Slay onto the God

This game (God Eater Burst) is really but of a pain for me. The game’s so hard with very hard-to-kill enemies. So far, I’m on chapter 13 and the enemies are just still Kongou, Gboro-Gboro, Chi-You, Vajra, Ogretail, Zygote, and Cocoon Maiden. Really, the first four enemies I’d mentioned were really hard to kill! And what’s more? My fav character, Lindow has been M.I.A.!!!!!!!! Oh no… He’s a cool guy and a really helpful comrade (the other are just run away from the enemy).

I’m still haven’t find Ren. And Alisa’s still sick… Ugh… I really don’t like to prefer Kota. And Soma is really slow to move with his big blade. I hope I don’t get too addicted to play it when in my mid-exams weeks!


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