Winter Sky of Love

What an embarrassing line to begin with! At last, I can finish it! Such a long time to play just one series of Starry Sky…

This season is center around student council’s business. The head of it is Shiranui Kazuki. The other members are Aozora Hayato, Amaha Tsubasa, and Tsukiko herself. They are heading many events as a student council such as Christmas party, Valentine event, etc. They has some activities at shrine too! Oh, and don’t forget about Kazuki’s friend (who’s a journalist, and a hentai too), Oushirou Shirogane…

I won’t tell much about that, it’s so much boring to write their many events.

Shiranui Kazuki

CV: Nakamura Yuuichi

His voiced is by Nakamura Yuuichi-san! I loves his voice (and of course Namikawa Daisuke too). Nakamura’s voice is so cool, and in some parts, he can moves my heart when he says strenght words. I really likes him ever since I hear his voice. Especially when he voiced Kurt Irving in Valkyria Chronicles 3. He’s my number 2 favorite seiyuu after Namikawa Daisuke.

He has special power to see future. He saw his parents dying, but couldn’t say anything until it really was occured (’cause he stills a child and knows nothing of that power). After that, he blamed himself and got into fighting so much.

Kazuki is so strong (I mean I think he’s the strongest person in Starry Sky both his heart and strenght).He had met Tsukiko sinced childhood. Tsukiko warned him that strong people wouldn’t use body’s power, so he stopped fighting since then. After some accident befalls Tsukiko, he wishes that Tsukiko forget him, and it comes true. Tsukiko doesn’t remember him after that (but he remembers it all-so sad).

They spend their time in student council. Tsubasa always exploding his inventions and Shiranui always mad at him. Hayato just calmly, makes a high pitch sound (that hurts ears) to makes them quiet.

Time over time has ended, finally Tsukiko realizes her feelings for Kazuki. She confessed, but Kazuki refused her. She brought him chocolate for Valentine. Kazuki ignores her feelings (telling that it’s just a friend’s chocolate). So finally, she grabs her chocolate back because Kazuki won’t accept that. Instead, Shirogane wants it (and of course, gives it to Kazuki).

That night, Tsukiko keep doing her work in school. Shirogane scared her with a ghost story at school. Because she is alone now, she feels scared herself after hearing Shirogane’s story. Kazuki comes and hugs her. He accompanied Tsukiko to her room, and in that scene, she remembered her first meeting with Kazuki.

Finally, Kazuki accepted her feelings! YAY! Finally I can see the story goes well (not run away or somewhat overly too dramatic). Yeah, after Kazuki finishes his own business with his family, he comes back at Tsukiko then holds his graduation ceremony (for all graduated student in their school). At the end, he married her. Some funny moment occured when he wanted Tsukiko to gave him the cake. The picture already described it:

Aozora Hayato

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

Did I ever mentioned that I hated his voice? Yes, somewhat I hate that dramatic voice. It makes me sleepy to hear him speaks. I could fell asleep when hearing Hirakawa’s voice (because it’s so small, like a lullaby).

Hayato hates his family ’cause they wants him to be a pianist. His brother and sister are a good pianist too, so he feels left behind by them. He makes a conclusion that he will attend different place, thet is Seigetsu Gakuen.

Tsukiko confessed to him, but as the other routes, he refused. He feels pity for her to fall in love to him. But Tsukiko says that it’s not a pity because it’s her own feelings. It’s up to her to fall for him.

When he realizes his own feeling, he confesses to her after chosen as the new head of student council. They make a lovey-dovey time together (even kissing in public)! Grrhh, it’s so embarassing (I mean as a Virgo myself).

BUT!!!! It’s not over yet. The over too dramatic time finally come! Hayato made his debut as a pianist (I mean he played it) in some ocassion and caught his sister eyes. His sister wants to brings him back. Hayato accept that offer because it’s the thing he always wanted for so long (to be accepted in that family-it’s to become a pianist). It makes Tsukiko asks if that is the only thing he can do. They almost broke up because of that foolishness of Hayato, if Kazuki wouldn’t do his own part as ‘kaichou’.

Hayato realizes his own future-want-to-be. He wants someone to be always besides him. So he grabs Tsukiko back and finally do the wedding at the end. REALLY! His route is somewhat feels the longest. Maybe because Hirakawa’s voice always stopped halfway in a long time and because it’s overly dramatic. Such a weak person and must uses a long time to finally realizes the true meaning…

Tsubasa Amaha

CV: Suzumura Kenichi

Tsubasa has no parents, like Kazuki, so he is grandpa’s child. Most of his childhood times is spend with his grandpa, even his laughing voice is similar.

Tsubasa and Tsukiko’s lovey-dovey time begins faster than anyone in this series. Tsukiko confessed to him and directly accepted her feelings.

They spend their time together as a couple. Even sleeping together (that makes Kazuki-oyaji so mad). This was interrupted when Tsubasa remembered about his grandma, who’s in the hospital. He feels abandoned by that grandma. After he makes out with his grandma, he comes back to Tsukiko, lives happily ever after, right? Nothing much about his story…

Shirogane Ooshirou

CV: Suwabe Junichi

He really feels like a hentai with two braids on his hair (this can be change to many different kinds of hair ties or just simply makes it shine). Shirogane is a journalist for his club, always brings his camera and google.

In some day, Shirogane and Tsukiko went out of school. They met some scary people who turned out knew Shirogane. Because they teases Tsukiko, Shirogane goes out of control and beats them. Tsukiko stop him for doing anything dangerous. Well, he is like Kazuki in the past. He fights so much, but Kazuki makes him who he is now. That’s why they’re good friends now.

He helps student council so much, that makes Tsukiko goes blank when he says he wants to kiss her. She says okay, so they’re shared kiss together. But Shirogane says sorry ’cause it doesn’t mean he likes her (what a rude thing to say!)> Because that accident, Tsukiko confessed to him many times, with Shirogane refusing her. Somewhat, I feels Tsukiko is really strong in his route. Kazuki punched him because he refused Tsukiko’s feelings. Turns out Shirogane just realizes that Kazuki is also falls in love with Tsukiko. He feels Kazuki is the one Tsukiko must fall for, because since child, Kazuki always protects her. Then Kazuki makes him know that Shirogane is the one Tsukiko fall in love to.

Before Shirogane goes to his home after graduation, one more time Tsukiko gives her feelings and he accepts that..

Finally finish!!! I really want to finish it quickly but some accident occured, so it become so long… It’s the last season in Starry Sky, no… There are After too…. I guess I will wait it all to be ported to PSP ’cause I feel lazy to play PC game. Hayato… UHm, he is a Virgo like mine, but our personality is so different. Huh… Too bad I can’t make him my fav since he’s so weak, and… has pink hair (somewhat, I don’t really like pink). Tsubasa..My sister hates him because his voice is too loud. She orders me to play it somewhere else if it’s about him. I really like Kazuki’s personality. In every routes, he always gives his friend a courage to keep moving forward. Maybe I like Miyaji in this series, but Kazuki’s personality is the most likeable! He becomes my number 2 favorite person in Starry Sky…

They looks so happy..

It’s cool, right?

I can feel their happy times

Tsukiko is the cutest in this CG

CG for his departure. It moves my heart when see his back…

Link for CG:

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7 Responses to “Winter Sky of Love”

  1. XD Namikawa Daisuke is quite popular now<3 *is proud*
    Nakamura Yuuichi's voice is cool too.. I can remember it well because of Alto in Macross Frontier. (Too well, in fact I can't stop thinking of Alto when I hear his voice. It's either Alto or someone from Gundam..だれだっけ) As for Hirakawa Daisuke.. He became a seiyuu I don't like much all because of Oomi from Hiiro. Same with SuzuKen because he reminds me of Shin (GSD) too much and I don't like Shin so I have a problem with his voice… Oh, and that last guy looks very much like someone Suwabe Junichi would voice XD

    …..Oops. Before I knew it, my comment was only about seiyuu and I don't have anything to say about S☆S. orz sumimasendeshita In the end, you didn't mention that you like the game (just mentioned which characters you liked). So I take it that you still don't like it much? *won't consider this game if you didn't like it much*

    • I just playing this game to filling my time in waiting for another game. Truthfully, summer, autumn and winter story aren’t so bad. It’s because the dialogues are seems to be very long, that’s why I feels bored easily. Some have good side and some have bad side. Spring, just didn’t remember much what I’d played. I could forgot easily because the story was too plain. Summer is very cheerful, yet it lacks seriousness. AUTUMN… It has sad and deep pain in every character’s route, but seems overly too dramatic. For winter, I just have to say that it is so-so. Almost all routes just spin around their refusal of Tsukiko’s love.

      Conclusion: It’s not bad to know every character’s story. But don’t blame if you feel this story has already seen in some drama, or because the dialogues are too long.

      It were just my thought after all.

      I forgot where I had heard Nakamura’s voice before Kurt. But he seems the most unforgetful in that character. I love Suzumura Kenichi in Spiral~Suiri no Kizuna~, but not in this. As Shin, well, I can keep remember that he used some tone in his dialogue. I was laughing when heard that. He’s saying angry words and mad with weird intonation! Nevermind that, I don’t hate his voice except if he use Tsubasa’s voice.

      You’re right. Namikawa even voiced the hero in Persona4! It’s really useful for me to hear his voice more often.

      • Great! I got the big picture now, thanks^_^
        Yappari … I may play this game if I have nothing else to do (like that’ll ever happen… *is forever frustrated at the number of games to play*)

        OMG *_* Spiral. I really liked that series!! I love Eyessssss <3333 I was really disappointed that I couldn't find the anime when I wanted to watch it. I so wanted to hear Ishida-san as Eyes.. this series I read manga only..

        Persona4 is the one that's being animated right? YATTA!!! Hooray for NMKW ♥♥♥

  2. gyahhh the link’s down T_T can reupload please?? i’ve always wanted to play this game, but there’s no English patch, and i cant read japanese!! i can just understand what they are saying, but dont know which options to pick >_<

    • I think I had posted a new link for it. As I can’t log in to WP without my phone, I can’t copy the link to you. Just try to search it through my latest post. I’m sorry for the inconvenience

  3. as long as there is ss2

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