Long Time Posting

It had been a long time to post something…


I really don’t have much times to play any games nowadays, but I’ll always searching news about new games (much of it are otome games though). Since I didn’t know when the exact time of Shinigami to Shoujo’s release date, I found Amnesia. Umm, the beautiful color and art feels almost similar to Shinigami to Shoujo. I really like calm and heartwarming colors they have in those two titles. I’m just hoping the story don’t have a least low bit of the art. Hmm, God Eater Burst maybe in want-to-play-list… Another one is Hanaoni. And Moujuutsukai to Oujisama~Snow Bride~…, still don’t have time to do all of that! This’ s because of homework’ s fault!!!


Uhm, back to Amnesia. I don’t know much about the story. But I love this main character, the heroine (she doesn’t have the exact name, I think) and Shin. The heroine’ s design seems cute and I feel that she’ s different from others. And Shin’ s really cool. I hope he can use some magic or what, because I really love magic thingy!! Can’ t wait for it..


  1. I’m looking forward to Shinigami to shoujo too^_^ (has a PSP now) I love it’s atmosphere and the music. But there’s no particular character that I like at first sight yet. The wait is looong though. Summer is in like July/August. (I’m bad at waiting XD)

    I think Amnesia’s atmosphere seems cool (as in temperature) to me.. I’m guessing it looks a bit futuristic technology? Speaking about magic, the characters do totally look like they’ll have “special powers” of some sort. The game looks really interesting.

    • Congratzzzz for the PSP!!!
      Although, there isn’ t any male characters in Shinigami to Shoujo can remains in my heart for now, that mysterious yet calming atmosphere makes me can’t wait for it! Amnesia seems interesting with pretty cool characters (except that Orion shota). I really can’t like shota boys… And sadly, lately, Otomate’s games have shotas in it (Brothers Conflict, etc.)

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