The Disappointment of Dantalian’s Art

I was so disappointed when looking at Dantalian no Shoka’s design for anime. I loved the design for manga so much (Huey is so cool!). But why? Why in the anime, he looks much more flirtatious, much more sad? I’m so sad right now!

Look at this manga’s picture:

I’m really sad that in this time, the anime’s art will be change from the original. What makes me more sad is so much differences from the original’s art (either it’s from manga or novel)! I think the era of that is already gone. I love the manga’s art! Please change it (will it?).

It’s changing like this:

I must be so mad, so this anime picture is too small compares to manga…

What’s more? The voice of Hugh (Huey) Anthony Disward is Ono Daisuke. I think OnoD’s voice will be much more suit to Huey in manga, not in anime! Makes me wants to rage!! And Dalian, the goth-loli girl will be voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki. The two of very famous seiyuus in it (I wish the art will be good as the anime start showing).. The OP song is “Cras numquam scire” by Yucca. ED song is “yes,prisoner” by maRIONnetTe. I think I don’t really like Yucca, especially after she sings for Kuroshitsuji. But I like her song for Ghost Hound. I hope in this anime, the song is more good (because of the cool title?). As for maRIONnetTE, as I never heard of it, I don’t really know (Please, don’t make my hard to type, name of singer, be useless. Be a good song! As I had typed it twice…).

I’m expecting a good story, because I had already feels hopeless from the art. It’s not much of time before the airing date (7/15/2011). What a sudden change? Because I was waiting for my next to play otome games, I just wrote about new anime? Whatever it is, my exams is nearly over, just one more week! After that, I’ll be in full of Heaven….Not. I’ll be much more in Hell to write my epic final thesis!!!


  1. Woah! Is that the same blond guy? It’s almost unrecognizable @_@
    Not as bad as Fractle though (where they changes the haircolor and characters design overall)
    I haven’t read the manga but from the trailers and pictures I’m expecting Gosick but with black hair.

    • Almost the same as Gosick, but with spriritual power..? I’d just read a few chapters though. But yeah, Dalian is similar to Victorique, when she loves something, she can turns to cute mode (Victorique is always makes a bubble face).

      I can’t recognize him either in anime…

  2. Same thing here,was really disappointed when i saw the trailer.Was waiting for this anime for a long time,well i think i will stick with the manga.Anyways i don’t understand why they changed the art, Dariane in the manga is cute but i don’t like her at all in the anime and same thing for the protagonist he seems like a badass on the manga :p.We went from an 2010-2011 manga to an anime that it looks like it was made in the 19 century.

    • Yes, I think so too. She’s cuter in manga with that cat-ears! But I will try the anime first to judge whether it’s really good or not (though Huey’s art already makes me feels down to watch it). I’m hoping for the story.

  3. Uwaaaah~! The manga looks so cool! Huey’s anime ver is passable for me since I haven’t seen his manga ver before but Dalian…I just don’t like her art (or perhaps the coloring). *sigh*

    *oopss sorry for bumping a not-so-old post. ^^;;

    • Nah, it’s okay. The anime is still airing too.

      I’m happy that it’s not just me who think Huey in anime is suck. The novel’s art is similar to manga too. It’s just the anime that have huge gap from manga and novel. But at least the story is still interesting in anime, so I keep watching it and put the ugly Huey aside.

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