The Never-Ending Dream

Asaki, Yumemishi….

Well, I really loves this game since the time it’s comes out on PC. The menus are beautifully arranged, images are bright and beautiful, character design are interesting, and there are bonus of card games. This PSP version has adding much more settings to menu, which are 4 different fonts and low-high volume setting for each characters. And now, this game can preview previous scenes, as the old cannot do that!

I played all of it from the beginning, so it’s kind of slow for me to write something about this title. I won’t write a long sentence ‘cause there’s not much adding stories to each characters’ route.

Iori Saya and Giou (her pet ayakashi?) comes to some village filled with many ayakashi (at this village, ayakashi and human can live together). But there’s some danger lurking around lately, so Shinonome Rin called her to come and do the exorcism-like to the evil. There, at the forest near that village, she met with some strange girl with black butterfly power, Aya. She just said ‘welcome words’ to Saya and went afterward… Then Saya tripped and got saved by Yaegaki Chihaya.

She stays in Chihaya’s house, as he is the chief of that village. The butler, Yasutsuna (the smiling man), always serves Chihaya loyally. Yasutsuna is the one who tooks care of all of Yaegaki’s residents. Well, Saya can live easily now as there’s Yasutsuna who cook and clean up in Chihaya’s house.

After some encounter with red-haired ayakashi (Kagachi), little girl ayakashi (Miku), and three ayakashi’s sibling (Fuuki, Suiki, Kinki) at some night, her step brother, Iori Shuuichirou, comes and saves her. He piggy-back her to Chihaya’s house. He has his own ayakashi, which is Kokuu. Kokuu is much more frightening than Giou ‘cause Giou always serves his master loyally and quietly, but Kokuu serves Shuu with some harsh words sometimes. He can shouting mad at other people who bad-mouthing Shuu.

Saya goes alone and meets some blue-haired guy. At night, she feels there’s something wrong with the aura, and goes to blue-haired man fight with white-haired man. This blue boy is injured badly, so she wants to save him. But the white-haired man teasing her. That man is Ichito, and the boy is Toshimitsu Takatora. Saya’s subordinate comes and brings Takatora to Chihaya’s house. To help Takatora, Saya uses her blood and heal him. Then, they’re all stayed in Chihaya’s house together to fight with each own reason. Oh, don’t forget the two maid ayakashi. Madara always teasing everyone she knows with very funny jokes, and her sister, Buchi, is always calm.

Yaegaki Chihaya

CV: Ono Daisuke

As we know, he is the head of village. He has a little sister. Chihaya is one year older than Saya (18). I don’t want to tell every moment he spent with Saya, ‘cause this somewhat just a normal encounters. They has encounter many conversations and like that, the relationship begins. When Saya knows her own feelings for Chihaya, some tragic-past-life dream comes to her.

Really, I couldn’t get enough tears to read the story about their past, even if I played it on second time. Nao (Saya’s past person) is a girl who has mysterious, and somewhat frightening power. She has a butler, Yasutsuna, who always protects her. Nao wants to go alone, tripped like Saya, rescued by Sakuhiko (call him Saku for short). They developed some feelings and promised to meet again. At another time, Saku asks to meet Naohi (直陽), the powerful girl. Then Nao tells that Naohi is herself. It was revealed that Saku had this task to killed Naohi from his mother (who makes some evil doing with killing human, makes a soldier-like monster, with Aya’s help). But they already are in love with each other, so they won’t think anything except to love.

Nao feels strange with her body, and that is because she has pregnant (of course the father is none other than Saku!). Because Saku betrayed his mother, he now comes to Nao’s side. Nao’s father accepts their relationship (half because she has already pregnant). Saku is surprised to hear about their baby… This baby, born on autumn, and her name is Yae. Saku and Nao really treasures her.

The fight between Nao’s side and Saku’s mother’s side is begin. Saku is ready to confront his mother alone. But Nao wants to be beside him, leaves Yae with Yasutsuna, then goes to Saku just to look at him being killed by Nao’s father’s people. Then, to creates a barrier for Saku’s mother, Nao uses her life.

Chihaya said that it’s all in the past. He isn’t Saku and Saya isn’t Nao. They revealed each other feelings and begins dating.

The new scene is when they have conversation. Chihaya said to always protecting Saya. Another dream about Saku’s mother, who are being threatened by Nao’s father and his people. Saku’s mother called them a monster rather than herself for killing her son.

At another conversation, Chihaya said he wanted to save Saku’s mother. So they begins training to use white butterfly-thing power. They meets a woman who teaches them how to use that power. Her name is Chikata. She also said that there were two Naohis (the man is called 陽の直陽’yo no naohi’ and the woman is 蔭の直陽’in no naohi), this means the man Naohi is Chihaya and the woman is Saya. So, they can use the power of white butterfly now!

Shuu and Takatora comes to keep an eye on village, so they are heading home. Before going back that night, they are sitting together and again, Chihaya says he’ll protect Saya. He told her that he’s happy to meet her.

Chihaya chased Yasutsuna and talked about his past. It’s true that Yasutsuna knows it all.

The 3 endings are the same from PC version.

They fought Aya, but Chihaya got hurted by her. When he completes the recharge, Yasutsuna beats Aya. Then, Chihaya finishes Saku’s mother. He said that he wasn’t Saku, her son. So now everything is going back to normal.

‘Yume no Tsuzuki’ ED:

still same with Chihaya transferred to Saya’s school.

Yume no Owari:

still has Chihaya and Saya died protecting the village and Yasutsuna feels sorry for not being able to save them again.

Then there’s one bad ED: where Yasutsuna killed Saya and uses her blood to creates barrier again.

There’s one added ED. This is when Saya stays in Chihaya’s village and watching the moon together, thinking for their marriage, their daughter, etc….


CV: Yonaga Tsubasa

I don’t really like shota-boys! And I don’t feel happy playing his route, plus his words are so hard to understand.

He is an ayakashi protecting Saya. He follows his master to Chihaya’s village.

There’s just some conversation with him at the village, so there’s nothing important at the beginning. Some time, he read books in Rin’s house. Saya told him to sleep on her lap. But she is the one who’s been sleeping, remembering the time she meets Giou in the past. Rin found him in some cage, then Saya released him. So Giou always following her in the end.

After the boys are having drunk, Saya follows Giou outside. He tells his own feeling that he become afraid of people. But then, Saya encourages him to move forward.

At waterfall, Giou feels strange about his body, but he won’t tell anyone about that. Kokuu gives him back his power. Now, Giou is more strong than even Shuu. Before he goes back to Chihaya’s house, Kagachi meets him. Kagachi wants to befriend him, saying that ayakashi can’t live with human. This cause some sad thoughts to not be able to live with Saya anymore ‘cause ayakashi and human can’t live together.

Almost all day Giou runs away. Chihaya gives suggestion to Saya to bring Giou back. She follows Giou in the wood, tells him she likes him all the way. Giou didn’t believe at first. Saya kissed him and he began to believe in Saya’s feelings.

He fought with Kagachi and Kinki this time. Kagachi lose and ran away, but Kinki was dead. Saya got hurt protecting him from Kagachi’s attack. When they gets home, Shuu is angry ‘cause Saya is hurt. Giou tell sorry and Shuu believe him. Giou tells them about Aya, Ichito, and other ayakashi’s place to Shuu, then they begins to prepare an attack.

Saya is hurt from the battle with Kagachi, and Giou heals her with his power. He hugs her like a little child, saying he’ll protect her from now on as always.

The battle day begins. Shuu fights Aya and Tayuu, a human who always comes with Aya. Chihaya and Takatora fights Ichito and Miku. Then, Fuuki and Kinki fights Giou to gets revenge for Kinki. All ends well, but Kokuu, who prepares the seal, is getting attacked by Kagachi. Saya comes but almost gets hurt by Kagachi. Giou protects her. Suddenly, Kagachi turns to a monster because of Aya’s power. Giou won before him though, and realize that Kagachi was just jealous of his relationship with Saya and other human.

The happy ending:

is where Giou and Saya leaves to school together with Giou using normal clothes.

 The bad ending:

happens when Giou separates himself from Saya. Saya lives a normal life with Shuu and Giou (with Kokuu) just can look at her.

Iori Shuuichirou

CV: Takemoto Eiji

Saya’s brother, but not straightly blood related. He’s been gone from Iori household since 2 years ago. Really protective about Saya. He helps Saya fights Kagachi, then brings her to Chihaya’s house, as well as ordered her to drink bitter medicine. A 29 years old man, who always mad if someone calls him ossan!

Shuu is a smoking person, but he won’t smoke in front of Saya. This was revealed in the waterfall. Before going back to Chihaya’s house, they holds hand together, and deep in her heart, Saya tells she always loves him.

The guys have a drink party. Shuu becomes drunk and tells Saya is the most important person for him. It makes everyone blushes to hear that. Because of the blushing scene, Rin and Saya takes him outside. Rin asks Shuu about what he feel for Saya. Shuu just said that she is like a little sister for him. Saya remembering her past with Shuu, when she said she want to be Shuu’s bride. Shuu becomes nervous, unable to answer her properly, so he asks Kokuu to answer it. Well, silly Kokuu, said that Saya can become Shuu’s bride after turn to 17 years old.

(Shuu is more handsome in the past!!!)

Back to now, Saya comes to Shuu after Rin leaves them alone. Shuu hugs her, but he can’t tell his reason to do that thing now.

There’s a scene when Shuu pursuing Rin. They’re always fight over nothing ‘cause Rin always teasing him. Saya came to Shuu’s room and began unbutton his shirt. She looks at Shuu’s wound everywhere in his body, so she says sorry. Shuu tells it’s not because of her. Then, Kokuu comes in a right time and disrupting their lovey-dovey moment.

Saya knows about Iori family that wants her special blood. She tells Shuu about that, and he just calmly says that Saya will knows it all sooner or later. So to avoid the matter with Iori family, Shuu told her that he will bring Saya to other place except Iori’s house after finishing this case.

At some night, Shuu asks Giou about Saya’s life after he goes from home. Giou tells that she keeps doing her best, but when she remembers Shuu, Saya becomes sad. It makes Giou keeps talking about Saya, that Shuu is the only one she cares about. Shuu just stays quiet.

That time, Shuu wants to sleep with Saya besides him. When Saya is sure Shuu has sleep, she begins cyring and telling her feeling for Shuu. She goes out from Shuu’s room after that. It turns out Shuu hasn’t sleeping yet.

After that, Shuu asks to meet Saya outside. He tells her his feeling, that he always loves her too. Whatever happens, now, he will protect Saya. At another occasion, Shuu tells Saya to live with him after finishing his job in Chihaya’s village. Saya agrees to that. Then, he tells a long story about Chikata (she has same power, Naohi power).

The new scene of Shuu begins when he tells he loves Saya so much. Saya, won’t accept defeated by Shuu’s feelings, tells the same thing. They fights over who is the one to protect because of love power…

Fuuki, Suiki, and Kinki fights with Shuu to protect Chikata. They died, however, couldn’t compare their power to Shuu. Chikata and Ichito begins their alliances.

Shuu hold Saya tightly, told her about his plan. After that scene, there’s a new scene again about Shuu (still hugging Saya) wanted Saya to say ‘Welcome’ to him after the final battle. He wants someone who wait for him.

The battle begins in that village. The last is to fought against Aya, who becomes a monster because Tayuu already dies from a battle with Shuu before. Kokuu fights too beside Shuu.

Shuu just has two ending. Happy ending:

He comes back after fighting Aya. Saya, runs without thinking, and hugs him tight.

After that, they lives together as a couple… Not as siblings!

The bad ending: is where Shuu can’t come back to Saya’s side, leaving her behind with their baby inside Saya’s tummy.

Toshimitsu Takatora

CV: Taniyama Kishou

A demon slayer (maybe) who’s been searching for Ichito’s whereabouts. This oni, kills and takes his brother’s body, does evil thing. Saya finds him in a really bad injury after fighting with Ichito. He has three older sister too besides a brother. He always smiling, almost like Yasutsuna, but deep inside, he can uses harsh words to stab someone’s heart…

Takatora is explaining about his brother, who now has died and his body is taken by Ichito, then killed his family. Saya hugs him to make him calm. Later, Shuu, becomes aware of Takatora’s scheme to be near Saya, gives him a warning (Yeah, right, sister complex).

On another night, Takatora explains about his village and his feeling towards Shuu. Saya hugs him again because he becomes too emotional, speaking of his village, making him more blushing. Takatora says that he likes her a lot and wants her to prepare (for something) from now on.

Some night at the forest, Saya and Takatora are doing a usual walking (no, I mean, they’re searching for Ichito, right?). Suddenly, Saya was unconscious and saw Ichito’s face. When she woke up, Takatora was already on top of her sleeping body (What a scene!). He says that he’s really worried of her. So…he wanted to sleep with Saya that night. Suddenly, a phone is ringing from Shuu. He just said a few words, that he believed in Takatora>.. Yeah, right, Takatora can’t sleep with her that night and begins wondering if there is a hidden camera in that room……….( ̄ ̄ロ ̄ ̄;;)

Shuu and Giou feels angry at Takatora. He hugs Saya tightly from behind. Of course, Shuu is the most angry. Saya meets Takatora at some night. He tells that Yasutsuna is the most frightening person in Yaegaki’s house ‘cause he can’t sense Yasutsuna’s presence at all (Hooray for Yasutsuna!!).

Finally, Saya tells him her feelings. She likes him, and Takatora too, says the same thing. He will asks her to go out after finishing his revenge with Ichito.

They were coming to a shrine ‘cause Takatora wanted to try Saya’s power (the white butterfly thing that happened when she was with Chihaya the other time). Suiki came and Takatora just prepared to attack her. But turns out she isn’t Ichito’s friend, so Takatora holds his sword and Suiki and Kinki escape. He tells that matter to Shuu and asks about Toshimitsu family. Shuu explains it to him. Chikata has Naohi power and Ichito wants it for some purpose.

Takatora hasn’t come back yet. Saya is searching for him and finds the three oni at waterfall. They told about Chikata, the one they protected. Chikata is a onitsukai. If Yukarimon (Takatora’s clan or something like that) finds her, they will seal her. But if not, Ichito wants her. Saya said something that the three demons were the one who saved Takatora from battle with Ichito. Takatora hears it and tries to befriend them.

Saya is searching for Takatora again that night. This makes him worried, chasing her, and grabs her tightly. After that, they finds Ichito kills Chikata ‘cause she won’t be Ichito’s ally. Fuuki, Suiki, and Kinki came, but it’s already too late. Because Takatora and Saya came too, Ichito and Miku ran away after finishing the three demons.

Saya gave them her blood to heal their wounds. This causing her to feels sleepy. Before she’s going to sleep, Takatora kisses her and calls her name (but after that, he’s back calling her ‘senpai’ again). Because three demons are living with them now, Chihaya’s house becomes really noisy (especially it’s really annoys Takatora that Suiki and Kinki always besides Saya, not allowing him to be near her).

That day, Saya, Giou, and three demons are walking and meets Rin on their way. It seems that Rin has a conversation with them about Aya (three demons told him that Saya want to save Aya). Rin just hand it off to them. After that, three demons calling Saya their “master”. And Takatora’s miserable life begin ‘cause his time with Saya is taken by Suiki and Kinki. Saya knows it and finds Takatora in his room. He uses this time wisely to tease her, hugs and kisses her. Still, Suiki and Kinki monopolizes Saya, telling Fuuki to goes out because they wants to sleep together with their master. In a peaceful Saya’s room, Suiki and Kinki asks about what she likes of Takatora. In a fearful night outside Saya’s room, Takatora uses Fuuki as his fighting opponent (and makes Fuuki really scared-his color is all white).

Saya came to Takatora’s room because their lovey-dovey time had lowered.Takatora teased her and hug her, saying he want to be beside her (this is the new CG).

Ichito came to Aya’s place, using something to open the seal to protect that village to make riot with human world. While Takatora fought Ichito, Saya and three demons fought against Miku. Before she died for the second time, she remembers her past life. She was sick, and near her death in hospital, Ichito came and asked her to join him.

Happy Ending:

Takatora won over Ichito. He asked why Ichito did all terrible things. It was said that Ichito wanted to meet ‘her’ again (Futaba?). Later, his brother takes over the body and says rorry to troubling him so much. Saya must uses her power to really kills Ichito, because he can take another body again to live. All’s end well….no… Some quake makes them trapped inside ruins. Takatora feels happy to be together with Saya again without getting interrupted by three demons. But they got saved  by three demons in the end. Happy school lunch break with Takatora, he feels happy ‘cause Saya claims herself as “Toshimitsu Saya”.

3 Demons Ending: Before Saya’s  going to sleep, Fuuki and Kinki comes, telling her their first meeting with Chikata. Saya feels sad about their lonely feelings without Chikata, so she asks them to go to school together. After the final battle, Takatora leaves to Hokkaido. Saya and three demons are having happy lunch break together.

Bad Ending:

Takatora won over Ichito. As he thinks his brother now has come back, he hugs his brother. But it seems Ichito still using that body. Takatora got stabbed by Ichito and died.

Shinonome Rin

CV: Katsuyuki Konishi

A guy with many information. He now lives in Chihaya’s village, teasing everyone he knows with a lame joke. He claimed that he can prefer bishounen or bishoujo…

He is the one who ask Saya to come to Chihaya’s village. One of his scene with Yasutsuna is so funny. Yasutsuna forbids him to come in Yaegaki’s house. When Saya came, Rin reported it like a little child. So he can come in the house now, but Yasutsuna prepare a different tea for him compare to Saya’s. He teases Yasutsuna, saying that even if Yasutsuna is cold to him, he still likes him (Yucks! Bad joke). Yasutsuna can’t hold to his teasing words, so he excuses himself from that room. Afterwards, Rin says that Yasutsuna is similar to Shuuichirou. They’re like a cat, can’t be honest with their own feelings.

Saya found Rin in a rainy day. Because they’re getting wet, Rin suggested to come to his house. He uses towel to dry Saya’s hair. It makes her blushing. After that event, Saya came to Rin’s house again, asking if he has a cold or something after the rain. There’s one new CG here, when Rin is teasing Saya, telling his “strawberry talk” (he said it like that). He teases her a lot to makes her blushing. Shuu just felt defeated after Saya chose to stay in Rin’s house despite came back to Chihaya’s house with him (‘cause he always calls Rin as a pervert)..

Also, there’s new CG when Saya got tripped, Rin hugged her from behind to preventing her from falling. Then he says that he always looking at her with hot eyes…erm, not…with his megane actually.

Saya follows Rin to the forest, watching him speaking with Aya. Aya calls him “Nii-sama”. This conversation is about Rin, asking if Aya can leave that place with Tayuu. Aya refusing this, saying it’s because she’s a magatsukami. After Aya leaves, Rin knows Saya’s presence. He erased her memory of that night.

Because her power is strong, Saya can remember some event when Rin is in a forest at night. Rin refused to answer it, until some event occurred. Saya took out his glasses, and Rin began saying a firm words to her. So because of that, Saya can remember anything and ask Rin about that. Maybe it’s good if he just answer it quickly, but for now, he won’t do it.

The next day, Rin told about himself, that he’s not a human. It’s the fact that he hadn’t change from when Saya met him a long time ago with Shuu. Saya tells him she loves Rin as a man. But he can’t accept that feeling ‘cause he don’t want to be sad (because he lives longer than human).

Rin told about Chikata’s history. The second session from this, is about Rin’s feelings towards Chikata. He likes her… as a  mother-like person. Chikata was the one who gave him his name, after meeting her in a long rain. So that’s why he’s been living as jouhouya, to search information of Chikata. And that’s why he hates rain (he always remembers his past after the long rain).

When Saya told him again that she love him, Rin refused that feelings. He wants Saya to have children with Shuu, or some guy she likes. It makes her angry and keeps telling him she wants Rin’s child! Rin is happy to hear that and begins mumbling about how to give name to their child… Then, Shuu appeared, calling Saya to go back because they can feel Ichito’s presence.

Good Ending:

Chihaya told her and Giou to leave that village immediately. Because Saya doesn’t want to leave that village, she comes to Rin’s house and lives there. At night, they came across Ichito, who had Chikata in his side and three demons who came late. As Ichito fights Rin, Chikata kills Ichito from behind. Then, she attacks Rin ‘til he is near his death ‘cause Rin doesn’t wanna comes with her again like the old days.. Saya uses her power as Naohi and saves Rin. Saya wakes up at Chihaya’s house later (with Takatora told her that Rin and Shuu were fighting). After she meets Shuu and Rin in living room, Rin suddenly grabs her hand, makes Shuu and the others confused. They told them about their relationships. In Saya’s room, Rin told her about Aya. She has same love feelings like Saya, Aya likes a human.

Saya comes to Rin’s house. When she sleeps, Rin comes to meet Aya at night. He still giving her advice to leave from Tayuu. But she refuses, because she is a magatsukami. Well, some event occurred of when Rin and Saya meets Chikata again. This time, she had killed human and ayakashi. Rin and Shuu fights her, but she runs away afterward. Kagachi lives in Chihaya’s house from now on. Then, the story of when Aya met Tayuu was told.

Rin grabs her hands again and saying lovey-dovey words to her. This makes Shuu really mad and Kagachi just seems confused about what this pervert’s doing. Later, Saya asks Chihaya and Rin to fights Chikata and save Aya.

They came accross Chikata who’s already killed Tayuu. She summons three demons, then Shuu, Rin, and Chihaya are fighting them. Finally, Rin can finishes Chikata with his own power. Aya, who’s already losing Tayuu, ended her own life too. In the end, Rin is preparing to propose to Saya (and of course feels so tense about meeting Shuu-he already knew that Shuu was the hard obstacle).

Bad Ending:

Saya comes back to her town with Giou and lives happily without knowing Rin’s whereabouts.

Asaki Yumemishi Ending:

After defeating Chikata and Aya is dead, Rin lives happily with Saya and… their daughter, Aya.


CV: Saiga Mitsuki

An ayakashi, often seen with Ichito, Miku, or Aya. At first, he seems annoying, attacking Saya and the other. Can’t realize his own feeling easily-type of person.

After the battle with him and Giou, Saya met him again in a shrine. He hurts himself, and Saya recovers him with her power. On another meeting occasion at sunset, Kagachi told her to go back quickly because it’s near his time (night is time for ayakashi)-it means he begins to care of her. Then, she meets him again at shrine, when ayakashi appears before her. Kagachi told them to leave. He said it to repaid the recovery.

Some summer night, Saya bought fireworks and playing together with Kagachi. They’re seems very happy. But later, he refused to be with Saya longer ‘cause Tayuu was their enemy. Tayuu had saved him before so that’s why he always clung to him. Saya won’t go easily.

She hugs and comforts him. But Kagachi still saying that it’s better if they won’t meet again. Of course it’s futile, since Saya says she likes him.

She keeps searching for Kagachi that night, but Kagachi isn’t in the usual place. His hair is being combed by Aya, who’s says she’s like a mother. Then, Kagachi’s dreaming about his past, his parents are killed by human. Aya and Tayuu found him and raised him. After he awakes, Tayuu comes. He said that he really hate both human and ayakashi. So he had to took revenge for what they (human and ayakashi) did in the past. Kagachi said the human in this village was different, but Tayuu just didn’t think about the differences.

Saya came to the shrine, found Kagachi in there. Suddenly, Miku and Ichito came, attacking them. Miku calls Kagachi a traitor (think that Aya and Tayuu are like his papa and mama). They’re cornered, so Saya gave her power (with white butterfly thing) and they won over Ichito and Miku.

She wakes up at waterfall, then Kagachi begins telling her his past, the village’s past, and Tayuu-Aya’s past to her. He promised Saya to help her to save Tayuu.

Sakura no Hana no Mankai no Shita Ending:

Saya brings him to Chihaya’s house, but Giou suggested to comes to Rin’s house first. Giou and Kagachi took a bath together (Kagachi hates hot water, because he’s a snake). While that happens, Rin asks Saya if she really trusts him ‘cause snake can betray humans. She believes in him, so Rin won’t say anything. Takatora came first ahead after contacted bt Rin and already befriends with Kagachi. Then, later on, Chihaya follows them to Rin’s house, angry with Takatora (he said Takatora already wasted his 3 hours of life to calming Shuu). Shuu is coming too, but won’t come in. They’re coming back to Chihaya’s house with Kagachi now, then makes preparation to save the village.

Before Saya is going to sleep, Kagachi comes in and telling her about Aya’s feelings towards Tayuu. He can look at Aya’s eyes, finds it similar to Saya. He can tell that Aya is in love with Tayuu. That’s why, besides hating her, he feels sad about her too. They’re coming to conclusion that they will save both Aya and Tayuu.

The final battle begins (not actually a battle though). Kagachi keeps telling Aya that it’s not her will to use her power. He wants Tayuu to run away from that village before Shuu and the other defeating them. Tayuu asks if it’s true that Aya hates using her power, so Aya’s telling him the truth. It’s true and it makes Tayuu feeling guilty. Aya begs Saya to finish her. She said she couldn’t live with human because she’s a magatsukami. Didn’t want to get separated, Tayuu begged her the same thing. Saya uses her power to finishing their sadness from this world…

Kagachi keeps living in Chihaya’s village and that summer, Saya comes. Kagachi felt lonely without her, but he should wait for another year before he can live with her in that village.

Bad ending 1:

After Kagachi leaves Saya at waterfall, Saya comes back alone to Chihaya’s house. When she in the house, Giou feels some presence. Kagachi is in front of the house, with Shuu attacking him. Kagachi feels betrayed. When Shuu is swinging his sword, Saya protecting Kagachi and they’re died because Kagachi won’t leave her behind.

Bad ending 2:

Saya uses her power to releasing Aya and Tayuu from their evil things. Kagachi goes with them…

He doesn’t have new CG in this port version.


CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa

He took body of Takatora’s brother. Now, he lives in that village with Miku. Such a harsh guy and can uses word “kill” much enough to makes it even bad.

The story went to Saya meets Fuuki, Kinki, and Suiki randomly. They seems pretty good, but deep inside Fuuki’s heart, he always think another way of Saya. Kinki just playing with her ‘til afternoon. Suiki asked Saya to giving back Toshimitsu’s sword to Takatora. Later, at night, Fuuki meets Saya again and asked her to meet him a days after at night.

Saya went to forest and meets Ichito. This didn’t trigger anything special. Ichito just let go of her. Then, they’re meet again at waterfall. Here, Ichito told her about Miku (he found her in hospital, she looked strong so he took her). He made promise to see her too at the same time with Fuuki.

Good Ending:

Saya came to Ichito’s place. They begins fighting. While Ichito cornered her, and look like won over her, Saya made a move. Now, Ichito is the one being cornered. A year later, they are a duo, wandering around at night to fight evil. Saya asked him to say “love” to her, but Ichito refused. She used her power to joking around him. That’s the weakness of him. He says he loves her, so that’s why he wants to follow her.

Bad Ending:

Instead coming to Ichito’s place, Saya come to Fuuki’s whereabouts. Fuuki killed her. Surprisingly, Saya said it’s fine with her. He just wants to protect someone (I think Chikata). That’s why Saya says it’s fine if she can save that person.


CV: Hamada Kenji

Chihaya’s servant, always looks smiling, but no one knows what deep inside of his heart.

Usually, he serves everyone without exception (except for Rin-he must serve him with different attitude). Every morning, he makes breakfast for everyone, and also at night. Some day, Saya meets him, holding many bags of foods. She offers to help him, but Yasutsuna refuse. Yeah, she just ignores that and continue helps him. Anyway, he lets her help, but keep it a secret from Chihaya.

This is rare to happen, Yasutsuna knocks her room, offers to help her. He wants to protect her because she is similar to someone he knows in the past. Saya is happy to hear that he wants to protect her, and saying that person in the past must be happy and have no worries. It makes Yasutsuna a bit glad to hear that.

When Yasutsuna makes her a cake, she asks him to eat together. But of course, he can’t eat sweet things. Then the conversation is changing to Café Madara…

Saya is ready for a walk that night (No, she wants to keep the village safe). Yasutsuna is worried, telling her to go with someone. But she’s sure not want to. He just telling her to come back safely and makes Saya surprised for him to tell her that.

Later, he asks what Saya is thinking about her blood. He said that he was the one who know everything about the barrier in that village (and somehow it’s getting weaker) and began telling about his past. He served someone who had same power with Saya and Chihaya. She fell in love and had children. Yasutsuna was the one who’s given task to protect that child of her. But she died, and the last thing about her is the barrier. Then, he said Saya’s blood is needed for barrier. Saya refused that, saying she wasn’t Nao and Chihaya wasn’t Saku.

Everyone knows about the barrier being weak now. Yasutsuna told to use Saya’s blood, but everyone refused and searching their own way. Yasutsuna wants to tell Chihaya about his past, but actually, he already knows it when he meet Saya the first time (he always seeing sad dreams). He knows that he is Nao and Saku’s descendant and wants to use the white butterfly power(?) with Saya again. Yasutsuna said it was futile. Then Chihaya leaves her with Yasutsuna. Because he always said she is similar to Nao, Saya is angry and is leaving to her room.

Happy Ending:

Everyone talks about their plan to protect the village. After that, in Saya’s room, Yasutsuna makes her food. She wants to give him some with using her spoon, but he refused. He tells her that he can’t live with anyone and always alone, so Saya wants to be with him, to makes him not alone again. He gives no answer.

Another night, Yasutsuna makes her ‘lemon mousse” or something and saying that he will be her thing to always protect her. Saya doesn’t want him to be a yaiba, instead, she wants him to be like that. She grabs his hand and making him surprised about her words. She likes him. Ehm, what’s more surprising is, even if Iori (Shuu) or Chihaya hates it, he likes her too. He said it was because of her, his cold heart had changed. Saya asks if he likes Nao in the past, and answer that he is now think that Saya is the most important (so maybe, he likes Nao?) person of him.

That night, they will using all of power to protect the village. Rin is coming too, saying that Yasutsuna is much more happy now. Because of him teasing all the boys, Giou said to Rin to go to hospital after that.

Chihaya and Shuu fights over Ichito and Miku. Saya is with Yasutsuna, comes to where the barrier is. He kills Saku’s mother (like a monster). Aya is already waiting for them in the cave. After Yasutsuna beats her, Chihaya comes and with Saya, using their power to kills Saku’s mother.

Happy Ending:

Well, the ending isn’t that good for me. Yasutsuna is now free (because there is no use of barrier in that village). He leaves Yaegaki’s house with Saya, travelling together. With a kiss on Saya’s hand, he said he love her. Maybe the next destination is to go to sea?

Bad Ending:

Almost same with Chihaya’s bad ending. He uses her blood to creates another barrier that causing her death.



All in all, I can finish this game at last! The most happiness is the bonus CG for Chihaya. It really troubled me on PC version, but I can get it now. In the past, I’d wrote about want to see Yasutsuna’s own route, and now it could be seen! I’m happy, but not so. Why all of his CGs are just holding or kissing hands??? Even hugs is not allowed for him? It’s so pity… It looks like he remains a servant ‘til the end.

First, I love Shuu!!! His CG has more lovey-dovey than the old one! The most sad story still goes to Chihaya. Yasutsuna… err.., not so special, but now I can feel his love even more than in the past. Takatora’s story is the longest I can feel. Rin…! Yeah! I think his story is more like a hero than Chihaya ‘cause his happy ending is named “Asaki Yumemishi” and his future story has a child (compares to Chihaya that doesn’t have their own child). Giou and Kagachi, not remember anything special about them. Ichito’s ending is quite unique though very quick.

I love their past life, really tragic but beautifully told with much sad words coming from Nao’s.

This has long story and many CGs. It gives me a hard time to play it. At least, I can completed every CG now (but of course, not every stories). This has taken me to a long hard time completing the routes. There are many characters and many endings. I’m so happy to play it again because this game is my favorite from other company except Otomate. I could still remember the first time I tried it. I was so surprised with beautiful scenery and menu. I guess it still is one of the best game I’ve ever played.

Little by little, I’m on to playing Starry Sky~in Winter~. Hope can finish it before final exams!

Bonus CG (that had me went on a hard time to got it, after almost 2 years playing):




Link for CG:


  1. I love the CG of Saku and Nao so much.<3 Guess that means I should go for Chihaya. This game is so pretty I going to try to make some time to play the game. (So I didn't read most of the post .. don't want to spoil myself yet..)

    I went to look at Asaki Yumemishi's official website for a bit (I forgot that it was a Quinrose game – I know nothing about Quinrose except Alice series orz) So now I'm also interested in いざ、出陣!恋戦 too. Love the Japanese feel to it.

    • Yayy! This game is a must to play for me, so I’m happy to hear you want to try it.

      Iza Shutsujin, hmm? Rather than that, I’m more into Mother Goose from Quinrose too… But I think want to try it, since there’s this short blue haired guy in my banner.

  2. Thank you for this post! I only played the PC version so I was really curious on what the new content was. Kinda disappointed there’s a lack of erm kiss CGs?? LOL

    I thought they’d at least try to improve on that part. Nice to see Yasutsuna got a route but wtf is with that last CG. How about some face kissing! I don’t wanna see the heroine’s legs lmfao xD

    Again thanks for this post!

    • Yeah, there isn’t any kissing CG for them…
      Yasutsuna’s CG got really disappointed. I wished I could at least see them hugging…

      The story is really take a long time, so maybe much people don’t want to play it again.

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