Love Will Last Long

いざ、出陣!恋戦 (Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa)

I thought it would be interesting with beautiful arts and chara designs. But I knew it after the first playthrough that it really not as interesting as I thought it would. Just a few scenes and the end. Just a few conversations, then changing scene. What a disappointed short-story game from Quinrose.

The heroine, Miyanagi Hana, is a princess. The world is at war, so she must take a journey to find clue with her servant(?), Sasaki Kojirou (CV: Takahashi Hiroki), as her father suggested (really, I don’t know why she must do that). So, they’re travelling together and makes some conversation about famous people in that era, begins from Ishida Mitsunari (CV: Kaji Yuuki), Hattori Hanzou (CV: Morikubo Shotarou), Date Masamune (CV: Kishio Daisuke), Oda Nobunaga (CV: Suwabe Junichi), and Akechi Mitsuhide (CV: Terashima Takuma). Right after his name is called, Hattori Hanzou come to their places and travels together.

It’s not long before they met Kobayakawa Hideaki (CV: Ishida Akira). He told Hana to be careful on journey and asked where she would travel to. It’s the time to choose the character’s whereabouts.

Red: Happy or Best End

Purple: Normal End

Orange: Bad End


Ishida Mitsunari (CV: Kaji Yuuki)

He’s the first chara I had chose. Well, I’m interested only at him and Hideaki, truthfully. He is a straight person (almost like Saitou Hajime in Hakuouki). When he’s shy, he can blushes (yeah, it’s the same!).

When I chose to go to his place, Hana, Kojirou, and Hattori got caught by Mitsunari’s soldier (It’s because there’s Tougun’s ninja-Hattori-come with them, so they’re thinking that Hana is their enemy). I thought there would be more interesting from here, but it’s just some conversation about Mitsunari asking Hana’s identity. She wouldn’t give him an answer, so he kept her hostage, but she could went freely in that house.

The story goes fast and like that, Oda Nobunaga comes to Mitsunari’s place. They just seems to talk about Hana’s appearance in that house.

At other time, finally she gives her identity as a princess to Mitsunari. So she can meet with Kojirou now. The next day begins and Kobayakawa Hideaki visits Mitsunari. He asks about Mitsunari’s feelings towards her (Nobunaga had asked the same thing). Well, in many ways, he can blushes more often. At some added scenario, Hideaki asks about Hana and Mitsunari’s childhood. Because of that, they’re begin telling their childhood’s stories.

Mitsunari’s house got attacked and they must left the house. Hana, Mitsunari, and Kojirou left together and rest at wood. Mitsunari is worried about someone that’s very cute. It makes Hana jealous. When it’s comes back to Mitsunari’s, Hana knows that he is worried about his cat… It’s not so long, that run away time, and they comes back to Mitsunari’s place again.

This time, Hana wants to brings tea for Nobunaga. She got yelled by Mitsunari because he wasn’t ordering her to did that. But right after that, he said sorry to her. Oh right, also he’s saying that it’s a relief that Hana is by his side.

Hana searches for Mitsunari everywhere and doesn’t find him. He’s going out actually. When he looks at her searching for him, he hugs her. It’s when he told her that he would never leave her. Kojirou is aware of Hana’s attitude towards Mitsunari. He warned her not too attached to Mitsunari, and about the movement of war. Hana, who’s already fallen for him, keeps comes near him.

That night, Mitsunari is calling his cat with Hana’s name (that cat is named Hana too). After finishing his cat-care-day, he told her to be his wife after the battle had ended. Of course she wants it very much. But because of it, she won’t be able to coming back to her house. Mitsunari is doubting that decision, but Hana says it’s fine like that. Mitsunari begs to kissing her, and do that….!

He gave her a kimono. It makes Hana so happy about it. Kojirou asking again whether Hana already decided to live with Mitsunari or not. She says it’s her decision, so Kojirou turns back.

Hideaki has turns to Touguns’s side so everyone are confused about this matter.

Another end which is the happy one is when Hideaki turns to Tougun’s side, Mitsunari isn’t just stay still like that. He met and convinced him to turned to Seigun’s side. He accepted that and fought in the war with Mitsunari and Nobunaga. After the war has ended, Mitsunari comes back.

Some day, Mitsunari invites Hana to meets her parents. He asks Hana’s parents approval to marry her and gets accepted easily. Nobunaga told her to come to his side if she wanted a better person. She still wants to marry Mitsunari, so the conversation is end like that. That night, Mitsunari told her not to turned to Nobunaga’s invitation and just stayed with him. Hana is so happy to hear that and promise to be always with him. They do the wedding at the end. There’s a special scenario that explains their morning after the wedding. Hana won’t wake up even Mitsunari has wakes her up (She even called him Kojirou, that make him angry). Because of Hana’s lazyness, Mitsunari is comes to bed again. It gets annoyed by Nobunaga, who comes in to their room with Hideaki… After the two intruders has goes out, Hana asks Mitsunari if he hate children, and gets answered that he doesn’t hate their children! Woah, it makes him blushes too.

Another ending: Mitsunari really angry and doesn’t know what he shall do. For that, Nobunaga came and convinced him to fight (they can still make it). Then the war is begin.

After Mitsunari had came back from war, he ordered Hana to went back to her house because it wasn’t safe to be near him. She understood the condition and went back with Kojirou. BUT!!! It wasn’t save in her house too. Some ninja attacks her at night, then turns out Mitsunari already comes to her house, saves her. Everything turns well, so finally they’re back to Mitsunari’s house. Kojirou keeps saying it’s useless to come back to Hana’s house that makes Mitsunari really mad because Kojirou keeps blaming him… Mitsunari is scared of Hana’s father approval for them after the incident. But Hana keeps telling him to not worry. They spend the night near the campfire…

After arriving at Mitsunari’s house again, they went on walking at street. He told her to buy something she wanted. After finishing their walking time together, they’re kissing again on way back home. This is just one ending (this is somewhat…, just normal).

The bad end: Hideaki takes Tougun’s side. When this happens, Mitsunari and Hana quickly runs away and lives together at some village. Sometimes, Kojirou brings them food. Finally,it’s the time to change their hideout place. Because it’s raining, they rested in a wasted house, warming themselves. Such a shame, Mitsunari took a peek when Hana was taking off her wet clothes.

The bad morning comes. Tougun’s soldier has manage to finds them. They took Mitsunari alone (because he’s lying about Hana-he didn’t know her-so the soldier just took him alone). At first, she planned to rescued Mitsunari from the prison. It couldn’t be done easily, so the last thing was to meet him for the last time before he’s going to be beheaded. Mitsunari told her to forget him and live happily…

After finishing every route of him, I got one scenario about Mitsunari chased her son like chasing a cat. What a cat lover man!

Date Masamune (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

A one-eyed guy who flirts around…

Hana makes her decision to go to some town (where there’s Masamune). She walks with Kojirou, until Masamune comes and flirts her. Of course she doesn’t like it and makes Masamune a bit shock. Before he does any harm to Hana, Kojirou calls his name like any other acquaintance. Kojirou tells him that Hana is now his new master. Suddenly, Masamune’s man, Katakura Kojuurou, appeared and told him to come back (there’s a scene about Kojuurou and Masamune conversation. Kojuurou can mad about Masamune’s behavior). After he leaves, Kojirou warned Hana to not believe Masamune’s words. He never love one woman, that is…

The next morning, Hana and Kojirou takes a walk, searching information. She asks about Masamune to some girl. They were telling good story about Masamune.., before he, himself, appeared and made the girls ran away. Kojuurou chased him, but Masamune grabbed Hana, and ran away together (leaving Kojuurou, who is mad against Kojirou). Masamune bought her a hairpin on their way of running away from Kojuurou.

Because the relationship between the two of them already good, Masamune brings Hana to his house. There, Kojirou has waiting for him. They took a fight together. Hana is scared of them, and stops Masamune. After that event, Hana and Kojirou stays in Masamune’s house.

When morning comes, Masamune quickly wakes Hana up and brings her to the kitchen. He makes a dish for them. To try the taste, Masamune give Hana a spoon of his food to Hana’s mouth. Surprisely, Hana didn’t believe it was made by Masamune. Their time gets intruded by Kojuurou, who calls Masamune to do a meeting.

That time, Kojirou warned Hana not to get excited over Masamune ‘cause he wasn’t serious to her. Hana denied it, but Kojirou said Hana’s eyes was the eyes of woman who fell in love. After his work had done, Masamune came back and ate together with Hana. He doesn’t want Hana to speaks with other guy, especially Kojuurou. Kojirou.., hmm, he says Kojirou doesn’t have money so he isn’t counted.

Hana was searching for Masamune before she went to sleep. She met him, drinking under a moonlit. He invited her to watch the moon together. That time, he explained about his life (he always alone and so that he likes woman a lot)>.

It’s just a morning, but Masamune already comes to Hana’s room, taking her to a walk. Some girls approaches him, invites him, but Masamune refuses, saying he is with Hana now (I’m glad he won’t make her angry with stupid thing). The night after that, he told her asked if she like him or not.

Masamune brings Hana without Kojirou’s permission to a beautiful place (I think it’s a cliff? Kojirou is really mad of this!). They are eating Masamune’s food (I mean, he cooked it himself) then sleeps together on the grass.

Because Kojuurou warns Hana about Masamune’s behavior, she decides to leave Masamune’s house and come back to her family. It makes Kojirou a bit suspicious, asks her why. She just seems to run away in Kojirou’s eyes. Feeling pierce right through the truth, Hana lied that she became hating Masamune. Before they could left the house, Masamune grabbed Hana and said he didn’t want her to leave him. Well, Kojuurou intruded, saying there’s a war Masamune must do. So he left her, but promised to come back.

As he had win the war, Masamune came back to his house (and to Hana’s side), brought over the party to celebrate their winning. He asked Hana to sit beside him. He is tired, so Hana brings him to his room until he falls a sleep.

Again, that morning, Hana tried to ran away from Masamune because he was a landlord now. She was scared becoming a hindrance for Masamune. She left the house alone, but got captured again by Masamune. This time, he told her that he will protect her. So the run away case closed and they’re getting married afterward. Masamune asked Hana to bring many children for them. Kojuurou adding that it’s easy to make a safe chidren, but the most priority for him is to make the country safe. Adding scenario of the two being very lovey-dovey on bed after their wedding.

Other ending for him: Masamune decides to go to war. After he leaves Hana in his house, he goes to war with Kojuurou. Hana, who keeps her heart silent, goes back to her house because she thinks she will be a trouble for him.

The news about Masamune’s victory agains Tougun can be heared in Hana’s house. Suddenly, Kojuurou appeared to bring Hana back. Of course it makes Kojirou angry because there’s rumour about Masamune and some woman marriage. Kojuurou just explains that it’ll never happen because Masamune is come to her house.

True, he already in front of the room. Hana can’t believe it at first, but Masamune tells her that he will refuse the marriage’s offer. He excuses himself but promise to come back for the proposal… True, he comes again after a few days, barges into Hana’s whereabouts before meeting her parents. Hana is really surprise but also happy. Kojuurou just angry and tell him to meet Hana’s parent first. The next morning, Masamune wakes her up and brings some flower.

A scenario about Masamune catches Hana to go to sea with his horse. It makes Kojuurou shouted calling Masamune to come back, crying like a little child. They have a happy time together at sea and catch some scallop…

This is the bad end. Masamune wants to go to war, but Kojuurou makes him weak at strategic meeting. Masamune really worried. Ever since his mother not love him, he couldn’t love any woman. Hana said that he could be love so there’s no worry. It makes him stronger after that and back to the meeting.

After Masamune has win the war, there’s news about arranged marriage for him with other princess. It makes Hana so down. She grasps her heart and decides to go back to her house. Before she leaves, Masamune comes and bid farewell. Uhm, the meeting just makes him want Hana more, so he runs away with Hana. They’re fine and telling love to each other. Just that, when Hana gives him some sweet from mouth to mouth, she gives him sleeping medicine too. It’s all Kojuurou’s plan. The next morning, Kojirou comes to Hana and Masamune’s whereabouts to takes her home. Before they can go any further, Masamune already catches them. Kojirou quickly destroy the way so Masamune can’t catch them. They lives separately…

The last scenario for him is when Hana already pregnant. Masamune and Kojirou fights over their mouth that makes Masamune says he doesn’t want to give his son’s name similar to Kojirou. They took a walk together, makes mochi, then eats it together. Masamune orders her to eat much for their child’s healthiness. That night, Hana dreams of Masamune makes food for their son.

Kobayakawa Hideaki (CV: Ishida Akira)

I think he’s the smallest from any other guy in this title. Loves horses as animal can’t betray human.

Hana meets him for the first time with Kojirou. She decides to goes with Hideaki. Much of the first time she came in his house didn’t have anything important. Kojirou just warned her not to believe in his words (Hmm, I thought Kojirou always made other people bad for that thing). Some time, she wanders around that house and finds Mitsunari, so they are speaking together.

Ishida Mitsunari visits his house. That time, Hideaki introduces him to Hana. She thinks they’re good friend, but Hideaki says that he doesn’t like Mitsunari. It’s because they are similar (can’t trust people), it makes him angry looking at Mitsunari.

As in the other route, finally, Hideaki asks Hana to walk around in town. There is someone tries to hurt Hideaki, but Hana is the one who takes the wound. She is unconscious and makes Hideaki blames himself for what happen. The wound isn’t too deep so her body heals quickly.

When Hana take a walk searching for Hideaki in the house, suddenly he is a bit mad and surprised her. He feels sorry to hurts her and surprised her.

She is more surprised when see Hideaki with Akechi Mitsuhide from Tougun. Kojirou feels that Hideaki is betrayed Seigun because of that. When Hana confronts him, Hideaki doesn’t say anything except that he doesn’t know why Mitsuhide visits him. After that, Kojirou warns her that Hideaki can do with Tougun nor Seigun. It’s better for them to goes back to Hana’s house. She begs Kojirou for time to speaks with Hideaki. Well, Hideaki just says that he can take either side as Kojirou has said. Hana feels down, but Kojirou knows that she doesn’t want to go back.

When morning comes, Hideaki goes in her room, mad at her if she leaves him like that. Hana says she doesn’t want to go. The crying shota just can’t believe her and says if she wants to leave then it’s the time before his heart is broken (of course with the hugging CG that makes him more childish)… Nah, she stays in his side after all. A few conversations just has same meaning as she will stay with Mitsunari whatever side he takes.

Hana wakes him up. When she comes, he is sleeping on the floor with book. After he awakes, Hideaki asks her to ride horse and goes to his secret place. He makes her tea and tells his past when he studied to make tea.

Finally, time to his good end. The spoiled child sleeps on Hana’s lap until Kojirou comes and takes him on a duel. It’s to make Hideaki more serious. Kojirou told if he couldn’t win then he would took Hana back to her house. Of course Hideaki keeps fighting. This is causing Kojirou, who knows Hideaki always surrender easily in the past, really surprised but also happy. He leaves Hana with Hideaki afterwards and comes back to Hana’s house. It makes her a bit sad, but she will find Hideaki.

Some ninja attacks Hana when she is in her room. Hideaki quickly fights it, makes the ninja runs away (I’m glad Kojirou had trained him before).

They comes to Nobunaga’s side because it’s nearly war time and it’s not safe for Hana in Hideaki’s house. After a long time battle, Seigun side has win it. Hideaki comes back to Hana and proposed her. They celebrate the winning with a party. It’s when Nobunaga asks Hana to be with him instead. Of course she won’t do that. The next day. They went out to town again together. It makes Hideaki wondering and pitying the Tougun’s people because they (Seigun) has win and the people lives happily. It’ll be the opposite for Tougun. It has meaning that he is more kind now…

The two of them hold their wedding day. Kojirou appears and tells Hideaki that he will live with them. Hideaki really shocked and scared of that… Okay, this end happily with some scenario about Hideaki teases Hana in their room after the wedding day. Hana says he looks like a child that makes him angry. After that, they continued their loving moment together…….

Kojirou persuades Hana to come back to her house. She asks for time to thinking about it and goes to Hideaki’s room. There’s a differences in his thoughts. The happy end has him going to Seigun’s side. But in this time, he won’t choose either Seigun nor Tougun. He just wants to finish the war quickly. If it’ll be quick in Seigun, then he will take that side. Hana says she will wait for him and makes her decision to stay in that place. Kojirou understands that.

The war has ended but they can’t win against Tougun. Hideaki really sad about that (he thinks he has no power). When he knows Hana want to goes back, he is scared about that. Not long after that, Hattori Hanzou attacks them and is hurting Hideaki. From that moment, Hideaki knows Hanzou is summons by Mitsuhide. For this time, Hanzou just like to says ‘hello’ for them now without trying to kill.

Because of that incident, finally Hana is back to her house. Hideaki visits her makes her more happy. As usual, in their happy time, Kojirou appears and asks him to a duel. It seems he’s working hard now due to his defeated time in the war.

Bad end for him: Hideaki’s lazyness from work is coming out! Hanzou barges in and tells him to go to Mitsuhide’s side (Tougun). If not, he will hurt Hana. Want it or not, he must decide to take Tougun’s side so Hana is safe. Kojirou goes back to tell Hana’s father about the situation. It’s the time for Hideaki to fights too.

Tougun has win the battle. When Hideaki comes back, he comes to Hana and tells her that he feels sorry about what he has done to Ishida Mitsunari. He destroys Mitsunari’s family and betrayed him.

The betrayal takes effect now. Hideaki becomes so poor that he must sell his lovely horse. Even when thay are walking on street, many people speaks about their damyo’s betrayal. Hideaki orders Hana to goes back to her house for her safety. He doesn’t want to do that, but they has no choice.

Hideaki becomes so weak that he can’t go out often. Before his last day, he says that he is happy because Hana is always with him for that 2 years (and he says he can hear Mitsunari’s voice calling him..). Then he sleeps forever… Argh! His bad ending is so sad!!

There’s a scenario before he dies. He sleeps on Hana’s lap, saying that she is so beautiful, like a rain slowly falling. He wants Hana to be by his side until he dies.

I’m so happy to look at his scenario after their wedding. Hideaki quickly comes to Hana after she has giving birth to their daughter. Hana says sorry that he just gives birth to a girl, but Hideaki says it’s not to worry since their daughter is so cute. The nurse keeps telling him to keep quiet because he’s so loud (what a father!). Ah right, he tells her to make another child since they are will be cute.. After looking at Mitsunari and Masamune’s scenario, I guessed it’s the first time I saw Hana’s daughter (the others are son, right?).

Oda Nobunaga (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

Leader of Seigun’s army and calls himself as “Ware-我”.

Hana decides to search for information to Oda Nobunaga. To reach his place, Hattori Hanzou suggested they shall come to Ishida Mitsunari’s place. After he took them there, Hanzou went to other place, leaving Hana and Kojirou. Some voice calling them, that’s Nobunaga riding a horse.

He invited them to meet Mitsunari. At first, Mitsunari didn’t believe them and thought there were bad people. To made it worse, Hana said they were came to know about Nobunaga’s condition, if he’s alive or not. Because of that, Nobunaga seems interested in her and makes them live in his house instead of Mitsunari’s.

At night, Nobunaga came to her room, had a conversation. He is more interested in Hana now, so he won’t harm her. He said he will directly have a match with her tomorrow night.

Hana asks Kojirou about that. He gives her information about Nobunaga. Kojirou will search more information about that. When night comes, Hana visits Nobunaga’s room to have a chess (igo?) match with him. It’s surely surprised him, Hana is different from any other woman. Then, to makes her blushes even more, Nobunaga teases her. It makes Hana, lying to him, if Nobunaga wins then she will do everything he tell her (In her heart, she begs for her father’s protection). If she win, she’ll have freedom in that house. They began the match after that.

Surprisely, Hana can win against Nobunaga (Is it a coincidence? Or…). She can freely walk in that house. Now that she’s free, when Hana meets Mitsunari in there, they have a conversation. Nobunaga knows it then pulled her to his room. He’s jealous after all… After speaks with Hana, Nobunaga gives her a Rosario then lets her sleep on his lap (reverse?).

Kojirou suggests they must come back to Hana’s house. Before that happens, she meets Nobunaga, asking him what he will do if she isn’t with him. He answers that it won’t happen ‘cause he will grabs her back. Asking or not, she went out from that house with Kojirou at last.

In some town, Nobunaga successfully chased them, brought her back to his place. Mitsunari didn’t believe in them, suggested that Nobunaga must do something about it. They’re suspicious after all. Nobunaga draws his sword, ready to kills Hana. So, the Rosario is broken (he didn’t kill Hana), and her country must take side with Seigun. Plus, she is his possession now.

The next day, Kojirou tells her about her father. Mitsunari comes to her house and makes her father taking side on Seigun. Nobunaga tells the same thing to her after he takes her to a walk. To make it more complex, Nobunaga wants her to be his wife. Hana agrees with that. That night, they’re sleeping together.

The night before Nobunaga goes to war, they having a dinner party under the moon. Nobunaga says he love Hana and she too. For that time, Hana promised not to run away anymore from him then Nobunaga hugged her from behind…

Finally, Nobunaga must go to war with Tougun. Before he could come back to Hana, Akechi Mitsuhide kidnapped the heroine to his house.

Mitsuhide kidnapped her because he knew Hana was the most important person for Nobunaga. He wanted to know if Nobunaga would save her or discard her. When she is in the prison, the only think she can do is grab the Rosario and pray for Nobunaga.

Suddenly after some days in Mitsuhide’s hand, Mitsuhide himself comes and quickly runs away with her from that place. It seems Seigun army has find his location. Whether Mitsuhide runs away or not, Nobunaga still finds them (he will find his woman, Hana). But Hana is in Mitsuhide’s hand now, so it’s up to him to do anything with her. It turns to real madness for Nobunaga. Anyway, because Mitsuhide’s true personality isn’t that bad, he releases her easily and runs away (he even says sorry to her!). Hana can’t stand out so Nobunaga carry her princess-like.

As she recovers her body, Nobunaga treats her really well. After Hana has fully recovered, he asks her to go with him, then proposed to her. They hold a wedding after that, inviting Hideaki and Mitsunari (before the day, Nobanaga has order Hana to try Western dress, but she won’t use it in the wedding day). Ah..right after that…they goes in to onsen together, saying love to each other (it’s embarrassing! Especially in bonus scenario).

Hana is being kidnapped by Mitsuhide. Hattori Hanzou visits her for a short time (It isn’t really shocking since he is Tougun’s ninja). A few days later, Date Masamune comes to her, ready to brings her with him (Of course it’s because he is a womanizer). Hanzou comes right at time, shoo-ing Masamune away from Hana. The womanizer leaves but promise to brings her when he comes back another time.

Some other day, Mitsuhide tells Hana that war is nearly over. After he leaves, Hana calls Hanzou and begs him to release her. He can’t go outside, but he can… call Kojioru to go to her (he really is already in there, though). They can escaped easily (Hanzou is not coming with them), before… Masamune can capture them again. Being release from Mitsuhide, now comes to Masamune… (err, being release from tiger’s hole than they comes to crocodile’s hole?)! Hana and Kojirou are already near escaping, but Masamune can chase them in the wood. Fortunately, Nobanaga came at the right time. This is funny. He grabs Hana to his horse, then runs away leaving Masamune and Kojioru (he says Kojirou can do his way). When the two of them already is back, Kobayaka Hideaki is already waiting for them, saying to Hana that it’s a waste to hides Nobunaga’s presence from the enemy since it’s turn out like that. Anyway, Kojirou can escape himself and comes safely to Nobunaga’s house.

Nobunaga proposed to Hana. After the proposing time, Kojirou told her that Masamune was the one being chose as Tenka 天下. So now, Nobunaga has nothing. Hana and Nobunaga riding a horse together, saying they’re loving each other. Whatever Nobunaga has done to her (especially stealing away her family-it means he has lose, isn’t it?), she will always love him and becomes his bride.

Similar for the routes above, Hana is being kidnapped by Mitsuhide. He pity her for being quiet and just praying. After hearing Nobunaga couldn’t be found anywhere, Hana almost fell unconscious. For that case, Mitsuhide releases her to the wood, when some guys attacks her, then gets save by Nobunaga. Hana is glad to see him alive. They went to an abandoned house for the night, talking about the Rosario and stuffs.

Because there isn’t any safe place for them, they must go on and changing places. When they spend the night together, Hana promise to be Nobunaga’s bride. Their happy moments didn’t last long. Akechi Mitsuhide finally caught them. Nobunaga fights him and successfully hurts him. They ran away again and reached the cliff. This continues bad way is never end. Masamune found them, hurted Nobunaga. He wanted to took Hana with him, or killed Nobunaga. At last, Hana and Nobunaga decides to fall off the cliff together, but Nobunaga quickly saves her, brings her to Masamune. Quickly, Masamune called Katakura Kojuurou, his servant, to searched for Nobunaga. It was useless after all. Hana cried so much.

She goes back to her house with Kojirou. When she is asleep, Kojirou says it’s fine if Hana is dreaming of Nonubaga, but after she have awake, he is the one who will protect her (What a tragic route Kojirou must have, looking at Hana with other guys so much before I can see his own route).

In the last bonus scenario for the happy ending, Nobunaga hold a dinner with Hana, Mitsunari, and Hideaki. Hana isn’t feeling well, puke out the food, and makes everyone so worried. Nobunaga calls his servant and tells them to bring the doctor. After the check up, Hana asks Nobunaga what sickness she have. He says it’s not a sickness, but… Hideaki came in intruding them, saying congratz to them, followed by Mitsunari. Finally, she knows she is pregnant. Ah… he can’t have the ending with his child like the first three characters before.

Hattori Hanzou (Masanari) (CV: Morikubo Shotarou)

I don’t really like this laughing person… It’s just that I must complete this game, and need it. He always says he wants to go to Ispania (different from Nobunaga, who wants to come to Portugal).

So far, Hana decides to going with Hanzou (of course Kojirou is goes too). They’re having a nice chat at town, Hanzou giving her a mitarashi dango. Because Hana wants to gather information about Touguna and Seigun, Hanzou suggested that it’s easier if she go to Tokugawa. Hana is okay with that and follows him. Oh right, Hanzou tells her that he doesn’t have freedom (so poor to be a ninja).

Have come to Akechi Mitsuhide’s place, Kojirou warn if Hana is sure to come. Maybe after meet with Mitsuhide, she won’t think that people is nice. But it’s up to her anyway. Hana goes to the garden and finds Hanzou, training his fighting skills. They has so much to speak to each other.

Becomes aware of Hana’s attitude, Kojirou explains about Hanzou’s true nature. He is a ninja after all. It makes Hana so worried, that when Hanzou sneaks at night to her place, she hugs him quickly. Hanzou doesn’t want her to touch the bad him. But Hana is so strong, so she will be fine.

Strong or not, Hana stills crying for Hanzou (Kojirou knows that). She goes to where Hanzou usually practices, tells her feeling. She won’t go anywhere, even Hanzou tells her to goes back home. Finally, Hanzou surrender to Hana’s decision.

Some day, she met Hanzou with Akechi Mitsuhide. Mitsuhide knows Hana is watching them, so Hanzou introduces her as Date Masamune’s guest. He won’t believe that easily and it’ll be dangerous for Hana. After Mitsuhide has gone (before, he says Hanzou can be replace by another person), Hanzou hugs Hana from behind, really worried of her.

At night, Hana met him outside the house. Hanzou asks her if she knows his real name. It’s Masanari, if I was correct (From now on, hana calls him that). Masanari really likes her, he asks her if she wants to be with him after the war. Because the two are promise to be together, they can go on date freely… Until Mitsuhide caught Hana.

It’s the same as Nobunaga isn’t it? Mitsuhide kidnapped Hana and throw her in prison. Masanari came, but it’s useless. Mitsuhide didn’t want that person to be changed by Hana, so he ordered Masanari to win the war, and he could meet her. Day by day, Hana waits for Masanari return to her side (in prison). When he was return at last, she wanted to reach his hand. Because his hands are full of blood, Masanari doesn’t want Hana to see it. But she’s reluctant, still touch him anyway. It makes Masanari really comfortable to be with Hana and sleeps on her lap.

Again, Hana must wait for Masanari for his work as a ninja. A few days later, he came back again, always smiling like usual. He asks if she wants to go back to her house. It’s hard to be with him. But she won’t do that thing, and the war is nearly end for Tougun. Why, Masanari must go again and leave her until she hear they have win the war. Hana comes to Mitsuhide and he easily releases her (but not about Hanzou, his work is piles up more). Masanari accompanies Hana on the way back home. Then she lives again in her house with Kojirou, sorrowful if there isn’t Masanari besides her.

What a good end, so he comes to her side without her knowing, making Hana really surprised and mad (Kojirou didn’t tell her too). They hold a marriage in the end. A scenario after they get married, about Masanari practices his skill in the morning (leaving her behind on the bed). Kojirou asks him to do practice together, causing his wound in everywhere. Masanari asked Hana (or to himself) if Kojirou is really strong or he becomes weak?

Mitsuhide captured Hana and not allowing Masanari to be with her until his job has finish. One time, Masanari visited her with some present (mitarashi dango). They used time to speaks about their feelings to each other. This visiting scene continues about 2-3 times until Mitsuhide intrudes the two of them because Date Masamune gets attack by someone. In bonus scenario, Kojirou knows Masanari’s new job is to find the culprit who shoot Masamune, and he wants Masanari to comes back safely.

After Masanari has leave for his job, Mitsuhide comes to Hana. He pitying Masanari, to have love someone as Hana. Well, Hana is storng, so she returns the words. It makes Masanari laughing so much when he comes back. Hana is the only girl who can say that to Mitsuhide. News about Tougun’s victory can be heard by Hana. She is so happy to hear that Masanari is also fine. But when Masanari really visits her and asks to be together, Hana says she want to come back and separate with him. It makes him sad.

Mitsuhide has meets with Hana and Masanari, asking what he wants after completing his job. Hana hopes he choose to be free, but instead of that, Masanari choose to release Hana. It really is shocking, and more after Mitsuhide won’t do that request. It’s because Hana is free now and must come back to her house (So, Mitsuhide is really good in this route). The request is change to free Masanari. Now that they are free, Masanari hold Hana and goes to another place (Until they meets Masamune, who comes together with them to their destination place-what a bump!).

It was the same. Mitsuhide kidnapped her, throwing her to be prisoner, plus almo

st hurted her with a knife. Masanari came and agreed with the term to won the battle for Tougun. Mitsuhide released Hana and Masanari must followed the rule (which is to meet her just one time per day). When Masanari is out for war, Mitsuhide comes and tells she just do like an animal (Maybe something about being loyal or quiet? I forgot…).

Hana tries to hurt Mitsuhide, but she can’t and causing the wound on her leg

(and maybe some of her arm). Masanari comes at the right time, but he is full of blood from the enemis. He doesn’t want to be seen by Hana… Well, as for now, Mitsuhide lets Masanari takes care of Hana’s wound. Masanari really feels bad about it, but he will do his best to win. Again, he must goes to battle. Mitsuhide sometimes visits her, bad mouthing about Masanari (Tells her that Masanari can leave her behind and choose freedom). She won’t believe that though.

Finally, Masanari came to her again after a long time. Hana tells him she really loves him, and so he does. Finally, Tougun has win the battle. Mitsuhide himself comes to Hana to tell that. She is free now, and lives in another room. But Masanari can’t come even after the war has end. Hana goes to Mitsuhide and begs him to allowing Masanari meets her. What a jerk! After they met, Masanari said Hana wasn’t the one really important to him, so they were separating like that. (Please consider Hana’s heart and long waiting, stupid ninja!).  Hana comes back to her house and still remembers about Masanari (Hattori Hanzou)’s name…

One scenario is about Hana, who’s buying mitarashi dango for Masanari, suddenly collapsed on rain. She wakes up after Masanari brings her home. Hana wants to go changing her clothes, so Masanari must look at behind. Yeah, right, he wants to steal the time, but Hana realizes that and tells him not to look. He said, he was near the Hell for that peeking thoughts.

The happy one, is about they time after married. The two of them (Masanari and his child) is still sleeping in the morning, so Hana and Kojirou wakes them up. Kojirou says, they are the same, stupid father and son. Hana lets them sleep though.

Akechi Mitsuhide (CV: Terashima Takuma)

Has white long hair and really mature (I mean, he has low voice, right?). Often calls himself as “oni”.

When Kobayakawa Hideaki asks Hana where she will go to, she hasn’t decided yet. The name she remember is Akechi Mitsuhide. Hattori Hanzou brings her and Kojirou to Tokugawa’s house to meet MItsuhide. She can go freely in that house.

Different from any other routes before (he was so scary and really bad!), when Hana first meets him, Mitsuhide is writing in his room. He speaks kindly to her, lets Hana do anything she wants, so he will be the guardian for her.

The thing is, Hana thinks Mitsuhide is a 学僧 (gakusou). Kojirou becomes confused because there won’t be any in that house. Hanzou came in, invited her to meet someone. So, the gakusou was the one invited her to drinking tea. The confussion becomes solved now at night when Hana finds the gakusou, speaking with Hanzou about the attack for Nobunaga. Mitsuhide found her then cornered her to a wall. He just wants Hana not to interfere too deep in that matter. Hanzou forbid her to get closer to Mitsuhide ‘cause he is a person who can do anything to get what he wants.

The next day, she went on Mitsuhide’s place again, studying to make tea. She slips on her hand, spills out hot water. When Hana tries to reach it, Mitsuhide’s hand touch her, making she blushes. On another day, Hana look at Mitsuhide, who’s practice his gun skill. Mitsuhide says he wants to defeat Nobunaga, the one who makes everyone’s life so miserable. He wil do anything to defeat that person.

Rumour comes from Kojirou, telling Hana that Mitsuhide already betrays Hideaki. It makes Hana’s house turn side with Tougun. Let’s come to Hana and Mitsuhide’s moment. Hana giving him sweets, and Mitsuhide happily receives it from Hana’s hand to his mouth. One scenario after it told Mitsuhide and Hana’s conversation. Being with Hana, Mitsuhide almost forgets about his revenge (Good, huh?).

Hana fells unconscious after she has crying so much (because Mitsuhide won’t accept her gift). For that, Mitsuhide accompanying her ‘til he falls asleep too beside her. They took on a walk after Hana had recovered. Mitsuhide brings Hana to his workplace and lets her draw Kikyou to try the art work (Kikyou is Mitsuhide’s most favorite flower). Not long after that, Hanzou comes and tells Mitsuhide that Seigun already moved. He must go to war. Hana is scared for his safety, it makes Mitsuhide really sad to see her crying. So to make her happy, he tells he loves her and they shares a goodbye kiss (for now).

Before he goes to war, Mitsuhide tells Hana to make 3 child after that (not 1 but 3)… Finally, the war had ended and Mitsuhide came back. But there’s work for him waiting, so she must bears to wait. The night, they celebrated the winning party. That’s the time she could saw him. Mitsuhide took time with her alone, saying he need Hana.

So, they’re promised to get a wedding like in any other routes. The night before the big day, Mitsuhide is really nervous. Hana is so happy that finally they can be together, so she wants to hug him, making them fall into the pool. At the day, they invited Hanzou, Masamune, and Kojirou along. Hanzou and Masamune teases him, saying his old past is different from now. It makes Mitsuhide really blushes, it’s true after all. Three years later, the two of them already has a son, and maybe Hana is pregnant again.

Oh, don’t forget about the bonus scenario after they get married. They spend the time happily on the bed…

Mitsuhide must go to war. There’s news from Kojirou that Hana’s father had sided with Seigun, so she’s Mitsuhide’s enemy now. They must goes back home, but Hana wants to see Mitsuhide again before that. Mitsuhide didn’t angry with her, he did angry with Nobunaga for do evil things. And, he orders her to goes back to her house. Hana doesn’t want to, and it makes him saying rude words to her (He doesn’t love a selfish and weak woman like that). Finally, he can convinced her to leave that place.

Oda Nobunaga visits Hana’s house and meets her. He calls her to give information about Tougun. She won’t do that, and Nobunaga nearly wants her. Fortunately, there’s Kojirou, saves Hana with some information Nobunaga wants.

Having that information, Tougun still keeps winning because Seigun doesn’t know Kobayakawa’s betrayal. Some night, Nobunaga comes in Hana’s room, brings her deep into mountain. There, Mitsuhide already is waiting. Nobunaga and Mitsuhide are fighting after that, resulting the two gone missing. Kojirou helps searching for Mitsuhide in the river. They finally found him, but they couldn’t found Nobunaga. In the end, Hana and Mitsuhide lives in a small house (Mitsuhide is being a teacher, so hard to takes care of children). They do fishing sometimes (Mitsuhide teaches Hana how to catch a fish in the river).

Mitsuhide becomes so rude to Hana because the war is near. He orders Kojirou to brings her back home. Because of that, Hana hides herself and lock the door, making Kojirou really worried. Mitsuhide must comes himself, so Hana wants to open the door (without Mitsuhide in front of her). He has gone, leaving her with Kojirou, still convinces Hana to go to a safe place.

Finally, Hana wants to go with Kojirou. But before they reaches a safe place, Hana goes back to Mitsuhide’s house. At first, he was shocked and mad. But he knows Hana’s heart and makes her tea. There’s a sleeping medicine, to makes Hana sleeps, while Mitsuhide goes to war. When she awakes, Kojirou is already in there, trying to take her go out because Nobunaga’s army maybe coming. While they nearly goes out, Hana looks at Mitsuhide with someone, which is Nobunaga. She wants to calls him, but Mitsuhide tells Nobunaga that he doesn’t know that woman. Nobunaga releases her.

It makes her worried. Kojirou speculates that if Nobunaga wants to kill Mitsuhide, then it is already happen by now. But it wasn’t, so there must be some reason. Hana comes back to Mitsuhide’s house, finds him lying on the floor, with the kikyou’s art she made earlier. If I wasn’t wrong, maybe he was eating poison or something?

Hana read the letter Mitsuhide had wrote to her in one of bonus scenario. He will watching her, and be together even if he is dead now.

The ultimate (I mean happy) scenario after they get married, tell about Hana is pregnant. So Mitsuhide takes care of her, giving food with love. He didn’t have wedding CG, such a disappointment…

Sasaki Kojirou (CV: Takahashi Hiroki)

He is Hana’s servant, really care of her and loyal. In everyone’s routes (except himself), he always takes care of Hana, hiding his feelings (Similar to Yasutsuna in Asaki, Yumemishi, isn’t it?). Finally, his own route can be open after completing the other guys.

For the final guy, Hana choose to be with Kojirou (to know him better, she thinks). Hattori Hanzou suggested them to go to Tougun’s town, but they refused. Suddenly, he attacks Kojirou, but they manages to balancing their power. Hana is surprised by their power (especially Kojirou). After the sudden fight, Hana and Kojirou went to the wood.

They made camp for night in there. The caring Kojirou lets Hana sleeps on his lap. The event got intruded by some bandit. But it got taken care easily by Hana’s strong bodyguard. The day after, finally they reached town. The first thing they must go is Date Masamune’s place. It’s not taking a long time, ‘cause Masamune himself finds them. He flirts Hana and makes Kojirou angry with his atittude. They took Masamune’s offer to stay in his place. At night, Hana found Kojirou cleaning up his katana (Kodachi-which is like his life).

The next day, Masamune invites Hana to walk around town. She’s a bit nervous, if not with Kojirou (Masamune realizes that too). Hana took that time to ask Masamune about Kojirou, whom he met 2 years ago. When she came back, Kojirou asked many questions to her (she feels Kojirou is a bit jealous). When night comes, Hanzou comes again to brings them to Akechi Mitsuhide’s place. Hana and Kojirou agrees to stay in Mitsuhide’s place for a few days (but makes plan to run away if there’s time).

There’s one funny scenario. Hanzou and Hana knows that Kojirou doesn’t like ohagi. Hanzou makes Hana gives ohagi to Kojirou, so he hates Hanzou even more.

Hana and Kojirou ran away into the wood, but some guys found them. The two kept running ‘til they found a cliff, decided to jump together into the river. When Hana finally awakes, Kojirou asks her why she let go off him in the water. It’s because she wants to helps Kojirou, so he can saves himself. It makes him really worried, telling her if she died, then he will too. That night, Kojirou is hurting so much (maybe because he’s catching a cold?), so Hana lets him sleep on her lap. The bonus scenario tells about Kojirou’s feelings when Hana stills sleeping. He begins to realize that he has feeling for her..

Kojirou gives Hana a tonbodama after she awakes because he thinks it’ll suit her. They continued their journey again. Suddenly, Hana almost fell off and Kojirou saved her. It makes Hana hugs him tightly, making him shocked for the sudden lover atittude. Hana embarasses herself because of that.

Then, she asks about Kojirou’s past. Long time ago, he hasn’t have a place to live until his teacher finds him. Well, he can’t meet that teacher anymore now. After they reached a village, they are staying in there until there’s news about Tougun’s victory. It makes Hana really worried about her parents because they sided with Seigun.

The bonus scenario this time is about Kojirou searching for inn. The lady owner gives them one room (she thinks they are husband and wife?). The most shocking thing for them is about the futton (there’s just one of it).

Because Hana is so worried about her parents, she looks like almost crying to Kojirou. He hold her tight and made her calm. They goes to Hana’s country to searching information. Actually, her parents has run away so they’ll be safe.

They goes on journey again. Now, Hana is sure about her feelings but she can’t keep Kojioru with her again. She tells him to leave her (he isn’t her servant anymore). Of course he can’t do that. He hugs her, telling he will protect Hana as a man now, not a servant. The hugging time got disrupted by a shocked Kojirou. Now, he realizes that Hana isn’t a princess anymore, so he can propose to her.

For the living sake, Kojirou begs Masamune for a room (or house) to them. At first, Masamune is joking to Kojirou, to gets Hana first, but finally he agrees. Masamune gives them a room for living together. Kojirou works for Masamune, being his fighting opponent (or so?). When Hana brings him a bentou, the envy Masamune begs one for him to traded it with his own making bentou. Of course Kojirou doesn’t want that and keep eating for himself (making Masamune more jealous).

Even if they lives in the same room, Kojirou won’t touch Hana before he can afford a house. It is his promise and will keep it (he is a person like that after all, too straight). At the wedding day, Hana finally can meet with her parents. Together, Hana and Kojirou will live as a whole family.

A scenario about the night after the wedding tells about Hana wants Kojirou to says some ‘love’ things before doing ‘that’ (I mean it… that! Really…). Finally, he can say that. The next morning, Kojirou makes a fuss and resulting in Hana’a awakeness. He asks if she…umm…feels hurt at that night….? Suddenly, Masamune barges in with Katakura Kojuurou, shouting at Kojirou (“What’s you saying? You should be saying she was beautiful or that! Not, did it hurt?” he said). Kojirou finally shooing them away, continuing their love time on bed.

Hearing news about the incident, Hana and Kojirou comes back to Hana’s house. There, they meets Oda Nobunaga. If Hana wants her parents back, she must marrying Ishida Mitsunari (what a joke?!). It will be Mitsunari’s reason to live (if I was right). Nobunaga even says Mitsunari is good looking (Yeah, I know!) and their children will be cute (huh?). The clever Kojirou, knowing the situation, begs to brings Hana to rest because she’s tired.

At night, Hana is being comforted by Kojirou. Because of that, she hugs him again. Kojirou releases her, saying it’ll be good for to get marry with Mitsunari.

Hana tells Kojirou what Nobunaga wants to do. Nobunaga is inviting Mitsunari to meet her. She is crying because of it, saying she wants to be beside Kojirou. Kojirou can’t resist it, it makes him, who always keeps quite, hugs her tight. He asks her to leave that place together. But Nobunaga came at the right time, telling Hana if she won’t marrying Mitsunari, then he could do something to Kojirou. Quickly, Hana came to Kojirou, saying a good bye, that she will be marrying Mitsunari.

The wedding day came, and Hana knew that Mitsunari wasn’t that bad (He got worried about her and knew when Hana pushed herself to smile). Mitsunari wants to brings her to another room because her face is pale. In the way, Kojirou came and said he will take Hana (because the condition is already fulfilled, which is marrying Mitsunari). It turns out Nobunaga and Kobayakawa Hideaki betting for Hana’s choices (Nobunaga bets for Hana to choose Mitsunari, Hideaki bets for Kojirou). After all, Hana choose to be with Kojirou and of course Hidekai wins it. The three of them (Hana, Kojirou, and Hideaki) runs away to the wood with their horse, where Hideaki explains all of it.

In the end, almost the same with previous ending, Kojirou and Hana lives near Masamune. Masamune is so jealous of them (Hana is Kojirou’s wife by now). He gives Hana a letter from her parents. Knowing they are safe, Kojirou tell her if they have their child in the future, the he will bring Hana to meet her parents.

Kojirou has no information abut Hana’s parents, so he keeps telling her to come back, searching information. Hana doesn’t want to do it ‘cause she just wants to be with him. Kojirou keeps insisted on it, so they goes to the wood at last. Suddenly, Hana choose to not going back again, making Kojirou really angry with it. He leaves Hana crying alone, but comes back with water for her. Their moment got interrupted by Hattori Hanzou, who wants to capture them again. Kojirou and Hanzou has a life or death battle. The results is Hanzou wounded badly. He lets the two go, warns them to go quickly before his subordinate comes. Actually, Kojirou’s wound isn’t ar least bad (he even spills out blood). Hana won’t leave him alone, though Kojirou orders her to.

Because Hana treats Kojirou’s wound well, the wound heals faster. They live in some house together to wait for Kojirou’s recovering. When Hana told him that she love him, Kojirou said that too. Hana thinks he is joking (as he always care about her), but it’s true. Their feelings are the same.

Hanzou comes, but he just shares news about Tougun’s victory and Hana’s country. It seem, when they heard about Tougun’s victory (she thought her father sided with Seigun), the truth is her country had sided with Tougun after Mitsuhide’s invitation. So her country is safe. The worst is, the fights amongst Kojirou and Hanzou and Hanzou doesn’t mean anything in the end (What about the wound? Stupid Hanzou, didn’t tell them the truth first). After they got back, Hana’s father told her to be the ruler of his country because he had fell sick. At first, she’s so confused about it, but Kojirou tells her she will do fine. Plus, he will be beside her. Yeah! He doesn’t have bad ending because the other orutes (except himself) seems to be his bad end, isn’t it?

What the heck? His ultimate happy bonus scenario is =…uhm…. What kind of father is that? His daughter (named Hime) looking at him and Hana really good together. So this time, Hime says she loves her father so much. Kojirou orders her not to get married to be with him. Huh?

Look at his shifty expression…!

Finally, it’s the end! I wrote so much ‘cause the stories were too short (but it gets this long in the end, sorry). My impression about it is, there’s good to be able to read every guy’s stories. But it really is too short!!! I loves the bad ending more than the happy ending because the bond between Hana and the guys are really strong. Being separated, Hana wil surely remember of the guy she had loved forever…

For the most sad story, I think it goes to Kobayaka Hideaki. He betrays his country, getting hates by his people, becomes so poor and being sick, then dies… What a tragic story! The most happy end goes to Kojirou (‘cause he doesn’t have any bad end?). I think most of guys has their own happy ending, so it’s a bit hard to choose.

My favorite guy is Ishida Mitsunari (remember of Saitou Hajime from Hakuouki when playing his route and look at his character). He is so handsome! Then, the second is Hideaki (it’s rare for me to like shota, but I love his bad ending). The truth is, I don’t hate any of them. Maybe I don’t like Hanzou’s type, but he isn’t very annoying except in bad ending.

I had a problem when wrote this review. My notebook got a deadly virus from spam email (I must getting caution to opening an email from now on). It must be re-installed (of course my XP get change to 7, so I must getting used to it first). What a troublesome matter! Especially, I’m in weeks of final exams>..!

I wrote Kojirou’s review with a paper, pencil, and eraser. Being back to old time… not bad too. At least I can do this reviews, and my data can be save. I’m sorry the reviews becomes this long ‘cause I had fun writing it. And I want to correct my livejournal post. It’s not that bad, just too short. But I prefer the hard and complex scenario rather than a bunch of CGs. But this game will be good if you want more romances and love stories instead of hard meaning stories.



Link for CG:


  1. I think it’s a nice game 🙂 Lack of interactions between Hana and her “men” are porbably why people dislike this game. After reading your review I ought to play it myself. I love history romance XD and to think that they use real people name o.O;

    CG CG CG XD Will credit back if I write the review 🙂

    p/s : Tried Windows 7 before but hate it. XP is better than that. >.>; It’s really hard to use when you’re not familiar with this 7 thing.

    • I can’t use some of my previous software from before! This is really a trouble.

      I hope you like that when playing it. At first, I was really shocked because of the short story. After playing 3-4 guys, finally I used to it

  2. I think I’ll give this game a try since it’s short and I like Ishida Akira’s character quite a bit (I miss his voice too) I also like bad ends <- It's interesting to have both good and bad ends. But it looks like I'll play Asaki, Yumemishi before it because that one looks so much nicer.

    Yeah.. PC viruses are so annoying! I like Windows 7 though… it's OK, functional and much MUCH better than Windows Vista (which I refused to use entirely). They copied a lot of the functions from Mac's OS X. It's a ton faster than XP too.

    • I used to avoid shota chara like him. Hideaki is an exception…
      Asaki is really good, it makes me want t play again in PSP even after playing the PC version. The comedy in that game is really funny, especially between Shuuichirou and Rin.

      I can’t use Coojah with this new OS! “Really sad” ’cause I can’t capture any data from the webpage anymore…

      • I don’t like shota either but Hideaki doesn’t look like one to me 🙂 He’s just small but his face is still cool.. If you can find substitute program for Coojah please tell me too XD *needs software like that* Usually I just use screen capture program for everything^^ including video (just record the screen like that haha)

        • Hmm, maybe because he is voiced by Ishida, so he looks like older? But yeah, his face is too cute, so I just think he’ll be more of shota. So far, I haven’t meet new program that is like Coojah… It’s so sad. I wish it will be compatible with Windows 7, but it won’t… I’ve try installing 6-7 programs but none works like Coojah, who captures everything.

  3. Ehh so the story is rather shallow? ;_;
    ..but I’ll probably still play it anyway. After all I managed to go through Renai Banchou, and at least Koi Ikusa doesn’t sound as shallow as that game lol. The art looks nice too. :3

    Viruses are really annoying, especially when you have to format your pc because of it. >_>;
    Though I do want to try using 7 someday. xD

    • I think it’s good, but I just can’t feel that’s awesome because the story is too short. Except for that, it’s quite good (the art, the concept). Happy ending really is happy, then sad ending really makes me sad too. That’s why it’s almost perfect, if not considering that the story is told really quick (I was surprised at first play, that it’s almost nearly the end just for 2 days playing-half-through-I can’t play it all day).

      I agree, the art is nice (it’s one of the reason for me, playing it).
      I think 7’s good, but sometimes makes me dizzy, with all new appearances (I had to search where the “Recycle Bin” was in folder-except that it’s already at desktop, and some programs didn’t work properly in this). I missed my XP….

  4. haha awesome review, i finally got ma ass back into otome gaming and forced maself to finish this game. I soo agree that it’s so…short and shallow? kinda like the makers jus wrote a couple of scenes and then hoped they mashed up well together lol, seems like there’s a lack of smooth transition from one scene to another imao xD

    but damn straight the art’s pretty nice, will credit if I use the cg for my review if that’s okay with u (screenshotting everythign maself is pretty annoying and tends to make ma psp freeze up for no reason ==)?

    thanks for the review ❤

    • Thanks ^ ^. Yes, it’s one of QR short game, so I can play it. But well, that CG is so romantic and I can’t complain about that although the story is just like a side work to play otoge (the reverse of Shinigami to Shoujo).

      I had the same problem if I took CG from PSP if it’s already too many of it… It’s so troublesome to make us run into CFW installer again. And, it’s alright to use it for your review… I’d be glad to give it..

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