The Summer Sky

For this Starry Sky, I don’t want to make a review since.. well, I’m just playing it in my leisure time. This time, I played in waiting for Hanaoni to be released.

As I mentioned in earlier post, Miyaji Ryunosuke became my fav chara in the series. He was a vice chairman of archery club. Miyaji has a bad control of his high blood pressure? Anyway, he always mad if someone teases him. This the funny thing in the story so far. His subordinate always teases him as a demon because he uses to always angry to them. But the ツンデレ one always has a cute side when he blushes… ^^ Too bad, the characters in Summer don’t have wedding scene as in Spring.

Kanakubo Homare. He doesn’t suit to my liking at all. I know there are many fangirls of him. But since his voice was sound by Souichiro Hoshi (I don’t hate Souichiro’s voice. I mean, I really likes him as Kira Yamato in Gundam Seed. But in this game, he sounds stupid) as a slow person, I got to hated him. I mean, I don’t like weak man who always laughing in the same voice. The feeling changes when he becomes so much cooler in the ending! Yeah, right, this is just for one CG though..

At first, I don’t like Kinose Azusa’s hairstyle and he become the most uninteresting person in Starry Sky series. But when I knew his naughty personality, I liked him more than Homare. He always teases Miyaji and becomes rival (both in archery and in love). He too, can reveals his feeling with words than the others. So that’s why his route doesn’t seem go–in-circle-all-the-way (like if the heroine feel jealous then keep her feeling ’till forever, if the man she love doesn’t confess first).

‘Kay, Summer maybe better than Spring, but I can’t hold to the 3 idiots voices. They’re so noisy and really don’t make any worth. The scenario and music are much better. But to play the 3 idiots route is quite boring. In the end, none of their routes become best ending. So it’s quites long to finish all of them compares to Spring. Then, there was full complete to obtained the picture on the first I added. So, my next mission is Hanaoni~Koi Someru Koku Eikyuu no Shirushi~. I wish it won’t cut half finish because of my exams…

Link of the CG (please remember that I played the portable one, so the CGs were all in tiny size):


  1. For a moment there I thought you had played “Natsuzora no monologue” but of’corse it’s Starry Sky.. (how could I forget) After reading your posts I’m even more confused about this series popularity. Hanaoni’s been released! I’m looking forward to hearing about it.^-^

    • Well, I want to play Natsuzora no Monologue, but even Moujuu Snow Bride get canceled since I’m not in my vacation anymore (haaa… I wish I have more time… 1 day=30 hours!!). That’s why I just play games on PSP. Starry Sky maybe a bit boring, but after end 1 scenario, it skip mode really fast. The second person’s scenario get finish about 2 hours or so. So that’s why I don’t remind to play this series although I just like 1 chara in 1 season (the others are just something to complete playing all stories).
      I’m on to play Hanaoni now! I’ve try it and in chapter 1 now. Really, just in the beginning, but already revealed many things. There are many dialogues (that gives knowledge about the demon bride) in chapter 1. And Kitou Kaki looks like have interesting personality in the beginning as a bad demon (don’t know if this will change drastically in the end, after all it’s an otoge).

  2. Hehehe…Your final thoughts seems a bit harsh towards to the main guys 😀 Not that I really care about it because I’ve never been a big fan of the original Starry Sky series 😀 (the eyeless Tsukiko frightened me to death o_o). Anyway thanks for your time and effort for sharing your thoughts and impressions about the summer sky game with us ;D Whoa, and Hanaoni is the next^^What a shame Kazuki Yone didn’t draw the art for this game, only the chars designs >.<

    • Hmm, maybe it’s a bit harsh? Anyway, it’s just my opinion since I feels pity that he always laughs with same voice (I can’t hold my laughter too when he says “ふふ。” like that). Tsukiko becomes cuter when she has eyes…

      You’re right. Too bad, Kazuki Yone didn’t draw it. So far, the story seems interesting (minus there isn’t any fighting scene so far, cause the scene changes rapidly). Everyone holds some secrets (the interesting guys are Kitou Kaki, Horikawa Hibiki, and Mitsugi Kuniichi).

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