Garnet Cradle Portable-A Little Glance at It

I don’t know how to tell about this. Every name on it has a difficult phrases and pronounciations. Hmm, what should I do if I have type the wrong words? Nevermind that… This game is re-release by Otomate for PSP. Actually, this game was made by Spica a few years ago for PC. And lucky, it is re-produced for PSP, so I can play it (Playing games on PC makes my back aches for sitting so long)).

The heroine, Amahashi Miku, has been selected as Ami-ra for the drama in her school. As for Ami-ru, the lover, is played by Teshigawara Touya. Her senior, Sairenji Rihito (a ridiculous blonde guy), is telling her the news. Then, one of news club, wants to interviewing her. Shirato Sou, her bodyguard (he claims that himself), helps her from that. Later, we would knew that Sou had a twin sister, Shirato Tsubaki, one of Miku’s bestfriend besides Nonose Misaki (Nono-chan). And the one directing the drama will be Miku’s senior, Ema.

After met some mysterious black cat (that has different eyes color), she had strange dream. A dream that made her had important role in that world.

Miku awakened on some wellspring and had been saved by a strange guy, Sarhiya, who had a same different eyes color with the cat she had met (Who asked her if she was Azura Saya-ran or not. If not, then he must killed her). He brought her to his castle, made her used that country’s clothes (with the help of Sarhiya’s maid, Faraasha). And after some hide-and-seek scene from the witch (Ema) in that country, she knew that she was a chosen Azura Saya-ran. She have to choose one of 5 princes as her lover, and that prince will be a king.


Teshigawara Touya

CV: Kondou Takashi

A chosen Ami-ru. He had difficulties to expressed his feelings well (makes him tsundere). At first, he always says something meaningful to Miku, and makes her cries. Miku’s mother, Mariko, teases her and wants to makes him her fiancé.

Miku went to a dangerous wood in that dream world (Furushu Jariido, don’t know the exact phrase) and attacked by some monster. Touya saved her. She began to looked at him in different way. At the other night, she met him and watched stars together. She fell off the big rock they sat on, and Touya saved her. The romantic moment began, and they kissed. In thay way, she sure had been in loved with him.

Rihito didn’t want Touya to be chosen as king by Miku. He plotted to blackmailed Touya (that Touya asked Sarhiya to attacked Miku) and made him arrested by Ema. Rihito made him drank some drug that made Touya slept. Ema asked to help Touya and Miku agreed on her.

Because Miku had not chose any prince as Ami-ru, the world began trembling. All people had disappeared from the real world. The witch told her to searched for her Ami-ru and combined power to saved that dream world. She met with her father (who, in the real world, she thought that her father had gone from her mother) and gave her some key to her pendant (there was a photo of her parents together) to made sure that he was her father, plus a beautiful knife that could saved her. Miku’s father heals her wound too.

At the quest to searched for Touya, she met a child version of him. There, she knew that Touya had met her when they were children. Many person came to her (from the witch,  her father, Tsubaki, young Touya, her teacher…phew.. that’s a long story!) and finally met with the real Touya. Although this Touya was a bad one because Miku said he was a bad person. But this matter could done easily after Miku calmed him down.

They fought Ibris (a guy in black who claimed himself as the God in that world) with Sarhiya’s help. After Miku had broke the Garnet Cradle (huge jewel), they came back to real world (Leaving Sarhiya behind in that world as he said that he wasn’t a part of her real world). Ibris had been asleep forever on some different eyes color-women’s lap. Some scene makes me thinks that they has forgotten each other, which is when they meets each other at Miku’s grandfather house (and this is because her mother wants to makes Touya her fiancé-again). After that, Miku read a letter from Touya, telling her that he would came to her side. So they’re telling each other’s feelings, and the end! His story doesn’t revealing much of the secret in this game.

Shirato Sou

CV: Terajima Hiroshi

Miku’s childhood friend as well as her bodyguard. He had a twin, Tsubaki, who always fought with him about protecting Miku as their job. He always a kind person and when in the dream world, he was called Nasuru (really, don’t know the exact word for that name).

There’s this scene when the three of them (Miku, Sou, and Tsubaki) walks under same umbrella when raining (So, it isn’t very romantic consider there are Tsubaki).

When Miku took a walk in a garden, she was attacked by monster, so Sou-chan saved her. He brought her to some huge castle, and told some ancient story (A story where Ami-ra and Ami-ru saved that world).

Back to school days. Miku saw some girl confessed to Sou and got jealous. Sou told her that he rejected that girl because he just wanted to be Miku’s bodyguard. In this matter, he revealed that there was someone he loved but couldn’t tell her. Oh, and there’s this scene when Sou had gone through the wood by himself and Miku asked Sarhiya and Kiichirou to found him. But Sou came back on his own with a strange attitude to avoided Miku.

Sarhiya attacked Miku again in this route. But got cancelled by Sou, who appeared in black wings (almost similar to Sarhiya’s). He told Miku that he was a夢魔 (muma-incubus). After same story like in Touya’s (Ema tells her what to do), she met Sakuru (Tsubaki, in dream world). She told her that they were muma from the beginning. She just wanted to protect Miku, who had came to that world in the past.

The dream world trembled again. Miku must saved that world and went to the wood searching for Sou. She found him changed his personality and forced to kiss her. But anyway, he ran away after that.

After that romantic moment, Miku got travelled to many worlds (such as her childhood past, when Sou died, where she met Nono-chan that didn’t know who Sou and Tsubaki was, to where she met Sou at some garden) and met many people. She met with Haruka-sensei, who was a muma too and told every details about a muma. At last, in the garden, Sou told Miku the same thing as Sakuru and Haruka-sensei. They were muma, came to Miku’s side to brought her to that world because Ibris, their master, asked them to. The Furushu Jariido (wood) was made by Ibris and kept by Muma. They ate dreams to made that dream world for bringing Miku to Ibris, who wanted the soul and everything of Azura Saya-ran.

They came across Kagami-sensei, the teacher at school, who told about Sou betrayed his master (Ibris) and maybe could betrayed Miku too. But Miku believed in him. At least from here, they knew that the teacher was some watcher.

They encountered the same thing as in Touya’s route about releasing the light of Garnet Cradle, Miku couldn’t go back to her world, and after that defeating Ibris (without Sariya’s help now)..Turns out that Ibris just wants to brings back the first Saya-ran, his beloved wife. Sou asked Sarhiya to cut his black wings so that he could became human completely. Then, they came back to the real world, having some lovey-dovey moment with three of them (Wait! 3?   Yes, there’s Tsubaki…). … !( ̄∇ ̄ ;)

Sakurazawa Kiichirou

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

I’m not into his type, so I played his route first before Rihito (because I think Rihito’s route maybe have some secret). And I don’t really like Hirakawa’s voice, even more if he is an energetic one (maybe because I used to heard his voice as a low bit one such as Oomi Suguru in Hnk). Well, it’s my own perceptions about Hirakawa’s voice (I don’t like Suguru’s type of guy, he’s so much like a women to me).

This Kiichi person is rarely meet with Miku if not in his own route. Miku met him in this tulip garden (hasn’t bloom yet). He keeps telling her that he doesn’t want to be a king. He just wants to know what color of that tulip will blossom? He means, if that color will be the sea color or the sky color (a romantic words come, but a weird thing)…

Miku’s looking at him when he’s playing soccer. So Nono-chan tells her to approach him, but she refuses telling that she just wants to look. On another ocassion, Kiichi makes Miku angry and he catches her from running away. Kiichi begged her forgiveness for saying rude things to a woman, ‘cause he didn’t have a mother. He tells her not to calls him “Sakurazawa” because it looks like a girl’s name. So from now on, she will call him “Kiichi”. There’s a CG where he lifts Miku with his hands.

Most of his scene are in school and about food. He tells her that Miku’s hair color is similar to his dog (type: Afghan Hound). So when Miku and Nono-chan invites him to eats together, he brings his dog’s picture.

At night, Miku meets Sarhiya on the way. Sarhiya grabs Miku so tight and hurting her. Kiichi-ouji finds them and tells Sarhiya to not do that thing again. He just don’t want too much interrupting the two because he doesn’t want to involve with the heir’s problem. It makes Miku a bit sad.

When Miku asks Sou to helps her find some book, Kiichi unfortunately come and feels jealous. He’s out quickly from the library and Miku chases him, telling him that there’s nothing between her and Sou.

On next scene, he tells her not to have a conversation with other guys. It means he is jealous, right? Miku and Kiichi often eats together. Kiichi tells her that he feels want to eat when near Miku. But…he correct it to “he wants to eat with her together “. Of course she is happy. Miku imagine some blue tulip on Kiichi’s tulip garden and ask Haruka-sensei about blue tulip. Haruka-sensei just tells that blue tulip is an illusion as that in blue rose.

Sarhiya attacks Miku again at night. Kiichi fights him and hurting him. This makes big commotion (since Kiichi-ouji and Sarhiya-ouji are friends), especially Rihito. It turns out that Sarhiya is fine. But Rihito makes some sword fighting challenge for Kiichi and Sou. Sou won the battle and hurted Kiichi’s right eye.

Miku surprised when the next day, she found Kiichi’s right eye was hurt like in the dream world. She fainted and woke up in nursery room with Kiichi and Kagami-sensei. Kagami-sensei looks at his eye, but says he doesn’t know anything about Kiichi’s can’t have his vision problem. Kiichi doesn’t know the reason too. Because Kagami-sensei says a bad thing (about whisky, etc), Miku brings Kiichi out from that room. On the way, Kiichi tells her that he wants to eat food with her. So they are playing ‘jan-ken-pon’ and turn out Miku is the winner, so she will be the one making bentou for them.

Nasuru-ouji (Sou) found out that there was a curse in the sword he used to fought Kiichi-ouji. The one who add it is Rihito-ouji.

At some occasion, Miku asked Kiichi if he had any weird dream (again). He told her that he was having this weird dream as a prince. So it makes sense that he also can feels the dream in real world. And about the tulip, Kiichi feels so strange that he taking care of it in the dream world as he hates tulip. On that night at the dream world, Miku finds the blue tulip. Then, the world began trembling again as Kiichi hate himself (he can’t say his heart to Miku because he can’t win in the soccer match).

Miku keeps goes to other worlds when she finds Kiichi-senpai can’t remember her. She then meets Haruka-sensei who says that it all her fault and to meet her again in Furushu Jariido. After some reunion with Kiichi and Haruka-sensei, everything was clear. Haruka-sensei is Kiichi’s mother and muma in the dream world. She can’t live in the human world so she leaves Kiichi.

Now is the fighting time! With Ibris and Ema, everything goes the same as in previous route. They won over , then came back to real world, live happily ever after. End. What’s so special about his story?

Sairenji Rihito

CV: Kakihara Tetsuya

The most hated guy in every routes. He always making fuss about being the king.

Rihito keeps asking who is the one Miku will choose as king (annoying!). One night, he asks who is Miku’s first love. Miku, being embarrassed and don’t know what to answer, leave him.

After that conversation, Miku’s being suspicious about who is her first love. She thinks that she have no one, but it seems a lie to Tsubaki, either Miku can’t remember or something trigger her to forget it. At other night, Rihito took her on a chess match (I don’t remember the name for this game in Miftarf language). He asked about her running away from his question. Miku says that she can’t remember it.

There are many people asking where Rihito is (from Ema to Kiichirou). Miku finds him in his usual nap place. It’s just that he is tired so he has been sleeping (need a vacation for many busy schedule as student council). Rihito, know what a chance is, use Miku as his pillow!

Sarhiya comes to her Castle Ami-ra place, making riot, and Rihito comes. They are fighting. It is near Sarhiya’s black wings awakening, and Rihito calms him for a moment. But he begins berserk-ing again ‘till Ema comes stopping that useless fight. Rihito fell sick after that and couldn’t wake up.

One night, Miku visited his room and fell asleep. She was in some oasis place with a kid (Rihito). That kid lets Miku drink from that oasis. The water begins change to a clear one and he tells that this water can tell people’s heart (it turns out Miku’s heart is pretty so the water change beautifully). The night where she finds that child still repeating…

Miku have been searching for Rihito in school, and find him in usual place (still taking a nap). He lets her join a chess match again (now, the CG change the background and clothes to school material).

Rihito (in real world) asked Miku to have picnic together at night. Miku received his apple then fell asleep. In that dream, she meets the boy (now in a normal clothes) drawing pictures at library. He calls Miku as hime-sama and tells to bring him along for protecting her. But Miku got out from that weird world.

There isn’t anybody in her real world and she goes to Miftarf. In he wood, she meets Rihito and brings her to many different world, telling her to find the real him (it makes me dizzy all the way to look at him in many different dimension). There, she found him as a boy in Furushu Jariido, searching some girl who he said to protect. Rihito changed back to older version, still telling her that he always looking for his hime-sama. Miku telling her feelings and they’re prepared for the battle with Ibris (forget to mention Kagami-sensei after confession time, still the same, just asking whether their love are real or not)…

They won the battle, came back to real world. Miku searched for Rihito then when she found him, he lied to her (not remember about Miku). It’s just a lie and everything goes well. The two are confessing once more.



CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke

Miku walks alone around trees then some illusion-like-thing comes to her where strange woman (Sarhiya’s mother?) held this black cat (Sarhiya?).

In dream world, Miku found out that Sarhiya love sweet food! So they ate together with Farasha’s interference. Sarhiya mentioned that Miku is the most treasurable for him in that world (because she can choose prince to be a king).

When she was alone, she heard some voice calling her to the wood. Before she enter it, Sarhiya come and save her. Some conversation with him, then he give his knife for her. From there, she meets Farasha on the way. Farasha asked where she was wandering to and Sarhiya helped her to answered that question. Turn out it didn’t fill Farasha’s truth, so they must explain the real thing (Sarhiya help her). Farasha told that Sarhiya’s knife was from his mother and Miku (felt hard to accept something so important) went to gave it back. Arrh! Now because of it, she must saw Sarhiya’s naked with his slave putting on cloth!!! *what a scene!* She tells him that she come just to gives back his knife, but he refuses. So Miku keep it for herself.

Farasha asked Miku to go sightseeing. They met Sarhiya and Kiichi ouji making jam together with a happy smile! Of course Miku feels jealous that Sarhiya haven’t laugh that happy to her. After Miku come to interrupting their moment, Sarhiya run away. Kiichi just tells her that Sarhiya is a nice person and helps him with making jam.

A few days Miku searching for cat Sarhiya… When in dream world, Sarhiya came to her place. She asked if he ever came to Farasha’s place and he answered “yes” because there’s something  he must return. Sarhiya had a dream, but he said, compared to Miku’s dream, his dream just normal.

Miku told Sarhiya that she had a strange dream where Sarhiya with black wings was in a pain. Sarhiya keeps telling her to forget it so Miku goes to the wellspring she come from. Turns out, she can’t come back to her world like that and Sarhiya saying that Miku (like an idiot) seems just playing in the cold water (what a rude guy) in his eyes. Some accident occurs and they goes in the water. Seems to be in Miku’s school world. But Sarhiya says that it isn’t the real one. It’s just that, Sarhiya is happy to look at the sun and bright world, compares to his world. Miku brings him to a big sakura tree (hasn’t bloom yet) and makes Sarhiya wonder how beautiful it is if it’s blooming. Then, they are coming back to dream world.

Because Miku doesn’t want to come out from the water, Sarhiya must carry her with princess-like-style. He brings her to bed and Miku fell asleep. When she wakes up, she looks at Sarhiya (playing a harp) and murmur about his mother. The romantic moment got interrupted after Sarhiya made a really harsh words to Miku, saying “If you won’t choose me as king, then don’t stay close to me!”. Of course Miku’s crying, running away, and tell Farasha about that. It makes Farasha really angry too.

At next night, Sarhiya brought her to some sealed door. He asked Miku to open it and found out that he had black wings. Farasha came and everything got ‘blank’. The time when Miku awakes, Ema stand in front of her as if there isn’t anything happen. Ema asked if the bird (Fuyumi) is Miku’s pet.

Miku wants to find Sarhiya but Farasha tells her that it’s too late now. Suddenly, Miku is force to her real world. There, some students discuss about the handsome one that come to their school. Nono-chan look first and tell Miku. The man looks exotic and has different eyes color, so she rushes to the infirmary and finds him. It really is Sarhiya, with a buttler mode. After Miku telling him that his clothes is like a buttler, he removed his coat and look angry. He wants to look at sakura tree he has seen before. Rihito, as usual, came and interfered them to a sword match with Sarhiya. Sarhiya loses to him, but makes him angry, and gets stabbed on the back by Rihito. Then, everything goes like a dream to Miku.

After awaken from that stupid bad dream, she look at the sakura tree. Some woman before tells her that it is a 時の狭間 (toki no hazama). She tells Miku to quickly over the Miftarf because it isn’t needed. The woman disappeared and Sarhiya came (like the stabbed thing never happen). Miku confessed that she maybe in love with him. Then Sarhiya brings her to his room (and singing too). He said that song was created by his mother-like (Farasha?) and went along with that story, he used to saw his mother in dream (a very nice mother saying she loves him).

Something occurs and makes Miku want to goes back to her world (with that swimming in the pool scene?). Sarhiya asks her to stay but, will she ever be happy if Sarhiya doesn’t tell that she love her or not? Well, will or won’t, Sarhiya comes to (berserk) mode with black wings but Sou (came with his black wings too) attacks him and making him unconscious. Then, Miku goes back to her world.

Same as the other, she meets Ema, Sakuru, her father, then she goes to the wellspring. Sarhiya finds her and says that he want Miku to return to her world. He kissed her to have a farewell greeting.

Miku doesn’t want to, but he force her and the bad thing happens. Miku’s back to her world, forget it. Nono-chan didn’t even remember about Tsubaki. BAD END!

Okay, now back to where Sarhiya tells Miku to go back to her world… Miku didn’t want to, so Sarhiya lost to her will. They are coming deep into Furushu Jariido. Sarhiya becomes weird, tells Miku to bring back light to Mirtarf. Actually, it is his father, Ibris, who turns Sarhiya’s black personality. With the face exactly the same as Sarhiya (but with red eyes), Ibris fought Sarhiya. The red knife from Sarhiya’s mother turn to long sword. Sarhiya won over his father, who hated him for killed Saya-ran (Ibris told about their past and his love for Saya-ran. After giving birth to Sarhiya, Saya-ran died.). Saya-ran uses her last power to turns Sarhiya to human.

Miku found Sarhiya under the big tree. They’re kissing, promise to meet again in real world. Sarhiya really comes back and hugs her! HAPPY END!

There’s Kagami-sensei’s voice narrating the end (so he is just a watcher!) of the last guy (Sarhiya).

Quite a long story. There are tons of CGs (from useful one, to none). I wonder, what are this CGs for?

Well, overall, this story is really interesting in the beginning. BEGINNING! After 3 or more character’s ending, I got tired of same scenario. Even the fought between the chosen guy with Ibris just repeating first one. Just a few changes and nothing useful. The story is really long, even for skip mode. Many words coming from the characters’ mouth are just prolong the dialogue (so sleepy to read and hear all of it, same as Starry Sky). But I’m satisfied with so many romantic CGs!

Fav. chara: Touya

Fav. romance: Sarhiya

Fav. story: Sou

Fav. background scenario: Rihito

Is there someone being forgotten by me? Yeah, right, Kichirou doesn’t remind in my memories of this game. He’s rarely found in game too……

Next, I’m going to play ‘Are You Alice?’ if that won’t be interrupted by ‘Asaki, Yumemishi Portable’ or ‘S.Y.K’, or… my next exam. Gods Eater Burst? Nah…, already tired. There’s no way I ever win from one Dyaus Pita and one Pierce Kongou in 30 minutes. Gone. Stay in chapter 41 forever!!!

I’ve got this cough and flu after exams, but it’s nothing serious compared to my willingness of completing otome games. Ah, and it’s about Easter soon. It’s really troublesome to being sick, so in this changing climate, I hope there aren’t much people getting sick as me.




Link for CG (it’s quite hard to edit it, as there are much of it):


  1. awesome review, i’ve been wondering whether to give it a spin or not but ima be trying it out now cuz touya sounds adorable >w<

    gonna be linking to your blog if it's okay with u – always nice to have fellow otome gamers and their blogs =P

    • Sure, it’s okay to linking. Oh right, may I have your link too?
      Touya’s CG are adorable, but his story doesn’t reveal anything. Guess compares to other (more serious), he just being cute in his route.. I’s okay, his story’s different is good, rather than feel the same as other.

  2. OMG, you just made my night with this review and the cgs. >.< I've played the PC game and enjoyed it, but I don't have a PSP, so I couldn't play the portable version. And I sooooooo wanted to see the new scenes. So yey! And thank you tons of times over ^^

  3. Oh I see… I can’t wait! I love your otome games blogs! Oh by the way when I downloaded the cg it won’t work and in fact it won’t let me see them.

  4. Thanks for the review, I played everything but Sariya’s good end (I’m doing it atm), bu there were so many points I could not understand, your review makes them clear. I wish I knew good japanese like you T___T

    BTW, is the Soundtrack for this the same as the main game? I liked most of the music a lot. *look at above comments* Oh sorry you didn’t play the PC version. Anyway did Sariya’s song (the one he sings during a scene where he’s being emo and sitting at the window) have any remixes elsewhere in the game in the portable version? I have the OST, and I found a remix there that I didn’t hear in the game, it was such a nice song. 🙂

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