Nostalgia: Shin Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2

I missed this game so much, so I’d thought I snapped the CGs. I played it on PSP last year. This is the best Hiiro no Kakera for me. I’ve tried the PS2 one without “Shin” and found some differences with the “Shin” one (In the past, I really confused about what are their difference). Without “Shin”, there are quite a long story more than the “Shin” one. I haven’t tried much so I didn’t know if the CG were much more than the “Shin”. Most fav chara are Shigemori Akira (of course!), Kamo Yasunori, and Mikoshiba Kei.

Some pics:

Akira looks cool like that!

How come I won’t begin to like him if he is like that? Though actually he always stupid…

He’s some mysterious man…

Link for the CGs from portable version:


  1. Recently I started loving Fujita Maiko’s songs again because Hiiro PS3’s new song and I found that I had missed Tomadoi and Mizufuusen all this time. They’re so good I’ve added Shin Hisui no Shizuku on to my To Play list…

    Thanks for the songs on your DL page!

    • I like her “Nidome no Koi” and “Tomadoi” for Shin Hisui no Shizuku DS. The first of her song I’ve heard is “Imademo Anata ga” for Hiiro no Kakera DS (the first otoge I’d played). That song is really epic with high pitch of voice…
      I like Shigemori Akira the most in Kazuki Yone’s characters work! He’s cool with double sword, but too bad his story is a bit usual childhood friend…

  2. Can I have the CG (again?) XD You already taught me to do my own CG thing but my otouto is a pain in the ass about me raping his PSP trololol.

    PSST. I’m playing this game 😉 Absolutely love it! Regret how I let it pass this 3 years ;A;

    • Sorry, I’ve had a problem with my computer, so I can just replied to your comments now. Sure, you can take it.

      Ah, it’s a problem, right? My PSP also not just mine, but my sister play it too sometimes.
      I love Shin Hisui no Shizuku too…

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