My Own Customization

Have I tell you that the main character in God Eater (ourself) can be customized as our own style? This is the best. I like to customize character in every game that has it. But the bad think is, because we have freedom to custimize ourself, the story isn’t interesting for our character.

Hmm, this God Eater Burst have something uncommon for us. In this story, we have some weird power to see something other people have. Although this was rarely told. And from the Opening movie point, Soma is the main guy here.

Besides, this is what my character looks like in the game (in every clothes she wears):

I like experimenting in customization. This were some customize characters I had made:



Ha… I’m just bored to study… So I think I’ll have to customized another one… I don’t know if I can finish this hard to play game, but I’ll try my best though I’m still stuck in chapter 16.


~ by twentyninenights on April 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Own Customization”

  1. I’ve only played through five hours and I liked it. However the huge flaw must be how to move the camera! So difficult.

    • At first time, that’s really a difficult thing. But after I used to it, there’s no problem about the camera. Just…the enemies are really strong! And, the given time hasn’t change at all and the enemies are more stronger. The weapons for sale are just scrap, so the best way is to craft it. But, the materials are hard to obtain so the weapon for use are just some scrap too for stronger enemies. Urgh!! Really annoying! Chapter 41 is really hard!

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