Red Blood of Deep Wood-Ryoushi

Ryoushi-san (Hunter)

CV: Fuji Bakuhatsu (Konishi Katsuyuki)

Tiana went to the wood alone, ‘til she met a squirrel. Suddenly, she felt a presence, that she thought it was a bear. The squirrel goes straightly to the where the bear is, so she must follows it. Turns out it’s a human, a BIG one, sleeping in the wood. Think what? The man said he thought Tiana was some tanuki. He feels so weak and gets hurt.

To help him, Tiana brings him to his house (which is a room inside a big tree). She is surprised after seeing the tiny, clean room in that place. The man tells that he is a Ryoushi=Hunter (so..I’ll call him that from now). Then, he order her to leave (Somewhat, rude).

Ryoushi’s Room..

When Tiana is making food, she thinks of Ryoushi, so she comes in there. Ryoushi is surprised because Tiana wants to come to the oyaji’s place (he call himself like that!). But Tiana denied it, saying it’s because she is worried about his wound. The conversation took him to telling the story about a wolf, that killed many people in the past.

The first time Ryoushi knows the truth about the flowers in the field is when he meets Tiana, after she had a conversation with Nightmare. Ryoushi thinks that place is scary.

It’s become a habit for Tiana to come to Ryoushi’s place. Sometime, she thinks it’s better for him to stop hunting in the wood. She successfully convinced him to think about it.

Tiana came again to Ryoushi’s house. When she thinks the big man had died because there was no answer, suddenly he pulled Tiana’s hair and made her fell into him. That time, he just being polite, telling her that he has nothing to speak with a girl (Yeah, somehow I don’t think their conversation can connect to each other).

The time some guy attacked Tiana, Ryoushi helped her. He remembered Kaspar Benda’s name, so he called that. Then as expected, the man becomes flower. Ryoushi is surprised to know about the curse (What? He already lived in there for a long time ago, and he didn’t know that?).

The bad dream makes Tiana scared. She went to meet Ryoushi. That big man gave her a chocolate, an expensive one. Ryoushi is also likes chocolate, that he drink with his brandy. At first, Ryoushi wants Tiana to call him ojisan (perfect!), but Tiana just wants to call him Ryoushi (Geh…). After her stomach is full, she feels sleepy and sit beside the old man (plus, makes him nervous).

She stills come to Ryoushi’s place after that. Tiana brought him melon pie, that he thinks it’s for her boyfriend. To hide her feelings, she says it’s for her family (Ryoushi…?). Because he’s a hunter, Tiana thinks his father is too, but he says that person is a merchant instead. Also, he’s a bad child in the past. The one who makes him become a hunter is because Ookami, to hunt for him. The reason is because Ookami killed his precious person. Somehow, Ryoushi asks where he can meet Tiana (except to where she lived, because there’s Ookami), and she agreed to him. The place is the flower field because it’s safe.

Ookami knows quickly that Tiana has befriend with someone he hasn’t know, because she brings some food to him. He just teasing her, saying there won’t be any guy who thinks she is an adult. Of course it makes Tiana angry, then they are fighting about that.

Tiana comes to brings Ryoushi some food she makes. That old man, knows he’s too old, saying that he can’t look at Tiana as a woman because of his age (I’m glad he realize that). Then, she asks if Ryoushi wants to teach her some hunting style. So he’s teaching her how to play darts with a knife. Because Tiana isn’t good at it, he explains it to her, even hug Tiana to set her body for the right position (Oh, know your place, old man!).

The next day, Tiana asks if he had married or not. Ryoushi wants Tiana to answer it herself, so she makes an argument that explains Ryoushi haven’t marry yet (He thought Tiana was a detective like that). The man feels curious of why Tiana ask that and tells her it doesn’t have to do anything with her if he is married or not. It makes her a bit hurt, telling him because she likes him. Of course the old man didn’t think it was serious…

Tiana spent her time until night. She looks at the old man’s big hand, and touch it. This makes them feels strange, so Ryoushi quickly says he will take her home.

In front of Ryoushi’s tiny room…

There’s a beautiful flower in the wood that interested Tiana. But Ryoushi said it had a poison, so she shouldn’t come near it. The words come from Tiana’s mouth, saying they’re like a couple, makes Ryoushi really surprised because he doesn’t see her like that. It’s best for her to not come near him if she really likes him because there’s some woman he love. To take revenge for that woman, he becomes a hunter and hunting a wolf. The tragedy took time 10 years ago. But it’s okay if she comes when Ryoushi have a spare time (Decide it firmly, bad old man! Don’t make hope for her if you don’t want! Sorry…, a bit hot blooded when playing his route…)…

After the warning words from her loved one, Tiana comes to restaurant instead to Ryoushi’s place. It makes Kitsune feels a bit suspicious, asking if she has a boyfriend (He thinks it’s about Ookami)… Tiana says the person thinks her as a child (That makes Kitsune sure it is about Ookami), then begin explaining all of her problems to Kitsune. Suddenly, Yamaneko comes and says he have something that will solve her problem (Tiana is feeling suspicious though, because Yamaneko change to his kindness mode). He gives Tiana バスオイル, some potion that will help her to meet someone she thinks of. Turns out Yamaneko gives it to her because he thinks it’s really about Ookami….? Maybe he just wants to see some entertainment…

Tiana uses it when she is in the bath. After that, she went to Ryoushi’s house to see the reaction (I think there’s nothing change at all). Well, it’s not for Ryoushi, but she is the one who takes the reaction. Her body feels hot and wanted someone to be near her. Ryoushi felt that the oil is the one making her like that (Hmm, Yamaneko is really naughty, isn’t it?). At least, Ryoushi came to a plan, to clean up Tiana’s body with a wet towel, also clean the oil. But the result is reversing, she feels good with it, makes a pleasure sound, and makes Ryoushi comes to look at her (Oh yeah! Some weird situation again.)! Moreover, he likes to help her with it! if that hadn’t been too much (to take for me), they did it again in the water!!!

Please remember, I will censor everything…

The bad thing that the old man did was he said it’s better for Tiana to not come near him again, after the thing he had done with! More and more, he said he had someone he loved, that already died. She didn’t believe of what Ryoushi said, so Tiana waited for him in the flower field. But he didn’t come exactly.

She comes to restaurant instead and Yamaneko asks about the effect to Ookami after she used the oil. Right, he felt a bit lament for couldn’t see Ookami’s reaction (As he knows the person Tiana likes isn’t Ookami). Yamaneko always says that he is concern of Ookami’s child because Ookami is the one who protect the wood. The conversation reach about a woman who had been killed by Ookami. Yamaneko emphasize that he just heard Ookami killed a beautiful woman.

With a pie she hold, Tiana came again to Ryoushi’s house. She wants to makes sure that Ryoushi doesn’t leave the wood because of her. All of it because she is selfish, because she wants to be with Ryoushi. Then, Ryoushi admits he doesn’t hope to not meet her again, just that…, because he has know Tiana’s feelings, he doesn’t want her to come. Also, he just want Tiana to choose a better guy (I mean, there are many guys, just please… not him!).

Even if she had knew Ryoushi won’t come to the field, she kept waiting for him. Suddenly, it’s raining and doesn’t have place to go, get so wet. Ryoushi found her so he brought her to his house. Wondering if Tiana become old, if her feelings won’t change, he asks of it. She answer it with she doesn’t know for this time because people’s feelings can change. Firstly, it makes him a bit down, but Tiana continuing it, saying maybe she will loves him more than now. Of course it makes the old man happy to hear that, saying it’s better if Tiana doesn’t say things that make him want to hold her.

Ryoushi told about his love with a woman in his village. He met her, didn’t know anything, ‘til he heard she had died in the hands of a grey-wolf. After that, he stopped playing around, then became a hunter. Finally, after he ended it, Ryoushi is wondering about Tiana’s family. But she can’t say that for now.

Because the storm hasn’t stop and really hard outside, Tiana must sleep on Ryoushi’s bed. She can’t sleep easily because of her heart. When she nearly touch Ryoushi, he tell her to not do that. And they becomes asleep together (No, nothing happen! Yeah!).

When morning comes, Ryoushi takes Tiana home. On their way, suddenly, Ookami called her and met Ryoushi (This is the most bad scenario for them). Ryoushi prepared to shoot him, but Tiana stopped them quickly, saying Ookami hadn’t kill people. It’s futile because Ryoushi knows he’s the wolf, plus, Ookami admits it. Well, this time, Tiana successfully stop them. Ookami goes home first.

Tiana and Ryoushi continues their walking time together. That time, Tiana told him Ookami was the one who help her after her step-mother tried to kill her. So she doesn’t believe that Ookami had kill people. Also, she wants him to hear Ookami’s reason to kill. At first, Ryoushi didn’t want to hear that, but, Tiana is saying something that stabbed straight to his real reason. Ryoushi is afraid of his reason to kill Ookami this 10 years can change after hearing it.

Knowing Tiana’s heart is really strong, he hugs her, saying he always wants to hug and kiss her for sure. He always hide it, afraid if he can make her happy. After saying that, also, kissing Tiana’s forehead, he goes to somewhere and leaving Tiana behind.

Tiana comes back to Ookami’s house. They have a conversation about Ryoushi, then they makes a plan to finish it without being hurt. The kind wolf says if there’s anything befall her, maybe he is the one who will kill the old man. At least he can’t die now because he need to protect the wood.

Feeling curious, Tiana came to Ryoushi’s house. It makes her feels afraid because he isn’t there. She finds a letter from Ryoushi, who hasn’t know her name, and that’s weird because they know each other for long now. He goes to settle the things with Ookami and hopes that Tiana won’t see him killing Ookami. Quickly, she goes back to Ookami’s house, when she heard a gunshot. There, the two of them already meet and prepared to attack..

Tiana still want to stop them, ordering Ryoushi to not shoot and listen to Ookami’s reason. But that man already makes a settlement, he doesn’t want to change his revenge after so long. So, to makes him stop, Tiana says to shoot her instead. Finally, Ryoushi wants to listen to Ookami.

The conversation finished without any fight. Ryoushi goes back to his house and Tiana follows him (Of course Ookami has allows their relationships). There, Ryoushi admits he has been jealous of Tiana’s attitude towards Ookami and saying he loves her. After Tiana says she loves him too, they shared a kiss finally. Their kissing CG feels weird for me… I feel sick looking at it (I mean, an oyaji kissing a girl? I can’t stand it!). Also, I can’t stand their lovey-dovey time after that. Okay, after finishing their passionate time together, Ryoushi gives Tiana a pendant he had made. Theres a conversation aboutTiana’s real name. He can’t believe Tiana can tell her real name, but it’s true. It ends one ending for him.

The unlocked ending for him begins when Tiana tells Ryoushi that she help to prepare a wedding for… You’ll know later. It makes Ryoushi feels lonely because she must go often. Plus, he feels curious if Tiana’s parent will allow their marriage or not (Mostly, I’m against it). Again, he asks of Tiana’s real name and surprised it’s really can be called. Tiana hugs him and the old man can’t hold to kisses her and do more things.

Tiana goes to restaurant and prepare the food for marriage with Kitsune. This makes Kitsune says to get marry quickly to Tiana. Suddenly, he warns her to be careful from crow in the wood.

The stupid oyaji makes Tiana angry because he asks who’s the one will be her groom. Of course Tiana says it’s Ryoushi, who she loves. But this stubborn man think maybe it’ll be someone else other than him. That makes Tiana goes to Ookami’s house again. It won’t be long for her to miss Ryoushi, so she comes back to his house. In there, Ryoushi already waiting for her, saying sorry. He explains the reason but, the most one is he’s afraid if he can’t make Tiana happy. To makes him sure, Tiana says she won’t marry someone she doesn’t like. The only one in her heart is always Ryoushi. He says the same, selfish things.

The morning when Ryoushi asks again about Tiana’s parents is coming. She trembles because of it. After a long walk to gather information about Ryoushi, finally he comes to a conclusion that his big sister is Tiana’s step-mother (So, there’s connection between them. After all, the world is so small!). That sudden reveals, makes Tiana scared because her step-mother always do bad things to her. Ryoushi can’t believe his sister can do that, telling Tiana that maybe she just can’t be near her. He believes there’s a reason to what his sister has done to Tiana. At least he keeps loving Tiana after knowing all of that.

The wedding day for the squirrel is held with Ookami’s speech. Before they can exchange the ring, crows appeared, trying to get the ring. They managed to cast out the crows, but the ring got stuck on the tree. There’s no one who can take that in the wedding place, so Tiana called Ryoushi to help them. When Ryoushi agrees to help, he also looks at Tiana, who has change from usual (Actually, she thinks that she only just put up a lip gloss=Is it true there’s one in the wood, or even in that world?). Firstly, everyone in the wood are afraid of hunter, but Ookami tells them it’s fine because Ryoushi won’t hunt them anymore. Ryoushi managed to get the ring with his gun though and makes everyone so happy (Plus, his relationships with Ookami is becoming good).

At the party, Tiana and Ryoushi are preparing to dance. In their way, Tiana says maybe she will think to leave the forest with Ryoushi. Then, they speaks about “love” and “money”, whichever is more important. Of course the stubborn Tiana still think love is more important and manage to win the conversation. Well, they’re dancing happily, with Ryoushi saying he won’t give Tiana to anyone.

The next day, Ryoushi came to Ookami’s house, saying he will marry Tiana. Fortunately, Ookami quickly agreeing the proposal, then leave the two in his house for patrolling. Of course Ryoushi won’t make this chance futile and go lovey-dovey with Tiana in someone else’s house… They lives happily together in the town because Tiana’s parent approve them quickly. After saying goodbye to Ryoushi (he becomes more protective of her), who wants to go for work, Tiana kisses his cheek.

Ryoushi’s Data:

Ryoushi’s Data Picture (May contain SPOILER)

Now, goes to the bad ending. First of, about Ookami, hearing Tiana’s problem with Ryoushi, who always look at her as a child. Ookami teels her there’s someone he love too, but she love another man (Which is Tiana herself). When she thinks Ookami will kiss her, he just saying jokes like usual. To makes her relieve, Ookami says maybe when the time comes, his feelings will change. Tiana comes back to Ookami’s house to make plan for Ryoushi, who doesn’t want to listen to Ookami’s reason. She thinks it’s better if she likes Ookami despite the ossan. Knowing Tiana’s heart is hurt because of Ryoushi, Ookami hugs her and makes revenge CG (I mean, his CG is in Ryoushi’s art gallery…). Also, he says he loves Tiana more than that man.

Tiana and Ookami are searching for Ryoushi, but they also do it with happy conversation. They reached the flower field, and Tiana got a letter from Ryoushi, saying he will leave them (Tiana and Ookami) together. The desperate Tiana, wants Ookami to make her forget about Ryoushi. He choose the bed way, okay? When he did it, he said he love Tiana. And to make her not seeing another man when do it with him, he is binding Tiana’s eyes with a cloth (extreme?). I think Ookami’s gentle story is in Ryoushi’s bad route. Weird…

The second I’ve got was when Ryoushi shoot Ookami. This makes the wolf dies, Tiana is shock. She got more shock after the wood disappeared (So, this is why Ookami musn’t die?). With grudge over Ryoushi, she think, she will kill him someday. This is a tragedy… The last bad end happen at the wedding party. Instead of saying she will leave the wood, Tiana says it’s better if Ryoushi live in there. Of course Ryoushi can’t do that as he hunt for animals. They separate their ways after the party. The next day, Tiana went to his house, but nothing came of. She runs in the wood, searching for Ryoushi ‘til she find his previous house. Then, everything goes blank red…

The Wood Becomes Just a Land After Ookami Died.

Finally, I finished him off! I can’t and never can stand his character design. Well, I’m sure is getting a gentle story in his route, but I really cannot feel satisfied when seeing his face because I’m not a oyaji lover… Overall, his atittude is really good towards Tiana, except when he helps her clean up her body (Or, should I say, clean up his lust?).

Also, Ookami’s ending in his route seems gentler than in his own route. Finally, I can see him being kind (except the binding matter…?). Okay, next is Nightmare…



    Anyways, is it a game translated into English yet? I also bet there has to be a way to get it for free!!! I want to play it due to the messed up things following in the game. XD

    • Hmm, I really am not a person who choose (too) older guy. I don’t have a choice rather than keep crying while playing his route.

      Nope, I don’t think it’ll be translated to English. What do you mean messed up things? To play with this old guy?

  2. Awww, but I like older men, and 32 isn’t that old! XD

    I do wish that Ryoushi had been more loving and encouraging, but I like him anyway. 🙂

    Thank you for reviewing this game! I love it! 😀 ❤

  3. He is not old of all, Ryoushi-san is 32 years old xD
    I think he is sexy and he have a hot body *¬* (damnn lucky bastard Tiana xD)

    • Well, I guess it’s up to our preferences. Ryoushi came up not to my ideal, so I couldn’t say I like him. But for his kindness, uh, he’s a very kind one (though he couldn’t stand his desire after looking at young woman in “that” appearance-okay, most of guys are the same).

  4. Geez. Why do this guide when anyone interested in Ryoushi – the ones who’re going to appreciate this – is gonna be left with a sour taste due to your shallow hatred of his appearance (he’s almost Ookami’s age, for goodness’s sake!)?

    At least he isn’t a rapist like the furry trio and didn’t creep on her like them.
    I WOULD think that would count for something…I guess not. :I

    (Thanks tho. I mean it. You hate Ryoushi but still dragged yourself through his route for us.)

    • No, it’s not a problem. Well, everyone have their own taste, so I don’t mind your opinion about Ryoushi. But I wrote it based on my preferrences so I’m sorry for that. I really appreciated everyone’s thoughts.

      Well, for a rapist, I think because it’s R18-based line, my opinion about every character is the same “rapist”. All of them haven’t gotten married yet before doing H.

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