Red Blood of Deep Wood-Yamaneko


CV: Shibaki Makuru (Yusa Kouji)

Tiana choose to follows Yamaneko to the back of the counter in his restaurant. He told her if she give her to be eaten by him, he will give her everything she wanted. At first, Tiana says in a small voice that she wants her mother to be killed. But it’ll be too much, so she corrects it with nothing at this time. Yamaneko begins to touch Tiana and fortunately, at the right time, Ookami called her.

Tiana found Yamaneko with Ookami in the apple garden near Ookami’s house. After some conversations, Tiana helped Yamaneko to bring the apples to his restaurant, as they’re speaking about Tiana’s reason to come to the wood. Yamaneko says maybe the term for “eat” to him and Ookami is different (Yeah, I know from the beginning). When Tiana is almost done with her work and wants to come back, Yamaneko warns her to be careful with Ookami because he can kill people easily. She said the same things to Ookami and Yamaneko that she couldn’t believe either of what they had said (Good!).

Some occasion brings Tiana to the wood, meets with Usagi and Yamaneko. After that, Tiana meets Yamaneko again (as Usagi told her) in the grey-flower field. It’s a place that reminds him of someone important more than a family. The sudden attack from Yamaneko makes her falls off the field. He orders her to close her eyes. When she did that, some picture about a red moon appeared. Tiana is scared about that and Yamaneko explains that this place can brings the picture of future and memories.

Nightmare told her to be careful with Yamaneko when he comes to the flower field at night. Yamaneko uses his mask and saying he hopes for everyone’s happiness.

At Restaurant Solitude, Kitsune told her about Yamaneko’s whereabouts (The place that Usagi can enter, but not for Kitsune because he’s loud). Tiana then comes to his study room. She is surprised by how Yamaneko read that many hard-to-read books in that room. He says, he must study everyday to fulfill his wish.

After the picnic time, Tiana went for Yamaneko, who’s been reading a book. He’s lying about the book, saying it will destroy the world and it’s a scary book. But when he’s reading it, it just KItsune’s book, about him wants to becomes like Ookami.

Yamaneko did a different thing when Kaspar Benda tried to attack Tiana. He called Kaspar with とんまハンス, that made him mad, so he gave his real name. Then, he becomes flower for giving his name in the wood. It’s becomes a good flower, but because Yamaneko doesn’t like his attitude, he burns the flower (Yeah, he’s cruel!).

Tiana saw a red moon in her dream and made her scared. She decided to go to restaurant, met Yamaneko. He thought it was because she’s homesick, but Tiana says she’s fine. To makes her more calm, he says good things about Tiana (That she’s cute or something like that), then kisses her.

Ookami feels something weird from Tiana when he said Yamaneko’s name. But nah, she won’t tell him the actual. When Tiana coems to Yamaneko’s restaurant again, she asks if Ookami really will eat her. He answers that Ookami maybe will do that because he’s cruel and Tiana just haven’t know it. Then, he reveals that he had no parents and home to come back too, so Tiana thinks they’re the same. When she says Yamaneko can come to her side if he feels lonely, that sly cat says he never feels lonely. Before Tiana goes home, Yamaneko invites her to have a conversation for just the two of them.

So, Tiana comes at night and meets Kitsune, who invites her to some room and gives a dress to change. But Kitsune, without thinking (He always likes a pure boy), hasn’t come out yet. Tiana shouted to makes him leave.

Yamaneko has waited to have dinner with Tiana. It makes her scared that Yamaneko suddenly very nice to her. At that time, Yamaneko suddenly says he want Tiana to live in his house. He even gives her a ring (that picture the grey flower in the field) to make her sure. But Tiana won’t easily believe that because Yamaneko never said he like her. He laughs for that and saying Tiana is an interesting person. Quickly, Yamaneko says he likes her and wants Tiana to believe him. But Tiana just says thanks to him ‘cause she is confused (Well, deep in her heart, she really goes ドキドキ with it.

When he escort Tiana home through the wood, he says Ookami had killed someone. Some woman who’s very beautiful, with a knife atabbing her again and again. Suddenly, Tiana remembers of her dreams.

She comes home and meets Ookami. He knows a ring Yamaneko gives her, and tries to release it. But Tiana is already scared of Yamaneko’s saying he’s a killer. To makes it more awful for Ookami, he accepts that he had killed someone in the past and won’t tell the reason. Tiana asks if he will truly eat her and he says if she has no use to him anymore, he will do that.

The bad dream comes again that night. The scared Tiana runs away to the restaurant after awaken from that awful dream. Yamaneko says Ookami has come to search for her before. He added it with Ookami didn’t say that Tiana was “missing”, but Tiana was “run away” (He wants to make Ookami a bad person, huh?). To makes Tiana more confused, he also says to live with him and she agrees.

He give his room to her and Yamaneko will sleeps on the sofa. But Tiana feels sorry to him, so she says she will be the one sleeping on the sofa. It makes him grabs her on to the bed and kisses her again. That makes Tiana feels calm now, but she can’t believe Yamaneko for now. Also, she thinks Yamaneko isn’t bad like that. After the conversation, Yamaneko prefers to sleep outside.

Because she lives at the restaurant, Tiana must helps the others too. She brings food that the guests had ordered. Suddenly, Ookami came to the restaurant and Tiana was scared about that. Turns out he just wants to know Tiana’s condition and (Really, I feel he is so poor in this route) he’s glad Tiana is fine. In the kitchen, Yamaneko tells bad things about Ookami again, that Tiana is also believes him, so he feels down (He uses much scheme). He tells it’s fine if she wants to go back to Ookami’s house (Looks like he uses this trick after all).

That night, Tiana went to Yamaneko’s study room. Yamaneko says he knows Tiana likes him from her eyes, so want it or not, she tells him that she likes him. But she can’t believe Yamaneko’s feelings. That’s why she always keeps it ‘til that time. To makes her sure, Yamaneko says he really likes her and gives the name “Francis Wales” to her. If something happened, he wants her to say that name. Of course, Tiana, who thought it’s Yamaneko’s name, wouldn’t want to do that. Yamaneko told that he can use magic so he won’t make Tiana worry about anything. Well, he brings her to bed right after that (Oh yeah! Sly cat! He keeps telling magic this and magic that…).


No, I mean I want to give Tiana’s room picture in Yamaneko’s route, as usual.

Tiana awaken from her sleeps at night and finds Yamaneko stills doing his work. She wants to know about that so Yamaneko tells her not to speak to anybody and be his partner to help him. But Tiana won’t do that because she can’t promise to do anything she can’t (good answer!). Because of Tiana’s answer, Yamaneko tells that he works with magic, and if she uses that, she can do anything, even to her step-mother. Also, he wants to be with someone precious to him then rule the world-that if he has more power (I know, he’s scary). All of that, because he hates human. And he thinks Tiana as his toy. As she prepares to run away, Yamaneko grabs her. But sudden magic appears, makes the lamp are all turned on. Yamaneko becomes aware if Tiana really hasn’t know any magic before and knows she has magic. He looks happy with Tiana in his hands now. Before he do anything bad again, he tells Tiana that he is the one who spell magic in the wood to make human into flower. Tiana is forced to promise that she will become Yamaneko’s doll, if she wants to keep the village safe.

The feelings of scared, makes Tiana broke a glassware and hurts her finger. Yamaneko comes in the kitchen, licking her wounded finger. Then, he begins to grabs her b**b. Kitsuen comes at the right time, so they stop the thing. To makes Tiana more worried, Yamaneko tells that she is his precious doll and emphasizing his intention to take the world. Tiana won’t stand behind, so she tells him she will stop his plan.

When Yamaneko played with his toy (urm… I don’t know what to say) at his study room, Usagi came to speak with him. It makes him angry because Usagi won’t wait until tomorrow, so before he opens the door, he plans for something. Usagi just wants to say that Tiana isn’t feeling well. To save him, Tiana says she’s fine, but Usagi still wants to take her, makes Yamaneko really angry. He uses magic and changing Usagi to a doll.

Tiana plans to grabs the knife, but Yamaneko knows it. She then called his real name (who she thought of), but turned nothing because it’s a lie. Then, he did bad thing again for her.

It makes Tiana really sad, says she hates Yamaneko, who doesn’t think that she and Usagi have a heart too. Some way, Yamaneko seems trouble upon hearing that.

Morning comes already, but Yamaneko hasn’t come out yet. When Tiana awakes him, Yamaneko seems sick because of his power… She decides to go to the study room, and finds the name “Claudia”. She remembers that the name is her mother’s. Then she read the letter for Yamaneko, which is called koneko “子猫“.

To finds more clue about that, she straightly goes to Yamaneko’s room and asks him. Suddenly, Yamaneko, who’s being unconscious from sickness, called Tiana with Claudia’s name. He begs her to save him and stay with him. Looking at the poor Yamaneko, Tiana grabs his hand, that makes him aware that she’s Tiana. She stays with him at the bed and asks why he doesn’t want to make friends. Yamaneko told that it were all Claudia’s words, that she’s very important to him. Sometimes, he thoughts to end it, but couldn’t. Tiana asks if she can be the replacement of Claudia, but Yamaneko says she isn’t her. The words makes Yamaneko feels peaceful then falls asleep.

Kitsune came for work after that, but he couldn’t meet Usagi. He knew that Usagi had came to speak with Yamaneko but never had came back home. It made him thought that Usagi was already beheaded by Yamaneko (somewhat, it’s true), then decided to speak with Yamaneko too. Tiana is scared the same thing with Usagi can happen again, makes him stop. Then, she helps with the restaurant’s order.

In lunch time, Kitsune says the good thing about Yamaneko is he doesn’t care for money. Yamaneko maybe likes every customers that come to his restaurant, and makes them important. Kitsune thinks he just wants to be loved by people. That’s why he named the “Restaurant Solitude”.

After Yamaneko had recovered, Tiana asks about Claudia to him. It’s true that she’s Yamaneko’s teacher, who teaches him magic. It makes him surprised that Tiana is her daughter and laughing. He begins telling about Claudia’s past and his plan to revive her. That too, about Claudia’s body has been asleep under the apple tree. But he hasn’t think straight after all of Tiana’s saying, that he’s a lonely person. Tiana keeps trying and says that Yamaneko maybe had trouble in the past, but now, there are people who’s been in suffer because of him.

Before he can do any cruel things to her, some fire magic stops him. Yamaneko remembers that it’s Claudia’s magic, then feels betray because Claudia helps Tiana. The attempts to makes Yamaneko aware of his bad doing are nothing, so the last thing for Tiana is to die. Yamaneko, feels really lonely, says that if Tiana dies, then he will destroy the people in the wood. He cries and hugs her, begging her to stay because he feels there isn’t anybody who love him, even Claudia leaves him. Tiana says she loves him, but he must promise to brings Usagi back to normal, don’t use the curse anymore, and be friends with everyone, also…she will love him more than her mother. At last, he says he loves her too.

In the end, they have a party with many food on the table…

This unlock Yamaneko’s another ending. Tiana becomes aware that even if Usagi’s cooking is good, but the customer aren’t coming. Yamaneko just says that it is because everyone feels suspicious of him. Suddenly, Tiana feels sorry that after she had live in there, she took Yamaneko’s life. But actually, he doesn’t feel like that.

When she meets Kitsune in the wood, there’s one weird question he asks of. He asked if Tiana still remember him and she answered that of course she remembered. Kitsune already knows about Usagi, so he becomes suspicious of Yamaneko. He said he will help Tiana (That also makes her worried again).

Even if Tiana has warned him not to use bad magic again, Yamaneko stills do it. He had gave Kitsune some drugs or what that will erase everyone’s memories. Tiana is mad because of that. But the stubborn cat says it’s fine and he won’t break the promise to her. That words from him makes Tiana more angry because to erase memories is also the same as hurting people’s feelings. She runs away after that.

Tiana feels sorry to Yamaneko so she meets him in the flower field. She says sorry, that she also understand his feelings, but it’s wrong after all. Yamaneko too, had felt the same, that he had hurted people’s feelings. So, they brings their feelings together, and Tiana asks him to go from the wood. He can’t do that, because in some of the flower, there lies his entire family. Claudia helps him when his family had died. She makes them to a flower, so they can still be with Yamaneko. It makes Tiana thinks that they can still be rescued, but not, because after they becomes flower, it will eternally be it.

Yamaneko goes from their room to brings her some drink. This is the time Kitsune and Ookami goes in, trying to rescue Tiana from that house. Because Tiana is trembling, Ookami is sure she isn’t fine, then brings her to his house. It seems Ookami, Kitsune, and Usagi plans to defeat Yamaneko. They knows Yamaneko had played with their memories, even Usagi feels strange ‘cause the real owner seems like it isn’t Yamaneko at all. Tiana keeps telling that Yamaneko won’t do anything bad again because he had promise it. It seems Ookami had doubt if Tiana’s memories is real too. Then, she uses her magic..

She goes back to the restaurant, telling Yamaneko to run away. She explains to him that she always believe him. But he decides to use his drug, to erase memories again. He becomes sad, knowing the most important person to Tiana is not only him. Suddenly, there’s a shooting gun voices, coming from Ookami. Tiana and Yamaneko got the shot, but Yamaneko just wanted to heal only her. Before he dies, he wants to go to the flower field.

Arriving at the field, Yamaneko wrote his real name on Tiana’s palm. Also, he wants to know Tiana’s real name, but it seems it’s her real name. This makes Yamaneko realizes that maybe because Tiana is Claudia’s daughter, she can give her real name. At the last moment, Yamaneko tells her to call his real name so he can be the flower too. Tiana won’t do it, she doesn’t want him to become a flower. She thinks that won’t make her happy, and the one who becomes flower aren’t happy too. She just wants Yamaneko to wait for her in Heaven (Even if Yamaneko himself knows that he will go to Hell…). He said to destroy the tree, to annihilate the curse.

He died like that (YAY!). Not… Some of his families’ spirit are gather there. They did the magic thing and made Yamaneko live again for real.

Tiana came to Ookami’s house, telling that Yamaneko already died and the curse had been lifted. As if Ookami knows that Tiana wants to go outside the wood, he says to her to be careful. The two of them (Tiana and Yamaneko) goes together, leaving the wood.

They lived happily. I think, Yamaneko somewhat becomes more kind than the usual. Now, Tiana call his real name for sure, without any feared. Then, he told Tiana that he want to see his hometown, where he was born at least once again.

Somehow, he looks suffering after the incident…?

When they arrived, Yamaneko felt down because there wasn’t anything left in there. But some hope comes, when Tiana discovers some baby wildcat. It makes a new hope for Yamaneko, that there are him and Tiana, that will continue his family line together.

Below is Yamaneko’s data picture:

Yamaneko’s Data (SPOILER!)

The first bad ending I got was with Ryoushi. The important event happened after Tiana got stuck in Yamaneko’s hands. Ryoushi came because he’s worried about Tiana, who hadn’t come to his place anymore as usual. Tiana explained her sorrow, then Ryoushi hugged her, promised he will think of a plan to help her. He came again after Yamaneko had became weak after using his power to turn Usagi to a doll. Ryoushi wants Tiana to leave that place for a moment with him and she agrees. He gives her a “matatabi” to weaken Yamaneko’s power with his food. At night, Tiana do the plan from Ryoushi. But Yamaneko knew it from the smell. Ryoushi came before anything bad happens. They seems to scared of Yamaneko’s power. But Yamaneko says he will spare Ryoushi’s life if they can entertain him. So the entertainment from Tiana and Ryoushi begin… After all, Ryoushi must becomes a flower..

I can’t believe his CG got placed in Yamaneko’s..! This isn’t fair!

The second bad end is when Tiana is being hurted by Yamaneko, suddenly she called him “koneko”. It makes him remember Claudia, so he becomes like a little child, begs her to not abandoning him. Suddenly, he turns evil again. In the end, Tiana becomes his doll, a real nightmare for her. The last is about Yamaneko, turns to flower after healing Tiana’s wound from the gun shot. Tiana makes herself forget about Yamaneko because if not, she can be broken after losing him.

I don’t really like his voice and his atittude, but of course he has a deep meaning to all of his doing. He really loves Claudia as his only person who really cares about him. Then, he must know that this person already died because of the people in town. I wish his voice wasn’t Yusa Kouji, but oh well..doesn’t change much.

Yamaneko is really like a child. He can’t think carefully of what he has done, that makes him looks like a bad person. But I know his heart is hurted because of all the tragedy that befall his family and his teacher. I won’t curse him more than that.

Next, I want to play Ryoushi, that I can’t stand much of his face, etc. I hope it ends quickly because I’m really hate to leave the hated person in the end (Yamaneko, Ryoushi). Oh, at least, there’s Nightmare and some other ending. I don’t know if it’s just me or someone feels too that Yamaneko’s rape CG doesn’t feel as scary as Ookami? I think Ookami’s rape scenes are more rude…

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