For Whom this Last Promise is?

I’ve been played Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari. The size was small for a 3D PSP game, I had wondering if this game wouldn’t have sound. But! This is actually good. It has sound, it has 3D environment, and… it has a lot of story’s CGs!!!!! How can I not try it, if it is so interesting? The art was good, the characters were really eye-catching. Though the battle system is really old, turn-based mode.. Nevermind, I loves the characters!

This is Wolf, the main hero, releasing a powerful attack with SP (Fatal Edge?):

For the main heroine, Celes is the princess:

My Party, Rushdie (specialize in archery):

And Cain (blade master?):

There are 3 more characters can be used in battle (Jayro-with glasses and gun, Sasha-cute girl with healing power, and Mallarme-white haired girl). I have not yet obtain their special power, so there are no picture of them. But the official website has many characters already in the list. For Joshua and Leclaire, I don’t know if they can be playable or not, cause they’re already dead in the beginning of story.

I hope I won’t get bored or hopeless in the middle of playing it, as Gods Eater Burst… ‘Cause… I think there are multiple endings for each character! Oh no….

Uhm, I’m sure to play Are You Alice? too besides this. I want to end it quickly, but there are so much stories after the first end… And the stories are giving me headche, for it can be changes suddenly with different behavior per person. I can’t tell anymore if it’s a dream or not for Alice….

Oh yeah, this is some of environment’s picture (the graphics are well-detailed):


~ by twentyninenights on April 29, 2011.

6 Responses to “For Whom this Last Promise is?”

  1. Ara.. that was the exact thing I was thinking when I saw this game (I stalk the dl sites lol) .. I still can’t believe the small size. Anyway I like the games cast.. the main guy is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi <- loves Izaya him and the pretty girl is voiced by .. (FF13’s Vanille? forgot her name) …anyway I’ll be waiting to hear about the story!

    • This game is really surprised me…!

      But the rules are to examine dungeons, rescue people, and before you do it like that, the story won’t go on. Plus, I’m too lazy to level up ’cause the place is dungeon-like, so the enemy’s level is too high for me T.T

  2. I’m too lazy to level up too. XD
    And with the game’s system, you have to be careful of who’s hitting who…normally I forget things very quickly too.
    I mainly got it because of the character designer. I want an official artbook! (There’s the bonus one though.)
    But I can’t stand the princess’s voice. >.< It just didn't fit is what I thought when I first saw the trailer.

  3. I only see its game today.. After I saw how interesting the cg/art/3D ..
    looking forward on playing this ><

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