Smell Like Poison

Finally finished, “Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari”!!! I felt really lazy to finish games lately, didn’t know why… At least I want to finish playing what I’d done. I won’t make a review about it though, because of my lazyness. Then again, there are many reviews about it already, so I’ll prefer to reading then writing this time. I’m just going to make my impression on the guy (and one woman).

Welcome Goshujin-sama!! Maid Yuriko is on duty today..

Shiba Junichi (CV: Chasuke=Katou Masayuki)

First time I read a review about him, I thought he was a bad guy. But actually he is pretty funny, with fast kind of speech (that sometimes, I can’t follow his speaking well). Really want the heroine, Yuriko, badly because of his childhood experience. I can’t blame him from wanting her so much since she is so special to the hurted him in the past. Being a rich guy can make everything easy, but it seems, it’s a bit difficult for him to get Yuriko’s heart, although her parents are approving him. I don’t hate him in his route, but it seems I can’t stand him in other routes because he still wants to marry Yuriko, even if Yuriko has choose either Majima, Mizuhito, or other guy.

Fujita Hitoshi (CV: Chanoze Sandayuu=Yasumoto Hiroki)

I was a bit afraid of his character design because he seemed like a dead body who came to live again. His skin has pale color and he doesn’t speak much, makes me feels like.. he will becomes a vampire in the end (And fortunately, it isn’t, because he is a real human). A faithful servant ’till the end. Has a sad past when Mizuhito taking his girlfriend… (Oh yeah, Mizuhito is the bad guy in this route!). He won’t admit his feelings for Yuriko at first, but stubborness makes him can’t hold his love anymore. I don’t know why Aromarie makes this guy a weird breast maniac in every ending of him. It’s so disgusting!!

Ozaki Hideo (CV: Suga Noriya=Majima Junji)

An army man who’s very straight. A childhood friend of Yuriko and Mizuhito so when he wants to take Yuriko, Mizuhito gladly approve him (Really different from other routes, where he Mizuhito hates Shiba’s appearances and all). He has a fiancee but still loves Yuriko so in the end, he prefers his first love. I like his straight personality and his pure love for Yuriko. Sadly, his character is a bit gloomy when he used thick glasses.

Mizuhito (CV: Hirai Tatsuya=Hirakawa Daisuke)

Hmmm, I like Namikawa Daisuke’s voice, but now Hirakawa Daisuke (Even if he was the seiyuu of my horoscope sign in Starry Sky). I admit his voice is sexy, but I can’t stand low voice like him. And Mizuhito is so scary in every routes. He seems like he will take Yuriko if, maybe Hideo is dead because of war-It’s my imagination. A brother of Yuriko from their father’s affair (So basically, his mother isn’t Yuriko’s mother). Almost all of his bad end gives a story about him commiting suicide (Even more scary in one of Majima’s route, where he commits drown suicide with a woman). Right, I forgot to told that he’s a womanizer, and maybe one of Rusia’s woman dog. Not a good impression of him.

Majima Yoshiki (CV: Ooishi Keizou=Kondou Takashi)

I can still remember when Kondou-san voiced Train Heartnett-No.XIII in Black Cat. I really love his cool voice!! Then, I’m really grateful he is voicing one and only handsome guy in this game (It’s my thinking about it. That I don’t really like the design of every guy in this series, except Majima. It’s not of my preferences.). In every routes, he is the mastermind of chaos in Yuriko’s family. Kill the father, makes the mother dying from fear, burning the house, etc. It’s because he is the child of Yuriko’s mother with her brother (Alright, incest from generation to generation..). When he was taken care to a servant, that servant must die to kill his existence too. Fortunately, he still alive. He is kind on the outside, but very fearful inside. He has illegal work in Shanghai and must be very rich then. But takes mask as a servant in Yuriko’s house. In his good ending, he doesn’t reveal his hate for Yuriko’s family, but of course, his work is still illegal.

Kyouko (CV: Nekomi Ai=Katsuki Masako)

Don’t forget the yuri route. There, she is convince Yuriko to do evil with her everyday. She claims to be Shigeko (Yuriko’s mother) friend. Then, always coming to her house often. Sometimes, she gives solution, but there’s a route about her being a woman who loves playing either man nor woman. So basically, she is bisexual? Urgh, forget it…

Apart from the “not so my preference” chara design, it’s still a good game. Story is so interesting, mysterious, and sad. Yuriko is a brave woman, and can choose her own future (except for the bad ending, okay). And it can makes me surprise too (especially Majima’s work, the burning house of Yuriko, etc.) for its stunning concept. Mizuhito’s route is really boring, especially because of Hirakawa’s voice. For pureness, I think, I’ll choose Hideo. Then, Majima’s true end is the most happiness of all (Look, from the beginning, Yuriko is in love with him. So it’s the real happy ending for her first love, right?). Yeah, apart from the incest meaning…. Of course his past is the most sad compare to everyone. He must cover his life alone, because he is a unwanted child… It’s not fair since Mizuhito is well welcome in the house..!

I am King of Shanghai with a concubine!!—-No…


~ by twentyninenights on July 27, 2011.

6 Responses to “Smell Like Poison”

  1. That’s too short
    Btw, where I can get the cg?
    Cause this is game with rate +18

  2. Hi! I was just wondering which route did you take to get those two CG’s for Shiba? I haven’t seen those CG’s yet, even though I’m following the guides and finished his route.

  3. I didn’t like Majima’s route. It was kind of half-assed…
    But I did love Hideo and Shiba. They had the best personalities and would most likely treat her right.

    • I agree if Hideo would treat her well. But for some reason, I like Majima of his changes from revenge to be so much in love with Yuriko. As for Shiba, I dislike him for being a hindrance in other route, appeared as an obstacle. Might be it’s one reason I couldn’t like him the best

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