About New Layout

Well, a few days ago I’d changed my theme. I’m using choco now and very pleased with this layout for my posts. The images looks bigger and there seems to have many spaces for writing and pictures. I just have to write this useless thoughts since I want to write something but don’t know what to write about, so feel free to not look at this writing…

There are many blogs I’ve used.. Actually this is the main one. The Blogspot one (WateryScenery) was the first blog I’d created using my own abilities to understand and maintained blog (I don’t use any reference book or asking someone, just search some help on web). After that, nothing had been posted in there. I just tried WordPress and choose this one (I don’t know why). Without any help too, I learned to decorated this WordPress little by little. To be truth, I really like Blogspot and prefer that much more than silly WordPress (there are many widgets I can’t used in WordPress). But yeah, I don’t know why I choose this one.

I really like nature pictures (and loved to searching that kind of pictures on web), so I placed them in Blogspot and named it WateryScenery sinced I used picture with water.

Sometimes, I’ll use live journal to write something, be it relevant or not with game, anime, and hobbies, or just a few announcement that provide news in my WordPress (like that Hanaoni one). Hmm, too much sites will make me busy so I just stayed long with this one! The Blogspot may not be in used but I love the layout (with beautiful pictures) so I keep it like that.

Still plays God Eater Burst in chapter 30s and has weaken my heart after someone has mentioned that game will end in chapter 72! I haven’t gone through half of it! With so much difficult mission (imagine one mission with 3-really-hard-to-kill monsters to beat and about 30 minutes long with 72 chapters?) =@=!!!

I have downloaded Are You Alice? on PSP but didn’t know how to play it without walkthrough, so I just stayed it like that. Maybe I’ll try it after finishing my mid-exams. The S.Y.K… Have tried it (just 2 chapters, so fun, but…there are many other games I want to play) and don’t know when to be able to finish it. Urrgh!! This games coming one after another may pleased me, but makes me hard to play it without much times!!!


~ by twentyninenights on April 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “About New Layout”

  1. Just realized that you keep 3 blogs and you post on LJ too! *o* sugoi desu! I use LJ to follow community pages for the most part, news gets updated quickly there and also various downloads XD (For some reason I’m not good at starting a post) *LJ Friends you*

    I was experimenting with WordPress a bit too lately.. it’s quite interesting and challenging. I thought WordPress was more popular and customizable so I used it..
    Thanks for linking me!*_* (yatta! first link!! XD)

    I’m trying to stick with SYK but it makes me sleepy very fast^^; Hakkai’s not my type -> Now I’m playing Gojou (he’s OK but can’t make me doki*doki) My advice: go for Gokuryuu!XD He’s cute & uses water too.

    Are you Alice? … I’m hardly interested in anything except Hoshi-san and Ishida-san are voicing as twins! (KiraAsu~~?!?XD KIRAASU hoshii!!) However I’m not downloading it yet.. too many games in my wait list already.

  2. It made me felt so tired when the first time I learned to wrote in this WordPress… I felt dizzy to looked at many words! It’s ok, better late to learned than never. At least this is some kind of studying for me (about technology).

    I want to finish Gyokuryuu and Gojyou’s route, but.. well, I don’t understand the walkthrough in La Primavera… (What’s that? There’re so much tables!).

    I just want to know how Otomate will doing this Are You Alice thing without some heroine? Just curious to see what will happen in this game. The CGs for every characters is changed to every chapters. So… there’s possibility that there isn’t any ending with guys (just ending per chapters?). I don’t know the exact details, though.

    I want to play it because there’s Sakurai-san…!

    • Tables in SYK> SYK has a map similar to CZ but more complicated… Usually in the map there’s a person asking for help and you get to choose which character to help him. If you choose the right person, you’ll get affection point, good status up and a fragment for bonus picture. Also sometimes you’ll get to chat with the characters.

      Don’t worry, you’ll understand when you play for a bit. I didn’t use guide -> I got Gojou’s Bad End by accident and it surprised me.. I DIED HE KILLED ME XD LOLorz

      • What? HE killed YOU? This kind of killing is similar with Asaki, Yumemishi. I forgot in what route, Yasutsuna killed me… Hah..

        I’ve never try SYK til that much (just the beginning of chapter 3). Must try again next time!

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