Tame Up the Princes

Well, I really can’t come up with some good title for this. Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama has 6 playable characters and 4 of them are the Princes. ‘course thay’re all can transform into some animals because of some curse from a witch (Gerda).

The story began when the heroine, Tiana (who’s actually can tame any animals with her whistle), found 4 animals had been in a cage for sale. The trader, Hannes, asked Tiana to bought them all. Yeah, right. She had this cute side of her to cared for animals so that she bought them all and traded with her brooch (her mom gives her). So her life with 4 animals begins…

She goes to some drug store and finds some clue to transforms the animals back to princes for a limited time. At first, they didn’t want to told their past. After Tiana knew about the missing princes, they must told her the truth. They’re the Princes of Fasan. The first and crowned prince was Matheus who turned to lion. The second prince and liked to battle and training was Alfred (the wolf). Lucia, the third prince turned into duck (really suit him for his blabbering mouth). And the last but not least (yeah, right, they had another brothers!), was Erik, the child-like prince.

Stop with the prologue. I’ll have to describe them.


CV: Midorikawa Hikaru

His route wasn’t really entertaining for me. His personality just seems too common for an otome game. He was a crowned prince after the battle with his brother, Abel (he’s dead know). Since he met with Tiana, he already seduced her with his charming (oh, I think he overly do that kind of embarrassing things such as kissing her backhand). His loyal knight, Bernd, is really important for every routes as the bad person. In Matheus’s route, he used Dirk (the youngest prince) and made him used the power of the Last Witch to took over the 3 kingdoms as they didn’t like the fact that Matheus would be the King. Matheus just did his role as the next King and saved the world (and his brother). He battled Bernd and in the end, got married with Tiana after became King of Fasan. Gladly, Bernd cut his hair as I don’t like Matheus’ long hair.


CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Don’t know why, his story don’t least boring from Matheus. He loves training and fighting. Even when he went out with Tiana for a carnival, he wanted to took in the fighting arena. His older brother, Abel, was killed by him.. And later, his younger brother, Dirk, wanted to avenged their fate and became a dragon. Dirk messed up the town, so Alfred must quickly calmed him down. With Tiana’s help, they’re able to brought peace back to the world. His ending is kind of common. Just brings this some special flower (that blooms if the lover grabs it) to Tiana.


CV: Shimono Hiro

Lucia became a duck after the witch (Gerda) cursed him and the other 3 princes. His route is a lot funnier than others. He became so much like a comedian in this title as he always shouted or being bullied by the other brothers. He used as the experiment tool to tried the medicine for transformed to his actual body. Lucia and Tiana had already met when they’re child. But for some reason, Tiana didn’t remember that. He befriended with Kurt that actually a prince too. Most of his story doesn’t involve fighting as he can’t fight, I think. The one who helps him and Tiana runs away from Hannes in Renard is Kurt. He stops Dirk from going to breaks the town. After everything has finish, he and Tiana travels together.


CV: Kaji Yuuki

At first, his voice was so lousy (really, I don’t like Kaji Yuuki’s voice as a child-like Erik). Erik was the youngest from the 4 princes who turned to animals. So the others, as his brother, always tends to protect him. He turns to rabbit as he has weak personality at first. But the truth was he had some “S” attitude toward bad people (it’s really his true form). And he was also the smartest from all. He used many tricks to escaped from Hannes (as well as his people) as they’re turned to animals too (Hannes turns to fox, quite fits him as the liar). I finds his story is the most interesting than the other prince’s. He’s more reliable when he already in “S” mode. He wants to remains child because he doesn’t want to be involves in the power struggles to be the King. Erik then asks Lucia for a medicine to changes his personality. After the final battle, he went back to school. But at the end, after 3 years, he went date with Tiana as a mature prince. I found that in his dialogue, he said almost the same thing as Kaidou Takato from Clock Zero~Shuuen no Ichibyou~. That was “ 君がいないなら、こんな世界はいらない。”


CV: Yasumoto Hiroki

Tiana’s childhood friend, like a brother. Klaus was actually Lotte’s (Tiana’s friend) brother. At other’s route, he won’t turn to animals. When Lucia and Erik had a fight, he suddenly arrived at Tiana’s house and got transform into a mouse (It’s because someone throw some poison! And I think it’s Lucia as he is the one who shouts at Klaus). Klaus works for the kingdom so he knows the princes really well, espc Matheus. He used to angry when turned to mouse as he couldn’t worked for his job. His route’s story quite short compares to the 4 princes (There are 9 chapters for the princes, and 7 chapters for Klaus and Silvio). The funny thing is when he’s trying to uses spoon for a meal when in a mouse form, he can’t grabs it well. It makes him looks like something so tiny (so cute!). Well, at the battle with Dirk, he uses his body to covers up Tiana’s from Dirk’s hit. Klaus is almost dies, but he makes it safe.


CV: Terashima Takuma

Silvio is Gerda’s cat. He tells everyone that he is being cursed likes the 4 princes. Silvio’s route is the only route where Tiana doesn’t get cursed by Gerda (so her life isn’t as in danger as the other character’s route). Different from the other’s story, in his, Silvio is the one who tells about Gerda and their problems without using any force. They’re tries to saves the Last Witch with Lucia and Erik. On the way to Renard, they knows about Hannes who follows them. So they runs and meets again with Matheus and Alfred. As in Klaus’ story, Silvio protects Tiana and becomes unconscious. Tiana remembers that Silvio is the cat she meets with when stills a child. After he awakes, he tells Tiana that even if he likes her, he can’t live with her because he’s a cat. So he wants to travels together with Gerda. But after all, this’s about happy end, so he comes back to her side.

I thinked playing Matheus’ route first made me feel bored since the beginning. His route didn’t have anything special. This game’s storyline just repeats in each other’s route. It’s best not to hope there’re much different story in every routes. Well, I’ve played 3 characters first (Matheus, Alfred, then Lucia), and felt bored after that. So it gave me a long time to finished the other’s route as I was too tired already. Overall, this game is so-so. I don’t find it really interesting but… well, the CGs are quites good, really gives a very romantic feelings. But I can’t think that this game will be my favourite as its story just so common and somewhat almost boring with same plots for 6 times playing.

This is the link for CG:



  1. I’m impressed at how fast you can play through games! I’ve also started the game around a week ago and have only played Alfred->Matheus->急にChange game(lol). I agree with you about getting bored after playing Matheus’s route! He was cute but the story was almost the same as Alfred’s route. BTW The villains are just so annoying! I remember wanting to rip Dirk’s head off and every time Bernd came around I couldn’t help making this -_-(もうーうっとうしくてたまらないよ!うざい!) face at the screen because he was so stereotypical. They totally turned me off. Yeah, I agree with you about so-so for story. It was OK for a light-hearted fairy tale approach but there’s just nothing special about it. It can’t make me impressed. ((Shortly after finishing Matheus I stumbled upon a recommendation for Ever17 and almost immediately switched for that instead. I longed for something deep, complicated & complex! It totally exceeded my expectations too and I’ve ignored Moujuu since lol)) But the art is truly pretty ne~ especially when you post them together like this.:)

    • Yeah, the one thing that great about this game is just the art! Every characters looks so cool. I had it fast since I was in my vacation. But now, I’m back into the hectic day and don’t think will finish any game soon (actually, I’m not playing any game lately since the new titles I’m waiting haven’t come out yet).

      Dirk’s a brat, but I think he’s cool in the transformation CG (but I’m not into a shotacon)…

      At first, I want to try Armen Noir. But after read the story, well, it isn’t suitable for me… I want to try Uta no Prince Sama too, but there’re so many characters and I don’t think I can complete them all. So now, I’m just waiting for Are You Alice? (the ED song’s singer is Itou Kanako! And there’re Sakurai Takahiro, Ishida Akira, etc…), then Hanaoni (just want to know the story), Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan~Sweet Neverland~ (a bit interested about the Peter Pan thingy and want to try Quinrose game), and the new title in Otomate (don’t know the title, but it seems joker?). I think I’m just too lazy to play Hanayaka Nari Wa ga Ichizoku (really, I wanted to play it so badly at first)………

      • Dirk’s a big pain for me, if I never finish Moujuu then it’s his and Barnd’s fault. I have problems with the villains /loli /kaboom teacher in Hiiro too. I can’t stand them so I can’t continue the game. It’s a pity.. (Yuuichi-sempai /Namikawa-san gomen ne~~T-T PSP kattara mou ichido ganbarimasu~)

        Armen Noir doesn’t attract me at all and I’m likely never going to play it. Most games on my “To Play List” are old Otomate games like S.Y.K, Wand of Fortune, Desert Kingdom (those are the top 3) … Hanayaka’s also in the list for when I get a PSP, there’s high praise for it but truthfully the character design/art doesn’t appeal to me (same feeling with Death Connection). Then there’s the popular games like Hakuouki and Starry*sky at the bottom of the list. I’ve yet to look into Quinrose & other maker games (still a newbie here) but I couldn’t miss Alicis in Cage because there’s Namikawa-san using his Takato voice(Kya!XD must play!)

        I really enjoyed Ever 17 -Out of infinity- (PC, English). It’s not otome but mind-blowing awesome. I also enjoyed Natsuzora no Monologue.. it’s like a sister game to CZ for having some feeling in common (I’m sure the concepts were created together) The character design is a bit plain but the story was good & full of kindness. Both were games which the True end really stood out. Whatever you do try to avoid spoilers for both games if you search for them.;)

        • Oh yeah, I think when there’re more and more otome games comes out now, Hiiro no Kakera becomes more boring. The story doesn’t get any improvement. But well, the first Hiiro story’s is good at that time. I’m saying this but actually my fav is Shin Hisui no Shizuku one (Shigemori Akira is cool!).

          What did you mean about couldn’t stand the villains? Was it the hate for villains or their roles in that games?

          Well, Armen Noir just attracts me a bit cause of the character design. It’s similar to Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayori hime Denshou. But after reading some review, I think I’ll pass it too (maybe sometime when I don’t know what to play and in a long vacation).

          I’ve heard about Kago no Naka no Alicis too. Who’s character voiced by Namikawa-san? Haven’t seach for the info on that… The first series of Hakuouki is the best from all. Look, Otomate just makes it more and more without thinking about any changes, so it looks tired to follows all the series. Different compares with Hiiro who makes some changes. I think Reimeroku can’t get enough fans compared to the first Hakuouki (I won’t interested in guy-guy relationships).

          Never try Quinrose’s games too (like Heart no Kuni no Alice or Crimson Empire). But I’ve tried Dear Girl Stories, Last Escort-Club Katze- (can’t understand how to play it though, and not interested anymore), Last Bullet, Datenshi no Amai Yuuwaku x Kaikan Phrase, TokiMemo Girls Side 1st Love Plus, Asaki Yumemishi. Just that from other companies and not all of them were all completed. After trying all that, I think Otomate’s the best suited for my taste (not all of their games though). The second is from Quinrose’s child company, MIO, who brought Asaki Yumemishi and Souten no Kanata (beautiful scenery, music, sound effect, attractive-looking menus). I’m not interested in Death Connection’s art too. And seems that I want to try 12Riven first (though I don’t know if I have any chance to play it or not)…

      • I’m planning to continue Hiiro series on PSP ver. ~being comfortable should help~ I’m irritated by villains that are stereotypical “bad guys”. Villains that have no depth. Their character design is made to be uncool, have evil eyes and undesirable looks (old/too young /loli/shota/ugly) etc. It’s lame and predictable therefore annoying because I want to know the story and they get in the way and it’s not worthy of reading. I don’t hate them but I hate wasting my time and attention reading pointless text about them and their stupid story. If I feel like I hate a villain for his role in the story(ie.Sephiroth for killing Aerith), then I’m probably liking his character & the story because it’s done a good job entertaining me. It’s a story issue actually. In most best stories, the villains are cool/likable.

        I guess I’m too serious about story. (I’m sorry~~I didn’t mean to start such a negative discussion~~ sumimasen deshita)

        Kago no Naka no Alicis: William.
        There are voice clips on the official site. There’s also a short drama which had *sparkle flower* effects every time William spoke and I was just lolololololXD because it was so Namikawa Daisuke-rashii.

        I also think I like Otomate’s games more too.. for MIO’s games: they’re really pretty and interesting. But. Just a question.. are they downloadable? I can’t afford everything I want to try.. unless I’m sure it’s worth it.^^;

        • I think I’ll agree with your opinion about the villains who always look bad/hateful. It can’t be help in the first Hiiro no Kakera. BUt in Hisui no SHizuku, the antagonist looks beautiful (for she is the heroine’s relative, Mao)…

          Hmm, maybe I’ll have to visit Kago no Naka no Alicis’ official website to check on that..^^

          MIO’s games are downloadable. I’ve downloaded Souten no Kanata from torrent file (Asaki, Yumemishi just bought the copy from someone). Their Asaki, Yumemishi sure is funny. There’s comedy in that story, so I won’t get bored easily. I’ve never try Souten no Kanata though I already have it.

  2. I already search it, but I cant found the site to download that album

    Thank you very much…
    Coz I Love that sound, but I cant found the site until now..
    once again, thank you very much!!

  3. can someone upload the cgs for this game on another site besides 4shared, like mediafire please i cant seem to get on the 4shared site 😦

    • I’m just uploading for 4shared because it’s easy to keep the data. Other free account just can keep the data if it’s always downloaded by someone, but in 4shared, just need to log in every once a month..

      I can upload it for a limited ammount of time in Megaupload ’cause I don’t know for how many more time there’s anyone who downloaded it and maintain the file.
      Here is the link for portable one (There are many new CGs):

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