Red Blood of Deep Wood-Introduction

Hmm, finally! Finally I can post something R-18 related (It’s a long time ago when I reached 18, but it’s the first time I played otome games R-18, though I had tried a few bishoujo? games before). This is about Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori.

I’ve heard many good points about this game before, so it’s pushing me through, trying to play this new genre of otome games. Although I hated the oji-san’s type, I would still play it. After all, there are many famous seiyuus in it (except I don’t really like Yusa Kouji).

I tried to made it into separated post ‘cause there were a long reviews (I had trouble with too long texts in my WordPress, when writing Iza Shutsujin!). I wished I make it without doing the storyline…but it became like this. Really, I had no choice but keeping the long reviews. I, myself, is being surprised too, because in the past, I just wrote a small review, then it changed to something much longer! By the way, I won’t say much more, and let’s go to the story.

The Background Story

Tiana (a.k.a. Red Riding Hood) is the heroine of this game. She has a step-mother (I think she’s very nice to her in the beginning because of her way of speaking towards her, but, it can’t be decided just yet). Her step-mother told her to go to a wood, for finding his brother (which means, he’s Tiana’s uncle). So far she goes deep into the wood, then she just realizes she’s being tricked by her mother. It turns out, her step-mother just wants to finishes her off in a wood. Tiana just laughing at that, then surrender herself to what will happen in the future.

Just a moment after she realizes that, the Ookami comes to her. She wasn’t overly scared of him, even asked if the Ookami would want to eat her. It makes the Ookami a bit laughing at her, saying she’s stills a child (no, he corrected it as a baby) and it’s too early of that (What did he mean too early? Eating what?). Because Ookami is always called her ‘子供’ or ‘Baby’, she gives her name to him. It makes him angry, telling her to not tell her name in that wood. If not, then something must happen. But surprisely, Tiana is safe from telling her name, so it makes him a bit confused.

Ookami gives her place to live since she doesn’t want to come home. She gives him food, that actually is given by her step-mother to Tiana’s uncle. She hurts herself because she fell of the cliff before, making Ookami to warned her to be careful because there are many dangerous place in the wood. Surprisely, Ookami brings her medicine. To summarize all of his kindness, Ookami even lets her sleep in a cute room (there’s a bunny doll), without locking her door. That night, Tiana dreams of someone she called “brother”?

Ookami asks her to go to a restaurant (in the wood?) in the morning. On their way, Tiana asks him why he’s scared of that beautiful wood. At last, he didn’t give an exact answer. They arrived at Restaurant Solitude, where there’s Yamaneko. He flirts Tiana, saying he will eat her. Of course Ookami didn’t just stand in there. He will make a soup of that Yamaneko! It is nearly discovered about Tiana’s name, ‘til she says it is Ookami’s gift to her. The conversation got disrupted by a fight of 2 guests in that restaurant. Ookami goes to keeps them quiet (beats them). That’s when Tiana must chose to go to Ookami’s place or to Yamaneko’s.

Nah, just go with Ookami will brings you to his house, where Kitsune is waiting for him. Kitsune is angry about Tiana because he really admires Ookami (his pupil?). As Kitsune and Ookami fights over nothing, Usagi comes in to brings Kitsune back to work at restaurant (I think Kitsune has skipped works). It’s causing Kitsune shocking too much, so Usagi must carry him. To say thanks to Ookami, from now on, Tiana will cook for them.

It’s when Kitsune shocked of his own doing…

This is Usagi! Do the carried matter because Kitsune skipping his job!

The next morning, Tiana went alone to the wood, met 7 dwarfs, who sang a song together (too cute!!). Kitsune says hello to them and gives them sweets. It really makes them happy (I’m happy too. They’re too cute! I can’t stand to hold ‘em!). While she follows the 7 dwarfs deep more, she loses trace of them. Suddenly, she saw one tree, growing an apple in a field of flowers. It’s weird for her. Tiana was surprised by one of dwarf, saying she can’t come to that place. If not, someone with ears will get mad (Me and Tiana thinks that there are many people has that.. What a clue!). The dwarfs send her back after that.

Can’t resist to smiling when see this cute, fluffy doll=dwarfs!

The beautiful, yet mysterious flower field. And an apple tree in the center.

Some conversation with Ookami reveals that her papa won’t be worried about her because he hates Tiana. Tiana’s papa will remember the dying mother of her. The day after, cutie dwarfs barges to Ookami’s house (while he isn’t there) and asking Tiana to gives them sweets (and they comes in front of her, making she fell off, then reaching her skirt-what kind of pervert cutie is that?). One of them, asks if Tiana has meet Nightmare in the flower field. She hasn’t meet him after all, so the dwarf just warns her, even if Nightmare is always alone and wants friend, don’t ever come to him.

At night, Tiana feels someone’s calling her. She runs out of the house, goes straight to the flower field. There, she meets a strange phenomenon, when many spirits are gathered (somewhat, scarry). Some voice appears, saying that it were all spirits who aren’t live nor die. That’s Nightmare’s voice, appearing right in front of Tiana (and somewhat strange because Tiana can see him half shadowed). It happens that spirit’s names are listed then becomes a flower because of some curse.

The field becomes like this. Somewhat scarry…

Some dream about her brother appears again when she asks him to play (I’m not sure who is “brother” for her).

When Tiana walks alone in the wood, some guy begs her for food. She gave it, but the guy attacked her. He was a brother from some oba-san Tiana knew. But turns out he isn’t Izaac, his name is Kaspar Benda. Suddenly, after saying his name, that Kaspar must turns out to flower (that is not live nor die). It makes Tiana feels that she is the one who kills that person. The night after that, she dreams of red again, when she helds a knife and shower herself from blood, when the moon too, becomes red like of blood…

This is the end of my first post about Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori’s introduction. After I completed the characters’ route, one-by-one, I’ll post again about their reviews. I don’t know if the other routes has different background story, but it’s based on my first way playingthrough (which is Ookami’s route). This time, I may not able to finish and completing the story, so I can’t say much. But when I have know that there’s a change in background story, I’ll write in the character’s post.

So far, I’m really satisfied with the story and mystery around it. I hope it’ll get much better after I know the secret.


  1. Looking forward to your opinions:) I’ve got my eye on this game, some of my friends like it a lot, some not really and I’m trying not to spoil myself too much so I can’t make a proper judgement for it yet. Hope you’ll enjoy it! The SD charas are so cute!XD *loves games with cute SD charas*

    • I also read a few reviews about this game, and be interested in it. There’s a comedy too, so I won’t get bored easily. I can’t make a final judgement too since I have not end it all..

  2. Kyaaah! Love the chibi picture of Wolf and Tiana. Looks like a big brother scolding the sister :3 muchooo kawaii!!

    Tiana’s hair is supeeeer loong! And she looks like a child in the ero CG it looks like pedowolf/neko/fox/ojisan raping little kid. It’s traumatizing me o.O;;

    I’m waiting for your other reviews! Have been curious about this game but have no time to play it 😦 Hope you can update as soon as possible! ^___^

    p/s: what a dark story o.o;;

    • I’m sorry the next review may become very late ’cause I just lost my grandma…

      The chibi pictures are very cute, especially for Kitsune and Dwarfs. Does it? Tiana may looks like a child because this is a H-game (I think there are a few guys playing H otoge)…

      I hope I can overcome this as soon so I can play the rest of guys (I just had one ending for Kitsune these days).

      • Thanks for reviewing this (*´▽`*) It’s games like these that make me want to start otome gamin’ on PC.
        my heart goes out to you ❤

        • Well, I rarely play games on PC and this is one of very few of them, which make me sacrifices to play it even though I don’t too much like playing on PC. ‘Cause it makes my backaches….!

  3. yeap! Thats title!! I always search it n found the game version. I love that song. Beg you upload it..

  4. Thank you so much for reviewing this game! I love the story, artwork, and characters so much! 😀 ❤

    I know you don't like the sex scenes, but could you please share more pictures of the backgrounds and standing characters? I would appreciate it so much! 😀 ❤

    Thank you! ❤

    • I also love the artwork, and wishing if Tiana’s faces are the same in each CG.. Whatever, I like the coloring. Though I like Ookami & Otona I think I can’t like Kitsune even if he might be cute for some people. Maybe because in his story, he suddenly changed personality where I found a bit weird and unreasonable.

      I already deleted the game in my HDD so it’s troublesome to catch anything there. Maybe you can search the CG elsewhere ‘coz I think there are many who provided it elsewhere.

      • Thank you! I was able to find the background images. I hope I can find the stands too! 🙂
        Yes, Kitsune became scary after he ate the apple. :O I think Ookami is my favorite. 🙂 ❤

          • I was surprised that Otona didn’t have a proper route. But if he did, they might have group-sex scenes with him in his dwarf form! D: I don’t think I’d like that. :/

          • Yeah, he didn’t have, just a bit appearing in one of ending CG (sad). And maybe you’re right (Group-sex with dwarf form? Ridiculous!). I wouldn’t want that to happen.

  5. I’d like to know how to buy or download this game, along with an english patch please. It looks really interesting. :3

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