Alice’s High Tension!!!

Are You Alice?’ game have fun background appearances. Why is that? Because when the CG of person appears, the background looks like in motion… When there’s a light on the background, the color is glimmering. It makes a mysterious night street feeling. Or, when there’s a festival, the colorful paper-like petals appears. It’s really good for my eyes.

The story doesn’t have question choice, as in many otoge. Rather, this game have a maps to choose next places. Different scenes happen when choosing different places, but the core story still same. Eh…not…some wrong choice of map can make Bad End. The high tension on title means Alice’s temper can really high as he always screams at other.?

Let’s have the story. Chapter 1-3 of this game is same as in manga chapter 1-16. But, I’ll be telling it for anyone who don’t want to read the manga.

First Playthrough

Chapter 1

There’s boy with white hair (Rose), reading book under a big tree. He read this story:

Queen of Hearts (CV: Ookawa Tooru)  asked Mad Hatter (CV: Hirata Hiroaki) to found the new Alice. In the forest near a town, the hero, Alice (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), found welcome board and went to that town. The town is filled with many people, like a festival. Alice walks alone, but nobody seems to recognize him. Not much in time, some man with cat ears recognizes him and tells Alice to follow him. That cat-eared man calls him “Alice”, but Alice himself doesn’t seem to acknowledge that name and his true name himself. The cat-eared man tells that this country is ruled by one Queen. And this Queen’s order are absolute. He prohibited Alice to looking back, as it was looked at past, because some evil thoughts (Miren) would come. This Miren likes three things, the first is Alice in Wonderland, 3 seconds before human commits suicide, and the third thing forgotten… Before Alice was attacked by this Miren, who looked like some girl. The cat man himself already gone and Alice must struggle to run away. Other man with hat came and shooted the Miren.

Turns out, he is Mad Hatter, who always follows Queen of Hearts’ order. The cat man is Cheshire Cat (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko). Alice follows Mad Hatter (Mad Hatter always says he can’t see Cheshire Cat, but he actually can see him). In Mad Hatter’s house, Alice is given a gun by Mad Hatter, but it is not to protect other.

They went to Queen of Hearts’ castle. Mad Hatter doesn’t want to go in because he says the Queen doesn’t order him to. Knave of Hearts approached them to brought Alice. The funny Alice said that he could behave nice if it was in front of women. Knave of Hearts (who can’t speak, this is an order by Queen) seems laughing, so Alice is angry at him.

Queen of Hearts tells Alice to participate in the ‘kill-the-White-Rabbit’ game. Of course he didn’t want to kill. But this is his reason to stay in Wonderland. He is the 89th Alice, brought by White Rabbit (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou). The other 88 Alices are already dead, struggling to kill White Rabbit, and now becomes Miren (regrets from dead human in Wonderland). Alice agreed to that term (because he wants the name of Alice), but with the contract with Queen to gave him a peaceful place to lived after killing White Rabbit (as well as the name of ‘Alice’). So the quest is now to search for White Rabbit.

Chapter 2

In other place, Cheshire Cat is giving information about new Alice to White Rabbit. White Rabbit says that he must kill this new Alice. Of course Cheshire Cat is confused about this because it’s White Rabbit’s will to be killed by real Alice (just the real Alice can kill him). White Rabbit gives answer that the new Alice comes to Wonderland in his own will.

Next, Alice is being kidnapped by some fish face to Duchess’ mansion. This little Duchess is Chesire Cat’s master. She has scratch and Alice gives her his necktie to bandaging her hand. Duchess tells him that the town has this parade to welcoming new Alice. But every people in Wonderland didn’t want to go near Alice (Alice=problems). Not in a long time, something black came. The Duchess gave her body to that Miren. She is the replacement for Alice. Miren hates Alice and searching for him, but Duchess replaces his burden with her body (this is the Duchess’ job). The pitiful pet cat can’t do anything to protect his master…

Mad Hatter took Alice to find Dormouse (CV: Fujiwara Keiji). This mouse can gives them information about White Rabbit’s whereabouts. But stupid Alice got trapped between wall to Dormouse’s place and Mad Hatter was busy with Miren in town.

Mad Hatter is about to shoot Miren with his gun, if Duchess isn’t stopping him. This will ‘cause a benefit for Miren. So she uses her body again. This time, the Miren won’t recognize her as Alice so Duchess is being attacked forcefully by Miren. Cheshire Cat took her wound.

In Alice’s place, he is being saved by some man who doesn’t want to giving his name (yeah, but, Alice realizes that he’s the Dormouse) to Alice. After that, Alice went straight to stop the Miren. But stupid Alice (I already said it twice!) got eaten by Miren (what a scene@!).

Alice awakes in a beautiful garden and gets find by some girl (who he calls big sister, looks like Marianne-CV: Nakahara Mai). This big sis tells him to eat the cakes in their house. It got disturbed when that girl asked him to gave back her name. Alice won’t give it back, so everything goes crazy. A picture appeared when Alice shoot the girl, then everything goes black. Alice’s in a pain.

Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and The Duchess are confused to how they will save Alice. White Rabbit came with a sword and killed Miren. Alice is save.

After final meeting with Alice, the Duchess goes to Queen of Hearts’ castle to be slaughtered. It’s because she has no role anymore as Alice’s replacement and must be change by other Duchess. The regret she has is to tell Cheshire Cat that she loves him…

Chapter 3

After that incident, Alice must search way to find the key to Caterpillar Lane. And this is to be loyal to Queen of Hearts. Mad Hatter already gives his time to Queen (with stopping his clock to always at number 6), so Alice must search for himself.

This time, Alice is forced by Mad Hatter to wear a skirt (like Alice in Wonderland story). Cheshire Cat came together with Alice and Mad Hatter to Queen’s castle. But Alice goes in alone (with calm laugh from the Knave of Hearts after seeing him dresses as girl), as usual.

Looks like Queen of Hearts knew why Mad Hatter didn’t want to come in the castle (he’s not being loyal). The job for Alice is to escort Queen to some place (And the girl’s dress is not needed. This causing laugh from Knave of Hearts and got kicked by Queen).

They are going to some house with three children (Bibi, Rogey, and Koko). The Queen is ready to slaughtered them, if Alice doesn’t appear before them. The kids are saying they hates the Queen and Alice because they want to play with Duchess (If Alice isn’t there, Duchess can’t do her job as replacement-this refers to the appearance of 88th Alice) and because the Queen killed the Duchess (Alice is shock right after that ‘cause he think Duchess already lives happily without Miren). Right before Rogey, one of the kid, says the secret of Queen of Hearts, the Queen’s already prepared to kill him. Alice saves Rogey, but Queen tells him that it’s not his job to saves someone. His job is to kill White Rabbit. Alice couldn’t do anything and the kids were killed, making all red as it was painted with red brush.

Alice was walking alone on street until some woman appeared. She claimed herself as the 88th Alice that became Regret (CV: Tamura Yukari). The Regret attacked Alice because she wanted that name. Plus, she wanted to be with her sensei (Mad Hatter). Mad Hatter came and prepared to attack her. Regret runs away. Alice asking Mad Hatter’s reason to obey the order of Queen. He said that he wanted to leave Wonderland with Alice.

From this, probably is a bit different with manga

The two came to some bar. They found Cheshire Cat. Cheshire Cat took Alice to White Rabbit’s home. Before coming to that deep down place, Alice had a dream. With this girl again (Marianne?), reading book for Alice. She says that she can’t become Alice because she’s near her death. That girl wishes for Alice to be happy…

It seemed White Rabbit weren’t in there, so they’re coming back to bar. The Dormouse already came to give help. Alice and Mad Hatter went inside Caterpillar Lane (The front gate is where Alice stuck between building’s wall. The walls are move to two sides to make way.).

The white haired boy read that story and finds out there’s a red ink in some page. Then he feels sleepy…

Chapter 5

There’s a reason it has to be Chapter 5 first…

They’re going to Lake of Tears. The sign board written about that place being a date spot (Alice uses ‘My Darling’ and Mad Hatter uses “My Honey” to jokes at each other).

There’s a dodo bird, who always says “Kill the Cockatrice”. Alice and Mad Hatter are being surprised by Cheshire Cat, who comes unexpectedly. They are come to expectation to kill the dodo. Alice won’t do it ‘cause he doesn’t see dodo as his enemy..

Whatever, Mad Hatter tried to killed the dodo, but it didn’t seem to work. The dodo can’t be killed because it’s not White Rabbit’s friend or something.

So, Cheshire Cat did think of another clue. They must killed the traitor! Mad Hatter runs quickly to find that traitor.

Meanwhile, Dormouse came to Queen of Hearts’ castle. He will attack Queen, as he promises to White Rabbit. In their conversation, Queen, without pity, killed one of Trump (his soldier). One thing that makes Dormouse want to kill Queen is because he hates the Queen.

Alice goes to castle route:

Alice and Mad Hatter came to the castle. Queen ordering them to kill Dormouse, Mad Hatter can’t refuse. He shoot him, but turn out, Alice is the one who get it.

Alice is being taken to some dark place with White Rabbit. He thinks he’s already dead, or White Rabbit is dead too. But no, it’s just in dream. White Rabbit attacked him. Alice said he wanted to kill White Rabbit, but White Rabbit said he couldn’t do it. When situation had worsen enough, Mad Hatter called Alice. The conversation’s (+fight?) over, so White Rabbit goes on his own. Before White Rabbit gone, Alice asked his name…

Alice still in Lake of Tears route:

It’s quite after Mad Hatter goes somewhere. Just Alice and Cheshire Cat. They makes a conversation. Alice thinks he isn’t need in that world ‘cause he can’t be the one who follows the rule (killing White Rabbit). Cheshire Cat encouraged him.

Alice remember his conversation with Dormouse, that Miren is the soul who makes contract to White Rabbit. Dormouse warned him not to get close to Miren, as Mad Hatter couldn’t kill it.

Just a seconds away from that memory, there’s Miren chasing the two of them. Alice asked what’s more that Miren is really like despite Alice in Wonderland and three seconds before human commits suicide, but Cheshire Cat acted stupid. Then, he told the last thing Miren like. It’s human without objectives. After telling Alice that, he leaves Alice, who is being hurts by Miren. Alice shoots him, so Cheshire Cat tells Miren to stop.

Same with the castle’s route, Alice meets White Rabbit. The difference is, Alice meets him in his house (so, there’s just background’s differences with the black one above).White Rabbit orders Alice to kill him, but Alice doesn’t want to, and runs away. He can’t run anywhere in White Rabbit’s house. White Rabbit keeps bad mouthing him (telling his incompetences to kill him, etc.). It makes Alice mad and shoot White Rabbit’s right shoulder *yeah, that, still can’t kill him). The place is trembling, so this action must stopped.

Alice looks surprised to see Marianne in there. White Rabbit tells him that she already died 10 years ago. So the reason he wanted to be killed was to be together with Marianne.

Mad Hatter waking Alice up, but can’t. Cheshire Cat told him that the soul wasn’t in him, so he would give it back with Mad Hatter’s agreement. Alice awakes.

Here is same after two choices:

He is saved by Mad Hatter. So now, Alice asked why Mad Hatter wanted to help him despite he wasn’t the real one. But every question asked for Mad Hatter couldn’t be answer properly. He said to Alice that Dormouse’s already dead. Mad Hatter murmured to himself that he became sad after his friend and wanted to make Dormouse’s dream come true. It means he betrayed Queen, so his clock’s moving.

White-haired boy reading the book. About the Lake of Tears, a place for Miren’s tears…, About Mad Hatter betrayal…

Chapter 7

Alice and Mad Hatter walks in town. He realizes the town seem quite than before (parade). Mad Hatter brough him to meet White Knight (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). There’s a scene where Lewis Carrol writing a page. Suddenly, everything’s going weird. White Knight called Alice the Queen of Mirror Land. And the Queen doesn’t need Mad Hatter, rather he needed Tweedle Dum (Dee CV: Ishida Akira, Dum CV: Hoshi Souichirou) to obtain new name. Before going to Tweedle’s house, Alice asked White Knight to search for Cheshire Cat.

White Knight escorted him to a forest near Tweedles live. Alice walks alone, ‘till Mad Hatter comes. They’re going to Tweedles’ house. There’s two Tweddle over there. The Tweedle (by Ishida), I thinked Alice mention him Dee, walked with Alice while talking. He told that White Rabbit already took their power to stop Alice. He took everything needed as the game start. Not only their power, but everyone’s name, and miren too. Dee told Alice that there’s no one in Wonderland anymore now.

He asked why Alice want to meet him, and Alice’s responded was he want to meet ‘the lost-named person’. This person is the real Alice, to give her real name. As exchanged for that, he needed new name.

When Alice asked Dee about the other was his brother or no, Dee answered that it’s good if he was born alone. Dee asked if Alice knew the real one ‘cause he’s good to her. Guess he doesn’t know.. About White Rabbit, Dee told Alice, that White Rabbit just took everything from people to protect someone. After that, he leaves Alice alone until Regret comes.

Regret said she was given this name ‘Alice’ by White Rabbit, whereas Alice (the hero) didn’t. Maybe it’s cause he went to Wonderland on his own? ‘Cause he wasn’t the real Alice, he couldn’t kill White Rabbit. Also, she told that she hate real Alice and Cheshire Cat (who, in the manga, killed Regret before she successfully kill the White Rabbit). So, she wanted to help 89th Alice and be his Miren.

Alice wakes up in a castle alone (with knowledge that he’s now the Queen). He tries to search the exit, but seems lost (his way to speak it, so funny “Okkeeee…Mayotta!”). White Knight comes to him and emphasized that Alice is now the Queen and must have new name (Alice forgets about his quest to Tweedles!). He makes a joke to White Knight that there isn’t anyone in that country, so he wants to bring woman from another country. It’s rejected by White Knight.

White Knight remember that he must find Cheshire Cat. He asked if he could kill that cat (what a rude way). It’s because he hates cat!

When Alice asked about Mad Hatter, White Knight didn’t seem to know him. Alice remembered that he was brought to White Knight by Mad Hatter, but White Knight denied it. When Alice came to Mirror Land, he was always alone. It makes Alice realizes, that White Knight is telling about the real Alice. Turned out, White Knight had a dream about the real one. He just wanted to be by Alice’s side, so he would protecting this Alice now. And he said something like Alice was killed by someone…

Alice dreamed of Marianne asking her sensei’s whereabout in Wonderland. Some man told her “Cause Alice is not in there, so it’s fine if she is alone…”. Later, Lewis Carrol told that the story is almost at its end.

That dream makes Alice remember to goes to Wonderland. But White Knight won’t allow him to leave the castle, to just stay quiet. He told Alice that real Alice was killed by someone…before Mad Hatter shoot him. He continuing his words, that Mad Hatter is the one who killed Alice. Mad Hatter said that of course he can do anything because Alice is his. And White Kinght is Mad Hatter’s thing, so he can’t do as he please and can’t save Alice. He mentioned that White Knight is just a Miren.

Alice is angry towards Mad Hatter, who wants to kill White Knight. He asked why Mad Hatter did that, but Mad Hatter, as usual, just said that he couldn’t told every person’s reason to die. He slipped about something which leads to he killed Dormouse, Tweedles, and 87 Alices… Mad Hatter told his real name, Lewis Carrol. And he will kill real Alice to end the game (What? It makes me confuse even more). He knows everything about the male Alice, that he is Alice’s little brother, created to kill real Alice.

Rose reading every stories of Chapter 7. He wonders who is his Miren and right after reading the name of Lewis Carrol, he realizes that Lewis is the author of that book he’s reading now.

Chapter 8

White Rabbit came to the castle. Lewis orders White Rabbit to return real Alice. It makes White Rabbit angry, wants to end Lewis’ game quickly, so he asks Alice to kill himself. The hero (I begin to wonder how to write his real name, from now on I used ‘Alice?’ to the male Alice) asked if he really must kill White Rabbit. His power isn’t to kill, but to save Miren. Lewis just said that it’s up to him whether he want to kill White Rabbit or not. So, Alice? took White Rabit and escaped. Cheshire Cat came and said to Lewis that no matter what, Cheshire is Lewis’ ally.

When they already came to the forest, White Rabbit told that he created the world for Marianne’s peace, but this Alice?’s now coming. And there isn’t Alice’s brother for sure, so real Alice didn’t die because she was killed. This makes Alice? confused because he was sure that he killed Alice.

They met Queen of Hearts, telling about when Mad Hatter’s time stop. Alice?, feeling suspicious of Queen and White Rabbit’s good relationship, asking why they’re good with each other. Queen said that since beginning, every people in Wonderland were White Rabbit’s ally. After that, before Alice? came to real Wonderland, Queen said goodbye to him.

The real Wonderland is just some space, there’s nothing in there, just Marianne (sleeping on the big chair). White Rabbit told truth about Marianne’s death. She was sick, and not be killed. Every stories about Alice? being Marianne’s brother, or he killed Marianne, were all lies from Lewis Carrol. Before speaking for long, Cheshire Cat came and was attacked by White Rabbit. But Cheshire Cat had an opportunity to told Alice? that there were 3 things to end the game. One is to reset the game, two is for clearing the game (prove that Alice? is fake), the last is game over (admit defeated to Lewis). From here on, Alice? knew that White Rabbit wasn’t like Queen or Dormouse, whose soul wasn’t in there (the book). But White Rabbit is different. He comes to Wonderland because he loves Alice.

Knowing this truth, Alice? makes decision to bring Marianne back to real world. Of course White Rabbit is angry and sad of Alice?’s decision. But he told White Rabbit that he wasn’t the only one who love real Alice (Maybe Lewis Carrol? Or himself?). He wanted to giving back Alice’s name. Then, Marianne awakes.

After that, Alice? came to Mad Hatter’s house. This seems to be his only place to return. Lewis is there, telling him that he just want to bring Alice back to real world. The real Alice supposed to be died 10 years ago because sickness. So he said thanks to Alice? ‘cause he already had Alice back to him once again. It makes Alice? wants to break the cold atmosphere from his joke, “So, I want your hat.”…

Alice? makes his own speculation (scenario, Lewis said). He is Alice Liddell’s little brother, killing her because he’s tired that real Alice always hangs out with sensei, despite that sensei always ignoring her. So the conclusion is maybe he (Alice?) loves Alice. Yeah, just his scenario… A seconds before Alice? shoot his head, Marianne comes. She said she loves this (Wonderland) world, she wants it. She asks Lewis to live in there. A suddened change in her head, she remembered she had died in real world (really, I begin to think she’s crazy now). So, the end for first playthrough is just a gun shooting’s voice and Lewis’s shouting voice….

Rose is reading the book near the end. He’s sad to knowing that Alice wanted to die. Hmm, still confused about this ending.

Lewis Carrol awakes, as he have had a dream before. He opens the door, and Alice? is in front of him, smiling..

Second Playthrough

Chapter 1

The opening wasn’t narrated by Rose, but by Alice Liddell as she was reading book.

Alice comes to Wonderland. Still same…

The closing narration is being said by older looking Rose (who, in surprise, has come to Wonderland).

Chapter 2

Before fish-face captured Alice to Duchess’ mansion, there’s a scene where White Rabbit said the name of Marianne. Then Marianne’s voice whose calling Alice can be heard by him. He kept mad at that strange voice, even after awaken from daydreaming by Mad Hatter.

Where Alice was being trapped between walls, some voice calling him. It’s Rose, asking what Alice is doing. Alice tells that he is busy (trapped?). Rose tries to help him, but it’s useless. He said to wait for a moment and he would find someone.

There’s flashback when Duchess meets Cheshire Cat the first time at the scene Cheshire Cat saves Duchess from Miren. And some feelings from Duchess to her pet.

Before came to central town, try to pick the other place. There’s Alice walks alone, then Rose comes. Alice seems to forget him (he’s so bad to not remember someone calling him not long ago). But then he remember Rose. Rose tells him to quickly go for searching his friend.

There’s a past scene of when Mad Hatter was given his name by White Rabbit, his conversation with Queen… The scene changed to White Rabbit, who had no more time. He tried calming Marianne’s sadness. Rose came, introducing himself to White Rabbit.

Before Alice awakes from Miren incident, Rose comes to White Rabbit’s home. Rose asked White Rabbit, who’s the one important so he do all of it? It makes White Rabbit so angry, a bit scared of who Rose is, asking how’s he come. Rose doesn’t know why he is in that country himself, but he wants to know everything about Wonderland. After that, Rose asking to befriends with White Rabbit.

There’s this scene where Duchess ask who is Mad Hatter exactly, before she beheaded by Queen. Duchess can’t feel his Miren, existence… Mad Hatter didn’t answer it as always.

Chapter 3

Alice met Rose when he walked alone. He thinks Rose is a stalker, because they’re often meet. Rose speaking back that maybe Alice is the stalker one. This meeting, just nothing important in it. Rose just telling Alice of Mad Hatter’s whereabouts. Then, Mad Hatter asks Alice to dress up as girl.

Rose was coming back to White Rabbit’s place. He heard for Cheshire Cat that White Rabbit’s miso shiru was really good, so he asked for one. He even acting like he will die if not eat White Rabbit’s cooking.

The scene is changing to Regret, She has a conversation with Cheshire Cat about her dead past. This happened before Alice went to castle.

White Rabbit’s in pain. Rose asking again why he does all of it. Because Rose is always alone, is ill, and always reading book alone. White Rabbit realizes that Rose isn’t from that country. Again, he asks why Rose is here? Rose himself, doesn’t know who brings him here. White Rabbit agrees to cook for Rose.

The story where White Rabbit asking who’s the 89th Alice is same with manga. He is questioning about this Alice’s behavior, isn’t like usual Alices.

After Queen of Hearts killing three children, Alice meets Rose again. Rose said that whatever things happen, just keep moving forward. He asked Alice if Alice will do the same. He believes, Alice will keep moving forward too. He told his name “Rose” to Alice, that he really like his name. And Alice’s name is really fit to him (89th Alice).

Regret remembering her past when she first came to Wonderland. White Rabbit gives her name, “Alice”. She is doing good on her quest, with Mad Hatter’s help. So she’s remembering her past when Cheshire Cat comes.

Alice has awake from his dream in White Rabbit’s house. He meets Rose again on the street (at first, Alice think he meets a woman). Alice asks where the bar is, and Rose gives him the way. Rose refuses Alice’s offer to the bar because it’s too late and it’s a place for adult (so, maybe in Wonderland he is adult, but in real world he is still a child?).

Chapter 4

So this is it! It’s a hidden chapter in first playthrough, together with chapter 6.

Alice is alone in the rain. The setting is changing to Alice Liddell with Lewis Carrol. Alice Liddell wants a little brother. She said that when her mother died, there’s a baby in her mother’s tummy. Lewis asked if it is a boy, but it’s just Alice Liddell wanted it as boy. Then, changing again with Alice in the rain. He meets Alice Liddell, brings him to some house, introducing him with Dinah (Alice Liddell’s cat). Suddenly, everything is broken.

Alice wakes up on his bed. Alice Liddell, behave like his sister, help him to bring some drink. Then, the cup is broken. Alice Liddell said sorry to him, because her name had to be shared with him (plus, Alice is always being bullied by other with his name).

The next day, Alice Liddell wants to go to library. Of course Alice won’t just agreed on her, ‘cause of her weak health. Then Alice Liddell suddenly asked Alice to give her name back. Another thing happen, like a page being changed. Alice Liddell’s behavior is changing to calmer now.

Like there’s no end to the weirderness of the setting, everything is going back to where Alice and Alice Liddell are coming to some house. Alice Liddell told him that she was sad about her unborn brother, he couldn’t have any freedom, name, and everything. Alice asked, “Are all of it is really freedom?”. Because now, he doesn’t have name, objective, and everything. Alice begins shooting Alice Liddell’s arm. Alice Liddell runs aways, but she never finds a way. Because that is Alice’s world, alone. Everything was fake, the sky, the door. So Alice killed Alice Liddell, like that, to obtain her name.

Alice awakes and he thinks all are dreams. Cheshire Cat comes, saying that it’s how Alice Liddell died, from Alice’s perpective. And Mad Hatter is in Wonderland too, forgetting his name, or his real life. Alice makes decision that he will searching for his own life now.

Mad Hatter awakes him from sleeping. He told Alice to quickly kill White Rabbit. And Alice agrees to kill… Alice.

Chapter 5

Alice comes to Lake of Tears with Mad Hatter, meets Cheshire Cat. After they meets dodo bird, the setting is change to White Rabbit. He makes food to Rose. This is the first time he makes food for someone after a long time.

Before choosing castle or Lake of Tears, Rose told White Rabbit that whatever happen, just never give up. He wants White Rabbit to not die.

Rose isn’t coming to White Rabbit’s house, so he begins wondering and feels lonely.

Dee (Ishida Akira) feels strong wind and mention about Jabberwocky? He said if he didn’t begin it, then there wouldn’t be any continue to the story.

Chapter 6

Alice and Marianne in a dark place (illusion, dream?)… Marianne keeps telling that he will kill her. So Alice shoot her on arm and leg…

White Rabbit is in a hurry, so he keeps running. Marianne’s chasing him. She asked White Rabbit to help Sensei, if not, this Sensei will broke. The world is changing.

Again, White Rabbit is in a hurry, afraid that Queen will beheaded him if he’s late. Alice follows him.

There are much choices in this map. There are story when Marianne asking White Rabbit to help her from her death or White Rabbit giving name for Queen of Hearts for the first time. Whatever choices are made, they will go to some rainy road.

Mad Hatter asked White Rabbit to give Alice back. He didn’t want to give back Alice easily, and said Alice wanted Mad Hatter to be killed instead. When situation has worsen, Cheshire Cat comes and takes White Rabbit out of Mad Hatter’s house.

Alice was being saved by White Knight from his fall. White Knight said thanks to him, ‘cause he could be born because of Alice’s presence (since his role is to protect Alice). He brought Alice to Mirror Land, there’s nothing but white space.

Suddenly, everything was pitch black, and Lewis Carrol had a conversation with White Knight. The conversation was about White Knight, who didn’t save Alice. He answered it, that it was because he’s portraying Lewis Carrol himself, Lewis Carrol’s character made in the story.

The story was back to Alice-Marianne conversations in dark place ahead (really boring to watch it again).

Cheshire Cat told White Rabbit abour Mirror Land and Tweedles. He can use this knowledge to obtain what he wants with Alice. So White Rabbit was brought to a white place, Mirror Land, that has nothing at all for this time. Dee appeared. White Rabbit mentioned Dum to Dee, but Dee suddenly felt sad. He said Dum was always with him, but nobody knew his presence. So White Rabbit offers a contract with Dee, if Dum was given a name by White Rabbit, he could be felt.

Dum can appeared to Dee now. Because Dum is really excited about Alice’s coming to them, the world is now can be seen (not white anymore).

Chapter 7

Mad Hatter will take Cheshire Cat’s order (from the Alice in Lake of Tears’ route). He will bring Alice to Mirror Land.

This time, was before Alice is being brought to Mirror Land. Cheshire Cat just giving White Rabbit some attention, about if he is dead, then Lewis Carrol will have Alice (it makes sense).

So, White Knight brought Alice to Mirror Land left him to search Tweedles’ house. Before Alice meets Mad Hatter on the way, there’s Regret-Cheshire Cat scene. Regret refused Cheshire Cat’s offer to help Alice because she hated Alice and Cheshire. After that scene, Alice meets Rose again. Rose doesn’t know anything about him being in Mirror Land. The farewell words from Rose (after praying for Alice’s happiness), he said something like a warned if they would meet again that something must be happened before the meeting.

After Dee leaving Alice alone with Regret, he remember his conversation with Dum. Dum didn’t want Dee to do the job from White Rabbit. But it’s useless, Dee will do it ‘cause he wants it for their sake to be together. Then, Cheshire Cat appears before him, congratulating him on finishing his job. Dee realized that Alice wasn’t the real one. Cheshire Cat explained that person was Alice’s little brother.

Before Alice goes to castle, choose Tweedles’ house first to see Dum and Mad Hatter’s conversation. Mad Hatter wanted to took Dum’s name again, but in the end, he didn’t do it. He said that he didn’t have reason to killed Dum and he left Dum like that.

Rose told White Rabbit that he wasn’t from Wonderland. Maybe he couldn’t meet White Rabbit again. But he wouldn’t feel sad… just.. his regret is he wants to eats with White Rabbit again. Then, he was back at his world, reading the book under a tree. He wishes for White Rabbit’s happiness and very happy to be friends with him.

After meets Marianne in Alice’s dream, White Knight finds Cheshire Cat. White Knight told him that Alice wanted to meet him to apologies for shoot his arm. After that, White Knight asks him why he can’t remember Mad Hatter? Cheshire explained that there couldn’t be two people in the same world (Maybe he means White Knight is Mad Hatter’s other self in Mirror Land so White Knight can’t meet with Mad Hatter).

Alice meets Cheshire Cat and he tells that he can’t kill White Rabbit. He wants to have conversation with White Rabbit about ending this game.

After shooted by Mad Hatter, White Knight met Cheshire Cat in a dark place. He just wants Alice to be like this, wants to be by Alice’s side. He wonders why can’t he tell that? Ceshire Cat just answered it was ‘cause White Knight had Lewis Carrol’s side?

Rose telling the story so far… Because Alice can’t kill White Rabbit (‘cause the power is still in Regret’s), he is given a Miren by Dee. So now, Dum is all alone, like Dee in the first time.

Chapter 8

Rose keeps asking about Alice’s own perceptions of the world. He is asking why can’t everyone be happy?

After the shooting’s voice comes out in Mad Hatter’s house, Rose appears again, asking everything of Alice’s desire. Telling the story, that won’t end and be re-cycling again and again……

Alice meets Ceshire Cat in some grassy, dark field. He knows that since the beginning, he hasn’t have existence. Ceshire Cta asks him if he already gives up. But no, Alice have no minds of giving up.

Lewis Carrol awakes from a dream.

Alice didn’t know the real Alice. He wonders what kind of person she is. But he feels lonely in a world without Alice. Alice telling his own selfishness, he wants to be Alice Liddell’s brother. And he doesn’t think that Lewis Carrol is bad. He just doesn’t want Lewis to forget him.

In the world which always raining, Alice meets Cheshire Cat. Cheshire Cat wants to follows him. Alice asks about how the people in Wonderland are doing. Cheshire answers him that all are already back to their real world, leaving White Rabbit alone, waiting forever. Lewis Carrol already awakes from his dream, so he won’t come back to that world. Cheshire hadn’t have new master. Just there’s a person who always comes to his house.

Cheshire said Lewis Carrol couldn’t save Alice in real world, but he could save Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire said thanks to Alice for saving the real one.

Alice said Cheshire’s real name, “Dinah”. But he doesn’t want to call by that name ‘cause he already trash it. Silly Alice still calls him that.

Suddenly, the road is diverge in two sides. Alice wants to try to go there, but Cheshire can’t leave that place. He wishes for Alice to find happiness in the other road and glad that this Alice is the last one to appears. Alice walks alone..

There’s Lewis Carrol’s voice calling “Alice”, then shooting voice comes out. Maybe he finishes his own lives because of so much tragedies?

This game’s really confusing. There’re so much weird things (from every person’s changing behavior, good-evil). Sometimes they looks like a nice person, but they can turns to bad, and the other time turns good again. It’s not just between scenes, but in same scene, one people can uses different behavior and changing words to use. It’s so hard to telling their minds. And everyone has own harsh problems, so this means every conversations can turns to serious matter. But I’m glad the characters’ have their own uniqueness, funny words, and some happy moments together.

And there’s also secrets for completing CGs which makes me goes through hard skip mode. Oh, so tired to complete this game… I wished for the walkthrough earlier. Some “???” places on maps in second or third playthrough are just stories about Lewis Carrol and Alice Liddell (or sometimes about Cheshire Cat, Regret, Alice?, and White Rabbit). I’m already tired to read it, even for some of the extra stories in Book menu. Maybe some time..

I don’t really love the way this story’s being told. It makes me confused, really!!! It’s good, if the way to tell it has been more simpler, but this is can be categorized as hard-to-accept the meaning. And I just read the manga. I’m sorry if the review was really long, ‘cause I was confused on myself about their conversations. For the long review, I had served it out with many pictures, to reduced the boring words. And if I had made it wrong because some different meaning in character’s words.

Next, I want to try Asaki, Yumemishi Portable which I’ve played on PC about a year ago (I just lacking 1 CG for Chihaya, but the other are already completed). I’m really curious about Yasutsuna’s story (especially his past as Saya’s guardian and… want to try him killing Saya again in some bad end?). I can’t wait for the new CGs!

So, this as usual, link for CG:


  1. *o* Wow you finished another game! Nice review!
    Truthfully I’m going to skip this game because I’m sure my mind won’t be able to keep up with a confusing story (I have problems reading VNs lately orz) but the CGs are really pretty! I think I like White Knight <- reminds me of Bishop XD Also, Alice pointing a gun at his own head reminds me of Lelouch.

    • My fav. chara in this title is White Knight too! He’s cool and very loyal to Alice.
      Sakurai as Alice always shouting, and makes the story funnier, at least. So I can still keep up continuing the game.

      Does it? Hmm, Alice is more funny than Lelouch though…and he’s smiling with a gun like that, makes me pity him

  2. Wow this sounds even more complex than the original drama CDs. The story’s simple.. but is told in such a confusing way it’s hard to keep up, and this game looks even more confusing lol. Thanks for the review since I don’t think I’ll be able to play this anytime soon. xD

  3. i love the art for this game. awesome review, damn it sounds real confusing but i think i’ll give it a go anyway cuz i love alice themed stuff xD

    i heard asaki yumemishi’s not bad a game, waitin to see wot u think of it =P

    • Well, I quite love fairy-tale stories, and Alice is a no exception… So I had to tried it, that’s what I thought too.

      Asaki is really good. The PC ver. has card game after finishing stories. I loves playing it often. I don’t know if the PSP ver. has it too or not (It’ll be hard to controlled the choices card).

  4. hi, new visitor 😛
    your blog is awesome! i found many useful reviews. as for this game, sounds like such a drama.
    i don’t like tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much drama 😛 thanks for the review anyway, it was so useful!

  5. This is an awesome review !

    I haven’t played this game. Just started reading manga. It makes me really confused. So , I googled to find someone reviewing this and finally I found you.

    I wanna share my opinion but my English is limited. Anyway , Thank you a lot.

  6. Hello~~ Do you know a walkthrough link for this game?? I don’t have confidence to play it without one… (x_x)

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