaning for her to come to JSEI again. They are kissing her cheek for goodbye. = HAREM??


This is telling about Saya and the guys in their date.

Onizaki Touma (Kokoro no Kakera)

The scene about Touma and Saya goes to the amusement park. They are searching for his locket and Touma’s family picture can be opened after so long. They are very happy to find that and kissing again before going home.

Komura Rei (My Darling)

Komura always teasing Saya (with saying she is cute etc.) and makes her can’t understand if he is joking or not. He claims that he is too, doesn’t know about that, but it’s all in his heart. The next place is sea at night. They are watching stars together with holding hands. Komura promises that he will call Saya’s name after he graduates. For now, he gives her a special service for calling his senpai’s name…

Kutani Shirou (Thanks Kiss)

Instead of amusement park, they go to sea. There, Kutani is thanking Saya for meeting him. He asks for a “thank you” kiss (Is there even any of it?).

Atori Shun (Angel of Spring)

The 1st place they go on date that day, is Chihiro’s room at hospital. Then, Shun brings Saya to looking at the sea in sunset. They already found their happiness.

Oomi Shinogu (Forbidden Fruit)

In amusement park, Shinogu becomes worried about Saya because she doesn’t look happy. It’s because Saya is nervous to have a date with him and she is confused of what to do in there. It’s the same for him too. Then, they goes to sea and Shinogu wants everything of her (Urgh… Makes me remember about Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari-Mizuhito. I played 2 characters voiced by Hirakawa in the same time and the two of them are talking about wanting the heroine to be his..).

Inukai Hibiki (Pledge of Love)

Saya is sleeping in Hibiki’s room. Knowing she is tired from following his study, he asks for a date in amusement park. There’s night illumination in there, and they are watching it. Hibiki is kissing her forehead…

Suwa Kyousuke (Exist Life)

Being a ‘KAMI’ that protect the seal of Kanna, makes him a gloomy man. He just protect the seal because it is his work. But Kyousuke claims that now is a bit different. He wants to protect the seal to protect Saya. After saying that, he hugs Saya and says that he will come whenever she needs him.

Suwa Teppei (Sacrifice Life)

He waking Saya up to go on date. They goes to JSEI rooftop (of helicopter) to makes her sees beautiful sight of their city at night. Teppei says that it’s her city that she protects. From now on, he will protect her too.

The Extra is a bunch of omake stories and extra CGs. There’s a story about Saya’s father, Kitano Takamitsu, when he stills hasn’t appear in front of his daughter. He stills tracking her, then Ise Gentaro (Takamitsu’s subordinate) and Kutani Rikako tells him about Saya’s condition, which has been in a harem world of guys (Errh, I mean, she has 6 protectors). It makes Takamitsu worry that his daughter will be taken by any of them and ordering Ise to keep tracking Saya. Rikako says it’ll be a crime, so he stop that order.

Also, a few stories about the guys’ studying problem. For example, it’s hard for Hibiki to train Kutani to study well, since his brain is stills like of…. an elementary school student. Even Kutani himself is wondering how he can graduate from elementary school.

Oh right. Remember about Kashima and Munakata? Otoha’s protectors, I think. There’s story about them being order by Otoha to make everything she wants. Every one of them tells a bad impression about Otoha in their heart.

This fandisk is really good. Except that I’m bored with the story from the beginning of this Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou thing. I couldn’t stand Kutani and Shinogu’s route so far since they were so boring and I hate Kutani. He is so childish, clinging to Saya everytime they meets. Of course my fav route is Hibiki, ‘cause his story reveals many things about Tamayori-hime after the final battle. And Otoha, the antagonist has a role too. Too bad they didn’t make story about her and Hibiki in a good relationship. But instead of that, the memory piece from Hibiki is revealing many secret of his feelings towards Saya and Otoha. It’s cool.

I’m not forgetting about Suwa brothers, right? Kyousuke’s story is so pure. He read picture book with children’s voice of reading (really slow, I mean). Teppei has a kind of gangster aura with him. But surprisingly, in his own route, he talks more calmly to Saya. I really like their story, just…not much kind of romance story. They just thinks that Saya is special from any other human. Of course I was really surprised to knew that Teppei could cook well. His image doesn’t do much about it.

I’ve completed it all with much longer time than usual time to end it. Maybe this month I wasn’t in the mood to playing so my pace was a bit slower than usual. Next, I’ll try Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata again and maybe some try of Shinigami to Shoujo, which I’ve been waiting for almost a year ago…


Link for CG:


  1. The only reason I was waiting for this FD was for the Suwa brothers 😉 I’m quite glad to see them getting their own routes! It makes playing the whole sort of worth it, in copula with Yone’s art, of course.

    Thanks for the guide!

    • Yeah, me too. I wanted to see at their CG so badly and kept it for the last. Too bad there’s not much and their story has not much differences… But still funny enough to see their fighting against each other. It’s worth to see them. Well, just too bad it isn’t Yone’s art.

  2. Ahhh.. Hiiro no kakera xDD
    I haven’t play (started lol ) yet the first game and will do in the near future ^^

    compare to others, this one has a decent characters design and I actually like that a lot!

    Same with Connie, SUWA BROTHERLY LOVE XD

    • I have forgotten most of its first game stories..! Urgh.. it’s so boring with kind of slow pace, mostly if I played Kutani Shirou or Shun’s route. I prefer the old Hiiro no Kakera. But yeah, art is decent from time to time, that makes me thinks it’s good. Of course Suwa brothers are special!!

  3. Bawwww… i played inukai route … and i feel otoha need more love : \
    i like her so much … but so little about her is revealed
    maybe they should make hiiro 5 with her as main charcter LOL -smacked-

    • Well, I I love her too. She is nothing evil like Mao in Shin Hisui no Shizuku. Just being brainwashed by Soichi, Kashima, and Munakata. But from Inukai’s memory piece, we could knew his past a little with Otoha in it.

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