Red Blood of Deep Wood-Kitsune


CV: Haruno Kaze (Hatano Wataru)

He works at Restaurant Solitude. Really admires Ookami, and pretend to be his pupil. Because in the beginning, Tiana just told her name to Ookami, he called her “Akazukin”.

The first time he meets Tiana is when she comes to restaurant, Kitsune meets her (and she thought he was a thief). He explains about his work in the restaurant and tells her to come again next time, but keeps it a secret from Ookami. The next time Tiana visits, Kitsune makes omelette for her (He said it wasn’t for her though. What a tsundere!). To makes her blushes, Kitsune says Tiana’s really cute, makes him wants to crush her face. But it’s just makes her scared because it seems like Kitsune wants to eat her too. She leaves because it makes her heart go ドキドキ.

Tiana knows that Kitsune has makes some problem in the kitchen that makes Yamaneko really angry. Fortunately, Tiana makes some mousse, so she makes him happy with it. NO!!! He’s happy not just because of the flavor and the new recipe! It’s because he kisses Tiana to try the taste… Grrrrraaaahhh!! He seemed like a pure boy, but he did that too? Yeah, but Tiana isn’t as weak as that. She slaps him (Please look at the CG)… He keeps resist it though, telling that it’s just to try the flavor.

Tiana slaps Kitsune without mercy…

The meeting between Tiana and Nightmare get disrupt by Kitsune. When she asks about who is the one making the curse in that wood, he says he doesn’t know it.

Well, Kitsune makes her some cakes with Usagi (Or Usagi did it?). That time, Tiana begins to feel that Kitsune is a good person. Oh right, don’t forget that Tiana has meets him, riding a camel-like-animal-pet. Tiana said it’s strange and made Kitsune really shocked because he was told by Ookami that the popular trend for male now is riding that animal (Motto: 男の中の男になれる!). Tiana calm him down, but the tsundere guy says he won’t admit her praise words.

Know what? The room Tiana is live now is for Kitsune’s in the past. So, the cute things (as bunny doll) in her room was being brought by Kitsune. He loves cute things, isn’t it? When Tiana asks if he has feelings for her or not, he denied it. But as well as says he likes her face, that makes Tiana can’t resist to blushing and says thanks.

Haah… When Tiana was being attacked by Kaspar Benda in the wood, Ookami came. No, not to help her. He begs Kaspar to not killing him, then he says to just take the woman (Tiana). What a guy! But the true intention is to makes the man says his name. Surprisilingly, it’s work out and Kaspar becomes a flower. As in Ookami’s route, Yamaneko took the flower to where the other were bloom. Plus, Tiana is mad about Kitsune’s doing.

At night, Tiana has a bad dream again. She comes outside and meets Kitsune. He tells that Tiana is similar to his first love. He begins explaining about the girl. Because of that, Tiana feels jealous and crying. But it makes Kitsune happy. After the crying moment, they sat on a trunk, watching the moon together with holding their hands.

Tiana comes to the restaurant at night. Because there’s a mess in there, Kitsune asks for a walk in wood. He can feels Tiana is not in good feelings because she’s homesick, but she can’t come back. So Kitsune promises to always be by her side if she doesn’t feeling good. By the time they reaches Ookami’s house, Kitsune and Tiana can’t get the separated feelings. He kisses her, saying he likes her (but becomes down ‘cause Tiana doesn’t say anything). Tiana just asks him to treasure her and she likes him too. They becomes a couple from now and Kitsune’s already knows her name.

The next day, Tiana comes to restaurant for a date with Kitsune. A woman says to her that every girls in the wood called Tiana “a disturber woman” for having to stay close to Ookami. Yeah, she won’t consider that as she’s with Kitsune now.

In their first date, Tiana and Kitsune has a conversation about Ookami. Tiana thinks he’s already forget to eat her, but Kitsune says that Ookami is a nice person and maybe he doesn’t mean to eat her. Continue from that part, he wants Tiana to live with him. Tiana is agree about that. But it makes Kitsune really nervous about how to asks to Ookami. It makes me laugh when he says “テイアナを俺に下さい、お父さんつ!”. Of course it makes Ookami shouted to never give his daughter, er… not! Who’s her father?! Ookami approves their seriousness though..

The day to move had arrived. Tiana was surprised by Kitsune’s house. It’s a…mushroom type? Of course she has a new room too (Plus a doll too! I began wondering what kind of room will she get in other chara’s house?). That night, they sleeps in one bed together with Kitsune saying he will protect Tiana despite he isn’t as strong as Ookami. Usagi tells Tiana to love and care for Kitsune more.

Kitsune’s House

Tiana’s Room in Kitsune’s House. Compared it to Ookami…

When Kitsune knows from Tiana herself about the conversation with Usagi, he is mad because Usagi tells her about Kitsune, likes some girl in the past. To makes him calm, Tiana says she wants to know about his first love ‘cause she feels jealous. It makes Kitsune asks if she doesn’t remember that his first love is Tiana herself. In the past, Tiana was always being bullied by other, so when Kitsune helped her, the became good friends together easily. From that, Tiana knows that the person she always called “onisan” is Ookami. That makes Kitsune jealous ‘cause he knows Tiana’s first love is Ookami. Nah, whatever it is, he will forget about his first love and loving Tiana more. So, they can feels the time now and “do” it (but gets interrupted because Tiana feels hurt).

When morning comes, Tiana brushes Kitsune’s pet (That, I think it’s weird. I can’t determine whether it is a deer, a camel, or a ilama?). Kitsune hugged her and they seemed really happy. Kitsune is really happy everyday with her. But some night, Tiana realizes there’s something that he’s thinking. It’s reveal at the restaurant. Mejiro-san (remember the woman who says bad things about Ookami?) tries to flirt Kitsune (or so she thinks). It makes Tiana preparing the interrogation for Kitsune after he comes home. He says it’s because Mejiro likes Ookami,so she wants him to help her. The next question is how he feels for Tiana. He says he likes her, but Tiana stills teasing him (Who’s the one said a his lover must be プリンプリン、ボインボイン、ムチムチetc?). He denied it, saying that it is for Ookami, not for him. All for that, makes Tiana cries and kisses him (because he doesn’t hug her). Kitsune becomes scared that it’ll hurt Tiana if he gets close to her. But Tiana wants him and not care about his weaknesses. They “do” it again (because the first isn’t perfect?).

There’s an event occurred while Kitsune is coming home with a wound. That was Yamaneko’s doing (I can feel that he is hated by everyone). That remains deep in Kitsune’s heart because he feels weak and wants to be stronger like Ookami. Tiana doesn’t care about that. All she wants is Kitsune be himself. But because of that, she hurts Kitsune’s pride, so she says sorry to him.

Ahhh! Such a waste. Tiana comes to restaurant at night and meets Usagi, drinking while keeps his hair up (A huge differences from the usual!). She’s surprised by his beautiful face. It’s because Ookami is shy, so he usually hiding his eyes. Tiana asks Usagi about why Kitsune wants to be strong. It’s because in the past, he saw his parents were being killed by a witch. Just watching it, Kitsune feels so weak. That’s why he wants to be strong like Ookami. But it’s different. Ookami is strong because his job is to protect the wood, Kitsune doesn’t have it like that. That gets disrupt by Kitsune, taking her home.

Usually, Usagi is like this

He Changed?

He’s mad to Tiana, asking what she has talk to Usagi. Because Tiana doesn’t want to make him worry, she just tells about Usagi’s actual face. It makes him more mad, saying it’s better for her to choose Usagi (And makes Tiana has a wound now). He leaves the house ‘til the next day, when Ookami comes to his house, he hasn’t come back yet. They’re talking about Kitsune and agree that he’s wrong for the reason to be strong. He convinced Tiana to always support Kitsune.

Kitsune is come back, but very angry because Tiana meets Ookami.  It’s better for her to be with Ookami (he always saying something like that, makes me bored to listen to it). Kitsune even do bad thing for her (As if I can tell it here!). After all of his bad doing, Kitsune apologizes. Of course Tiana doesn’t take it easy and really mad at him. What’s wrong after Kitsune has says he will treasure her? Tiana just love the weak Kitsune.. He realizes it, and apologize again. They are near to do it again, but unfortunately, Kitsune isn’t in the mood anymore (He’s sneezing, maybe because he’s been out for along time?). In th end, they lives happily with Kitsune’s pet (Always takes it’s picture at their happy moment, doesn’t it?)……

This will unlock the other ending, continuing from above. The morning when Tiana bakes a pancake for Kitsune, he takes it and orders Tiana to eat it. Tiana wants to give it to him too (Although he embarrasses at that). Ah, there is an incident where Tiana almost fall because of Kitsune’s tail. At night, he makes Tiana fall off the bed too. This makes him thinking that his tail is so disturbing.

Tiana goes to the restaurant to meets Kitsune. There, she was surprised with blood coming from Kitsune’s tail. He said it was because his tail is disturbing, so he cut it. But Tiana doesn’t want it because she loves everything of Kitsune. This makes him very happy.

The dwarfs orders Tiana to running faster. They reached the restaurant, and…made an order (What? I thought it was something related to Yamaneko’s bad manner or what). Yeah, not long after, the one whom I had spoken of about, came to her. It’s been a long time they see each other again (Glad he doesn’t appear much before, I know). She comes to Kitsune’s whereabouts, wants him to kiss her. Kitsune is shy, but he’ll do it. The dwarfs interrupted their kissing scene, asking Tiana to go to where they found some mushrooms. Because she’s smiling a lot, the asks her, but it’s a secret. So the dwarfs makes another cutie face & sad face (I really love them!).

The Dwarfs are crying because Tiana won’t tell them about her smile… Cute, isn’t it?

Some another time, Tiana went to where the apple tree was. There, she met dwarfs and Kitsune. After Kitsune gives them sweets, they’re going to another place, leaving Tiana and Kitsune alone. They speaks about the weird tree, flower, and apple in the center of the field. Kitsune doesn’t know anything, just, they musn’t touch the tree. Because Tiana is wondering how the apple taste is, Kitsune mostly takes the apple. Tiana warns him though (This… something like Adam and Eve, right?). It makes her asks if he will do everything for her, such as… killing people (he refers it to Tiana’s step-mother)? The answer Kitsune gives to her it somewhat scary. He will do it too. I was almost scared if Tiana didn’t correct his doing. “He musn’t do anything she wants”, Tiana says. Then, before Tiana is going back home, he kisses her *chibi mode*.

Kitsune hasn’t come back even if it’s already dark outside. When Tiana goes searching for him, she meets Ookami. He says, that night is full of stars, similar to when Kitsune’s parents are being killed. Then, he begins telling Tiana about Kitsune’s past and his regrets. After that, Tiana went to Restaurant Solitude and heard Yamaneko being rude to Kitsune. Tiana stopped them but got hurt. When Yamaneko tries to touch her, Kitsune slaps his hands and makes him out from the kitchen. Because of that, Kitsune says sorry to Tiana and hates being weak. But Tiana told him that she like him whatever it is.

The dwarfs came to Kitsune’s house, brought Tiana some big カブトムシ (Eww, must it?) to make her happy. They said, they had met Kitsune in the flower field, saying Tiana’s wound was his fault. It makes her worried. After the dwarfs are going out from the house, Kitsune is back and really happy from the カブトムシ collection. Tiana wants him to hug her and says it’s not Kitsune’s fault that she’s wounded. It’s because of Yamaneko. Then, she asks about the apple from the flower field. It’s true it can makes him stronger, but something awful will happen too if someone eats it. Kitsune just laugh at it.

Kitsune had went to work when Yamaneko came to his house. At first, Tiana didn’t want to open the door, but at last she did it. Yamaneko became cruel and tried to hurt her heart. At right time, Kitsune comes and beats Yamaneko, but gets beaten afterward (A sudden reversing). Yamaneko says he’s skipping his work just for that. It makes Kitsune thinks he’s weak. He went to eat the apple, but got stopped by Tiana. She says she loves him no matter what, so she doesn’t want him to do that.

Yamaneko makes Kitsune’s heart weak again (He always comes at a right time, but in this route, his crulesness makes me hates him). He wants the apple back, but Kitsune won’t give it, so he hurts him. Tiana, being hates to look at that, uses a knife to crush the apple. Yamaneko becomes angry because he have waited for 10 years…

At last, everyone lives happily. Usagi becomes the restaurant’s owner. Kitsune and Tiana went inside to brought a gift for Yamaneko, who’s being weak now. Kitsune says he will becomes strong with a loud voice, repeating it again and again. It makes Yamaneko doesn’t feeling well because it’s too loud (And makes him suffer too=revenge?). Kitsune just says to Yamaneko to recovers quickly. They bakes many cakes in their house in the end.

His secret:

Again, this is Kitsune’s data (Contain SPOILER)

His first bad ending is when Kitsune tries to do a bad thing to Tiana after Ookami visits her, Yamaneko comes in and says his real name. Kitsune becomes the flower. Yamaneko says he can brings Kitsune back to human if she give him her body. So, it is like that. The second I’ve got was about Kitsune, being angry after Ookami visited Tiana. He used his strength that made her hurt. He said sorry after that, knowing that he must treasure her. For that, he used the scariest way to make Tiana his.. Everything of her, her blood or anything, becomes Kitsune’s. The last bad ending is when Kitsune eats the apple, he becomes so cruel. He kills Yamaneko in restaurant for sure. Tiana runs away from there…

He looks really bad after eating the apple

Kitsune…. Oh, Kitsune… He becomes really bad after the rape things. I don’t know why they made him so bad like that. And of course, I’m tired of him always saying he’s weak all the time. I like his cheerful personality though, but the story becomes dark, so his personality is following it too? Poor him… Because I loves his and Tiana’s happy CG. It’s really colorful. Despite of that, I like his story. He has comedy in his route and it’s so funny. I like his chibi pictures so much!

From here on, I must play the 2 characters I didn’t like so much… It’s Yamaneko and Ryoushi-san (the hunter). Maybe I’ll play Yamaneko first as..the same from Ookami’s. Because there are some of his stories when playing Kitsune’s bad ending.


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4 Responses to “Red Blood of Deep Wood-Kitsune”

  1. awwww )’: why shud they make him so cruel in the end? It’s too bad. kitsune is really cute and furthermore it’s HATANO WATARU! >( Grrr.

    Did he eat her? :O

  2. Yes, he’s cute! At first…. Then he will go to some rapist at the climax of the story.. Really annoys me because it seems his personality have change 180 degree…!!!

    What did you mean eat? If you mean it’s a rape thing, then it is right. If you mean in the bad ending, I already forgot about it (don’t want to look at it again ’cause already tired of too much bad ending in this game)… But judge from the blood thing in that route, maybe it will become eating scene because he wants to be one with Tiana…?

  3. Hey can you make a CG download of this game. This were really really nice of you (^w^)

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